Kaepernick: “The only stat I really care about is whether we won or not.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers.


WR Anquan Boldin, what’s impressed you through five games and how he’s able to get open out there from a quarterback’s perspective?

“He’s a true professional. He knows how to prepare. He knows how to go out and get open. He knows what we’re trying to get done on plays and he goes out and performs.”


Do you see some veteran savvy in him that maybe other guys try to learn from him?

“Not only savvy, but just him being aggressive to the ball, playing aggressive, working routes, working defenders and ultimately when the ball’s in the air, he’s going after it.”


How big of a difference do you see in the Cardinals defense from last year to this year?

“Cardinals have always had a good defense. I think they were underrated last year as a defense, but this year they’re very good. They play hard, they play fast, show a lot of different looks.”


Have the personnel changes they’ve made affected them?

“They’re still out there playing defense. They’re playing hard, they know what they’re doing and they’re playing aggressive.”


Have you gotten to know Cardinals QB Carson Palmer at all when he was here with the Raiders?

“No, I haven’t.”


Is it kind of maybe an interesting evolution in your development now that you’re seeing these teams, especially within the division, a second time, third time? How does that kind of impact you?

“I don’t think it really impacts me too much. Defenses are going to change every time you see them. They’re going to have new wrinkles, so it’s just something you have to be ready for.”


Do you look at your stat sheet after a game?

“The only stat I really care about is whether we won or not.”


The outside world looks at the stat-line that you had Sunday night and sees 113 yards. Are you happy with the way the passing game is going right now?

“I’m happy with wins and consecutive wins. That’s the biggest thing for us. As long as we’re winning, that’s all that matters.”


Did that pass towards the end of the game to TE Vernon Davis get you some momentum do you think for the passing game going forward?

“I think it was another pass play. Vernon made a great play, outran a defender. As far as momentum for the passing game, you really just have to play it play-to-play. It’s going to depend what the defense is doing.”


What’s your take on Hard Knocks? Have you guys talked about it among yourselves about wanting to be on Hard Knocks?

“No, we’re worried about playing football.”


Do you watch it?



I have a hard-hitting question about your beard. How long do you think you’ll retain the beard and what inspired it?

“That’s a good question. It’s not something I’ve thought about, just kind of go with it as it goes.”

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