Kyle Shanahan says Tank Carradine has a high ankle sprain that could end his season


This is the transcript of Kyle Shanahan’s Week 3 Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers P.R. department..


After watching the game on film, how do you reconcile the slow start versus the fast finish, as a head coach? Do you come away ultimately happy with the team or what’s your sense?

“You know, it’s about executing. And the more you execute, the better you do. I feel like the more some guys make plays, sometimes you can overcome 11 people having to execute. I think the more people do that, the more people feed off each other.
You know, we started that game slow. We started as bad as you could with a pick that got inside the two-yard line, so you know, that was a tough way to start it. But, the guys did come out and respond. You know, not everything was perfect that second drive, but we ended up finishing, making a play, getting into the end zone and I think that kind of takes the monkey off of everyone’s back, makes you relax a little bit more. I think the key in playing at a high level in sports is playing with a clear mind where you’re confident and aggressive. That only happens through success. The more success you can have, the easier that comes naturally.”

You said they can relax a little bit more. Was there a sense that they were straining to make things work?

“I don’t necessarily, I don’t totally think it’s that. I think it’s pretty obvious. If you just think about it, I think it’s human nature. When you put a lot of effort into stuff, you put a lot of work into it. I mean, those guys want to perform as good as they can more than anything in the world just like everyone wants to in their jobs, also. So, when that means the world to you and you don’t feel like you’re living up to that in your first two weeks, it starts to mount. I don’t know if it’s pressing. I don’t know if it’s anxiety, but it’s more of that, how important something is to you. You know you can do it, but you have to go out and get it done. And once it does happen, you get more in a flow, you get more confidence and things become easier.”

After the game, LB NaVorro Bowman said something about learning how to win. Is there something to that, and if so, how does the team go about it? Or is it as simple as you’ve got to win to figure out how to make it happen?

“Yeah, I think it’s similar to my answer to that last question. There’s nothing you can read in a book that tells you. It’s something that, and threre’s nothing you can talk yourself into. All that stuff is pretty fake. You have to believe it. The way you believe it is you do it, and if you do it over and over again, and that’s the way games end up, then everyone starts to believe it. If you haven’t done it before, and you lose a bunch of close ones, it’s tough to believe it. You’ve got to get it done and you’ve got it do it again and again and again, and the way you develop that and the way you learn how to win and know how to win is you start winning. Then it becomes contagious and guys feed off each other and you get better. That’s why you see this in this league a lot that teams go on win streaks a lot and sometimes when things go bad, teams go on losing streaks a lot. It’s a very big mental part of this game. It’s not just physical. Everyone is pretty close in talent. You’ve got to fight through a lot of things. You’ve got to stay healthy. But, the more continued success you have, the easier it gets.”

ME: When you drafted DL Solomon Thomas, you and general manager John Lynch said you envisioned him as an interior rusher. He’s been rushing a lot from the edge so far, and it seems he’s struggling to disengage from the offensive tackles. He doesn’t have any sacks yet. Is he out of position right now, and if not, what’s the issue with him?

“No, I don’t think he’s out of position. I think we need to move him around a lot. I think in this game yesterday, I do think he was on the outside more. I’d like to see him on the inside. But, I don’t only want to see him on the inside. I think he’s capable of being at at all four spots. That’s what we like about him. He has the quickness and he has the size to do both, so I think the more we can move him around, the better. But, that’s also a lot to put on a guy, too. Each position is slightly different. There’s different stunts, different coverages, different ways to play protections and stuff. That takes time. We need him to get better. He will get better. You know, he’s in his third game in the NFL after missing OTAs, too. I think he has done some real good things. You don’t always get those sack numbers. Those come. I think it took [Atlanta Falcons LB Vic] Beasley a while to get some sack numbers for us, too, in Atlanta. He ended up getting quite a bit last year. I wouldn’t base it all off numbers. I’m very excited with Solomon. I’m very excited that he’s on our team, and I think he’s going to be a hell of a player for us.”

How do you diagnose the issues with rushing the passer last night after being able to watch the film?

“It wasn’t good enough, you know? I can’t tell you exactly why, but our guys didn’t win. They blocked us pretty well. We didn’t affect the quarterback enough. You know, I thought we did a very good job of that versus Seattle and I thought we took a step back on that last night. I give credit to them. They blocked us well, but we’ve got to find a way to get pressure on the quarterback because if you don’t get pressure on the quarterback with four, that’s going to trickle to your coverages. And if we can’t do that, eventually you’ve got to get it with pressures and blitzes, and that’s going to leave a lot more holes in the coverages. So, you always want to get there with four and we didn’t do a good job of that last night. I know our guys are disappointed about that and hope to improve that versus Arizona next week.”

It seems like they didn’t put themselves in a lot of third-and-long situations. Does that, I imagine that factors into it, the personnel that you use, getting LB Elvis Dumervil on the field, that sort of thing?

“Yeah, definitely. Elvis comes in in more of our speed rush packages which is obviously pass downs, third and long when the run is taken out of it. We can use Elvis at both, too, but that’s really what he specializes in. The more third-and-longs they have, the easier it is to get to the quarterback because they’ve got to hold onto it longer. But, we definitely didn’t do a good enough job last night at getting to the quarterback.”

I know the situation in the game kind of dictates some of it, but you went up-tempo in the second half, seemed like the rhythm started to pick up a little bit. Is there something to that, that maybe picking up the pace and going can help get an offense rolling a little bit?

“It does at times. It also gives you a quick way to get out of there to give the ball back to the defense if you don’t succeed. We’ve done that in all three games. We did in the first half, too. We went up-tempo after the pick on our first play. The next series we went up-tempo and hit that big crossing route to [WR] Pierre [Garçon]. I think it was a 30-yarder. That was no-huddle. We went into the next one, I forget what ended up stopping us. When you go no-huddle, it’s great if you execute because it’s quick and you attack them. But, it’s also a quick way that if someone doesn’t execute and you miss a block, it’s a quick way to get into a second and long, and it’s a quick way to get the defense back out there. There’s some balance with that. It’s great when it works and it’s bad when it doesn’t. You just try to get a feel when you have the defense on their heels and when to really step on the gas. Sometimes, I’ve learned both ways, sometimes it’s been good and sometimes it’s been bad.”


On the Rams muffed punt, have you ever seen a long snapper get there first? I think Kyle recovered that.

“It was kind of funny because, I forget who it was, but we try to show turnovers during the week from around the league. And [defensive backs coach Jeff] Hafley our DB coach showed us that, and there was a long snapper who stripped a guy and got a fumble last week. I was giving [LS/TE] Kyle [Nelson] some grief, telling him that he needed to show us that this week. I told him I wasn’t going to like him until he did. I was kind of being sarcastic, but he ended up doing the exact thing, so it was pretty cool to see him do that.”


Do you remember which game that was?

“I don’t remember. Sorry.”

So you like Kyle Nelson now?

“Yes, now he set a standard. Now he’s got to do it every week.”


When you saw the tape, what did you see on the offensive pass interference on WR Trent Taylor?

“I saw a very good route.”

On the two-point conversion, QB Brian Hoyer said the route was designed for it to be the same route that Taylor ended up scoring a touchdown on. Is there, after looking back at it, do you look at it like maybe we install, or based on the technique that the defender was playing that you give yourself an opportunity to throw it outside where it looked like Taylor had an opening over there?

“I would love to. I would love every time you run a man-to-man route for the receiver just to call an audible based on where the guy is and run wherever he wants to. The problem is he’s third in the progression. Brian is not going to know where he is. If he was number one, if we called like, a route we call choice, where he’s number one, which we ran earlier in the game on third down when we hit Trent breaking inside. It was a big third down early in the game and he got like a 15-yarder on that. There we were staring at him. He’s number one, he can go any way based off of man, and Brian is looking at it so he has a feel. That two-pointer we’re trying to get it to [WR] Marquise [Goodwin] first who runs a shallow, he’s covered and then we go to Pierre second and now we have one guy left because it’s max protection and we’re expecting zero and that’s Trent who is last. So, we’re coming to him way late and he’s supposed to be returning back into the play. And definitely, the guy was trailing behind him. He had him beat on the way out. If he was number one, would have scored on it. But, we’re going to other guys and we come to him last. They defended the other two guys well based off their coverages and then it was just unfortunate that he was inside on him.”


ME: It seems you went to Taylor in a bunch of key moments in the game. What did you see from him and what do you like about him?

“Trent is a tough player. The game is not too big for him. He’s got very good separation ability. He’s a quick guy who plays strong. I know he’s not the biggest guy out there, but he is tough. He fights for every yard. He does not mind the contact in the games. He has good hands and I like what he can do once he gets the ball in his hands. That’s why we liked him coming out of college. That’s why we drafted him and he’s been what we’ve anticipated so far.”

Is that as well executed of an onside kick as you’ve seen?

“Yeah, that was a great kick. That would be tough for anyone to recover, the way it hung up there. It was a great kick by [K] Robbie [Gould].”

We saw LB Reuben Foster on the sideline. Any update on his prognosis, when he could come back to practice?

“Yeah, not right now. I’d be shocked if he came back this week. I’d be surprised. We’re taking it week-to-week. I’m not really expecting him this week, but you never know with some of these athletes. He might be there but not expecting it right now.”

Same with S Eric Reid?

“Yes, definitely not expecting Eric, either. I think he’s behind Reuben.”

After the second preseason game, you were noticeably ticked off, I guess. Now that you’re 0-3 and I know that’s not where you want to be, but you don’t seem like your emotional level is at that same point. You seem like you’re optimistic. Is that a fair assessment?

“I think I’m more realistic in terms of how we play. I was very upset after that second game because I was just extremely disappointed and embarrassed about some of the things we did out there. I was very proud of our guys last night. By no means did we play perfect, and I don’t think we played as good as we can, but I thought the guys gave it everything they could. I thought they competed hard, and I was proud of that. I’m very disappointed we didn’t come away with the win, especially one that I thought we could have. I felt the same way after the Seattle game, too. But, you know I feel like guys can control their effort and can control how hard they can go. You can’t always control the outcome of the game. You can control everything you give. I feel like our guys are giving a lot. I think they have been working very hard and I’ve been happy with the people and the character that we have in there. Now it’s up to me, the whole coaching staff, all the players, everyone in this building that, yeah we got the right people and we’ve got to make sure we keep getting them better. That’s what we’ve got to focus on.”

Is part of that, too, the fact that you’ve got a really good defensive game Sunday, and then you’ve got a pretty good offensive game last night, just knowing, hey, if we put this together, we could be much more competitive than maybe people thought?
“Yeah, I believed that going into the season. I believed it versus Carolina, I believed it versus Seattle and I believed it last night. So, I’m extremely disappointed when we don’t get the job done. There’s always reasons why, and I think the way you just summarized it, you can look at each game that way as this side of the ball there and this side of the ball there. You know, you never know what it’s going to take to win a game. Very rarely do all three phases play the best. And so, it doesn’t totally matter to me, so I’ll say to the team always I don’t know if we have to win the game 2-0 with a safety or 50-48. It really doesn’t matter, just as long as we find a way to win. And there’s lots of ways to win games. You can do it defensively, you can do it offensively, and you can do it on special teams. Very rarely are all three going to play at the top of their game. And when they don’t, someone else has got to step it up. I feel like we’ve done that at times in these three weeks, but obviously we haven’t done it good enough to get a W and we’re going to keep working to do that until we do.”


Following up on that, have you been pleased with your special teams, kind of quietly these first three weeks, it seems like they have made a difference in just about every game?

“Yeah, I have, definitely. I think they have been playing very good. I think they have gotten better each week, too. I thought they played solid versus Carolina. I thought they did better versus Seattle and I thought they did even better last night. I thought we’ve had some big challenges with [Carolina Panthers RB Christian] McCaffrey, [Seattle Seahawks WR Tyler] Lockett, and [Los Angeles Rams WR] Tavon [Austin] last night. So we’ve had some big challenges with the returners. None of them have really done much. And last night, not only did they make sure that those guys didn’t affect the game, I thought they gave us a chance to win the game with the turnovers they got for us.”


ME: Speaking of special teams, they recovered a punt at the 12-yard line, the Rams 12-yard line in the second quarter. Then your offense made a couple of critical mistakes and ended up going backwards and kicking a field goal instead of scoring a touchdown. You could argue that was the difference in the game. What do you want your players to take away from that series in particular?

“Every series. When you get an opportunity, you want to score. So, you look at each play, why didn’t you score. Was it a penalty, was it a missed block, was it a guy just getting beat, was a bad play call? You’re looking at everything. Definitely after a turnover, especially when you get it down there, you want to get seven. That changes the game fast. At least you get three. You don’t want to turn it right back over. So worst-case scenario, you like to look at it as a three-point play. But that’s four that you leave it on the field and that’s where you’ve got a chance to really turn a game or run away with it. Those are missed opportunities and you hope for a lot of opportunities, but you can’t miss too many of them. I look at that, though, the same as every series. Every series, if we don’t score a touchdown, I’m always disappointed and I hope our players are too.”


Are you going to go back and try to get clarification on any calls or will you just put it behind you in terms of any penalties that are called?

“No, we do. We submit them in. They tell us which ones they thought they were right on, which ones they thought they were wrong on. We do that. I’ve done that every team I’ve been on over the years. Now at least as a head coach, I can call people and have some more conversations which I plan on doing over the weekend. But, it doesn’t change what happened.”


On the two reviews that you got right there, how did that process work? Did somebody upstairs alert you, hey, throw the challenge flag?

“Always. Guys alert that there’s a chance. [Vice president/executive producer] Rob [Alberino Jr.] and the guys in the stadium did a great job getting on the scoreboard, so I had a chance to really see it. Because you never really for sure know. Guys see it pretty quick and guys are moving fast, so you never know 100-percent. But, when our guys get that stuff on the scoreboard that fast, it gives us a chance to throw it. You’re never 100-percent sure, but if I think there’s a good chance, I’m usually not going to hesitate and throw it.”

Seemed like the sideline, the TV broadcasters when I re-watched it today really enjoyed your second one, where you threw it pretty emphatically.

“I was. We were running out of time and I didn’t quite know for sure and then I was probably amped up and getting aggressive with them. Glad I didn’t hit anybody with the flag.”


Finally, after the game when you shook hands with Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay, did you guys just say, ‘Wow, our first game against each other was pretty wild there.’ Was there any talk?

“A little. It was more, I’ll hit you up over the weekend when not everyone is watching, we’ll talk then. There was 100 people around you looking at each other. So just give each other a hug, say what’s up, good job. We both gave the look like, wow, that was crazy and I’m sure we’ll catch up this weekend about it.”

Was there any update on DL Tank Carradine and how he’s feeling or any of the other guys who had to leave last night?

“Yeah, we’ve got three guys in the protocol. We’ve got [LB] Brock [Coyle], we’ve got [FB Kyle Juszczyk] Juice, we’ve got [S Jaquiski] Tartt, with concussions in the protocol. So, I’m not sure with that, how long it could be. We’ll find out more on Monday, but they will go through that. Tank has got a high ankle sprain. We haven’t gotten his MRI back, but we’re going to have to get that and really decide whether IR or not, because any time you’ve got a high ankle sprain, it’s going to be a while. So we’re not exactly sure how long it’s going to be. We’ll have to decide that probably Monday.”


ME: When you watched the film of that first inception, first play of the game with Brian Hoyer, do you coach him to just throw that pass away in the future or to go with someone else?

“No, it’s man coverage. So, all your check-downs aren’t going to be good. We thought we could motion him over there, get the corner off of Marquise, get the bump off of him and give him a quick speed-out just to start the game. The corner played it great. He squatted all over it. And all Brian could do there is, the only play he can do is throw it away. He just left it inside, still tried to get the pass and that was the only mistake he made, and I did not like the call because it wasn’t open. I just wish he threw it away. He didn’t, and that’s what the result was. But, I was very, you know, I was very excited how everyone responded to that and it was cool watching our team after that. You know, they went and scored right away. But, I could see our whole defensive side, as they were running out on the field, go right up to Hoyer, and ‘Hey, keep ripping it, we’ve got your back. We’re not going to hesitate.’ And stuff like that I think is what really helps a person when your teammates show they still believe in you.”

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  1. Get well, Tank, we’ll miss you !


    Did you catch Seb wearing his Ram’s Crush Uniform ?….

    Somewhere, last year, I remember him saying he was a Ram Fan until Joe and Steve came to town, then he jumped on the band wagon….Currently looking for that quote.

    1. No one with any self respect can call themselves a 49er fan and wish that roster of flops on them.

      Remember Seb’s 239 mock draft attempts ? The all failed, that’s why he has to post so many hoping to get lucky.

      The 49ers will remember it if he approaches their building with his 2018 NFL draft Omnibus…They’ll call security, and notify the NFL combine about last year (when Seb supposedly attended it) that a strange acting man is approaching all of the prospective QB’s with a tape measure and stop watch with some phony, out dated stop watch, wearing a pair of PF Flyer sneakers popularized by tom Heisohn in ’62

  2. The DLine has not been impressive. I know it’s early and they are young, but let’s compare our DLine to others in the NFL. From Barrows:

    “Through three games San Francisco has managed just three sacks, all of them coming in their Week 2 loss to Seattle. Only three teams — the Buccaneers, Dolphins and Jets — have fewer, and two of them, Tampa Bay and Miami, have played just one game so far this season because of Hurricane Irma. The 49ers and Rams are the only teams to have played three contests.”

    Read more here:

    Responses will be that sacks aren’t the be all end all and QB pressures can be nearly as effective.

    Buckner, though, has been impressive. I don’t hear Earl Mitchell’s name mentioned as much as I expected, but I suppose that’s the nature of the nose tackle position.

    1. The only success they really had was against Seattle’s turnstiles… Last night was hard to watch. The Lamb’s OL manhandled them… Thomas even got walled by a receiver at one point. If AZ has their way call me officially concerned.

      1. I am not too worried. Armstead is a 2 year player, Buckner is a one year player, Thomas is a rookie.
        Mitchell is new, and they have not played together very long. As the season progresses and the schedule gets easier, I think they will get better.

      2. Seattle has 1 of the worst nfl lines. RW is a play maker. Measuring SF against its Seattle performance is like weighing last year’s season on its wk 1 performance.
        The bottom line is SF is a bad team. The odds makers are very good at their job. 6 wins is very optimistic. Thursdat 1 of tge 6 slipped away.
        SF has to overcome itself and its home field. The home field is so bad that after quarter 1 it looked like a rodeo had been hosted inside the 20.
        Expect this team to perform better on the road

  3. Grant, you are growing on me.

    You say some dumb stuff sometimes, make quick emotional predictions and think you know more about football than NFL coaches and execs. But, I will give it to you, your questions are excellent and pointed.

    Keep asking those excellent questions and keep the coaches and execs accountable.

  4. “That two-pointer we’re trying to get it to [WR] Marquise [Goodwin] first who runs a shallow”

    That’s a lot of faith in Goodwin. He did play better last night.

  5. Niners are learning how to win. Yes, the talent level is even, but the winners do that extra ounce of effort.
    Once they learn to reduce the number of unforced errors, they will be more competitive.

    1. Talent level is not even. We have the most rookies than any other team in the NFL.
      We have turned over 30 new players.
      Gee Seb, I wish you knew more about the team and football. It’s getting tiresome schooling you daily.

            1. You seem to thin so too. Please that hypocrisy crown has got to be very heavy on that head of yours, no matter how hyperinflated it is.

              1. No, I think KS is a good coach, but after 3 losses, he needs all the help he can get.
                Prime wants to school KS when KS said that the talent level is pretty close for all teams.
                KS does not have an OC. Maybe an OC will help reduce the amount of illegal procedure and false start penalties.

  6. Guys are physical freaks now a days, but seems like more & more get injured. Maybe it’s the lack of reps in the offseason or lack
    Of “football shape”.

  7. Bandit,
    Agreed. But the other dynamic is the speed of game. As the speed increases so does the severity of damage.
    There is still the issue with concussions. IMO, the NFL is guilty of not providing better quality equipment than players staying in shape in the off season.

    Being in great physical shape can help the players protect their bodies but it does not protect the brain.

      1. Dee,
        No, I’m saying that a cash cow corporation known as the NFL has the financial resources to put better equipment on the field to protect it’s players.

        I know that it would be difficult to protect players from having their legs rolled up on by an opposing player or their own teammate. Some areas of the game can hard to completely protect, but head injuries must be addressed with a greater sense of urgency.

    1. force = mass times acceleration or F=ma

      So it accounts for speed which is the distance a subject travels between two points at a space of time.

      Ligaments, muscles, tendons and bones have limits of what forces can be applied to them. As we move the thresholds up the physical limits by and large stay the same.

      The force with which players are hitting each other is very high given their increased masses and increasing acceleration. Our soft tissues, including the most precious and precarious organ, the brain can only take so much.

        1. I can see why you would think that as your brain seems firmly planted inyour posterior Seb. Most of us don’t have ours stuck up the backside.

        1. Dee,

          Football needs to be made as safely as possible. I was simply explaining why we see more injuries. There are limits to safety though given present rules.

          1. More effort is needed by the NFL to seek technological mitigations for head injuries, but their total elimination is problematic. The bruising, contusions and concussions occur inside the skull when the player comes to a sudden stop or directional change and the brain collides with and compresses against the skull. No amount of bubble wrap or pneumatic cushioning is likely to address that physical dilemma.
            I don’t think the game can be made safe. It may go the way of much medicine in the USA Today: if you want to play in the NFL you’ll have to sign a disclaimer agreeing not to sue in the event of injury no matter how grievous.
            I also think the NFLPA is dropping the ball. Instead of just whining that the League isn’t doing enough and is in denial (both essentially true), the Union should be partner-funding bio-medical research into player health and safety. OSHA didn’t come about because some industrialists dreamed it up over golf one day, an independent agency was formed to hold employers’ feet to the fire.

            1. Brotha,
              Good read. It seems that the NFL and NFLPA has qualms about creating a partnership with OSHA.
              OSHA would likely require the NFL to provide them with in-depth information and records on former and current players that have suffered head injuries.

              The NFL just settled a lawsuit that will pay over 4,500 hundred players monetarily for concussion and sub-conconsive injuries.
              One would think that paying such a high number of players would lead the NFL to have an entity like OSHA help them in this area, but the NFL would prefer to have their own doctors rather than an outside organization assist them.

              1. AES, football is inherently violent and the protective gear gives players a false sense of security. I wish football was safer and had less injuries but the only way to achieve that is to change the rules of contact and that would create an uproar.
                Maybe if the players have inflatable bags when hit there would be less injuries!
                Football is like chess where you have to outsmart your opponent in plain view, but the smartest players might be the ones that never play….

              2. Dee,

                There are ways of using physics principles and applying them to protective wear to make the game safer. The same way that NASCAR has made its sport far safer (imagine doing that in your automobile).

                Absorption and distribution of energy will be key but more research, cooperation and goodwill among the participants and stakeholders needs to prevail.

                Having said that, some parts of the game will still cause injuries, the cuts and sudden stops, impacts and yes, head blows.

                This is not just an issue with football though, as I pointed out. Soccer has similar challenges to a degree as do other sports. Bicycling has some terrific injuries as well which can make any ER newbie cringe.

                What can be mitigated, should be while retaining the elements of the sport we know and love.

      1. “Our soft tissues, including the most precious and precarious organ, the brain can only take so much.”
        ~ EC9

        Absolutely agree. My biggest area of concern is the brain trauma football players receive over the course of the careers. In Thursday’s night game, 3 players; Coyle, Juice and Tartt were put on concussion protocol. My argument is that a multi-billion dollar company must have a greater urgency in taking care of the players who put butts in the seats and money in their pockets.

  8. The refs change the outcome of that game ,on a couple of calls . The league needs to address the flags. That PI call was bs , and everyone is saying it . Even 2 rams players . So how do you fix a referee , the last 2 weeks , two game changing calls / flags . That’s bs . To everyone involved ,fans ,players,coaches , Everyone involved .( This game was nationally televised ) ( You think they would of had a better or best crew out there ) Than they wonder why fan participation is down all over league . Note to NFL ,. Get your ? together . Anyone have thoughts on how to fix it?. Reason being don’t see it changing on its own ?

  9. Since our Dotard has invaded our sport, here’s a great article to balance the misanthropy coming out of the WH.
    It was written before out Twitler decided that it would be better if NFL players play to hurt each other.

    1. Speaking of Trumpty Dumpty, I have little doubt in my mind that when Trump disappeared during halftime and part of the third quarter, he put out the word to let his buddies win. It was amazing to replay that second half, and see blatant holding by the Pats that were never called. Of course, they started stealing signals again, so that gave them another advantage.
      Now we have this last game, and even the Rams players admitted that Taylor did not cause an offensive pass interference penalty. If one replays that play, we see the defender holding 12 yards down field, so it could have been a defensive pass interference call, instead.
      The egregious blatant malfeasance of the refs with the blown calls and non calls is making a mockery of the sport. It is no longer who the better team was, but who the refs will favor this time. No wonder the ratings are down, because corrupt officiating has destroyed the integrity of the game.
      I surmise that Trump has leaned on the officials again, and has put out the word to never favor the Niners. Why? because the Niners not only had the audacity to hire a female coach, she is also Gay. Both made the Niners a target for Trump’s ire.
      Many will scoff at the notion that Trump is too big to think about such trivial matters, but his grasp on reality is tenuous, and if he can cheat to win the presidency, he will not stop at cheating about anything he cares about.
      No wonder Jed has not insisted Kaep be re-signed. Being a gutless wonder, he probably is terrified at the prospect of getting a mean tweet. Niners are 0-3 with Hoyer, but many are counselling to stay the course. Yeah, stay the course, right over the waterfall.

      1. Seb-

        The absolute nonsense you spew should be against the law.
        Nobody gives a s–t about their female lesbian they hired. She is not involved in talent procurement or game-planning. Having a female lesbian on the staff is only important to whacko’s like you who think that everyone is a victim.
        Your stuff about the refs was good and well-reasoned. I have often thought the same myself. You cant make a phantom call like the one against Taylor without knowing ahead of time your going to do it.
        Then your stupid rants about Trump………..people go on this blog to get away from that crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your sharing this site with others-stop thinking it’s all about you.

        1. Twitler rants and hates on players exercising their free speech rights in a civil, non violent, silent manner, but says Putin is not our enemy even though he has aimed nuclear missiles at the US, and there are some very fine Nazis.
          Saw, sounds like you also like those very fine Nazis, even though you accuse me of using Nazi tactics.

          1. Hate my A$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Quit being a snowflake, Seb. Everytime someone disagrees with you does not mean it’s hate. I used to hear the same sh-t from my 7 yr old daughter when I told her to go to bed at 8:00.

            Civil rights my A$$!!!!!! You STILL have not gone on a lengthy sermon about cops who get murdered in the line of duty–or that gal in San Fran who was murdered by an illegal alien—because the SF board of spvsrs knows best. Where was your diatribe then? Not just a few words, if you even did that-Im talking the full Monty, the big, BIG Seb rant that goes on forever….you know, like with Kap. Her Murder was as unfair as anything I’ve ever heard of. Where’s your outrage there???????


            1. Saw, I certainly have not seen any posts from you decrying the Nazi plowing his car into protesters. Yes, that woman was murdered tragically, but that does not excuse police brutality. The perpetrator was caught and I hope he receives a long prison sentence, and I hope the law official is demoted for leaving his gun in a car unsecured.
              You seem to use the word- liberal, as a pejorative. I just think you are what Jemele Hill called the Twitler.

  10. It’s occasionally fun to take a day off from this fractious blog, to take a step back and then scroll through the threads later. We have stylistic arguements about tactics and schemes that can be either pixxing contests or (rarely), enlightening. But of course, a high percentage of volume is from our resident Nattering Nabob of Nonsense and Kaepernickism .
    Some football teams, my HS team among them, have a tradition of slapping or tapping or tagging a team logo over the door as they exit the locker room onto the field. It’s a ritual steeped in unified commitment to a goal, an affirmation of mutual purpose, a personal statement of “I’m in! Let’s go!”
    We have that here as well. SebbieannConway posts a moronic Captain Obvious statement or some ‘alternative facts’. One poster or another points out the folly, Sisyphus offers a brain-dead I Win! retort, then the laughing blogsters line up single file to run by and whack the Piñata all day and all night, day after day after day. He’s pointed out as a legendary………..glutton for punishment…………………….
    And he takes it as a compliment!
    When asked to name friends or supporters on the blog he spends all his time on, he mentions some of the Picadors who make sport of filleting him daily.
    Seb is waayyy too whacked to be a figment of Grant’s imagination……….even JRR Tolkien couldn’t keep that many crazy characters, foolish fantasies and fractured fairy tales in his head…….it would be exhausting to try.
    I saw where some wag pointed out that during Grant’s tenure there has always been (at least) one whacked-out troll driving clicks and responses:
    Merton Hanks from Philly
    Seb & others
    So, hard to know for sure, but I suspect that it’s not a conspiracy, just random idiocy within the population sample. But still, a fine conspiracy theory to bat around to see if it sets anyone (ahem!) off.

            1. The only thing Agnew is immortalized for is being a common criminal who resigned in exchange for a prison sentence thus allowing Gerald Ford to be the only person ever to hold the office of President without receiving a single vote for that office.

              1. Agnew will forever be remembered for that statement.
                Republicans are wondering if they could do the same with Pence, because he is just as extreme as Trump.
                Maybe the best move would be for Pence to resign, Hillary is appointed Veep, and Trump steps down with the promise Hillary will pardon him. I do not care if Trump does not sit in prison, he is welcome to his properties. I just want Twitler (Kudos to Dee) out of office so he does not besmirch and demean the presidency any more.

    1. BT,

      I think Grant could pull it off. It would be quite the chore though. It’s also possible that they know each other in real life.

      It’s also possible that seb is having fun with us. He has said that he talks about Kap returning to needle other posters. Seb (real or imagined) loves the back and forth.

      I’ll add two names to the whacked out troll list.


      These two may be the same people. Same style. Say the team sucks and try to trigger liberals.

      Some things seem too weird to be true. But we’ll probably never know unless someone slips up.

      1. Darren5000

        I’ll add some posters that use a plethora of ALLCAPs ranting – Charlie Brown, Uncle Fester, etc also likely the same guy. They all have in common is trashing of everything about the team combined with over the top unsolicited praise for a particular reality TV figure who somehow (and It is being revealed how) ended up as President of the United States. There’s a Venn diagram somewhere in there.

  11. Seb, 1st time I heard this problem, so I’ll solve it Like Alexander the greats Gordian knott success when in a foreign country and the king said no one passes until they can figure out how to unvravel this knott…..alexander took out his sword and smash cut it…..Problem solved

    Always using problems mankind faced back in Egypts 5th dynasty (2465-2323 BC) when pharoah just assembled 50 workers with two ox teams to push it 12 feet.

    W-A-K-E U-P Seb in the 21st cent.

    sebnynah says:
    September 23, 2017 at 12:14 am
    Just wondering if you were smart enough to be able to move a 3 ton boulder 12 feet during a lunch break. It could also be a mental test, and everyone failed.

    TomD just fired up the BobCat.

    During the rainstorm a mudslide pushed a 3 ton bolder onto my driveway….I had to move it 12′, so pushed it back on to my neighbors lawn.

  12. Grant

    maybe if you took on a more positive bent…. we’d have a lot less bitching and moaning on the blog….hopefully


  13. Caradine’s career with 9 ers can be summed up in one word:


    Write him an injury settlement and get him out of here. Another Baalke remnant to unload. Hate to say it, but all active linebackers also will be fully exposed for boat anchors they are. Each one of them desparate for Reuben to get back on the field and mask the deficiencies…

          1. Prime, you still have not been able to think of a way to move that boulder. Until you do, I will continue to consider you as a mental lightweight.

  14. TomD’s Take : I think this guy at 275 moves like a FS at DE (Leo) and am rethinking QB if he’s still on the board—looks like a can’t miss prospect (Think Chaz Haley)

    Matt Barrows‏Verified account @mattbarrows 18m18 minutes ago
    More Matt Barrows Retweeted Rob Rang
    #49ers fans looking for Leo should tune in, watch No. 9 ….

    Bradley Chubb
    Weak-Side Defensive End

    Ht 6-4 Wt 275Exp 2014 –

  15. Come on, everyone knows Seb used the power of his positive thinking to roll away the stone. Just like he’s using it to get Kaep back on the Niners.

    1. Ribico,

      Seb’s the 45 year old man cruising shopping malls, like 15 yr old trying to pick up chicks, he’s never outgrown it.

      Now that Santa Rosa’s kicked him from its malls, the only place left is the conquest of this blog

      1. When life’s triumphal moment is moving a rock………….
        A lot of his stuff is purely imagined in fever dreams, or concocted to paint himself like Washington crossing the Delaware, so even this pathetic story may never have happened. Who cares?

        1. Chicken of the Sea………

          Yet once again, I think you hit the nail on the head……….Seb living in a sort of Alice-in-Wonderland, where emotion tops logic, up is down, etc.
          Could he be the Mad Hatter? I wouldn’t at all be surprised……………

        2. BT, I mentioned the rock moving because Prime accused me of being afraid of meeting with him.
          I just wanted him to know that I am strong enough not to be afraid of a troll.

  16. NC State vs. Notre Dame Box Score, 2017 :

    NC State Defense
    J. Fernandez 9 2 0 1.5 0
    A. Moore 8 4 0 1 1
    J. Jones 6 4 0 0 0
    K. Street 6 3 1.5 1.5 0
    B. Chubb 5 3 3 3.5 0

  17. Tim Kawakami @timkawakami 20m

    RT @nwagoner: 9 NFL scouts on the list to attend today’s USC-Cal game. Five of them represent the 49ers. Others: Seattle, Pittsbu…

  18. President Trump criticizes NFL player protests, says fans should exit stadiums


    Trump referred to any NFL player who protests racism and police violence as a “son of a bitch’ who should be fired and Teresa Kaepernick responded:

    Teresa Kaepernick‏

    Replying to @JamilSmith
    Guess that makes me a proud bitch!

    There has been no statement from the NFL regarding the President’s comments thus far…

    sebnynah says:

    September 23, 2017 at 10:40 am

    I surmise that Trump has leaned on the officials again, and has put out the word to never favor the Niners. Why? because the Niners not only had the audacity to hire a female coach, she is also Gay. Both made the Niners a target for Trump’s ire.

    Many will scoff at the notion that Trump is too big to think about such trivial matters, but his grasp on reality is tenuous, and if he can cheat to win the presidency, he will not stop at cheating about anything he cares about.

    1. sebnynah says:
      September 23, 2017 at 10:40 am

      No wonder Jed has not insisted Kaep be re-signed. Being a gutless wonder, he probably is terrified at the prospect of getting a mean tweet. Niners are 0-3 with Hoyer, but many are counselling to stay the course. Yeah, stay the course, right over the waterfall.

      1. Directed at 49er Fans, particularly, Seb:

        (Prez’s Tweet Posted Above)
        Trump pretty much put a nail in the coffin of Kap Fans hoping for a 49er return today when Teresa Kapepernick retweeted the president about her son, Colin, in an ongoing, albeit, childish personal feud the President has chosen as his battle.

        Did Trump ever have a mother ?….They don’t give up Donald, no matter how many times you open this can of worms.

  19. Steph Curry just kicked Trump in the teeth, so he is acting out, withdrawing the WH invitation.
    Curry also thinks Kaep should play, and stop being blackballed.
    I think Stephen Curry is not only smart, but also courageous.

    1. I think Curry is the most overrated basketball player in the modern era. As was Krapernick.
      What would the Detroit Pistons bad boys have done to Curry? He wouldn’t last a sharp Laimbeer elbow to the chest.

      1. The NBA is dainty now. Yes, Curry would have thought twice about penetrating against the bad boys. But with his jumper and dribbling, he would still have a place in the old NBA. A Reggie Miller type, HOFer but not an MVP.

        The guy who won an MVP that would be total crap in the old NBA is Derrick Rose. He can’t shoot, can’t pass, dribbles off his knees and feet, and is the epitome of a china doll.

        1. Miller was tough. Not afraid to mix it up and play defense.
          Curry is a perimeter player who can’t play a lick of defense.

          If he didn’t have the supporting cast, he’d be just another long range shooter playing 10 minutes a game. He’s soft!

          1. 10 minutes a game? He would at least be as good as Ray Allen with the Bucks, but probably much better than Ray. Lebron is the best player in the league. Durant is a close 2nd. Curry is right behind those two with Westbrook and Harden.

            1. 80 I respectfully disagree. Ray Allan had size. He could go inside, post up, shoot the three and a mid range jumper. His game was well-rounded.
              Curry is a one trick pony. If he is off, what else can he do? Can’t play defense, can’t rebound, reluctantly drives the paint. He’s lucky he has Durrant now to take the pressure off.

              1. “He’s lucky he has Durrant.”

                Durant was brought in to occupy Lebron. The year before Curry was killing the Cavs in the Finals. Then the Cavs had to put Lebron on Curry. It took a literal freak athlete like Lebron to slow Curry.

              2. Im not impressed with today’s NBA at all. In fact there is really 2 good teams and those teams are hard to watch as it is.

                People talk about NFL ratings being down, I’d think the NBA is right there.

                Basketball has gotten soft. There is zero physicality involved anymore making it a small mans game. Hence, Lebron and Curry being able to freelance.

                Bird, Magic, Jordan, Kobe all had to go through walls of pain to earn their points. Nowadays, you can get fouled by someone sneezing on you

              3. Prime,
                That could be viewed in a different light … I think that Durant is lucky to have Curry.
                Durant made the Warriors better, but Curry won a championship before Durant arrived.

                Curry is perhaps one of the smartest athletes in professional sports.
                While great players like Kyrie, Westbrook and CP3 want to be the focal point of their teams, Curry is smart enough not to a ball-hog and media hound for the sake of winning championships.

        1. Primo Lamo, it was front page news and Goodell responded. It was not only topical, it was relevant, considering Kaep is available, and the Niners are on a 3 game losing streak.

          1. Baloney, Seb. Your always bringing up some lame political BS.

            The more people like you insist we do something your way, the more other people are going to go out of their way to do the precise opposite.
            Why should we rearrange that offense for krap? So he can do more of his egg-laying in the second half?
            Or have you ONCE AGAIN conveniently forgotten about that? Oh, thats right……….its somebody elses fault…….

            1. Yes, I will continue to state that the Niners should consider time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges and the last 2 minutes of each half.
              Some day, the Niners will learn.
              I do not respect your hate filled rants about Kaep because I will consider Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton’s assessment of Kaep over yours.

        2. Prime, when Twitler denounces Kaep more forcefully than Putin in an election rally, it is all his fault. Don’t blame me for bringing up this piece of news, because it directly pertains to football.
          I hope whole teams start kneeling.

          1. You are really just a childish troll. If entire teams kneel, the NFL will never recover from the fan backlash. There aren’t enough “fans” like you to overcome the fallout. I challenged you before, go one week with out a Kap reference. You can’t do it as you worship at his feet.

            1. I have refrained from mentioning Kaep for long periods of time, but here he is, in the front page of the news, and you hate him so much, you cant stand to hear his name. By saying that you do not want to hear about him, you are engaging in another form of blackballing.

            2. The backlash is coming over the corrupt officiating and the continual downplaying of concussive effects, even by the Twitler in Chief.
              Kaep is not even playing and they blame him for low attendance.

          2. Freekin commie pinko meathead………….and yet, you’d be on the phone faster than anyone if something went bump in the night on your property.

            Say hello to Alice…………..

        1. Trump just called Kaep an SOB, but said some Nazis are very fine people, and you do not think it is relevant and topical?
          Twitler is out of control, and should be impeached forthwith before he starts a war.

          1. Okay, since you aren’t taking the subtle hint, SHUT THE !@#$ UP ABOUT POLITICS!!! If you want to spew politics, go to Fox News, MSNBC, or any of the other political spew holes out there. Keep that crap off of here!

            1. Trump made this all about football. He wants to deflect attention from the Russia probe, and panders to his base.
              He also is ticking me off, so pardon me if I go on a rant, because if you tell me to stfu, it just makes me want to say more.
              Trumpty Dumpty demonstrates everything that I said about the detractors of Kaep. Thinly veiled racism, and America at its ugliest.
              History is repeating itself. They said the same things about Black players in general when they tried to exclude them from the league. in the 60’s – Cant read, cant throw, cant lead, poor players would do not deserve a chance to play.
              Reactionaries cannot stand people who peacefully protest, but history will not be kind the oppressors.

              1. Go to one of the political spew holes if you want to discuss political crap. Liberal politics, conservative politics, I don’t care what side of the aisle you are on . Keep it off a sport’s forum.

              2. Mid, just scroll past if you want to.
                This is pertaining to the NFL, so it is about football.
                Yell at Trump for starting this. I expect to see a lot more posted about this, so go ahead, discuss Bowman all you want.
                I have bigger fish to fry. Dissing Kaep in such a despicable manner is beneath the dignity of the office. I will not be quiet when Twitler demeans the office of the presidency. Many others seem to be doing the same thing as I am, so do not hold your breath expecting it to go away.

              3. Stupid. Neither the NFL nor the AFL tried to exclude black players in the 60s. Completely false.
                You just make up any old thing when you’re ranting; more fact free tripe from Seb.

              4. How about you keep the politics off of here instead Seb and keep them where they belong?

                Bite me EC9. I am sick and tired of seeing politics no matter where I look. This site should be an escape from that crap, not an addition or refresher course.

              5. THATS what this is all about…………..”.He also is ticking me off……………”

                This blog is not about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              6. BT, pardon me if I meant the 50’s. Still, they denigrated black QBs in the earlier days and some have done it recently with Kaep.

              7. Mid,

                Relax. I was directing that comment to Seb. I wish to avoid politics and sports.

                I watch sports so I don’t have to watch the stupidity of the politicians on tv. I think they all stink and are self serving, divisive and opportunistic.

              8. Glad to see all the players, and even owners, silently and non violently protesting, so Twitler’s outrageous rant is backfiring on him.
                This is America at it’s finest, and some may boo during the national anthem, but the boo birds are disrespecting the flag, too.

              1. Nice. Then I will not be opposed, and can post to my heart’s content.
                Just Me, you do not bring much to this site, so the loss of your screeds will not be missed at all.

              2. Sorry guys. This is bigger than anyones blog or single persons hope for the separation of politics and sports. 45 stepped in it. Every single team, many many players, even the fing commissioner have issued responses virtually all on opposition to his rhetoric. Bury your heads in the sand if you want but it’s the biggest story in news and sports thanks to you know who. Deal with it, yo.

      1. This story is definitely bigger than Kap now, in fact it’s not about Kap at all anymore!
        Our Dotard has made it a national awareness now that the Resident in the WH publicly shouts profanities at BLACK players! This publicly shaming of BLACK people by an official in the WH hasn’t been done since slavery was abolished!!!!!
        Grant maybe it’s time for YOUR Mea Culpa for trying to shame Kaepernick in one of your articles. History will be on Kap’s side.
        Will you?

    1. Id like to see Thomas feed me a bowl of crow and come out and get 3 sacks against AZ.
      Missing on that pick is huge for the 49ers.

      Grant said it perfect. His arms are too short and when he goes against guys that have longer arms, he simply gets held at his point of attack.
      I also don’t see him having the quickness to get around that, or he will have to develop world class strength to bull rush people

        1. Hey, the numbers in college and the combine look great.

          I personally think Shanny and Lynch wanted a nice safe first pick because they knew they were gambling later to get Foster at any price.
          Now both picks are questionable if one guy doesn’t start getting to the passer, and the other guy can’t stay healthy.

          1. “I personally think Shanny and Lynch wanted a nice safe first pick because they knew they were gambling later to get Foster at any price.”

            Interesting, that could be right.

            Thomas had the ND game and the bowl game. One year (2 game) wonder. I think Walsh would have passed on him.

            1. I hate being the guy with the hindsight comments.
              But if it were me, I would have gone with Adams at #2 and traded a 2018 1st and 4th round picks and a 2017 2nd for Jimmy Garrapolo if the Pats were interested.

              1. Quit talking out of your end, Primo loco. You were the dotard who bet they would draft Trubisky. You never advocated for them to draft Adams, because you would be talking against your bet.
                Still more anal expectoration’s from you about Garroppolo. If the Browns could not trade for Garoppolo, with their boatload of picks, the Niners would not get Garoppolo with anything less than a King’s ransom. BB is too smart to count on a 40 year old QB lasting the whole season.

    2. Same tired old BS from Seb………………………blahblahblah…then, insult——–so as to get in the last word.

      Get over yourself, Seb.

      1. Saw, you obviously are a duplicate account of a troll, because all you do is oppose me, without saying one word about football.

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