Kyle Shanahan on Reuben Foster: “Worst-case scenario, he wouldn’t be able to play for us right away.”

Kyle Shanahan spoke on KNBR Thursday morning. Here’s what he said about Reuben Foster’s  shoulder. Does Shanahan’s statement reassure you?

Q: ESPN reported that Reuben Foster’s shoulder surgery was ineffective and it didn’t take and his shoulder could give out at any time. Is this a case of other teams covering their rear ends fir not drafting him?

SHANAHAN: I think it’s a little bit of both. There are 32 teams and everyone has their own doctors and everyone goes through a process. You look back to John Ross, a lot people thought he was going to go really late because a lot of teams had stuff on him. But obviously Cincy felt different, they took him early in the draft so they felt good about it.

Our doctors do a great job, they looked into everything with Reuben and met with him. Our doctors felt good about his shoulder. They thought it was recovering well. They didn’t have the same report a lot of other teams did. You never know who’s going to end up being right, everyone’s trying to do their best to figure it out. But no one can tell the future.

I look at it as you go with what your doctors say. Then you always think about, ‘What about the worst-case scenario? What if it is true?’ The worst-case scenario is the shoulder doesn’t heal correctly and you’ve got to do it again. When you have to do it again, you have to get another surgery, so it’d be tough to play this year and you’d end up having him the next year.

It’s not something that would hurt him long term. So the worst-case scenario, he wouldn’t be able to play for us right away. But I still don’t think that would have changed how I personally felt about taking a guy with the 31st pick with the caliber of player that we took.

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  1. Risk versus reward was applied correctly, and at the appropriate part of the draft. Well done team ShannyLynch!

    1. THAT’S WHAT HE MEANT, NOT WHAT THEY THOUGHT HE SAID: ** On Thursday, Kyle Shanahan was asked about Foster’s shoulder. He said the 49ers doctors do a great job and felt good about Foster’s shoulder leading up to the draft. HOWEVER, HE OFFERED UP ONE RESPONSE THAT WAS MISREAD BY SOME.

      ** “I just look at it as, you go with what your doctors say. And then you always think about, ‘Alright, what about the worst-case scenario? What if this is true?’ The worst-case scenario is, the shoulder doesn’t heal correctly and you got to do it again. When you have to do it again, you gotta get another surgery, so it’d be tough to play this year and you’d end up having him the next year.

      ** Shanahan was offering what the worst case scenario would be if the 49ers doctors are wrong. People reported on it as though he was saying Foster could miss the season. It is certainly not entirely out of the realm of the possible, “BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT HE WAS MAKING.”

  2. Would rather have a VERY GOOD player that is recovering from a shoulder injury.

    Than a bunch of players recovering from ACL injuries

  3. Ok, so now it came out of Shannahan’s​mouth, let’s see who’s wild enough to rebuke what he just said. I’ve said all along, even if he was hurt it’s not career ender like Marcus Lattimore, it’s a less than a year thing. But like I said, ARROGANCE HAS ITS ON STRATOSPHERE!!!

    1. Steel,
      I agree. I touched on this possibility on Wednesday and almost used to same language as Shanahan.
      Worse case scenario – Foster is shut down for the season and heals properly to prepare for next year. Now, I’m starting to lean in that direction since the team is a couple years away from making any serious noise.

      We will essentially have 2 picks in the 1st rd next year with Foster coming back in 2018.
      Foster is a turnkey player who would start out of the gate after recovering from corrective surgery.
      I feel that we have the most dynamic defensive player in the draft in Foster and if we have to wait a year before he plays its worth it.

  4. The only thing reassuring about that is at least it is something they realise may be an issue, rather than being blindsided by it.

    1. They were never blindsided. They knew exactly what was going on. Only crazy people would think these guys would draft someone of that talent and not do their homework. My god, the apparent top 5 talent fell in our lap at 31 and all this criticism because it might end early in the season because of surgery. It’s not career ending.

      1. yup…. Even Bowman sat behind The. Spikes for a season before he was placed in starting role. I know it’s not exactly the same, but we waited and look what he has done.

  5. I’d rather his shoulder be a problem early, get fixed and get him on the field for a successful career rather than have a stud for seven years and then retire when we need him most, ala Patrick Willis.

    Grant, given these two scenarios, which would you prefer?

    1. I’d rather his shoulder be a problem early, get fixed and get him on the field for a successful career rather than have a stud for seven years and then retire when we need him most, ala Patrick Willis.

      I don’t know if I quite understand this statement? Please elaborate.
      IMHO Even if Patrick Willis had a short career the niners more than got their value out of him… He was a first team All Pro just about every year he played… not a pro bowler a first team All Pro and yes there is a big difference. At his peak you could basically compare him with the likes of Mike Singletary, Ray Lewis and Dick Butkus and other all time greats.

      There is something to be said for longevity but to put it in perspective would you rather draft a LB that performs like Matt Millen or Bill Romanowski and plays for 12 to 16 years or performs like Patrick Willis or Dick Butkus and plays for 7 or 8 years?
      An argument can be made for either but considering average career length of an NFL player and the fact that players seldom stay with their original team for the duration of their career due to the salary cap I would argue that Patrick Willis provided far more value than was expected.

      1. Shoup,

        Where I was trying to go with this, was that Patrick Willis, my favorite modern era 49er, broke a lot of hearts with his retirement. A time when he was still performing at a high level.

        The worst of it all came for me when he retired at a time when our team literally fell apart. Not his fault at all, I understand that, but it would have mitigated the bleeding a little. Had P Willy been able to fix his feet (or any potential career ending injury) early in his career and played for 9 or 10 All Pro years, I would have rather that be the scenario.

        All I was trying to say is that if Foster is even close to Willis’ lever and plays through a bum shoulder that will limit his career versus getting it fixed now, I’d prefer the latter over the former.

  6. Yep, it is not an ACL, but The time rehabbing may be longer than they expected.

    No big deal. They should be patient, and not expect him this year. Then if he does come back strong, it will be a bonus.

  7. I used to hate when Baalke would draft ACL guys who weren’t all out stellar choices and get them in 3rd or 4th. But this Foster choice I like. It’s a unanimous stellar talent, and they only did one of these in a draft where they had a good number of choices and I would rather gamble on a shoulder than a knee. Any injury can end a career, but lower body injuries just seem to end more careers early than shoulders or upper body. I like this move.

  8. A lot of assumptions. My assumption is that he will be ready for training camp, which he is supposedly on track for. Until it is announced that he will need additional surgery or he misses camp, this is a non-story.

  9. This is a risk worth taking. Foster is a football beast and will do anything to be on the field. May not always be the sharpest tool in the shed off the field, but we are looking for ballers that will kill to play. He has #1 overall pick talent & by far the best lb in the draft.

  10. Since we should still be in full tank mode next year and playing as many rooks as possible who cares if Reuben misses all/half/some of 2017. When he is healthy he will play, if not, he won’t. Still a great pick/value long term.

    1. +1 !!!!!
      you made my EXACT point and saved me 2-3 sentences :)

      tank next year is a harsh word…….

      but 32nd worst defense and 31 worst offense…….well…….we can make tremendous strides and still be picking top 5. stay within striking distance to draft a franchise qb next year. we already have extra draft picks as ammunition!
      if we can sing cousins outright……id be thrilled! Then we could use the high draft pick on a true #1 wr… Julio Jones or megatron. or even a dominant pass rusher if that’s still a need.
      This would be the best “win now scenario”.
      If we have a chance at the #1 overall pick and shanny thinks one of these qb’s next year is a “once in a generation” talent… P.Manning or Elway…….then that just might be the best, best case scenario.

      1. One thing I can assure you of …… John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are never going to go into “tank mode”.

        I would be willing to bet the 49ers sign cousins next off season, so why would you not want to win as many games as you are capable this season, and bring momentum into 2018.

        The 49ers may not yet have enough talent, nor enough time to get these systems fully installed, and players up to speed, to win more than 6-7 games at the most. But I can assure you they aren’t looking at this season with the goal of securing next years first pick in the draft!

        That’s a LOOSER’S mentality!

    2. No, with cousins waiting to fall in their lap, there will be no tanking for a high draft pick.

      Lynch wants to win, and win right away.

      The good thing is that this team is not as talent deficient as many thought. Several Niner free agents signed right away, and more found different teams. 3 cut players signed right away, so maybe it was just the case of playing players out of position, and Baalke playing favorites.

      All told, it looks like the Niners, with the bevy of free agent acquisitions and a stellar draft class, may be poised to compete.

      Another good thing was that the Niners, even though the defense, while giving up record amounts of rushing yards, were actually competitive, and were not constantly being blown out.

      1. seb, 49, I never suggested that the FO will TANK in order to gain a high draft choice…..
        I stated , that as HISTORICALLY bad as we were on both sides of the ball……..that we could make TREMENDOUS strides……but still end up with a high draft pick, top 10 or even top 5.
        if EVERTHING falls into place for us this year……health wise etc……Hoyer plays lights out etc… 8-10 wins is not out of the question! it could be 2011 all over again.

        Or everything could go wrong and we could end up with 2-5 wins.
        I agree, this FO will NOT tank……but its in the hands of the football gods.

        My point was that, worst case scenario, we end up picking top 5 or so next year…….when its a much better qb class!!!! and if we do pick top 5 AND sing Cousins……..we have the high draft pick for a true #1 wr or a truly dominant pass rusher, if that’s still the biggest need on defense:)

  11. A shoulder injury for a linebacker is not as critical as it is for an interior lineman. If Foster’s shoulder is an issue it should not impair his bread-and-butter quickness or lateral speed, however, it may well impair his ability to arm tackle, but that is matter of technique adjustment.

  12. Sitting out a year might be in the best interests of the franchise long term. It would mean less wins next year and a higher draft pick. Next year is not that important anyway except to fans who are impatient and want to win as early as possible. With less wins it will cost less draft capital to move up to get a franchise QB which means that that could be used to strengthen the team at other positions. Having that option for the next draft will put less pressure on the team to sign Cousins. Having your highest paid position player ( the QB) on their rookie salary also helps a great deal salary cap wise. That extra salary cap space can be used to upgrade other positions. The best case scenario is to always have as many star quality starters playing on their rookie salaries as possible. And that would also entail having those players representing the higher paid positions. QB’s, edge rushers, WR, etc.

  13. Eric Branch @Eric_Branch

    #49ers 90-man roster expected to have 49 players who weren’t with the team on Feb. 21.
    1:32 PM – 2 May 2017

    That’s a heck of a lot of new faces.

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        Just by it’s longevity and style and neighborhood, and even without trying it, I’ll guess they are good at:
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      2. Heard it mentioned on the news this morning, Brotha. Figured if you hadn’t tried it, you might want to in the future.

        1. Used to go there for lunch and happy hour frequently Razor,there the Golden Spike and then to LaRocca’s and it wasn’t coffee for closers ah the good old days

            1. Too many good eats in The City. For upscale I-ty I’ve always liked Ceasar’s and Rose Pistola’s for casual. But it’s danged hard to park in that town, and there are some great places in the north bay; the area was settled by Italian-Swiss and Genovese.
              A place I like in P-Town is Risibisi.

  14. Rueben Foster’s shoulder is a real concern bc it is what he leads to tackle with. Not only the shoulder but he has had some concussion issues too. His aggressive style will hurt him for the simple fact that he will mess his shoulder up and cause himself more concussion or he won’t be as aggressive trying to stay healthy and preserve his career.

    1. Bah, he’ll play through the pain this year and then sometime late November he’ll be shut down for the surgery. They inject some adult stem cells in the shoulder, and a top surgeon will have him feeling like new by training camp 2018….

      1. His situation will be the same as Shaq Lawson’s last year. Bills drafted him and said he won’t need surgery and ended up having surgery before training camp.

        1. I’ll be surprised if he gets surgery prior to training camp. I think Foster’s mindset is playing through the pain until the 49ers are no longer in contention for a playoff berth. Just my hunch….

          1. Foster and team mindset will be get surgery and sit out rookie season and be 100% ready for 2018. No need to try to play through pain and risk more damage before deciding to shut him down. The plan is the future, not now

            1. What’s the big deal ? Get the surgery…and sit him for the year…issue him Marcus Martin’s old jersey and reserve seat on the bench…

  15. Leave it to 49ers fans to be soooo ignorant.first of all u clowns were saying how u FLEECED da bears, and how u jumped in and stole foster. Lmfao, well da chickens have come home to roost haven’t they. Foster is DAMAGED goods, dats why nobody wanted him idiots. He’ll get hurt again and again, and will be a BUST. Oh yeah joe Montana isn’t walking through that door.

    1. The events are not related. Foster was a steal because almosts all NFL teams are excessively risk adverse. The Patriots aren’t. Walsh wasn’t. That’s why Belichick and Walsh built dynasties

        1. Bad decision. Heard Conley has changed his tune from not having sexual relations with that woman, to consensual….

          1. The NFL’s Executive of the Year decided a player who might go to prison is less of a risk than Foster.

            1. Kinda like stuffing the envelope with the name Jenkins by a previous NFL Executive of the Year recipient;>)

            2. No his team gathered enough information to feel confident that he wouldn’t be indicted. Big difference. Guess what, if they’re wrong they’re going to wish they took Foster.

              1. Gloria Alred represented Anthony Weiner. What he was accused of was not only a crime but it was very un-civil.

              1. Reuben Foster is not just talented, he’s a WARRIOR. The kind of warrior who plays through pain!

                He’s going to have an exceptional career! Perhaps All-Pro!

              2. One more point Grant. The Raiders believe they are a Super Bowl contender this season, which makes their draft strategy entirely different.

                So you’re comparing apples and oranges!

              3. Yep, Baalke managed to get Hyde, but he also drafted Corey Lemonier, Tank Carradine , Chris Borland and got Stevie Johnson by trading away their 4th round pick.

                What a bonanza from trading away Alex Smith.

                And in 5 years, Baalke went from Exec of the Year to shouldering the blame for a 2-14 team.

        2. There are calculated risks executed within a plan and stupid risks because you’re desperate. I think the current Raiders took a calculated risk on Conley. The old Raiders, with Davis in his dotage, took stupid risks.

            1. I wonder why they were surprised to find out Conley lied about having sex with the girl if their calculations were so accurate?

            2. Yes, because they felt like Conley was innocent and Foster “might” be limited this, Super Bowl season.

              If the Raiders felt they were a couple seasons away from competing for a Super Bowl would they still have drafted Conley ahead of Foster? That’s my point.

              And, by the way, even if Conley isn’t convicted, this has already become a bigger distraction for the Raiders, thanks to the latest developments, than Foster is for a team that’s at least 1 or 2 seasons away from a deep postseason run.

              I’d be willing to bet if McKenzie knew then, what he knows now, they pass on Conley, who’s closer to indictment today, than he was last week!

              1. I’ll sum it up like this:

                Now that Conley, after claiming witness reports that nothing ever even happened between the girl and himself were accurate, and now admitting “well, something did happen, but it was consensual”, it’s clear now that the Raiders clearly took a bigger risk, considering how little opportunity they had to gather all the facts before the draft.

                He who laughs last, laughs best Grant!

          1. Agreed Razor. McKenzie appears to have acted in haste.

            I’m not sure why Grant thinks that’s a better scenario than drafting the best ILB prospect in years, who’s coming off rotator cuff surgery, which has never really been viewed as long term problem, even if it takes a second procedure to completely fix.

            Grant’s simply hating on this pick because he wanted Zach Cunningham, who likely would be playing behind Ray Ray this year anyways, at least that’s my guess!

            1. Zach Cunningham, who by the way, was drafted AFTER Curtis Samuel, a gimmicky player drafted by the Panthers who had already drafted another gimmicky player, Christian McCaffrey, for crying out loud.

              What does that tell you?

              1. Foster has just about every red flag you can think of and he still went way ahead of Cunningham. That’s because Foster is elite and Cunningham is OK to good.


                “4. ZACH CUNNINGHAM, Vanderbilt (6-3 ½, 235, 4.67, 2): Led the SEC in tackles the past two seasons. “He’s a modern-day linebacker,” said one scout. “He’s an athlete. Goes sideline to sideline. Probably not as good as Ryan Shazier or Mosley but a step below. It’s not even close to Foster.”

              2. I would have drafted Jones ahead of Smith also, but Smith’s injury was career threatening. Foster’s is a fricking rotator cuff.

                You do realize many starting MLB pitchers have come back from rotator cuff surgery on their pitching shoulder, stronger than ever?

                Not a long term concern for me Grant, nor for the 49ers.

              3. And Pennington went ahead of Brady. We don’t know how Foster and Cunningham will turn out. But we do know Foster had better film, is more athletic, and can change the game with his hits.

              4. Foster is more of an impactive force on a defense, and a much rarer talent than Cunningham. And that’s where the rubber hits the road.

                Ray Ray Armstrong may be more “athletic” than Foster, if your talking about pure movement, does that make him a better defensive prospect than Foster?

                Yikes Grant! You’re heading down the rabbit hole again. :)

              5. He is in my view. He didn’t participate in the Combine so I can’t pull numbers. I see Foster flying to the ball, I see Cunningham just getting to the ball.

              6. I guess I should have asked you to define “athletic” Grant. There’s a whole lot of daylight between being athletic, and being a great football player.

              7. Foster hits hard and plays well in the box when the D-line keeps him clean. Cunningham seems much better in space.

              8. Ray Ray (former Safety): 4.69 40, 4.24 short shuttle, 18 reps bench press

                Cunningham: 4.67 40, 4.29 short shuttle, 15 reps bench press

                Not a lot of daylight there “athletically” Grant.. Plus, Ray Ray has years of NFL experience. Just saying.

              9. Is Cunningham better than Armstrong? Maybe, eventually. Is he a better prospect than a healthy Foster anywhere on the field? LOL, laughable.

              10. Foster didn’t have to shed blocks as much, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t do it. He tries to run through the block, that will be coached out of him. He is also so athletic that he is able to slip potential blockers without engaging them.

              11. Foster won’t be an asset on third downs covering tight ends who are displaced from the formation. Cunningham thrives in those situations.

              12. Foster is a potential, All-Pro THREE DOWN Linebacker Grant, and that’s what teams covet far, far more than a situational 3rd down Linebacker.

                Are you suggesting Cunningham was higher than a healthy Foster on anyone’s board Grant? There isn’t a credible scout in this universe who would have ranked Cunningham ahead of a healthy Foster on any draft board.

                But you know that Grant!

              13. Deion Jones wasn’t higher than a healthy Myles Jack, but I’d rather have Jones.

                Cunningham is better in coverage than Foster. Cunningham is the real three-down backer.

              14. Agree to dissagree with you on this one Grant. We’ll settle it in 2-3 years. You stick to your guns, without flinching, and I respect that!

                By the way Grant, do you believe the 49ers will keep 4 “halfbacks” and 1 Fullback?

                And do you think, if they keep 4, it will likely be 2 largier RB’s, being Hyde and Hightower, and 2 smaller-faster RB’s?

                Williams is a shoe-in (love this guy), IMO, so that leaves Harris, Breida, Mostert, and Bibbs to battle for the last roster spot? Does this sound correct?

  16. Jay Cutler joining FOX broadcast team. Wonder if Kaepernick will be hired to be the guy who puts the makeup on for him?

  17. It’s interesting because when a player flops we point our ire at the scouts and the GM’s that took them but it sounds like we need to start calling out the doctors that wrote off on them.

    Foster and Ross, who is mentioned by Shanahan, are very interesting cases for this draft. Ross apparently was a player teams moved down the list because of injury but was taken early and Foster was moved down the list because of injury and taken late(relative to his skill potential). Both were considered top/elite prospects for their position and both would have been taken high otherwise without the injury concerns. Which teams doctors made the right call? Guess we’ll find out in a couple years.

    1. Ross and Foster injury concerns are different in that Ross injuries were in the past as Foster is now. Foster is is in the same category Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith last year. Both players were top 5 talent but there injury concerns dropped them to top of 2nd round. In Foster case, 49ers knew Foster wouldn’t fall to them at 34 with Saints and even Browns there waiting

      1. No, Foster’s is NOT in the same category as Jaylon Smith or Myles Jack last season.

        Nowhere near as serious. Jaylon’s knee was completely blown, including nerve damage. After sitting out a full season the Cowboys are now coming to terms with the high probability that Jaylon will never be the player they had hoped he would.

        was diagnose with a chondral defect in his right knee, which is seen as a degenerative condition, which could very well greatly shorten his career, and often times requires microfracture surgery which often does more harm than good. Yet, Myles Jack was in the running for rookie of the year.

        Foster had rotator cuff surgery that nobody believes is considered a long term injury. Every now and then, the tendon doesn’t fully adhere to the bone during the healing process which then requires a second procedure.

        I trust the 49ers did their due diligence pre draft, and by the time the 49ers are ready to make a postseason run, Foster will be one of the best ILB in the entire NFL! And that’s really all I care about at this point!

        1. Clarification: *MYLES JACK was diagnose with a chondral defect in his right knee. Considered far more serious long term, than a fricken rotator cuff.

  18. There will be over 78 Rookie Minicamp Attendees. 10 draft picks, 18 UDFAs, 50+ tryout players.

    Must be pretty humbling for a drafted player to see 77 other rookies fighting for a job on the first day with your new team.

    Even if none of the try-out players make the squad, it has to send home the message that its all about competition.

  19. I wanted Malik Hooker, and he had injury issues, too, but those problems are minor compared to ACL injuries.

    I think Foster has great potential, and I can see why Lynch liked him so much. He can lay the wood, and his open field tackling is solid.

  20. Looking at the Saints schedule, I’m seeing 9 wins. If they miss the wild card round, the 2nd rounder should be pretty good. But if they make it, I’d rather Lynch used pick 77 on a player.

    I liked Derek Rivers in the 3rd. Blog favorite Jordan Willis was also there at 77. Heard the Niners liked Tarell Basham.

    Will be interesting to see who the 49ers draft with the Saints pick next year, or how valuable it will be as trade bait.

    1. Hard to take that Mock seriously when Josh Allen is not in the top 3 picks. He is a lock on being a top 3 pick. I don’t know how CJ will do. No one does. But if Kyle is confident in CJ it makes me feel better about the pick. No one thought Cousins or Dak or Wilson would be anything in the NFL. A lot of people were wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are wrong about CJ.

      1. A LOT happens in a year, there’s no such thing as a lock when you’re 356 days from the draft.

      2. As it stands right now, I feel the 49ers will select Conner Williams, OT, Texas with their 1st pick in the 2018 NFL draft….

      3. I hope the Niners go 8-8, be in the middle of the pack, and still draft Jake Browning, along with getting Cousins.

        Cousins, CJB and Jake Browning would be a stronger QB class than this year.

  21. Niners have improved immensely, but so have all the other teams. Cards had as good a draft as the Niners, and the Seahawks drafted O line players with Earl Thomas coming back. The Rams, with a new coach just got better because Fisher is gone, and while I thought they did not have an especially strong draft, they got nice weapons for Goff.

    The most important thing that gives me the most hope was that Baalke was fired. Finally, competency in the FO. Decent FA players did not avoid the Niners like the plague. Remember, last season, the 2 FA signings were Beadles and DEVEY.

    Now, the Niners signed 18 players, and they filled all the biggest holes. The draft was a grand slam, and I am jumping for joy looking at the quality of the UDFAs. They came to the Niners because they will be given a good and fair chance to compete.

    Along with the FO shakeup, the coaching has improved, and maybe we will see them putting players in positions to succeed. Even though Saleh has never been a DC, he studied under some really good leaders, and it sounds like the defense will be attacking, instead of reading and reacting.


  22. Everybody and their mother is chiming in on this subject, and of course the media is running with it like their professional careers depended on it. Foster played in the BCS Nationa Championship Game and came away fine. He had the procedure done afterwards, and Foster says he is fine. The Niners say he is fine.

    Relax everyone! Foster is a physical stud, and he’ll be okay once training camp starts. Worst case scenario is already happening as too many of you are freaking out about it.

  23. “Sources say the reason why Kaaya slid was a combination of bad tape and questions about his personal makeup. Teams felt that Kaaya’s junior year tape was very shaky, and as a result, he was graded in Day 3 for many. Kaaya demonstrated poor vision and mobility, which led to a lot of taken sacks. Teams also felt that Kaaya lacked leadership skills, and all teams want leaders at quarterback. Sources didn’t like that Kaaya was very focused on his draft standing last fall rather than being focused on winning the next game for his team. All of those factors combined to Kaaya being a late sixth-round pick.

    1. Says off field issues were the biggest reason for Dalvin Cook’s slide. I think the Vikings got a steal on a great replacement for Peterson.

      1. I’l be completely, 100% honest. Joe Williams’ tape is more impressive than Dalvin Cook’s. Williams and Cook have similar physical measurements. Both weight 210 lbs, and Williams is one inch taller than Cook. Williams’ also tested far better than Cook in every event except the bench press.

        As far as the qualities that I look for in an NFL RB, here’s my comparison breakdown:

        Initial burst at the first level: advantage Williams
        Vision: even
        Speed, particularly 2nd level breakaway speed: advantage Williams
        Balance: advantage Williams (might be the best I’ve scouted over the years)
        Yards after contact: advantage Williams
        Running between the tackles: even
        Elusiveness: slight advantage to Williams
        Receiving skills: slight advantage to Cook
        Pass protection: Slight advantage to Williams
        Character: advantage Williams

        Better prospect, all things considered: JOE WILLIAMS

        Joe Mixon might be more talented, but I would never have considered drafting him.

        Fournette is the best RB in this class as a bellcow RB, with the ability to impose his wil a break the will of opposing defenders.

        Overall, Joe Williams was the 3rd best RB in an ultra-talented and extremely deep RB class, and a perfect fit for Kyle’s offense!

        1. That is the homer take of all homer takes. Cook has been a stud since he stepped on campus at FSU and has been one of the best backs in the country in both rushing and receiving all three years he was there. I like Williams and think he has a chance to be a pretty good player, but he wasn’t even close to Cook in College production or the level of all around play.

          1. COOK = OVERRATED!

            Cook was on a much better offense, better QB, and Williams still ran for a better YPC in 2016 despite not picking up a football or working out for a month early in the season.

            I like Cook as a RB, cannot stand him as a person, I’d MUCH rather have Williams.

            1. Although I did have Cook rated right behind Williams. In terms of pure talent/value, here was my board:

              1) FOURNETTE
              2) MIXON
              3) WILLIAMS
              4) COOK
              5a) MCCAFFREY
              5b) KAMARA

              1. Of course, Mixon was off my board completely, for obvious reasons, and Cook’s idiotic behavior dropped him to round 3 for me!

            2. And I don’t put a lot of stock in the underwear olympics, but let’s face it, Cook was a major disappointment at the combine. I always go on game tape but let’s be frank, Cook did not look like anything close to a first round talent at the combine, for whatever that’s worth.

            3. This point isn’t valid. FSU had a huge amount of turnover last season. They started a Freshman QB among other things and the Noles relied on Cook to the tune of 2200 plus yards rushing and receiving.

              As for averaging a higher ypc, Williams didn’t have the carries Cook did and two huge games blew the ypc up. Cook has been one of the best backs in the country since he came out of HS and was great over the course of his FSU career.

              No offense, but your scouting and board would not match anyone doing this for a living. Cook was a much higher regarded player and only dropped because of the questions off the field. His film is second to none.

              1. Fair enough rocket. But the tape told ME otherwise, and I trust my judgement. I did extensive scouting on all top RB. Not as much as pro scouts, but RB and WR are sort of my thing.

                That said, your knowledge hasn’t gone unnoticed on my end. You certainly are a knowledgeable 49ers fan. So if you like Cook better, then we just see it a little differently, that’s all.


              2. 49reasons,

                As I said in another entry, you are entitled to your opinion and that’s all we have on here, but in my opinion you tend to look at things through rose colored glasses when it comes to the Niners and I think that influenced your assessment of Williams in this comparison.

          1. 49reasons isn’t basing his opinion on off field issues. Without those, Cook may have been the first RB taken.

            1. He tested poorly and he has injury and fumble issues. Might be one of those great college RBs who doesn’t pan out in the NFL.

              1. His game film was among the best in the draft. He missed two games in 3 seasons. Clear example of how useless it is to put much emphasis on the combine.

            2. Actually, I’m not rocket. I prefer Williams, plain and simple, He’s got better balance, and he’s more explosive. He’s more elusive in that, when he makes his cuts and jukes, he does it without losing hardly any speed, unlike Cook. He’s certainly a much better fit for Shanny’s offense as well.

              I believe Cook will prove to be overrated, if you think he’s a premier back. Don’t know what else to tell you. I think he’s got a chance to be pretty good, I don’t see anything close to greatness from Cook, regardless of the fact that he’s an A__hole!

              1. You’re entitled to your opinion, and we don’t know how their NFL careers will play out, but if we base the comparison solely by what happened on the field, Cook wins easily. That’s why he was selected long before Williams even with character questions.

  24. I still think Foster’s off-field decision making will ultimately be the biggest concern with him. Shoulder’s can be repaired and heal. There’s no cure for stupid.

  25. I thought Foster was the 2nd best defensive player in the draft behind Adams. I’m not too worried about his shoulder, it may set him back a year but he has the talent to be a stud. I’m far more worried about his weed use, he may turn around and quit tomorrow or he may be one of those young men who are so psychologically addicted that it will be a problem for him for years.

    1. +1 Coach! That’s the way I saw it as well.

      I’m sorry we missed on Adams, but I am interested to see Eric Reid at SS in this defense. And I am over the moon that we drafted Foster, he’s a special talent!

  26. Those red-skinned dirt worshiping heathens got the steal of the night taking Allen at #17.

  27. I haven’t made my seasonal pitch for The Leftovers yet but if you have access to HBO and haven’t watched this show you’re missing out on the best show on tv. Bring your hankie.

  28. This draft class showed how weak the QB position was, yet also how desperate teams are for getting QB help.

    It was interesting to see 19 DBs taken in the first 66 picks.

    1. Interesting mock, they had Josh Rosen first, but I think Sam Darnold is better. Josh Allen at 6 may turn heads if he has a good season.

      Lamar Jackson will be taken way before 18, and Jake Browning will not make it into the second round.

      I think teams will trade up, and there will be 6 QBs taken in the first 12 picks

  29. Grant Cohn was rejected by the National Enquirer so now is following in his dad’s footsteps as a TERRIBLE sports reporter. To take Shanahan’s statement and make it appear that he expects Foster to miss the season is the latest baloney put forth by Drama Queen Cohn. FAKE HEADLINE!

      1. Grant ..
        Don’t feed the trolls .. !
        (it makes them feel as though they have a point) ..

        Besides .. this one obviously has zero
        reading comprehension !

  30. Fifty six players trying out at 49ers rookie mini-camp. Ironically, same as Reuben Foster’s number.

    Is that a favorable omen or an unfavorable one?

  31. Rebuild A Winner
    May 5, 2017 at 9:44 am

    I don’t know how CJ will do. No one does. But if Kyle is confident in CJ it makes me feel better about the pick. No one thought Cousins or Dak or Wilson would be anything in the NFL. A lot of people were wrong. I wouldn’t be surprised if we are wrong about CJ.

    TomD’s Take: Beathard wore # 16 at Iowa–Joe Montana’s Pro number.

    Now Beathard will be asked to wear # 3–Joe Montana’s college number.

    You don’t just give anybody those numbers, coincidental or not.

  32. On Foster,

    I haven’t been following the give and take about this here, so my apologies if some of this has already been mentioned, which is probably the case.

    If we’re talking about a shoulder, he can recover from that and be the player they drafted. Even if he loses a season, I think the pick was worth it from that standpoint.

    However, there are two things that concern me long-term, concussions and smoking grass. Re concussions, his style of play is so forceful he could wind up banging his head out of the league. Re weed, he could wind up smoking himself out of the league. The former is probably not within his control, unless he stops being the player we drafted. The latter is definitely within his control, but is he mature/smart enough to do a 180?

    However, given what I just said, if he was #3 on their board, I think he was worth the 31st pick. He could end up being a bust for reasons other than his play. Or it might work out. Shanahan said you never know, or words to that effect, and he’s right.

  33. NFL draft Round 6: 49ers take pass rusher Pita Taumoepenu | Niners …

    Video for pita taumoepenu…/nfl-draft-round-6-49ers-take-pass-rushe…

  34. Notes from 49ers 1st mini camp:

    Kevin Jones
    @Mr_KevinJones Reuben Foster was w/ asst. coach DeMeco Ryans most of the day. Ryans also went to Alabama & was No. 33 overall pick. What a mentor to have

    C.J. Beathard got the bulk of the work at quarterback.

    1. * LB’s Coach, DeMeco Ryans Credentials:

      AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year (2006)
      2× Pro Bowl (2007, 2009)
      First-team All-Pro (2007)
      Unanimous All-American (2005)
      First-team All-SEC (2005)
      SEC Defensive Player of the

  35. Nick Wagoner
    @nwagoner Rookie LB Pita Taumoepenu and DT D.J. Jones both with impressive quickness in DL drills.

      1. Kendrick Bourne is a savvy 6’1″, 200 lbs Wideout who has good hands, but rarely saw safety help shaded his way. He lacks acceleration coming out of his route stem, and does not have access to a second gear to separate and run under the ball. Scouts had questioned his long speed, which we now know is officially recorded at 4.68 40 yd dash.

        He’s a LONG SHOT TomD, and maybe the 8th best receiver on this roster at the moment.

  36. Joe Fann
    @Joe_Fann Play of the day at rookie minicamp was a diving catch from WR Kendrick Bourne (UDFA, @EWUAthletics) down the left sideline in team drills.

  37. JP Flynn earned all-America and 1st team All Big Sky honors as an offensive lineman at Montana State signed with

    He has spoken with 49ers offensive line coach John Benton, who welcomed him to the organization and mentioned he liked what he had seen from the 6-foot-6, 316-pound guard who recorded a 30.5-inch vertical leap and a time of 4.72 seconds in the three-cone drill, measurements that both would have ranked third among offensive linemen at the NFL Combine.

    He has spoken with 49ers offensive line coach John Benton, who welcomed him to the organization and mentioned he liked what he had seen from the 6-foot-6, 316-pound guard who recorded a 30.5-inch vertical leap and a time of 4.72 seconds in the three-cone drill, measurements that both would have ranked third among offensive linemen at the NFL Combine.

    The 49ers were among the teams that watched Flynn compete at Montana State’s pro day in late March, but he had no contact with San Francisco until his phone rang Saturday afternoon.
    “They said they liked what they had seen on film and were ready to give me a chance either in the seventh round or as a free agent,’’ Flynn said. “They were going to do what they could to get me in.’’
    He has spoken with 49ers offensive line coach John Benton, who welcomed him to the organization and mentioned he liked what he had seen from the 6-foot-6, 316-pound guard who recorded a 30.5-inch vertical leap and a time of 4.72 seconds in the three-cone drill, measurements that both would have ranked third among offensive linemen at the NFL Combine.

  38. This is for you Razor:

    Solomon Thomas was full go for the 49ers first rookie minicamp practice today. Thomas lined up exclusively at the strong side “BIG” defensive end position, tasked with lining up across from the tackle on the strong side, and on the opposite side of the “LEO” DE.

    From what I’ve heard, Thomas is pencilled in to start at the big DE spot on base downs, alongside DT Buckner, with Earl Mitchell at NT and Armstead at the LEO DE spot. The plan would be that on obvious passing downs Mitchell comes out & Thomas kicks inside to DT alongside Buckner, with Armstead at one end and Lynch, Brooks, Harold, Carradine ???? at the other DE. Of course, there will be plenty of variations, but this is the basic template at the moment

    We’ll see where it goes from here.

    1. King Solomon will be groomed, and develop his pass rush moves, and ultimately see snaps at LEO in training camp. He sure looked good in the Scarlet and Gold, while Haley’s Comet looked on….

        1. Thomas will bring a lot to this front 7 (8), and improve our defense, but will he get many snaps at the LEO?

          I doubt it, but time will tell.

        1. That’s the plan, Sebber. Where’s King Solomon? That’s the question the QB will have to ask himself every single snap….

    2. I expect Armstead will play the 4i-technique and not a wide-9 technique like a typical LEO. We’ll see.

  39. Gardner-Webb’s Chad Geter Earns Mini Camp Tryout With San Francisco 49ers

    BOILING SPRINGS – Gardner-Webb All-America linebacker Chad Geter earned an invitation from the San Francisco 49ers for a mini-camp tryout Monday afternoon.
    The 6-foot-2, 250-pound graduate student was runner up for the 2016 Big South Conference Defensive Player of the Year award and earned All-Conference honors for the third time in four seasons on the gridiron with the Runnin’ Bulldogs.

    Geter ranked 13th nationally and led the Big South Conference 118 total tackles – a career-high – and ranked No. 8 nationally with 67 solo tackles.

    He amped his play to another level against ranked opponents, averaging 12.3 tackles per game against teams ranked in the top-25. Geter averaged 11.4 tackles per game against conference foes as a senior.


    “Third round pick C.J. Beathard led the first team offense under center and struggled early in the session throwing into the wind, but appeared more comfortable as the day wore on during his first practice in Kyle Shanahan’s offense.”

    “Among Beathard’s favorite targets in team drills were his Iowa teammate tight end George Kittle and slot receiver Trent Taylor, San Francisco’s two fifth-round picks. Taylor showcased his unique ability to get open despite his diminutive size (5-8, 178). Wearing No. 81, he certainly won’t be confused for big, physical pass catchers Terrell Owens and Anquan Boldin. But his explosiveness in and out of breaks is intriguing.”

  41. 49reasons,

    KNBR’s Kevin Jones said this:

    49ers rookie minicamp observations: Beathard slings the rock, has improvements to make

    3. Solomon Thomas lines up at big end there was some explosion there from Thomas. It’s his hands that become noticeable in practice drills. Thomas has an array of techniques he uses to befuddle offensive linemen. For such a violent player, the No. 3 overall pick continues to show us his modest personality. He said he won’t even think about asking Earl Mitchell for jersey No. 90. Thomas is also rooming with Foster at the team hotel. The “two brothers” as they call themselves, continue to forge a strong bond. Thomas will head back to Stanford after this weekend, where he will miss an equivalent of 12 spring practices as he finishes class.


    “Foster, wearing No. 56, typically will have rehabilitation sessions on his right shoulder at 6:30 a.m. so he doesn’t miss any ensuing meetings or practices, according to a team spokesman.”

    “Don’t be deceived by the 5-foot-8 frame of rookie slot wide receiver Trent Taylor. Before becoming the NCAA’s leader in receiving yards last season at Louisiana Tech, he also was an accomplished high athlete at Evangel Christian Academy. He once broke an opponent’s jaw as a hard-hitting safety, and he reached the state finals in tennis with his quarterback as a doubles partner.”

  43. When I read criticisms of players from the media, I really wonder if they ever bother to get off their lazy ***es and look at things. Some guy, yet another media guy crying about Bethard, complained about him taking “too many sacks behind a strong Iowa line.” The Iowa line, usually a great line, was a disaster last year. Injuries. Benchings. Position switches. A real mess.

    And all you had to do was just read to find that out:

    Seven different starting lineup combinations have appeared in 11 games. All five positions have featured multiple starters. Preseason tackles Cole Croston and Ike Boettger moved spots in Week 6, swapped in Week 8, and were both out injured last Saturday at Illinois.

    Boone Myers Jr. LG, LT 10

    Sean Welsh Jr. RG,RT 10

    Ike Boettger Jr. RT, LG, LT 9

    James Daniels So. C 9

    Cole Croston Sr. LT, RT 7

    Keegan Render So. RG, LG 6

    Lucas LeGrand So. C 2

    Levi Paulsen R-Fr. RG 1

    That’s a mess no matter how you cut it.

    And it’s not like I expect sunshine and roses. I don’t think Bethard, as a prospect, is likely to develop into a franchise QB. But I’m not going to blame him for team problems. And there were a LOT of team problems at Iowa this year. The line being just one of them. (Des Moines Register)

  44. Grant PFF is quoting your statement that Lynch is likely to be cut for being over weight. Is that speculation or insider information?

    1. For a team without anyone who’s a good edge rusher it seems silly for them to cut him right now. Especially when they just added Williams and Foster who have their own off field issues it feels like a double standard. To me it seems like Kyle and Lynch will try and work with him first.

      Plus was Grant next to him on the scale? Sure he gained some weight but unless Grant has some inside sources or was there when he weighed in we don’t know the intent of the team or his actual weight.

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