Kaepernick on the Rams: “You’re familiar with what they do, so it’s easier.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. staff.


Who’s been the biggest influence on your leadership style?

“My dad.”


What has he taught you about leadership?

“You just have to be able to relate to people and know how to motivate them.”


Any such thing as momentum or is it just game-to-game?

“Game-to-game. Have to win.”


But yet, you still have to feel good. I mean it feels a lot better after a win going into the next week than it did, or maybe does that make you kind of have to dig down after a loss as opposed to a win?

“You’re just worried about the next game regardless if you win or lose.”


Is chemistry with a receiver like riding a bike in the sense that do you think that when WR Michael Crabtree comes back, it’ll be you, could just pick up where you left off?

“I think he’s someone, he’s very easy to throw to. So, I don’t think that will take long.”


Is that because, I know you’ve said in the past that he gets open, but is there more to it than that?

“No, that’s what it is.”


What are you thankful for?

“My family.”


Can you talk about what makes WR Anquan Boldin such an attractive option on third down in specific?

“He makes plays. He’s proven it time and time again.”


Your special teams did a nice job, especially in the punt return game. How important is that for your offense to get nice field position, especially on a cold-weather game like you guys were playing on Monday?

“It’s huge. It makes it a lot easier on us. It cuts the field in half.”


With three more games at Candlestick, how do you feel about leaving Candlestick behind as a memory?

“A lot of great tradition at Candlestick. We’re looking to start some new ones.”


In terms of your preparation, a team that you see twice a year like the Rams, how does that help you in just being familiar with their personnel and the things that you’ve already seen once this year?

“That’s what it is. You’re familiar with what they do, so it’s easier.”


And obviously you expect some wrinkles though as well, right?

“Of course.”


T Joe Staley’s having a good year. Can you talk about him and what he means to have somebody like that, especially on your blindside?

“Joe’s phenomenal. He’s someone you never have to worry about him doing his job. He’s going to do it every time and he’s going to excel at it.”


How do you approach the short week? Do you do more individual film study?

“Make sure you’re ready.”


I know we ask you a lot about Crabtree, but are you anticipating that you’ll get to throw to him this weekend or at least excited about the possibility?

“That’s going to be his call 100%.”


But how much fun is it to think about that dynamic being added back into this offense?

“I think about who’s on the field with me.”


Is Crabtree similar to Boldin in that you feel comfortable even if they’re covered that they’re going to be the one that comes down with the ball?

“Yes, they’re very similar.”


In terms of like strong hands and being able to out-wrestle?


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    1. Midwest so many here including Grant and his dad have forgotten how much disdain Walsh had for the media, in many ways he gave up less info than Harbaugh he just did it in a far more charming way. He was a great coach and really a great man but since his passing many around here have tried to canonize him.

      1. You know, let me just throw this out there. Are Kap and coach so boring in interviews because they actually take this very seriously. Run through scenarios so they are not caught off guard. Sort of like a presidential press secretary would be before walking into the press room. Or going over the days activities, encounters with the office holder. Maybe neither of them want to leave anything to chance. Yet they come off aloof, almost disrespectful when in fact they may actually consider these encounters very important, even if just to avoid giving any ammunition to the current or future opposition. Viewed in this light perhaps this whole interview thing is much more of a well rehearsed chess match than we generally care to admit; with no disrespect intended.

    2. Actually Walsh’s thing was that he would overpraise and express fear of upcoming opponents, no matter how crappy they were…

      1. You guys are great at name calling, thinking not so much. I am a Niners fan not a Colin fan. He’s at the bottom among NFL QBs yet he acts like a stuck-up jerk. Why do you have your noses so far up his butt?

  1. PFF ranks Mr. Hitner 3rd best safety in the NFL. I was one of the few on here that spoke up on his behalf. He said he’d be better, and he has been a man of his word…..

    1. Good call Razor,
      But Whitner can credit a great deal of his success to rookie Eric Reid.
      ER is one of the brightest new stars in the NFL and already plays like a seasoned veteran.

      Whitner himself gave ER high praise not long ago and remarked on how impressed he was with Reid’ intelligence.

      Another aspect of Whitner’ game seems to have improved because he looks more determined to cover better as well as make the sure tackle rather than the knockout hit.

      1. Hell yea, when you don’t have to babysit an undisciplined FS, you can concentrate on your own responsibilities. No question the addition of Reid has benefited Mr. Hitner….

      2. Razor,
        Sorry for jumping on the Reid wagon when this was about Whitner, but I’m not the only person impressed with Reid. Remember this article from last month?

        Ronnie Lott on Eric Reid: “Man, now that’s a baller.”
        Posted on October 18, 2013 by Grant Cohn
        Here is what Ronnie Lott said about Eric Reid Friday on KNBR.

        LOTT: “There is nothing better than watching somebody who plays your position and does it very, very well and does it like he’s been there for four, five, six years. You forget that he’s a rookie. This kid not only has played well but I love the way he does things on the football field. You don’t see him out of position. You see him always around the ball. You see him making great tackles.”

        If there is one thing in Reid’ game that he needs to correct it’s his penchant for leading with his head when making tackles.
        Reid’ career could be at risk or short-lived if he does not change this asap.

      3. When Ronnie speaks, you’d better listen. He speaks the truth, and it looked to me like Mr. Reid is in the process of changing his technique when preying on the ball carrier.

      1. Which I think is stupid. Especially with Ray Mac out. He can have limited “get your feet wet” snaps, but let him play a bit. How are you going to know what he can do unless he is out there on the field? Granted, I’m not the coach and maybe he isn’t fully recovered and they put him on the roster as an emergency option. But its agonizing not to see what he brings to the table.

  2. With three more games at Candlestick, how do you feel about leaving Candlestick behind as a memory?

    “A lot of great tradition at Candlestick. We’re looking to start some new ones.”
    +1, I like his attitude.

      1. Yeah, memories created in a dorky looking stadium built in an amusement park parking lot in a hick town attended by people with more money than original San Francisco not Santa Clara) fans would have ever imagined. Personally I preferred Kezar…

      2. Remember … when you leave the ‘Stick
        (after a game) ..

        on your way out to the parking lot .. don’t
        forget to snag yourself a
        Candlestick souvineer ..

        (Ya kno .. like maybe one of those giant jars
        of mustard or relish
        (from one of the concession stands)

        It’ll be a sad day in the bay ..
        when they blow the ‘ole girl up !

  3. U don’t give up your intentions, your thoughts, gameplan, or even show weekness in this league. Sometimes one matchup or que can give away your game plan. It sucks for us fans but here’s an example. We were playing Brown County, they knew us well, and we seen their coach at a jamboree the week before, just fiddling we told him that we had our passing game open recently. During the actual game we ran a diamond or tight T but we would motion certain tailbacks and tes to the flanker or slot, he pulled his lbs into qrtrs and man and we still did what we did all year, run the rock. Only this time our olineman were knocking down safeties instead of lbs!!

  4. Even something simple as who is out for the game or showing what kaps problem was like reading his progressions or if Manningham, Baldwin or whoever couldnt get seperation on man.. little details will and can come back to haunt yah like the rams last year Dhal saying we tipped our hat. Its win or get fired! Now saying we could always get better, or We are improving on certain aspects u don’t give yourself away. We played Columbus East and they lined up 3bunch with 0 backs, the qb told one of our players that he can’t throw to his left so bunch was always right. He was basically saying we can run 3 and 4 wide and u still can’t defend it, so when they bunched left it was either a run or a te pass to the right. The kid wasn’t lying, he could sling a ball but because he couldn’t throw to his left, we blitzed blind side 4 times strght and got 4 sacks” they were in scramble mode the rest of the game. We won 46-13 on a simple tip. If we had film I would hope that we saw that. One coach was saying we run between the tackles and u can’t stop it.. we played a 4-4 pinch with audibles and they ran for 36 yards. Lost 32-6. Players are coached not to say anything. . Coaches sometimes just throw out false statements. Like I posted earlier. We told a coach our passing game opened up, we came out 4w 5w 3w and just ran the ball and we murdered them. Yes a lighter scale, but same point. Rams can’t dbl Boldin, Davis and Crabs. If Crabs leaked he wasn’t playing then that changes things!! Sorry I’m so long winded but Greensburg, In Nightmare A league was a team I helped run offense for and we were 10-1 and revenged our only loss for a Championship, I’m excited and we ran the Niners pistol full house (diamond) or inverted T or tight T. So it was fun to c my team run the old Leahy formation or Oklahoma’s old T and just crush teams

  5. James Jones — WR for the Packers — just interviewed him on the NFL Network. Talked about being homeless most of his young life, what he had to go through. Now he gives back bigtime to the homeless community he, his mom and sister were part of for many years. He was personable, humble and a most decent guy. Okay, cue up any of Colin’s pressers. Big difference. Again, you can be a die-hard Niner fan and not appreciate the smug, stuck-up attitude of our current QB.

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