Kaepernick: “If I threw the ball a foot farther, we’re playing this week.”

Colin Kaepernick gave the best interview of his pro career Wednesday morning on KNBR. Here is a transcript.

Q: You look relaxed.

KAEPERNICK: Once the season ends I can relax a little bit, talk a little bit more to the media.

Q: Why are you shorter during the season and looser during the offseason?

KAEPERNICK: To me, during the season the media is trying to find things to pick about, whether it’s your team or you or they’re looking for things that they can put out there that might be game-plan-specific or things you’re looking at by the defense. To me, the shorter I can, the less information I give out, the more advantageous it is to our team.

Q: Is that something Jim Harbaugh has talked to you about and maybe coached you up on?

KAEPERNICK: It’s something we talk about as a team, as far as not giving information out and not trying to give any details of what we’re doing. I think it’s something that ultimately is going to help our team.

Q: When you see guys like Russell Wilson filling up notebooks, do you want to learn the art of talking for a long time while saying nothing?

KAEPERNICK: I have that art too, but I figure if I can say the same thing in seven words as opposed to 47, I’m going to do it. I’m trying to save their time and mine.

Q: What do you think about when you think about the NFC Championship game?

KAEPERNICK: Missed opportunities, especially reflecting back to the last game. For me, if I threw that ball a foot farther, we’re playing this week. That’s something that’s going to be with me this offseason.

Q: Why was the pass shorter than you wanted it?

KAEPERNICK: I thought I put enough on it where it would drop over (Sherman’s) head and give Crabtree a chance. It’s always easy to look back and say I should have put a little bit more on it, but at that point in time I thought I had thrown a good ball.

Q: Is there anything you would do different during that last sequence of plays?

KAEPERNICK: No, I think I would do it the same way again. We had moved down the field. We got a one-on-one matchup backside on the last play. I’m going to take Crabtree every chance I get on a one-on-one matchup.

Q: Even against Richard Sherman? Is that something you second guess?

KAEPERNICK: No, I wouldn’t second guess that at all. I don’t play this game to play with fear of a player or another team or anyone. I saw the matchup. I liked it. I’m going to take my chance.

Q: Why do you seem to run less in the regular season than you do in the playoffs?

KAEPERNICK: Some of it is game-plan specific. You have 16 weeks during the regular season and you may not want to take all of those hits. There are a lot of opportunities for injuries, a lot of chance that you could lose your starting quarterback. It’s something that our offensive coordinator talked to me about, a lot of our coaches have talked about – make sure you protect yourself. When we give you those opportunities to run, make sure you get out of bounds or get down. You get to the postseason, it’s one-and-done, so we’re going to do everything we can to try to win those games.

Q: Richard Sherman insulted Michael Crabtree. What do you think of that?

KAEPERNICK: I think it was a ridiculous statement. I think everyone who saw it knows it was a ridiculous statement. Crabtree is one of the best receivers in the league in my opinion. He’s done a lot for this team and a lot for this organization. To have someone try to call him out that way is absurd.

Q: Did you want to fire back?

KAEPERNICK: I don’t need to fire back. I’m going to let my play on the field do the talking.

Q: Are you eager to negotiate a new deal before the 2014 season starts.

KAEPERNICK: I’m not worried about that. I’m going to let my agent worry about it. I’m trying to focus on what I need to do to get ready for next season and improve myself and help improve this offense and ultimately help win a Super Bowl.

Q: Would you be willing to take less money to have a more complete roster?

KAEPERNICK: I think it’s a balance. You want to be paid fairly for what you feel like what you’re doing in comparison to your peers. But at the same time, if we want to get Anquan Boldin back or Donte Whitner back, we’re going to have to make moves to get them back and there has to be room for everyone. That’s something I’m going to let my agent and the organization try to figure out. Hopefully it’s a position that we can assemble the best team that we need.

Q: Joe Montana told USA Today you need to become a better pocket passer. Is pocket passing your No.1 priority this offseason?

KAEPERNICK: I think pocket passing is something that is overlooked as far as what I do. I think people see me run around, see me throw on the run, see me run downfield and say, “That’s just what he does.” But, when you step up in the pocket and make a normal throw, it gets overlooked because you’re not running around. Yes, you want to get better at it. I want to get better at throwing on the run. I want to get better at going through progressions quicker. You want to get better at everything, but I don’t think that’s something that specifically is being addressed.

Q: What is it like playing for Jim Harbaugh, and what is your relationship like with him.

KAEPERNICK: I think I have a great relationship with Coach Harbaugh. He is a maniac. He has some unorthodox ways, but ultimately he’s going to do everything he can to put this team and this organization in a position to win. Not on just a week-to-week basis, but to win championships. I think that’s why we’ve been so successful the past three years. He’s going to go through every detail and find an edge on the opponent.

Q: Where are you training this offseason?

KAEPERNICK: Heading down to Miami, going to a place that Frank Gore and Anquan Boldin recommended to me.

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  1. Kaepernick: “If I threw the ball a foot farther, we’re playing this week.”
    Except you didn’t, and you’re not.

    1. And he said that would be with him all off season…he’s already taken responsibility for the loss…great interview

    2. I think the point he was trying to make is that the mistake was more on him than Crabtree. So for Sherman to call Crabs sorry and mediocre for a pass that should have been placed better is ridiculous.

      At least that’s what I get from it. Its really nice to hear him relaxed and playing it cool. It would be nice if he was more like this during the season but I understand his reasoning.

      I really like this guy and hope he can come out and have a great year.

      1. Crabs had 4 catches with 8 targets. 0 TDs. Crabs and CK ended two seasons in the end zone.

        Maybe if Crabs had more separation on that last play…or was open on others. I didn’t see the coaches tape and not sure how much Sherman covered crabs, but I can tell you he was a non-factor. We did not throw to Sherman’s side of the field all game. That is not a SB deserving team. I wouldn’t call Crabs sorry, but I can say against Seattle and Sherman… he is pretty much ineffective.

    3. Or…if you’d seen Quentin Patton standing alone on the 8 yard line and thrown him the ball, that also could have put y0u and the 9ers in the Big Game…..but you locked onto Crabtree, and, well, we know the rest of the story….

  2. Great interview, and honest answers! I think CK will make the necessary improvements this offseason and be better on the field next year.

  3. Going down to Miami to train, I expect Kap to be in peak physical condition next yr. I just pray there’s a QB coach or he takes one with him.

    1. So what was he this year….I just hope we don’t see anymore naked photos…

      I understand the exposure for media and sponsorship purposes but he really needs to dial it back a bit a focus this off-season.

      It would be nice for him to spend time with a QB coach

      1. He was in good shape this year. But there’s a reason many of the Beat NFL players come from Miami. There’s a different breed of athletes there. ESPN did a special on them. I believe Boldin was featured in it. They talked about how the kids chase rabbits once they burn the cane fields.

      2. KY
        That’s not in Miami. ur thinking of the “muck bowl” in the center plains. they have 2 schools (appopka I think) in a downtrodden farming area that produces 5-10 D1 players a year. JJenkins, boldin and a bunch of other NFL players come from there.

  4. Colin you have my support and faith. Just get back to work and let’s get better in all aspects of quarterbacking and bring us the Sixth trophy. Go Niners

  5. He’ll get some flak for the What If, but I like the fact that CK was honest. He underthrew the ball and Crabtree took the brunt of Sherman’s jerk routine. The fact of the matter is that Crabtree beat Sherman and he had a step on him. A better pass results in a 49er win.

    1. Houston,

      I disagree. Sherman ran that route step for step with Crabs. Crabs stutter stepped and Sherman didn’t bite. He was right there with Crabs.

  6. ((IF)) Yes the ball was underthrown but it was absolutely a stupid play, 45 seconds left and two time outs. That is the type of play that you use for 4th down. Even if the Niners scored, there was enough time for the Hawks to still win. He needs to learn how to FINISH and learn the fundamental of the game. He is still not a smart football player, has the talent and the drive to be one of the greatest, right now he is a under performer.

    1. Neal i disagree. For a few reasons:

      49ers have not been very efficient in the red zone by scoring Tds and since they were playing against a very good red zone defense why not take advantage of a one on one situation. Ck did not place the ball where it needed to be. Its easy for us to sit back after the lost and question every single situation including why he did not go patten or hunter! But to be fair when you see one on one coverage between your best WR and their DB why not take a shot! However i do agree with you if you attempt to take a shot then you better throw the ball in an area that either the WR catches the ball or its incomplete. Unfortunately CK did not do that and because of the lack of accuracy we lost the game. However CK alone did not lose the game. Our defense gave up two huge plays for Tds and special team choked when needed by giving up a huge return. I just hope CK learns from this experience that if you are gong for the kill you better throw it in a way that will not kill your own team!!!

  7. The last offensive play in Seattle was almost identical to the last offensive play in Arizona from week 17. Trips to the left side with a vertical by the single receiver on the right.

    In Arizona he put more air under the ball and the DB was a guy who gave up a passer rating of 91.7 during the regular season. In Seattle the ball came out very flat and the DB was the best cornerback in the game.

    A lot of talk about receivers around here right now, but on that play it wouldn’t have mattered if Crabtree was 7′ tall, he would not have been able to make a play on the ball the way that it was thrown.

    1. What type of receiver do you need to beat Richard Sherman?

      He gave up 2 TD’s all season, both to guys 5’10″ or less, TY Hilton and Jarius Wright. What do these guys have in common? Which receiver(s) in the draft are most similar?

      1. Wright was a 4th round pick in 2012 and has 48 receptions for an average of 15.5 yards per and 5 TD’s. Compare those number to the receiver the 49ers chose in the first round of that draft.

        Keep defending Baalke.

      2. Whoa Jack. I wasn’t comparing him to anybody. I just pointed out that he wasn’t worth singing praises over. I’m not defending Baalke on the pick of Jenkins. It was a bad pick.

      3. Wright was touted as “the best receiver in the draft” by our esteemed host. While 48 catches in 2 years isn’t bad its clearly ot what the best WR in the draft does. Lets not forget the praises sung about Stephen hill who also has sucked

  8. I’m listening to Colin on ESPN on Mike and Mike. He basically said he did nothing wrong. If you give him that pass, he’s going to take it 10x out of 10. This is the same mentality as Roman has of running Gore up against the box, eventually he will break one.
    The Niners are going to be in the same situation and he’s going to make the same mistakes.

    He’s not learning how to FINISH. And that’s the bad part…

      1. Many like to rip on Smith for being cautious, yet with the game on the line in his first playoff game he ripped the game winner in to Davis from 14 yards out.

        Kaepernick has now found himself in the same position in 2 games and both times he has failed miserably.

      2. Thank you, Jack. You remind us that that species is not to be messed with!
        Also, her plan might be of use with those pesky people selling God door to door.

    1. Well wouldn’t every QB take a one on one, no safety over the top shot in the corner of the endzone to his #1 WR for the game-winner….unless your name is Alex Smith…than his answer would be I’m going to take a FB in the flat 10x out of 10…

      Kap’s a playmaker… yes he doesn’t make the best decisions sometime but he will learn. But IMO a QB that isn’t afraid to pull the trigger is what we need under center.

      1. Well wouldn’t every QB take a one on one, no safety over the top shot in the corner of the endzone to his #1 WR for the game-

        Not if he has another man wide open like Patton was on that series. That has nothing to do with Alex Smith.

      2. Patton was open for a minimal gain. That is where you go if you are pressured and have nobody else open. He made the decision to throw it to Crabs because both Safeties were leaning to the left side and he saw a true one on one chance. It failed, but throwing a pass to Patton for 5 yards, burning more time of the clock and getting deeper into the down count wasn’t exactly going to win them the game either.

      3. rocket:

        They had 30 seconds on the clock, and 2 timeouts. The smart play was to take the yardage that was there, and give yourself a chance to run 2-3 more plays. There was no need to go for the TD in that situation, especially not on a pass to a receiver covered so closely by Sherman. It was a bad decision. The fact that Kaepernick doesn’t seem interested in learning from his mistake is what bothers me.

      4. Midwest,
        at the line the CB was up on the line on top of Patton. When Kaep went into his cadence, he backed off last second. Was Patton open? On a very well disguised play by the CB who was up on the line until almost the snap of the ball.
        The pre snap read was the correct read. My question is, had Harbaugh called time out, would he have still forced that match up?

      5. Claude- i think you can call it either way. Its almost as if there is no right answer in this situation. I bet if you interviewed all 32 starting QBs you’d probably get a 50-50 answer. Yes the throw sucked, but not the decision. He saw a true one on one in the corner with his go to guy. The ball should have and could have been in a spot where either Crabs pulls it in or it goes out of bounds….

        and the otherside yes he could have hit patton who was wide open who maybe gets 7-8 yds and live to play another down. But who knows what happens after that….

        Its football and its unpredictable…but like I said I’ll take a guy who will do anything to win and doesn’t play scared vs the guy who just plays it safe all the time…imo

      6. Claude,

        The decision was made before the snap. Patton was not a consideration because Kap took the one on one matchup in his pre snap read.

        I keep saying it and I’ll say it again; the result of the play was not good, but the read was correct. If every defender is leaning to the left side and your #1 WR is left one on one on the right with nobody over the top, you take a shot. The problem is he underthrew it and that is what he rightly focused on in the interview. A better throw and they either have a TD or are moving on to the next play.

      7. Leo:

        Not all one-on-one situations are the same. And why force that throw when there was no need to? It wasn’t 4th down, and there was plenty of time on the clock + 2 timeouts. It just didn’t seem like smart football.

        As for what would have happened afterwards if he had thrown it to Patton, you are correct that we will never know. But I think the chances of success would have been higher than they were on a throw to a receiver being tightly covered by the best CB in the league.

      8. Well said rocket…

        As far as the interview i like how he came across. People are reading way too much into this saying he doesn’t want to take blame. How many times has he admitted the ball should have been thrown better. The point is that he is focusing on the positives of this season. This team had a tremendous season and fought through a lot of adversity. All he’s saying is that they could have been there and if he made that throw they would have. He’s taking nothing away from the Hawks or pointing blame elsewhere.

        man give the guy a break

      9. Leo, well said. I actually like CKs response. He was stating the truth by recognizing that the coverage was there for him and just because Sherman is covering his WR he is not gong to shy away from throwing the ball. He also stated that he should have thrown a better ball and he is going to work on getting better on all aspects of playing the game. CK has the MOJO that Alex never had. Now CK needs to learn to become a more strategic with his decisions based on the game situation. I

      10. Claude i know what you are saying and the safe decision maybe would have been to find another WR but when you have one on one coverage its pretty good deal! Ck just did not execute by throwing the ball deeper to the sideline and unfortunately Sherman made an amazing play by twisting his body and batting down the ball and then the LB happened to be in the right place on the right time. We have to give credit to Sherman as much as blaming CK for his decision. I am telling you that pass was so close to be a TD that is scary but oh well.

      11. If Kaep would have looked to his left, he would have found two more favorable options Chicago. And as Jack pointed out from the clip that he posted, another foot on that throw and it would have hit the cameraman. Scooter also mentioned that the clip showed that Crabtree didn’t have a step up on Sherman, which made the first read too risky at that point.

      12. Chicago:

        Sorry, but it wasn’t like it was a 50-50 proposition. Kaepernick had little to no reason to believe that the play would be successful. You are correct that Sherman made a great play, but that’s what Sherman does. He makes plays, so why throw to his man when he has the receiver covered? That’s part of the reason why I question Kaep’s decision.

        And tell me again why we should admire Kaepernick for not shying away from throwing at Sherman? That’s the same admirable attitude that led to a lot of interceptions for Deion Sanders. It’s not smart football.

      13. You guys are telling part of the story. Yes, Kap had 1 on 1 with his favorite receiver. It was also against the best cornerback in football!! One who has the most career interceptions against Kap than anyone.

        For once in my life, myself and Claude are in agreement. Kap isn’t disturbed by the decision to make the throw?????? That worries me as well. That was NEVER the right throw to make.

      14. i take it you didnt see the chiefs colts game leo..or smith bringing his team back vs chargers…or driving the ball downfield from his end zone vs broncos

      15. Quick question. What pattern is Michael Crabtrees staple? I mean what does he do that’s sucesfull a majority of the time? Whether red zone or not, id say its either the quick slant or the 12-15 yrd comeback. You could wake up keep and crab at 4 in the morning and with their eyes half closed I bet they could complete either one of those.
        Second question: How effective has MC been on the endzone fade? I can only remember 1 instance of MC ever catching a jump ball fade over somebody and that was thrown by alex smith vs cardinals last year where MC beat patrick Peterson.
        I ask because while 1 on 1 seems like a good matchup its less so when ur running a pattern on which u have close to 0 success. To throw a fade takes touch (something keep lacks) and great accuracy (another thing not CK’s strength) and truth be told CK is AWFULL at throwing fades. Whether its last year in the SB or this year. Somebody please find me a time when CK has successfully thrown and completed a fade. So 1 on 1 slant or post to MC il live with that and the outcome but a low % throw to a WR who doesn’t catch them vs a CB who is the best in the league at defending fades =bad decision

      16. I tend to agree that the matchup was not favorable for that throw, but I heard an interview with Warren Moon in which he stated he would have made the throw. He did say it would take a perfect throw.

      17. JPN
        Moon could make that throw. He threw the prettiest fade/long ball where the ball would turn over just right. Kaep’s thrown are a little “flat” and don’t have the trajectory. WM could drop a fade down a chimney 2 streets away

      18. Bos49,
        Interesting observation. Kaep keeps talking about how he would take that one on one matchup every time. Okay here’s the problem. Crabs was not open. On the stutter and go, crabs did not fake out Sherman, so he lost that play.
        Kaep makes his pre-snap read, thinks he can beat Sherman with the fade, and under throws the pass. If only he threw it a few inches higher he says.
        But he didn’t.
        So kaep also failed in his execution.
        What’s left to argue?
        If all you have to say is I’m a kaep hater, then just move along because you’re not offering any input or advice that’s relevant to the discussion of where do the niners go from here with the qb they have invited their Super Bowl aspirations on.
        If our QB can trust other receivers, what good is he?

      19. Leo

        How can you make that statement? Perhaps you should do a comparison of Smith and Kap stats since Smith went to the Chiefs. Pulling the trigger is great, but if it’s a shotgun you’re firing….Look out!

  9. The man is living in denial. If after all this time to think through the last play of the game and he still says he would do it again…
    Time to draft another QB!

      1. He makes some good points, but he also comes off as hating Kaep…it’s just an observation and not an indictment of fan77…

  10. The fact that Kaep cant admit he messed up is really really bad news. If a pass gets intercepted, it was the wrong play no matter what. The stubbornness of this and the throws in the super bowl are not a good look.

    As a person who was excited about Kaep and hoped Alex Smith would lose his job to him- i was wrong. Kaep isnt the answer. Looking back on things now- Alex Smith wasnt the problem… It was greg roman and the limited passing his system produces.

    Alex Smith looked a ton better this last year playing for Andy Reid, and he will be even better next year. The niners need to fire Roman- it was telling that he didnt even get a interview anywhere

    1. Bigsuede if you want Roman gone it follows suit you must want Harbaugh gone also because the O wo’nt radically change as long as Harbaugh is the HC

      1. Where would you come up with the idea that the playcalling and game plan is produced by Harbaugh? It is stated time and time again that this is a greg roman offense. Greg roman came up with the endless shifting. Greg roman calls all the plays. This is reinforced all the time. Reporters always ask roman himself how much harbaugh inserts himself into the playcalling and roman always says harbaugh gives him the leeway to run the offense.

        To suggest something different is odd. Harbaugh has never even been an offensive coordinator at any level.

      2. It’s Harbaugh’s philosophy. Harbaugh was running this style of offense before Roman ever joined his staff. The play calling goes through Harbaugh who can veto it and call something else if he wishes too. This is Harbaugh’s offense, don’t kid yourself.

      3. Rocket- before the niners- David Shaw was the offensive coordinator and the “passing coordinator” on harbaugh’s staff.

        During that time his harbaugh’s teams averaged close to 300 yards passing and scored an average of 42 points per game.

        How many times have the niners scored over 40 with greg roman (the oc- running coordinator at stanford?)???

        Is it so hard to believe that greg roman- the guy who was solely involved in offensive line coaching and running coaching might not be the best with passing plays? Is it so hard to believe that the guy running an offense that was 31st in passing offense might be a poor offensive coordinator when it comes to the pass game???

      4. There’s a big difference between College and Pro football Big Suede. There’s no Totally overmatched State University on a pro schedule. What isn’t different is Harbaugh’s philosophy of a physical run oriented scheme with Play action passing.

        He’s made no secret that he believes in the Bo Schembechler offense with a little Lindy Infante sprinkled in. They were his mentors and that is what he does. Roman is running what his HC wants him to.

      5. Big Suede,

        “During that time his harbaugh’s teams averaged close to 300 yards passing and scored an average of 42 points per game.”

        Last I checked David Shaw is still at Stanford. Have you checked out their passing numbers the last 2 years? They averaged just over 200 per game in 2012 and just under that number in 2013.

        Maybe the QB had something to do with the numbers back in 2010 and 2011. That kid was ok.

      6. Rocket- is the nfl and college game so different? Chip kelly had a high powered offense in college and his eagle team ranked #2 is total offense past season.

        Is it that hard to notice that the OC that spent all of his time on the running game and coaching tight ends in college, has a good run game but terrible pass game in the pro’s?? Rocket- would you ever admit you were wrong? Cuz you seem really really wrong now

      7. And the Stanford coach in charge of the passing game under Harbaugh now has a team that averages more yards running than passing.

      8. I will admit I’m wrong when I’m wrong Big Suede. That isn’t the case here. Chip Kelly’s offense is good but he’s not winning games 68-0 and padding stats like his teams did at the College level. There is huge difference between College and the pros.

        The passing game is ranked 31st in yardage because they are last in attempts. When they did throw the ball they were pretty effective as the fact they were tied for 7th in yards per attempt and Ninth in passer rating will attest.

        What you don’t like is the style of offense the Niners run. That style comes straight from Harbaugh, not Roman.

  11. I agree this is easily his best interview. He’s so motivated and has a fearless attitude which is the best part of his makeup as a QB. He threw a bad ball, but I like the fact he’s not running away from it or second guessing himself. He knows he needs to get better and he’ll work his ass off to do it.

    1. rocket:

      That part of the interview did not make me feel better about the final play. There’s fearless, and then there’s stupid. Refusing to learn from your mistakes is the latter.

      1. CB,

        I don’t see it as he’s refusing to learn from his mistakes. He took a one on one matchup which is hardly out of the ordinary. What people are up in arms about is that he challenged Sherman, which I understand to a degree, but I also don’t agree with ignoring a side of the field because you are afraid of the guy defending it.

        The mistake was the throw, not the decision. If he throws it to the back corner, the only guy with a chance to catch it is Crabtree. I think people are criticizing the play because of the result. It’s hindsight analysis.

      2. Its funny since i listened to the same exact interview and was not under the impression that he is refusing to learn from his mistakes. LOL

      3. Chicago it is funny. We all read the same thing and took away different things. But as Rocket said when you mentally allow one man to take away half the field by himself, you’re in trouble before you begin.

      4. CB,

        I hear what you’re saying to a degree, but let’s say CK knows that might not have been the best option on that play and game situation, do you really want him to say that publicly?

        Besides, reasonable people (and some unreasonable people) are disagreeing on whether or not the pass to Crabtree was ill advised, so it’s not clear cut that CK made the wrong read.

        What’s important, is that he be able to look at the play and analyze what happened and why, what his other options were, and, most importantly, what would he want to do the next time he’s in the same or a similar situation.

        There is nothing to be gained if CK were to publicly admit he shouldn’t have gone to Crabtree.

        My point is, what CK says doesn’t necessarily reflect what he’s thinking.

        Of course, he may really not have any questions as to how that play went down. If so, then I agree, that is something of a problem.

  12. Q: Is there anything you would do different during that last sequence of plays?

    KAEPERNICK: No, I think I would do it the same way again. We had moved down the field. We got a one-on-one matchup backside on the last play. I’m going to take Crabtree every chance I get on a one-on-one matchup.

    I would agree if that was his best option, but it wasn’t. I’m not a football guru, but even I know that you don’t take the one-on-one matchup if you have another option with 10 yards between him and the closet defender.

    1. MidWestDynasty

      In at least this one way, passing is different than sex. When it comes to passing, none-on-one is better than one-on-one.

      Let’s not even talk about two-on-one.

      1. Can someone please explain to me what there is to question about the presnap read? It would have been different if Sherman had safety help, he didn’t. There was a LB with no one to his side so he dropped back know it was a pass play due to the game situation. That’s how he got back there to make the pick

      2. That was the mistake KY. He had already decided on throwing it up at Crabtree. A good QB doesn’t do that. They keep it in mind and execute it if the WR has a step up on his defender, but they also quickly scan the field. Had Kaep done that, he would have seen an open Patton and Davis.

      3. “Can someone please explain to me what there is to question about the presnap read?”

        Throwing at Sherman for the first time all day.

    2. Mid,

      You are continuing to miss the point. He didn’t have an option with 10 yards from the closest defender until after the snap. His pre snap read took him to the one on one. You are criticizing the play based on the result.

      1. He needed to adjust Rocket. Kaep hadn’t really challenged Sherman during the game until that throw. Why do so then? And I am not criticizing the play based on the result. When I saw him throw it, I immediately had a sick feeling in my stomach because it resembled the final play from our offense in the Super Bowl.

      2. We’re going in circles here Mid. What he did previously against Sherman is irrelevant. If you look at the defense pre snap, both safeties are cheating to the left, and everybody is playing up close to the LOS. That led Kap to the right and the one on one with Sherman. A DB back pedaling 10 yards after the snap leaving Patton open at the LOS doesn’t change that. He has already made his read and thrown the ball by then.

      3. I agree with Rocket,
        I have no problem with the decision to throw to the one-on-one. Kaep just underthrew it. He should have thrown it such that only two results were possible; either Crabs comes down with it, or it’s out of his reach and incomplete.
        Kaep more or less said so himself.

      4. MidWest,

        This doesn’t show it well but his feet are set. The end zone view is better.


        My feeling is along the same lines as what Steve Young and Jeff Garcia said, at that point with 4 downs and 2 timeouts you don’t take that shot.

        With the trajectory of that ball had he thrown the ball a foot further it would have hit a cameraman out of bounds.

      5. Yeap, count me in the group who’s questioning it. It’s not just the pre-snap read to recognize it was 1:1 coverage with an underthrown ball. It’s the entire situation…30 seconds with 2 timeouts left. Why go for all the marbles on that play? Then, IF it really was for all the marbles then that has to guide HOW he throws the ball.

      6. The mistake Kaep made on that play was not putting it where only Crabtree could get it. It was first down, Crab had a step on Sherman, ball was underthrown. Should have been a TD or incomplete over Crab.

      7. Hmmm, having another look at the shots Jack posted Crab didn’t have a step on Sherman. In that situation he shouldn’t have thrown it. Too high risk.

      8. Thanks Jack. I think the main thing that goes against Kaep is that he had predetermined before the snap that he was going to throw to Crabtree. It’s great that he has that type of confidence in Crabtree, but it also affirms that Kaep can’t get past his first read. If he had just looked in that direction like he was going to throw there and then looked quickly to his left, he would have found two guys in a better situation.

      9. I agree with Rocket. If we had that TD no one would be saying a word right now. Please tell me why no one including the media is questioning the miss tackle by Reid or poor coverage by Whitner or Rogers for two tds that would have completely changed the outcome of this game.

      10. They have mentioned them as well as the horrific officiating, but it comes down to that final throw. The only way that throw could have worked is if Crabtree had done a hitch route.

      11. Okay Guys,

        Here is the $50,000,000 question. How many times has Kap beaten Sherman on a 30 yard fade route into the end zone? Let’s try this question. How many times has Kap thrown a TD over Sherman? One more. How many times has Kap thrown that pass on anyone for a TD?

        I rest my case. You don’t make that read because you have no success to support the possibility of the pass being completed. I read that Seattle had 6 interceptions this year with Sherman tipping the ball back to his teammates. I remember one in the Giants game when he tipped one to the safety.

      12. Just to weigh in one more time – the pre-snap read was correct. The whole play was designed to get a 1-on-1 match-up with Sherman, with all the other receivers on the other side of the field. The decision to make the throw with Sherman in Crabtree’s hip-pocket was a bad decision.

        Kaep was right to look that way, but he should have had better judgement than to risk the game by making that throw into tight coverage.

      13. Also lets add that the TD throw to Boldin was a bret favre terrible throw that ended up working out. Clearly it didn’t go the way it was drawn up(unless the 9ers coach 2nd baseman jump throws). he threw late across the middle to a covered receiver and EThomas actualy got his fingertips on the ball and altered its flight but boldin with his great hands corralled it for the TD. Fact remains it was a very risky ill advised throw that happened to go our way. If Thomas is 1/2 taller its an incomplete pass, but he wasn’t so the play is lost in the shuffle.
        Im not mad at Kaep for that game because HE WAS OUR ENTIRE OFFENSE for 3 quarters and the game wouldn’t have been that close if not for him but that doesn’t change what happened last play

  13. I’d rather not see our QB at the Super Bowl after we just lost the NFC Championship game and a Super Bowl back to back. It sends the message that we are happy with the “success” that we’ve had over the past few seasons. Maybe its me, but it seems like the 9ers are happy being a closer to Marv Levy’s Bills as opposed to living up to our great teams of the past.

    1. Mark, I doubt Kaepernick is the only 49er player at the SB. To me, the only message being sent is that besides being players, they are also football fans that have the opportunity to go to the big game.

      1. On Mike and Mike on ESPN yesterday, Kaepernick stated he would not be watching the Super Bowl. I had the impression he was in NYC for promotional obligations.

      2. JPN, thank you for the response. I was just addressing Mark’s concern that Kaepernick should not attend the SB. If he did, I wouldn’t feel it was a slight to the team or to we fans. Would you?

  14. CK says “Crabtree is one of the best receivers in the league in my opinion. He’s done a lot for this team and a lot for this organization”

    Like what? Be the best china doll ever?

    1. Prime he is smart by saying that. As a leader you want to show complete confidence in your teammates in good or bad times. I actually like his confidence, now he has to learn how to manage the game a bit as well.

      1. Still pains me that he had 2 better options on that play and didn’t take the methodical route. My concern is becoming a smart QB is not something you can coach and when he says he would take that matchup all day, well that indicates to me there was nothing better he could have done.

  15. Is this (today’s) blog indicative of what we’re/I’m going to have to read from you folks for the next 8 months? A bunch of second-guessing, back-biting and shoulda, coulda, woulda’s?

    Kap made the right read, went for the win and made a bad throw that cost the team the victory. It happens. It happened. Move on. Support your team or don’t. But for the love of God, can we dispense with the sky-is-falling tone?

    Be a fan and support the team as it moves forward to next season, Debbie Downer. Sheesh.

    1. That play will be rehashed incessantly and continuously until Colin wins his first Ring. At that moment that he does he will immediately be scornfully flung into the Reject Basket of One-Ring-Wonders like that Loser Steve Young. This group is hard to please, LOL!

      1. Brotha T

        It has always been…that’s how we got nicknamed “forty whiners”…..Remember that Tittle caught it, Brodie, Even Joe on years we didn’t win it all, Steve, yeah etc….etc…etc……a lot of free agents don’t want to come here because of it…..Too demanding

    2. That play was the cherry on the top of Kaep’s poor read ability all season. I support the team, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is just one example of something that Kaep needs to work on this off-season. A visit with Tom House would be a great move on Kaep’s part.

      1. MidWest, isn’t it funny that Geep Chryst rarely gets a mention as to Kaepernick’s development/or lack of as a QB. Afterall, he is the QB coach.

    3. The only thing worse than the second-guessing is the pissing match insults between guys who are all supposed to be fellow fans. Can’t we disagree as gentlemen and still remain civil?
      I’m with you, Mr. A. We lost a heart-breaker in the championship game and just missed the Super Bowl. Otherwise it was a helluva year. Let’s get jacked up about next year and move on already.

      1. @Fansince77

        It is a little hard to take you at your word that you are so tough on Kap because you want him to do well and help the Niners win. If such was the case you would come across with some praise when Kap does well. Your style is to disappear when Kap and the team is winning, and come back with you anti-Kap rants as soon as he has a bad game. During the 8 game winning streak following the Saint loss you essentially disappeared. Within seconds of the loss in the NFC Championship game you were back in your full Kap hating mode.

        You are as predictable as Rush Limbaugh. I only need to see your name in the heading to know what your rant will be about. We all get it. You don’t like Kap and want him run out of town. Sorry buddy but Its not going to happen. Barring Injury, Kap will be the team’s QB for the next ten years. Get used to it.

    4. Mr Auto
      Its what blogs do, they hash out the could have would have should have. Its a grieving process where by arguing out the finer points of the loss we mentaly rid ourselves of the stress and agravation of not getting #6. If the moaning is still going on in say july we have a problem but do u really want 4 months of nothing but mock draft talk?
      if yes then with the 213 pick we should draft a LB from north east south misouri tech who will only play special teams if he’s lucky enough to not get cut in camp. there much better no?

      1. Point well taken, sir. Let’s skip the draft talk until at least the first couple weeks of free agency are over! (lol at your example, btw)

  16. Everyone should remember that the touchdown to Boldin was on one on one coverage. Should Kap not have thrown that ball too? Earl Thomas, who was called the best cover guy in Seattle by Carroll?

    I think what Kap is saying is that he would take that matchup every time, which you want in a QB. He isn’t saying that he did not make a mistake. He admits that he under threw the pass. He will work on this.

    Sherman made a spectacular play, which few corners could make.

    The 9ers need to work on killer instinct and this starts with coaching. The play calls after the Smith strip sack were very poor. We should have gone to the end zone and put Seattle on its heels. Mooch, Seifert and Walsh would have gone for the jugular.

    1. People fail to realize this is the NFL and there’s rarely a time when WR’s wide open. Everyone wants to compare him to Joe Montana but still ignore the fact that even Montana said, “Kaepernick will have to get use to throwing to covered recievers.” Kap made the right read, just a bad throw.

      1. I read it. I feel like people are wanting him to second guess his decision. His decision makes perfect sense to me. I’m happy he’s sticking to his guns but also admitting his fault.

      2. It was also pointed out by a blogger shortly after that play that Davis was noticeably upset about something after the interception. Could it be because he was open?

      3. KY49ER:

        He’s not “admitting his fault” if he insists that he made the correct read. There was no reason to believe that challenging Sherman was his best option, even if Sherman had Crabtree one-on-one. Moreover, Kaepernick never took his eyes off of Crabtree, so he knew that Sherman had him covered. There was no good reason to throw that pass, expecially with 2 timeouts and enough time on the clock to run 2-3 more plays.

      4. Well it’s only the right read because that’s what the defense wants you to think. If it was such a good read, he would have made the right pass.
        The details and conditions changed the minute the ball was snapped, i.e, Crabs wasn’t open.
        We all make mistakes. i rather he admit it and move on and instead of defending it. The results are the same. There is no trophy for coulda woulda shoulda.
        He made the read like he has all year. Sometimes he’s right, but when he’s wrong he’s lost.
        The reason it was not the right read was because the moment didn’t call for such a pass. He had plenty of time to get closer to get a better look on another play.

      1. I just looked those pics. Just realized you told me too. The only man wide open was Patton, behind the line of scrimmage. If he throws the ball to Davis or Boldin, they get tackled in bounds. Now that’s where things get iffy. We all would like to think they would call time out, but clearly they didn’t when we got to the 18, so that leaves me wondering. He could have thrown the ball to Patton and he would have gotten yards. But we still don’t know if he would have ran out of bounds. He had him one on one. Going by those pics the ball should have automatically been thrown to the pylon. Boldin and Davis are did not even clear the LB’s before he threw it. I will give you the argument he should have let the play develop, but every QB gets happy feet when they are taking hits.

        Timeout should have been called, if it was to only settle Kap down.

      2. I also don’t have a problem with CK throwing the ball to Crab on that play. I wish it was a better throw but that’s in the past now. But I love his confidence and I like that he defend his team mates. At the end of the day, our opinion doesn’t affect the players on the field, but the player’s opinion of each other does.

  17. So apparently Fitzgerald is on the trading block. Put as much faith in this as you did in Jenkins and Baldwin panning out.

    1. I’m trying to guess what they’ll do with Baldwin. I’m not familiar with his $. Rough guess is they work with him through the offseason and OTAs and Camp, but that he gets cut. I’d be delighted to be wrong.

      1. MWD, I love Brock, but I don’t know many CBs that can shutdown a healthy Johnson one-on-one all day. I thought maybe Sherman can do it, but Johnson was pushing him around.

    2. Naw that would be my dream come true. Geez. If he really was, trade the house for him. Let’s win now. Him and Boldin were sick together. Dudes a stand up guy, from what is see.

      1. Sherman had Fit’s number, but the Cards went in to Seattle and won. That’s all that matters. With Fitz we have a deep threat(Fitz), mid level threats(Boldin & Crab), and you still have Davis. It’s pick your poison.

      2. Sherman had Fitz number, but the Cards went in to Seattle and won. That’s all that matters. With Fitz we have a deep threat(Fitz), mid level threats(Boldin & Crab), and you still have Davis. It’s pick your poison.

      3. Fitz is not a deep threat. He’s slow as hell. He make 15 mil a year and he could never be a Niner. I’m tired of slow azz wideouts. Let’s find someone that Kap won’t overthrow deep every single time!

    3. I don’t have the stats, but Sherman seems to have Fitz number, at least this year. Now, Andre Johnson, he made Sherman looked ordinary.

  18. The most open I have heard Colin open up since one of his college interviews.

    It doesn’t sound a goal of Harbaugh or Kaepernick to have a major reworking of his style to the point where he morphs into a slick rhythm passer. He will always be a mad bomber. Hopefully a more polished mad bomber down the road. Maybe a little better completion percentage, but yards per attempt will still be his strong suit.

    Years from now Colin will do things that drive us crazy, and do great things that make us go “ooooo, ahhhh.”

    This passing offense won’t be the methodical WCO. It will be about pressure. The pressure of a pounding run game, the pressure of a long passing game, and a QB that can scramble 50 yards.

    1. With that being said, it only makes sense for us to get a wide reciever who can outrun DB’s & Safeties to run down those throws

    2. I’m a Kelvin Benjamin or Martavious Bryant guy. Benjamin is a tall big WR, with 4.5 speed. Bryant a tall, slim, reciever with 4.3 speed. There are other guys we can get we just need one. We can get another possession reciever later in the draft

      1. KY
        Im with you on Benjamin. but not on Bryant. MB had every reason to break out with watkins getting all the attention and boyd slinging but he still underachived and has a bad case of the dropsies. Now KB is the guy we want to throw the fade to in a 1 on 1 situation. he has RAC ability and is great at using his body to shield defenders i just wouldnt give too much up for him given our recent history of 1st rd WR picks

      2. LMJ would be a good fit with the Eagles. The 49ers #30 + LMJ + a 4th rounder might fetch the Eagles #22.

        The #22 would provide alot of flexibility to go after the premium WRs not named Watkins… and if the Niners did go after Watkins trading up from #22 would cost the 49ers less.

        #22 would also be a more attractive trade down for the Raiders. They would get a good WR and fill multiple roster holes with the extra picks.

      3. Dang. There goes my sneaky LMJ plan to a premium WR. I’ll be picking a new draft crush soon as soon as I stop drooling over the idea of Watkins.

  19. I’ve solved the riddle as to whether or not Kaps’ should of made that throw….?
    One Question: What would of the GOAT (and no I’m not talking Jerry Rice) rather I’m referring to the G(QB)OAT – Joe Montana. What would of Joe Montana of done? It’s my guess that he would of checked down to the wide-open receiver in the flat and and then thrown a touchdown pass a play or two later…
    Two different type of QB’s and styles though….Colin’s a gunslinger with a rocket-arm…maybe Joe doesn’t make that throw knowing he might not have the arm strength to complete it…
    Kap approaches the game a lot like Brett Favre did….it’s what makes him either the HERO or GOAT (again, not a Jerry Rice reference) but if that was Jerry he somehow would of found a way to catch that ball and shut Sherman’s mouth in the process. Jerry and Joe where the epitome of “class” I was disappointed with Colin blaming the loss on himself and then to continue on and stoke this dying fire with new comments about Sherman…it just proves that Sherman did succeed at getting into Kaps’ head

  20. ridunculous.
    Get off the radio (go home).
    Get off the plane (go home).
    Get off the East Coast (go home).

    No Jaguar.
    No beard.
    No sunglasses.
    No black ensemble.
    No Lombardi trophy.
    Go home and watch the Super Bowl on television, willya?

    1. If Richard Sherman is ridiculous you are pathetic!

      Get off the San Francisco 49ers blog
      Get off this state of golden sunshine
      Get off delusional hatred
      Get off the keyboard and take your macho comments to the man

      No life
      No tolerance
      No forgiveness
      No boarder line
      No meaningful thoughts

      Go home and watch the Super Bowl game that your home boy did not even get a chance to throw for!

      No team to Cheer for
      No happiness
      No logical thoughts

  21. KAEPERNICK: “I have that art too, but I figure if I can say the same thing in seven words as opposed to 47, I’m going to do it. I’m trying to save their time and mine.”

    Gotta love Kaep’ ability to conserve energy.
    But the truth of the matter is how many professionals like being called a ‘choker?’ Especially after only a 1.5 year as a starting QB.
    CK received a little of that after the SB loss and received much more after the championship loss to the c-hawks.

    But by the same token, CK has to learn that the tough and sometimes brutally hard questions will come after losses.
    Payton Manning is a perfect example for CK to follow when it comes to dealing with the media.
    PM has been propped as well as skewered by the media over his career and has learned how to adapt to the media’ behavior with professional decorum.

    CK will learn many things over the next few years on his way to becoming a big part of the 49ers.

  22. A lot of people like to say that Colin Kaepernick was the offense for the NFCCG against
    Let’s take a look at this another way: Seattle stacked 8 in a box because they didn’t fear that Colin can beat him with the pass. So that makes it hard for Gore to break one against a really good Seattle Defense. So because of his limitations as a passer, there’s no running room. We said the same thing about Alex Smith.
    When it comes to passing, Colin would like at his one read, and if he felt any sort of pressure, he would take off and run. He wouldn’t wait in the pocket for the last split second to throw it, and rarely stepped up in the pocket.
    So there’s more running and more running yards.
    If you watch any of the all-22, you can see WRs getting open, but Colin doesn’t throw it, he would rather scramble. Or he would be just a split second late on his read because of his footwork and the window would close.

    This all feeds into how great and amazing Colin is because of his running ability, and how he is a playmaker, and hides his limitations as a well rounded QB that opens up the entire field.

    He has the ball in his hands on all offensive plays so of course he’s going to have an impact on every play, whether’s it’s handing it off the Gore to making those ill fated passes.

    As dynamic as he is, the Niners have a limited offense. There was a stretch when the Niners scored 30+ games and when you look at the Colin’s stats, they’re very mediocre. We got to 30 because of Gore and turnovers and field position.

    So until he can finish off the BIG GAMES, make the play in the red zone with the clock running down, he’s just a highlight reel like Michael Vick, and Randall Cunningham. Hey Michael Vick was almost the league MVP a few years ago so that’s not a bad comparison, but he hasn’t won anything either because the league caught up to him and now he’s a backup.

    1. So then I guess Carolina and GB were not considered big games, or how about atlanta last year….. yes i get why he gets the vick comparison when we talk athleticism, speed, arm strength but what people seem to forget is that in the season and a half Kap has started he has already done more than Vick ever has in his entire carrer…so to compare him to a player he already significantly surpassed seems a bit ridiculous IMO at least.

      Cunningham maybe…

    2. So you are assuming that Kap is going to spend two years in federal prison? The hilarious part about your rant is that with all Kap’s defeciencies he still was in the top 10 in QBR in 2013 and has won 4 playoff games. He has had two, count them TWO, offseasons with the coaching staff, one of which he was the starter. He’s started 23 regular season games. To conclude that he can not be an effective NFL starter is ridiculous.

      1. I was just stating that people said Colin was the offense the NFCCG. And he was, because he can’t read defenses people stack the box. And he’s not patient in the pocket so he runs. These all make him look good. But he could have passed and got others involved, and he always chooses to run first.
        He has made plays to help win games, but when called upon to make THE PASS, he hasn’t.
        Hate all you want on Smith, but he did it in the Saints game with Vernon post.
        And with good coaching, has shown he’s a pretty good player. Not elite, but pretty good.
        Colin is a weapon. Harbaugh said that when he made the switch. But does that mean he’s a leader, or can be a pocket QB when called upon? Time will tell.

      2. Just to start with, Seattle almost always plays 8 men in the box. And it was you who said Kap is destined to be a back-up. I see now you add that time will tell. And just for the record, Gore, Hunter, and Dixon ran for 30 yards. Everything else was either running or throwing by Kap. That’s what people mean when they say he was the offense against Seattle.

      3. I said he was destined to be a back-up if he’s going to be a runner QB. They stack 8, so there’s no room to run. So he drops back to pass, the one read is not there, so he runs. He scrambles to run, not to buy time and find some one open.

        I’m not the only one saying it. I don’t think people should say how amazing Colin is and how he is the offense because it’s his limitations that force him to make all the plays. And he’s shown that’s who he is.

        If he was a basketball player, he would be Kobe Bryant. He wants to be the hero all the time.
        I live in LA and as much as people love Kobe, other teammates always get frustrated because he takes all the shots. The media is always telling him to defer to Gasol.
        That’s all I’m saying — before you keep throwing all that praise at Colin, just look at the reasons why from a different perspective.

        Or put it another way — do you think he will be successful next year if he doesn’t change?

        Some think it was a lack of execution for the loss in the NFCCG, and I would argue it was a lack of development. He locked on that one read that was that.

    3. The mediocre offense, you can’t blame on Kap. Give him some of it but there’s some game planning and scheme issues. But with that being said, you’re reaching. Just five years ago we were awful. I was at the game in Atlanta. That was a hellacious comeback. Then to win 2 straight road games on the other side of the country, that’s pretty big. We loss, so what, Alex Smith was with the niners 8-9 years, something like that and we were terrible. Let’s not forget where we were not too long ago. Kap will be alright. Just like it took Alex 8yrs to figure it out, I’m sure it will take less time for Kap.

      1. What exactly did he figure out though…how to manage a game….how to check down…..how to play very very conservative safe football….I think he’s always known how to do that but his prior coaches were trying to get more out of him, they were asking him to go out there an earn that 1st overall label

        So to say that he really figured it out is a bit of an overstatement….im actually a Smith supporter im just pointing out an observaton is all.

      2. I agree but I also say they built an offense suited for his skill set. I personally feel they should run an identical offense now to what they did then instead of all the read option stuff. But thinking Kap has never won a big game is crazy.

      3. For starters he figured out how to close a playoff game in the final seconds from the red zone.

        Compare the passing stats for Smith in 2011 to those of Kaepernick in 2013. Nearly identical.

        Compare their passing stats in 2012. Nearly identical.

        The only difference between the two has been Kaepernick is a better runner.

      4. Let’s give Kap 8yrs and I’m sure there will be no more debate. It would be different if there was a major drop off once we made the change, but there’s not.

      5. Let’s stick Kaepernick on those Nolan/Singletary teams and see how he does. Kaepernick walked into a much different franchise.

      6. Jack –

        Im not gonna argue there…Alex was thrown to the wolves, regardless the level he’s playing at right now is as good as he’s gonna get. He’s never going to be elite or even the next tier after elite…Kap has a much higher ceiling IMO.

        I’m not even sure how we got into this conversation…why does eveything lead to Alex?

      7. regardless the level he’s playing at right now is as good as he’s gonna get.

        How long has everybody been saying that about Smith and been proven wrong each season?

      8. KY, fan is an ultimate pessimist and an Alex groupie!!! I have no issues to critique a player for their mistakes and having high expectation for better performance.
        Of course CK has many issues in his game but when you have individuals to constantly just focus on the weakness and not give credit to what he has accomplished as a key contributor then I will respectfully disagree with your opinion and assume your outlook is emotional and a tunnel vision perspective. Such outlook is just personal period.

        Ck had some amazing flashes of performance with his arm, running, decision making, managing the game leading the game and many bad mistakes. Did he come up short to take us to the Super Bowl? So did another 30 teams with amazing QBs. I have news for you, this team came up short in the past three seasons not just Alex or CK.

        As far as raw talent I would take ck any day over Alex even though I personally liked Alex as a player and person. It’s a joke that we are constantly comparing players without considering the system, coaching, and game time situation.

        Someone mentioned Alex had the same performance in 2011 as ck in 2013! Really, that statement makes me LOL:) holly $hit so you are comparing the stats without also mentioning any of the following:

        Alex has been playing the position for 7 seasons
        Vs ck 1.5 years

        Alex played against a completely different strength of schedule since we sucked the year before in 2010 and Ck was playing some of the toughest teams in the NFL/ and schedule due to the Super Bowl appearance.

        Just purely silly, lol.

      9. Funny how quickly Alex figured it out once a good head coach and staff was put in place.

        Yes as a 50 million dollar # 1 pick he figured to play the position after 7 yeRs. Very nice

      10. Jack some of us remember 05 very and clearly then some never learn. I can remember the majority of niner fans calling for Moochs job. Mooch was a winner, he had his weak points but coaches who can win in the NFL are far and few between so after Erickson, Nolan and Singletary you would think those calling for Rombaughs job would realize if we start getting rid of winners we could end up with another 10 years of horrible football.

      11. Old Coach and Jack, trust me i was one of those frustrated fans when our team lost to the seahawks. I was screaming my lungs out for CKs mistakes in the Fourth Qt or poor defensive performance that allowed two very game changing TDs, one special team mishap that cost us a field goal. And just like the rest of the Niner fans i was going nuts after CK threw the last INT! But despite being hurt, i do not want any changes in the coaching staff or the QB position. I want improvements!!

    4. And he wonders why people on this blog think he’s a Kaep hater…as I said before, this is an observation on my part, although it’s getting harder to believe he doesn’t have an agenda…

    5. Fan,

      Apparently you didn’t watch the game. You need to look the the pass protection in the Seattle game. Look at how many times Cliff Avril just ran right past Anthony Davis. Kap gets to his back foot and immediately has to step up in the pocket and take off because he wasn’t getting great protection.

      I can’t defend him on the last play of the game. He made a horrible decision. However, during the majority of the game, he was balling out. He stunk in the 4th quarter. I don’t believe he’s ready for the BIGGEST game pressure. He is definitely struggling with that. He can’t make the same late game mistakes next year or else he will be labeled and it will fit him appropriately.

      1. 23 Jordan,
        I watched the game and I saw the pressure. What I’m saying is he always chooses to run. Even when he has open space he runs. He had the back open in the flat and he doesn’t take it. He always runs.
        That’s who he is right now.
        I think people are so sensitive with Colin, everything gets twisted into a hate speech or a pro Alex rant.
        Facts are fact though. He is a dangerous weapon, but for both teams!
        Sorry had to sneak that one in.

      2. Steve Young was the same way…I think THAT turned out alright…give Kaep time to learn fan77 instead of wanting him gone…we gave the previous incumbent QB eight years…we can give Kaep another season before we call for his head…

      3. Fan,

        Saying ALWAYS is an exaggeration. He doesn’t always run. Personally, I don’t think he runs enough sometimes. Everyone who follows this blog knows that I think Kaps greatest asset are his legs. His ability to escape pressure and pick up big yards.

        During live game blogs, I’m always imploring him to take off instead of forcing a throw to a receiver who is not open and turning the ball over. He does not ALWAYS run. He has missed a lot of receivers by not staying in the pocket sometimes. However, you have to have a pocket to stay in. When he has a pocket, he more times than not throws from it. However, our offensive line is so overrated, that he doesn’t often get the protection he need against teams with quality defenses.

        Bottom line for me is that I wish he ran more. If he sees positive yardage, go get it. It’s better than losing a yard running Frank Gore up the gut.

      4. Matt,
        I want him to evolve. The current Kaep as is, I want gone. But he expands his game, then heck yeah I want that guy. Right now he’s saying all the wrong things to me. And if I was Niner brass, I would be concerned.

        If they played the NFCCG tomorrow, and Kaep was in the same situation, he’s already said he would make the exact read and pass. Yikes.

    6. “Let’s take a look at this another way: Seattle stacked 8 in a box because they didn’t fear that Colin can beat him with the pass. ”

      That’s how seattle plays everybody. When they did that against drew brees did you take it as a slight against him?

      1. That question might be better answered by the Org that hires them.

        But I will throw out another hypothetical. I’m willing to bet the farm that Kaep would not have been given the same opportunities/time to succeed as was Alex Smith.

        But the facts remains that even when Alex won in magnificent fashion against the Saints in the playoffs a couple of years ago and was off to good start in 2012 before sustaining a concussion the Competent Coaches decided that Kaep was the future.
        As much as I liked Alex, I’m very confident that our coaching staff/Org made the right choice with CK.
        With CK, the best is yet to come (lol).

      2. Where did I say that they should have stuck with Smith? It’s not impossible to credit Smith for his play from 2011 on while also being ok with the move to Kaepernick.

      3. I will say, on that last play against the Ravens, I think Smith gets the job done. I think those crucial moments come down to experience. Which is ultimately, what Kap is missing.

      4. But.KY…If Smith is the starter do they even get to the six yard line with a chance to with game in the closing minutes? I doubt it.

      5. Jack, i’m not talking about the winning TD. Our defense, last year on the playoff games did not play well. We were behind in the game (i forgot by how much) and CK played a big roll on that comeback. I’m not saying Smith would have done different, but I’ve seen him play for 8 yrs and I doubt that we would’ve won that game in his 8th start. I also think that Smith of last year in the same situation at the end of the superbowl would’ve won us the game. But that’s not a fair comparison to CK, 9 starts to Smith’s years of experience, right?

      6. The coaches put him out there for a team that was a Super Bowl favorite. I don’t care about how many starts either had. They are fair game for comparison.

      7. Jack, I’ve never played football and I know that you’ve played QB in college, you don’t think that game experience has no bearing on player’s performance on the field, especially the QB position?

      8. Ricardo,
        don’t sweat it. Jack is bored and he is beginning to play games like Grant does.
        You have to take many things into account Ricardo and yes experience absolutely has bearing. As terrible as Smith was for 6 years and as terrible as his coaches were, he got to play and along with playing came experience even though he was losing.

      9. Of course it does Ricardo, but you only make that switch if you think the new guy is better. I have no issue with anyone comparing the two.

        Are the 49ers better off in the long run? We’ll find out. So far the difference hasn’t been significant.

      10. “So far the difference hasn’t been significant”.

        The difference may not be significant in terms of the numbers to which you so desperately cleave, but the athletic separation is very significant….

      11. Razor,
        - who cares what the “athletic separation” is? Who is playing QB better is the question. I agree with Jack, there’s no significant difference.
        Would you rather have Usain Bolt at QB over Peyton Manning?

      12. fair enough, Jack. But I have to disagree with you, I think that comparing the two at this point of their career is not fair, especially to CK.

      13. And how many championships did Marino bring home? People forget how athletic Joe really was. I’ve said it time and time again, when Kaepernick learns the art form that is quarterback, he will be unstoppable. Until then, I don’t mind having a hardworking, chip on the shoulder, gun slinging phenom….Neither do the 49ers, look for them to sign him before next season to a new contract.

      14. Jack, they might be even by the numbers, but in terms of having the ability to make any throw on the field….Kaepernick has that ability and Smith does not.

      15. I haven’t forgotten Razor, but you must have forgotten that Montana became the legend that he was because of his effective QB play in and out of the pocket. The same goes with Steve Young. I am fine with Kaepernick’s gifts, but until he learns the nuances of an effective passing QB, he will only be a second-tier QB in this league at best.

      16. Razor,

        Their throwing numbers are almost identical. And as we have all witnessed the last 2 years Kaepernick really struggles with the fade. So much for “making every throw”.

      17. Ahhh, the fade….are you saying that Kaepernick does not possess the ability to make that throw? And, are you saying that Smith possesses the ability to throw that 20 yard out route? Or deep? How about windy conditions and sub zero temperatures?

      18. Razor,

        That is a throw that requires touch and Kaepernick has struggled with it.

        I never said Smith could make every throw. Regardless they put up almost identical passing numbers in 2012 and Kaepernick in 2013 had numbers close to those of Smith from 2011.

        The type of throws may be different but their results are pretty similar.

      19. If you and I are still around in 8 years, let us compare the numbers yet again and see how similar they indeed have become…..Deal?

        It’s one thing to have an arrow in your quiver that is not as sharp as the other arrows, but when you do not possess that one arrow necessary to compete…..

      20. Jack you must be bored or just practicing your journalistic writing abilities to be a devils advocate on this post. Please for god sake stop the Alex comparative analysis of his stats vs. CK since it does not make any sense at all. Alex was on a pretty poor team with coaching that did not suit his talent but are you forgetting that:

        Alex was the number one overall draft pick
        he had 7 seasons with 49ers to improve
        He choked on most big game time situations
        He never was able to utilize Crabtree
        His power of the schedule he played was weaker in 2011 vs CKs 2013 schedule.
        He had trouble throwing a wide receiver open
        He had trouble escaping pass rush
        He had trouble throwing deep or intermediate passes

        Ultimately, regardless of what the fans want to say, the same coaching staff that has changed the culture here decided to bench him for a rookie whether you like it or not. Also, if you just look at ROI (return of investment) alone, we signed Alex with an approx. 50 million contract ($24 million guarantee money) so CK has been offering the same if not better performance at much lower cost so far. I personally believe CK can improve. He has the mojo, the work ethic the leadership and the intelligence to become a great QB. Just hang in there.

      21. All i have to say is more playoff wins and more clutch plays from CK for less money with less experience. I know you do not like CK and thats fine, but i believe and i am not ready to give up on him right now.

      22. by the way Grant how clutch is ROMO in the playoffs when the game is on the line? Do you like his footwork and passing mechanics?

      23. He choked on most big game time situations

        Smith had a coach that told him to go make a play and as a result choked in big game situations. Kaep in the meantime has been given three plays to choose from and has choked regardless.

        He never was able to utilize Crabtree
        How can you utilize a WR that has stayed healthy for a full season only once?

        His power of the schedule he played was weaker in 2011
        Pure semantics. You still have to win the games regardless of the schedule that the league deems for you to play.

        He had trouble throwing a wide receiver open
        And Kaep doesn’t?

        He had trouble escaping pass rush
        I repeat, and Kaep doesn’t?

        He had trouble throwing deep or intermediate passes
        …while Kaep has trouble with the short passes.

        we signed Alex with an approx. 50 million contract ($24 million guarantee money) so CK has been offering the same if not better performance at much lower cost so far.
        And he took a massive pay cut in order to stay with the team and help them out. Kaep as of right now is worth what Smith got two years ago.

        Kaep may have the intelligence Chicago, but he doesn’t utilize it that well right now. His two picks in the Seahawks game shouldn’t have happened because he shouldn’t have thrown either pass. And then to proudly proclaim that he would attempt that same play with that type of matchup after blowing the same play two years straight…that’s incompetence, not intelligence.

        Kaep may hav

      24. Chicago,


        “Alex was the number one overall draft pick”

        Yes, in a weak QB draft class.

        “he had 7 seasons with 49ers to improve”

        Once he had a good coaching staff to work under he won. It’s no secret why he has won 72% of his starts since 2011.

        “He choked on most big game time situations”

        Not in the red zone against New Orleans to win in his first playoff game, and who was the QB the last time the 49ers won in Seattle?

        “He never was able to utilize Crabtree”

        That’s a joke right? Crabtree was statistically a top 10 receiver in the league during the second half of 2011 after recovering from his offseason foot injury.

        “His power of the schedule he played was weaker in 2011 vs CKs 2013 schedule.”

        The 2011 opponents had a .43 win percentage compared to .49 in 2013. The biggest reason for the increased number in 2013 was the improvement from the other NFC West teams.

        “He had trouble throwing a wide receiver open”

        Maybe, but are you suggesting this is something that Kaepernick does?

        “He had trouble escaping pass rush”

        Interesting since Kaepernick actually had a higher sack % this season.

        “He had trouble throwing deep or intermediate passes”

        He doesn’t have Kaepernick’s arm yet by completing a higher percentage of passes ended up with almost the same results.

        It’s too bad that you can’t simply separate the performance of Smith from what he was under Nolan/Singletary and what he accomplished under Harbaugh and has continued under Reid.

      25. Midwest, you and I simply do not agree and your responses did not change my mind.

        1.Alex has choked while as a niner, all you have to do is look at the number of playoff games and W! thats all i care about period

        2. By utilizing him when he is playing, did you forget how their was no chemistry between the two and crab was not happy!

        3. You still have to win games!!! LOL, thats all CK has been doing and of course the odds are going to be against you when you play better teams.

        4. I agree with you here CK does have trouble throwing a wide receiver open

        5. Yes CK is better in escaping from the pocket and buy more time. Its not even comparable to my opinion.

        6. Still did not answer my question about intermediate and long passes which has a higher impact on making big plays. However i do agree that CK needs to learn how to check down to have a more balance attack.

        7. Massive pay cut! really, he still had a $24 million guarantee money so despite the pay cut he was a more expensive QB for this organization and the ROI was not good at all comparing to CK and his current income!

        In conclusion you stated Cks decision was “incompetence not intelligence”. Well that is your view from your perspective and i respect it. In my view i believe his decision was courages and intelligent however the throw was not effective. So we disagree.

        With that said, its all good and you may keep on believing in Alex Smith and I will keep on believing in Colin K and the decision to promote him to the starting QB. No hard feelings man. I wish Alex the best, go NINERS and CK

      26. Holy crap, this is getting monotonous.

        Razor, Chicago: You can believe what you want – this is a free country – but it’s just wishful thinking at this point. The facts don’t yet support your beliefs.

      27. CB, ThE FACTS!!! LOL. Maybe its your facts. Yes it is a free country and I do not agree with some of the opinions shared on this blog so please forgive me for not accepting your argument and assuming your side of argument is the fact. Its all good we just do not see the situation the same way which is just fine.

      28. By the way i truly enjoy interacting with you Midwest, Jack and yourself regardless of our different views. So cheers to you :)

    1. Is it his fault that some GM of a QB desperate team picked him over another flawed QB? and that GM happened to be picking #1 and HAD to take a QB. Was Keyshawn Johnson a bust because a WR picked 80+ spots after him ended up being the better player?

  23. Kaepernick is a very smart runner. Very tough runner. Superior to any other running quarterback in the league. Any incremental improvement in his ability to read NFL defenses, go through his progressions, and be able to throw open to receivers should be enough to get this team over the hump. Harbaugh/Roman need to help Colin more in game time situational football. Sometimes I think they forget he’s only played 24 games as a NFL starter….

    1. I have to agree with you there Razor. He doesn’t fit the mold of QB that Harbaugh likes – great athletes, the multi-sport heroes. Fales is only an average athlete with a mediocre arm. No matter how much people might like him, I highly doubt he will be a 49er.

      1. If they draft a quarterback, it will be an athletic project late, like Logan Thomas. Someone they can tutor and perhaps later trade for draft picks…..

      2. They need to draft somebody that could immediately step into the starting role should Kaepernick get injured or just to make him better and False fits that perfectly.

      3. Ha! He does not need to be pushed dude, and please tell me you don’t seriously think the guy to “push” him is Fales.

      4. He does need to be pushed Razor. Otherwise he won’t get over tendency of only going with his first read, improperly setting his feet, not recognizing the pressure coming at him in or out of the pocket, and not reading what the opposing defense is giving him.

        Fales would be the best option in the later rounds Scooter, unless the team decides to get a backup sooner than that.

        Fales is deadly accurate and impressed at the Shrine Bowl, both of which Scott didn’t do last year Space.

      5. I disagree with your premise that unless a guy like Fales comes in with his deadly accuracy and impressions, that Kaepernick will not improve his literacy, footwork, and pocket presence…..

      6. Fales would have strengths in the areas that Kaepernick is weak in, so my premise isn’t that far off Razor. Iron sharpeneth iron, and Kaep definitely needs sharpened in those areas.

      7. Fales has not done diddily poo in the NFL. He’s not going to sharpen McBLT let alone Kaepernick. Kaepernick has plenty of work ethic, and some could argue too much. The only sharpening he needs is from a proven, sharp mind on the coaching staff….

      8. Working out and working on the fundamentals of your position are two completely different things Razor. Kaep is a mountain of a man, but I want to see him be a fountain of QB intelligence.

      9. I have not heard any reports from the media, front office, players or locker room to suggest Kaepernick does not apply himself to learning the art form of quarterbacking with the same zeal as his physical training…..

      10. Grant started the Fales kick and now many are hopping on. Count me in on the side of not only will he not be drafted by the Niners, but that he will be at best a backup caliber player in this league a la Colt McCoy. He certainly isn’t going to come in and push a starter from day one with the caliber of competition he faced in College.

        If the Niners do draft a QB, it’s likely going to be an athletic guy who can run and throw. That is what Harbaugh likes and will want to develop imo.

        1. Develop? It’s been three years and Harbaugh has not developed Kaepernick’s accuracy, footwork or ability to scan the field post-snap. Why would Harbaugh be able to develop those traits in another runner/thrower?

          Harbaugh wouldn’t have to develop those traits in Fales because Fales already excels at those traits, which are the most important traits of playing quarterback.

      11. Fales would add absolutely nothing in terms of Kaepernick’s development in the areas you point out. If you want to add a knowledgeable veteran that you think could accelerate the process, to me, that would make more sense….

      12. Hey Grant, it sounds as if you didn’t watch Kaepernick play at Nevada. His ability to just take a snap from under center is a development in and of itself. He’s improved quite a bit under the whisperer…..

      13. Again with the hyperbole Grant? Kap has improved immensely over the past 3 years. There are times his fundamentals break down, but for him to be playing this well so soon with the offense he came from in College is a testament to the Coaching staff, not an indictment.

        You are comparing Fales vs. average to below average College competition against Kap vs. Pro competition. You can’t do it. Most QB’s are just fine with their footwork and accuracy when sitting there unpressured. That isn’t the case very often in the NFL. Not sure why you are hitching your wagon to Fales, when your favorite from last year was a disaster as a pro, yet a better QB than Fales.

        1. You said nothing specific about Kaepernick or Fales in that comment. How has Kaepernick improved? He hasn’t improved in the areas he needs to improve — accuracy, footwork and scanning the field post-snap. That is an indictment of Kaepernick, Harbaugh, Roman and Chryst.

          Kaepernick completed 54.9 percent of his passes in the postseason despite playing with a stacked deck — Crabtree, Boldin and Davis. Does not bode well for Kaepernick or the 49ers.

      14. It matters every time he risks his life and steps out on that football field MWD. He’s not perfect, but I guarantee while we are having our friendly tit for tat, he’s striving to be…..

      15. I think this offseason will determine whether Kaep will go down the Steve Young path or the Michael Vick path. In other words, will he adjust like Young did or will he just be a gifted player with a cannon for an arm but an average QB at best? TBD.

      16. Michael Vick, really? Kaepernick is smarter than Vick and has already surpassed him in terms of leading his team to playoff victories.

        Let me be clear MWD, there is NOTHING average about Colin Kaepernick. And yes, that’s my opinion.

      17. How long did it take for Young to become a proficient pocket passer? I only started watching football in ’93 and became a niner fan the year after.

      18. Young had a great legend in front of him and therefore had time to develop into a pocket passer Richardo. Kaep doesn’t have that luxury, so he’ll need to take that path sooner rather than later.

        When some compared Kaep to Romo, I said that he was closer to Vick than any other QB and I maintain that Razor. Both have/had great arms and beautiful God-given talents, but neiher has taken the steps needed to get the next level, which is becoming an effective pocket passer and decision maker.

      19. “..but neiher has taken the steps needed to get the next level, which is becoming an effective pocket passer and decision maker.”

        MWD, don’t you think that statement is not fair to CK? Vick has been around and I guess we can say that to him, but CK has only played 2 regular seasons (playoffs included) .

      20. Sorry Richardo. The ‘had’ is referring to the younger Vick. Both his and Kaep’s style of play are very similar, along with their weaknesses.

      21. Jack, why do you think it took Steve 8 yrs to become a good pocket passer? How much of that 8 yrs he was under Walsh coaching?

      22. Young only spent 2 years under Walsh. He played on some bad teams in the USFL and in Tampa but once he received some good coaching he took off. In SF he was coached by not only Walsh but also guys like Mike Holmgren and Mike Shanahan.

      23. I wonder where will CK be now in terms of skills as a pocket passer if has the same coaching and offensive system (WCO)?

      24. I have not heard any reports from the media, front office, players or locker room to suggest Kaepernick does not apply himself to learning the art form of quarterbacking with the same zeal as his physical training…..

        We don’t have to Razor. The current results speak for themselves.

    2. If I was David Fales the Niners would be the last place I would want to go, unless he enjoys carrying a clipboard for the next 7 or 8 years. Get a Vet, that can step in and be a quick fix if needed. Niners are not interested in Fales. They have other holes, they need to fill. Kaep will be better next year.

  24. I hated LT in the day, but after hearing his opinion on quarterbacking maybe I just dislike him now….

    “I’m old school, so I’m going to go with Joe Montana,” Taylor said. “It’s simply because Montana did it in an era where the rules weren’t favorable to the quarterback. Right now, you can’t intimidate the receiver, you can’t hit anybody, and it’s like a 7-on-7 drill out there, where a good quarterback will destroy you.

    “I’m a little biased because of my era, but if you’re asking Peyton Manning or Joe Montana, I’m saying Montana.”

      1. Razor if you’re talking about the 1990 NFCCG, that was Leonard Marshall. Be sure to hate him just as much.

        Sadly the first thing I think of when I hear Roger Craig’s name brought up is the fumble to lose that game and a shot at the threepeat. Not fair but I can’t help it.

      2. Rocket, that 1990 NFCCG was definately the toughest for me as a fan. “The Fumble” will be forever etched in my memory.

      3. You’re right. “My ribs and chest hurt so bad that I didn’t know my hand was broken,” Montana said of Marshall’s hit. “Normally when you get knocked out you can breathe a little bit of air out, but I couldn’t even get a breath out. I was thinking, ‘Oh god, I’m gonna die here.’ Something is seriously wrong.”

        I hate that whole friggin team….

  25. @Jack:

    The difference has been significant. Just for starters Smith is 0-1 in the NFC Championship game (and it was a home game to boot). Kap is 1-1 (both games on the road).

    You talk a lot about Smith’s closing out the playoff game against the Saints, but you seem to develop selective amnesia about Smith’s performance in the Championship game against the Giants. Smith had 6 chances of leading the team in the FG range (not even a TD just a FG) for the win in the closing minutes + overtime and failed badly. Everybody talks about Kyle Williams fumble being the reason for the loos, but the way Smith was playing in the second half, there was no guarantee the Niners would have moved the ball even if Williams does not fumble. Go back and look at the play to start the second half when Davis appeared to be open, but a timid Smith did not pull the trigger and too a sack instead. In my opinion
    Harbaugh and Baalke reached the point of no return with Smith on that one play alone.

    Kap is a special, once in a lifetime talent. The Niner brass knows it, the Niner fans know it. Only a few nattering naysayers with hidden agendas on blogs such as this one don’t seem to know it. Luckily for genuine 49er fans, the opinions of these naysayers do not matter one bit..

      1. Yes. That is the play I had in mind. Walker of course, not Davis.

        Smith’s two TD’s were in the first half as I recall. He did struggle big time in the second half. Certainly by the time the 4th qtr and overtime rolled around, Smith seemed to have lost all confidence, and I was praying for a Giants fumble in their own territory because I had no confidence that Smith would have led the team for a winning drive.

        As to your question, remember the events of the off season. The Niners went all out after Manning, and just about told Smith that he was not in their long term plans. Remember the trip Smith made to Miami? After Manning signed with Denver, the Niners signed Smith because Kap was still a question mark. But the die was cast, and the injury was a convenient point for the switch.

        My guess is if Smith had not been injured, Harbaugh would have done with Kap and Smith what Walsh did with Montana and Deberg in 1980. Kap would have played more and more in selected situations down the stretch and Smith would have still been traded in the off season.

        BTW: I enjoy your posts. We just differ on this point.

      2. The second TD pass to Davis was in the 3rd quarter.

        I agree on the move being in the works. Smith was always a bridge to the future for Harbaugh. Nothing more. His play from 2011-2012 gets discredited because of past failings that went a lot deeper than just what he did or didn’t do.

        Hey difference of opinion is what makes the comments section of this blog as good as it is. If we all agreed all the time it would be boring. : )

      3. Because they did not believe Kaepernick was ready, that’s why….You can not be serious pretending to not know the answer.

    1. I can’t blame him for being frustrated, but if he wants to go and is putting it out there that he is unhappy with playing time, maybe the 49ers will consider a trade. I would be fine with Darryl Morris as a KR, but I don’t think he was a PR in college.

      1. That’s part of the reason why I have the Niners drafting Toledo RB David Fluellen in the seventh round of my first mock.

    2. James will be traded, I don’t think James is a bust and a better offensive coordinator, who has a imagination and much more experience then Greg Roman who is a PROJECT or a head coach like Chip Kelly, can better utilized his former college player. The Niners are clueless on how to use him, he had a respectable season as a special team player. Although I would like the Niner’s improve in that position.

  26. Grant, just wondering since you get to see a lot of mini-camps and ota’s, who do you see working with the QB’s more, Harbaugh or Chryst?

  27. It’s an incredible reach to think that a rookie QB (Fales) can come in (if picked by the 49ers) to teach CK anything, period.

    Even if Fales came in with a pedigree of a Payton Manning coming into the NFL, an established NFL QB is not going to be put in a position during TC to glean from him.

    The flaws that CK has are corrected by game experience and more coaching-up not by watching a rookie QB taking snaps from 2nd and 3rd string players in TC.

    Fales would be a good idea for the 49ers if he could time traveled 5-7 yrs into the future when CK is in his mid 30′s. Perhaps by then CK would be a more polished pocket QB with an offensive game plan suited to fit a traditional drop-back quarterback.
    Someone like Fales could learn from CK and be ready to take over after Kaep peaks and begins his descent.

    At the moment, Fales is not a good fit.

    1. I disagree AES. Fales is a fit because he has traits that Kaep doesn’t right now. And nobody has ever said that Fales would teach Kaep anything, just that he could force Kaep to improve in his areas of weakness. As I said, iron sharpeneth iron.
      You say that having Fales would only work if Kaep was in his mid 30s, which is missing the point. The team can coach up Fales and put him in during situations where Kaep needs to rest or that it isn’t necessary to have him on the field. Fales can show what he is made of and with luck his play could amount to the Niners getting a high pick for him in a trade. Taking Fales allows the team to cover their bases and perhaps receive something in the future for the move.

      1. Or if Kaepernick wants more than he’s worth next offseason, the 49ers will have someone who can replace him for cheap.

      2. I have no problems with the 49ers drafting Fales as a developmental prospect and possible insurance down the road. But I don’t think he would have much if any bearing on how Kaep develops. Kaep won’t be looking over his shoulder to see what the rookie is doing and trying to emulate him. And even if the 49ers drafted him he shouldn’t be the #2 QB in 2014. They would still need a veteran option.

        And if Kaep doesn’t play well this coming season, you can bet your bottom dollar they will draft a QB high next year, regardless of which QB they take this year (if any).

        I also really don’t think that Fales fits the type of QB that Harbaugh and Baalke are looking for.

      3. This is a joke. The 49ers will resign Kaepernick before the season starts. He’s the franchise for the next 10 years….

      4. Here’s the joke:

        “Or if Kaepernick wants more than he’s worth next offseason, the 49ers will have someone who can replace him for cheap”.

        McCoy was insurance in 2013. I don’t know who the insurance man will be in 2014, but I know it won’t be Fales…

      5. I’m quite pleased with the approach Harbaugh has taken, and I’m confident he’ll do what’s in the best interest of the franchise….

      6. MWD,
        My take is, I don’t see Fales fitting into the offensive game concept at the moment.

        Fales is a good talent, but our offensive concept works because although CK is learning to be a traditional QB there is still the threat (read option) of the run which keeps the defense guessing.

        Unless we can field an O-line of all-pro players that can pass block their arses off, defenses will bring the lumber against the slow-footed Fales.
        Hence my reasoning as to why I believe that he is not a good fit right now.
        Here’s an excerpt from Fales when he came to Nevada:

        At Nevada, Fales redshirted his freshman year in 2009, behind starter and future NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Fales later explained why he left Nevada: “I realized that what they wanted to do wasn’t a good fit for me. They wanted me to be more of a runner.”[2] source – Wikipedia (David Fales)

        Again, unless Fales can be a threat to run on occasion, I don’t see him fitting. But that’s just my take MWD, and I’m looking at it from the outside.

      7. McCoy filled up a roster spot and no more Razor. No team forces their insurance policy to take a pay cut. And you can without a doubt in your mind that the team won’t draft Fales? Even I won’t commit one way or the other.

      8. A NFL offense can adjust AES. If the team tried to go after a sitting duck like Peyton Manning, then I’m sure that they wouldn’t hesitate on another immobile QB.

        The answer to your question I believe is Peyton Manning Jack, but he had to have a decent run game and solid defense to help him get there.

      9. Actually McCoy was the insurance policy. Maybe he was PLPD and not full coverage, but he was insurance in case Kaepernick was unavailable due to an injury. Thankfully Colin is a very smart runner and the 2013 policy did not need to be activated. Fales is an unknown and I don’t see that as an insurance policy. The 49ers will not spend a high draft pick on a quarterback. They will upgrade the McCoy policy if they can and let him compete along with McBLT and a low round draft pick and/or undrafted player….

      10. Drew Brees, Big Ben, Rodgers, Eli……I’d classify them all as ‘big $$$’ franchise QB’s who won the SB since Peyton last won.
        You can win without one, but it’s easier to win with one.

      11. Roethlisberger was still on his rookie contract the last time he won, Brees was on his second deal but not the big $ at the time (~$8mil I think).

      12. Yep, hard to put together a roster capable of winning championships when one guy is eating up such a large share of the salary cap – have to let good players go and since these teams are often drafting at the end of the first round they can struggle to get top-quality replacements in the draft.

        This is why I don’t like the decisions by the Bears and Ravens to sign their QBs to big $$$ deals. They aren’t in that echelon of QB that makes the whole offense around them better. They need a quality supporting cast to be successful.

        And until Kaep shows he makes all the players around him better I wouldn’t sign him to a massive contract. We saw he wasn’t yet capable of elevating the offense with sub-par receivers opposite Boldin.

      13. Yes, overpaying QB’s can cripple a franchise. I really liked Kaep’s comment on his upcoming negotiations; “It’s a balance”, and then talked about the need for “us” to resign a bunch of guys…..let’s hope he takes a (small) hit to the (already grossly overfilled) pocketbook because he wants to play for a winning team!!

  28. What the hell is he doing there? Stalking Sherman?. Trying to glom on to what he wanted so bad? His jealousy is embarrassing. Should have stayed home and ate Pizza.

      1. Angusin, if you ever decide to come to Chicago for a visit let me know and i will make a suggestion were to go for a extremely good Chicago Pizza. I do not like any of the other places than this place.

  29. All good winning teams have one thing in common. These teams are good enough to win regardless of their mistakes or mistakes by the officials. Games are not won or lost on one play. Its easy to blame CK for his fourth quarter collapse, but their were other plays/decisions/inabilities that are game changers also. For instance first turnover they don’t move the ball and failed to get seven. If they score the seven only need a field goal to win the game at the end. Another instance, when Whitner failed to keep coverage on his man on the Wilson scramble. Huge mistake on his part, he knows that Wilson can scramble and make plays out of nothing which he did.

    With that being said, the Niners were a handful of plays/mistakes away from a Super Bowl appearance. The Saints and Panther games were winnable games could of secured home field advantage with wins. The last Hawks game was a winnable game. I guess what I am saying is that their really isn’t much that ails the Niners till at least till free agency.

    I do not really see a QB talent coming out in this draft. I wouldn’t even think about drafting a QB till the sixth round or later. I think CK realizes he has some improving to do if he doesn’t he is probably replaceable. He wont need motivation from a rookie QB, his contract is motivation enough.
    I would draft at least 3 WRs in the first four round. Hopefully one of them can help the team. I would love to see Boldin come back but only at the right price. If we don’t sign him I can see three teams in the Niners division that would love to have him. I would hate to see that.

    1. Undercenter, thank you for a great post. You are the only person that has validated what i tried to express here but no one wants to talk about all the other issues except the last play!

      We should have beaten the Saints and the Panthers to play the Seahawks at home but we did not!

      We should have not allowed a 40 yard rushing td to Lynch or a 30 plus yard pass for a TD on the 4th and 7 but we did not!

      We should have tackled better on the special team to prevent a huge return for 3 points but we did not!

      Coaching staff should have told CK not to go to Sherman if they felt he can not throw a fade but he did!

      Even on the last play the RT was under tremendous pressure and by the time Ck was getting ready to release the pass the pass rusher was in the process of hitting him! so we did not protect better!

      Our running game and the design to run (except CK) did not even exist!!!

      With all that said we came up just one play away from going to the Super Bowl again.

      1. Coaching staff should have told CK not to go to Sherman if they felt he can not throw a fade but he did!

        Who’s to say that they didn’t Chicago? Kaep himself has admitted that he had predetermined to throw the ball to Crabtree before the snap.

      2. I finally was able to go back and watch a replay of the NFC championship game last night. (I tried watching it earlier but it was too depressing). Here is my take on the final play:

        1. The play was the right call. Colin made a bad throw. If he had put a little more air under it and thrown it just a foot longer and towards the sideline, Sherman would not have gotten a hand on it and it would have been TD. Crabtree beat Sherman on the play and was open. In fact Crabtree was more open than Boldin was on the TD earlier. I see exactly what Colin is saying about going to the same play again. 9 out of 10 times it would have been a TD. So close…

        2. In all the talk about Sherman and Crabtree people are overlooking the hustle shown by the linebacker who made the pick. If Smith had not been hustling towards the play it would have been nothing worse than an incomplete pass. It looks like Smith assignment was to cover Gore in the flat, but he decided to leave Gore open and instead run towards Crabtree. He would have looked bad if Colin had pulled the ball back and chucked it to Gore, but it turned out great for him.

        3. It is amazing how often Seattle seems to get a crucial pick of a deflected ball. It cannot be mere luck. I believe Carroll coaches his players to leave their assignments and swarm towards the ball more than most teams in the NFL.

        4. Sherman is overrated. He takes too many chances. Watch Peyton take him to school Sunday night.

      3. 1. It would have hit the cameraman if it would have been a foot longer. And the throw to Boldin is one that Kaep can make, but he has struggled with the corner fade. The fact that Davis and Patton were open adds to the fact that it wasn’t the right read.
        2. No one has forgotten the linebacker from that play, but it is forgotten that teams know that Kaep goes with his first read almost every time, so all they need to do is follow his eyes since he stares down his target.
        3. I have to agree.
        4. I agree again.

      4. Midwest Dynasty,

        Who says that the coaching staff did tell CK not go after Sherman on the fade!!! i could care less that CK admitted that he had predetermined to throw the ball! In matter of the fact that actually supports the fact that the coaches probably told him if you get single coverage ck is going to do a double move and you are going to throw a fade! Even Jim H said that was the predetermine read and it was the right call!!! I am over it and not going to beat the dead horse, i guess we all have to agree to disagree. I am saying behind CK and wish him all the best to become a great Qb for our team. GO NINERS

      5. based on what calculation do you assume if the ball was thrown higher and a bit deeper it would have hit the camera man! With all do respect to Jackhammer he is not god and just because he stated that comment that does not mean he is correct. I will respect a NFL coaches opinion such as JIM H vs. Jackhammer. This is no disrespect to anyone on this blog but that is just my humble opinion. Now did Ck throw a perfect pass? No he did not but it was very close and Sherman made a great play.

      6. Rick,
        I’m curious, what is your definition of an open receiver?
        Is it a step, two steps, inches, position?
        I watched the all-22 as well as the play on Sound FX.
        I see a covered receiver.
        But let’s say he’s open by a step or two. Sherman is taller and faster then Crabs, and Crabs is still 6 months removed from his Achilles tendon, so if Crabs had a step, he would need a few more to really be open enough to get seperation from Sherman. Steve Young said he would never throw to Deion because Deion had the closing speed to break on the ball. Deion would bait QBs to making bad throws.
        Okay knowing all that, whether the pass was perfect, or underthrown, whatever. Let’s assume that pre-snap, that was the right read.
        Now let’s look at the other side of the field. At the Snap the DB was flashing press coverage on Patton.
        Even so, Patton takes a steps and stops, running a smoke screen.
        The DB backs off into quarters coverage, in case Davis runs a corner route. But Davis runs a 10 yard out, so he’s shielding the DB. This all happens in about 2 seconds. Patton is wide open. Would you say that was a better read then throwing the fade to Crabs?

        Also, when I watch the all-22, when Patton is on Sherman’s side, he plays off of him. But when it’s Crab, he gets up in press. Does that mean Sherman knows Patton isn’t going to get the ball, or does it mean Patton has more speed and he wants to guards against the deep ball?

        Stuff to think about for a few months until training camp…

      7. Fan: He was not wide open but when is a receiver ever wide open in the NFL unless the DB falls down. The fact that Sherman had to turn around and bat the ball with his left hand tells me that Crab’s last move had created enough separation from Sherman.

        My point is that Kap should have put the ball where either it is a TD or an incomplete pass. The fact that the pass was a line drive as well as underthrown was the reason Sherman got his hand on it. It was a bad pass.

        Kap needs to develop a change of pace if Roman wants him to throw fade routes. Until he starts throwing a softer and higher ball, they should just tear up all fade routes from the playbook. Sure sometimes you need to drill a line drive through a tight window and Kap can do it. However he does not seem to be able to put air under the ball when he has to loft it over a defender. The first pick was exactly because of the same reason. He needed to put more air under that ball. Even the completed pass to Crabtree on the final drive barely got over the defenders hand. The 4th down pass to Gore was the one time I thought Kap took a little something off the ball and the result was a crucial completion.

        I believe the Niners will work with Kap and we will see a better passer next season.

        Go Niners.

      8. Rick,
        Before the NFCCG, I think people thought I hated Kaep and I really didn’t. I wanted him to play better and I thought his athletic ability sort of blinded us to his faults, which will show up when the pressure is on.
        After the game, some have asked if I hate Kaep. Why would I hate him? He’s the Niners QB so expectations are high, perhaps unrealistic. I’m unhappy with him. We all know he can run like the wind and now he has to work on those touch passes like you say.
        I’m glad you didn’t take my post as condescending, but it was an honest opinion. You have your view and I have mine, it doesn’t make either of us less of a fan.

        I’m still in my whining phase, but in a few months when the new season comes around it’s a fresh start for everyone so let’s hope he figures it out.

    1. It all depends on how much grabbing the refs allow the Seattle DBs to get away with. I’m still going with Denver 27-23.

      1. I think the Referee’s will have minimal impact on the outcome of the game as opposed to how the offensive lines versus the defensive lines play out….

      2. I agree Grant.
        Razor has a good point as well. I see the ref’s staying out of the way as much as possible.
        They have been targeted this season for some of the worse calls/missed calls in recent memory.
        They may want to go out (finish the season) on a good note.

    2. I would not put it beyond the Seahawks to go after Peyton with a late hit in the first quarter. And when they do, they’ll win their first SB by 21 – 13.

      However, if they fail their cheap shot attempt to knock him out, an upright Peyton for four quarters will make it a Broncos win by 21 – 15.

  30. Ha! My wife was just asking for mine! Leaning towards Seamutts. Excellent in yo face coverage. Can they get pressure up the middle on Peyton and contain Lynch? Can they run and keep Peyton off the field? It could happen.
    If Broncos can run a bit (Niners couldn’t!) it would help. hawks coverage is so good (if allowed, which is likely) they can smother an offense vs run and pass.
    Leaning towards Seahawks.

    1. Brotha,
      I would like to PM add another ring to his illustrious career, but as much as I hate to say it, I see Seattle winning this game outright.
      27-17 c-hawks (arrrrgh!)

      1. Yeah, sigh, a year of Sherman’s squawking…Oh well, with Mud’s ridiculous, relentless, rambling rants and creepy stalking we’ve had time to develop our Tune Out The Noise skills on this blog. Going to need ‘em; its like ignoring the homeless derelicts at the Public Library.
        Besides, maayyyybbeeeee Manning can hang an L on Sneaky Pete.

      1. “Hey Joe, what’s up with the guy in the red pullover to my left? He has a fake press pass that says Jack Hammer. Call security.”

    1. Joe Montana: Turn off the camera. I’m about to give this guy a few pointers on how to be a better quarterback.
      Colin Kaepernick: I look forward to learning from the best Grandpa.
      Joe Montana (turning towards the camera): GRANDPA?!

  31. MidWestDynasty says:
    January 31, 2014 at 7:00 pm
    “A NFL offense can adjust AES. If the team tried to go after a sitting duck like Peyton Manning, then I’m sure that they wouldn’t hesitate on another immobile QB.”

    With all due respect, putting Fales in the same sentence with Payton Manning is a monumental reach.
    I understand the ‘immobile’ quote but do really think that Harbaugh/Baalke would be willing to change their offensive scheme for Fales like they would for PM?

    Payton Manning has earned the highest respect among the NFL and their owners because of his NFL credentials, no teams is going to give David Fales (rookie) that type of leverage, period.

    If and when Fales has the same NFL resume as Payton Manning, perhaps teams will be more than willing to change their O-schemes for him.
    As of now, sorry, but not a good parallel MWD.

    1. Yes I do AES. They did it once so I don’t see why they would be against doing it again. And the parallel was that both are immobile QBs. My statement had nothing to do with what have accomplished in the NFL, which would be utterly ridiculous.

  32. Even with 2 TOs from Kap in the 2nd half, the 49ers almost pulled it out, but the 3rd TO doomed the 49ers. 49ers need to work on Kap’s play at QB because the better teams like the Ravens in last year’s Super Bowl, and the Seahawks in this year’s Championship game know how to press Kap’s flaws enough to force him into TOs that make a significant difference in the game. Dilfer, Montana and other former NFL QBs have all made negative comments about Kap’s current state as an NFL QB.

    1. I have been thinking the same thing for almost a year now.

      I would like to have seen that Quarterback power run or a QB draw called on the first down from the 18 this year.

      1. I agree. The time out did not cost the team the Super Bowl. It cost them the best play call/executed play in that final sequence for the go ahead touchdown.

  33. Funny thing about Kaep this season.
    He’s damned when he doesn’t, and damned when he does.
    Welcome to 49er QB’s post Joe Montana (lol).

      1. Yes his image also rubs some of the stiffs pretty badly as well. LOL, its interesting how we judge peoples character without knowing them based on their image or appearance.

    1. Don’t forget how much pressure Montana was under in 1988. Young had replaced him in the playoff loss to the Vikings and Montana really didn’t play that well until late November/early December. See if Grant’s Daddy can dig up the front pages of the Sporting Green after the win vs. Chicago. The headline read something like Montana finally came through. This is after the Catch and two Super Bowl wins. And you wonder why so many players/coaches despise the media.

  34. What do you guys think about Vontae Davis? I love for us to get him in free agency if we cant bring back Brown since Rogers most likely will not be back for $6million.

    1. Here is my wish list of free agent if we could somehow make it work but just dreaming.

      - Josh McCown, QB
      - Toby Gerhart, RB
      - Jacoby Jones, WR
      - Mr Q, the man, WR
      - Akeem Jordan, ILB
      - Vontae Davis, CB
      - J Byrd, S

  35. Hall of Fame:

    Feeling upset over the continued snub of Eddie D, perhaps one of sports best owners. I also felt that former 49er Charles Haley (5 SB rings) should have gone in before Michael Strahan.

    I am happy that Ray Guy (1st punter) was voted in. I used to watch the raiders pre-LA and Ray Guy set the bar high for every punter to come into the NFL.

      1. WTF? On Haley. Excuse me, all the press Fabio gets in GB, Crazy Charles was MUCH BETTER! Even Talented Aldon can’t be mentioned in the same sentence. Like Freddie Dean or Deion, he changed games and altered opponents’ offenses.

    1. DeBartolo faces an uphill battle due to that little riverboat issue. He’s more likely to go in with the veteran vote.

      Haley was a jerk to the media and while he was a stud I would put him on the bubble. He will get in when no other dominant lineman is up against him.

      1. I haven’t google’d this to remember the exact details but I believe DeBartolo also got in a bit of trouble for paying players outside of their contracts as a means of circumventing the salary rules.

      2. I wont get into the character debate and it’s effect on HOF voting but if it does weigh in I can say this about Haley, the dude was a PSCYHO! The locker room stories about him are disturbing to say the least.

      3. Coffee’s for Closers says:
        February 2, 2014 at 10:25 am
        …the dude was a PSCYHO!
        and dyslexia rears it’s ugly head once again.

  36. So, if the Seahawks win, they’ll host the Thursday night season opener with a very good shot at getting us as their opponent. As much as I’d like to see that, is it worth rooting for the Seahawks over? I think not. Can’t get myself to do it.
    Is there anyway both teams can lose? Not fond of either team! I’m thinking 3-3 after 6 hours of play and they just call it off!

    1. Actually I’m cheering for Payton Manning to win, but I feel that Seattle has enough offensive power to beat Denver’s defense.

      I also feel that Seattle’s defense will swarm all over the Broncos on Sunday.
      No way I cheer for a Seattle win, I just think they’re the best team.

    1. Mr. Madragon has the same disease that many around here seem to have contracted: Short-Sightnitis (lol)

      I believe that CK has won some big games in his very young career.
      And that is where Short-Sightnitis comes into play here.
      CK’ career is still in the infant stages compared to some of the great QB’ like Payton Manning, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees.
      Payton had many detractors early in his career. Brady has not won a SB in about a decade. Brees is still at the top of his game but has not won a big game in a couple of years.

      These 3 great QB’ have had many years of experience to reach success which somehow people conveniently dismiss when speaking about Kaep.
      Kaep has already won some very big games in his young career. More than the afore mentioned combined did in their first 1.5 seasons of play.

      If strangers like Caesar want to ignore CK’ accomplishments in his 1.5 seasons that’s fine.
      I chose to believe that Kaep will continue to grow as a QB and also win his share of SB’ along the way.
      Regardless of what some national and some local naysayer’s believe, I choose to believe that CK has a very bright future.
      I guess you could call that the cure for short-sightnitis!

      1. AES, regardless of what he thinks Colin will be our starting QB next season so it really does not matter for people to only focus on the negatives. Lets just hope he will continue to mature as a QB this off season to have a great 2014 season.

      2. Good post.

        Manning was 0 for 3 before his team won a playoff game in season SIX in the league. Even that year after winning two playoff games he threw FOUR interceptions in the AFC championship game.

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