Kaepernick: “We have to keep our momentum going into the playoffs.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick spoke in the locker room Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.


You’re going up against the number one ranked defense against the rush. That’s going to be a tall task, I’m sure you don’t want to change your game plan though. 

“Yeah, we just have to go out and execute like we have been doing.”


Is this a case where you’re just willing to take a couple of non-game plays to just maintain that same philosophy?

“Well, we’re going to try to do what we can to put ourselves in an advantageous situation, but ultimately we have to stick to what we do well.”


What has changed for you with all your weapons kind of back in full force now? Has anything changed?

“Defenses play us honest. That’s the only thing that’s really changed for us.”


What about your decision to run and not run? Any difference in that?

“No difference.”


Is there anything that WR Michael Crabtree has done in his comeback that has surprised you at all and just the fact that he was able to come back from a major injury in six months?

“No, nothing surprises me with him. He’s an amazing player, he works hard and we knew when he came back he’d be ready to play.”


Going back to last game, you had the touchdown run where you ran the power up the middle and then there was also the 22-yard sprint through the secondary. Which one do you like better? Did the sprint up there just getting past that second level, did that feel pretty good?

“Felt good, but I’ll always take a touchdown.”


What have you seen from the Cardinals on film? How different are they from the last time you saw them or pretty much the same?

“Same scheme. They’re playing hard, they’re playing fast, they’re playing physical.”


You talk about the NFC West in general how it’s changed here over the last few years. You’ve got four teams possibly over .500 and one, two getting left out. Could you talk about how it’s developing?

“I think my opinion is it’s the toughest division in football. There are a lot of great teams, a lot of great players in this division.”


What’s at stake for you guys on Sunday in this game?

“We have to keep our momentum going into the playoffs.”


Playoff positioning matter to you guys?

“Yeah, it does, but at the same time, we aren’t in full control of where we’re going to be seeded. So, we have to go out and win to keep our momentum.”

  1. I think something happened to CK after the Seattle game. Like a heavy burden off his back as he is saying a doing all the right things as a pro QB. We will only go as far as he takes us and right now it looks promising. I was critical of him midseason but he seems to have turned the corner.

    1. Could you be more specific? I don’t see that he’s turned a corner. He’ still inaccurate. Here’s one example from the Falcons game:

      He has a clean pocket and over-strides…http://oi39.tinypic.com/muzazb.jpg

      …as a result, he sails a pass too high for an open Michael Crabtree: http://oi44.tinypic.com/2ec40n8.jpg

      Here’s another one from that game: http://oi41.tinypic.com/24l5wjs.jpg high and behind Crabtree, who makes a great catch: http://oi44.tinypic.com/r7979k.jpg

      1. I’d say the most improvement has been his escapabilty and willingness to run or get outside the pocket….you have to admit he’s not taking as many negative plays as he was and really has done a much better job on the run….

        As opposed to the first par of the season where he would hold the ball too long and by the time he chose to go outside of the pocket or run he took a huge sack.

      2. Grant i am just wondering but based on your opinion which QB is the best in the NFC West! So if you had your choice of any of the QBS in the NFC West which one would you select for your franchise?

      3. What I mean by turn the corner is first off his leadership on the field. He has a better command of the offense at the line and audibling. Add the fact he looks to be more decisive in his decisions.
        The second reason I think he has turned the corner is his ability to extend plays. Everyone talks about R.Wilson and his ability to make nothing out of something. I see CK doing that a lot more. His confidence to make plays is coming out to the forefront.
        Lastly the confidence. In his pressers before and after games, on the field, I see a professional maturity.
        Footwork, bad throws, this is what every QB struggles with while developing his craft. At this time of year fundamentals is prevalent, but making big plays is as essential. I like what I’m seeing as opposed to 6 weeks ago.

        1. Great comment, and thanks for indulging me. You’re right, every young QB struggles with footwork and accuracy, but Kaepernick does not seem to have made much improvement with his footwork or his accuracy since college, whereas Cam Newton has improved in those areas.

      4. Well said, Prime. I’d agree there are signs of maturation that are tied to confidence. Grant asks legit questions that are hard to answer, but those old ‘intangibles’ seem to be headed upwards.
        The poster ‘Max’ made some interesting comments regarding CK’s footwork. I think it was on the grades thread.

      5. Yes and No. When Kaepernick can hit his last step and hit his first read he is usually pretty accurate. When he has to go through his reads his accuracy suffers.

      6. I think footwork is something CK will struggle with for the early part of his career because he is trying to learn the passing game from the pocket, while avoiding the temptation to be a runner when the pocket breaks down. When he becomes more confident with the offense and the ability to decide when to run, the footwork mechanics will improve.
        As for accuracy, he’s been better the last couple weeks but again this to me is a sub factor of the footwork.

      7. Pardon me if Im oversimplifying it, as usual im sure, but when I looked up over striding in the throwing motion one thing I saw mentioned more then once was that it was a common problem of QB’s that either switch from or also play baseball. Kaepernicks throwing motion sometimes tends to look more like a pitcher then a QB, again I know it’s not that simple but im curious if it’s related.

      8. Everything starts with the feet in football. You can say that about every position across the board: QB, RB, WR, OL, etc.

        Our O-line coach when I was playing JC ball had played in the NFL for San Diego and Denver, and he always used to say, “They call it football because you play with your feet.”

        1. That’s a great quote and it’s the truth. The same applies with pitching and boxing.

          David Fales has excellent footwork, and so does Brett Hundley.

      9. Very interesting thread. Grant, do you have photographs of what Colin looks like when he’s made an accurate pass? Coffee’s for Closers’s comment about how Colin’s throwing style sometimes resembles more that of a pitcher than a quarterback merits more consideration. He’s a very strong guy, seemingly capable of throwing a football like a baseball – which goes some way toward explaining those on-the-run and off-the-run laser-like throws that so awe Harbaugh. And how did Colin do in college? I wonder if what is required in Colin’s very unique case is to think more “out of the box” rather than to force Colin into one. Of course, the proof is in the pudding and the outcome of games will eventually determine this issue. (@Brotha Tuna – Thx for the reference.)

      10. It’s more of the feet not working together with the upper body. He rarely gets his feet going toward the target.

        Newton has the same problem, and I think that is part of why Newton’s numbers are so good throwing left. His front foot is often already going in that direction.

        1. Good point. I agree, his feet rarely point toward his target. I think Newton has made strides in this area, but that’s a good observation about him throwing left.

      11. In the first pic, Kaep has both the stance and throwing motion of a QB. In the second one, he has the stance and throwing motion of a pitcher. Maybe he needs to work on that instead of bulking up this offseason.

      12. Hey, Grant, thanks for providing additional data. This is getting even more interesting. I think I have a sense of what you mean by “over-striding” now. (Please excuse my ignorance.) I notice that in the first image Colin’s receiver is close to and in front of the defender and has more or less stopped at the end of his route, while in the second image the receiver is still running hard, trying I assume to get past the defender to the place where receiver and ball are (happily) supposed to meet. I bet the second throw had more loft than the first – the positions of the players seem to suggest that – while the first was more of a bullet. What I’m trying to figure out here is what might have constrained Colin’s inaccuracy – you would probably say his poor mechanics – and suggesting that the two situations on the field called for two different kinds of passes. The pitcher-style analogy intrigues me because Colin has the strength to throw a football like a baseball. Okay, so what? Well, this: I don’t remember a quarterback being as buffed out and as long-limbed as this guy (and I go back to the time when Harold Houdini was playing for the Canton Bulldogs) – and I’m wondering if his physique isn’t constraining his mechanics – and further suggesting that if it is, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. We might be witnessing a whole new way for a quarterback of Colin’s particular build to deliver the ball – he might be football’s Mohammed Ali! And before long maybe he’ll be more accurately “floating like a butterfly” (the second image) and “stinging like a bee” (the first image). LOL! That’s what I meant by viewing him “out of the box.” Anyway, you’ve given me a lot more to watch for come Sunday. Thanks!

      13. Grant,
        I know I’m late joining this conversation. I would take, RW or CK, in the short term, if the team was poised to go to the SB. He’s had his struggles but he’s proven to have the ability to make the clutch play late in the game. No matter how bad it gets, he believes he can get it done.
        Kaep is doing waaaaayyyy too much thinking, and sooner or later, having such a limited pass offense where it’s one read and then that’s it will catch up.

        Greg Cosell made an interesting point about how Kaep waits for the play to break down. A lot of positives can happen, but so can a lot of negatives.

        But in the long run, if the Niners were not chasing the title, I would take Kaep and give him a few years.
        It’s all moot for now, as he is the Niner QB and our fortunes will rise and fall on how play.

      14. @prime – good stuff…..I have a similar conclusions…..just watch out for the nut ninermd he believes he knows exactly what everyone is thinking or how everyone should think…….him coming from a nut house and the amount of miller lite he consumes a day his IQ is waaaay below average.

    2. Kaepernick’s improvement coincides with Crabtree coming back and getting healthier. To be honest, I can’t say that is a sign of improvement but more of dependency. Kaep still appears to look lost if his first read isn’t open and his pocket presence hasn’t really been fixed yet either.

      1. Well Mid that’s football! Team game makes everyone look good and play better. No coincidence the win streak but to me, since SEA, CK looks like a QB in charge of the offense. Confidence will always outweigh mechanics, stats, and numbers.

      2. No need to get upset Prime. I am just giving my opinion is all. I believe that he will improve as time goes on, but for now he is going through the bumps and bruises of being a season-long starting QB.

  2. One area of growth I have seen, and it is a glimpse, so I would like to see more consistency, is that he threw a dump off pass to Frank Gore. This is an area of growth and will be indispensable in avoiding sacks and opening things up offensively.

  3. Speaking of momentum (keeping it up)…
    so maybe we see you scoring some points
    in each and every quarter from now on???
    Putting up more than 3 points in a half…?
    keep talking, we’re listening…. rookie.

      1. Thanks for the great link MW.
        As for the Smith stalker, I don’t see him going away (even if we ignore him) unless Grant chooses to ban him.

      2. It’s like someone of a different religion.
        Instead of going to their own Church/Temple/RevivalTent/Mosque, they go demonstrate in front of a different one.

    1. Alex better show some skills after 8 years of playing in the NFL and score some points in every qt moving forward or the monkey will be jumping all over his back!

      1. My take is that Kaep’s throwing motion is in between that of a pitcher and a QB. He tends to sling his arm away from his body rather than going through the full throwing motion that the average QB does.

  4. Grant,

    Curious to get your take on the Arizona D without Mathieu. They’ve replaced him in the slot with Jerraud Powers. Seems like that should be a matchup advantage for the 49ers.

    1. Powers is giving up a 58 passer rating in the slot this season, so we’ll see. He may be a better slot cover guy than Mathieu. Mathieu is a terrific tackler and he forces turnovers.

      Powers gave up just one catch for 9 yards to 49ers’ wide receivers Week 7. Vernon Davis beat him twice.

      1. Davis was in reality the 49ers #2 WR at that point in the season.

        In that first game the 49ers were able to scheme into favorable matchups that resulted in big plays. Will be interesting to see if they can make that happen again.

        1. I’m sure they’ll try to match up Davis on Powers again. The biggest thing going in the Cardinals’ favor right now besides their run d is their pass rush.

      2. If you have time, check out the play Davis scored on against Seattle, and the incompletion in the red zone to Davis in the week 6 game with AZ. Same exact play.

        Did you recognize the 3rd and short play on Monday night in the third quarter that was a big gainer over the middle to Crabtree? That is one of their go-to red zone plays.

      3. What type of rush or blitz has been the most successful against Kaepernick? Straight 4 man rush, CB blitz etc…
        The next question is why do you think he struggles against it and what can he do to get better?

  5. h-mmm .. maybe …but ..
    the eternal optimist in me believes …
    and has faith .. that Staley and his crew
    will be more than ready …

    Remember … they have faced
    tougher defensive fronts before … and
    came out smelling like petunias !

    (I hate roses … damn thorns !)

  6. note to Brotha Tuna:

    If our Niners do not win the Super Bowl -
    this year -
    then the entire season, as good as it was,
    will taste like a worn-out piece of that stuff
    which Coach Harbaw used to chew. Sick, huh?

    Call me a true believer …. Alex Smith.
    Results talk. Earphones walk. Ha ha ha….

    1. Your man lover Alex Smith will be watching the rest of the playoffs from his couch after the first weekend. He’ll be wishing he was a 49er still!

      1. Alex what’s going to be your blog name after the first playoff rounds! Alex Smith ( done with the season, ready for training camp)

  7. Kap will work on his throwing motion in the offseason. It’ll take time but he will do it. I’ll take kap over any quarter in the league right now. Ceiling is higher

    1. I don’t think he needs to do anything with his upper body. It’s all footwork with CK7. He needs many thousand reps of setting and re-setting his feet when he goes through his progression. If he doesn’t fix his feet he is destined for serious back issues as his career progresses.

  8. Arians and Peterson baiting Mr. Crabs with comments of him not being the same receiver that torched them for 244 yards and 4 touchdowns last year….

    1. reading that ..
      I got the same impression, too. razor ..

      … bulletin board material, perhaps ? ..

      which brings me to this… for Grant:

      Could you ask Crabtree about that, Grant ?
      It would be nice to get his reaction

      1. Oh without question…Crabtree definately seems to have that personality where he would be affected by remarks like that….in a possitive way for us

        I can see him over 100 and a TD, maybe 8 recs…He owns Peterson.

        I really wish we would get Patton involved and that VMac would stop dropping balls….it would open up this offense so much more.

    2. I see this more as a bait for Kap. They hope that Kap will stick with his first read on plays where Crab is the first read and force the ball even if the latter is double covered.

    1. Good stuff jack as always… but I gotta think we establish the run on our end and shut down their run on ther end…this will allow us to utilize the play action with Vernon and Crabs…

      I gotta take niners on this one 24-20

    2. Interesting that you left out key personnel at the 49ers armory that were not in their inventory during the last meeting…..

      1. With an offensive line ranking dead last in pass blocking, (40 sacks/93 hits on Palmer)Aldon Smith must also be included in a NASCAR effort by Fangio to pressure Palmer into making mistakes…..

      2. The 2 tackles for Atlanta were near the bottom of the league as well, and we saw how A Smith and Brooks performed. The Falcons coaching staff put on a clinic for how to help struggling tackles.

        BTW, nice use of the “NASCAR” reference from DeSimone’s piece at the beginning of the week…

      3. I never heard of DeSimone, but I got the term NASCAR from one of the Giants packages….

        That “clinic” the 49ers graduated from will have them better prepared for the next test…..

    3. It will be interesting to see how often the 49ers use their jumbo package this week. They used it a lot last week and was largely ineffective – much like it has been since 2011.

      1. I’ll assume by jumbo package you mean 22 personnel. Last week the jumbo package resulted in 7 carries for 65 yards, so not sure how ineffective it was. For the season they are averaging 4.3 yards per rush. They also average 7.6 yards per pass, and the 5 touchdown passes with this group is the most among all of their groups.

        Their least effective group on the ground is actually their 11 personnel, averaging only 2.2 yards per carry. The least effective through the air has been 12 personnel, Kaepernick has completed only 50% of his passes with it and an average of 5.6 yards per attempt.

      2. Maybe the 49ers drafted the wrong TE from Rice. Willson is having a much better rookie season than VM in yardage and yards per catch — and he was a 5th round pick.

  9. I’m not worried about the Cardinals. I know Matt Ryan and Roddy White gave us fits Monday night, but I just don’t see Carson (Mr. Int) Palmer getting away from the pass rush the way Ryan did. Also the Niners will be better pepared for the the three step drops which gave them so much trouble. I predict at least 1o hurries and 5 sacks by the Niners Sunday. 27-10 Niners.

    Other predictions:

    Green Bay 34 Chicago 31
    Philly 38 Dallas 7
    Atlanta 21 Carolina 14
    Rams 24 Seachickens 14
    Tampa Bay 31 Saints 24

    1. I think if your predictions are accurate the 9ers would be #1 seed in the NFC. I’m good with that. I hope your a direct descendant of Nostradamus.

      1. Actually, the Saints game is pretty much meaningless as far as the Niners playoff seeding is concerned. Here are the Niner’s playoff possibilities:

        #1 Seed: Niner Win, Ram win, Panthers Loss.
        #2 Seed: Niner win, Ram win, Panthers win
        #5 Seed: Niner Win, Seahawks Win.
        #5 Seed: Niner Loss, Saints Loss.
        #6 Seed: Niner Loss, Saints Win.

    2. Rick a true 49er fan has spoken, lol. If your prediction comes true we would be the number one seed! i would be very happy with just a victory against AZ and a Rams defeat of the seagulls

      1. I guess Patton sounds better. It’s unlikely Baldwin will be with the team much longer so it would be good to get Patton some snaps in games that matter.

      2. Whether it’s Patton, Osgood, or Baldwin it is highly unlikely the #3 will make any signification contribution at any time this year.

      3. Osgood might be the guy who’s ready to takeover that third wide receiver role. He earned another look from his quarterback…

      1. I like Adams, but at 6-5/235, Benjamin running a 4.5 forty is more impressive. He reminds me of VD athletically. If he stays at the jugs machine after practices too, he has the ablility to be unstoppable…

      2. I like to big WR’ coming out this year as well. I would add Brandon Coleman from Rutgers to the list of WR as a possibility in the 2-3 rd.

        But a big WR doesn’t always equate to playing big on the field. Jon Baldwin was 6’5″ 230 lbs and could not find his niche in the NFL.
        Like the WR’s coming out of college into the draft in 2014, JB had very good numbers at Pittsburg.

        The NFL is a completely different brand of football and not all high stats college WR’ make it. A.J. Jenkins is a prime example of that.
        Even our own Michael Crabtree (who won almost every WR award in college) took a few years in the pros before finding his groove.

        So imo, finding a primetime WR will be a crapshoot and my hope is that we already have that primetime WR in Q.Patton.
        Time well tell.

  10. Man we miss D Walker this season. Manningham is gone and bruce miller. We need another receiving option. Why not use LMJ in the same way as the Cardinals and Saints use their fast shifty RBs!

      1. ninermd – why don’t you pay your child support?…., do you really have to use alex smith as an excuse for not paying child support?

      2. Who mentioned Alex smith? Blue eyes on the brain KC fan? I hope to God we play them in the superbowl and somebody records your dilemma.
        “Oh boy who do I pick? My primary team or my secondary team?” Pretty pathetic onelame. Alex Smith is gone. Get over it. Nobody is thinking about Mr Average anymore

      3. Interesting you think he is average and @ the same time thinks he can get to the superbowl. You are one confused drunk ninermd.

    1. DWalk has been missed but I believe that has to do more with VMac not able to establish himself in his rookie season. VMac has to ingrain himself as much as possible going forward.

      A player that I believe was somewhat overlooked last Sunday is Will Tukuafu. Tuk came in with little time to prepare and did a good job lead blocking. I think that he will play a prominent role against the Cards on Sunday to help our run game.

    1. Maybe now the NFL officials will be a little lenient towards our rough and tough defense. Like Whitner said, its okay to have big hits as long as their legal which they have been.
      That call was a joke and cost us a win. Same thing last Monday night with Donte. Didn’t cost us a win but we maybe could have held them to a FG. Brutal.

    2. Nope. The nfl got their BIG matchup the next week. To bad it turned into a blowout and screwed SF fans out of more games at home.

  11. I underestimated the need for a solid WR (crabtree) next to boldin for Ckone to be successful……I believe the confidence level with crabtree on the field has increased………my bad…..I had the same argument with Alex having terrible receivers………should have known better, but guess with ckone flashy superman-skills i was blinded to the fact the every successfully QB needs at least 2 good receivers and a TE……or in some cases 1 wr and 2 te’s ………

    But still can we win if our running game is shut down?

      1. I have to agree with you……..its too much stress finding a receiver in the same level as crabtree……would hate to lose boldin but crabtree has proved enough……

        I recall when the doubt was about his attitude and the fact he was always missing OTA’s…….no more doubt or fcuk the doubt from me……sign the crab nooowww….

    1. It must suck to be you onelame. It kills you to see ck hitting his stride while your hero is the same ol average Joe who can’t beat a winning team with a good defense and good RB. Tell me how Alex smith is the same guy with a pro bowl receiver and a pro bowl RB. He hasn’t improved a bit. Oh wait! He’s played 11 games vs bottom feeders. Oh my who to root for.

  12. Grant I’m usually not one to say I told you so because I’m wrong as much as I’m right, buuuuuuuut I told you so. The penalty on Brooks was then, and is still, a horrible call. What makes it as bad a call as there was this year is it happened at a time in the game that decided the outcome. The reason for the I told you so was you had the same opportunity to see the same replays that we all saw but instead of admitting that you’re first impression was wrong you continued to defend an obviously bad call. So repeat after me, about the cowboys I was wrong, about the call on Brooks I was wrong and finally about Crabtree not being able to come back and make an impact this year, I was wrong. Oh and one more I was wrong from you that I hope to hear later this year is, Dad I was wrong and you and old coach were right, the 9ers were the best team in the NFC.

    1. coach … not to mention …

      “…The Cowboys
      will win the Super Bowl this year …”

      Howzit lookin’ now with Kyle Orton at the helm ?

  13. the man whose legs are shot and sux really bad and gets a 4.6ypc against a defense that allows 4.6ypc just got voted to another pro bowl

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