Kaepernick on his QB mechanics: “At this point in my career, I just have to go out and play.”

SANTA CLARA  — This is the transcript of Colin Kaepernick’s Tuesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


Last game had to be somewhat encouraging for you, getting almost 400 passing yards and the offense seemed to be making progress.

“Yeah. It is encouraging. We put up some yards. We need to put up more points along with those yards. We still left a lot of opportunities out there on the field for bigger plays, more yards, more points. So, those are things we have to be able to capitalize on.”


Just studying Arizona this week, you’re going back, obviously last time there was probably the worst game of your career. Would you agree with that and just what your memories of that and how have you studied the film of it?

“Yeah, it probably was the worst game of my career. So, it’s a good opportunity to go back, redeem myself and try to help get this team back on track. Looking at film, they’re a team that they know what they want to do and they do it well. So, that’s something that we have to be able to go out, be on top of everything we’re doing and win one-on-one matchups”


Is that a game you remember or you just forget? I mean, obviously you study the film but then put it behind you or is it something that still kind of drives or motivates you?

“No. I mean, you always remember those games, but you move on from it. You can’t linger on it. You can’t dwell on it. You take what you can learn from it and move on.”


Before and after that game, you had quotes from their defensive players kind of saying ‘We know how to beat Kaepernick, they won’t throw it outside’ or whatever it was. Do you think they had kind of the book on how to beat you? Was what they were saying accurate?

“Well, everybody’s going to have a game plan. That’s part of football. So, that might have been a part of their game plan, whatever they were saying. So, it’s something that our game plan is going to be able to attack their defense in different ways that we feel like we can take advantage of.”


Last year, you had spent that couple months in Arizona working on your technique, working on lots of things. When you go back and revisit it that, was that time well spent or did that kind of mess with your confidence or anything like that to result in what happened last year?

“No, I wouldn’t say it messed with my confidence or anything like that. I would say it’s something that at this point in my career, I just have to go out and play. And working on mechanics, those are things you can fine tune a little bit but you don’t want to do too much of that where you’re not out there just playing naturally.”


Did you feel like that, that you were restrained a little bit and worrying about mechanics and things like that?

“I wouldn’t say restrained. It was just something that I was training one thing and my body naturally wanted to do another. So, I had to find that middle ground.”


You’ve been here since WR Quinton Patton got here. How have you seen him develop as a receiver?

“He’s someone, he comes out and works every day. You’re going to get everything he has every play in practice, on the game field. For me, it’s exciting because he’s someone I’ve been close to and to see him come out, be a starter now, be a significant part of this offense and make big plays for us, it’s exciting. It’s great to see that.”


He set career highs with six catches, 100 yards. Do you feel like he’s developing into a guy that you can trust on game day and when you’re in a pinch you can go to him?

“Yeah, most definitely. He’s someone that continues to grow. He gets a better and better feel for the game, what this offense wants to do and the timing of everything. So, as he continues to grow, continues to develop, that’s someone that we’ll be able to rely on more and more.”

(As Kaepernick walks away) Q: Have you voted?


Q: Are you going to vote?


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  1. Are you a citizen of US? Do you understand core responsibilities of a democracy, i.e. voting and serving on a jury of peers? Look, he doesn’t have to go Trump or HRC. He can write in. There must be someone out there he would believe can run our country in the way he would like. That’s a form of making change our country gives us, and I personally would respect. Not voting gets no respect and how can you take him seriously with this kind of attitude. He doesn’t get it.

    1. Half the registered voters in the country don’t vote. Most don’t think the candidates are worthy so they don’t bother. Welcome to America.

      1. Sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon.
        Going to the candidates’ debate.
        Laugh about it, Shout about it
        When you’ve got to choose
        Every way you look at this you lose

        1. rocket,

          I can see how my above post could be misinterpreted. It is song lyrics supporting your view about voter apathy. I’m not saying that you are wrong.

          You probably got my meaning anyway but I wanted to be sure. Good call rocket.

    2. Kaep has every right to not vote if he does not like either candidate.

      I just wished he would have voted for Prop 64……..

  2. Also, totally unrelated, he F’ng sucks as a quarterback. 398 yards against a soft defense that started playing in protect mode early. 3 second half points when game was still being contested tells you about the effectiveness of those yards. Carlos H. must be annoyed he missed garbage time stat puffing.

    What else do we need to see. This is it. Let’s see what Ponders got, why not?

    1. Four hundred yards and you are dissing his passing? That says more about you than it does him.

      I think he will only get better with more playing time, and there was a reason why Ponder did not last in Minnesota. He sucked worse than Kaep, and was painting his house before the Niner QB got injured and they scraped the bottom of the barrel for him.

      1. Kap had the most unimpressive 400 yard game I’ve ever seen. The WRs and TEs took 7 yard passes and made them into 65 yarders. He didn’t make any big boy throws. He got carried. He’s terrible. That defense was so weak, he should have had 500 yards and 4 TDs.

        1. It is true that in his last game the total yardage was deceptive because a lot came by RAC. But you see a lot of QB’s get those same types of states every often. It still is no excuse to criticize a QB’s play when other plays make plays. That was the whole problem the last previous seasons none of the other players ever made plays. He was not terrible other than the series where their were 7 incomplete passes in a row. But QB’s will often have those types of serie’s. See this is the reason that I often feel impelled to not necessarily defend Kaep but to point out the irrationality of the posters who spend their lives looking for any reason to criticize him.

          When you do that do you even realize how you ruin your own credibility. I got sick of this which is why I quit posting ( I thought until Kaep was gone but that didn’t happen) in the middle of last season.

  3. I like that Patton finally had a big game. But Az is going to key in on him and take away Kap’s first read. Kap has to get Kerley involved.

    Kap said he needs to find that middle ground. So he needs to have half good half bad mechanics? No Kap, you need good mechanics every play if you ever want to be consistent.

  4. Naw, turn Kaep loose. I want to see the Sundance Kaep. He has made jaw dropping throws that few other QBs would dream of attempting, and, since he is finally healthy, he will do it again.

    Let him roll out and use his mobility, and they might have a chance if the defense does not hand the game to the Cards.

      1. No he is not. What Kaep may be talking about is that correcting mechanics takes quite a bit of time to translate it into game conditions. And when the team needs you to make plays it often needs to take a back seat.

        It’s like last year in his 4 interception game against Arizona. He worked in the off season on touch passes but did not get enough reps to be able to translate that skill in a game condition. It is one thing learning to throw a touch pass and still another making a quick in game decision as to when the size of the window will allow it. Taking off the heat on two passes that didn’t have a large enough window to conplete a touch type pass cost him two interceptions.

    1. “He has made jaw dropping throws that few other QBs would dream of attempting, and, since he is finally healthy, he will do it again.”

      Yeah, ok… 1 in 25 passes is a throw thats not a 5 year fastball, not over the receivers head or at his feet. lol

      If he was playing a GOOD defense, he would have made several interceptions instead of having so many blown cover plays. He has no touch and touch cant be taught. Everyone has tried to teach him!

      Watch Carr if you want to see a rising star. The kid lifts everyones game around him, unlike cap who discourages his receivers because he does not make it easy on them… Ask Crabtree

      1. Raiders had many season when they sucked, so they got high draft picks. They were fortunate to find Carr, and they spent a ton of money on free agents.

        Amari Cooper draws the double teams, so Crabtree benefits from less coverage, so he is doing well.

        Kaep, when playing the Cards, should not be so predictable, and should not play into their hands by being contained in the pocket. Predicting he will throw 4 picks is just saying you want the Niners to lose. I want Kaep to throw 4 TDs.

        He has no touch? I saw Kaep throw with touch many times. What he should not do is throw off his back foot because he has no time to set his feet due to the lack of pass protection. And for sure, he should not throw the ball with 15 % less velocity if it means the ball gets picked off easier.

  5. The game plan to beat him is so simple. He can throw for a million yards and it won’t matter.
    All Denis Allan did in the 2nd half was force him to make throws outside the numbers.
    5th year in the league and he is so predictable and still so limited!

  6. Man get over kaps anthem protest……he is definitely better than last year he stays in the pocket waits,he’s been much approved I don’t care what anyone thinks take the anthem put of it look at the tape is he still limited,absolutely but come on don’t lie to yourself watch the damn GAME…

    1. I totally disagree with Kaeps anthem protest. Even it I agreed with his statement it is still a breach of propriety. Still Kaeps should be independent of his politics or personal life. This allowing their personal perceptions of Kaep as a individual influence their evaluation of his play is not new. They have been doing this for years. Even when he was playing well.

          1. Truthfully I could care less who wins. This presidential election has about everything but the issues. I do not trust any of the candidates, but I did vote for one (though I will not say who). But the reality is America is divided and idiotic, and this election is simply the result of that due to both of the main parties and media aiding in helping the creation of the terrible state the nation is in. Something needs to change, otherwise this election year will seem like a cakewalk going forward.

      1. Nope, my team sucks and Trump may be the next president, so I will just have to keep my head up and move forward. I am an American, and can take it.

        I feared that Bernie would doom her chances, and he poisoned the well like Nader did with Gore. I just expect Trump will reel from one disaster to another, and get the US into two wars.

        And the Niners will continue to suck.

        1. seb,

          You should blame the DNC for screwing Bernie and supporting a terrible candidate like Hilary. Bernie would have beat Trump in a landslide. He had double digit leads against Trump in head to head polls.

          Instead the DNC and the media supported Hilary. Hilary is the worst candidate ever. Not only does she have all the Clinton baggage but she should be in prison. On top of that, she is an uninspired speaker and she is soooo fake.

          Blame the DNC and your candidate, not Bernie who brought life and votes to your corrupt party.

          I’m with her, but her name is Jill. Congratulations to Gov Johnson and Dr Stein for actually having ethics. Screw you Hilary and Trump.

            1. “Now we all get to see what a megalomaniac will do to the world.”

              Hopefully it will be better than what’s happened to the comments section here since one showed up…..

  7. Grant and all the rest of the media need to stop publicizing anything Krap-head has to say. He just lost all credibility and “right” to protest if he won’t vote. Now I really do wish him gone ASAP and I hope nobody else wants him either.

    1. They won’t because people look to see what he says whether they support Kaepernick or not.

  8. Here’s the translation of his response regarding working on his mechanics: “I worked all last Summer on changing my throwing style and you all saw the results so why bother continuing to try?”

  9. At this point Kelly’s greatest sin is the group of assistants he’s put together. They’re the ones that do the teaching, they’re the ones that do the “coaching.” NFL players don’t need to be ‘taught’ fundamentals but they do need to be drilled on them. The assistants either aren’t taking the time to run these types of drills or they’re running poor versions of them.

    My guess is that York and Gamble will insist that Kelly fire at least a few of his assistants and O’Neil will clearly be one of them. I would also add Jerry Azzinaro and Joe Bowden to that list.

    1. I wonder if its a case of leftovers, guys who couldn’t get jobs in the NFL. The Niners are not an attractive club right now nor were they last year. Going to be hard to attract talented coaches and players.

      1. not really that hard to attract talented coaches or players as long as they start with a new gm. Plenty cap space and high draft picks make this a very attractive job.

    2. Last year the FO kept touting the teachers that were coaches on the team. Would you bring any of those guys back if they were willing to come back?

  10. Working on mechanics as a QB is essential. It really is sad to hear a pro athlete say the things he does. No wonder he’s never really progressed.

    1. Someone should have warned him about incorporating the skills he worked on last summer There was another poster who mentioned it on this thread and I seconded it. Football people are not always the smartest tools in the shed. That’s why changes take for ever to materialize.

  11. So I was bored and decided to do a very premature mock and free agent pickup list. It is based on the increasing likelihood that Baalke and Kelly will both be back.


    49ers trade 2nd pick to Titans for 6th and 11th pick

    49ers trade the 6th pick to Lions for 20th, 52nd, and 2018 second round pick

    11TH PICK – ILB Reuben Foster
    20TH PICK – DT Vita Vea


    34TH PICK – QB Deshaun Watson
    52ND PICK – RB Jeremy McNichols


    66TH PICK – OLB Devonte Fields
    *COMP PICK – SS Eddie Jackson


    98TH PICK – WR Malachi Dupre


    130TH PICK – QB Chad Kelly
    PICK FROM REDSKINS – OT Clint Van  Horn


    CB Chidobe Awuzie
    PICK FROM BRONCOS – TE George Kettle


    WR Michael Rector
    PICK FROM  BROWNS – OG Alex Kozan

    – FREE AGENT PICKUPS:  TE Martellus Bennett, ILB Manti Te’o, WR Cordarelle Patterson, OLB Jamie Collins 

    1. Why do you think it is likely that Baalke will still be around? What path is there available for the team to pick up Jamie Collins? He was just traded to the Browns.

      1. The reports have been that Baalke is still scouting for the team Cubus. From what I understand, that is telling about if Baalke will be back.
        I do not believe the Browns will keep Collins if they like Kessler and choose to take Garrett over Kizer.

        1. Well as the election is showing, anything is possible. But let’s not forget that it didn’t look like Tomsula was going to be fired until close to the end of the season. The FO didn’t show their hand and I think it is the same with Baalke. There letting him continue to do his job, but I still think he’s gone.

  12. Who thought it was a good idea to trash cops and disrespect the flag 24/7? Now we’re stuck with Frankentrump. Thanks a lot, Kap. I read the fool didn’t even bother to vote.

    1. Blame the political machine for not taking Trump seriously; the comments and bad decisions made by Hillary Clinton; a very angry set of Americans at some of the policies and agendas by Obama (including the ACA which is not so affordable after all); and the DNC for rigging their primary instead of letting it play out.

        1. Yep. The Democratic party made so many mistakes that you would think Jed York was running the show.

          1. Sorry dude, but that is changing the subject which is that the Democrats are to blame for their losses. Their own foolishness cost them tonight the Senate, House of Representatives, and the presidency.

            1. Not changing anything. The Dems did indeed F up…obviously.. they lost. Now, do tell me what kind of president Trump will be? He seems so incredibly qualified.

              1. No one can honestly answer that question right now unless they show an obvious bias either way. My hope, just like with the previous administrations, is that Donald Trump serves the people instead of his own agenda.

              2. Where you been Mr. Giveup? Trump follows Slick Willy, Bush the W, and Obama. Seriously, what does being President have to do with being qualified? Those three just read scripts written by the people with da money.

              3. According to the Constitution, there’s only two qualifications to be POTUS. 35 years of age and a US Citizen….

              4. Don’t like to talk politics here, but if the only thing Trump does is get term limits for Congress, we and our kids will owe him a big debt of gratitude.

              5. You are correct Razor.
                From everything I have seen, the main concern on the minds of the American people was the economy, and the message on how to bring about more jobs while boosting the economy resonated with them the most. The continuously rising health care premiums also added fuel to the fire.

  13. From the time he entered the league, Kaep has maintained his “mechanics” are what they are. What I hear Kaep saying is he is not willing to invest his time to adapt thereby improving the team. Kaep has a history of conveniently bridging his own low-level football aptitude to “executing” as a team making his lack of production a team problem. When Kaep goes out and plays “his game” as we have come to know it, the team gets a QB who averages one low-frequency 300 yard passing game about every 10 games.

  14. http://www.ninersnation.com/2016/11/8/13569262/49ers-chip-kelly-trent-baalke-jed-york-ted-robinson-ouija-board?ref=yfp

    Found this article interesting. I’ve never really paid much attention to Ted Robinson and didn’t even know that he is employed by the team. The gist of the NN article is that we might be able to glean what Jed is thinking based on what Robinson is saying. In the comments, Germinator posted this link where Robinson goes off on the coaches during an interview on 1320 Rise Guys (fast forward to the 12:30 mark in the link in the post below this one).

  15. Growing up I was taught to appreciate my opportunity to participate in the democracy that I was born in to. I’ve only missed one primary election and never missed voting in a general election for more years than I care to admit. One oft repeated homily in our household was: “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!”
    Therefore it boggles my mind that Colin The Crusader (whose cause, but not imagery I support) and who professes to want to be the rallying point for meaningful social and political change, is “too cool” (my take) to vote. Way to step up, Colin.
    This from the same deeply faulted, low ranked QB who can’t be bothered to clean up everything and anything needed to improve his game. I am not impressed with the QB or the man.
    Quotes like that about his mechanics, p-p on field performance, and the baggage of his crusade are really going to help his FA appeal as we enter the Trump Era. Good luck with that, Colin, and good riddance when you’re gone; can’t come soon enough.

    1. BT, like you, I have never missed an election in my voting life, but disagree with you on him not voting. In America, he also has the right not to vote, and his supreme disgust with the whole electoral process is justified. In America, he should not be forced to vote, because he saw a broken system. Maybe it will take burning down the house to effect meaningful electoral reform. Once again, the popular vote winner is the loser. Trump won, but the whole time just before the election day, he said it was rigged. He wants to drain the swamp, but he owns the swamp now, so we will see how it goes. Wish him well.

      Like wanting the Niners to win, I may still dislike the FO, and even challenge them. That is the American way.

      I still admire Kaep for standing up to put a spotlight on injustices. It sure is more admirable than shielding domestic abusers.

      Do not worry, there are many teams that really want to win, and they will gladly accept Kaep if he can help their team to win games. I am thinking that the Rams may sign him, because they have a stout defense and a good RB. All they lack is a QB.

      Heck, KC has a history of signing former Niner QBs. (Sorry, Alex). Yes, I think Kaep is gone, because Jed will Keep Baalke.

      1. Seb, we are on track to win, what, two or three games for the year? And the trend in the stands is disheartening. If that’s how we finish, how can Denise (my new name for Jed) not ditch Baalke for Gamble?

    2. Lowell has a column today also questioning Colin’s choice to abstain from voting. Lowell spells out his reasoning better than I did.
      At one point LC mentions how he and his wife spent hours reading and discussing the ballot. Yeah, like that…..

      1. Posters would just rip Kaep for wasting hours of time not studying the playbook….

        While I would encourage Kaep to vote, he does not have to, and he is disgusted with the whole system, so by voting, he may think that his participation is legitimizing the process.

        Look at last election. The top vote getter did not win.

    1. This guy is the biggest china doll! Looks like the draft order now needs to include RB! Never was fan of Hyde. Hindsight, should have kept Frank Gore!

      1. Should’ve never let Gore go! Fire Baalke now!!!! Carlos Hyde is an injury prone bust he’s not even half the player Gore is and I mean right now in 2016.

        1. I think Hyde would be OK as a part time back. I agree we should have kept Gore for many reasons. If you pair Hyde with McCaffrey we would have a nice backfield. I wouldn’t take McCaffrey in the 1st or 2nd round though. 3rd or 4th, maybe.

              1. The Patriots get their hands on him and you can forget about it, but I wouldn’t touch him until late first, second round….

            1. Maybe. He has been inconsistent lately. HBs aren’t valued highly anymore. I question his ability to be a every down back and he is a little tall for a HB. I interested to see his 40 time at the combine. That could affect his draft position.

              1. Part of the reason for his inconsistency is that McCaffrey is really the only weapon that is asked to do too much on a bad offense.

              2. Teams looking at him as just a RB probably won’t have him too high. But some teams will want to use him as a RB/WR, and for those teams his value will be greater.

                Same with Curtis Samuel.

                As razor said, a team like the Patriots would probably love him.

              3. The 49ers could also be in play if Kelly returns. He just seems like a player Kelly would want.

              4. Completely agree Mid.

                In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if Deshaun Watson and McCaffrey are both very high on Chip Kelly’s list. Same with Trubisky and Curtis Samuel.

              5. McCaffrey is not the best pure RB in the draft by any means, but he offers a skill set that not many bring into the league. An ability to play the RB position as well as receiver, with kick return ability on top of it? He’ll be a first rounder.

        2. Dont look at me, I wanted Baalke to retain veteran leadership.

          In fact, I advocated a multi player deal in April to try and get Frank Gore, and other posters called me delusional.

  16. Kaep has right no to vote. But BroTuna saud, if you don’t vote you really do not have a basis to complain. Our founding Fathers gave us Free Speech (a right) and citizen selection,(a process). Many have fought and died to preserve these and other things. Protesting does not make one accountable, voting closes the loop on protest and drives accountability for voters and elected (or not) officials. Kaep protest, no vote …. what does this voice matter without making an action towards the change desired? One mans view, not everyones but that’s what is great here.

    1. 80, believe me, I have been trying to smoke away the results of the election, so I am clinging to the one bright spot. Right now, I am in a Mango Haze…..;p

  17. With all that being said, he’s still below average on qb scale and his DNA does not show any signs that the skill set is in there. Even if he votes he’s a below avg QB and this team will not be a playoff team anymore with him. Too bad.

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