Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand during national anthem

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand during Friday night’s national anthem. Instead, he sat on the Niners’ bench.

After the game, the team released a statement: “The National Anthem is and always will be a special part of the pre-game ceremony. It is an opportunity to honor our country and reflect on the great liberties we are afforded as its citizens. In respecting such American principles as freedom of religion and freedom of expression, we recognize the right of an individual to choose and participate, or not, in our celebration of the national anthem.”

Kaepernick gave his own statement to “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

How do you feel about what Kaepernick did and what he said? Do you still support him? What do you think the fallout of this will be?

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    1. I think I speak for most people here when I say that I am glad you are not my friend and I have zero respect for you.

      1. Oh no, “A to the F” doesn’t want me as a friend and doesn’t respect me? This will surely haunt me for the rest of my life. Oh how I loathe the decisions I have made that have led me to this dreadful moment.

    2. I totally agree with kaepernick that there is uneven treatment of blacks by police in this country.

      However I find him in particular to be the least likely activist against this… His father who was black, bailed on his white mom who put him up for adoption because she felt she couldn’t do it alone. He was adopted by a white family that raised him as their own. He went to college and played sports and now earns millions a year…

      If anything his life is the tale of one of the biggest issues facing the african american community…. the absence of the father.

      67 percent of black families have no father present. Compare that to 25 percent of non hispanic whites.

      If Black lives matter so much, how come black dads don’t stick around to raise them?

      1. Ummm. maybe because Kap has a brain and can think for himself? Or do you just want him to accept the fact his dad left, so he should keep his opinions to himself? You are perpetuating the stereotype by claiming Kap can’t be a spokesperson for blacks and people of color b because his dad left…do you even see what is wrong with your own argument?

        1. Kap should not be the self-appointed spokesman for blacks because .1) he wasn’t voted for by black people to do so, and .2) he simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
          I would like some specific examples, where the premise follows the conclusion. I’ll sit up and take note, then.

            1. ExG..

              That’s true, they do. But if they choose to purposely say inflammatory things, they need to know precisely of which they speak. They have that responsibility.

          1. I believe Kaepernick is spokesperson for Kaepernick. If people agree with what he’s saying, that’s perfectly fine. And incidentally
            how America works. Others will see him has spokesperson for larger groups, including the team and league. That’s were the trouble lies for him.

      2. Why is it now, when Kap is disenchanted with the 49er front office and Baalke, that his moral compass suddenly points in the direction of objection to the way blacks and people of color are being treated by this country? Why does he say blacks and people of color? Are not blacks considered people of color? By the way, who are non-Hispanic whites? I did not know there were Hispanic whites, or are you addressing offspring of Hispanic and white parenting who you consider Hispanic whites? Before Lyndon Baines Johnson’s “War on Poverty” administration back in the mid-1960’s, 25% of African-Americans were born into single family households. Now, it is 71%. In addition, African-American abortions number over 300,000 annually, so among themselves, despite the mantra that Black Lives Matter, blacks are doing a pretty good job of killing off their next generation. The U.S. government since the inception of the War on Poverty has invested over $23 TRILLION on fighting and putting an end to poverty; yet, today poverty is worse than ever. Obviously, money alone is not the answer; however, it appears that our leaders in Washington D.C. have yet to figure out the real answer. Sad!!

        1. Maybe they should not just treat the symptoms, but treat the root causes of poverty.

          Your abortion numbers are selective, and does not take into account that poor black women did not have access to family planning, and now they do, so families can be properly planned, and the tragic carousel of poor teens having babies who grow up and have unplanned babies, will not continue.

          Spending 23 trillion sounds like a lot, but consider they spent way more on defense, and I feel less secure.

          Maybe you should take into consideration that the economy, which used to have a manufacturing base, has seen factories shipped overseas so there are whole regions devastated by the loss of good paying jobs.

          Poverty is worse than before? Maybe, but I also remember the Watts riots, when they rampaged against injustice and scared the heck out of the politicians who acted swiftly to enact reforms and alleviate the suffering.

          Politician are easy scapegoats, and have not provided effective leadership, but everyone needs to organize, and not rely on a select few to solve all the problems.

          We have a black progressive President, but if we have a surly do nothing Congress, that sit on their hands, he cannot be effective. Now we are confronted with a racist who will take us into the nuclear abyss. Things are looking bleak, especially if he steals the election, which he is capable of, and would not hesitate to do.

    3. Sad that someone that I’ve always loved as a QB doesn’t know that we salute those who have caught for our freedoms both black & white & other.
      Also sad that he doesn’t do the research to see that the number of blacks who kill each other far exceeds the ones who are killed by running from or breaking the law

      1. You’re saying, because more blacks are killed by blacks than police, people should accept unjustified shootings by police?

    4. If you want to see some real bigotry and hate just look at the comments made about white people on black blogs. Very enlightening.

  1. Good for Colin!!!

    What % of his $13,000,000 is he planning to donate to organizations dedicated to empowering the oppressed?

    1. it’s not about Colin it’s about money! it’s about the dead bodies that are in the streets !!! and nothing is being done about it, personally I dont have 13,000000! I retired as an E-6 in the united states Army Band played the National anthem 100,000 times! I see his point.

      1. Thanks for your service Jimmy. But as a man who carried a weapon for your country, do you wake up every morning feeling oppressed? And if so, how did Colin help you?

        1. Would appear that Jimmy’s weapon was a musical instrument…although yes, he may have had to qualify with a service weapon periodically…

          1. Where would we be without someone to play the National Anthem?

            I carried a slide rule for my country, but I happened to be sitting on top of a Thermonuclear device at the time.

            1. I was protecting American running dog interests on the Korean peninsula, helping repress South Korea, keeping them remain ignorant of North Korean socioeconomic perfection.

              1. …oops, ‘helping them remain…’ Sorry, I was up all night. Please don’t execute me. Tasing is acceptable.

              1. Would propellers work any better? Or “one way trip to Russia if needed”?

                You’re right, and I had a great slide rule that was made in Japan which wasn’t too popular as a product source at the time. A phone with the right apps could probably do the job now.

                The slide rule was a very smart ruler, with moving parts that made it possible to do the calculations that allowed a B-36 to get to it’s target before it ran out of gas. No one cared about how much gas was left in the tanks past that point. We were trained to walk home — sort of. ;-}

                The message was, “You attack and we all die.”

      2. What is the individuals responsibility?

        Well, for starters, don’t carry around a concealed, loaded weapon. Don’t sell drugs-and then murder people who don’t pay up. Don’t get into gang wars and murder people who wear the wrong colors. Stop calling it racist that you have to dress the right way and speak decent english when you go to work and represent somebody else-who is giving out a paycheck. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
        No, all blacks don’t behave this way. That would be ignorant to insinuate that. But a lot of the one’s who are getting killed by the cops DO behave that way.

        1. You do realize that it’s legal to concealed, loaded weapons in many areas of America including in some classrooms.

            1. I am. But I don’t think for one second that those very young men in the inner cities who carry around a loaded and concealed weapon are interested in the law. they are interested in getting their way-or defending themselves from like-minded people.

  2. I will never support Kaeprnick again. His disgusting display based on absolute lies is nauseating. I’ve been on every continent on earth and every time I travel I’m reminded of how fortunate I am to have been born in the greatest country the world has ever known. Colin’s refusal to stand exposes his ignorance as to the nature of real oppression. He also disgraces the men & women who have served and died to provide the freedom from tyranny and oppression he enjoys. I’m going to have a very hard time following the team if he is allowed to remain on the team without apologizing.

    1. Houston – I agree its going to be hard to follow the team after a display that is gut wrenching to many of us. The team will go on, Kraep someday will be gone. I am stunned as you are but I will continue to watch my Niners.

      1. Tim–

        be specific, not general–tell me specifically what i have ever done to human beings of color.

        If you lie, or make generalizations about me, you are, as the Bible says, guilty of bearing false witness.

        I’m listening-what did I do to people of color-specifically?

      1. Im waiting, Tim-what have I done wrong to people of color? Be specific, now………Otherwise, your bearing false witness on me -a sin, so the Bible says.

    2. So tired of the hypocrisy and constant victimhood. Kaeperdouche should be ashamed of himself as he is insulting all the brave black men who died protecting this country. Kaperdouche would never have the cojones to fight for anything. What a little crybaby.

    3. I totally agree. I think we all should boycott any team he plays for until black men quit killing nuns etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

  3. I said it all in a previous post, but Kaep should choose his battles wisely. if he wants to alienate himself from his team mates and become a social activist, he is doing a good job, but his team mates will not want to catch his passes or block for him, so he can soon become a social activist full time.

    1. I just want one answer, just one—why isn’t Kap and Black Lives Matter trying to stop all the black-on-black killing in Chicago, Philadelphia, East L.A., etc

      Will Kap please answer that question, and not some other question I never asked?

      1. Shhhh we’re not supposed to talk about that. Part of the reason cops have such a shaky trigger finger (not excusing their actions) is because they go into high crime neighborhoods where there is extreme anti-police sentiment and bullets fly daily. But, again, we’re not allowed to talk about that part of the equation.

  4. The statement probably would have meant more if Kap was actually a good player. You can have a voice for social justice and not retweet racist garbage by the likes of Left and Shaun King on a daily basis. I give Kap no respect for his stance. He has benefited from the so called white privilege that he allegedly resents. If you really want to have a voice, take a look at Carmelo Anthony. He spoke his mind but also did something to try to create change in the community.

    1. Where, specifically, is the social injustice? How are people of color not allowed to avail themselves of Pell Grants, Jr. College, working hard, etc.?

      This is 2016. When the sins of the past were comitted, my fathers-fathers-fathers-fathers-etc. wasn’t even born.
      Far more importantly, those sins have been rectified.
      I wish no black person dis-respect, ill-will or hard-ship of any kind.
      Just stop blaming me for your unhappiness. It absolves the individual of all responsibility for their life.

      1. No one is blaming *you*, saw. Unless you have some projection of guilt going on.

        If you want want to blame someone, how about starting with the Trump family, who up unto as late as 1970s refused to rent to African Americans. We are not talking great great great ancestors here. We are talking the era of Joe Montana, and bigots like Trump had to be sued by the US government into following the law.

        1. Then Trump should be busted to the full extent of the law-and then some.
          However, that is really not what Kap was alluding to.

          As long as there are human beings, there is always going to be injustice. But cherry-picking the wrongs done by a political figure in a party you don’t like is a bit weak. And I’ll tell you why: the Clinton crime family.
          Do we really need to go there? Lets stay on topic………….

  5. respect for Colin? He can’t play QB or focus on his job. His opinions and politics change with the wind. Now he is just an inconsistent distraction that until he is cut I won’t buy tickets. If he is so worried about the way law enforcement acts, then become a cop. They have openings for patrolling the very areas you are concerned about all the time. And if you want to learn about the reason to respect the flag maybe you should try the red white & blue of Russia. I hear they treat everyone equal.

  6. I ranted on the last thread, but to CK’s ‘Social Conscience’: empty posturing IMO.
    I’m not a guy who attacks BLM or characterizes them as anarchists. There IS a huge problem in our country, and every movement has its radical fringe elements,,which doesn’t excuse extremists behaviors. Wherever the solutions lie is likely to be in reconciliation between the parties, not in spouting on social media or mass media. What’s Colin’s track record in helping disaffected ethnic groups in his hometown? Is sitting out the anthem going to help anything or anybody? What’s the message? Drop out of America?
    Unity of purpose usually is what gets things done in a pluralistic society.
    Last thought. When Ali made his statement, he was Champion of The World. When John Carlos raised his fist he was Olympic Gold Medalist. Colin is a job applicant who then went out and disappointed in his interview.

    1. Remember the Chinese guy who stopped a tank by standing alone in front of it. He made a stand — alone and unknown if it weren’t for someone with a camera. Unless I’ve missed something, he was never heard from again. Did he change China? I don’t think so. Did he change mankind? I hope so.

      How “important” an individual is helps get an issue talked about but it’s the BLM and the cops having a pick-nick together that make a difference.

      In the Olympics a black female gymnast stood at attention while our National Anthem was being played for her team gold medal. She did not place her hand over her heart. She was the target of a firestorm of Internet anger.

      At the same Olympics, the American eight man (white) crew won a gold medal. They didn’t stand at attention, or have their hands over their hearts. They laughed an mugged for the camera. As far as I know, there wasn’t a peep on the Internet about their behavior.

      As I watched the Olympics, I noticed that there was a lot of variety in the way American athletes treated their time on the gold medal podium. I liked the variety.

      As for Colin Kaepernick, I’ve noticed that the amount he earns always seems to go up with criticism of his personal life or his football performance. ;-}

          1. Because they never alluded that I’m a racist because of the color of my flesh.

            There are many, many other things to be pissed off at Yoralke for…..

  7. Best for everyone to cut Kaepernick… The guy is losing it as a player and an individual. I’ll take Driskel as a backup for now over that idiot. Someone should also tell Kaepernick there’s no reason to play fake a hand-off when there’s no running back within 10 yards of him :/

    Unfortunately though, if Kaepernick gets cut the ‘extreme thinkers’ will cry it’s because of his “rightful anti-American protest” when really he just sucks as a QB right now… Therefore I can see Kid York running in circles right now wishing he had the balls to let Kelly do the right thing. These next few days/weeks should be interesting…

  8. Fans,

    Kap not honoring our flag is exactly the player Seb roots for. His Communist Sun Tzu manifesto he carries dove tails nicely into Kap’s actions Fri. Nite.

    Combined with his arsenal he continually boasts about like a bully in an old western town at sun down shoving folks off the sidewalk, I believe Seb Masks his 49er fandomry as a disguise to pull a Kap or worse on America.

    Jack Hammer August 27, 2016 at 12:07 am

    Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem tonight. What an ass.

    August 27, 2016 at 8:16 am

    We have.a right to think he’s a jerk


    August 27, 2016 at 6:36 am

    That alone makes me really angry and I don’t want that piece of crap on the team. Kaep needs to be gone.

        1. Kaep is his own worst enemy.

          As a football player, I think Kaep is a great talent, but if he pulls stunts like last night, I cannot support him.
          I blame his Delilah.

            1. Sigh, I am resigned to sporting that clown avatar, but glad you will never get a penny of my money.

              I have supported Kaep, but this is anther example of shooting oneself in the foot.

              He may not care, but everyone else does.

          1. Seb-

            Kaps performance last night was not even worthy of a brand new rookie. Driskel looks better.
            He is not worthy of a roster spot.

              1. Very funny Seb. Make jokes but you deserve every little jab now with all your past pompous predictions and innuendos regarding people who said CK regressed.
                Eat crow and enjoy it!

          1. Not in this case now does it. I told you he was a flash in the pan, you said no. I said he took the league by storm and then fizzled. You said a storm was
            coming. See last night.
            Just take a knee and concede. You look like a sore loser today. It’s unAmerican!

            1. Prime, I thought that Kaep, with his talents, would take the league by storm again, but last game showed how hard team mates would play for him after pulling such a brain dead selfish stunt.

              I wondered why Chip only gave him 2 series of downs, now I know why.

      1. I just love all these people who, in a general way, imply im a racist. When I ask them specifically how, it always comes down to the color of my flesh-NOT my heart or my soul or spirit.

        Who’s the racist?

        1. And I love this argument Brodie. Who’s the real racist? lol.

          If you are a white man in America, you almost certainly have no idea of the oppression, and racism that minorities in this country are referring to.

          The Black Live’s Matter movement in this country isn’t the “Only” Black Live’s Matter movement that the alternate right want you to believe it is. The word “Only” does not exist in the title.

          And there is absolutely no equivalent between real racism (and oppression) minorities face in this country on a daily basis, and the “reverse” racism argument that the alternate-right is trying to draw an equivalency to.

          1. 49reasons—

            Then I openly admit to being ignorant.
            I’ve had a few black friends. They all do pretty well-one of them at least doing financially better than me. They all have the same thing in common…..they get up early in the morning and they go to work-and I know they work hard and consistent. They both reap what they sow. And they both come from fractured, dysfunctional families, as did I. I don’t suppose in the last 40 years that’s all that uncommon.
            But OPPRESSION, as it’s defined in the dictionary–I don’t see it. If I am ignorant, then that’s it’s genesis.

    1. No tim-

      The chronological time doesn’t matter-its a way of thinking. You know, that car I drive, I didn’t build it-therefore, it belongs to “the people” i.e. the government. That large sum of money I have, I couldn’t have amassed it by working my arse off–I must have ripped people off. It belongs to the gov’t.

      People who are jealous of others often try to imply that another’s fortunes are ill-gotten. In this way, it absolves the complainer of all responsibility of their life, their decisions, their behavior. Its somebody else’s fault.

    2. Tim, excellent point, I hope you realize you’re arguing with a person who has the intellectual equivalent of having both arms tied behind his back. You’d have a harder time arguing against a 5 year old girl, if you catch my drift?

      1. Hey, 49-who are you talking about? Substantiate your reasoning and pick up some like-minded people to your way of thinking.

          1. As for this post: The chronological time doesn’t matter-its a way of thinking. You know, that car I drive, I didn’t build it-therefore, it belongs to “the people” i.e. the government. That large sum of money I have, I couldn’t have amassed it by working my arse off–I must have ripped people off. It belongs to the gov’t.

            People who are jealous of others often try to imply that another’s fortunes are ill-gotten. In this way, it absolves the complainer of all responsibility of their life, their decisions, their behavior. Its somebody else’s fault.

            In my opinion, I think you’re confusing the issues and creating a straw man.

            I am a working class American who’s parents divorced during my early teen years. I have many friends who belong to the same socioeconomic status, and I can honestly say I know of none of my friends who I would consider jealous for the reason you describe, or who have expressed jealousy of others who may be of higher socioeconomic status than them. Not one!

            However, I suspect that the socioeconomic argument you are referring to as jealousy, is actually an argument about the fairness of our tax code!

            Donald Trump is scared to death of releasing his tax records, for fear of a disqualifying backlash! And it’s got absolutely nothing to do with the jealousy of others. It’s got everything to do with the fact that he’s a billionaire (supposedly), yet he likely pays a far lower percentage of the money he “earns”, in taxes, than me and my wife do. I am a property manager and she is a teacher. And she is not just any teacher, she happens to teach life skills to high school students with special needs.

            Congress, and those politicians who believe that our tax code is fair, and that it’s morally OK, and makes economic sense for the middle class in this country to carry a higher burden of our countries’ tax revenue, and pay a higher percentage of money earned in taxes, than a billionaire, which has led to an economic crisis in this country of the transfer, and consolidation of wealth in this country, should be ashamed of themselves.

            And I honestly think that’s the crux of your confusion by conflating the two different arguments into one of jealousy, which is the straw man argument!

  9. It’d make sense if it were true. Forty-percent of police shootings are black, but so are 40% of criminals. In fact, if you look at police shootings, they break-down by ethnic crime rate demographics, not ethnic population demographics.

    But the politicians have gotten a hold of it for political purposes and created a false world-view. Let’s look at a few:

    Murder (2013 – Arrests 18 & Over): 8,383 in total

    3,799 by whites & hispanics (combined) 45.3%
    4,379 by blacks 52.2%
    98 American Indian & Alaskan Natives 1.2%
    101 Asian Americans 1.2%
    6 Hawaiians. 0.1%

    Robbery (Armed): 78,538

    32,945 White
    44,271 Black
    579 NA & AN
    649 Asian Am.
    94 Hawaiians.

    That’s the brutal damn reality of it.

    You have a very high rate of crime in the black community. Which means a lot of police contact. Which, ultimately, leads to a disproportional amount of negative encounters relative to the general population but NOT the criminal population.

    And sitting on your ass for the national anthem isn’t going to fix it. Nor are police reforms.

    The problem is elsewhere. And is correctable in the long-term, but not the short term. However, you can’t address it because both the left and the right are so entrenched in their BS that it can’t be solved because politics.

      1. Do you think their attitudes, their thoughts have anything to do with who’s below the poverty line?
        The Asians are currently the fastest growing peoples in the U.S. They come here absolutely worshiping education and hard work, extremely family oriented. By the next generation, they end up running the shop-and to that, I say, “well done”. All most all of them came from extreme poverty.
        Their attitudes and thoughts are correct…………

  10. People take their stupid, jingoistic symbols so seriously. If you cared at all about the aspirational ideals of this country, you would wholeheartedly support Kap’s right to protest AND his message of anti-oppression and equality.

    1. Wait, is it just me or did we recently elect an African-American president to lead America twice? And ironically, Kaepernick plays a sport at the highest level dominated by African-Americans making millions of dollars in America…. Look, I could care less about his ideals but to broadcast them in this venue when this sport is all about a team mentality is just bad taste…

      1. I’d say it’s bad taste to stand idly by while your brothers and sisters die in the street, not using your platform to the best of your ability to protest said oppression. But hey, that’s just me.

        1. That’s just it — he doesn’t have to stand by idly… There’s plenty of other avenues to broadcast his beliefs but now he’s pulled the whole team into his individual belief. It’s all about the team, the team, the team unless you’re Colin Kaepernick. He should be cut… Lousy QB and now a bigger distraction than he already was.

            1. Yes, and they all have their place (outside of the team/sport). Too bad for Kaepernick he doesn’t have the intellect to understand that.

        2. TK, how is Kaep’s actions going to prevent another injustice? To me, it is an act of self immolation, with no impact or influence to correct past wrongs.

          All he succeeded to do is make people hate him even more, and Kaep should ponder the ramifications his actions did to his standing in the locker room.

          1. If you don’t think this is going to have an impact or influence you aren’t paying attention. This is the biggest story in the NFL right now, he’s used his platform to spread the message to great success already. Solidarity from athletes does go a ways to curing injustice. Athletes played a role in the Civil Rights movement.

            1. The bigger impact would have been for Kaep to donate his money to social causes.

              That would have opened eyes. However, he just destroyed any good will he had with his team, and Chip may never play him again.

              1. Players donate money all the time to social causes and it rarely makes national news, and never becomes the most talked about sports news story of the day. Also donating money and speaking about the cause are not mutually exclusive, he can do both and might do both. We do not know his future plans.

              2. Some players work within the system to effect change. Kaep wants to burn down his house, and once he is out of the league, who will listen to him?

              3. Seb stop bashing your hero. It looks fair weather. You should support your heros in good and bad. It only makes you look like a hypocrite. Don’t be a hypocrite Seb. A storm of redemption is coming!

              4. Prime, sometimes you gotta face reality. Kaep could become a great QB again, but it sounds like he wants to become a social activist, and never play a down in his life, again.

              5. Seb you don’t become a great QB again when you never were in the first place moron!
                He was good for maybe 10 games, that’s it. That’s not great, that’s what happens to a lot of limited players coming into the league.
                Guys like you just get all blinded by the hype and the numbers. Being great is about being consistent and productive every year. Then every year after that while the league adapts to you and vice versa while still producing.
                You were too easily enamoured by the hype, it’s typically of ignorant football fans!

              6. Prime, if this did not happen, I would have defended Kaep, but Kaep just brought this all on himself. Kaep should be content to sit on the bench all season, but the Niners will not want a repeat of last night, and will ban him from the side lines.

            2. Name this injustice your speaking of?

              You mal-contents NEVER take personal responsibility for your thoughts, actions, attitudes-it’s ALWAYS somebody else’s fault that so-and-so behaved in such a way.

              1. Name this injustice? This injustice does have names. Some of them are:

                Trayvon Martin
                Alfred Wright
                Jordan Davis
                Oscar Grant
                Troy Davis
                Kenneth Chamberlain
                Aiyana Jones
                William Torbit Jr
                Renisha McBride
                Cece McDonald
                Sean Bell
                Michael Giles
                The Central Park Five
                Eric Garner
                Michael Brown
                Alton Sterling
                Philando Castile

              2. ribico, thank you for the list. I hope they all RIP.

                And this country needs to be reminded about the USJD’s Ferguson, Missouri Report. I’ll have a hard time getting past the image in my mind of the Ferguson Police Officer releasing a trained police dog on an unarmed, 14-year-old African-American boy as he waited innocently for his friends. Police harassment was a common occurrence, and according to testimony, the police routinely let dogs loose on unarmed residents, often times without warning. The report pointed to the use of the dogs as excessive force, overwhelmingly used against African-American residents, and said “no alternative explanation” except racial bias was used to explain the use of the dogs by the officers involved.

                Unfortunately, this country continues to struggle with bigotry and racism and it’s a necessary conversation we must continue to have.

                However, I have mixed feelings about Colin’s use of this platform in order to promote the conversation and express his personal feelings, because I think it sucks all of the oxygen out of the 3rd preseason game in terms of all of the exposure other players are entitled to while fighting for their own a highly coveted roster spot.

                However I will openly admit, it’s a complicated subject on many different levels, including a matter of free speech as well. Like Chip Kelly said, If Colin Kaepernick continues to sit during pregame National Anthems, Chip’s not going to object! “We recognize his right to do that,” Kelly said in a media conference call Saturday. “It’s not my right to tell him not to do something. That’s his right as a citizen.”

        3. Most of “his brothers and sisters” die from being killed by one another. Besides, the media feeds into the outrage of police shootings by misreporting from the beginning, we have seen the evidence exonerate the police far too many times.

        4. But he implied that were all racist.

          That’s bearing false witness. Its a lie. And it’s a sin.

          tkamB–what, specifically, have you done for these brothers and sisters?

            1. tkam–

              tkam—-This list you gave-how did they meet their demise? Why?
              My point is, any body can make a list of people that died unjustly…and it’s always a tragic thing. And if the people who are responsible for their deaths are in fact murderers, then they ought to hang–and hang ’em high.
              But I still don’t see Black Lives Matter and Sackorpick in Chicago or Philly trying to stop all the black-on-black murders. They just cherry pick the one’s they want to protest.

      2. I didn’t realize obama got 100 percent of the vote. That is news to me.

        If you honestly think that a black man winning an election means racism ended…. you are just ….. f’ing stupid.

        1. Tim- your mighty quick with the swear words-with respect to that, your the winner.
          But your not against racism. Your just against racism if you think it’s directed at people you support.
          What about racism directed at other people?

          Your not against racism at all……………

      3. “… did we recently elect an African-American president to lead America twice?”

        Not all of us. WE have a Birther candidate running to be the next President of US.

              1. I’ll be darned. And the white vote was 72% of the total national vote.

                And the “loyal opposition” in congress vowed that he would never be elected for a second term.

              2. That’s probably because these whiteys don’t vote lock-step like robots for something as vile as a political party.

        1. Like they will do to Kaep. maybe he will want to be even more hated and ostracized, but if he sits during the National anthem again, he will never play another down in his life.

        2. tkam- you still haven’t told who’s oppressing who. Right now, it looks like bearing false witness against others. That’s oppressive. That’s a sin.

          1. I respect your opinions on the board Brodie. You’ve got a very good grasp of the sport of American Football.

            That said, if you need someone to explain white privilege and the history of systematic oppression of our black skinned brothers (or as Donald Trump refers to them, “the blacks”) in this country to you, you’re obviously living in a bubble. And I suggest you make a point to spend some time outside that bubble, if you want to have a real conversation about race relations in America, circa 2016.

        3. tkam.

          When are you going to stop with the swearing, and tell everyone, specifically, about the oppression?
          If your telling the truth, your going to make many converts.
          The truth is the main thing.right? We all want the truth, don’t we……..?

        4. I think he needs to study the constitution as well as yourself, u are free today because of it, certain founding fathers had the vision. He is a piece of crap for sitting down

          1. Kevin, I think you are the one who needs to study the constitution! It’s that very constitution that gives Colin a right to sit down during the National Anthem! It’s called the Bill Of Rights! The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights.

            The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

            What exactly did the Framers mean by “freedom of speech, or of the press”? Surprisingly, there is little definitively known about the subject. The debates in the First Congress, which proposed the Bill of Rights, are brief and unilluminating. However, as Chip Kelly said, if Colin Kaepernick continues to sit during pregame National Anthems, he’s (Chip’s) not going to object! “We recognize his right to do that,” Kelly said in a media conference call Saturday. “It’s not my right to tell him not to do something. That’s his right as a citizen.”

          2. Actually this is not a 1st amendment issue. As private entities, the team would be well within thier rights to terminate his employment vased on what he’s said and done.

        5. tkam—

          As the dictionary defines the word oppression, show me where black people are being oppressed–AND how you’ve reached out to the crackers in any way to stop this oppression.
          The point is, if you point out some valid oppression, you’ll get a lot of help in righting this wrong.
          Because I know you want whats best for everybody…………

      1. I think the statement begins “Please stand…”, and I always have but without a mission in mind. The hand over the heart thing is very far from unanimous, and never requested at any event I’ve attended.

    2. Who am I- specifically oppressing?

      Kap has a right to protest-paid for with the blood of others. I also have a right to call him on the accuracy of his complaints. And after all the burning and marching and protesting are done, the facts will still be there.
      You don’t like Cops? To a large extent, neither do I. But I also try to do unto others as I would have them do unto me-this keeps the cops away.

      Or was Jesus Christ wrong?

      1. I have no idea who you are oppressing, I don’t know you. The police are oppressors of people of color in this country, to argue otherwise would be historically inaccurate. Some people aren’t privileged enough to avoid negative interactions with police by simply doing unto others as they would have them do unto themselves, that IS the problem.

        1. OK–but I deserve specifics, not generalities. Otherwise, I would like you to help me address the racism and politically correct sewage that I must face every day because of the color of my flesh-and it happens, subtly or otherwise, every day.

          Racism-sin-is bad for everybody isn’t it? Or just some?

          1. Are you really so narcissistic to make the systemic oppression of an entire race of people all about you? And are you white? Because if you think you face racism as a white person in a country built on white supremacy well you are simply too deluded to continue this conversation with.

            1. Thats me–racist, narcissist and deluded–as are all people who don’t see it your way

              But if it’s built on white supremacy, then why are the Asians passing everybody up on the socio-economic front?

              You have no suggestions to make things better, because it would destroy your narrative-that it is a persons flesh that makes them good or bad.

      2. Not always. Did you read about the white guy in a rental car with his seven year old on vacation. The car, incorrectly, was listed as stolen. The cop who stopped him expected a criminal, treated him like a criminal, and pointed his gun at the child.

        Have you ever been in a position where the police assumed you were a dangerous criminal?

  11. “This is not something that I am going to run by anybody,” Kaepernick said. “I am not looking for approval. I have to stand up for people that are oppressed. . . . If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.”

    It would appear that Kap has a full understanding of the potential consequences. Since Kap is not a great player, if he gets cut I can sort of see parallels to the Michael Sam situation with the understanding that the 49ers state they are cutting him because of his poor play.

  12. Kaep may be his own worst enemy. If he wants to torpedo his career, he is doing a good job.

    Now, the Niners will be able to sit him on the bench and pull a RGIII on him. Niners should tell him that they have basic expectations. Respect of the flag is one of them. He can decry the injustices all he wants, but disrespecting the flag will not be tolerated. Once he is out of the league, he can do anything he wants, but while on the Niners, he should act with class and respect. He did neither last night.

    1. What does not standing for the national anthem have to do with “respecting” the flag?

      Did he burn one or desecrate it?

      The number of idiotic comments about this is off the charts.

      1. No, Tim-

        It’s not about what the flag “is”–just a piece of cloth.

        It’s about all the best things it represents.

        You HAVE read the Constitution, haven’t you??
        In the long history of the world, do you know how unique that document is? Do you read much history?

      2. Tim, he might as well have burned it. I thought Kaep was an extremely talented player, but if he pulls stunts like this, he has lost my support.

        There are better ways to effect change. This is not one of them.

  13. To blame an ENTIRE country after providing more prosperity to people of all walks of life than any other nation, is sickening, especially when hes lapping up 8 figures per year.

    Just like the Texas shooter killing cops. The majority of police should not be held accountable for the select few… Other races aren’t having these problems, maybe blacks need to stand up against thug culture.

        1. ExGolfer—-In the white culture. their is still a thing about reaching for financial success, consumer goods, who has the biggest house— which is kind of crass and vulgar-probably very crass and vulgar.

          Does that make me a racist?

  14. This isn’t a man. This a petulant, entitled child who doesn’t understand complexity… not in racial issues and everything that factors into the current state, and certainly not in understanding playbooks and reading defenses.

    That he could be an heir to the greats that once stood under center in a 49er uniform is disgusting. Nauseating. He’s a moron in every aspect of his life.

  15. Grant
    With regard to this subject, a respectful request (which I hope but do not expect all the media will observe):
    While I know you will conduct your job according to your own standards, please, please, please do not ask any other players on the team about CK’s politics. They don’t need or deserve the distraction.

  16. Didn’t see this B & W thing coming.

    However, a math formula oftens serves well since this is topical.

    Of the number of Caucasians comminting the acts described above, what percentage of them have a mental illness…Anybody…..The one carrying the manifesto may have an answer since the volume he carries is a tactical war manual on an industrial scale (involving Empires)

    1. tkamB

      August 27, 2016 at 9:38 am

      People take their stupid, jingoistic symbols so seriously. If you cared at all about the aspirational ideals of this country, you would wholeheartedly support Kap’s right to protest AND his message of anti-oppression and equality.

      TomD’s Response to tcamb:

      This country was founded on principle of protest–from our War of Independence to Martin Luther King Jr. , and workers rights via Caesar Chavez and Dorlores Huerta.

      I am not denying Kap his due process or right to protest laws observed under the constitution.

      I was just aligning a particular blogger named Seb, who sings Kaps praises daily.

      However, now that Seb has come to his senses and has graciously accepted defeat to Prime, perhaps we can move forward.

  17. Tuna-I’m sure Tory and Navarro can handle the questions with respect and as professionals. Even if they had an opinion different than mine or Kaeps I would listen. Kaep on the other hand is just immature. Like his football career -he is off timing and misses his reeds and takes on undo pressure.

    Maybe he should take que from Gabbert and shut down his Twitter to focus on his job.

  18. Kap has been able to expose the racists and intolerants among us. No where did I read that Kap demanded that everybody follow his example and do what he did, yet the majority of people here demand that he conforms to their opinion! How is that the home of the brave and the free?
    What Kap did is very courageous and from the comments i can tell not many of you would have the guts to do the same. As far as his career is concerned, it’s got to be over because this is going to be on his mind and other people’s mind and questions will follow him where ever he goes. It’s a major distraction.
    How many of you would choose principals over money??????

    1. My problem is he has no idea what true oppression is. This nation has its problems in regards to ALL RACES, but it is nothing compared to the actual oppression various people experienced up to the time of Martin Luther King Jr.

            1. No I don’t think racism ended with MLK because there are been many acts of racism and reverse racism that have occurred since then, but they are not examples of oppression.

              1. So no one has tried to suppress voting by segments of our unsuppressed society? There have been no attempts to narrow the number of people who get to vote by reducing polling places, moving polling places, forcing long lines, or putting in place targeted voter ID laws. There has been no long term effort to diminish the “Voting Rights Act” enacted by President Lyndon Johnson.

                Maybe it’s you who doesn’t feel suppressed,

              2. Ways America oppresses AAs:
                1) red lining and preventing minorities from getting loans for good terms, thereby building equity which can be passed down to children, which is how the post WW2 generation developed the middle class
                2) limiting blacks to certain parts of the city, and then underfunding the cops and schools in that area
                3) hang charter schools as a way to divert tax dollars from urban public schools to suburban (whiter) schools
                4) disparate drug laws
                5) disparate application of prosecutorial discretion, judge leniency, and jury leniency, based on race
                6) more frequent police stops for blacks, despite higher rates of illegal activities for whites who are stopped
                7) employers hiring black sounding names at lower levels than white sounding names
                8) republicans nominating a guy for president who actively wouldn’t rent to blacks, thereby normalizing racism

              3. Those are not examples of oppression but just stupidity by others.
                The list you provided are things that can affect every race Grimey.

              4. MidWest,

                You should look at how the LAPD gas interacted with black people. I think that might qualify as oppression.

      1. Hey Grimey–

        Those are accusations, not proven facts. If they are proven to be true, then everyone together should pitch in and have the laws changed-that is very much open to us.
        But to imply-as Kap did-that the nation as a whole is a racist nation, that is false. And it is bearing false witness. And I resent being called something I am not.

        1. They are proven to be true by statistics. You may not be a racist, but your ignorance and denial contributes to the persistence of racism in this country.

          1. +1 Grimey

            And we know that there is at least 1 person on this blog who lives in the bubble, and helps propagate the ignorance.

            Brodie’s conversation is ripped right out of the pages of a 1950’s newspaper.


            1. 49–
              This is not 1950, and your saying that it is does not make it so.

              No matter–I want to stop the oppression. Give me some wisdom and tell me what I can do? You’ve done much to stop oppression. Give me your plan and I’ll follow it.

          2. Ok, Grimey–I’m ignorant, and you’ve got nothing to learn. Fair enough.

            Now, tell me what i can do to help. Other than doing unto others as I would have them do unto me, I can use a little help here, and your just the guy to provide it. How can I help?

          3. Grimey–
            Was it not President Obama himself that said everybody who has come to America has had to deal with this cancer? I know for a fact I heard him say it–everybody.
            And I have, in fact, had to deal with racism in East Oakland when I worked there for 3 years.
            When are you going to protest for me?

  19. ProfootballTalk
    6 of 11 headlines are about CK. 2 of 6 are about football. One is about reactions and social duty to react by other players around the league and professional sports.
    Thanks for the leadership and avoiding distractions for your teammates who are trying to focus on their jobs.

      1. No Grime, but it is the job at hand, yes?
        I’ve put more thought into this since this morning. Michael Bennett and Carmelo have come out saying that more athletes should use the bully pulpit of their celebrity to take social and political stands. Kap’s stand could be seen in that light, but I’m still not buying. Sports is Showbiz, stars are celebs.,but their fame is based on their exploits in their field. Does Melo know more about anything than you just because he’s got more game?
        I have no interest in the spiritual or social or political views of Tom Cruise, Tom Sellick, Gwenyth Paltrow, Susan Sarandon, Chuck Norris, Ted Nugent, Kanye, Bono; none of them. I didn’t ask. Celebrity is unrelated to wisdom or compassion or justice. Therefore I don’t think stars making political points Is such a great idea in the first place.
        The mayhem in the streets and the divisions in our society are major problems. Better fire discipline and more measured application of force are needed among many cops. Lack of trust, social and economic disadvantage in neighborhoods awash with firearms creates a toxic environment. My means of reacting are at the Polls and through support of social services. More respect shown, not less, in all directions is what’s called for.

          1. yup

            “More respect shown, not less, in all directions is what’s called for.”

            Like or dislike is nothing respect is everything.

  20. I think this seals Kap’s fate with Baalke…No way he allows anyone on the team who doesn’t cow to him or Jed.

    Not buying into JedTrentism, is to them, an act of treason, punishable by death of contract.

    1. I will be very surprised if Jed allows Kaepernick to be cut… While he deserves to be for being a lousy QB and a huge distraction, Jed won’t have the balls….

    2. There is only one downer to the Prime/Seb donnybrook, lost by Seb by decision since it went the distance and then some.

      The downer: Seb could ask Don King for a rematch citing Kap’s injuries and now his political stances as reason for the defeat–not Kap’s skill deficiencies.

  21. Dee–Kaep had the opportunity this off season to play for Denver & prove himself for less money. He had the opportunity to release from his contract this off season as well for no $, but instead choose to get his own doctors to secure his own money. Regardless of his stance or whether or not he gets cut he is going to get $14 mil. So save me with convenient political stances when the money is exactly what he is getting. And be sure that blaming somebody else or someone else is exactly what Kaeps does.

    1. The issue is not if he will get paid this year, but will he get his big check next year and beyond…..
      Who is Kap blaming Bandit?

  22. I respect his political awareness. Yet, this isn’t like Tommie Smith and John Carlos in the ’68 Olympics where their gesture reflected their views and their views alone. What Kaep has done and said reflects back on the entire team and organization. In a league where political expression runs the gamut from entire field sized US flags to US military flyovers, this will go over about as well as Jane Fonda speaking at a VFW outpost. Unfortunately, he has forced the team’s hand. They will cut him and he will likely remain a league pariah.

    1. I have no idea how what Kap did reflects on the 49ers.
      To put out their view and Kap put out his!
      I have no idea how how what Tommie Smith and John Carlos in the ’68 Olympics did reflected their views and their views alone.
      The Black Power fist was NOT their invention but they lost their medals for it!

        1. Dee-

          In 1968, those guys had a valid right to protest, and history has proven them right.

          In 2016, what kap has done was immature-he simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
          He knows what he “feels” tho, doesn’t he?

      1. >>To put out their view and Kap put out his!

        That will not be the end of it. Only the beginning.

        No one but Smith and Carlos had to field the blowback of what they did. No team owner. No team front office. No team coaching staff. No teammates. With Kaep, the media frenzy will be RELENTLESS.

        1. I think the media will focus more on his timing of this and whether it could cause him to be released.

      2. Dee Phiant,

        I agree. Kap said he didn’t seek approval to do this, so I’m not sure how it reflects on the organization. Not the first time a pro athlete has not stood for the anthem and all the hyperbole over what it represents just goes to show how people tend to react to the protest instead of what the protest is about.

      1. “At least Smith and Carlos stood for the anthem.” Hammer

        Actually their actions happened on a much larger stage – the world!
        And unlike Kap, they had to live with constant threats on their lives in the aftermath of the event for quite some time. Like Kap, they felt that they needed to make a statement.

        The Olympic committee knew that Carlos and Smith were planning to make some type of protest in advance of the medal ceremony and sent Jesse Owens in to speak to them about American patriotism. But both Smith and Carlos had made up their minds to go through with their planned form of protest.

        Here is a small excerpt from Time Mag.
        “We were just human beings who saw a need to bring attention to the inequality in our country,” Smith said years later, in a documentary on the 1968 Mexico City games produced for HBO. “I don’t like the idea of people looking at it as negative. There was nothing but a raised fist in the air and a bowed head, acknowledging the American flag—not symbolizing a hatred for it.”

        “Finally, it’s worth noting that the Australian silver medalist in the 200 meters in 1968, Peter Norman, stood solidly with Smith and Carlos, both literally and figuratively—displaying his solidarity with their action by wearing an Olympic Project for Human Rights badge during the medal ceremony. Four decades later, in 2006, both Smith and Carlos were pallbearers at Norman’s funeral.”

        We may not like what CK did last night, but he has the right to make a statement for a cause he believes in just like John Carlos and Tommy Smith and many others have done and will do in the future.

        1. Of course he does, just like Gabby Douglas did in the latest Olympics. Protest all you want, but get off your butt and stand.

          If you don’t want to put your hand over your heart don’t. If you want to raise a fist in the air do it. But don’t sit on your butt and completely disrespect those who fought for your freedoms or a nation that gives more rights than any other.

          Does the US have problems? Absolutely, but sitting on your butt like that does nobody any good.

          I agree with Big on one thing, if you feel so strongly about it go out and get involved. Use your resources to do something positive.

          Real action isn’t sitting down or sending out tweets to show what you disagree with.

          1. “Protest all you want, but get off your butt and stand.” Hammer

            I’ve watched NBA games in which players that are standing during the National Anthem are looking as if there minds are a thousand miles away and seem to pay very little attention to the moment.

            According to one report Kap has sat down during the NA in all 3 preseason games. And if this is true, then his protest is more based on a personal conviction as opposed to getting the mass attention it has received.
            I agree with your response that CK should use his resources to better show his convictions on this issue. But he also has the right to use the method of protest he used last night – even if you and I strongly disagree with it.

    2. Yet, this isn’t like Tommie Smith and John Carlos in the ’68 Olympics where their gesture reflected their views and their views alone.

      At the time Tommie Smith and John Carlos were treated as traitors, and they did represent a statement greater than themselves. That statement was that in the “Greatest Nation on Earth”, as some like to see us, our people are oppressed.

      Their stage was world wide. Colin’s stage was vastly smaller, and it seems he was alone making his statement.

      1. Yes, *they* were treated as traitors. The two of them. My point is that they were athletes in individual sports, not part of a team or organization that eventually has to answer for the actions of its members. Despite the press release acknowledging Kaep’s right to speak as a citizen, they will have to answer in the court of public opinion. I believe that answer will come by cutting ties with Kaep.

  23. Kaepernick needs to open a history book and see what actual oppression is. This was a dumb move on his part and that has probably guaranteed that most fans will not care whether he succeeds or not; they will just want the circus to roll out of town.

    1. >>Kaepernick needs to open a history book and see what actual oppression is.

      Just as Tea Partiers need to open a history book and see what actual tyranny is. While those people get to call the shots in Congress, Kaep will soon be out of a job.

      1. There is ignorance on all sides of the spectrum. One claims oppression while another claims tyranny, but both have no idea all out what those terms truly involved more often than not.

      2. Hey ribico-
        This is your moment-lecture us how the Tea Party has anything whatsoever to do with what Kap said. You WILL have an audience………

        1. Hey Saw,

          If you read my comment, it was in response to what MidwestD said about what people draw or don’t draw from history. If you don’t see the parallels, no amount of lecturing, from me or anyone else, will help.

          BTW, I’m sure the Tea Party will much to say on what Kap said.

          1. Ribico—Why would the Tea Party even remotely care about any of this sewage?
            What are you implying, is what I’m trying to get at.

            1. If you are trying to imply something, I know you’ll have the hard, cold facts to substantiate what you assert.

              Otherwise, i may owe you an apology.

              1. rib–
                Most of the T-party people I’ve spoken to want the govt. to stop raising taxes-and in fact i’ve seen the whole spectrum of humanity at a few of their rallies.

    1. I suggested trading him For Tim Tebow and draft picks over a year ago when Kap was a hot commodity and was ridiculed by Seb.

        1. But what about the storm? Good thing you didn’t bet. That probably would have stung even worse than just looking foolish as you do today. Seb your hero was and is a has been!

  24. Dee–who can possibly live on $14 mil? Give me a break -beyond what? He has been an overpaid below average QB for 3 years. He can’t step up and play as displayed again last night. As said before his actions deserve as much respect and are consistent as his political beliefs. Go after your teammates girl & pretend all is good. Whatever!

    1. “Go after your teammates girl & pretend all is good. Whatever!” Bandit

      Although I feel that Kap violated the unwritten “locker room code” by dating a teammates girlfriend, it must be noted that this was Aldon’ ex-girlfriend.
      Aldon may have still had some emotional ties to her (hence the fight) but evidently his ex was ready to move on.

  25. Chip should sit Kaep down and explain the realities of life. This is a team sport and requires players all being on the same page.

    The Niners cannot afford to have a player acting for his own interests to the detriment of the team. Kaep, if he continues will essentially be destroying his career. No player will want to block for him or catch his passes, and every other team in the league will consider him radioactive.

    Chip should calmly and succinctly tell Kaep that until he apologizes to the team, and promises to behave respectfully, the Niners cannot play him. Next game, if he stands up and places his hand over his heart, he may resurrect his career, but if he sits, they will cut him on the team bus.

    1. Seb,

      Get real, it’s too late because Kap’s had too many sit down talks with coaches over the years–From Harbaugh when Kap “storms” off the field like a petulant child in need of scolding but instead gets the gold treatment–to the position coaches warning Kap after the locker room melee, not to get involved with other teammates girlfriends.

      We’ve crossed the Rubicon here and the sad fact is your the only fool on the hill who doesn’t get the joke:

      Fool on the Hill

    2. Save us the Dr.Phil act Seb. Stay positive, a storm is coming via the new career path. Maybe he has time to join the Giants bull pen?

  26. I have to give credit to those who said a storm was coming because it looks like they were right.

  27. Kaepernick is full of sh#%. This whole offseason just reached its peak with his declining to stand for the national anthem. This has been orchestrated for some time. I said that I thought he didn’t want to be a part of the team and this proves it to me. It’s amazing how America is so oppressive to people of color yet Kaepernick is being paid ~$13 million to sit on the bench. If Kaepernick is feeling oppressed by America, he should thank his white step parents for adopting him and providing him with a loving, nurturing and supportive environment. If Kaep is feeling oppressed, he should give the 49ers back their money, which would unshackle him from the team. If Kaep is feeling oppressed, he should volunteer in predominantly black housing projects and see how big of a difference he can make. Kaep should donate his entire 2016 salary to fighting oppression instead of using combustible social issues to cloud the reality of his play and his future viability as an NFL QB. I’m beginning to wonder if he doesn’t have developmental issues that are limiting his maturity curve. I’ll stay it again, the team screwed up by not eating some of his salary and trading him when they had the chance.

    1. BigP,

      He is not saying he’s the one who is oppressed. He’s also done this in the previous two games and nobody noticed because he didn’t play or say anything. It came to a head last night because attention was on him due to starting. He decided to protest something and whether you agree with him or not, he has the right to do it.

          1. But their is a Right and a Wrong, regardless. Making blanket statements is wrong.
            Kap does not know anywhere near enough about these incidents to make fallacious judgements and claims.

      1. Regardless of the reasons, it’s pretty clear he doesn’t want to be in SF or he is begging the front office to cut him. Either way this team doesn’t need the distraction.

        1. I don’t think so Prime. He is just protesting what he feels is a problem. The distraction will be over quickly. What they don’t need is poor QB play.

      1. Exgolfer-

        I will openly admit to ignorance, for the sake of argument.
        Having said that, tell me where Black folks are being systematically oppressed in this country-simply because of the color of their flesh. Then tell me what I can do, in my own relatively small way, to stop it.
        As defined by the dictionary, oppression is something that needs to done away with, and it boggles my mind how someone can do this based on flesh-color.

    2. Big P,

      I don’t believe CK said that he felt oppressed, but rather that people of color in this country are subject to oppression.

  28. Big P -great post! Wonder if Kaep is going to post about the 2 Nuns that dedicated their “white lives” to oppressed black areas were just killed in their homes by a black man in senseless cold blood murder?

  29. Seb,

    Now that Hayne and Kap will be gone does that mean you will join them after a year + of trying to keep them on the roster.

    Hop a flight to Austrailia or go to Denver and wait with Elway for autographs. I’ m sure John would deactivate his security system if he spots you prowling around his mansion.

  30. I’m not offended by Kap not standing for the anthem. It’s a free country and he has the right to take a stance if he wants to. I’m more offended by how poorly he played. Last night was like taking a time machine back to last year right before he got benched. The guy just looks lost and unable to pull the trigger, and it’s baffling to see how far he’s fallen. It’s no secret that I am no fan of Gabbert, but there’s no reason to hold off naming him the starter at this point. He’s the best of a bad situation.

    I’ve been watching as many preseason games as I can to get a read on the league in general, and what I’ve seen quite clearly is that the Niners have one of, if not the worst QB depth chart in the league. It doesn’t matter how good the running game is and how much the Oline has improved, which they have immensely. If we get QB play like we’ve seen so far this preseason, they are not going to win more than 3-4 games.

    There were some good things in the game, defense didn’t give up any big plays, Hyde and Davis continued to run well, the Oline was strong in both the run game and pass protection for most of the game. It comes down to the albatross that is the QB position. We don’t have one capable of leading the team anywhere right now.

    1. Kap sat before the game, and you wonder if his team mates did not notice? His poor play on the field was probably reflected by his team mates poor opinion of him.

    2. His social awareness seems to parallel his decline as a QB, that’s my problem. He’s dipping his toes into social issues of color even though he was raised by a white family after his biological parents didn’t want him. He didn’t grow up in the hood or around the immense violence impacting many black communities. He doesn’t understand what those environments are like. He doesn’t understand the threat that both residents and police officers face in those dangerous environments. He has never been exposed to poverty, hardship, crime, drugs or violence.

      He is a half black, half white guy that was adopted and raised by a well off, white family that sheltered him from ever facing any form of oppression. He has no idea what he’s talking about. He should go to Hunters Point and offer $1000 for every gun turned in to a police collection unit. He could take 7,000 guns off of the street with his salary, make the housing projects safer and utilize the moment to work on law enforcement/community relations. That would be putting his money where his mouth is, making a change and showing leadership. Instead, he’s sitting on the bench, counting his $13 million and flapping his lips about social issues that he’s too much of a coward to make a real difference on because he’s simply using them to deflect his inadequacies as a QB and a man.

      I have lost any respect I ever had for Kaepernick.

      1. BigP,

        You don’t have to have been subjected to something to see that there is a problem. There is also the fact that we don’t know the motivation behind it. Maybe he does know or has come into contact with people who have had experiences with it. Maybe he gets things sent to him from people asking him to use his celebrity to bring awareness. No one on this message board has a clue about what is in his head or his reasons for doing what he does. Whether you agree with his protest or not, you can’t pretend to be the arbiter of what constitutes right or wrong for another individual if it’s simply a difference of opinion.

        1. Rocket,
          We can agree to disagree. Did he ever sit before? Did he take a stand when he had to worry about future years of his contract and sponsors? He’s an idiot using serious social issues to take the focus off of his play and situation, which is atrocious. He wasn’t talking about social issues when he was playing well. He was busy trademarking the term “Kaepernicking”, posting pictures of his new tattoos and bragging about being the best dressed athlete. Give me a break. He’s a phony.

          1. BigP,

            People change. They may become more sympathetic to Social causes and care less about their professional career. He has never had more reason to worry about his football career and endorsements imo. His play has dropped to a level where he might be out of the league soon. It doesn’t seem to matter to him as much as raising awareness does right now.

            1. Raising awareness wasn’t an issue until his career went downhill and he requested a trade. Just a couple of years ago his biggest priorities were tattoos, headphones, biceps, fashion, his Jaguar and wearing a Dolphins hat because it matched his ‘kicks’. He had a growing brand and was immensely popular, which would have been the most effective time to raise awareness if that was his intention. He didn’t. He cashed in with a contract and endorsements, while posting pictures of one of his rooms that was filled to the ceiling with Nike shoes.

              A few years later, surgeries and rehab prevented the team from cutting him and his contract prevented them from trading him without eating a chunk of salary. Had he gone to Denver, he wouldn’t have pulled this. He would have focused on rebuilding his brand with a new team. Now that he has no brand, seemingly no QB skill whatsoever, a guaranteed salary from a team he doesn’t want to be on and a diminishing by-the-minute NFL future, he is taking a stand. I interpret his actions as a final, misguided, attention grabbing moment before the sun sets on a once very promising career.

      2. I grew up in a predominantly white neighborhood and was racially profiled in that neighborhood multiple times. Ever been rolled by the cops in front of your own house because you “fit the description”? Not a fun experience. Although the look on those cop’s faces when my white mom came out the front door and properly berated them was priceless. If I had said the same things to them no doubt I would’ve been beaten to a pulp. I was 14 years old.

        1. No, but I had a gun pointed at me by a cop because another Caucasian got their jellies out of reporting someone with a gun wanting to kill themselves. That occurred at the beginning of this year. Stupidity knows no race.

              1. The image of a cop pointing a gun at someone (regardless of the races involved) as the result of someone’s sick idea of fun is not meant to be good in any way.

        2. Grimey-

          When that happened to you that WAS a huge injustice. And i would bet 9 out of 10 people would have been on your side.
          But for kap to imply this is a racist nation is bearing false witness.
          I have to put up with racism because of the color of my flesh, that is a fact.
          But I know if I don’t carry a concealed loaded weapon, sell drugs or gang-bang, cops will largely leave me alone.

            1. Exgolf—-

              Might be, might not be.

              Nobody is disputing the fact that black folks have had to go through huge injustices in history. But this is 2016, not 1950 or 1850. And nobody that I know would stand idly by and watch it happen now-nobody that I know.
              The issue is Kap implying that this is currently a racist nation, by conveniently pointing out what cops have been doing in high crime areas
              I have a black friend who I met when our kids were on the same basketball team. His family comes over for barbecue’s. He’s broken bread with my family many times. We have gone to Giants games and Warriors game’s. I’m no one special, no one especially enlightened.
              This guy is my friend, and I would bet my life he does not see racism all over this country, around every corner. And that is the crux of the matter–this is not 1950 or 1850. Kap implying that it is does not make it so.

    3. Rocket,

      You don’t like Gabbert, but his play so far this preseason has been better than the QB you supported back in 2011 during that preseason.

      1. You are talking about Alex I presume? The difference was that team had no offseason other than Camp Alex. I suppose there is a possibility Gabbert will look better once the season starts, but let’s just say I don’t expect much more than he’s shown in his career up to now.

          1. I want to like and believe in Gabbert Jack, and if he gives me a reason to I will. I just haven’t seen any reason to believe he’s capable.

            1. Since it looks like Gabbert is starting, I will support him and hope he does well.

              I will also walk back that 10 game win prediction. If the Niners have a non losing season, I will be content.

            2. That’s because you don’t want to based off his history with a garbage Jacksomville team and a season ago with garbage coaches.

              I don’t mind the wait and see approach, but that’s not what you’re doing.

              1. It’s not a matter of not wanting to. It’s a matter not being able to based on what I have seen. I’ve watched the guy play since he was at Missouri and he is just good enough to get you beat. I’m open to being fed a piece of crow, I would love it in fact. I just don’t see it happening.

            3. So far this preseason, Niners were ahead when he’s exited the game. 1s against 1s. How this translates to a full game we’ll find out.

        1. Rocket:

          I think Gabbert “should” be better than last year if for no other reason than the OL is vastly improved. I also agree with Jack that Gabbert is well suited to Kelly’s offense. If he is not significantly better, then IMO there is no question that QB needs to be the top priority over any other position.

          What did you think of Callahan? I liked what I saw and if he becomes available would not mind if the niners picked him up.

          1. Callahan was better than any Niner QB on the field last night Cubus. Not much to go on due to it being preseason football, but if he came available it would definitely be worth a shot.

    4. The best running was during the second drive in the first half. To me, the run game was ineffective for the rest of the time Kaepernick was in the game. Maybe that was his fault.

  31. I applaud Kap’s feelings on the matter and would like to see more of such conscientiousness from athletes though it’s ultimately wasted displaying it while serving in one of the last bastions of gladiatorial games. Kap is a young man and is seeing there are more things in life than getting his head beat in by 300 pound men. I think he’s losing interest in the game and it shows. Lambasting him for his views only shows he’s correct in his assessments. It’s a free country, isn’t it?

    1. Lambasting him for his views only shows he’s correct in his assessments.

      No it doesn’t.

    2. Anthony………..

      Why is it OK for Kap to lambast his country, but others do not have the right to question him for it? THAT is very hypocritical, even fascist.

      And it is a free country, because of other people’s blood and sweat-not Kap’s. His right to bitch about things he doesn’t fully understand was paid for largely by the same type of people he’s bitching about.

  32. Fan’s this is what Prime and myself have to deal with….Is this the definition of Homerism or what…..? Go find another donut SEb. Quit wasting our time with loser roster picks in the draft.


    August 27, 2016 at 11:17 am
    His poor play on the field was probably reflected by his team mates poor opinion of him.

        1. TrollD, I have been very critical of them, but do not stoop to your level of hate.

          I still want the Niners to win, unlike you.

  33. Although I strongly disagree with Kap’ act of disrespect by not standing during the our National Anthem, he is far from a coward because he knows of the fall-out and ramifications his actions will bring.

    As an American that is proud to enjoy the freedoms bought by our service personnel over the course of our history I must come to grips with the fact that our celebrities and professional athletes have been given the right to make a protest that fit their personal beliefs.

    The NFL and the 49ers Org will need to evaluate CK’ actions and take appropriate steps. I don’t see the NFL or the 49ers making any quick or harsh decision on this matter because if they have knee-jerk reaction it could backfire.

    Let’s say for argument sake, that the NFL reacts harshly in this matter and fires Kap. How can the NFL guarantee that African-American players won’t side with Kaepernick’ (African-American ethnicity) stance and begin their own form of protest?

    CK is bringing attention to what he perceives is an American social issue and whether he is removed from our sight will not make the issue go away.

    1. I do not want the NFL to punish Kaep for exercising his right to protest, but would support the Niners right not to play him if they wanted to.

    2. He made blanket statements-no specifics.

      Contrary to what everybody in this country has been taught, you are neither good or bad because of the color of your flesh. It is the heart and soul that make the calls.
      People are beyond sick and tired of being told, or implied, that they are racist because it fits somebodies political narrative. I want to be told what I, as an individual, have done wrong to my fellow man.

      1. Read what Grimey wrote above about being profiled. You may be sick and tired of social commentary on racism, but a lot of people in this country live it every day.

        1. Rocket-
          I did read what Grimey wrote, and I would be on his side. i would also help out anything or anyone who is being treated wrong with respect to this issue-right is right and wrong is wrong. And to do wrong to someone because of the color of their flesh is incredibly wrong- a sin, really.

          But thats not quite the way Kap put it. And I know for a fact that door swings both ways, because I have been done wrong because of the color of my flesh. And that counts just as much as Grimey’s.
          Kap does not know enough about the individual incidents to make the comments he did.

  34. Packers vs 49ers: Preseason Week 3 Grades and Analysis for San Francisco

    by Douglas Totten 12 hours ago Follow @Doug_Totten


    Wide Receiver: D

    The 49ers had wide receivers on the field?

  35. One thing for sure is Baake’ s indecision to cut ties this offseason leads to yet another distraction for the Niners.

    Exactly what this team does not need. What a mess. How many distractions can a team have in 3 seasons?

  36. Yes it is true we are a free country, however! There are a lot of different ethnic groups in America than just one. There are the ones trying to achieve the best allowable freedom in the world, and there are the the years long cry babies that believe that they should be given special treatment. Racism is a word only! peoples actions are are what makes this country so great. Standing up for the flag is a sign of respect for our sacrifices. Changes come with strong corrective views, not disappointment with violence. Colin has chosen his path and will soon see the after-effects by the public.

    1. I may have been one of Kaeps’ most vocal defenders, but I can also criticize him, if I think he is wrong. He is not above reproach.

      Kaep needs to choose his battles wisely. This one is self defeating.

      1. Seb-

        You would get a razzing because you were blind to kaps qualities-or lack thereof-as a QB. Just be objective, that’s all.

        Even Montana wasn’t perfect.( Pretty damn close, tho…….)

  37. Woke up this morning to discover Kaepernick made the 49ers relevant on the national stage again. I have lots to say on the subject later. In the mean time… any updates on Dial’s knee or Ellington’s hammy?

      1. The 49ers face 4 run heavy teams to start the season.
        – Ian Williams out for the season
        – Dorsey likely not ready
        – Armstead’s mystery shoulder
        – Now Dial’s knee

        This could get ugly.

        Andrew Billings is out for the season with a meniscus injury, so my “should have drafted Billings…” broken record has stopped.

  38. I think this just underscores that Keap is not a very bright person, something most of us already knew.

    Keap’s future with the Niners will most likely be determined by his teammates. If most don’t support him, then how can he remain on the team?

    I think the whole conversation is misguided. We all know there is a problem. Why don’t we hear more people talking about solutions? Why do we elect the same politicians over and over when they obviously have no solutions. Why don’t at least a few of them stand up with real answers? Why not a heated debate about solutions instead of not standing up for the anthem?

  39. mike freeman
    ✔ ‎@mikefreemanNFL

    Texts coming in from coaches, players, front office execs from around league on Kap. So far every player backs him. No coach/exec does.

    8:34 AM – 27 Aug 2016

  40. Romo to miss 6-10 weeks with broken bone in his back. The Cowboys are in sudden need of quarterback depth.

    – How popular would CK be in Dallas?
    – Think Prescott can get it done?
    – Make the Oct 2 game vs Dallas a little more winnable?

          1. I’m beginning to think more and more that the loss of Boldin will be huge this year. There is no one currently that can be counted on to make the tough catch in the tough situation. The mitigating factor is the improved OL which should give the QBs more time. Still, the WRs are not at all impressive. Kelly likes to go 3 WR sets, right? Is it ridiculous to consider more 3 TE sets?

              1. I’m trying to maintain an optimism that we can make the playoffs. I think Gabbert mostly has the tools and the OL is much better. With better WRs I think we could make the playoffs. Still, this is the best situation Gabbert has been in (esp. with the improved OL). If he can’t be successful now, then definitely move on from him.

          2. Shoot, I think the 49ers should trade for Glennon. He’s better than Ponder and provides an experienced backup to Gabbert.

  41. mike freeman ‏@mikefreemanNFL 5h5 hours ago
    Texts coming in from coaches, players, front office execs from around league on Kap. So far every player backs him. No coach/exec does.

    1. Players are idiots, bunch of overpaid children, always complaining about disrespect when they’re offered 12 million instead of 15 million a year. They have been given everything since high school. Note this doesnt apply to each individual player but players as a whole.

    2. Let’s see if all the Niner players sit down for the National Anthem. That should tell if they support Kaep or not….

    1. ESPN has become a place where only one side of the story is reported. If something comes out proving otherwise, then the ‘journalists do their best to tear it down, going as low to declare that someone does not know the history of their race.

      1. Pointless drivel from Officer Stalien? Hardly. You can choose to see what you want to see (or not see in this case) but that doesn’t make him a fool.

  42. Feeling a bit masochistic this morning, so I read some of the Pro Football Talk comments on Kaepernick. I learned alot…

    – The NFL is a branch of the American military
    – PFT is a branch of the GOP (at least according to commentator demographics)
    – California is not part of the United States
    – Its 1968 (except for the foreign California part, and the internet)

    1. Dr. Harry Edward spent two years in the dorm I was in charge of at San Jose State. He also organized the Mexico Olympics “Black Hand” salute. Harry is no one to fool with.

  43. Matt Barrows Verified account 
    Matt Barrows Retweeted ProFootballTalk

    Cowboys visit #49ers Oct. 2. May face a rookie, Dak Prescott.

    Romo may have bone broke in back

  44. I see a Panem for all in the future. Let the Hunger games begin. For the NorCal District I’d like to have Seb represent us. President Snow would be pleased. Where’s Stalin when you need him.

  45. The problem with that is the competitors chosen from starving districts would be shot in the foot by Seb for jumping the gun.

    Kap would empathize more in view of his visits to Hunters Point representing the 49ers

  46. When my little ones throw a temper tantrum, I do not give them an audience, it fizzles out nd they go back to being happy go lucky toddlers.
    Kaepernick is struggling to find success and this is his reaction to adversity.
    Instead of giving him an audience, I want to take a moment to say thank you to all the men and women who served, fought, and sacrificed that Kaepernick, my family, and I could be free today.
    Some people may act foolishly, but the sacrifice made by the families of the military are not tarnished by the selfish actions of any one person or organization. So, thank you for the great service of our military.

    1. I am not siding or against Kap and this isn’t a grade on his QBR.

      I put the blame for Kap not standing for the flag squarely on the 49ers.

      That is, every fan knows they send 49er ambassadors into Hunter’s point where Kap has undoubtedly seen squalor.

      For one unaccustomed to this –having been raised in the middle class– it must have been an awakening, defining moment in his life.

      Most fans realize athletes more often than not choose the wrong time to express themselves–Tomsula’s Fart during the press conference says it all.

      However, a poster mentioned Dr. Harry Edwards, a Bill Walsh hired team sociologist, with degrees from Cornell and the University of California at Berkely.

      Bill Walsh left no stone unturned to nurture his team, wether surrounding them will probowlers on the OL, RB, TE WR or QB, he invested heavily in team sociology and its impact.

      Jed views his team from a ledger standpoint. When athletes become ledger entries its the bottom line mentality and a bottom line mentality leads to side effects in our Quasi-Democratic Capitalistic system, such as squalor.

      Kap is only responding to a community and wants to help. He may have approached it wrongly, he may not have. At least he’s trying to end poverty, so viewed from this approach, maybe he’s doing us all a favor. Knife stabbings while trying to obtain a loaf of bread to feed the family should have been obsolete since the 1800’s.

  47. I’ve visited all the beat writer’s sites and the comments by readers are overwhelmingly opposed to Kaepernicks actions. One of the wonderful things about sports is the opportunity it affords us to get away from every day politics which are non stop negative. More than ever, many of us are turning off the news and tuning in the latest sports news, the latest info on our favorite teams, etc. It’s such a refreshing escape.

    Not only does Kaepernick’s actions bring those politics into a venue where they are clearly not welcome, he brings attention to himself as one who puts his personal beliefs above the fans and his team. Coach Kelly has a record of not keeping those kind of players around regardless of their talent. You can bet he is taking serious note of this incident and asking himself “What’s next with this guy? Do we really need all this controversy while I’m trying to rebuild this team? Do I want my players focused on whether black lives matter vs all lives matter or do I want them focused on winning football games?”

    A wiser Kaepernick would have waited until the final decision regarding who wins the quarterback competition to do what he did, yet another example of bad judgement on his part.

    1. This is not about politics. It’s about social justice. Politics is a game the republocrats play to see who can steal more of your tax dollars.

      1. Social Justice?

        That implies that an injustice is being done. Without cussing and swearing and name calling, I need an education. Things have been done wrong to me by people of color and nobody gave a damn. But i absolutely have met and known many good hearted black people. I didn’t think they are all in it to do me wrong–and their not.
        The heart and spirit are the issue, not the flesh-which all looks the same, not too long after we pass.

  48. Grant, I have no problem with what Kaep did. I applaud him for his action and not folding up about it. I have noticed the backlash and outpouring of discontent with what he did but it just goes to show where we are in America. To me, the flag represents freedom and justice for ALL but for many years of my life,I have not seen that. Things that are going on dealing with minorities today is the same going on years way before me. We feel there is no justice being done on our part and the FLAG is suppose to symbolize that.

    1. Ruben- Specifically, like what? Specifically, please……….Show me that it’s not a difficulty, but real racism-and I’m on your side.

    1. From the “International Community”:

      “Some fans booed the player when he took to the pitch.”

      Priceless. Of course the fans were booing the football player, not his actions. No one noticed his actions. The guy that got Colin’s statements after the press conference was tipped off my someone.

  49. Kaep has been sitting down for the previous two games and no one noticed? Seems to me, there was a snitch in the mist of the organization…Jennifer Lee Chan was tipped off!

  50. Wow, Baalke actually acted on my suggestion to acquire conditional draft picks for bubble players…….

    Now if only he would BUNDLE

      1. Because many posters derided the fact that I was proposing trades before the cut days. They all said that teams would wait til after the 53 cut downs, and get the players for free.

  51. I totally respect Kap beliefs and how he feels, but I feel like the timing of it was off and using the football field/realm as a platform is not fair to the team or the locker room. Kap can express his beliefs in a different way and in different place, but I do not think he should bring it into the work place because it leaves room for interpretation and also reasons for his teammates not to rally around him or get behind on if he gets on the field. I assume most of the players on that team are just focused on football, want to keep their roster spot, and hopefully win some games and I feel like his focus should be just that since the consensus is probably in that neighborhood.

    I get the idea now that maybe he is not focused on football as much as he should be, and this gives a reason for York/Baalke to look like geniuses and cut him loose. In reality York and Baalke are not geniuses but what Kap is doing is feeding those animals and making them look better than they really are.

    Part of me thinks that Kap has a golden chance to fix his career here with a coach who has shown he can turn around average QBs and get them to play higher than expected. I dont think he was going to beat out Gabby for the starting job anyways since he coming off injury and has had very few reps, but I still feel like Kap situation is golden. Work hard, get back in shape, practice with 2s and get some reps…because I truly feel like he can beat out Gabbert or reclaim QB1 at some point in the season. Lets all keep in mind SF will play LA, CAR, SEA, DAL, Zona in that order and that does not favor Gabby if he is the starter. Keep in mind Gabbert has been training for 10 months dating back to week 9, been helathy, had all reps at OTA+minicamp with most reps at TC, chemistry with offense (supposedly but I dont really think so)…yet the coaching staff has remained reluctant to name BG starter yet Kap may not be able to take over starting job if his mind and focus is elsewhere. Even with all the hard work BG has put in, him simply not being a good player has paved the way for Kap to take it while that is now or later…but now I have doubts Kap really can do it.

  52. This has been fun, dissecting the ills of a place called America (global really) on a NFL blog site anchored in Santa Rosa. Blood has been spilled in the past, is being spilled today, and much more to come for future generations. There are sores all around the world. So, Kaep sits on his bum. Okay already. Let’s churn up more hate and division. Walls anyone?

  53. BREAKING NEWS: The AP is reporting that KENNETH ACKER has been traded to the Chiefs for a seventh-round draft pick in 2018.

    If this is true, I am very happy with this transaction. IMO Acker was on the outside looking in when it came to making this roster, with the incredible depth of their CB group, so getting something, anything, in return for a player who was likely going to be cut, is a shrewd move by Baalke/Gamble.

  54. Who and when to take a stand(replay):

    “When Ali made his statement, he was Champion of The World. When John Carlos raised his fist he was Olympic Gold Medalist.”

    Remember the Chinese guy who stopped a tank by standing alone in front of it. He made a stand — alone and unknown if it weren’t for someone with a camera. Unless I’ve missed something, he was never heard from again. Did he change China? I don’t think so. Did he change mankind? I hope so.

    How “important” an individual is helps get an issue talked about but it’s the BLM and the cops having a pick-nick together that make a difference.

    In the Olympics a black female gymnast stood at attention while our National Anthem was being played for her team gold medal. She did not place her hand over her heart. She was the target of a firestorm of Internet anger.

    At the same Olympics, the American eight man (white) crew won a gold medal. They didn’t stand at attention, or have their hands over their hearts. They laughed an mugged for the camera. As far as I know, there wasn’t a peep on the Internet about their behavior.

    As I watched the Olympics, I noticed that there was a lot of variety in the way American athletes treated their time on the gold medal podium. I liked the variety.

  55. I have been a supporter of his, rooting for him to back- until now. To me there is a hidden agenda on his part. When he gets cut he can blame it on backlash against his comments instead of bad play. Regardless of the merits of his position, the comments are sure to anger some teammates, some of whom probably have had relatives in the military or who have served, perhaps giving their lives for Americans black, white and otherwise. Or marched for civil rights. To intentionally alienate even a few teammates, never mind coaches and owners, shows a lack of judgment beyond the ken. And this might well precipitate harmful disagreements between teammates.

    1. Peter you seem confused. The military is not involved except by your extrapolation, and while marching for civil rights made America better, it had more to do with America failing to live up to the symbolism of the flag.

      By the way, The Voting Rights Act, signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson (1908-73) on August 6, 1965, aimed to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented African Americans from exercising their right to vote under the 15th Amendment (1870) to the Constitution of the United States, has recently been gutted by the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision (along party lines) that it’s full effect was no longer needed. Then, miraculously, several states with discrimination backgrounds passed new Voter ID laws to create new barriers.

  56. Kap has every right to protest. He brought attention to a very real problem in America. But the anthem and flag represents all Americans. Racism does exist in America, but is does not exist in every American.

    1. How does his individual act effect you? Are you saying that because you feel that the flag and anthem represent you then everyone else must feel the same way you feel.

      Could it possibly be that by sitting down quietly, Kaepernick was saying that there are people in our country who are not being afforded what they deserve as Americans?

      Could he be saying that for the Americans incarcerated in World War II, for the generations of Americans receiving unequal treatment from the America’s justice system, for Americans who’s religions are Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, or Muslim, or for so many more.

      1. My point is that he and I have problems with the way police target and sometimes murder innocent minorities. He should have sought advice from Lebron and Wade. They directly called out the police while not stereotyping an entire nation. Sterotypes only lead to more division.

        1. I think that it’s more the ability to commit manslaughter than premeditated murder that’s the problem. That along with the attitude that if it’s black my life is in danger that permiate some areas of country, including “right here in River City, by gosh.”

      2. ht———

        Those complaints about this nation may be valid, may not be. Certainly have been at one point or another.
        But these complaints can be said of every nation on this planet-and as long as human beings are running said nation, there’s going to be injustice. Everywhere. all over the globe.
        Where else would you rather live? Go there, and human history of that place will have it’s sins, both present and past.
        This is a human problem, not an American problem. The idea is to offer solutions, not bitching. Kap had none.

  57. For those against the criticism of Colin, I’d point out that if someone doesn’t bother to stand for the anthem at a game I’d never comment to them, but I’d form an opinion of them.
    The Sureme Court has ruled that flag burning is protected speech. OK, so if someone burns one in front of me I wouldn’t interfere, but I’d form an opinion of them.
    When AIDS protesters blocked the GG Bridge I formed an unfavorable opinion of them. That didn’t mean I was Pro-AIDS or indifferent to the scourge of the disease.
    Taking a stand comes with a cost. I think CK was/is aware of that. But what about childhood homelessness and hunger in America? Should the players refuse to come out on the field until after the anthem until those problems are addressed?

    1. You are at a movie in England and they play “God Save the Queen” what do you do? Sit because you’re an American, sit because you’re not part of the British Empire, stand because you’re polite. I don’t expect an answer because it would make about as much sense as your argument.

      1. Well, I know my answer and I’m mildly surprised if you don’t.
        ; >)
        My ridiculous-to-the-extreme metaphor in that context meant that if one abhors injustice and blames it on ‘America’,,why not all the injustices also?

  58. I stand with Kap on this one for many reasons. For me, the flag has come to represent our nationalism, collective arrogance, and our militarism.The latter is so destructive to the planet and so many of it’s people. Also, I think the Black Lives Matter movement is doing us all a favor by helping us to see the out of control power that our criminal justice system wields. It’s foolish to judge a person when we don’t know them at all. I think Kap is being sincere. I didn’t used to like Kap because of his lack of respect in dealing with the sports writers. From my perspective, he’s changed that approach. And even if he hadn’t, he has a right to his political and social values and to express them since they aren’t advocating harm to any group or individual.

  59. Kaep is a grandstanding phony…just like the rest of the Millennials playing dress up in Black Panther ideology. Just like mega rich Beyonce wearing an afro wig and trotting around like Angela Davis at the Super Bowl. It’s fashionable right now to don the facade of militancy but that’s as far as it goes. I don’t see any substantial effort being made to improve the daily lives of black Americans just a lot of spouting off. Carmelo Anthony said before the medal ceremony in Rio that despite America’s problems with race “We need to unite” He then paid proper respect to the flag by putting his hand on his heart. The entire USA basketball team put their hands on their hearts during the National Anthem. I couldn’t have been more proud of them.

    1. The black panthers were a peaceful group. A former panther who was falsely imprisoned said that his first task as a panther was to go into predominantly white neighborhoods and try to heal divisions. They were sabotaged and made to look violent by professional provocatuers.

      1. I remember cars full of shotgun wielding panthers, but also positive social services like soup kitchens.

        The county Sheriff’s department thought they were under attack, and acted accordingly. Both sides had violent tendencies.

        At least that is my personal recollection of the Panthers.

        Kaep’s so called flag protest is misplaced.and has unforeseen ramifications. If he truly wants to effect positive change and seek justice, sitting down during the National anthem is not one of them. In fact, it is hurting his cause because I have less desire to help and support him.

        1. Yes Seb, Those panthers with the guns are the provocatuers I was referring to. The ones that tried to make their communities stronger were the real black panthers.

    2. What Carmelo said was something I could agree with and absolutely march beside that guy. I could march with anybody regardless of flesh color who figured were all in this together. Because we are. We are all human. And we all share this planet-the air we breathe and the water we drink…..

      But to imply someone is bad because of the color of their flesh, rather than their heart or soul or mind. That door swings both ways.

  60. Fact: black people are killed by more black people in the US
    Fact: black people make up about 13 percent of the population in this country
    Fact: black people at 13 percent are behind 52-53 percent of murders in this country.
    Fact: more white people are killed by police officers per capita than any other race.
    Fact: BLM is a racist movement who ignore these facts above for an outlook fed to them through the media!
    Ck is nothin but another uneducated idiot who obviously goes with the flow. I’m not saying this to be racist, but another problem that plagues the black communities is fathers in the home or in their lives. Where’s Colin’s? You can’t blame white cops or this so called “white privilege” on that!
    That’s my problem with this BLM movement. It’s full of false politics and propaganda!
    How can anyone of opposite color respect their movement when they riot, burn and beat white people up? All while ignoring the facts I stated above?

    Some of you may not like these stats and he truth! But that’s how it is. I know because I lived it, not as a black man, but as a Latino man living in the black neighborhood, with black street rules, and with misguided black youth. Starts at the top Colin! Not with a police force who sometimes shoot and kill thugs with guns and sometimes kill someone who may look like a thug wrongfully!

    I respect his right to protest the ceremony, but I don’t respect a man who makes millions from this same country and wants to push his false flag agendas and disrespect the nation!
    It’s ok to be an idiot, doesn’t mean we have to like you for it! Just another reason I can’t stand this clown!

  61. I have a better idea. Why don’t you take some of the millions you make and help make a change for the better instead of sitting on your ass and disrespecting America. Guess that would require more effort, loser.

  62. He was disrespectful and should be fined i was surprised by the 49ers response. Football players have certain responsibilitys and for him to use that venue for his own protest, where as football fans cannot respond on tv as he did. I use to love watching him play, but will no longer. If he really wanted to do somthing why doesnt he sink his millons into all the opressed people and help them like in some of the places where little kids are getting murdered. Or support a canidate that will help the black community instead of enabling them. Jobs, education, better protection of the communities

    1. You want him to donate his income to the candidate who will shape up the “black” community and stop the BLM movement. I wonder who that candidate might be.

      1. tkam………

        It does seem that anyone who disagrees with your ideology is a racist…..or maybe an F’n this or whatever.

        How can you possibly expect anyone to respect you if you dis-respect others? If your telling the truth you’ll always win out in the end, won’t you?

    1. “First, who is getting away with murder/manslaughter? That’s a strong accusation. Who in particular has committed murder in this country and not been charged with it? “

      Thanks for making Colin’s point. I added manslaughter because that is the level that dominates police/civilian deaths by police gunfire.

  63. “The Rev. Amos Brown, president of the San Francisco chapter of the NAACP, said he admired Kaepernick for being “true to his spirit, to his principles and not being afraid.” He also called for Kaepernick go beyond a “symbolic” gesture and commit his time and resources, financial and otherwise, to assist the black community. It’s not known in what other ways Kaepernick may be involved in civil rights.

    “It takes two ways for a bird to fly and two ways for an airplane to stay in the air. And if he’s going to go somewhere — if he’s going to stay airborne — with his sentiment, he should do something to give concrete expression to his disgust with racism,” Brown said. “It’s not always what you are against, but it’s also what are you for. What are you doing that matters in this life?”

    Eric Branch article

    1. OK, without casting anything at Colin, no, not expectations either:
      I really like this statement:
      “It’s not always what you are against, but it’s also what you are for.”
      That’s really good advice/perspective. I wish I’d embraced it more often in my younger days.

      1. Agreed.

        JUST pissing and bitching without any suggestions or solutions does nothing for anyone.
        Faith without works is dead.

    2. Thanks to Eric and you for that quote. Colin is already active in helping kid, so he has some experience to help him broaden his activities. He has also had a lot of things happening outside his football world the past ten months when rehap has been his main activity.

  64. Everyone seems to want to argue whether what Kap did (sitting down during the national anthem) was right or wrong on its face, but I think that misses the point. The issues he raises are valid concerns worthy of everyone’s attention and consideration, and he has every right to express his opinions. But IMHO the larger question is why he chose to do it the way he did. You don’t have to throw a stink bomb in the room to get people’s attention. Only a fool would not realize that taking the approach he did would likely create more heat than light on the subject. I previously stated that, strictly looking at the business relationship with the 49ers, Kap could possibly be the smartest guy in the room. Later I qualified it by saying either he or his adviser was. I see evidence that something more is at play. For my $.02, it is very hard to criticize the issue he is trying to raise, but it is also very difficult for me to believe that it is truly what he is up to. I think Colin Kaepernick is a mystery that we will not understand until a lot more time has passed (if ever), and at this point, while there is a time and a place for everything, he is interfering with our enjoyment of the game. Like I said…my $.02,

    1. I forgot, if you don’t like Clinton or Trump, write in Kaepernick so he can go somewhere where he is really happy.

  65. What an idiot, it’s about all races and color not just blacks. He should do some research. They’re are plenty of white people getting killed and you don’t see them making issues. God for bid. I hope they fine his dumb ass and suspended from the team. This kind of BS is what will continue racism in our country.

  66. Kap is a coward, why wasn’t he so concerned when he was a better player? His ego needs the attention, let’s face that fact.

  67. Kap has every right to say whatever he wants. I have every right to think he’s an idiot.

    And Grant – lots of extreme opinions about the coaches and players – what’s your take on this issue? Don’t be shy.

  68. I have never replied to a blog but I feel compelled to today. Mr. Kaepernick is entitled to his opinion however just like when a police officer puts on their uniform what that officer does reflects on all officers good or bad. When he speaks or acts as he has while wearing that uniform it reflects on every member of that team and organization. He speaks against ALL cops because of the actions of a few. Perhaps we should all take that attitude and boycott the team he represents in his uniform. However, most intelligent people realize and know that stereotyping is wrong regardless of race, religion, politics, career sex,etc. I said most intelligent people….. It would be an injustice to boycott the team because of the actions of one ignorant person. Is it not just as wrong to put down all police officers or all white people because of the actions of a few ? Oh and who provides security for him and his team?

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