Kaepernick: “The only stat I really care about is whether we won or not.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


WR Anquan Boldin, what’s impressed you through five games and how he’s able to get open out there from a quarterback’s perspective?

“He’s a true professional. He knows how to prepare. He knows how to go out and get open. He knows what we’re trying to get done on plays and he goes out and performs.”


Do you see some veteran savvy in him that maybe other guys try to learn from him?

“Not only savvy, but just him being aggressive to the ball, playing aggressive, working routes, working defenders and ultimately when the ball’s in the air, he’s going after it.”


How big of a difference do you see in the Cardinals defense from last year to this year?

“Cardinals have always had a good defense. I think they were underrated last year as a defense, but this year they’re very good. They play hard, they play fast, show a lot of different looks.”


Have the personnel changes they’ve made affected them?

“They’re still out there playing defense. They’re playing hard, they know what they’re doing and they’re playing aggressive.”


Have you gotten to know Cardinals QB Carson Palmer at all when he was here with the Raiders?

“No, I haven’t.”


Is it kind of maybe an interesting evolution in your development now that you’re seeing these teams, especially within the division, a second time, third time? How does that kind of impact you?

“I don’t think it really impacts me too much. Defenses are going to change every time you see them. They’re going to have new wrinkles, so it’s just something you have to be ready for.”


Do you look at your stat sheet after a game?

“The only stat I really care about is whether we won or not.”


The outside world looks at the stat-line that you had Sunday night and sees 113 yards. Are you happy with the way the passing game is going right now?

“I’m happy with wins and consecutive wins. That’s the biggest thing for us. As long as we’re winning, that’s all that matters.”


Did that pass towards the end of the game to TE Vernon Davis get you some momentum do you think for the passing game going forward?

“I think it was another pass play. Vernon made a great play, outran a defender. As far as momentum for the passing game, you really just have to play it play-to-play. It’s going to depend what the defense is doing.”


What’s your take on Hard Knocks? Have you guys talked about it among yourselves about wanting to be on Hard Knocks?

“No, we’re worried about playing football.”


Do you watch it?



I have a hard-hitting question about your beard. How long do you think you’ll retain the beard and what inspired it?

“That’s a good question. It’s not something I’ve thought about, just kind of go with it as it goes.”

  1. Well you get about as much info outta him as Harbaugh…I dont even bother watching there interviews..Stats might not matter to him but the truth is he hasnt looked good at all..Overthrown balls and a reluctant to run.The lack of weapons is a factor but the eyeball test tells me something or someone is in his head..hopefully its just a slump he can get out of before we go down to New Orleans.

  2. Suit and tie. Suit and tie.
    You wanna look like a professional?
    You wanna look like a college grad?
    You wanna look like a grownup, a big boy?
    Shave off the beard, lose the color-coded headphones
    and the T-shirts and the tennis shoes.
    Buy a quality suit and tie.
    See if you can impress us at the next press conference, hokay?

  3. Do you have a list (or better, links to pictures, Youtube) of what other NFL QB’s are wearing during interviews? Are there stats related to what a QB wears during interviews and game performance? Suit and tie? Tailored or off the rack? Armani or Mens Warehouse? What do you, Alex, wear during interviews?

      1. Actually, I was thinking camo might be a good look for an NFL QB. I dunno, maybe it’s because I’m now a mountain man and that’s the popular dress up in these parts, lol.

      2. @Space-
        Tan? Me? Haha, naw I’m too Scotch-Irish; even when I surfed every day I only got red, not tanned. But Maui rocks and I go long-sleeved even in the ocean to minimize the Sun damage.
        Camo though? Not for Aldon anyway; he needs to get away from that paramilitary mentality!
        And does a suit make the man? Not. Washington, DC is chock full of guys in suits and they’re all lying. How do I know? Because when their lips are moving they’re lying.

      3. You’re on a roll, brotha! Yeah, I know about the sun in Hawaii, lived there a couple of years with some relatives on Oahu. First day on the beach and I got the worst sunburn of my life. Spent days in a cold tub of water, lol. After that, just went around in shorts after the greatest skin-peel ever!

  4. With so many changes in the roster…

    what’s the over and under on Kaep
    setting a Guinness World record for
    largest variety of road game roommates
    in the history of the NFL.

    And no risk of distraction you say?
    Keep talking, Mister Harbaw. Keep talking.

    1. Apparently playing the easiest schedule in the league gives you lots of extra time to stalk the guy that took your job.

      I’d be upset, too, if a kid that hasn’t even started a full season of games has already eclipsed everything I’ve tried to accomplish in 8+ years in the league.

  5. note to ‘Spaceborn’…
    It is called Google. You use it to conduct internet searches.
    It took about 30 seconds to locate pictures of
    Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady;
    all looking ‘squared away’ in a suit and tie.
    I am trusting you to draw adequate conclusions about their
    playing history/statistical breakdown vis a vie Kapunicus.
    Or would you rather wait to rate these gentleman until
    the end of the season? Up to you, bucko.

      1. Yeah and the turtleneck has to go too.Who dresses that guy? I thought his wife was a super model…seems like she could give him some pointers.

    1. If you wanna compare stats “vis a vie” you should compare Alex Smith’s first 16 games with Colin’s. Or play the always-fun guessing game; “Which Quarterback Been Benched for Trent Dilfer, Shawn Hill, and David Carr?”

  6. Kaep has it right. Wins are all that matters, despite the fact that the last stat line was very Tebowesque. I’m sure it won’t continue that way.

  7. “The only stat I really care about is whether we won or not.” Hmm, I remember Alex Smith saying exactly the same thing when he was being criticized.

  8. Tell you what Kap……. You seem what happened to the last guy who lived by this philosophy. You’re having the same issues as he did.
    1 won’t pull the trigger
    2 first read or no read
    3 feeling like the walls are caving in.

    Take it from the guy who caddied for his coach and use to get his shoulder pads pounded before each game…. Produce more or it’s off you go. This is SF
    And you’re following a rich history of greats. It won’t take long if you keep playing like this until fans start questioning you.
    Get off the commercial scene, and get back to 2012 form. ASAP. We got seahaks to catch!

    1. MD,

      Amen. If Kap can’t tighten his game up, we have to move forward. There are far to many college prospects coming out next year. Unfortunately, we can’t give Kap 7 years.

      1. He hasn’t gotten one year yet jordan..We shouldn’t be talkin bout movin on…other than movin onto the next opponent after beating down the previous one… moving onto the playoffs..moving onto the superbowl..moving into new stadium with sixth Lombardi trophy..

      2. Deezy

        Those things are what I predict. What I expect. What I want. I’m not a blindly loyal fan. If I see a player failing, I’m gonna call it. Kap has not played horribly. He’s missed receivers, his play has been shaky. He hasn’t been settled. He’s got at least another 2 years before I lose my patience. We can win games but not a super bowl with him looking like this. I expect things to get better and they will. Our defense will afford his the time to improve. We’re good.

    2. Yeah well here comes Pollyanna, but CK’s my boy. He’s my Homie for short term, medium term, and long term. My eyes see what your eyes see, but he’s my boy. I’d walk point for him.

    3. Whoooa MD!
      CK is not looking like the swagger/confident type we seen last season, but if whatever he’s doing is producing wins then I can live with unattractive stats.

      If this teams goes on a bad losing streak and Kap is mostly responsible for it, then you, I, and the faithful have a strong cause to begin the finger pointing. But we are only one game back of the c-hawks and very much in position to contend for a playoff spot and even the West Div. title once the hawks have a couple of bad games.

      We’ll be ok and so will CK7.

    4. Kap is rite tho..I want Kap to play good or better in the playoffs..this reg season fantasy football stats dont matter.. we just gotta get in the playoffs..if the ravens,giants and packers,can win the superbowl ..playin sloppy in reg season…So can our Niners..

      1. We have a lot of help coming before the seasons over so peaking at the end is better than peaking at the start. Let’s see how far KC, Denver, NO…etc make it through the playoffs. Lots of football to be played still.

    5. ninermd:

      Except for the fact that the issues you identified didn’t actually exist (well, maybe #3 did) and the fact that Kaep’s elevation over Smith was not due to any dissatisfaction with Smith’s production, that’s an accurate recitation of what happened.

      As for your advice to Kaepernick, please tell me you are kidding. It’s way too early in his career to suggest that he will be gone if he doesn’t immediately start producing more. Thank God Baalke and Harbaugh are more patient and wise than to put that kind of misguided and unhelpful pressure on him.

      And it’s not important if the fans start questioning him. The fans’ opinions don’t matter. The only opinions that matter are those of Harbaugh and his coaches, the successful, trained professionals who actually know what they are talking about.

      1. Plus we just slaughtered the last two teams so who cares about meaningless stats? I’ll take 14 more of those games any day vs a Romo-Fantasy-Pass-Fest loss. I guess style points are important to the fans.

      2. Mauidave….. Nobody is asking for fantasy stats.
        I’m asking that he gives our defense some rest and make some more throws. Instead of relying on the running game only. Like so many think on here if you give some well deserved critisism on a player you’ve given up on them or you hate them. Not the case here. When Alex or any other player wasn’t playing well I gave them the same. Ck isn’t anyone special. IMO his offseason was full of commercial making. I think he got comfortable because he played well last season. It’s an honest mistake made by young phenoms. I think he and Harbaugh will get it back. Now as far as G Roman….. IMO he’s garbage. That won’t change.

    6. Take it from the guy that caddied for his coach?

      According to Smith’s 49er experience, Kaepernick has a 6-7 year window where he can be a losing checkdown and interception thrower . Heck, he’s had two Smithian performances (with victories) and has managed to not get happy feet and get concussed.

      I doubt he’s worried at all.

      1. Rev….. That meant… Most on here and smith himself felt comfortable with all of the great comments and attention he was getting from Harbaugh. Most didn’t think smith was going anywhere, especially being benched because of a concussion. Yeah if I were CK I wouldn’t get comfortable with Harbaugh if you’re not producing the way HE wants you to. I believe ck has a pretty lengthy leash, but it doesn’t mean he can continue playing poorly long.

      2. as crappy as kaepernick has played it would be worse if he were throwing to curtis conway and johnnie morton, had kwame harris and not the best oline in the league blocking for him, and was being coordinated by jim hostler or jimmy raye and coached by mike nolan or mike singletary…your 6-7 year comment makes no sense when you compare the circumstances smith faced and the gift that kaepernick inherited

      3. Well Mark..alex was gifted the first round pick that should’ve been Aaron rodgers..and 50million or more..lol..He wasnt no victim by any means..

      4. And AS played for such brilliant HCs like Nolan and Singletary. If you look for a “player’s coach” , look the other way.
        The only positive for AS was one year under Norv.
        Rodgers might be the one who had his shoulder further damaged by playing hurt.
        And Sing didn’t have any sense of offensive direction, just wanted quick results to save his job.

      5. your 6-7 year comment makes no sense when you compare the circumstances smith faced and the gift that kaepernick inherited

        There should be a FAQ page so people don’t have to repeat the facts every time someone brings out the unfair comparsions.
        If comparing AS and Kaep, compare stats of both under Harbaugh.
        AS improved in his 2nd year under JH, I’m looking for Kaep to do the same.

      6. It’s ironic Jack…Cause mark brought up.. what if Kap had Conway and johnnie morton to throw to..Now morton is the Wr receivers coach..He Oversees our weak wr core..and has a say in some of the passing schemes i hear..Which are terrible..Idk what or how’s he teaching them..to get off the press..route running…but.. idk..Jack..lol..

      7. Albert..Watching Alex back then..He had accuracy issues..he was knocked for having small hands..Happy feet..trigger shy…Youre right tho.Nolan and Singletary didnt know anything bout offense..They didnt have the right plan for a qb like alex..Which u see harbaugh do here and Reid is doin in Kc..Which is..Take the ball outta his hands..Play good defense and special teams..Get ya run game goin.dont force passes..Alex is effective when he doesnt have to be “The Guy”

    7. Claude…. Naaa dude I was right on with those 3.
      And I’m not burying this kid, but it’s a problem (his play) at this point or questions wouldn’t be brought up. NO way they win the superbowl with his play right now. That’s my point. Do I think he will get better? Yes I do. Am I questioning the GM and coach? Nope. I’ve defended them for a couple of years now. You’re right, like I’ve stated to some on here. They aren’t the GM and coach of the year for nothing.
      My problem is with the blank answer…. Once I’d like to hear an athlete say, I’m playing like crap, but I’m fortunate my teammates are picking it up for me right now.
      So in NO way am I giving up on him. And Claude… If fans opinions didn’t mean anything coaches wouldn’t be changing qb’s in the middle of a slaughter because 1000′s of them are yelling CARR CARR CARR…. Our opinions might not always change things, but you better believe they mean something. Don’t tell me owners don’t fire coaches, or GM’s, or coaches don’t cut or bench players because fans (owners money) aren’t happy. That would be a small way of thinking.

      1. Well MD according Lameareafanatic organizations base personnel decisions on how much revenue is generated by that players jersey sales and who is getting booed at the stadium.
        No way in hell do smart organizations base any decisions on what fans think. That is small thinking. Have you seen the people at football games, half of them I would not let wash my car!

      2. Hey…… I go to every game and wash cars like a champ. Take t easy. You can bet your bottom dollar if Harbaugh started sucking and fans didn’t show up or buy gear the owner “a smart owner” will be making a move. Money talks…. Crap players and coaches walk”

      3. True md, fans vote can with their feet. Such as bay who vowed to to bail the team if then kept playing Smuith. However gate revenue represents only about 20% of NFL total revenue and that is split 60/40 home/visiting teams.

        So you tell me, when was the last time a 49er game was blacked out due to a non-sellout? It doesn’t matter who the team fields, and despite your hate generated in their direction and calls for the 3rd string QB, the team is always going to do phenomenally well in that regard. And that’s the bottom line.

      4. ninermd:

        You are fooling yourself if you think any competent coach makes personnel decisions based upon what uninformed fans want. No successful coach has ever done any such thing. They make their decisions based on what they think is right for the team, not on what a bunch of drunken loudmouths think. There’s a reason why you’re drunk in the stands paying to be in the stadium, and the coaches are on the field being paid to coach.

        And I wouldn’t point to anything Singletary did as evidence of what good coaches do. If you really believe that he made the switch because of your chants, and you know that he was a horrible coach, you might consider that the two things are correlated.

        I absolutely am telling you that competent owners don’t fire coaches, or GM’s merely because fans want them to. They fire them if the team isn’t successful. And competent coaches definitely don’t cut or bench players because fans want them to. Putting the fans in charge of personnel decisions wouldn’t just be a small way of thinking, it would be idiotic.

      5. Season ticket holders think they are special and every once in awhile are thrown a bone with a dinner to voice their opinions. At the end of the day it’s all smoke, buy tickets drink beer and well handle the rest management says! As long as TV deals are present in the NFL, gate revenue means f all!

    8. md: Produce more or it’s off you go.
      jordo: If Kap can’t tighten his game up, we have to move forward.
      Bay? you are the 3rd member of this troika, how do you chime in?

      Wow. I had you guys pegged all wrong. You are not just Smith haters, you are just plain old haters.

      WHO in their right mind even considers posting about giving Kaep the hook? After playing 5 games, winning 3, against pretty tough competition? How about a full season at least before allowing such garbage to flow out of your minds?

      1. Lol of course you would take it and spin it in your own way. You go ahead an do that. Ill pop the collar on my CK jersey at the games or at home. Chump!

  9. 14 games in and the usual fairweather fans are looking down the road to replace their once savior of the franchise. I’ve been critical of CK’s game but not once did I think about looking for a replacement. I can’t believe it but then again look at who is making the suggestion to look beyond CK’s future as the Niners QB. Unreal!

    1. Prime – Last year and beginning of this season Niners were counting on Kap to do everything…Last 2 games they felt they didn’t need Kap.
      When it’s all said and done, “somewhere in between” will be the magic formula.
      Somes teams figured out how to contain Kap. Now Niners must counter and change their approach.
      I believe Harbs/Kap will work things out offensively in the next 2-3 weeks. Our defense can carry us until Crabtree and Manningham return.
      When Niners were 1-2 I said things can change quick in NFL with teams. It’s the same with QB’s, they can get hot as fast as tbey get cold. Just wait and and see.

      1. Some not somes, they not tbey…..I’m auto blogging with Subway breakfast sandwich in one hand, coffee in other and steering with knees. No damn cup holders in this car!

      2. Crab if we are to expect Crabtree to return in late Novemeber and pick up where he left off I think that’s wishful thinking. Keep in mind this was an Achilles tear which is one of the most difficult injuries to recover from. Add the fact Crabtree’s conditioning won’t be very good and he is coming into the part of the season where things get real serious and really physical.
        My point is Crabtree wont save the day for this passing attack. We need someone like Baldwin, Williams, Moore to step up this week and beyond for anything realistically good to happen for this passing offense. Waiting for two guys to come off serious injuries and save the day is a lot to expect.

      3. As well Prime they might not even be ready by then. I mean have they both even started running? If they have great and they might be 3-4 weeks away but if they have not even attempted running or cutting on grass, then it will be another 6-8 weeks.
        Football might be the most difficult of all the sports to just jump right back in. This is why training camp is so critical. Now Crabtree has not been the best conditioned athlete in the past so it might take him longer and based on his past, he is not the quickest healer of injuries.
        As for Mario Manningham who I like a lot, he has always been injury prone and in terms of football standards, he is not the biggest guy. The contact early for him might be an issue.

      4. Prime – excellent points, we can’t just wait around. Hopefully Crabtree will return from Achilles tear as well as DeMaryius Thomas has.

      5. Thanks Bay. Unfortunately that does not look like running or cutting to me. Next will be jumping and coming down on that injured Achilles. The twisting, change of direction is the most essential for the WR position. I’m hoping we see that over the next two weeks so he can be back for critical games against the Saints or Seahawks.

    2. >>14 games in and the usual fairweather fans are looking down the road to replace their once savior of the franchise.

      I know, Prime. Un-f’ing-believable. JFC, when I signed up for Niner fandom, I didn’t realize it would be taking place in the looney bin.

  10. A QB has a 20% drop in passing production. His scoring is down from last year, his turnovers are up this year. On top of that, his QB rating is down and he has two games in which his completion percentage is under 50%. He’s been to the superbowl, so his fans should cut him some slack. Especially since he lost all of his top targets and is being asked to run a different offense than he did last year.
    Who do you ask? Tom Brady that’s who. I give Patriots fans credit. They see the big picture. Understand what is going on. They are not making douche bag statements about their QB solely on the basis that they didn’t like the circumstances in which he replaced Bledsoe.
    Have faith. Our QB will come out from this circumstance a better more rounded QB. We will get healthy and peak at the right time. We will win the west, and we will return to the superbowl.

    1. Bay – You are the voice of reason…You get it. That’s how you post when you know what the hell you’re talkin about.

    2. Pat Kirwin pointed out that through the first 5 games last year the Pats threw 8 TD passes and through the first 5 games this season they’ve thrown 7. The difference is that through the first 5 of last year they had 10 running TD’s and this year they have 1.

      It’s even easier to give him some slack if you know the facts and realize the drop in production really isn’t in the passing game vs last season.

      1. Crabs,

        I’m a team guy. I always have been. If any player on this team can’t pull his weight, sit him down bro. I believe in Lap. That being said, JH will draft a QB next year for sure to develop.


      2. Coffee – Bay talked about giving Kap some slack etc. Then you replied about giving him slack. Did I read it wrong? Sorry if I misunderstood you. Been in my car all damn day, trying to blog on the fly.

    3. >>Who do you ask? Tom Brady that’s who. I give Patriots fans credit. They see the big picture.

      LOL. Set the bar high there, bay? You are talking about a QB that has had about as much *career* success as Joe Montana. If any Niners fan got on Montana during a down year, they should have turned in their NFL, let alone Niner, fan badge.

  11. Crab, driving with knees?
    C’mon man! (lol).

    Just a quick parallel; in the same way you can get where your going using your knees, CK is getting the team where it needs to go albeit somewhat unconventional.

    Lots of football left to play yet, CK has yet to play his best since opening game. I’ve got a good feeling that he’s about ready to take the wheel again.
    Here’s to Hof67: All Arrows Up!

  12. Can someone guess from which game the following passing stats:

    14 of 22, 157 Yards, 1 TD, 0 Int, long of 22

    Answer: MVP Joe Montana in Super Bowl 16. Final Score SF 26 Cin 21.

    Certainly nobody would have given Joe an F for his effort in that game. Yet here are Kap’s numbers from last week’s game which have created such an angst among the bloggers here:

    6 of 15, 115 yards, 1 TD, 0 Int, Long 65. Final score SF 34 Hou 3.

    Sometimes it is the flow of the game that decides the stats. I was at the Stick, and my take was that the entire stadium (fans, team, coaches) seemed to sort of sit back and relax once the Niners went up 21-0. It was obvious at half time that Foster and Tate were not going to get many yards running, and Schaub was in a funk and Houston did not have a snowball’s chance in hell of coming back. I believe some of that lack of urgency was partly responsible for the way the Niners offense played in the third quarter.

    Also, some credit has to be given to the Houston D. People seem to forget that these guys are professionals and have a certain amount of pride. They were not going to lay down like dogs even down 21-0.

    Bottom line we got a W against a good team. Now we have three winnable games and should be 6-2 at the halfway point. Nothing wrong with that.

    1. Very appropriate. Especially the Montana comparison at that point in his career. Young QB, no elite weapons. Relied on defense. One bad ass goal line stand and a running game.

  13. Kaep: “As far as momentum for the passing game, you really just have to play it play-to-play. It’s going to depend what the defense is doing.”

    So THAT’S the problem. Kaep, haven’t you heard it said around here? You are supposed to force your will on the defense, not this namby-pamby taking what the defense gives you.

    1. But that is what the org wants him to do, take what they give him.It’s a shame in my opinion because i truly believe kap is just as pissed as you and me, he wants to go downfield, he wants to make plays but Roman wants him to take what’s in front of him. Now kap missed some open downfield throws last game, thats on him. He has to hit them when they make themselves available

    2. You’re saying Roman takes away Kaep’s abilities to change calls at the LOS now?
      Steel and GC, what is the elephant(play calling) looks like? A wall? A rope?
      GC said Roman made Kaep go deep too much, which I disagree.

      1. Al, im saying roman is telling him to take what the d gives him, if its 8 or 9 in the box, go deep. Kap has missed to manyy of those throws. But if they are zoneing out, go short, intermidiate, move the chains. The play calling is way diffrent from week one. But i believe the outcone is supposed to be the same. Take what they give him. In my opinion they are calling explosive plays, those plays come when kap audibles. He just misses his target. That’s on him

    3. >> i truly believe kap is just as pissed as you and me.

      Steele, I guess my sarcasm wasn’t evident. I’m of the opinion that successful football *does* revolve around taking what the defense gives you, aka exploiting weaknesses. Others differ.

      1. Rib… My bad, im slow. I believe that as well. But i also belive if they are gonna stack the box, audible out n go deep. Its all about moving the chains and scoring. Let the d make the mistake.

  14. I could absolutely care less on yards per game,” Smith said. “I think that’s a totally overblown stat. Because if you’re losing games in the second half, guess what? You’re like the Carolina Panthers and you’re going no-huddle the entire second half and, yeah, Cam Newton threw for a lot of 300-yard games, that’s great. You’re not winning, though.”

  15. Kaep statement is quite laughable, if he win’s with those stats, he will be not be making $18 to $20 million a year. I guess he does not care about $$ What a guy.

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