Kaepernick vs. the 49ers

A great quarterback or coach can beat you with his players, and he can beat you with your players.

With that in mind, answer this: How many NFL teams would be favored to beat the 49ers head-to-head if those teams traded their starting quarterbacks for Colin Kaepernick?

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    1. I disagree with all of these, except maybe Seattle which would be pretty close. 49ers would definitely be favored over the rest.

  1. How many NFL teams would be favored to beat the 49ers head-to-head if those teams traded their starting quarterbacks for Colin Kaepernick?
    The same amount of teams that are favored to beat them without switching QB’s.

      1. Nope I don’t think that. I said only the teams that are already favored to beat them would still be favored to beat them after they switched. The Chargers w/ Philliips are not favored to beat the 49ers so they wouldn’t be favored if they switched.

          1. There would be no difference in the Seattle/SF rivalry if Kap and Wilson switched teams. The Seattle defense was the biggest reason they won the SB last year. Marshawn Lynch was the second. If the Niner defense had played that well the year before the Niners would have won the SB too. Kap and Wilson are pretty much the same QB in a similar system right now with the exception being Wilson is more willing to take the short throws and dumpoffs. He’s got more experience in a pro system than Kap does, but Kap has more talent and will eventually be a better overall player than Wilson imo.

            1. Rocket just served Grant. Hahaha what a dumb argument. Russell Wilson is so overhyped it’s insane, without that defense and running game he would be average at best. If Gore had 100 + yards and a td like Lynch instead of 10 yards from scrimmage the niners easily win that game and little grant wouldn’t be hating on Kaepernick so much.

          2. Not to mention the fact that if we switched Kap and RW, that means Kap would be left to deal with our Secondary, while RW dealt with the hawks secondary. Biggest advantage Bar none.

      2. With the current 49ers? Yes.
        Especially if Aldon is suspended. Without a prolific pass rusher, our current LB’ing situation and secondary, absolutely. San Diego would be favored by at least 4.

        A “right-minded” Aldon, a healthy Bowman and established secondary would favor the 49ers by at least 2 points.

  2. “can beat you with his players, and he can beat you with your players.”

    I thought that was only applicable to Don Shula.

  3. Texans

    1. Razor did you include the worst team in the NFL [Texans] because they do’nt have a starting QB? Since you did’nt include the Raiders does that mean that if Shaub was still with the Texans you would take the Texans off your list?

      1. Schaub is done. Houston has weapons on offense and an excellent defense. With Kaepernick they would no longer be the worst team….

    2. That’s close to what I was thinking except the Rams,Cowboys,Dolphins and Lions because I don’t trust their head coaches.

    3. Cowboys??? Really???

      They have one of the worst defenses in the league. And not to mention if we had Romo this offense would look a lot different. It seems like your list is based off of we just gave them Kap w/o taking theirs as well.

      If Bengals had Kap they would be better, but we would have Dalton, who is a serviceable QB. Same with Falcons.

      What’s your thought process here???

  4. I don’t know about favored, but I would say all but about 6 or 7 teams. Harbaugh’s system puts very little pressure on the QB.

  5. I love Grant’s riddles! It gets me through a slow news day. Tthe assumption on Grant’s question is that Colin has the ability to make teams better. Granted Football is the ultimate team sport, Colin is playing middle linebacker, but I think it goes back to Grant’s assertion that Colin had Frank Gore and the Niner D to back them him up. None the less, here’s a few observations if CK was the team’s QB:

    Seattle: They have a great defense, and CK can hand the ball off to Lynch, and could potentially make Lynch even more dangerous with the through run threat. However, CK can’t make the throws that Russell Wilson can, and lacks Russell Wilson’s leadership. Niners beat CK’s Seahawks.

    Jaguars: If CK was on the Jaguars, Niners could start Blaine Gabbert and crush them. Instead of one read and done, he would be no read and on his keester!

    New Orleans: I think CK can beat the Niners, because Sean Payton is a better offensive minded coach, so it’s more about how SP will find unique wrinkles, and Harbaugh wouldn’t know how to make Drew Brees better. The only hard part for CK is that he can’t throw screen passes, which is what SP likes to do.

    Kansas City: Since Colin is Michael Vick 2.0, he could do well playing for Andy Reid, and handing off to Jamaal Charles! Then Alex Smith is back on the Niners and Bay Area would have to lay off the cheese fries because his heart wouldn’t take it! (Just a joke big guy!)

    Dallas Cowboys: Now that would be interesting, right? Colin to Dez Bryant! He would catch the fade because he’s tall! Niners get Romo, he would throw to Vernon all day long.

    Houston: When Colin played with the Niners, he beat Houston and went 6-15 for 115 yards. If he does that playing for Houston. He loses big time. Niners could start David Fales and win by two touchdowns.

    Packers: Colin is a Packer killer so it’s over before the minute they leave the locker room, and Niners get Rodgers. Finally!!!!

    Everyone have a good week and go Warriors!

    1. Fansince77— Your rationals are entirely too simplistic and don’t consider enough of the variables. Just as an example. You state as the reason that that the Niner’s would win with Wilson is that he can make throws that Kap cant. Well even if that were true that would mean that Wilson would beat Seattle by challenging their strength which is pass defense. The only receivers all year who have done well against the Seattle DB were speed receivers which is precisely what SF lacks. Does anyone think Payton Manning cant make the passes that Wilson can. Well how well did he do against the S-Hawks pass defense. Kaep kept the Niner’s in the game with his legs not his arm. Still you expect Wilson to beat Seattle with his arm ( he is really known as a passer isn’t he) without a speed receiver. As I stated your rationals were entirely too simplistic and based on the limited stereotypical mass media talking point evaluations of both QB’s.

    2. CK can’t make the throws that Russell Wilson can, and lacks Russell Wilson’s leadership

      What a shock coming from you. Complete BS but I expect it when you post. You have become Jordan23, only in regards to Kap instead of Alex Smith.

      1. Rocket,
        So you seriously think Colin Kaepernick has more leadership qualities then Russell Wilson? We’re talking about CK here, the dude who cost the Niners the SB with an ill advised throw, and the NFCCG against a division rival with that exact same throw?
        Notice how I didn’t bring up with happened in Miami recently, because what happens in Miami stays in Miami. Gee, Colin loves Miami, remember how he wore that backwards baseball cap and tweeted about it,
        Oh yeah, so if Colin played for the Dolphins, Niners would crush the Dolphins with Tannenhill, because Colin won’t have a RB, a TE, two capable WRS and definitely no D to carry him. We could pay Tannenhill peanuts compared to what CK is asking for and get the same results. Tsk tsk..

    3. Fan77,
      That was much ado about nothing.
      But I see you did amuse one person. Surprise, surprise who that person is (lol).

  6. I would reword that question and drop the word “favored for” “would beat”. One would have to consider “favored by whom”. Favored generally applies to a general consensus of a large group of people/media, polls, etc. The question as is ask’s who do I think everyone would favor not who do I think would win. Those are two different questions. As to the question as asked- My opinion of who others would chose, I would speculate that it would in general not be as favorable to Kap as I would make it. I just think the media and general fan population believes that the surrounding cast that Kap has is better than it actually is. This is mostly because they operate under the illusion that the team that Alex took to the NFC is the same team that Kap had to work with, which diminishes their perception of his actual contributions. I believe too many individuals believe that the Niner’s could plug in any QB and be successful. As to my choice as to who would win, it would be dependent on which team the switch was made with. Different players are better suited to different teams. I wouldn’t necessarily assume that because someone was very productive with one team that they would have the same type of impact or production with another.

  7. Almost any QB on any team will lose to the 49ers if they have our QB. We’ll take their QB, instruct him to be cautious, and then beat up.

  8. QBs better than Kap.
    Some may say Wilson, but theyre virtually equal in every aspect. That being said, the only Qbs on this list that I would rather have as the Qb of the 49ers is Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck. Kap is young with an enormously high ceiling. Im not sure why a qb with 26 regular season starts is receiving some much critisicm for local writers for not winning a super bowl. And he will lead the Niners to multiple championships. Book it.

    1. Adam i would have agreed with you at the end of the 2012 season regarding CK’s ceiling but i just did not see very much improvement last year. What gives you the confidence to say this coming season will be different?

      1. Its more confidence in the Niners team as a whole, than in Kap alone. Niners have one of the best rosters in the league and one of the best coaching staffs to go along with it. Plus Kap has shown he can be clutch, although Grant says he chokes. In 2012 he led the niners from a 17-0 deficit in the NFCC to go to the Super bowl. Last year he led us on game winning drives in two consecutive games, one to get the 5 seed (huge), and the other to win a playoff game (even bigger). The guy is still young, hes only played 3 seasons in this league, one and a half as a starter. I have faith, although i get frustrated at times

    1. They are really doing their homework on guys with any kind of character issues this year. Aaron Lynch was in as well.

      Carl Bradford would be an interesting 2nd round OLB option. Seems like a high effort player. Short arms though.

      1. “They are really doing their homework on guys with any kind of character issues this year”. Gee, I wonder why?

          1. Character risk versus reward in the 3rd Round is fine, but not with the seventh overall pick, is the lesson Mr. Baalke is learning…..

            1. So, for you, it’s not that Baalke brought in a character risk, but that he did so in the wrong round? Are you advocating an absolute “no character risks in the first round” policy, or merely some sort of sliding scale (the earlier the round, the less risk we will accept)? I think I tend towards the latter.

              Also, I think the idea that Baalke took a knowing risk with regard to Smith is a bit overplayed. Alex Marvel’s story on the HRT report provided no basis for HRT’s conclusion that Smith was “a higher-than-average risk for this sort of behavior in the future,” other than the detail-free vague reference to “some past experience with getting into trouble.” The story provides no insight into how much higher than average the risk was and no indication of how serious those past experiences were. That information is relevant and necessary to make an informed judgment of what the 49ers knew about Smith prior to drafting him.

              I also find it curious that Marvel does not state that the 49ers received HRT’s report on Aldon Smith or that they subscribe to HRT’s reports. The 49ers may use a different service, and we have no idea what that service said about Smith.

              Finally, the article spends much more time on the reports conclusions as to Smith’s alleged motivation problems and poor work ethic, issues that, as far as I am aware, haven’t emerged with the 49ers.

            2. The thing that floors me the most is that even with all these problems that have crept up off the field for Smith, he is still the record holder for most sacks to start a career in his first two seasons. The off field stuff is not affecting the on field product which boggles the mind.

    2. Hammer,
      What’s your take on who the 49ers choose with their first pick?

      A month ago I was leaning towards a WR, now I’m going with a LB.

          1. They “had” to get a CB early last year too. They’ll be bucking a trend big time if they go CB before round 3 this year. It very well could happen, but I certainly wouldn’t say it “has to be”.

          2. In my non expert opinion it does have to be CB. CB is an immediate need. With whatever WR the niners do draft this year, he will not make much of an impact this season, assuming its not watkins or evans. So why on earth go WR in the first? CB CB CB is the pick

            1. Brock, Culliver, Wright, Cox, Cook and Morris. CB isn’t an immediate need, it is a 2015 need, just like WR. Yes, the position can be upgraded, but there is no guarantee any CB they draft will be starting this year.

              1. That CB core you just named is one of the worst in the entire NFL. Not near the same as our WR situation.

              2. Is a first round CB definitely going to beat out one of Brock, Culliver, Wright, Cook and Cox to be one of the top 3 CBs on the roster?

                Look back at Jack’s posts about how ‘successful’ CBs drafted early have been in their rookie year in recent seasons. By and large, not very good. It is a hard position to come in as a rookie and be any good. Any CB they draft this year will be drafted to take over in 2015, and they don’t need to take a guy in the first round to do that. If they can contribute as one of the top 3 CBs this year then that is a bonus.

              3. Maybe. They’d definitely be given a shot. My money says Gilbert gets picked on as a rookie though, and doesn’t have a good rookie year.

              4. Roby if he’s available. Fuller won’t be available. Verrett probably will be available.

              5. It’s a polarizing year at the position. Once you get past the clear cut #1 and #2 you can check 5 different boards and see five different lists for #3 – #8.

                I have seen Roby, Verrett, Fuller all listed as the #3 guy and I’ve seen Joyner and Watkins as high as the #4 pick and as low as the #8. McGill has made it up to #6 on WF which almost puts him in the first round conversation.

      1. AES:

        You didn’t ask me, but I think that if they don’t trade up, the 49ers will select the BPA among the remaining CBs, pass rushers, 3-4 DLs and WRs.

        If they do trade up to select a targeted player, your guess is as good as anyone’s, but my guess is that it will be for a CB or pass rusher.

        1. I agree claude – I think they will go BPA at one of those positions if they stand pat.

          If they trade up I wouldn’t rule out WR. I believe they are committed to surrounding Kaep with as many WR weapons as possible – they don’t want to be in the same position as last year when Crab got hurt. They don’t know what Lloyd has left, so doubt they just rely on him to be the player he was. He’s a hit and hope signing and insurance policy in case of injury.

          1. Scooter:

            I wouldn’t rule anything out. Let’s face it, none of us possess enough information to make an informed prediction. That said, unless the value of the player greatly exceeds the value of the pick at that point in the draft, I don’t see the 49ers trading up for a WR. That position is so deep in this draft that they should be able to find value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

        2. CB,
          Gotcha. Either a CB or PRshr would be a good fit. But I happen to agree with Scooter that our current secondary is formidable.

          If we trade up for a CB it should for Gilbert or Dennard. If we stand pat, either K.Fuller or J.Verrett could be on the board.

          If we trade up for a LB/PRshr it would likely be for A.Barr or Dee Ford who could be available from the 12-20 pick.

          If the team is bent on a speed WR, then Brandin Cooks is the man.

          Of the above mentioned, Gilbert or Dennard could possibly start the first game. The others would be spot players at best, imo.

          1. Whoa, hold on there AES, I have never said our secondary is formidable, and I definitely don’t believe it is. I like the safeties, but not the CBs – they are average.

            I do however think the team can get by with what they’ve currently got. The front 7 is the strength of the D and they’ll rely on that again this season to mask any deficiencies on the back end. The way this team plays it doesn’t need shutdown CBs, it needs good athletes on the perimeter. They can get those after round 1.

            1. Sorry Scooter, those weren’t your exact words.
              This is your comment:
              “Is a first round CB definitely going to beat out one of Brock, Culliver, Wright, Cook and Cox to be one of the top 3 CBs on the roster?”

              If I’m reading your comment correctly, you seem to suggest that you were not convinced a first rd CB could beat out our existing group.

              I used the word ‘formidable’ because I’m looking at Culliver, Brock, Reid, and Bethea as our strength position players in the secondary. Not the best in the league, but formidable imo.

              Players like Gilbert, Dennard and perhaps Roby might have a shot at beating out Culliver or Brock, but that’s no guarantee.
              But these guys along with Verrett and Fuller would likely have a better chance of leap-frogging Cox, Wright and Cook for playing time and even locking up the nickel-back spot by season’s start .

              1. All good AES.

                I agree that (barring injury or suspension) Brock and Culliver would most likely beat out any rookie CB, even Dennard or Gilbert. I also think any rookie CB would have a tough time beating out the trio of Wright, Cook and Cox – one of those guys will likely win the 3rd spot unless the rookie is very good in TC. That is why I don’t see CB as an essential position for the first round. Could happen, but they don’t “need” to. And to me none of the top rated CBs look like sure-fire exceptional talents, so I wouldn’t reach for one based on need alone.

  9. Good thought experiment, Ravens and Bengals are the only two that come to mind and they’re both matchups would be more toss ups than anything.

  10. Grant this is a dumb question! Cant u find anything else to talk about, we all know ur a Kaepernick hater, u sound like Heath Evans from NFL network!

  11. The Niners have really good players at all positions, also they have a really good coaching staff. I think the Niners can win with ‘any smart’ experienced QB. Doesn’t have to have a cannon for an arm or run with the wind, has to play smart ball, and then that team can play with anyone on a neutral field and win most road games. The Niners are a very talented team. I would venture to say, starting a raw rookie QB on this team, they could win at least eight games. This is a good ‘team’ people.

    1. What “raw rookie QB” do you think has the ability to win at least 8 games?
      And will 8 wins get us in the playoffs in our division?

      Sorry undercenter, not feelin you on this one.

  12. As we watch this draft unfold, I’m going to try to keep in mind that a few old school guys think there are Starter caliber players well into the 5th Round.
    Obviously, most won’t arrive ready, but should grow into it.

  13. The 2014 NFL regular season schedule will be revealed tomorrow (Wed) at 17:00 PST.
    Can’t wait until the hated Seahawks come to get their butts kicked in Levi Stadium!
    Go Niners! Let’s get on the road to Lombardi Trophy #6!

  14. note to Coach Harbaw:
    do you see what sad and empty questions
    the journalists and fans must entertain
    themselves with in the offseason after
    another round of playoff games goes kaputt…!??

    How many more years must Niner fans wait before
    your get your butt in gear and bring home
    Lombardi trophy #6…? This is a very long offseason.

    The Super Bowl monkey is still on your back, you loser.

  15. Should just say any bottom team would do better with CK. It’s hard to say what QB’s would do better here because of the 49er system and type of pass plays they have. The importance is what will the 49ers do in the future with the draft and CK’s contract. Will they get some competion in? Will they go for more shorter passes that another QB might be more adept than CK? Will they draft a tall receiver just for CK? A lot will unfold in the next few weeks.

  16. Just listened to Merrill Hodge this morning and he believe Kaep is poised for to take the next step as a pocket qb especially of they get him more help on the outside. Grants attempt to make a name for himself by saying kaep will fail is pathetic. Hey grant ” how bout them cowboys yeeeeeaaaaah!” Just come out say its your team and then I’ll accept your niners hate.

  17. Another poorly veiled attempt by Grant to belittle Kaepernick. I guess he won’t come out and say he doesn’t want Kaepernick as the starting QB, so he comes up with this.. nice waste of everyone’s time.

  18. I think what Grant is trying to say is how many starting QBs are better than Kap in the league ? I would say many. Kap is an athletic QB no doubt, as a rushing QB he is great, but in terms of passing not so much which to me is what matters most. In that sense, many starting QBs are better than Kap. Personally, I am not sold on Kap just yet, there are still many glaring red flags about his game, namely : 1) lack of progression reads, 2) bad decision-making and 3) lack of accuracy with his touch passes such as his fades. To me, we must draft a legit QB : 1) to ensure we have a great back-up, but 2) more importantly we need a guy that can compete with Kap to give ourselves one last option before we are forced to hand over that $18 million contract to Kap.

  19. I think the question is a little reductive.
    Peyton Manning and the Jaguars would not beat Whomever and the Broncos.
    Statistically, Kap is a top 10 QB. That’s really all there is to it.
    There are better QBs in the league, but comparing Brady and Manning to anyone else will get the same result.
    This question isn’t a fair one if you’re trying to evaluate Kap.

  20. Good question. Without reading the other 99 comments I have to say, putting Kaep on the the opposing team suddenly makes him look better, more imposing. I remember how dominating he was playing for Nevada. If he studies the pro game and applies himself and doesn’t go Tim Lincicum on us after getting a HUGE contract, he could be great.

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