Kaepernick on the Jaguars’ defense: “I think they are over-looked.”

Colin Kaepernick spoke to reporters Wednesday in London. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


How’s it been so far? How’s the team handling the transition of staying out here?

“It’s been good. I think everybody’s handling it well. Making a smooth transition.”


What’s your body clock like now? Do you feel like you’re normal?

“I feel normal every day.”


How did you spend yesterday, day off, Colin?

“Spent it with some of my teammates just wandering around.”


Do some sightseeing in London or stay out here?

“A little bit of sightseeing.”


What were your impressions? What did you see?

“I like London. We had a good time out there yesterday, got to see a few things. So, it was a good time.”


Did you get recognized on the street, people know who you were?

“A couple people, but for the most part it was peaceful. It was nice.”


On Monday, you said that this was the first trip you have had out of the United States. How are you settling in? Do you feel you’ve adjusted? Is it beginning to feel like a normal training week?

“Yeah, feel like we’re adjusted, feel like I’m adjusted and it feels like a normal week now. We’re back to our normal routine.”


How important is it that you guys did fly in on Monday? Because we’ve seen previous teams in the past, Pittsburgh for example come in Friday leave Sunday.

“It’s good for us to get here early so we can get adjusted. Get that extra time where we can get our clock right and get back on our normal schedule. So, I think that helps us moving forward.”


Last game you ran the ball really well. I’m curious, what’s your take on how well you’ve been passing these last few games?

“To me it all depends on whether we’re winning or not. If we’re winning, then it’s successful, if not then something needs to change or we need to do something better. So, in the last few games we’ve won, so that’s what matters.”


Is it harder to stay motivated for an 0-7 team than it would be to say go and play the Seahawks right now?

“No, not at all. This team has a lot of work to do still. We have a lot to prove still. So, going into Sunday I don’t think it matters what team we’re playing, we’re going to be motivated.”


How do the Jaguars, the defensive front, how do they get after the quarterback?

“They’re a talented front. They do a lot of things well. They’re very aggressive. They play hard. They play fast. Our offensive line is going to have to be on top of things this week.”


Do you think they’re, because of their record, a little over-looked?

“I think they are over-looked. Same way the Cardinals defense was over-looked last year. They had a good defense they just couldn’t get wins. So, I think this is a similar defense where they’re a good defense they just haven’t quite put everything together.”


You’re going to be playing in a new stadium, going to be about 85,000 people there. What stadiums have you played in throughout your career that really standout as really memorable experiences?

“I don’t know what you would say real memorable experience is. I think going through college, Boise State was the stadium that everybody knew about. Playing at Nebraska was a good experience. But I don’t think anything’s going to compare to this weekend.”


And are you able to block that out pretty easily when you’re in these big environments?

“Yeah, you’re focused on what you need to do to try to be successful on that play. You’re not worried about everything else that’s going on.”


You’ve got guys on the side like G Mike Iupati who were here in 2010, what have they told you to expect at Wembley Stadium?

“They really haven’t talked too much about the stadium. The biggest thing is try to treat it like a normal week and make sure that physically you’re ready to play as far as making sure you’re getting your sleep and getting your body clock right.”


How do you see RB Frank Gore handling the zone read plays? What stands out to you about the way he’s handling that and lead blocking for you on some of those outside runs?

“Frank, like I’ve always said, he does everything for us. If we ask him to do something, he’s going to do it. If we need him to adjust to something, he’s going to do it. He’s somebody that handles that very well, as well as our downhill run game.”


Is that maybe another reason why you think he’s a Hall of Fame running back because he’s so versatile and can handle all types of run schemes?

“I think he’s a Hall of Fame running back not because he can just handle run schemes, but he’s probably the best pass blocker in the league at running back. And also, he’s a threat out of the backfield. So, he’s a running back that can really do it all.”


What is it about him, he leads the league with 25 rushes or longer. He’s 30. What about him do you see on the field that allows him to do that that other running backs don’t possess?

“I think the biggest thing is his vision. He’s able to run low to the ground. He makes cuts that I don’t think a lot of the running backs can make. So, he’s different in that aspect.”


You called your sightseeing tour peaceful. Are you able to do that in the United States and in San Francisco if you were to go out in the street?

“No, not in the Bay.”


What happens to you when you do try to do something like that?

“I don’t try anymore.”


Joe Montana is going to be in town this week, obviously a big part of the 49ers history. What does it mean to you to be a 49ers quarterback with that legacy at that position?

“It’s a great honor. There’s very high expectations, there’s great tradition. So, being a quarterback for the 49ers, you have a lot of great things to look up to and to try to accomplish to become one of the elite quarterback’s that have been a part of this franchise.”


Have you ever met Joe?

“Yes, I have.”


How was that?

“It was great. He was a very kind person, had a lot of good words for me. So, it was something that I really took to heart when he was talking to me.”


A lot of teams seem to suffer from a Super Bowl hangover if they don’t win it. But, that hasn’t seemed to affect the 49ers too much in recent games?

“I think for us we’re just focused on trying to get better every week, and making sure that we’re getting ready for the next game. We’re not trying to look forward to playoffs or the Super Bowl. We know we have to handle our business on a weekly basis.”


Was it a big challenge getting over losing the Super Bowl?

“I think for the offseason it was. Once we got back into training camp and got ready for this season, I think everybody is past that and moved on and focused on what we need to do now.”

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  1. Kaep should try going out in the North Bay where people are classy and wouldn’t bother him. The South Bay is the cess pool of the Bay.

  2. It’s nice to see Kaep loosening up a little bit but also staying focused. Earlier in the season he seemed to have an unnecessarily large chip on his shoulder or unnecessary weight of “expectation.” He seems to be coming into his own in terms of handling the “star QB” role. See him relax a little bit on the field over the past week or so and then seeing him relax in his press contacts is encouraging. He stumbled out of the gate this year, but once he gets fully back on track AND gets our WR corps back (Kyle Williams as your #2??? NO) we’re going to be rolling going into the playoffs. Let’s start with this week!

    1. NinersRoc says:,
      He seems to be coming into his own in terms of handling the “star QB” role. See him relax a little bit on the field over the past week or so and then seeing him relax in his press contacts is encouraging.

      Kap should be loose by now. The last four teams the 49ers defeated had less talent and didn’t have a dominant defense.

      How can kap be relaxed playing against teams with a great defense along with a good offense? The opposing defense takes away his comfort zone, they make kap uncomfortable in the pocket, forcing kap to throw the football prematurely, and eventually he’ll make a mistake and turn the football over to the opposing team.

      You will not see humbleness from this guy. The 49ers quarterbacks of the past are humble; they have a lot of class on or off the fields.

  3. speaking of getting over the Super Bowl loss
    to the Baltimore Ravens, in the last four downs…

    the recovery will only be complete once you have
    brought home a Lombardi trophy of your own.

    Until Kaep meets Joe Montana after winning the big one,
    he will be acutely aware of the monkey on his back.
    Even boosters like ‘Dude’ gotta admit it…. we want #6.

    1. The more I study this team (which is admittedly taking away from my studies), the more optimistic I get in Kaep. His game is evolving every week. There is so much involved in this offense, a lot more than I initially noticed. He is very fortunate to have these veterans around him right now. I really hope he can get one for them before they are gone. I’m excited to see how this team looks when he is the veteran in a few years.

    2. Alex Smith (happy as a clam at 7 and oh),

      The Kansas City Chiefs have good chance to go 9-0, before they play the Broncos at Denver. If the Chiefs beat the Broncos in Denver, there’s a big chance they’ll beat the broncos again at home.

      If the Chiefs continue on their winning ways, and their defense stays healthy, it won’t surprise me, if they run away with the AFC west title. A. Smith chances to win a Super Bowl championship with the K.C Chiefs this season looks good.

      1. If the offense get better, and no one on that D gets hurt, here’s the big reason why the Chiefs could go all the way and win it.
        First — the Playoffs go through Arrowhead. You better have a running game because it’s going to be cold.
        2nd — If they get to the SB it will be at Giants Stadium. In February. They are already predicting a couple of Nor’easters to go through the area around that time.

        Same goes for the Niners, if they make it there, they have a good shot. Colin Kapernick can use those Dr. Dre beats headphones as ear muffs! But he won’t be able to show off his tattoos.

      2. Fan 77 says:

        Colin Kapernick can use those Dr. Dre beats headphones as ear muffs! But he won’t be able to show off his tattoos.

        Knowing kaps arrogance, he won’t care if, its cold as long he shows off his Tattoo’s. He’ll probably wear a transparent long sleeves jersey. I wonder where I can buy a Head set like kaps ear muffs.

      3. Capeman,
        Troll alert!!! Troll alert!! Are you saying Kap will make it to the SB past your Seahawks???
        Speaking of the Seahawks, if they do make it, they could have the D to hang tough, and Lynch will be in cold beast mode. Russell Wilson might not be able to scramble around like he does. Then again, he could be even tougher to wrangle, he’ll be liked a greased pig running around out there…..

      4. Fan 77,

        I can say the same with the Hawks team, if the defense stays healthy, and M.Lynch doesn’t get injured, the Seahawks will be a tough team to beat at home with the crowd’s noise. In my previous comment, if they beat the 49ers at the stick its over for the 49ers.Its going to be tough road for the 49ers to the NFCC.

      5. First New Orleans. If the Niners can win there and get to Dec.8 showdown with SEA , having run the table, that will take them to 10-2.
        Even if they lose (which they won’t) they end up 13-3, 2nd seed in the NFC.
        Roll through January, play Seattle in the birds nest for the NFC tittle, win, beat the demons and it’s a magical 6th Lombardi.

      6. I think the Niners could lose to NO, but take the Seahawks at the Stick. It will be the last great game there.
        They went into ATL and won, so if they have to go to SEA to beat them, they would have to do it.
        Although Nate Silver would say the numbers are against the Niners going back this year. It’s hard to get back to the dance.
        Lameareafanatic says this is a rebuilding year anyway, which is why he gives Colin so much room to stink up the place like his toilet after he’s eaten one too much chimichangas.

  4. Should we be interested in jay Ratliff? I think we should get him in for a tryout. His agent says he’s been medically cleared. I’m sure he’d love to play in the NFC. He’d love to prove the Cowboys wrong about him. Do we just stick with our youngsters? I say we check on Ratliff!

    1. Hmm.. Tough to say Jordan. I believe the major injury is still just Ian Williams, while the rest are nurturing some injuries that could be classified more “chronic” (I’m using that term very loosely, in that they are playing through the injuries, rather than resting for them to heal). I would like to say he will still be available after the bye week, because that would be a better time to consider it. By then, Dial and Tank should both be on the line, and they hopefully would have Dorsey and Cowboy back to 100%. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like McDonald will be back to full strength until the offseason, at least according to what I’ve read.

  5. I’m back! I took a Haidas from posting on this blog for about a year, not that any of you noticed I was gone, lol! It was much more needed when we sucked, now that we’re winning I’m just enjoying the ride and laughing at the silly comments on here. Just want to say that I’m happy to be a Niners fan and happy to have my band of Brothers and Sisters (i’m talking to you Niners Girl)! I don’t think Jacksonville in London is a trap game and I’m hoping to slide into the bye at 6-2, watch Seattle lose a game they’re not supposed to and settle the score in our house! Go Niners! #questfor6

  6. Don’t go to sleep on the Jags. They are anxious to get the “Oh-for” monkey off their back. Defense is solid. Receivers are finally healthy. Henne has been better than Gabbert. Extra motivation to win for Coach Bradley. Smells of trap game if you take it lightly because of their record.

    1. i completely agree with you. This is the NFL and any given team can beat another team if the momentum shifts! Jags are 0-7 they have noting to prove and their coach’s dad just past away so they are going to come out on an international stage and do their best. As long as we do not fall sleep and play with urgency we should be fine. I love how Jim Harbaugh and GRow have been treating the Jags with respect. Lets get this W and go back home healthy.

  7. @JNiner: I see your points, but I think the fact that we’ve been in London all week, coupled by the neutral field and the fact that we seem to be hitting our stride should bode well! We won’t be caught sleeping!!

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