Kaepernick to start, and dinner New Orleans style

I’m in my hotel. I’m about to walk to the Super Dome in an hour.

I want to link to this to let you know the chatter is still that Colin Kaepernick will start.

Some of you wanted to know what I ate for dinner last night. I went to Commander’s Palace in the Garden District. I had turtle soup for the first time and I loved it. For the main course I had a great filet mignon. My dad and I split a bottle of Chinon.

It felt like the entire city of New Orleans said hello to us at our table. The Maitre D’ sat us at our table early and told us, “Tomorrow you work, tonight you rest.” Are there Maitre D’s in California any more?

Every waiter, the general manager of the restaurant and the wife of the owner – Lally Brennan – came over to introduce themselves and make us feel at home. Lally even gave my dad a kiss when we left. In California, you rarely get service like this. The restaurant’s attitude is to just leave you alone. I like New Orleans’ style.

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