Kubiak says the Texans must stay in their pass rush lanes and keep Kaepernick in the pocket

Gary Kubiak spoke on a conference call with Bay Area reporters Wednesday morning. Here is a transcript.

Q: Can you talk about the challenge that faces your staff and your team after such a disappointing loss on Sunday?

KUBIAK: Yeah, that makes it tough. When you go out and play pretty darn well and you don’t finish the product at the end of the day, that’s pretty hard to swallow. But that is part of this league. There are a lot of good teams in this league and a lot of close football games. But you’ve got to be able to get over the ones that you win and move on to the next week, and when things don’t go well you’ve got to be tough enough to move on and be ready to play the next week. Facing you guys, obviously a great football team. Better re-focus real fast to get ready to play.

Q: How has Matt Schaub been in the aftermath of that game?

KUBIAK: It’s tough. That’s part of what we do for a living. If you play the position it comes with the highs and lows of what you do during your career. He’s OK. We’re back at it here today. We spent a lot of time with him Monday and Tuesday. We’re focusing on the next game and trying to eliminate some mistakes and keep our chin up and keep battling. It’s part of this league.

Q: From the reports you would think you guys are worse than 2-2. Is it just high expectations?

KUBIAK: That goes with success. That goes with the territory. Every year people have opinions about teams and what to expect, but one thing you find out each and every year in the NFL, it gets down to how you play. We’ve found a way to win two miracle-type football games with great character. We gave one up the other day. That just reminds you just how difficult this league is. Regardless of how you ended last year, that doesn’t do anything for you. It’s all going to be about how you play this year, how you handle situations, how you handle injuries. We’re going through a tough stretch right now. We’ve got to regroup and keep battling. There is a long, long way to go.

Q: What strikes you about the 49ers’ defense and how them compensated without Patrick Willis and Aldon Smith last week?

KUBIAK: They’re very physical. I think their scheme is tremendous. I think Vic does a wonderful job and always has just scheme-wise and protecting the edges, keeping everything inside, keeping everything in front of them. I think they play extremely hard. Just very impressed with their physical nature of play. The whole team is built that way. When you line up against them, you’re in for a very physical contest. We understand that. We know how gifted and talented they are and how well they’re coached.

Q: How did you prepare your defense this offseason for the read-option offenses?

KUBIAK: We tried to install things for training camp. Obviously we’re not a read-option football team, but it was part of our installation offensively so we could help our defense prepare for the season and work on it throughout the course of camp. You can study it all you want, but I think you’ve got to go on the field and really work on it. That’s what we tried to do as a football team. It is a little bit different, we are catching two of those schemes back-to-back, quarterbacks that run a lot and do those types of things. It’s a big, big challenge. Colin is a hell of a player, got a big, big arm, capable of making plays down the field.

Q: Do you think facing the Seahawks last Sunday helped you prepare for the 49ers this Sunday?

KUBIAK: Yeah, I think there are some differences though in how they go about doing it. Obviously there is some scheme, some zone-read scheme that is similar that you’re trying to prepare for, but you’ve got to do with a lot of interesting personnel – two tights, three tights. I think it’s a totally new challenge.

Q: Kaepernick hasn’t had many designed runs but do you just have to prepare that that could be an element they bring out this week?

KUBIAK: Yeah, well, it’s always got to be part of your preparation because obviously there were a bunch of them last year. But he’s throwing the ball well. Opening day, what did he throw for? 400 yards or something like that? And we faced it last week – drop back, guys are doing a good job of covering and then he runs all over the place and makes plays on you. We saw firsthand what that can do to you last week, especially in the second half. It will be much the same challenge this week.

Q: What is the key defensively when quarterbacks start to scramble? Is there anything you can tell your players to do?

KUBIAK: You have to stay disciplined in coverage. As long as the guy is behind the line of scrimmage, you’ve got to be careful breaking the discipline of your coverage. You’ve got to have rules that you follow when a guy starts to move. It’s things you work on all the time, not just this week. But the best thing that can happen is our guys up front stay disciplined in their pass rush lanes, not losing them in your lanes and keeping them somewhat tied up in the pocket the best you can.

Q: How are offenses playing J.J. Watt? Is there anything they can do besides double and triple-team the guy?

KUBIAK: I think we saw some different stuff Week 1 when Antonio was out. We lost him to a suspension. But since Antonio has come back, we’re pretty balanced in what we’re doing. We do play J.J. a little bit everywhere. He’s very smart in our scheme. We’ve started bounce him around in a lot of places whether it’s base, nickel, those types of things. The longer those two work together I think you’ll see them in more spots, but he’s played extremely well for us. He’s an effort-player and he’s playing extremely well.

Q: Are there any similarities between him and Justin Smith?

KUBIAK: Yeah, I think effort. I’ve watched Justin. I’ve always admired his effort, how hard he plays the game and how physical he plays the game. There are some of those guys where everything looks the same every play and Justin is one of those guys. I think J.J. has been one of those guys his short time in this league. They’re both talented but there is no substitute for your fire to play the game, your effort each and every down.

Q: Did you anticipate Watt performing at this level?

KUBIAK: I don’t know if right coming out we thought it would happen that fast, that quick. But what we did believe is we thought we were getting a play maker from the get-go. When you go back and study him from college, it seemed like every time there was a big play needed, this guy was making it – blocking kicks, knocking down balls, he just has a knack for always making big plays. And I think he’s only getting better athletically. He was a tight end and he moved to defense. The uphill climb is just amazing. And then you add his passion to play football and his drive to be successful. That’s the one thing you always try to measure when players come out. One thing about this kid, he’s as driven as anyone I’ve ever been around.

Q: Having a veteran like Andre Johnson, how his game evolved?

KUBIAK: He’s amazing. I’ve been fortunate to have been around some good ones – I was with Jerry for a short period of time, had Rod Smith in Denver who I thought was a great player. Andre is in Year 11 and he just continues to improve. I think he really takes care of himself. He’s a two-day-a-week practice guy. We’ve got a regimen to keep him fresh. And getting our young guy in the draft (DeAndre Hopkins) has helped us balance the field a little bit. Andre isn’t getting the double attention on a consistent basis, he’s obviously still getting is quite a bit. Andre is very smart. We’re able to play him a lot of places. He doesn’t panic. He can handle a lot of football.

Q: You brought up your time in San Francisco. This is the last year in Candlestick. Can you go back to that 1994 season or any other special memories of Candlestick that you have?

KUBIAK: I’ve been coaching a long time and the bulk of my career has been in Denver and Houston. I had one stop in San Francisco and we won a championship. That was a lot of fun. The thing I do remember was it wasn’t easy. I remember how difficult it was and how we got rolling and overcame it and just played extremely well. A lot of great players. A lot of great people. George was a wonderful person to work for. Mr. DeBartolo was a wonderful, wonderful man to get to know and great to my family. That crowd in San Francisco is just tremendous. I couldn’t have asked for more. It was a one-year stop but it was an enjoyable one. I can tell you that.

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  1. Here are Pro Football Focus’ 18 highest-graded teams through the first-four weeks:

    1. Broncos: +103.8
    2. Chiefs: +88.1
    3. Saints: +62.6
    4. Patriots: +56.6
    5. Lions: +53.6
    6. Colts: +50.3
    7. Cowboys: +48.5
    8. Seahawks: +45.4
    9. Panthers: +44.6
    10. Titans: +30.5
    11. Bengals: +28.5
    12. Packers: +26.9
    13. Browns: +16.0
    14. Texans: +15.8
    15. Chargers: +14.8
    16. Dolphins: +9.0
    17. 49ers: +6.5
    18. Falcons: +0.2

    The race for the two NFC Wild Card spots seems to be a five-way fight between the the Panthers, the Packers, the Falcons, the Bears and the 49ers. The Cardinals are interesting, too. They still have a bad O-line, but they have the third-highest-graded run defense on PFF.

      1. Maybe 10-6. The top teams are not surprising, but you have other teams with superior metrics that aren’t on the Niners level. The team is .500 and getting back to basics.

    1. Also according to PFF Aldon Smith is the best outside pass rusher through 4 games. I think Justin Smith is in the top 10 for interior rushers. How many sacks does Aldon get after missing possibly 4 games this season? My guess is between 12-16.

    2. Grant must be jumping for joy that the Cowboys are ranked 7th on this list. Woohooo, what an accomplishment after 4 weeks of football!

  2. From PFT,
    According to the police report, obtained and published by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Kosar explained that he would be unable to perform two of the standard field-sobriety tests because “he had a lot of surgeries on his knees and ankles because his [offensive] line couldn’t block.”


    Smh. Some of these guys are a hot mess when their football career is over. You are thankful that he didn’t hurt anybody driving impaired, but you can’t help but laugh at him for blaming his O-line for his inability to take a field sobriety test.

    1. Field sobriety tests are not a pass/fail test. They are meant to build evidence against the suspect and are admissible in court unlike a breathalyzer. I don’t condone the behavior, but I disagree with the methods used to entrap individuals.

      1. I don’t know anything about field sobriety tests, but I do know that if you are blaming your offensive line for your inability to take the test, you have had way too many. If you haven’t been drinking, you wouldn’t have an issue taking the test.

        Officer: “Mr. Kosar, can you please say your ABC’s backwards for me?”

        Kosar: “What? I can’t say my ABC’s backwards when I’m sober! Wait..uh…..aaaarrrggghhhhh!”

      2. I wanna know that too.

        Everything is entrapment now a days to people. That poor old lady entrapped that burglar when she left her side window unlocked. And the police definitely had no probable cause to arrest the burglar because they never witnessed him actually enter the old lady’s house. SMH.

      3. A lot like the test I mentioned, I’m sure you’re waiting for a response that can’t possibly win, so you can go into the legal definition of entrapment.
        Instead, I used the term entrap as in snare. You can fill in any argument you like. My statement is an opinion.

      4. I don’t drink. It’s a personal choice of my own. I see first hand the consequences of drunk driving on a daily basis.
        I do believe that matters should be dealt with straight forwardly. I don’t like lawyers, I don’t like the legal spinning that occurs.
        I feel police should be held to a higher standard than a citizen. In doing such, I think it is paramount to take the higher road.
        If a police officer would explain from the start that a field sobriety test is not pass or fail, that it will only be used to build a case against you, and that you have a legal right to refuse, I could get behind it 100%.
        I believe the manner in which they use it puts them on the same deceptive level as the criminal they are trying to apprehend.
        Finally, I think this is a football blog and my opinions on legal matters have no place here so I’ll leave it at that.

      5. Fair enough, Matt. My intentions are not to debate this on a 49ers blog; my curiosity got the best of me. I was just a little confused because Im willing to bet that 9 out of 10 times when a cop stops a drunk, they have no prior knowledge of the drivers impairment. So wasn’t clear on how you used the words “entrap” and “sfst’s” in the same sentence. but I get what you’re saying. I don’t agree but I understand.

      1. LMJ needs to delete his twitter account. He spends more time on it than he probably spends in the weight room. On top of that, most of the tenets are directed at females. NFL players don’t need twitter for attention. I wish the Niners limited use of it. Not all players know how to use it.

      2. Why do they draft these guys and sit on them? Did they think L.J. was going to be a good blocker when they drafted him? It’s like there is no plan to develop some of these guys, or at least take advantage of their skill sets. It was the same thing with Jenkins, it’s as if they figured they could turn him into the player they needed instead of realizing what type of player he was. Too much projecting. It would be nice to see Baalke package some picks and get a top tier receiving talent. What’s the point of having fifteen picks every year if half of them end up contributing to other teams?

      3. Jacobs had a string of tweets prior to his suspension. This is one. If James decides to go Brandon Jacobs then my take will change.

        Regarding trading James to Philly, I get the connection to Kelly, but why would they give up anything of value when they already have their every down back.

      4. Jacob’s tweeted a photo of himself with the Giants and his two Super Bowl rings. He violated the “good faith” part of his contract, but still received the majority of his pay after the appeals process was complete. Again, they knew what they were getting with him and seemed caught off guard with the results, which seems strange when you consider his history. The dude had more tweets than carries.

      5. BigP,
        I completely agree with you. Why draft guys and not develop them or take advantage of their skill sets? I would love to see the 49ers use LMJ and Hunter like New Orleans uses Darren Sproles.

      6. Nick,
        I would love to see some of these players used in a creative manner, like N.O. uses Sproles. I just don’t understand why they expect L.J. to play like Frank Gore, or why they drafted him if that was their expectation. He will never be that type of back, but he can be productive if utilized correctly.

      7. Agreed. You would think they had a plan for him when they drafted him. Obvious they just want LMJ and hunter to run like Frank….

    1. It’s amazing how the rhetoric has changed since I suggested trading James in Preseason game 3. The piñata bashing came from every where. He was essential to the “read option”. It was only his 1st season and it takes time to develop. All valid points, just not applicable to winning now and the scheme SF is running.
      The problem now is, he isn’t building any trade value and instead is just diminishing his value. You bring up a great potential trade partner in Philly, but I think you might get offers from Chicago, Carolina, San Diego, or even Buffalo for a late, late round draft pick. Don’t expect much more than a 6th or 7th rounder.

      1. Matt it would be interesting to see if philly’s GM would be interested in giving up draft picks for a back who would fit Chip Kelly’s scheme. I’m begining to think that Kelly may be one and done and back to the college game. I see another Spurrier\Petrino\Saban situation building.

      2. I would not trade LMJ.
        FG is not going to be here forever.
        K.Hunt has the speed and surprising strength to be effective, but eventually his small stature could catch up to him.
        Lattimore is not a guarantee to be our next big time back.

        LMJ did not look good in preseason and may not be 100% healthy, but he still could be a valuable asset for us.

        No need to panic or give up on LMJ this early.

      3. Agreed Coach. He got a rough place to start his NFL coaching debut. Could he end up at USC? Probably little to no chance of that, but it makes for great conversation.

      4. I think Haden will go with a USC alum, Del Rio probably. If Kelly is one and done i think a likely landing spot for him is Texas.

      5. Kelly isn’t going anywhere just yet. His problems is on defense not his offense. If Kelly had a QB worth a darn his offense would be successful. I can see LMJ in an Eagle uniform. I like LMJ but not in the power running game. LMJ is a threat to score from anywhere on the field if used correctly. If LMJ is malcontent then its time to get rid of him.

      6. Interesting thought on Kelly to SC. Saban left the NFL after two years; maybe Kelly will be one and done. I would guess that SC would be very aggressive if he is interested at all.

      7. Can’t trade LMJ,
        Gore will tire like he always does towards the end of season. Hunter is a beast, but coming off of his Achilles tear. There may be spells where we only have LMJ and Boobie. Latimore is not playing till next year. We are lucky we have quality depth.

      8. Hold on just a minute! Are you guys ready to give up on LMJ after 3 carries !!!!! WTF! Man you guys are a tough crowd! The only thing i dislike about this blog is that as a group, it seems as if we feel the need to always be in panic mode!
        The guy was a spark last year, remember him scoring what was the first TD in the SB, the one that got us going?
        I agree that he should have a “package” and be used similar to Sproles. I dont think he was ever pegged to be the “every down back”. 2 weeks ago that was by beef with this team, that we are not running the ball…wich sets up play action, keeps the D fresh, controls the clock etc etc. I pinpointed health as the big reason. KH and LMJ were not 100%.
        Yes Gore will be gone soon. No, i dont expect LMJ to take over as every down back. KH? Maybe, maybe not. What about Lattimore??? I dont know much about him except for the fact that he was considered one of the if not the best RB in the country (college wise) before he got hurt. If he can regain his form, i would expect that to translate to an every down back.
        I would NOT WANT TO TRADE A 2nd ROUND GUY FOR A 6th ROUND PICK THIS EARLY IN HIS CAREER! Only if you were sure he was a complete bust! We didnt even go that extreme with AJ Jenkins.

        Just a thought, i know he cant stay healthy….witch is one reason we might be able to get him for a bargain or even incentive laden contract…..RUN-DMC!!!????
        i raised the question the other day what Darren Mcfadden might look like on a real team with a real offense…imagine that speed behind that line!
        I know money is scarce around here with all the talent we have to re-sing……but you never know.

    2. I believe they drafted LMJ because Harbaugh watched him run all over Stanford everytime they played Oregon. I’m not sure why they drafted him if they weren’t planning to put a package in place to make use of his talents. This kid is a weapon in space. He has moves on moves and excellent speed, yet they just run him up the middle or wide on sweeps. He’s got to be incorporated into the passing game imo, otherwise there’s little point to having the guy around. While I don’t condone tweets that portray your team in a negative light, I also understand his frustration. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of plan in place for how to use him effectively.

      1. LMJ was a Harbaugh pick. I could have fit depending on the direction of the offense. The offense looks to be not so much of a fit for him right now but there still can be packages for him. And there is still kick return where he looked solid. That trade to Philly idea sounds nice but just another dream that posts are make of.

    3. What I don’t understand is LMJ complaining about his playing time. He was injured the first 3 games – what, did he expect to be going straight into a starting role once he got healthy again?!! Kid needs to wisen up.

    4. LMJs value varies greatly depending on his receiving skills.

      If he’s can’t play the “Harvin” role, then he’s just a change-of-pace specialist that telegraphs outside runs and draws. Not worth the late 2nd.

      If another team offers a 4th or better (or passable journeyman WR), trade him.

  3. Interesting observation by BASG:
    “The 49ers are 6-1 in games where Kaepernick throws no interceptions and 3-4 when he throws at least one INT.”
    I can almost picture Alex nodding to this observation with his characteristic twisted half-grin :)
    Interestingly, Alex threw two INTs himself last week (his first this season). He also threw for 280+ yards. more than he usually does. Maybe he’s slinging it more, or maybe his receivers are RACking up the YACs…

    With regard to receivers, it seems like Crabtree is very much on schedule for an early December return. maybe earlier for the Washington game on Nov 25.

    1. I think the coaches will weigh the opponent, our playoff potential, and the effectiveness of his replacement before deciding to bring him back any earlier than December.

    2. Mood,

      You’re right, half of Smiths yardage passing is YAC. I read that somewhere last week. That offense is playing decent but that defense is pretty good.

      1. “You’re right, half of Smiths yardage passing is YAC.”

        It’s actually 39.7%, and so what? Peyton Manning has 38.5% of his passing yardage being YAC, and Kaepernick is at 35.5% YAC.

      2. Jack,

        You know Jordan can’t pass up taking a shot at Smith. His use of inaccurate and out of context stats isn’t a surprise, either.

      3. Jack

        I said I read last week that it was 50%. Who the hell was talking to you? Read before you correct. You do better by staying neutral. By Not trying to prove everyone wrong. Correct me when you produce facts and you’re getting paid
        For your work.

        Tell me what that YAC was last week genius.

      4. 23J,

        You are talking to everyone when you post something on an open forum. If you don’t like being corrected, try being correct to start with.

      5. Jordan,

        You wrote: “You’re right, half of Smiths yardage passing is YAC. I read that somewhere last week.”

        Either you are referring to the percentage of Smith’s passing yards that come from YAC for the year, or you have absolutely no command of the English language.

        Which is it?

      6. Jack!
        That’s right!
        45 Charlotte Bobcat Owner has a vendetta against Alex Smith. I recall watching Colin throwing to AB for a 10 yard skinny P, and then having AB run around 20 yards because no one could bring him down.

    3. Mood I wonder what the stats league wide are for teams who’s QB’s do’nt throw a int vs teams who’s QB’s throw one or more?

    4. From what I’ve seen of the Chiefs offense, they are playing Reid style offense. A lot of short passes that are really long handoffs and minimal shots downfield. Smith went downfield a little more last week, but his game is still in the 20 yard area from the LOS about 80% of the time. Another reason for this is that his Oline isn’t very strong in pass protection so the ball has to come out quickly. He threw one bad pick last week when he forced a slant to Bowe that the CB undercut, but the second was a ball that bounced off of Bowes hands and was tipped about 3 times before a defender caught it. Wasn’t his fault.

      1. I watched the KC game at a sports bar, same time during the SEA/HOU game.
        The first INT was a bad route by Bowe, he was supposed to cut in front of the CB, but suddenly veered off.
        The 2nd INT was a bad pass, it was behind the receiver, who tipped it up.
        He did nothing special in that game until the 4th quarter and made enough plays to pull away.
        We’re talking about a team that only won 2 games last year.
        The dude just wins once he gets a competent coach behind him.

  4. Off the field…
    what are Mister Harbaw’s thoughts regarding
    former San Diego Charger, Paul Oliver, dead via suicide
    in late September? What does our head coach currently do or plan on doing to stay connected with the team emotionally…
    and how does he help/encourage them build connections in the larger community; older, wiser friends, members of the clergy, neighbors, and of course family.??? Is there an emotional safety net in place for each of them?

    1. Do you think that was a defensive move to keep him out of Tennessee and that he is really a more viable backup to Kaepernick than McCoy is?

      1. Matt,

        I’m not sure why they cut Daniels, but it seems apparent that they are not confident in what they had behind Kap and made a move to try and get stronger. I’m not a fan of Skelton in any way, but they must see something in him that gives them an idea he can be a better option if the situation arises.

  5. I think it is way too early to talk about the race for the wildcard. I am not willing to concede the NFC west race to Seattle just yet even though Houston gagged away a sure win last week.

    The key games for both Seattle and the Niners (aside from the Dec 8 game at the stick) are the two games each plays against the Falcons and The Saints. I think Seattle goes 1-1 in those games and the Niners go 2-0. If that happens and the Niners beat Seattle at the stick then the Niners should win the NFC west title. The other common NFC games for the two teams are Tampa Bay and Carolina, and Ii believe they will both be 2-0 in those.

    So the key to the season for the Niners could be the Nov 17 game in New Orleans. They beat Brees and Co there last year, and if they can do it again they should win the NFC west.

    I see both Seattle and Niners ending up 5-1 in the NFC West, 3-1 against the AFC, and 4-2 against the other NFC teams. The tie breaker will come down to common games.

      1. I agree. It’s looking like Wildcard at best unless the Seahawks take a dive at some point. They didn’t have 3/5th’s of the starting Oline, their QB didn’t play all that well, the defense gave up more than 400 yards of offense…and they still won. Sometimes it’s just going to be your year and that may be the case for Seattle this season. I’m not giving up on the Niners by any means, but Seattle looks set to win the division the way things are going.

      2. True. But SEA ‘basically’ lucked out big time with their 2 road wins. 2 bonehead plays by the other team allowed them to win, otherwise they are 2-2 also. The SEA offense doesn’t scare anyone and Wilson isn’t going to pull a Fran every week.

      3. Seattleis coming back to us soon enenough. When we heal, we’ll be the team the league knows we are. I’m not worried about Seattle. They will be back to us soon enough.

      4. They can make up 1.5 of that lead in one game though. So if they win and Seattle losses this week it’s back to square one. If we didn’t have another shot at Seattle it would be a little more scary. Not worried a bit. The 49ers will go to the superbowl again and win it this time. NYG GB style. Watch!

      5. I agree with Grant 100%. The 9ers are not going to the SB and kap is not the answer, because this guy is sooo overrated. You guys better be scared of the Seahawks once this team gets healthier, they’ll run away with the NFC west division. It just showed, how good this team without their key players and they still find ways to win.

  6. Who would you guys rather have on the team, Ventron (the Punter Protector) or Cooper (the big physical rookie still learning the position but with loads of potential)? If the 49ers don’t resign Brown (it looks like they aren’t) or Whitner (he will have to come back on a discount) and if Rogers wont rework his deal who will be in the secondary next year? Right now it looks like Culliver (coming off an injury), Brock if the tender him again, Wright (he will probably resign for cheap), and maybe another rookie at safety. The secondary will be where the focus of next years draft and free agency. I wish they had Cooper still instead of a lame punt protector.

    1. He’s arguably their best ST’s cover guy so he’s not just a punt protector and you have to keep these kinds of guys on the roster or your coverage teams suffer. Cooper was a 7th round pick. They’ll be able to draft a few more like him next year if that is what they decide to do.

      1. In my opinion Cooper could do just as well as Ventrone but that is just my opinion. I know Cooper was a 7th round pick but I think he was one of those diamonds in the rough. He is a receiver turned corner so he lacks the experience which is why he was drafted so low. He’s 6’2 and runs a 4.3-4.4 so he has size and speed. Hopefully they can find another one like him and not drop the new guy for an old special teamer.

      2. Rocket,

        You know I almost always agree with your takes, but I have to disagree with you regarding Cooper, at least in part.

        Without knowing what the reasoning was in not keeping Cooper on the 53, I can’t say that cutting Cooper was a terrible move at the time. Having said that, I do wish the 49ers had him on the roster. They could use him.

      3. Space to Rocket,
        A gem in the 7th is still a gem. With some polish, KC may very well have themselves a gem in the rough and at SF expense.
        We played the table and we lost because everyone was watching our super bowl hand.
        Forget Ventrone how about get rid of Moore to keep Cooper. We had too many questionable WRs because of all the ?????? at that position. You can never have enough DBs.

      4. I didn’t want to start this thread with the intention of bashing Baalke or Harbs. They have made some brillian picks/decisions along with their questionable ones (just like everyone else) but I just don’t ever undestand keeping an old special teamer like Ventrone over Cooper. They already had invested a few roster spots for special teamers like Skuta, Dial, Moore… Why not keep a player that fits the current craze of league, a big, fast, physical corner? Those are a lot harder to come by than any specialist.

  7. Sourgrapes Grant how bout them cowgirls lmao. Niners are fine people are acting like the season is over after four games. The Niners will be getting full strength in the middle and end of the season if its not too late they should be the sleeper that obatins the sixth.

  8. Jack

    I said I read last week that it was 50%. Who the hell was talking to you? Read before you correct. You do better by staying neutral. By Not trying to prove everyone wrong. Correct me when you produce facts and you’re getting paid
    For your work.

    Tell me what that YAC was last week genius.

  9. Grant,

    The only thing more shocking to me than you actually posting the poll question (I would’ve thought 90% + would’ve voted for the Niners being in the top six in the NFC, so why bother posting the question?), is that only 77% think the 49ers are in the top six in the NFC.

    Amazing. Are you serious in asking this poll question, Grant? There aren’t even six NFC teams that are worthy of being discussed as being better than the 49ers, IMO. Not as good, but better. There is a difference.

    Here’s a list of NFC teams that you can make a cogent argument for being clearly better than the 49ers:


    Packers – No
    Bears – N0
    Any other NFC team-Not even worth discussing

    As you can see, It’s a rather short list.

    Did you mean to ask if the readers think the 49ers are in the top six teams in the NFL? That might be a more thought provoking question.


    Patriots – An argument can be made, but I’m not buying it. They’ve had an icredibly easy schedule so far.

    Colts – Yes, they beat the 49ers, they were clearly better on that day, but, IMO, they aren’t better than the 49ers.

    Texans – Nope. Dangerous on any given Sunday, but Schaub is suspect.

    Chiefs – They, like the Patriots, have taken advantage of an easy early schedule.

    I’m not saying the teams not on my list are bad, only that they’re not better than the 49ers. I may be proven wrong as the season wears on, but, other than the Seahawks, Boncos and Saints, I don’t think any other NFL teams can be seen as clearly better than the 49ers.

    Also, I’m not sure that any of the three teams listed are clearly better than the 49ers.

      1. exgolfer,
        As a team the Niners right now are inconsistent on offense, and banged up on Defense. The Lions are a dangerous offensive team now with Reggie Bush.
        On paper the Niners should be right up there with Den.
        Seattle has offense issues if teams start to figure out Russell Wilson. He’s not a pure pocket passer right now. He waits for the play to break down after his two reads.
        NO could be a handful. We’ll find out in November.
        Right now the pecking order in the NFC is:
        DAL (OR any lame NFC East team)
        ATL or GB on the outside looking in…

      2. Fan77,

        I couldn’t disagree with you more. The only team that I would feel has a clear edge on the 49ers, is Seattle, and that’s only at their corked stadium, the Clink.

  10. how can niners trade james when frank gore has lost his legs, right grant?

    so if a qb places the ball where his receiver can make the catch and pick up yardage after that is a bad thing, or less of an accomplishment than if the qb hit the guy further downfield…when did football start to get scored on in terms of degree of difficulty?

    cutting cooper was a mistake…especially keeping a 5th inside inebacker-stupar–instead of a young promisimg corner

  11. Grant, here are the lists of teams that will beat the 49ers. 9ers record 7-9.

    Titans @ Tenn
    Saints @ New Orleans
    Redskins @ Washington

  12. Alexfan2005,

    You’re saying that the Bears and the lions are better than the Niners? Yeah you really are a troll. Love to see you provide evidence to support your silly assertions. If we aren’t better than the Lions or Bears or any team in the East, we need not even talk playoffs. I wonder where you’d rank us if we had your boyfriend at QB.

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