Keys to the 49ers-Eagles game

Show your expertise. Break down the five keys to Sunday’s game against the Eagles, predict the final score and explain your prediction.

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  1. Whats the use of having speed if you dont use it. Philly will throw the hell out of the ball, we will run just to keep their offense ofF the field, wich will bring us to 3rd and long and we will punt. Ellington needs plays, deep plays,lloyd needs deep plays as well. But hell who knows. 33-10 philly

  2. The 49ers need

    – Effective late game pass rush
    – Clock chewing offensive running drives (ala Stanford vs Oregon)
    – 4th Quarter Scoring
    – No more then 2 phantom penalties
    – Noisy home crowd, with seated fans screaming their lungs off while oligarchs in the glass wall rattle their jewelry.

    Also, have a mock coin flip at halftime. Bribe the scoreboard people to replace “Third Quarter” with “First Quarter.”

  3. Run the football, and keep the Eagles offense on the sidelines as much as possible.

    Score TD’s in the Red Zone.

    Assignment football on defense.

    Manufacture pressure.

    Play smart, composed and within the Rules.

    Eagles will try to fly, but in the end the 49ers cage them 27-24…..

    1. Yep, the 49ers need to avoid the things that have de-railed them against the Bears and Cards.

      – Stick to your assignments and trust the guys next to you will do the same.
      – Have some more balance to the offense, and mix things up so you don’t get predictable in the 2nd half.
      – Find a way to pressure Foles or he’ll carve the D up.
      – Cut down on the penalties, especially on 3rd down!!

      Stopping the Eagles passing game is going to be tough if they don’t put any pressure on Foles. And Ward will be up against another 6’3″ WR in Jordan Matthews this week – they shouldn’t leave him 1-on-1 in the red zone.

      The 49ers offense should be able to move the ball against the Eagles, but they have to find a way to keep moving the ball and scoring points after half time. Which means they need to be able to adjust when the Eagles adjust at half time.

  4. Eagles 37 Niners 24. Niners lead 21 – 9 at the half . The eagles make adjustments and rip our hearts out in the second half. In the ratio of offensive talent to points achieved I think the niners rank last. We should be scoring 40+ per game.

    the keys will be:

    1. put pressure on foles (not possible since our defense collapses if a single player is out)

    2. control the clock (not possible since we only attempt 8 rushes per game)

  5. Defense:

    Stop Maclin and Mathews ..
    it’ll be much easier to do if Ward learns how..
    (by watching from the bench)


    Score a lot more points than the Uggles ..
    it’ll help if Frank and Carlos do a Hulk Hogan..and
    “run wild” all day …

    and if Kaep does to Foles what he did to Brady

  6. Gore needs to rush for over 100 yds

    Hyde needs 7-10 carries

    Vernon needs 2-3 big plays

    we consistent pressure on Foles and about 3 sacks

    put the game away in the 3rd

  7. Phillies offensive line is banged up. Two or three starters missing. Attempt to create pressure with 4 leaving an extra DB for coverage.

    Brock and Cox on the outside and Culliver in the slot. Sit Ward.

    Get Tank in the game. They can live with his mistakes considering they’ve lived with Reid’s and Ward’s.

    Hyde the starter on offense. Come out run heavy with Hyde and stick with it allowing CK to do what he does best, throw from play action.

    Emphasize a vertical route with either Vernon or Ellington. Throw a minimum of two or three shots down field.

    1. Why do people keep suggesting Culliver should be moved to the slot? He’s never played there. And in Matt M’s live chat the other day he said that when Culliver was asked whether he could play the slot he replied something along the lines of “please don’t suggest that. No”. He’s not a slot CB.

              1. My balls are always bouncing, to the left and to the right. It’s my belief, that my big balls, be recognized every night…..

              2. The good part of it is that it was discovered during the first three games and is something that he can work on going forward.

              3. MidWest, I hope you are right, but he’s always had “ball recognition issues.” Maybe has to do with his attitude towards gays?

    2. We need Hyde and Gore to run the ball, control the clock, and get a huge lead so the game is not in doubt in the 4th, so we can keep Kaep away from what he does worst — CHOKE UNDER PRESSURE.

  8. 1. Do I have enough Boont Ale in the fridge?
    2. Chips or popcorn? Need to make a choice here.
    3. Throw the damn ball Colin. Throw it! Throw it! Dammit! Get up and try again.
    4. Run Frank, run!
    5. Hey, can someone stop the Eagles WRs from catching the friggin’ ball?

    I HATE to bet agains my team but I see 45-23 Iggles… YMMV and no problem.

  9. I only need 2,
    1. Stop the run/screen game. Force Foles to beat you.
    2. Stay in base to keep Boykin, their best corner, off the field and pick apart the Eagles awful secondary especially with play action.

  10. Seems pretty clear cut to me.

    -Pass rush. Put some pressure on Foles before he gets too hot.

    -Play football in the 2nd half. Just ……. play!!

    -There’s this guy on our team named Frank Gore. He’s a RB. His back up is pretty decent, too, Carlos Hyde. Call me crazy, but you get them involved good things might happen.

    -Coaches. If we jump out to a good lead. Don’t go to the concession stand for a 20 dollar hotdog and a power nap or whatever it is you guys do when he take a good lead. Just don’t do it.

    and last but certainly not least

    -PENALTIES!!! Just ……. STOP IT!!!! Can you at least NOT commit a holding foul on a incompleted pass on 3rd and 9.

    I think our 9ers will get it right this week at home. Final score ……. 9ers 27. Eagles 23. Keeping the Faith!!

  11. The Eagles will be without their starting center, left guard and right tackle. So, that means it’s time to find a pass rush to take the pressure off the defensive backfield. Need a big day from Brooks going against a back-up RT.

    Balance on offense. Stick with the run even if it hurts. Short passing game off play action with a few deep throws when the safeties start creeping up to keep them honest.

    Don’t let Sproles be a hero in this game. Sure tackles wrapping him up. Shoulder hits won’t get the job done.

    Special teams. Lee needs to pin them back and Dawson needs to kick them through the uprights. Ellington, no run backs from the back of the endzone. Take a knee, please.

    Vernon Davis. I repeat, Vernon Davis.

  12. We This offensive playbook rarely calls for plays 15 plus yds down field. It is simple, play your run game then take the top off. We use our pass game as an extention of the run. 5 and 8 yard outs, by damn, can we please go for explosive plays, not 5 yd outs and hope for Y.A.C

  13. 1. Reinstall the run game.
    The 49ers are going up against a run defense that is currently allowing over 105 ypg. This would be a fine time to put that second round pick Hyde and the workhorse to work.

    2. Maintain the passing game.
    Though it is important to get the running game going, it’s also vital to keep Kaep and his receiving corps clicking for the purpose of versatility. Although. going up against the 30th ranked pass defense is a good reason for this too.

    3. Secondary can’t be putrid.
    Where to start? Culliver needs to locate the ball, Ward needs to play better in coverage and be more physical, Reid needs to stop making dumb mistakes…basically the secondary needs to show up. However, it would help this unit greatly if….

    4. Can we get a rush? Pretty please with sugar on top?
    ….the defense can generate a better pass rush. The secondary has been terrible, but they are getting absolutely no help from the front seven. The only one that has done okay in the rushing category is Cowboy. Right now, no team is afraid of the defense pancaking their starting QB, and that has to change if the 49ers want to stop Foles and the high-flying Eagles offense.

    5. Stay disciplined and FINISH!
    We can point fingers at the refs, the OL, the poor play of Ward, and so on. But the bottom line in each loss was the team’s lack of discipline and the inability to finish. Everything else is really just an excuse. The team should be 3-0, but they seem to have called it a day after the first half in each game and committed dumb penalties to go along with that inept effort. A Super Bowl contender can’t do these things. This Sunday needs to mark the day that changes.

      1. No I didn’t Razor. Like I have said earlier, I haven’t been able to watch any of the games yet due to work. I think that blocked FG was in the third quarter (let me know if I’m wrong) and is a good example of not finishing.

          1. Based on that it looks like Staley was playing RG, so Big niner was correct that it was up the middle, but mistaken that it wasn’t Staley.

          2. Not surprised that I was wrong (on the quarter as well) since I didn’t watch the game Razor, although I do put that failed more on the unit than just one player. I mean to lose an 11-9 match up. Really? !

            1. Like Hammer, my question would be, is it Dawsons’ responsibility to recognize they were overloaded to one side, and make the adjustments? If not, whose responsibility was it?

          1. Sure was. Wonder why the 49ers were lined up with more guys on the left like that. Even with only 9 guys on the field for Az the right side was outnumbered.

  14. Five?…. make that the number of penalties against us…. that’ll be a start.

    Establish the running game, the OL key to this, give us a performance guys.

    Leave the locker room when called for the second half.

    Some sort of pass rush…..pleeeease…..

    Don’t waste time outs or have delays of game…… Kaep is prone to that and it gets on my ….. errmmmmm right up my nose.

  15. 1) re-establish the bully mentality in the running game.
    2) score TD’s in the running game.
    3) convert 3rd downs and stop their conversions.
    4) protect kap.
    5) no turn overs.
    24-17 after wins. Mccoy gets his yards plus a TD, gore and Hyde enjoy the return of the wham blocks with VD and Davis coming back. The rhino plays better as these first games were like his preseason.

  16. 1. Run the ball effectively to keep the defense off the field. Eagles play a wide 9 defense and the middle is penetrable.
    2. Test the Eagles DB’s by throwing the ball down the field.
    3. Protect Kaepernick.
    4. Eliminate the worthless penalties.
    5. Stay in a zone defense. No one on the Niners can cover the Eagles RB’s. Not even corners.

  17. 1….. Contain Philly’ rb’s that means someone should always be on them wherever they go. Not just the run.
    2….. Pressure Foles as much as possible.. (Duh)
    3…. Score more in the first half than they will in the second half. :-)
    4…. Dominate the LOS and run Gore in this game. They will expect the pass, balance them out. The pass is an automatic.
    5…. Second half.. Enough said.
    6…. My extra point…… Pay the refs more than what they offer.

    I’m HOPING the Niners win. I’m picking them to win. Must win, but who knows. I think if they don’t win it it will be a Philly blowout.
    If they do win. Strap on your seatbelts it’s going to be a furocious comeback from the eagles but stopped short of an out of this world HUGE defensive play to seal the game.

    Niners lose 3 straight
    East coast team coming west.
    Two losses in a row at their new home.
    I can see why the 49ers are 5 1/2 point faves from Vegas’ outlook.
    But I wouldn’t take that bet, due to the yellow laundry and McDonald still playing under Goddell’ orders not to.
    Just sayin!!

    49ers 31 Philly 27

  18. O yeah like Im giving advice to lord fangio..funny neophytes. On the offensive side, G. Ro needs to trust in his instincts and let the game come to him. We’ve traversed quite the excruciating journey since armchair Monday morning, let’s espouse positivity into the universe from here on out. Go Niners! #faithful

  19. If the Niners are trailing
    at the start of the 3rd or 4th quarter,
    then Roman will pull out the stops –
    Colin will be called upon to run the ball.
    ( run, Forest, run )…..
    The odds say that he will be “touched”
    and, as we are seeing all over the league,
    I believe that a backup QB will pull it off.
    That is, deliver an effective mix of skill,
    leadership, error-free, gutsy, winning football.

    How long does Kaepernick remain out?
    Long enough for a replacement to right the ship.
    Meaning, Colin will then know how Alex felt.
    Now there is a motivator.

  20. 1. Run the ball effectively. The Eagles defense is the weakest aspect of their team. If we can run the ball well, we can the manage clock, and hopefully manufacture 1 additional possession/drive a half.

    2. We need 3 sacks. Justin Smith will be going up against a very good LT, so we’ll need the rest of the front 7 to play well or a CB blitz or two. I’d expect at least 2 of the 3 sacks would halt the drive. That is, if key #3 is achieved.

    3. Limit penalties on third down while on defense, particularly those penalties that mandate an automatic first down. These have been absolute killers. Every time these happen my TV winces in fear that something will be hurled its way (remote, beer, or other).

    4. A good game from Eric Reid. The Eagles are legit, and they are going to get a lot of yards on us. Our secondary isn’t playing well. But, if we can get a good game from Reid, our best player in the secondary, we’ll have a shot. Break up a long ball to Maclin, and come up with an INT. Go get em 35.

    5. Solid O line play. This sort of goes with #1, but we need good pass blocking too.

    I know I’m only allowed 5, so this last point I’m just going to sneak in there. We have burned more timeouts the last 3 years by not getting the play in on time than any team I’ve ever seen. And it’s cost us many times over. If we execute well, we can save those timeouts for spots where they’re tactically necessary.

    Go NINERS!

  21. eagles run hurry-up so we must run the ball and control the clock.No penalties, and at halftime adjust to whats working and whats not.This game will be won on the line,as most games are.the coaching must improve and beat THE CURSE OF CANDELSTIC.

    1. C’mon OryGun, you do better. Johnson isn’t on the team, and much as you’re not sold on CK, he’s LIGHTYEARS better than Gabbert

        1. I stand corrected; hadn’t noticed they picked him back up. But, uh, not that it matters much. CK’s the only one of that group that’s going to take this team anywhere.

          1. Bro Tuna

            As much as I agree with most of your posts, Kaep still hasn’t convinced me that he’s gotten any better as far as delivering an accurate, catchable, pass to the OPEN receiver. As far as Gabbert is concerned, if he doesn’t get in where the real bullets are flying, how will we ever know for sure that he is or isn’t just a 2 million dollar practice dummy? Yeah, that first post was a bit tongue-in-cheek

  22. I think we need to control the clock. Call one play, run no huddle, line up, and watch the play clock. Keep their defense on the field but don’t rush to get snaps off. We MOST DEFINITELY need to get Gore/Hyde the ball. Between the 2 at least 30 carries. We can make mental mistakes. We need to avoid play clock issues. Also avoid quick three and outs. We can not leave our defense on the field.

    As for our defense, we need to be able to run man coverage. It scares me to think about it but we have to get pressure on Kolb. He can not have time to sit back in the pocket while his receivers run wild. Same as on offense, minimize mental mistakes.

  23. Its amusing reading through all the various thoughts on the team’s lack of cohesion, timing and effectiveness. I don’t mean that to be patronizing or to take aim at any particular posters or points of view. We’re spoiled and used to the team being dominant, or nearly so, and we’re not seeing that yet this year. So we MUST do something differently!
    With Alex Smith there was a great moaning and gnashing of teeth at Captain Check Down.
    Later with CK folks are hollering “Take the check down, dammit!”
    ‘Roman’s too conservative. Air it the f out!’
    Now we gotta get back to pounding the rock!
    Grant suggests Duke on the Fly Sweep before the game. Then issues his forever-forward
    -famous ‘dead locust’ alliteration. (Strange metaphor, that one. Ever see a dead locust? Yes? Well, I’ll bet you didn’t see just one! They travel via large posse.)
    All our fussing……..the guys just have to play together and play smarter. Not about secret strategies, its about being hungry. Mess up? OK, shake it off, dig in, do better next series.
    My ‘keys’ are the same as they have been all this season:
    >early down efficiency to bring up winnable 3rd down situations
    >clamp the run (no small task vs Philly)
    >pass pressure up the middle
    Football 101

    1. Tuna,
      we just have to get the line fixed. On defense we are close. Going through growing pains with young DB’s. Cook is aweful IMO. Bathea looks solid!

      Our Oline will be ok in a few weeks. Boone came back but wasn’t in game shape. This bothers me on many levels. If they were going to pay him, why not aggressively settle two weeks earlier in anticipation of having him game ready for the opener.

      Anthony Davis being out hurts. Even when he comes back, he’ll take time to get game ready.

      But I figure once they are all back and healthy we can have some semblance of normalcy right? We had to know we were in trouble when we rolled Jonathan Martin out as a starter.

      I recently attended a fund raiser. A small one. An ex 49er attended. I got to sit with him for 3 hours and just talk football. It was awesome. He mentioned one area of frustration. He said that Ben Roethlisberger and Russell Wilson keep plays alive and have a deep outlet to throw to when a play has been kept alive. Said it was frustrating that this offense doesn’t give a QB like Kaep who has a canon for an arm that type of outlet.
      He mentioned that he looks forward to Kaep making the transition from being a player that makes great athletic plays, to one that utilizes the system to dissect teams. He said that the offensive line was holding that back from happening.

      1. That’s a good take Bay, and thanks for the insight from the former Niner. With a small worry that I’m overly optimistic, I think the Defense and the O Line can come together better as the season goes on, but tick, tick, tick; these games count. AD may take time to adjust to speed rushers but should help the run game. Iupati needs to get healthier and Boone to get up to speed and mesh.
        On D the secondary needs more discipline and they need more pass pressure. Did I mention pass pressure? Because they need more pass pressure.

  24. 1) healthy, cohesive offensive line
    2) more than 1 TE available
    3) no blown coverages
    4) business-like approach, i.e. no stupid 3rd down, drive extending/killing penalties
    5) Tank Carradine and Quentin Dial on 3rd down passing situations

    30-20, Niners.
    Eagles won’t get much going with screens or running game, mainly because their injured OL will give up pressure. Niners will bend/not break against the pass. With TEs, we’ll run more, be less predictable, and limit 3rd and longs. Fingers crossed we still use 4WRs on occasion. Kap will rush for 50, Gore gets 75 and a TD, Hyde will get 4 touches and look like Fast-motion Frank, Culliver gets beat on jump balls, Ward shows improvement, and Vernon takes the lid off at least once.

  25. Jim Harbaugh & The King’s New Clothes

    Between 2003 and 2010 the 49ers went from an NFL powerhouse to a laughing stock. In 2011 Jim Harbaugh took over as head coach and led the 49ers to the NFC Championship Game. The next year the Niners went to the Super Bowl, and in 2013 they once again got to the NFC Championship Game. Jim Harbaugh was anointed as the next great coaching genius, and to this day he walks on water with most NFL fans.

    The truth, however, is that the king is naked – Jim Harbaugh is a poor NFL coach and is a liability to the 49ers and their organization.

    What about the amazing resurgence of the Niners under Harbaugh?

    Consider that the roster that began 2011 included Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Delanie Walker, Alex Boone, Anthony Davis, Mike Iupati, Joe Staley, Ray McDonald, Justin Smith, Navorro Bowman, Ahmad Brooks, Patrick Willis, Tramaine Brock, Tarell Brown, Dashon Goldson, Andy Lee, Aldon Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Chris Culliver, Kendall Hunter, Daniel Kilgore, and Bruce Miller. The team was loaded with high draft choices from years of futility. Many coaches could win big with that roster.

    Harbaugh has basically one act – circle the wagons, our team against the world, who has it better than us? That act resounded with the players after years of Dennis Erickson, Mike Nolan, and Mike Singletary – three terrible coaches – and, using a simple “run Frank Gore and pass safely” scheme, the team finally began to play together and achieve superiority on the field. Ultimately, however, “rah rah” is a philosophy better suited to the constantly-changing rosters of college.

    At the same time, Harbaugh has displayed a number of negative characteristics:

    • He is astoundingly paranoid. That might have helped bind the team originally, but it also alienated the media, who are, after all, the link between the team and the paying customers. He says nothing in press conferences and is generally non-communicative about the team.
    • He allowed – if not encouraged – his star quarterback to also develop a press-hostile attitude, apparently failing to realize that press-hostile also means fan-hostile.
    • His sideline demeanor is adolescent. He stomps up and down like a boy whose ball was taken away.
    • He has an abysmal record with challenges, apparently because he throws the red flag more from emotion than reason.
    • As is well-documented, he does not get along well with his co-workers.

    Worst of all, though, is that Harbaugh is not a good NFL coach. Consider his comments after the recent loss to Arizona. He admitted that the Niners dropped their successful run-first approach because the coaching staff felt it was the best way to attack the Cardinals. And not only did the Niners fail to run in the first half, they almost completely abandoned the run in the second half, even though they were ahead. It is similar to what has happened in all three games in 2014 – the coaching staff is trying to win games themselves, regardless of the strengths (Frank Gore, Carlos Hyde?) of the team. They seem to want to prove that they, not the players, are the soul of the Niners.

    What of that? It should be clear to every fan that Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman considered together do not equal one competent NFL offensive coordinator. They might be able to design tricky, fancy plays, but they have no idea how to call a game. They stick with their original game plans, no matter how they might be working, and consistently fail to make necessary adjustments. They pass when they should be running and run when they should be passing. And, in three years, they have failed ultimately in the playoffs by calling the very same, failing play at the end.

    The talking heads keep repeating that the 49ers have to keep Harbaugh, because there isn’t a better coach available. Clearly, they should revise that opinion. Harbaugh’s shtick has grown old and has become increasingly ineffective.

    1. Kniles Nuckles

      Like yourself and many more ‘niner fans, I too have stopped believing in the ‘QB whisperer’. I am a little more kind when it comes to Greg Roman, because I still do not know that his calls or game plan are not changed by the head coach on the sidelines before being sent to the QB. It IS his right as HC, but I just no longer believe in his ‘smoke and mirrors’ game.

      Mike Nolan built this team with Scot McCloughan who is still the best talent evaluater in the league. Nolan was an excellent defensive mind who picked his OC’s so well, that San Diego and Green Bay hired them away. Norv Turner and Mike McCarthy could have got us to the top a lot quicker had they stayed. We still have one of the best rosters in the NFL, I just think that we need a ‘General’ at the top.

    2. Clear eyed, unbiased observations about the Harbaugh era. Please allow me to include my thoughts. I watched Harbaugh coach in college and it was obvious he was not a first-rate strategist nor an adequate game manager during anxiety inducing moments; but his chief and ultimate failing will be his customary game time method of operation: lack of maturity and low tolerance for frustration. I call it Harbaugh’s rational shut down period typically witnessed in the 4th quarter. We have all seen Harbaugh’s defeatist, blank stare, hands on knees sideline posture. Shell shock is a good way to describe his appearance. When York installed Harbaugh as the 49ers most recent attempt as head coach, I suspected it would not end well. Do not forget John Fox was available at the time of the Harbaugh coaching designation. Fox is NFL experienced, is a superior strategist and is levels more professional than Harbaugh. As well, I find Fox professional, likeable and expresses himself well without being odious. It is interesting to watch when Harbaugh’s older brother, John, talks about his little brother he sometimes smirks and has a look of “just wait.” I would have enjoyed watching this current iteration of 49ers on Hard Knocks. The Harbaugh directionless, emotionally driven tornado tearing through the facility would have been instructive.

  26. #1 the O line must be much better this week then they have been the first three weeks. Both run and pass blocking must improve greatly, the chance of that happening is not strong.
    #2 The pass rush must be greatly improved. Pressure must come from the front four, not from the blitz. The only way this will be possible is for Fangio to try different combinations. McDonald needs to sit on passing downs, Dial and Carradine need to be on the field most passing downs. Lynch needs to replace Lemonier and Skuta needs to be on the field on passing downs. Chance of these changes being made are slim.
    #3 DB’s need to cut back on the coverage mistakes and they need to keep C. Dahl off the field. I believe there is a pretty good chance the DB’s will begin eliminating coverage errors.
    #4 Eliminate all the stupid penalties. I’ve been saying that i was worried that Harbaugh may have lost the locker room for about 6 weeks now this week will be the proof whether thats true or not.
    #5 CK needs to have one of his good performances. [Chance of that happening see #1]
    Final score Phil 28 9ers 20

    1. I completely agree Coach. I told my dad after the dallas game that I thought based upon our oline play and lack of pass rush I thought we could lose the next 3 games. God I hope my prediction was wrong.
      If we can just win enough games to get us through to the second half of the season with a .500 record I would predict we could make a strong push for the playoffs and be a team no one would want to play. By then our Oline should be back to form as they are healthy again and would have had some time to gel and our defense will be much better with Smith back and Brooks should be in shape by then.

      In fact if we dont bury ourselves early this season by years end if everything works out right we could be a very dangers team in the post season.

  27. Did you guys notice that Skuta was not fined by the league for his “legal” hit on Stanton. I remember quite a few guys getting upset with Skuta for the hit. Arians called it a cheap shot. Willis’s hit was also deemed to be legal. Boldin was right, the team sends in their list of bad calls, the league tells them they blew it. “whoops sorry”. In the mean time these bad calls where instrumental in the teams loss.
    Two things need to happen. Certain plays have got to be reviewable. One reviewable call per game. Offsite review. And crews that continue to get calls wrong need to be fined just like players.
    The speed of the game is too fast for certain refs. These aging refs don’t want to give up their spots because they are lucrative jobs. Crew review and fines would help infuse younger more competent refs.

  28. NFL power rankings (#16 – the Niners).

    Note to Coach Harbaw:
    time to start climbing the ladder, baby;
    Ravens (big brother sez: eat my dust…)
    Bears ….yes, it is still early, however….

  29. Looks as though RayMac’s court date was cancelled and won’t be rescheduled unless warranted. Another indicator that this case is going nowhere…..

    1. Razor:

      That’s completely irrelevant. The 49ers’ moral obligation to bench Ray McDonald transcends all facts to the contrary.

      1. Ha!

        In all seriousness, if they had benched him until this is all cleared up like some were calling for, he may well have been sitting half the season or more the way this thing keeps getting postponed. And as they continue to cancel these hearings the less likely it seems he will be charged. So those people wanting him benched would have been happy to see him miss half the season and then not be charged? Knee jerk reactions by those that simply wanted him to be guilty.

        1. Scooter,
          I take full responsibility for advocating the team give Mac a form of Administrative Leave. Not a suspension.

          My reason was base more due to the team’s penchant for off field negative activities over the last three years.
          Whatever rules and standards the team are setting for their players is obviously not working.

          Players (even if found not guilty in a court of law) need a stronger team standard that will serve as a deterrent to keep them away from any type of activity that puts them in a suspicious or compromising position.

          My thinking is that whatever the standard the team has in place at the moment is obviously not keeping some players off the police blotter.

          1. Whatever rules and standards the team are setting for their players is obviously not working.

            What does that have to do with Ray McDonald? The 49ers should have benched him because other players were not living up to proper standards?

            Players (even if found not guilty in a court of law) need a stronger team standard that will serve as a deterrent to keep them away from any type of activity that puts them in a suspicious or compromising position.

            What does that mean? Your thinking on this subject continues to be muddled at best. Are you saying the 49ers should bench a player who hasn’t done anything wrong in order to deter him and others from engaging in activities that, while not illegal, might be embarrassing?

            1. CB,
              Not sure what is muddled.
              I’ve made my position clear throughout the Mac situation. A form of Administrative Leave allows for all parties involved to await Due Process to be completed.

              By enforcing an administrative leave for a player that has a run-in with the law (that necessitates Due Process) perhaps the player would not risk or jeopardize putting himself in a compromising situation if it means missing playing time.
              That is (hopefully) the deterrent plain and simple.

              Maybe Mac is completely innocent of any wrong doing, and maybe his fiancée calculated the entire incident. And maybe everyone attending the party did not see anything. Yet, there was a police report that required due process.
              Ah, the ol’ due process. I wish there was something installed in the 49ers player rule book that would discourage a player from finding themselves in the land of due process.
              But continuing to make this point only seems the muddle things.

      1. I think I got that confused a bit. My lawyer, who is a Stockton native, told me he has known Hochuli a long time, who is also a lawyer. I guess that made me think Hochuli was also from Stockton. My bad.

  30. I usually support writer’s choices in subject and slant on stories. After all, my own meager efforts at sports writing gives me some feeling for the ebb and flow of talent.
    Even though the feedback from readers for this writer is unusually voluminous, this space is a space for articles.
    It is not a chat room.
    Enough of the calling on fans to do your writing for you.
    So, Mr. Grant; buckle down and produce some writing.

  31. My keys to this game are as follow:

    1. The 49ers secondary. Can it regroup, get on the same page, and stop Foles.

    2. Penalties: enough said.

    3. The leadership: from coaches to players, is everyone buying in or selling?

    4. Calling it. Can the coaches specifically Roman and Fangio follow thru on a game plan or if not, make the necessary changes to finish it.

    5. Its early, but must win territory. Only reason because its at home. Follow behind 3 games in the division is, well, panic mode time.

  32. Forgot my prediction. Eagles 41 Niners 28. The reason is because the Eagles have an explosive and up tempo offense that our defense will struggle against.

  33. 1. keep composure
    2. keep composure
    3. keep composure
    4. keep composure
    5. keep composure

    As demonstrated in games 2 and 3, all other keys will be sabotaged if 1 through 5 above is not observed.

    I believe this is the game, knowing their backs are against the wall, the team finally starts acting like the professionals they are. Niners 28, Eagles 24

  34. Key #1 get pressure on Foles. Brooks McDonald and Lemonier HAVE TO GET REPLACED ON OBVIOUS passing downs. DIALS AND LYNCH AND TANK should be used more.Brooks looks fat and slow this year.We need a new look bring in some of these young thirsty guys to shake up the rush. key #2 if Bethea is replaced by Craig Dahl then it’s going to be long day regardless.

  35. the Titans continue to show the world they have no clue what they are doing when it comes to their quarterbacks. First they release the all-pro Tyler Wilson now they’re starting Charlie Whitehurst over Zach. When will they learn?

  36. For those curious about Tank’s lack of minutes, Barrows at SacBee has a short interview with him where he admits he hasn’t mastered the defensive Playbook. He missed reps spring and summer, and most people need the reps to really learn it.

  37. Keys to victory:

    1. Score more points then the other team
    2. Don’t let the other team score more points then us
    3. Don’t fumble or throw interceptions.
    4. When the other team fumbles and throws interceptions, get them.
    5. If the game comes down to us needing a score to win we’ve already lost. aka Don’t put the game in Kaepernicks hands.

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