Kaepernick says the 49ers “have to win” this week

SANTA CLARA – Colin Kaepernick spoke in the 49ers’ locker room Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: What stands out to you about the Rams’ defense?

KAEPERNICK: They’re a good defense. They play hard.

Q: How about their defensive front? Greg Roman said they’re probably the best defensive front you guys have seen so far.

KAEPERNICK: Yeah, they’re very good up front. They do a lot of things well.

Q: What makes that unit unique?

KAEPERNICK: They have good players. All very talented.

Q: You’ve had such success since you first became a starter here. You’ve had criticism the past week or so. How have you handled criticism?

KAEPERNICK: I’m working. It’s not something I listen to.

Q: But you did favorite all of those tweets from people who were maybe critical of you. Why did you do that?

KAEPERNICK: It’s something that I do for me.

Q: Does it fuel you?

KAEPERNICK: It helps me.

Q: In what way?

KAEPERNICK: It just helps me.

Q: Is it motivation?

KAEPERNICK: I guess you could say that?

Q: When you look at this offense, you hear the word “precision” a lot. Where is the precision off? Is it timing? Is it execution?

KAEPERNICK: I don’t think you can pinpoint one thing. I think we just have to get better as a unit.

Q: Do you get more vocal at times like these?

KAEPERNICK: I think everybody knows that we have to get better. We’re 1-2 for a reason.

Q: Are you going to call out some of your receivers and linemen privately?

KAEPERNICK: I’m not going to call out anybody. I’m going to look at myself before I look at anyone else.

Q: Is it fair to say there is hesitation on your part right now?

KAEPERNICK: I don’t think it’s hesitation or quick decision making. We’re just not executing.

Q: When you watch film, what specific adjustments or changes do you think you need to make?

KAEPERNICK: It really depends on the play. There are different plays you have to do different things better.

Q: Frank ran well in the first half but he didn’t run much in the second half. Was that because of the coaches or because of adjustments the Colts made?

KAEPERNICK: Whether Frank gets touches or not, it will be based on the plays that are called.

ME: It seems you’ve been leaving the pocket quicker than you did last season. Is that something you’ve noticed on film and something you want to improve?


Q: How much of a distraction has the Aldon Smith situation been?

KAEPERNICK: It hasn’t been. We’ve been focused on the Rams.

Q: How does it make you feel when you lose a guy like Aldon?

KAEPERNICK: He’s a great player. He’s a great asset to this team. We support him 100 percent with what he’s doing. We hope to have him back soon.

Q: What’s the message in the locker room this week?

KAEPERNICK: We have to win.

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    1. uhm..don’t they pretty much have to win every week until they’ve clinched home field advantage?

      “we have to win” is more standard football player interview talk. nothing of significance. he may as well say that they need to “execute” better or give “110%”.

      1. allforfunnplay, yeah, it was interview talk. I agreed because I see this as a must-win game. When you have the Seahawks only needing to win the rest of their home games (very possible) to get to 9-7 from this point – as well as only needing to match their road record of 3-5 to get to 11-5, 49ers need to get it started now to win the division. They can’t count on Seahawk losses to keep them in the race.

  1. On a related note, I have to eat. I also have to sleep. And sometimes, I have to go to the bathroom.


  2. “KAEPERNICK: Whether Frank gets touches or not, it will be based on the plays that are called.”

    That says it all to me. Harbaugh said something along those same lines as well, when asked about Gore not getting the ball in 2nd half. They’re basically insinuating that Roman has his head in his ***, without actually saying it. After 2 horrible offensive performances in a row, hopefully our coaches realize that our ground game is our strength, and we don’t have the weapons right now to be a pass-happy team. What Roman did against the Colts was unacceptable, and should shoulder plenty of the blame in that loss.

    HOW can Gore average 7.5 yards per carry in the first quarter, and then only get the ball 4 more times the entire game? It was a 1 score game until middle of the 4th quarter, so there was no need to pass the ball as much as we did. ESPECIALLY, when it is failing again and again and again. So frustrating.

    1. you’re reading way too much into Kaep’s answer. or should I say non-answer in fact it’s the same non-answer Harbaugh gave to a similar question.

      it’s almost a circular question and answer.

      “why were those plays called?”
      “because those were the plays called”.

      1. Non-answer is right. Both guys gave this non-responsive reply, and I found it insulting both times. I hope this isn’t representative of their actual thought process…

  3. Teams have figured you out CK. Now it’s time to elevate your game to another level. It all starts with you and your decisions. The fantasy football fans are blaming the running game, O-line, and Roman. It’s starts and ends with you. No more excuses. It’s show time!

      1. If the Colts figured out how to stop CK and the Niners offense, when nobody, except Grant, expected them to do so..then you can safely assume that most competent coaches in the NFL will do the same.

    1. NFL defenses have figured Kape out? Give me a break. Run game, play call, O line, WR core all factor in to how well a QB plays. Granted Kaep has played poorly the last two games but that hardly means defenses have figured him out. You may have had a point had you said Teams have figures this offense out (by man coverage on the pathetic WRs, with a spy on Kaep).

      1. Really they haven’t? Well from what I see the Colts and Hawks have designated one guy to spy CK so he can’t run. The DE’s just contain their lanes and keep him in the pocket.
        The secondaries just run and cover man to man and Kap cannot make a definitive decision. This is not new. It worked against other great runnin QB’s like Vick, Cunningham, Steve Young and Warren Moon.
        All those guys had to change their games. Kap is no different. He will have to play from the pocket consistently and make good decisions.

        So for all of you who put him on the pedestal early, wake up!

      2. The fact that boldin is our only receiving threat means nothing? This is arguably the worst WR core in the NFL. Sorry but that means something. A WR has to be open for a QB to throw.

      3. Adam, While I agree with about 99% of what you share here, I think Boldin is a different case. Boldin’s game is that he catches the ball whether he is open or not. Flacco cashed in on the literally last year. Now Kaepernick needs to trust Boldin and let him make a play for the ball.
        Everything else you said though I agree with.

      4. Tom Brady has struggled so far this season. 57 Comp % , a rating in the 70′s. and a YPA of 5.5. Yes the pats are 3-0 but that is mainly due to them playing 3 teams who did not make the playoffs last season. Defenses havent “figured” Brady out have they? My point being that every QB needs help to be successful.

      5. Everything CK did well last year has been taken away. The running, the bombs, the rifle throws. I’d say that is being “figured out”.

      6. Defenses can choose to take away any one particular thing, so if that is his running opportunities, that is a choice and that doesn’t qualify as “figuring him out”. If the receiving game is strong that could be terrible strategy.

      7. Primes answer here just further cements him in as the biggest tool on this blog. Worst receiving corps in all of football right now and Prime says CK has been figured out. I guess the league has figured Tom Brady out too right? I mean his numbers are terrible. Or maybe he has a terrible receiving corps too….. Tool…

      8. Tom Brady does so many things well when things break down. It’s called experience lameareafanatic. CK simply has not figured out to stay calm and make good decisions when things break down. That’s called inexperience. See the difference Bay? It’s not baseball, it’s called football. That’s what we are talking about.

        Ah forget it, you will never understand!

      9. Prime douche,
        what exactly has brady done well this year? His 79 QB rating? 48% completions against the jets? Please do tell. All you are good for are insults. You don’t know Jack about the game. But go ahead keep talking…..

      10. You brought up Brady so I will indulge you. He has made a career out of making average WR’s into legit WR’s. Randy Moss, Brandon Lloyd all had career years with him. He made nobodies like Hernandez and Gronkowski into quality TE’s. See where this going baseball guy. He just keeps playing and making things happen no matter what personnel he has. New guys, rookies it does not matter, he still produces.
        Now after worshipping Kap and saying he can do it all, suddenly your on here crying about only 13 starts, worse WR core in the NFL. You are pathetic. When Alex had nobody in the NFC championship game and you whined that it was Alex. Now look who is crying like a little baby about poor old Kaepernick?

      11. Prime,
        dig it a little deeper. Don’t try to squirm your way out of it. If Brady has made a career out of making average receivers good, then why isn’t he doing it this year? Have defenses figured him out? Or is the talent level so low that an elite QB like him can’t make them better? Seriously why do you even talk football douchebag?

      12. Nobodies like Gronk and Hernandez. Maybe you don’t watch college and pay much attention. Hernandez was 1st team all American and TE of the year when he declared for the draft. As for gronk he would have been a first round TE had he not had injuries in college. He is a freak player and the best TE in the game arguably when healthy. And Brandon Lloyd had his career year with Kyle Orton.

      13. Nobodies like Gronk, Hernandez, Moss and Lloyd? Bay are you really engaging this idiot. He’s been in over his head since he’s been on this blog. The same guy that said Alex Smith deserved a 12-14 million dollar contract this year for the Niners. This guy is watching too much canadian league football. How dense can Prime be?

      14. Bay how blind are you? NE is 3-0 all on Brady’s shoulders! He has nobody and they are still winning. You want me to get out the stats? Fat chance, I go by W’s. Fantasy football clowns like you use stats, or losers!
        On another note,you were the moron who said Kap would throw down field, throw WR’s open, make the reads and play from the pocket. Where is the all mighty savior? You all creamed your pants too early son! I told you all that once teams had film on him it would be a different story. Now you are blaming the WR’s. Great QB’s make everyone around them better, remember that!

      15. Why do people keep saying that the receivers aren’t getting open? The only commenter who has reported watching the all 22 film of the Colts game (Jack) noted that the receivers were getting open.

        Also, I find it particularly amusing that the guy who hurled around the oh so clever “Alexcuses” epithet as much as, if not more than, anyone now seeks to excuse Kaepernick’s poor performances by blaming the receiving corps and the coaching. Man, the hypocrisy never stops with you, does it?

        Note: Before anyone with poor reading comprehension tries to suggest otherwise, the foregoing comment in no way endorses the theory that the NFL has figured out Kaep. I shouldn’t have to point that out, but I wouldn’t put it past certain commenters (you know who you are) to try to twist my words.

      16. 23johnson, Alex makes 7.5 million. Not bad for a game manager who does not throw over 12 yard completions and is 3-0. Oh wait they have not played anybody yet right? You and Lameareafanatic, queens of convenient excuses! Stick to NASCAR, all they do is go round and round, don’t have to pay attention much!

      17. Claude when I say figured him, I mean they have taken away what he did best last year. He has not adjusted or elevated his game. He has to make plays regardless of who is on the field with him. Teams are spying him, containing rush lanes and simple man coverage down field. After that he looks overwhelmed as to when to throw and when to run.

      18. Primeslime,
        where you see NE being 3-0, I saw them play 3 out of the 4 worst teams in football and barely escape two of those games against rookies. Gino Smith and he only won by 3? Really? EJ Manuel and he only won by 2 points. Really? Use examples that validate your point. Don’t just throw garbage on a wall to see what sticks primeslime….

      19. Prime:

        I think it’s more complicated than that. Green Bay took away the read option, and Kaepernick sliced them up. Something’s off with him, and with the 49ers’ offense as a whole, and I don’t think it can be reduced to something as simple as “the NFL has figured him out.” As Jack noted, receivers were open on Sunday, but Kaepernick either didn’t see them, didn’t throw it to them, or threw the ball poorly. That’s not to the defense’s credit. That’s an internal (to the 49ers) problem.

      20. How I know your an idiot Bay? Because a win is not good enough. It has to be with flare and big numbers. That’s fantasy football, not the NFL where a win is a win is a win. If CK is this ultimate QB, why can’t he do everything you said he can? Keep dodging the questions and stick to name calling, thats your A game!

      21. >>Gino Smith and he only won by 3? Really? EJ Manuel and he only won by 2 points. Really?

        Yes, really. The key word there in your rant is “won”. I’d take some 3 point wins by the Niners at this point.

      22. Rib,
        if you want to jump on the Dbag train, then go for it. You completely missed the main point which was lack of quality receivers. I said that it’s had an impact on Brady, and is having an impact on CK. Hope it’s comfortable in your caboose….

      23. Didnt miss the point, bay: Brady – piss-poor receivers. 3-0. Our team – piss-poor receivers. not 3-0.

        The only negative Brady impact is on his fantasy numbers, which I could give a flying-f about.

      24. ribico:

        The only negative Brady impact is on his fantasy numbers, which I could give a flying-f about.

        It’s not just fantasy numbers (the true judge of a QB’s worth). You are overlooking the impact it has had on sales of Tom Brady jerseys. That could cost him his starting job.


        I wouldn’t let ribico ride the Douchebag train without a ticket. That’s how you bankrupted the Astroglide Express.

    2. He thinks it the Canadian leave where there are only a handful of teams. This is american football mr. Landscaper. Stick to cutting fields instead of trying to figure out what’s going on in the NFL, not CFL. No wonder why you’re so dense. You get the leagues mixed up. What a buffoon!

    3. This isn’t about teams having figured out Kaeperrnick, It’s about Kaepernick playing poorly. Now he and the rest of the team can start playing for next year.

      1. Exactly ! Kap is not only playing poorly, but hes foot is back on the ground, hes been flying to high as his invincible, nobody is in the NFL. The difference from last year the other teams defense didn’t expect whats coming. Now all the teams are prepared to play kap, and knows him well.

    4. This whole thing saying that people have “Figured out Kaepernick” is ridiculous. There’s nothing to “figure.”
      He can make all the throws. He’s big, fast, and strong and he’s a hard worker.
      If anyone has anything figured, it’s Harbuagh/Roman’s offense. It’s time to change that.

      1. Dude ! have you watched the last two games? In two weeks span kap looked like a bewildered rookie reaching out for help from his head coach. Not only that the 49ers got out scored 56-10. Wake up ! Who are you kidding? Are the coaches playing the game or kap? haha !

  4. This is from Matt Barrows and the Sac Bee:

    Kaepernick has had 13 opening drives. His very first, last year against Chicago, resulted in a field goal. Another, vs. New England, went for a touchdown. Another resulted in an interception for a touchdown against the Packers. The other 10 have been three-and-outs.

    Read more here: http://blogs.sacbee.com/49ers/archives/2013/09/film-review-woes-are-largely-on-offense-kaepernicks-slow-starts.html#storylink=cpy

      1. BA Fanatic,
        You can’t compare Alex’s first 13 starts because he was a on a really bad team. But you can compare Kaepernick to Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson, and RG3. Those guys have 19 starts. Did you watch the game on Sunday? Of course you did. Then you saw Andrew Luck stay poised in the pocket, take a big hit before he threw the ball. You saw him audible to the hot WR.
        Did you see the Seattle game? You saw an all out blitz by the Niners, Russell calls an audible and throws to a wide open Marshall Lynch. Same situation in the SB and Kaepnerick audibles to a low percentage fade out.
        Everyone wants Kaepnerick to do well, because if he lives up to his potential, then the Niners are an elite team.
        But right now he is very mediocre and weak wrs is no excuse.

      2. Bay,

        Smith didn’t take over a team coming off an NFCCG visit that was already on the way to the playoffs. Pay attention, Kaepernick played really good last year, but there were holes in his game that have been magnified the last 2 weeks.

      3. What is wrong with you guys. This “team” is not the superbowl team of last year.
        Goldson – gone
        Culliver- gone
        Sopoaga- gone

        Alex Smith’s team may not have been superbowl ready, but it had a pro bowl back that gained over 2000 combined yards in Alex’s 2nd season. This “team” lacks players at the skilled positions. Even the kick and punt returner is a backup waiting for LaMichael to come back…. Wake up….

  5. Remember Colin: leave the toys [earphones] home.
    Dress up like a big boy [suit and tie for interviews].
    It might help you play a big boy game.
    Ya never know.

  6. With all of the opportunities ck had throwing. He should at least hit on 50%.
    This team is one dimensional. Period!
    Run the FN ball with ck undercenter and set up the play action. Jeez! How hard is that?

  7. Some of you may recall the offseason discussion on here regarding how the insertion of Kaepernick might have played a role in the decline of the defense. The argument was based on the increased number of 3 and outs and decrease in plays per drive.

    On Sunday each team had 10 possessions. The average 49ers drive averaged 5.2 plays and they went 3 and out 5 times. The average Colts drive averaged 6.6 plays and they went 3 and out 3 times.

    The 49ers are 23rd in the league in time of possession with an average of 28:29 possession time per game.

    1. that’s definitely a legitimate consideration. I also think the team misses Harelson setting the edge in the run game and Sopoaga’s 2011 self in the middle. Justin Smith doesn’t seem able to sustain his Superman efforts anymore either.

  8. I believe the main problem is play calling.roman has not been creative or consistent with anything.i mean did we make a philosophy change with kap go back to the I form.pound the rock gore can still handle the load mix hunter in some.i mean run some screens sometime I swear we run the least amount of screens of any team.we have great te’s run them in to some screens.there’s ways to manufacture open looks and easy reads for kap.we need to just slow things down for him.

  9. 49er40 says:
    September 24, 2013 at 4:11 pm
    I remember a time these were called “Alexcuses”.

    Jack Hammer says:
    September 24, 2013 at 4:12 pm
    Now they are called Kaepologies.

    Nice/cute comment guys.
    But let’s at least apply these to CK after 6 yrs of futility rather than 2 games.

    1. 13 starts…… When Alex had his 13th start he was under Norv. I had hope and enjoyed his growth moments and was not critical. I became critical in year 4 and super critical in year 5.
      These douche bags that are riding CK’s jock in start 13 are not 49er fans. They are guys that used to spoon their pillow pretending it was blue eyes…. Agenda clear…

      1. I became critical in year 4 and super critical in year 5.

        Alex Smith didn’t play in year 4, but I am not surprised to read that you were critical of him that year. That makes as much sense as any of your criticisms. As for year 5, how do you still not get that the lion’s share of responsibility for the offense’s poor performance that year (and in year 6) belongs to Singletary and Raye? Alex Smith has been successful without them. Neither one of them has been successful without Alex Smith. Coaching matters.

      2. You keep saying that anyone who points out flaws in Kaepernick’s game is not a fan or out to get him.
        Or anyone who brings up Alex Smith is a Smither.

        Facts are facts.

        Smith is 23-6 under Harbaugh and Reid.
        The team he plays for now is 3-0. The team that Kaep plays for is 1-2. Kaep was amazing in the first game and it all looked great. 2 very mediocre games where he made a lot of mistakes puts him in the spotlight.
        He is not the reason they lost. He is the reason they didn’t come close to winning, that’s for sure.
        And before you call me a Smither, I will say that after the Niners lost to the Giants in the Championship game, I would have rolled the dice on Peyton Manning.
        Yup. Go look it up! I would seem like a genius now the way he’s playing!!!!!

      3. The funny thing is that Bay loves CK so much but he can’t defend his game. Instead he wants to use Alex Smiths game as an arguement. Great but are we not talking about Kaepenicks struggles?

    2. Yep, CK has started something like 13 games and the team around him is decimated by injuries. He led the 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance after starting barely half of a season. The 49ers and CK will bounce back eventually. Let the fair weather 49er fans move to Kansas City.

      1. God cant help you either Lameareafantic.Even he is laughing at how stupid you look every time you try and talk football. Amen to that!

    3. >>But let’s at least apply these to CK after 6 yrs of futility rather than 2 games.

      The quality, strength, and coaching of each team the respective QBs found themselves in somewhat undercuts your argument. Not to mention CK was on the bench and able to pick up / study the game in his first 1 and 1/2 seasons, a luxury AS wasn’t afforded.

  10. Just saw part of this interview on ESPN. CK just did not have the look or tone of someone ready to take on a near must win on Thursday. He just looked defeated…not the way you want your QB to look as he’s going through this adversity.

    1. He’s young. Last year he had his security blanket. I have a feeling the issue is he doesn’t trust any of the young receivers. Can’t anticipate what they are going to do yet.

      1. Sorry Bay, I don’t buy the “He’s young” argument. He was handed the keys to a Super Bowl ready team and the expectations are high.

      2. Red its all an act for Bay to deflect the attention away from CK. CK was suppose to be the QB to ignite the passing game, throw people open and in stride for huge gains. And if that didn’t work, run wild. Well that has not happened and all night he cannot defend CK’s game. Instead use old reliable crap card: Alex Smith. Can you say chicken di$k?

      3. Frustrated, not defeated. He was handed (seized his opportunity is a better way of putting it) the keys to a Super Bowl team and he took them to the Super Bowl. You guys were making excuses for Smith for seven seasons. Kaepernick hasn’t even played a year yet and you are blasting him. He is facing some challenges and you guys seem to revel in his bad play. You are free to do so, but you are simply acting in the same manner as the people that blamed Smith for everything. You guys were blasting Crabtree as a bust and whining about the receiving corps and now Kaep is supposed to carry the team, something Smith was never asked to do, especially without his top weapon. I’m not surprised by this, but labeling someone a hypocrite when you are engaging in hypocritical behavior is showing a lack of self awareness.

      4. Calistoga,
        lay off the booze son. Super Bowl ready team? Rephrase that. Worst kicker in the entireNFL. Worst defense highest points allowed in the entire NFL. Quite regurgitating primes garbage as if it were factual. CK basically had to win shootouts time after time after time down the stretch. And yes he is a young QB. He was learning on the fly and being very successful at it. Man whenever primetrash enters a room the bs starts flying and I guess it’s contagious.

      5. Big P,
        what you are seeing are the Smithers in full affect blasting a young QB because they are not done being azz hurt that their hero was tossed out like yesterdays trash…. Not real niner fans.

      6. P the pedestal Kap was placed on after the Bears game was too premature. Even after the 10 games he played people on here, the same people who never gave Alex any due, said he was the next one. The perfect QB. Now those very same people who annointed Kap cannot defend his game. Instead placing blame on other parts of the offense and coaches instead of CK himself.

        For all the years I said it was a team game, coaching matters, surrounding talent regarding Alex’s career in SF, these same people use the same reasons for CK. That’s hypocritical and I’m pointing it out in spades. Yes you Laneareafanatic!

      7. BayArea Fanatic,
        You seem to take every criticism on Kaep so personal, and your answer is always, “Oh, you’re just a Smither.”
        Is it possible that maybe other people could be right? Maybe Kaep was overhyped and last year was just a crazy ride and when he threw all those lame passes at the end of the Superbowl, that was his best chance for the Niners to win the ring, and it may be awhile before they get another chance?
        Like I said, I wanted Peyton Manning last year!

      8. There’s no question that Kaepernick is the prettier QB, has way more upside, but upside doesn’t get you a Superbowl. For all of Alex’s faults, he was two fumbles and a non-fumble from making it to the Superbowl as the starting QB. And before his concussion he was playing at a high, consistent level, doing what the coaches ask him to do.
        Sure the Offense scored more when Colin took over, but the defense suffered. They started to give way more points. Tim Kawakami wrote a great article about how the Niners rely on Colin to do so much more. With Alex they had their identity: Be efficient, don’t turn it over. They played as a team.

      9. Prime,
        Kaep is a good QB and the future of the franchise. He is young and is a work in progress. Once again, you are talking about people placing Kaep on a pedestal, yet you were the one that was declaring Kaep would fail against Chicago. You wanted him to fail, there is absolutely no arguing that. He thrived and you have been waiting for him to hit a rough spot so you could trash him. You are doing the same thing to Kaep that others did to Smith and you are calling them hypocrites for making the same excuses for Kaep that you made for Smith. There is no moral high ground here for anybody, it’s childish mud slinging from both parties. I’m not here making excuses for Kaep, he’s a hell of a player that will correct his mistakes and learn from them. He needs to play much better, plain and simple. The team also needs to adjust to the fact that the defense and running game are not what they were. The defense started falling off late last season and hasn’t recovered. They are missing weapons on offense and the running game is struggling because of it. That was the formula of the past two seasons.

        Alex Smith
        S.F. Defense 14.3 pts per game #2 in the league
        #8 rushing attack overall
        S.F. Defense 14.1 pts allowed per game in Smith’s starts (9)
        S.F. Offense 23.66 pts per game in Smith’s starts (9)
        #4 rushing attack overall

        Colin Kaepernick
        S.F. Defense 20.85 pts allowed per game in Kaepernick’s starts (10 including postseason)
        S.F. Offense 28.8 pts scored per game in Kaepernick’s starts (10 including postseason)

        S.F. Defense 28 pts per game #24 in the league
        #19 rushing attack overall

        I’m sure you can see the difference in the formula. Do people hate on Smith? Absolutely. Is it hypocritical to label people haters when you make comments like these? Absolutely.

        Prime Time says:
        November 19, 2012 at 8:38 am
        And when Kaepernick comes out and looks like a deer in headlights tonight and coughs up the ball, it will be an epic night cause then finally you haters will realize he is not ready. I can’t wait to see the egg on your faces later this evening.

        Jack Hammer says:
        November 19, 2012 at 8:46 am
        “I can’t wait to see the egg on your faces later this evening.”

        Way to be a fan Foley.

        Prime Time says:
        November 19, 2012 at 8:52 am
        Jack you should be use to it, you are always predicting the worst but now when it’s not Alex it’s about being a loyal fan? Hypocrite!

        There’s that word again……..

      10. Midwest,
        I don’t think the numbers are skewed. The defense (strength of the team) gave up more points during Kaep’s starts. The offense scored more points. I’m not crediting the increase in points on Kaep, I’m using the before and after numbers to illustrate the overall performance of the team despite changes to their strengths. The strength of the 2011 and 2012 teams was the defense, running game and special teams. Those are not currently the strengths of the team, as I showed. I take that into consideration when evaluating a team or players performance.

      11. I just meant that you should compare Smith’s eight starts to Kaep’s eight starts from 2012 for a more precise comparison BigP. Comparing a QB with 16 starts in one season to another QB with half the number of starts the following season will affect the numbers no matter what. They had the same offensive weapons and the same type of defense to back up the offense they commanded in 2012.

      12. Prime

        Correction: for most of the games he has played, Kaep has done exactly as expected; throw receivers open for huge gains (YPA) or break off game changing runs (YPC). The last 2 games, he has looked terrible, but his small body of work, on the whole, still projects well for the future. Not worried here on Kaanapali.

      13. Big P again with the Bears game and quoting quotes. Just stay in the present and discuss the issues at hand.
        Fact is teams have adjusted to Kaepernick and what everyone said last year that he was so great at has now been diminished because like Prime Time said, there is film on him now, coordinators have taken away what he does best and forced him to make better decisions.
        Now we see people make excuses for him that were used for Alex Smith. That’s hypocritically, not asking for a defense of putting CK’s game under the microscope when so many including you labelled him this great, all encompassing QB. Not yet, still lots to prove.

      14. Prime:

        I think the proper response to the “Alexcuses” hypocrites is to point out their hypocrisy, not sink to their level. Just because they were wrong in their criticisms of Smith doesn’t justify being equally wrong in your criticism of Kaepernick.

        While his play in the past two games hasn’t been good, Kaepernick is a very talented QB and will rise above his current problems. Moreover, there appear to be lots of fingerprints on the offense’s poor performances, so loading it all on Kaepernick’s shoulders is wrong. Cut the kid some slack; he’s started 13 games in the NFL. He’s nowhere near being the QB he ultimately will be, and it’s unfair to expect him to have it all figured out so early.

      15. Claude I had my doubts about CK last year when the switch was made. I’m not denying that. But what I said all offseason was that it would be a different year for him with coordinators studying the film.
        My issue is Id like to see the Kap worshippers defend his game without the “Alexcuses” that we supposedly used.
        I like CK. Phenomenal talent but he needs to elevate his game another level to be considered great like some on here annointed him way too early. Now all I’m hearing is no WR’s and only 13 starts. Before it was he would make everyone around him better, he is able to win games with his legs and arms, well lets hear the arguements not the excuses.

      16. Bay – I see that this particular thread has spun off in a different direction from my original thread, but to get back to your comment:

        Yes – CK was handed the keys to a Super Bowl ready team. This happened last year when it was deemed that he was ready to take the controls and they came within 5 yards of winning it all. Because of that success last year the expectations are high for this year. If he’s going to be out there in commercials with Wilson and Flacco he’s then being touted as being one of the superstars in the league, so he’s opened himself up to the scrutiny. Again, the expectations are high and his age and inexperience are no excuse in the NFL since the NFL is a league where it’s “What have you done for me lately?” If you’re named the starter, you’d better help your team win. Period.

        Yes, the D has struggled, but the O has struggled more. The last two games the D has done its job in the first half but the O has done almost nothing to help the cause.

        BigP – Possibly frustrated instead of defeated, but usually frustration shows with a little fire in the eyes since frustration pairs so well with anger. I’m no expert on body language, but when he was answering those questions there was no fire or emotion. He really seemed dark…if I was on the team and saw an interview like that from one of my team leaders I’d be a bit concerned. I hope I’m wrong so that he does come out with some fire tomorrow night.

      17. Prime:

        I don’t know what to tell you. Your comments remind me of the comments that Bay and jordan would make in 2011 and 2012 – blaming every loss or perceived offensive deficiency on the QB and labeling reasonable explanations as “excuses”. Plus, like them, you seem to be more interested in scoring points against fellow commenters than you are in having a rational, informative discussion about the team/player.

      18. Whatever Claude you see it as you want. I see it as calling out the hypocrisy. Lets see how CK does tomorrow night and see if my theory is correct and see what excuses come up again.

      19. Midwest,
        I compared the teams performance as a whole from 2012, in which both QB’s played. The defense was dominant earlier in the year and began to lose its effectiveness as the year wore on. That trend has continued into this year. It was not meant as a knock on Smith at all, who was playing well. The defense was so dominant during that time that it allowed the team to play a certain style of ball. The defense can’t consistently do that anymore and the team can’t consistently win in that manner anymore. I’m talking about the reality of the changes on the team and how it has affected its philosophy.

      20. FDM,
        Digging old posts? More like a good memory. Then again, you are the person that said they were going to “slap the yellow off of my teeth” in a internet meltdown.
        You later swore up and down that you never said that, and Crab15 busted you up with exact quote and link. You knew exactly what you had said, lied about it and got angry when somebody proved you were lying about it.
        It’s amusing that you get upset at being held accountable for what you say. The fact that you are defending Prime tells me you are still stinging from the time you were caught flat out lying. If you are so concerned about staying in the present, why do you still call 23Jordan Welcher? Because he didn’t honor his bet…..he lied. You say it all the time. You lied about what you said to me because you didn’t think people would be able to find it. You are a hypocrite that likes to preach. I’m not interested, “bro.”

      21. You sound like a baby bringing up old post so that’s all I’m saying. Its pointless because pretty sure you have been wrong on more than one occasion.
        As for defending 23welcher, its one of the worst kind of dis-honor in making a bet, then welching.
        So I would rather be associated with agreeing with Prime because he knows football than you and a low life like 23welcher.

      22. FDM,
        can you even recognize right side up? Prime on top of being a douche is ALSO A WELCHER. He welched on a bet with me in front of the entire room. He doesn’t even deny it. FDM you are a king size hypocrite….. All you SMITHERS were waiting for your “I told you so” moment. You never really got one last year until the first and goal in the superbowl. And boy did you guys exploit that one. You punks are all over CK now. First time he’s struggled. And yes he has struggled. Guess what, the coaches will make adjustments and Colin will be fine. And you and your group will still all be douches….
        Don’t act like a guy welching is such a big deal then side yourself with another king size welcher. Makes you look ignorant.
        Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and gosh darnit, people like me.

      23. Well said FDM. Big P likes to bring up the Bears game as his trophy. When in reality everyone knows that game was an anomaly. Let him have his righteousness, that’s all he has down in Danville.

      24. How cute. FDM gives Primeslime a little compliment and now Prime is his side kick. Which one is the green lantern and which one is Kato.
        The Bears game was not an anomaly. If it was, then so was the Patriots game and the Saints game both on the road. So was the Green Bay rushing record game. Or the Atlanta 17 point comeback game on the road. You know nothing Canada. Stick to Gray Cup please…

      25. Any NFL executive would take CK over AS any day of the week, as we were reminded last week when KC played Phili, AS looked absolutely horrible, could not pull the trigger, sound familiar, of course if CK plays poorly tomorrow but wins, all of the permanent Kool – Aid Lovers will be out in force,.

      26. 23 completions out of 35 passing attempts for 273 yards and no picks. You’re right Neal, those numbers are absolutely horrendous.

      27. Lameareafanatic of course it was an anomaly. No one had tape on CK. They didn’t know how to game plan against him and Lovie Smith was notorious for not making half time adjustments, maybe why he got fired.
        Anyway not sure why I even bother with you. You have no clue. As for Canada, you don’t even know where it is. You said the other day it was overseas. Dummy!

      28. Neil,
        way to state the obvious. Remember this conversation at the end of the year regardless of what record we have. Colin Kaepernick will get a contract offer for between $15-20 million a year. If they don’t pay it, any team without an established starter in the NFL would pay it.
        When Smith hit the market, there were crickets. The market spoke and determined Smith’s value as a game manager was roughly $8 million a year… It is what it is….

      29. If he keeps puttin up 10 points every 2 games he will be lucky to get $15 bucks an hour. Kinda like what I pay 23clown to cut my grass!

      30. Colin Kaepernick will get a contract offer for between $15-20 million a year.

        He had better pick up his play if he wants to have a chance at that type of salary Bay.

      1. No Prime, I didn’t. I’m just good at taking mental notes and remembering when people say things. It’s kind of like when people say a player can’t be deactivated or suspended, and they continue to argue about it even after the CBA is presented as evidence to the contrary.

    2. Primetime Alex Smith pre Harbaugh played on a untalented poorly coached team thats reality not excuses. This year CK is playing on a team that is experiencing horrible injury problems thats reality not excuses. You were correct for the most part regarding AS and his biggest critics were wrong. You are wrong about CK if you do’nt think that the current injury situation is’nt effecting his play in a monumental way.

    3. Red,

      Apparently, you’ve not seen many of Kaps interviews with the media before games. Its always dry and short. This interview isn’t any different than any I’ve seen before.

    4. Funny how the Smithers would blame every other player or coach, if their boy toy played poorly. Kind of also amazing that Crabs was not so great till CK arrived, because CK can pull the trigger. AS is kind of a long term bond, you might get a 0.05 % return if your lucky. Lets blame everything on Kaep, who has the worst receivers in the league, other then Boldin. Kaep will be fine, and AS , to take a guess won’t be the starter by mid-season next year. Back to the bench AS.

      1. Neal just shut up. You have been irrelevant ever since you got on here saying your sole purpose was to start fights. Keep quiet!

      2. Prime Slime Time, your a freaking buffoon on here, you have no life and you have to whine all of the time to get back on here, how many times have you been kicked out of here loser? Did you move out of your Momma Basement yet? How is your older sister DS doing? Maybe some day , you too can get a place together.

      3. Crab became relevant?
        In AS starts last year Crab had 44 catches for 510 yds and 4 tds on 61 targets.
        Kap starts, 41 catches for 595 yds and 5 tds on 65 targets all excluding playoffs.
        The stats he got there with Kap aren’t so great that its unreasonable to think that they weren’t attainable with Alex. SMH

      4. Montana,

        Watch the games. Those catches were completely different. Your numbers might be a bit off. Crabtree was much better under Kap. Really. So was the offense. keep defending though. You do realize he’s in K.C.?

      5. Those catches were completely different.

        That’s your argument for your stating that Crabtree was better under Kaep? Really?!

  11. Do the math Einstein’s.
    Alex: 7+ years as starter = ZERO Super Bowls.
    Kap: less than 1 year as starter = 1 Super Bowl!
    “Learn it, know it, live it”

    1. That math becomes extremely complex when you consider:
      1. The coaches who were involved
      2. The type of play-calling
      3. The level of talent surrounding the QB.

      1. Wait do you mean your moms bedroom ? Funny how people here can’t argue the point so they resort to childish attacks. Stay classy Santa Rosa.

      2. I’ll try again, who was the first 49er QB to lose a Superbowl?

        Lets see if somebody can’t answer.without calling names.

  12. Play call, execution and confidence is lacking. I think the team has gotten away from their identity. I think too much is put on our inexperienced QB. Gore is more than capable of shouldering the work load. Combined wth Hunter adn Dixon. Get back to allowing the run game to open up the pass. That also means to allow Kap to make plays with his legs. GO NINERS!!!

  13. How can you guys compare excuses for Kaep to Alexcuses?

    All Alex did was make tens of millions of dollars to throw INTs and roll right and throw out of bounds for 6 years. In fact, the US government should send him to Syria so he can overthrow their regime. (I’d been waiting a long time to throw that one out there, sorry)

    Cam Newton and Alex Smith went into identical circumstances, look at their first years. Even Blaine Gabbert had a much better rookie year. Doesn’t that tell you something? Alarms going off everywhere.

    Kaep has showed he can do it straight out of the chute. If he has a down period, he can get back up. On top of having the arms and legs to do the job, he’s got the balls too.

    Smith has shown he needs 6 years to become functional. He’s also shown that he’s not a risk taker, he’s not a vocal leader, he doesn’t play instinctively, he doesn’t have the ability to spread the field, and that when he’s a FA, 31 teams don’t think he’s worth having.

    All Smith has going for him is that he is book smart, has a great attitude, will never get into problems off the field, will never be a problem in the locker room, and he will be a low-risk game manager who can win when put on a team with lots of talent on the field and in the coaching staff.

      1. Actually used the 2nd pick from KC to get an additional 3rd pick from Tennessee, so You could say that if things work out, Alex got us 2 2nds and a 3rd pick

    1. Your post has so much rubbish that I don’t even know where to begin.

      How can you guys compare excuses for Kaep to Alexcuses?

      Because they are the same.

      All Alex did was make tens of millions of dollars to throw INTs and roll right and throw out of bounds for 6 years.

      Nothing can succeed with coaches who didn’t put an emphasis on the QB and told said to go make a play and that’s it.

      In fact, the US government should send him to Syria so he can overthrow their regime.

      That isn’t even worth touching.

      Cam Newton and Alex Smith went into identical circumstances, look at their first years.

      How full of it is this statement? Cam Newton Steve Smith and the RB corps that he did his rookie season doesn’t even come close to what Smith had around him his rookie season.

      Even Blaine Gabbert had a much better rookie year. Doesn’t that tell you something? Alarms going off everywhere.

      Only that you ignore that Gabbert had a better offense around him and played in more games his rookie season than Smith did.

      Kaep has showed he can do it straight out of the chute. If he has a down period, he can get back up. On top of having the arms and legs to do the job, he’s got the balls too.

      This is his first down period so the first two sentences have zero validity to them. As for having balls, once again see the 2011 playoff game against the Saints.

      Smith has shown he needs 6 years to become functional.

      Amazing what happens when you have two back-to-back coaches who have zero knowledge about running an offense.

      He’s also shown that he’s not a risk taker, he’s not a vocal leader, he doesn’t play instinctively, he doesn’t have the ability to spread the field, and that when he’s a FA, 31 teams don’t think he’s worth having.

      So what if he wasn’t a risk taker? He still won games. Not a vocal leader? Be sure to let Joe Staley know that: you know, the one that was told one time by Smith to get his @#$!ing @$$ back to the huddle during a game. No ability to spread the field means what exactly? Kaep is currently having the same problem ergo Kaep must not be capable right? SMH. Your comment on no team wanting Smith when he was a free agent is also incorrect. Miami, for example, was one of the teams interested in him. Joe Philbin is on record saying that Smith left when the team was thinking about offering him a contract.

      All Smith has going for him is that he is book smart, has a great attitude, will never get into problems off the field, will never be a problem in the locker room, and he will be a low-risk game manager who can win when put on a team with lots of talent on the field and in the coaching staff.

      You make it sound like being a stand-up guy is a bad thing. Would you rather have the troublesome Vince Young instead if Kaep wasn’t here? And name one QB that has won a Super Bowl in the past ten years that didn’t need a strong coaching staff and lots of talent on the field around him.

      Your post was nothing short of embarrassing Shemp.

    2. Shem,

      SmSmith still has worshipers who believe that allhe does is win ggames. Circumstances don’t matter. Opponents don’t matter. A win over Jacksonville to them is like a win over Green Bay for Kap. Its just a win. Remember, Smith is undefeated. Who his opponents were is
      irrelevant. He won.

      1. >>Who his opponents were is irrelevant.

        Our host will beg to differ. One of the opponents is his pick to go all the way.

        23, you should just quit in your attempts to run the former QB down. You are not any more successful now than when is was with the team and each posting you dig yourself into a deeper hole. If the Niners were in a hole the size of yours, the season would be lost.

    3. Smith is out of town in K.C. but his defense team is on the payroll and still here in S. F. on a Niner blog. Probably wearing Chief jerseys as well. He’s gone and he’s not coming back. So I guess you’re stuck with Kaepernick. Can you stomach it? You should be able to deal with 2 games of Kap sucking. You accepting 6 years from Smith. Suck it up! Lol.

      1. This isn’t even worth responding to. Keep hoping for just a third round pick from the Chiefs 23. TRUE NINER FANS will continue wanting that second round pick instead.

      2. Another great RB coming to the Stick , Foster will have a hell of game for the Texans. Their great defense and and offense will just run all over the 49ers team. Lets see how kap response to the Texans?
        Harbaugh you’re going to need alot of luck comes next week against Houston.

  14. 23Jordan, asking if you can stomach it, while Kap dooms the niners. Well 23jordan probably can stomach it because hes love for kap. Forever together until the ship hit rock bottom.

    1. Right about BAD they haven’t been turning heads with their close wins against mediocre teams. Yeah the 49ers are 1 and 2 but all against playoff teams from 2012.

  15. In 2011, the San Francisco 49ers had the best run defense in the NFL and perhaps the best in the team’s storied 67-year history. With DE Justin Smith and DE Ray McDonald manning the end positions and NT Isaac Sopoaga entrenched in the middle, the defense was simply the best. Nobody ran on the 49ers. That season was Sopoaga’s best as he matured before our eyes into a great nose tackle after replacing departed NT Aubrayo Franklin.

    In 2012, for some unexplained reason, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, decided it would be best to pull Sopoaga on passing downs while limiting his play to only 30% of the snaps. The 49ers continued their excellent run defense until Cowboy sustained an injury. With Smith out and Sopoaga rarely touching the field, the 49ers run defense suddenly became very ordinary.

    Fast forward to the playoffs against the Atlanta Falcons as Sopoaga barely touched the field in the first-half while Atlanta ran up 24 points. A team in shambles, Fangio returned Sopoaga to the lineup in the second half and he responded with three tackles and the team’s only sack on Matt Ryan. Atlanta was shut out in the second half.

    The story was much the same in the Super Bowl. Trailing 21-6 at half time and with Sopoaga mostly sitting, the Niners came out in the second half and came within an intelligent play call from a Super Bowl victory. Sopoaga played almost the entire second half, recorded three tackles and an assist, and the Ravens were held just under 100 rushing yards.

    Still, the coaching staff failed to see the value in re-signing Sopoaga and let him go to the Eagles. You NEVER break up a unit’s chemistry without good reason, and a few bucks is not a good reason.

    This season, in three games the 49er run defense is seriously lacking. Ian Williams was decent at NT but quickly went down and what we have now isn’t about to throw fear into any opponent. With the 340 lb Sopoaga refusing to give ground, the 3-4 worked perfectly for the 49ers as his incredible strength simply clogged the middle and you never saw the 49er line pushed backward as we did so often in Sunday’s dramatic loss to the Colts.

    According to Mike Tomsula’s stopwatch, Sopoaga was the fastest DL off the ball, and was an excellent red zone blocker from the fullback position. He even caught and 18 yard pass and his quite leadership is missed.

    My suggestion to save the season on defense is a simple one. Lamichael James will languish behind Gore and Hunter and eventually Lattimore and needs to play. His former coach, Chip Kelly has a great 3-weapon attack with Vick, McCoy and Jackson. How he would like to add James to the mix. At the same time, the ONLY way for the 49ers to quickly regain their former chemistry is to trade James to the Eagles, and get Sopoaga back. This would reinstate the defense to the exact same personnel on the front seven, return some stability to the Niner defense, and perhaps save Fangio’s job.

    1. I agree regarding 2011 Sopoaga, I disagree regarding 2012 Sopoaga. Check the Seahawks games, Soap got moved in the middle just as much as you saw Sunday against the Colts.

    2. Nice points, but bringing back Soap is not the answer. I don’t believe he’s playing that much in Philly right now.

      Like Soap, Justin’s best football may be behind him and Mac is only a few notches better than average.

      My hope is that JS and Mac could hold the fort until our young bucks are ready.

  16. I can hardly wait until next sunday when 49ers play the Texans at home, and lose big again to the Houston Texans. I’ll give the game today to the overrated kap and the 49ers. Niners record should be atleast 7-9 at the end of this season. This season shoud be J. Harbaugh’s first losing season and the beginning of his downfall as an NFL head coach.

    1. Come back when the Texans actually win more than regular season games. There is only 2 teams that make the SB every year and last time I checked the Texans weren’t one of them. How about showing your name also troll.

      1. For your information michael whoever you are? Little lesson for you to learn so you can get educated, just go to the blank spot, beside where it says and hightlight it and you’ll see my name. Its no so hard to do it. Now, let me tell you something just because the 49ers went to the SB and had success in the regular season last year, it makes your team invincible? Last time i checked the Texans did pretty darn well against the 49ers last time this two teams played each other at the stick. Foster had a very good game running the ball against the 49ers and the Texans beat the niners. Haha !

  17. By the way, just for your Info ! Texan 30 – 49ers 7 and Kap was on the helm in the 2nd half. date August 27, 2011. The texans won’t have any trouble baeting the 49ers again. You need alot prayers and luck to win the against the Texans.

    1. Hey Capeman, the expression is “at the helm”. I am not sure what Kaep would be doing “on” the helm…

      I won’t even point out that “Info” should not be capitalized; that “2nd” should be spelled out as “second”; that “date August 27, 2011″ is a fragment and should read, “The date was August 27, 2011”; that “texans” should be capitalized; that “baeting” is not a word; that “alot” should be “a lot”; that you left out “of” before “prayers”; and that you left out a word (“game”, maybe) between “the” and “against”.

      Oh rats, I went and pointed them all out. I am very sorry. I am trying not to judge the merits of your argument on the basis of your poor writing skills, but I find it difficult not to do so. However, when I do look past the third grade writing level, I find that your argument is actually… wait for it… wait for it… a second grade level argument.

      My, how wrong I would have been if I were to have prejudged the merits of your argument based on your writing style. Your argument is actually worse than your writing. What are the odds?

      And by the way, just for your info, Capey – in case you missed this little tidbit in the midst of your research– the game to which you refer above was a preseason game. Its predictive value for a regular season game over two years later is nil. I mean, with your “logic”, you could have predicted a 49ers loss last year at New Orleans based on the 49ers’ Aug 12, 2011 preseason loss in the Superdome. Wait, you probably did make such a prediction, didn’t you? How did that work out for you?

      The 49ers may lose to the Texans this year – I think that is a real possibility – but that will be because of the match up now, not what happened between two very different teams in a preseason game 25 months ago.

  18. I See the Seahawks winning the game against the Texans, because the Hawks are much better team then the disgruntled 49ers team. That i agree with you Seahawks will win.

    1. Yeah, completely agree, we’re disgruntled. We definitely need much more gruntle. Could use a few more Touchdowns and First Downs too. Maybe some sacks and defensive turnovers while we’re asking.
      But gruntle? Absolutely! Gotta have it.

      1. Mark, let us see if Gore can run against the Texans defense next week. The niners will lose that game at home against the Texans. When the 49ers play good teams with a good defense Kap and the niners offense can’t move the football.

      2. 23douche, just got off work at the bottle depot, jump on your dial up computer and start your garbage tossing. No wonder why you have nothing good to say.

  19. Everybody slows down. Some of the great ones can use their experience to compensate and perform at a high level. Gore, Ronnie Lott, Ray Lewis, Cris Carter, Rod Woodsen come to mind in that category. Gore IS older and slower, but he’s still Gore.
    Today Lowell admitted that his previously written “obit” for Gore was premature. It reminds me of a Mark Twain quote:
    “The reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

  20. The St. Louis Rams sucks. They can’t even run the football, they need to surround their Qb Bradford with offensive talents. It looks like the Rams are going to have a terrible season, judging by their performance against the Cowboys and the 49ers, this team stinks.

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