Kyle Shanahan’s signings perfect fit for his 49ers introduction



It was supposed to be a press conference to introduce the new players the 49ers signed as free agents. But it really was a press conference for the new players to introduce and vouch for the 49ers new head coach — Kyle Shanahan.

The players were the chorus in a Greek play called “Shanahan Rex.”

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    1. Until he said the Niners would almost surely fail in year one of Shanahan’s tenure. Grant is incapable of being 100% positive about anything the Niners do.

  1. Good stuff Grant. No way Garcon would have signed if we still had Kelly. And Juice wouldn’t have even been considered. We are on the right track.

      1. “Did he ever coach here?”

        I’m just ranting. There were some on here that thought Kelly should get a second year.

        1. That was just my NY sense of humor, #80, sorry. You weren’t ranting. I was just making fun of Kelly. I probably shouldn’t have; he was a nice guy and a great college coach. I think what you posted was on point. I probably should have just used a +1. Keep the faith, bud.

            1. Gosh, I just wanted to hold Jed to his word. I swear I saw Jed pontificate that Chip would be here for years.

              Maybe he should not say things if he did not mean them.

        2. 80,
          I confess, I was one of them that wanted Kelly to get at least one more year.
          Kelly was attached to one of the worse 49ers teams in their history.
          Baalke did nothing to improve the 2016 team and his poor drafts over the last three years served to hurt Kelly’ and 49ers chances at success.
          But the breaking point for Kelly (IMO) was that he failed to win more games than the “Butcher.”

          The Org needed a complete overhaul and we are seeing this with the signings of Shanahan and Lynch and the infusion of FA players. Our draft should also produce a good haul of young players that will eventually help stabilize the team going forward.

          I wasn’t big on the Chip Kelly hire, but he was definitely hemmed in by the failings of Trent Baalke and a young impressionable owner.

        3. 80, Chip did improve on his people skills, but Baalke stabbed him in the back. Ballke also figured to take Chip down with him.

          I honestly believed that Chip could fix the offense, and he went to the Eagles who were struggling, and had them win 10 games for the first 2 years. Thought he could do the same thing here. Chip did well for the first half. Too bad he could not make those second half adjustments. It also hurt to have a very thin roster, which collapsed when there were key injuries, and they ran out of gas in the second half.

          Chip did seem to have a cohesive locker room, and all the players gave maximum effort, but they were not talented enough to win games. Baalke doomed Chip because he was in charge of the roster, and Baalke was so clueless, he re signed DEVEY.

  2. Hmmm, I somewhat disagree with this narrative. Even guys that have never played for him were singing his praises, so it can’t just be a case of bringing in players just to spruik the good word. And of course only guys that believe in Shanahan will sign to play for him.

    I think this is more a case of players actually do believe in him, whether they have played for him before or not. I don’t think there will be many players he inherits that will need a lot of convincing. He’s bringing in guys he is familiar with because he knows they can work within his system and bring the right attitude he wants to instill, while also helping teach other guys. More so than looking for guys that will tell their teammates to trust the Shanahan way.

    1. I agree with the angle taken here. I see it being more about getting guys in who will grind and accept the level discipline/work required.

      It’s a great day to be a 49er!

    2. If what the FA feel that way about KS, they will play their hearts out for him. The guys that laughed and had fun losing will be gone because of an attitude problem and the converts will follow the veteran leaders. That will be especially true of the those drafted. There is a distinct difference between play your best and playing your heart out. It moves your game to a whole new level I don’t think this will be a one and done team like last year. Another reason KS needed these guys as they will be helpers for those are learning a relatively complicated system. the other thing is that the backs have to be able to think on their feet and like sex hole selection is very important.

    3. Scooter-
      “….just to spruik the word…” ??
      Either that’s auto-correct run amok, or some Ozzie slang I’m not familiar with.
      ; -)

      To your actual point, I agree that Shanny has cred around the league, but I also think these are Lynch guys too. Mavin spoke to the attributes that I think Lynch is looking for.

      1. Ha, hadn’t realised spruiking was an Australian thing. Basically means to advertise or promote something through public speaking.

    4. I would temper the celebration too. So far we have an inexperienced coach who has brought in decent players who know his system but the team has a long way to go before they can be competitive. The proof, as they say is in the pudding. In this case, it is filled with turf and cleats and pigskin. Let’s hope Lynch, KS and crew can deliver.

  3. I’d agree Shanahan has drawing power…but so does Lynch. Players appreciate the fact he’s a future HOF, many-time Pro Bowler, and has been through the FA process. He’s been in their shoes. To be absolutely correct, these FA’s were Lynch’s signings, not Shanahan’s. But it does show they’re on the same page, which is great to see. We haven’t had this kind of GM-HC relationship in far too long.

    1. I agree with most of what you say, but all of these offensive players they brought in were of Shanahan’s picks not Lynch’s, your talking defense and not offense, Shanahan
      knows what he needs on offense, and most players they brought in were on the offense.

    1. He is gonna be 33 at the start of next season. :/ its to bad I didnt realize how old he was getting.

      He should almost be traded to a contender just for his sake TBH.

  4. I think Shanny saw how things worked in Washington when he had RG3 implode on him and his dad. Building with great characters, loyalty and system fit guys on offense and d and in the front office is key. Lynch was the first piece to the puzzle and now everything else is falling into place.

    1. I’ve been looking at his college highlights. They were really amazing. Highlights still, but he seems pro ready. If that’s what the concensus becomes, I would think he’ll shoot up — the draftboard, not a controlled substance, I mean. ; )))))))

  5. Grant ..
    Do I detect a little salt with your vinegar,
    (with this piece) .. ?

    word to the wise … let it go ..or
    you .. could .. develop
    an ulcer ..

    Sit back … and ..
    enjoy the ride !

  6. The Nevers are off to a good start in remaking the team. I thought this process should of started last year, it didn’t. Really looking forward to the draft.

    1. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving when Grant wishes all posters well, and all posters (most anyway) share best wishes amongst themselves, then it’s back to throat slitting the very next day…

  7. Two things I have learned about little Cone:

    1. He goes negative the vast majority of the time.

    2. He is never wrong about anything, just ask him.

    1. Just goes to show how these signings are not breaking the bank. They will still have a lot of money to carry over to next year. Some of which will likely go to Cousins.

  8. Grant,

    You just stated the 49ers have come a long ways, in an indirect way, but further than the every York coach, except Harb’s, and I quote you:

    “Garcon is Shanahan’s ally. I looked around the locker room and realized all these new players are Shanahan’s allies. That’s why they’re here.”

    I agree with your point: what players did Kelly, Hostler, the DJ, (and the hits keep coming) have as allies during their press conference…

    That alone speaks volumes–good job, nice article !

      1. Have you heard from the other player supposed to have caused a storm, your man, Jarryd Hayne…..

        Where’s he at now ?
        I know you told us your research showed he should be returning kick-offs, punts, swing passes out of the back field—a real go getter.

        Let us know, please write us, Seb, as to Hayne and Kap’s whereabouts ?…..And again, thank you for the player memories:

        Memories of Kap, Hayne and Seb, sung by Barbara Streisand

  9. March 11, 2017 at 8:30 AM • 16 comments

    By Al Sacco

    A: While the Kyle Shanahan/John Lynch led regime is still only in its infant stages, you can’t help but be impressed by the way they go about their business. What has stuck out to me the most is the fact that players want to come to San Francisco now, and that notion would have been laughable just a couple of months ago.

    For evidence of this, you have to look no further than what’s transpired so far in free agency. WR Pierre Garcon, QB Brian Hoyer, FB Kyle Juszczyk, WR Marquise Goodwin, WR Aldrick Robinson and TE Logan Paulsen came to the 49ers because they wanted to play for Shanahan and in his system.

  10. San Francisco 49ers: Free Agency Moves Shake Up the Wide Receiver Position

    How does the Niners wide receiver group look heading into the upcoming season?

    For one thing, it doesn’t look good for wideout Quinton Patton.

    San Francisco still has a number of other receivers on its current roster. Of these, DeAndre Smelter, Bruce Ellington, Aaron Burbridge, Chris Harper and Eric Rogers appear to be in the most danger.

    Burbridge might have a chance to stick around. But considering Shanahan’s love for speedy receivers, it’s possible the slower second-year pro doesn’t make it beyond the preseason.

    Depth Chart Predictions

    Assuming the Niners make zero wide receiver additions in the NFL Draft, let’s go with the following depth-chart prediction at the position:
    1.Pierre Garcon
    2.Jeremy Kerley
    3.Marquise Goodwin
    4.Aldrick Robinson
    5.DeAndre Smelter

    It’s doubtful the Niners keep more than five receivers on their 53-man roster this season. Smelter wins out here because of his speed, but even that’s precarious considering his injury history.

    1. Eric Rogers is still intriguing due to his size. I am sure he will get a good look from the coaching staff before they decide to do anything with him one way or another. He will be able to prove his worth.

  11. San Francisco in an awkward position for a team drafting in the top two. Typically, this is a spot reserved for elite quarterbacks, pass rushers, and offensive tackles. Yet with Garrett gone and no offensive tackles graded as top-10 …

    Reports have it that they aren’t high on any of the quarterbacks available, and they just signed Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley to short-term deals presumably as the starter and backup for 2017.

    Still, those deals wouldn’t preclude them from taking Trubisky

    1. this is a defensive players draft. that is where the quality is this year. I believe that they will take their #2 and trade down to get more picks. I wonder if Cleveland would give up 2 first round picks for the #2 pick in the draft. I believe that they have 4 first round picks. Is that true?

  12. Coyle is a good pick up for the special teams. He is a hard worker and gets his job done. He is also a guy who can be put into games as a back up I’d we are in a pinch due to injury. It also helps that he can give some insight into Seattles playbook.

  13. So did Shanahan make a rookie mistake or shrewd strategic signings? You’ve covered your bases the last couple days.

    1. Did KS make a mistake as from what I understood Lynch picks the 90 and KS picks the 53. In this case it appears that they worked together. Ain’t that a change?

              1. Again, it’s semantics. When I was saying mentors it was about bringing them up to speed with the way Shanahan does things. Get everyone on the same page.

                You call it locker room lobbying. I called it mentoring.

              2. I didn’t write about bringing people up to speed. I wrote about alliances which will decrease Shanahan’s chances of being rejected by the locker room. Two totally different things.

              3. This is why you’re the professional and I’m not. You did a much better job writing what I was getting at and getting the point across.

              4. He’s the best fit currently on the roster. They’ve been linked to a couple good pass catching TE’s in free agency.

                Anyone left in FA that you think they might go after or perhaps in the draft to fill that role?

              5. Good question. I’d be surprised if they signed another TE. I haven’t looked too deeply into the TEs in the draft yet. Do you like any?

              6. It is a strong class Grant,my favorite is E Engram TE.Big fast good routes in the vernacular a “matchup nightmare”.

  14. Latest Mock Drafts

    Forbes Mock Draft:
    2 San Francisco 49ers Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford

    Bleacher Report Mock Draft:
    2 San Francisco 49ers Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford

    CBS Sportline-NFL Mock Draft:
    2. San Francisco 49ers Solomon Thomas

          1. 2017 NFL Free Agency: Trade-happy Patriots big winners, top receivers losers
            Let’s break down the winners and losers (including one guy who’s both) from Friday’s free agency action

            Winners–49ers: .

            Source: Washington Post: The Early Winners and Losers in NFL Free Agency

  15. Jordan Evans from Oklahoma St seems like the type of LB that would suit this D, playing in the middle. Can back up Bowman, or start in his place if Bowman isn’t ready to go. And can be had later in the draft.

    1. I had him as an UFA target, but after this performance…most unlikely.

      40-yard dash: 4.52s (Reddick) vs. 4.50s (Evans)
      Bench press: 24 (Reddick) vs. 19 (Evans)
      Vertical: 36.5″ (Reddick) vs. 38″ (Evans)
      Broad jump: 11’1″ (Reddick) vs. 9’11” (Evans)
      3-cone drill: 7.01s (Reddick) vs. 7.03 (Evans)
      20-yard shuttle: 4.37s (Reddick) vs 4.28s (Evans

  16. Elijah Lee from Kansas St seems like a guy that would be a good pick in the mid rounds to compete with Armstrong. Grant had him in his most recent mock.

          1. I think they might be eyeing other positions at 34. QB, RB or OL is my guess.

            I also don’t think Cunningham will be available at 34.

            1. I doubt they would draft a RB before the third round.

              CBS currently ranks Cunningham No. 30. I think he’ll be available at 34.

              1. As you know, if they take him I will be happy.

                Why meet with Cook, McCaffrey and Kamara if they have no intention of taking a RB early? And they are known to have met with all the top QBs. I understand due diligence, but would not rule out a QB at 34. Or OL, though that is another position they may look to wait for later rounds.

              2. I read somewhere the Patriots drafted 1 of the 60 players they met with last year. Doesn’t hurt to get to know future opponents/future free agents.

                Maybe the 49ers plan on trading down from No. 2 and picking up another high second-round pick.

                If the 49ers are intent on signing Kirk Cousins next year, I find it hard to believe they would spend a high pick on a QB.

              3. Grant, they also had Blount in for a visit. I am very familiar with the way BB works, but Shanny values the position and I highly doubt Mike Davis or the other guy makes the team. If McCaffrey or Kamara are sitting there, he might want one….

              4. I’d venture to guess the 4th round, but I have no idea. I agree with your point and am well aware of their track record at the position, along with quarterback. All I’m saying is Shanny was awfully spoiled with those two backs in Atlanta. Am I expecting him to take a running back that high? Nope, but I can’t fully discount it either because both of those players will appeal to Shanny….

              5. Coleman was a third-round pick. Tough to spend higher than a 3rd on a RB when you intend to split carries between two. Plus, you really don’t need to spend high picks on RBs when you’re featuring the outside zone.

              6. I’d agree with that, Grant. If a good corner is sitting there, I think they’d strongly consider him too….

              7. Yeah, as 80 points out, it isn’t unheard of for a Shanahan team to draft RBs in the 2nd round. Would not rule it out whatsoever. Especially if Caff is there at 34.

                I agree they probably won’t spend a 1st or 2nd on a QB, but I reckon they will spend a 3rd or 4th on one. Can’t guarantee they will get Cousins.

                I think Cunningham could go to a number of teams. Chiefs, Raiders, Steelers, Giants, Saints, Redskins.

              8. The other position I forgot to include that I think they could draft early is CB, specifically a perimeter CB. Like RB and OL, it is a position they haven’t addressed in FA. And with Ward moving to FS, it is a position they could look to address early.

              9. You might pass, but I don’t know Shanahan would. Not many RBs have his kind of feet, vision and patience as a runner, plus receiving skills. Would seem a great fit.

              10. He has durability issues and he’s worn down. Lot of tread on those tires. I think Shanahan would pass.

              11. I think Shanny would be excited to have McCaffrey to design plays for, and the decision might come down to whether or not they can trade down possessing that luxury pick they could use on him. Say that extra 2nd round pick from the Chargers…;>)

              12. My gut feel atm is Caff is the guy they will ‘target’ (as much as anyone can target a player at that point) at 34. Kaaya at the top of the 3rd.

                I think they will be very keen to trade down from #2 so they can add an extra 2nd rounder. If not, Lattimore is my guess as to who they take at #2 right now, or possibly Thomas. If they move back, Ross may be an option, but I think they will wait for a WR until later given FA signings. More likely would be a CB or OL. With the extra 2nd, whichever position they don’t take in the 1st out of CB and OL.

              13. My gut says if Gareon Conley is somehow still on the board, they’d take him over Cunningham or Caff….

            2. I also don’t think Cunningham will be available at 34.

              I agree. I think he’s in that small elite group of LB’s that go day one. There’s another group of chase and run LB’s that’ll go day two. Then on day three, there’s going to be some decent talent to work with at the position. I don’t think they’ll put a premium on the position this year, and wait to target one later….

              1. Dunno, I haven’t even looked or thought about it. He has the tape and elite traits you’re looking for at the position. I’m not saying he couldn’t be there, but I’d be kinda surprised. You could assume he’ll be there if you’re attributing it to the perceived need of teams. Won’t argue that….

        1. Grant I get you like Cunningham and although McCaffery took a lot of snaps to call him worn down is a stretch.I see him as multi use tool for Shannys workshop.Coupled with Lynch’s ties with Stanford I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a part of a Cardinal two for two with Thomas and McCaffery in one and two .

    1. I see him as the most interesting to Shanny due to his speed over guys like Walker and Davis if we’re talking about chase and run LB’s….

    1. Samson was my favorite from the Bible. He was why I initially kept my hair down to my waist until I got into Judas Priest and Iron Maiden…;>)

      1. Well, Moses was good, no, actually outstanding at the beach, but not such a great desert navigator; 40 years?!? Ppffft!

        1. Ha! Nice one Brotha! I fully enjoyed all the Conan books too. Read them all by Howard. I did like the comic book too;>)

    2. Yowsers! How did I miss this guy? He’s got the dip, explosion, bend and finish. I know he’s going up against nobodies but he’s impressive looking. Good find, Scooter!

      1. The guys at behind the steel curtain really do a deep dive looking at prospects. This year they see edge as a key need for the Steelers, so they are pumping out some good reports on edge players.

        1. Welp, they couldn’t have had a better draft to have that need, in my opinion. What are you thinking, top of the 5th? Doubt he would get out of that round….

              1. Samson Ebukam. Just watched some highlights and one game of breakdown.


                – He’s quick. Good get off at the snap.
                – Wastes no steps. If the OT “gives grass”, Samson takes it in a step or two. Something Tanoh Kpassagnon has to learn if he wants to be an NFL edge rusher.
                – Can bend around those tiny circles.
                – Very good off ball skills.
                – Relentless until the whistle. Does not rely on quick feet for pass rush. Also hands fights very well.
                – Looks to be developing multiple moves.

                – Hate pull a Baalke, but his reach looks short. (anyone know his arm length?) OTs can get their hands on him.

                Summary – I like him early day three.

  17. Hey Tom, Seb aka Waldorf aka Wally aka MBH is still holding out hope that the Niners will sign Kraep! If that happens, I’ll stand on the one room courthouse steps out in Sebpotstoseed, smoke a bomber and eat my Forty Niner hat! I think I’m safe.

    1. Gnomo, I just said those things to rile up Prime.

      Three teams who I surmise might have interest in Kaep are Arizona, since Palmer is getting old, Denver because I think they will lose out on the Romo sweepstakes, and Jax, because Bortles is serviceable, but not elite.

      Really, I have moved on, so keep your cap, but please puff away, it might calm you down.

        1. Good, that means that Kaep is keeping things close to his vest, and not leaking, because he does not like leaks, or leakers.

          I hope you realize that the free agency period could run until the draft, and beyond.

          1. I guess that gives you hope doesn’t it?
            Maybe a reunion in SF? And maybe unicorns and rainbows as well with cotton candy!

        1. Don’t know if 1-tech Terrell McClain counts as “top shelf”, but the 49ers were “aggressively pursuing” him, even after signing Earl Mitchell. Got outbid by the Redskins.

          Washington also signed Terrelle Pryor. Wonder how interested the 49ers were in him.

          1. McClain wasn’t a top shelf guy. And if they really wanted Pryor it wouldn’t have been hard to outbid for him. They wanted Garcon.

              1. Razor, Scooter – Good. Now I feel better about suckering Washington into signing those two.

              2. I agree with you Razor…Grant posted a “LOL” at the Garcon contract versus Pryor’s contract suggesting Pryor was a better deal. Pryor is a QB retread who had a few big games. A total of 37.3 percent of his receiving yards came in three games. Half of his touchdowns came in one. The end numbers look pretty, but the consistency wasn’t there. He is over-rated.


    5. Tennessee Titans (from Los Angeles Rams) — John Ross, WR, Washington: “His draft stock may be moving even faster than his legs. Ross was also projected to Tennessee in our previous mock draft, but the Titans may no longer be able to wait until the 18th pick to secure his services. Just imagine how his combine record 4.22 40 speed would impact an offense that can bludgeon teams on the ground but currently doesn’t have a deep threat to really make defenses pay for loading up against RBs DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry. QB Marcus Mariota has the accuracy and arm strength to leverage Ross’ wheels on quick hitters or on deep routes. Ross would also enhance Tennessee’s return game.”

  19. Although there are still some items to address, I’ve been relatively happy with the free agency period. Look…I’m encouraged that players are willing to come to the 49ers with the new regime. I think you have to start somewhere and I’m optimistic about the direction. Maybe a .500 season? That would be improvement.

    1. I would say that is a hugely optimistic picture. How will this occur. If the team wins 4 games they will be twice as good as last year. Will KC be able to do that? Maybe. It’s a new regime and he’s a new coach. A whole lot of things have to go well and players need to stay healthy. Last year a lot of players got hurt too. Same could happen this year. That could put a damper on any plans.

      Let’s not forget what happened.

      And for those of you who think that Baalke didn’t bring in good players remember that he bee ought in Boldin, Kerley, Streater, and Dawson. Baalke made a ton of mistakes and he paid for those but he did also make some decent moves as well and it is well we remember that as well.

  20. I want to see what they do in the balance of FA and especially in the draft, then I will make my season prediction, not until. I want a better grasp of the whole picture before prognosticating. So far I like what I see, I like the direction they’re taking, and I feel optimistic that it’s going to get better sooner rather than much later.

    1. Agree… I’ll go out on a limb and say the 9ers end up at 7 and 9 or 8 and 8. I think they’ll be a bit more competitive and disciplined…and creative this year.

      1. Too, as a group, the coaching staff will be more cohesive and act in an intelligent way under a variety of conditions.

        1. Cassie,

          They don’t even have a full team and you think they can win half their games? With what? Hoyer? Garçon? KC? Please illuminate me but I fail to see a defense that will be that difference and an offense that will counterbalance.

          1. Just intuition EastCoast, and nothing more. I think they have a decent shot at 7 and 9, or 8 and 8 at best. If games were only played by database-driven devices, then yes, there’s little in ‘the data’ that would support anything more than a 4 and 12 season. Will be interesting come early December.

              1. EC9er

                I’ll go you one further…10-6. Remember, last year ‘Chip’ was operating without any FA’s, and no say in the draft…he was dealing with Baalke’s picks, and no big expenditures on free agents…no coaching staff due to his late hiring ergo late hiring off the scrap heap of coaching leftovers….Gabbert and Kaep were both horse manure, and still we came close to 3 more ‘W’s’. Already we’ve got 9 potential players, and we’ve got great possibilities with the # 2 draft position…all of this, and some pretty good players on the roster who are itching for their ‘shot’ at the brass ring. With Hoyer and Barkley replacing Kap and Gabbert…I think we’re”bucks up”…Yep…10-6 should do….

  21. The team still has no edge rusher and without pressure on the QB there will be very little a defense can do to stop opposing defenses. Doss not matter why the offense does.

          1. Not trying to rain on the parade just put a bit of perspective. Grant does point out that this is a rookie coach. A bunch flame out, even SB winning ones. I hope both Lynch and KS success, I wished CK the same but he had horrible results. Did he have some bad luck, you betcha, could CK, absolutely. Injuries can devastate teams. Let’s hope this team can avoid them and have a decent rebuild. The last team was certainly not quite as fortunate.

            Have they made good moves, yes, but nothing one would go, wow! That is a stroke of genius! It has been fairly pedestrian decent rebuilding of the roster. Losing Smith and signing Garçon and Goodwin are they shrewd moves? Time will tell. I like picking up Hoyer. I think he is an upgrade. Losing Bethea, is this addition by subtraction? We will see. Not sure about our LB situation. I still don’t like our Edge. CB could be better. Is the kicker better than Dawson? Hard to tell. Lots of questions still….

  22. Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman 17h17 hours ago

    Spoke to a 49ers defensive player yesterday who sounded relieved the new single-gap 4-3 will be far less complex than last year’s scheme.

  23. Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman 17h17 hours ago

    Also hearing Jimmie Ward is looking forward to getting his shot at free safety after playing nickel and corner his first three seasons.

  24. From:
    Chris Biderman‏Verified account @ChrisBiderman 17h17 hours ago

    Also hearing Jimmie Ward is looking forward to getting his shot at free safety after playing nickel and corner his first three seasons.

  25. Grant,

    If I read this, without knowing who the author was,I would say that this is a Lowell column, which is the highest compliment. Love the Greek twist angle too. Well written.

  26. Grant,

    I too was reminded of your dad when reading this article. Very well written.

    Bonus question:
    What are the odds of Tank Caradine being a successful 2-3 defensive end for the niners?

  27. How ironic Wally. I say those things just to rile YOU up. Mission accomplished. I will give you some credit though. You’ve finally come to the realization that Kraep will at the most a backup, since in you speculation, he will most likely end up in Denver, Arizona, or Jacksonville. He won’t supplant any of those starters. I’m proud of you. Your taking baby steps toward sanity. Have you dialed down the herb just a tad? It will be interesting to see how Colon takes the league by storm from the sidelines, if that. I guess you’ll be rooting for an injury?
    As for the teams tanking opine, I was not commenting on whatever it is you said on the subject. I have no idea what you said. I was commenting on someone else who had said that teams tank games. Personally, I don’t believe it. It would be contrary to a players and coaches livelihood to try to lose for a higher draft position so ultimately they themselves could be replaced. Since I don’t know your take, do you think coaches and players in the NFL tank games to get a higher draft position? I posed that question to a good friend of mine who played MLB for several years, along with Div. 1 football, and he laughed and said “who the F told you that”!

    1. Gnomo, you do not rile me up. I do not degenerate into spewing expletives and ad hominem insults ad nauseum. I have moved on from Kaep, and wish him well.

      Maybe you should peruse the Cleveland Browns Dawg Pound site. Many posters were furious that they won a game, and possibly lost the first pick, and to me, it sure looked like they were not trying that hard to win. The Bears Den were mad that they beat the Niners in a meaningless game.

      Maybe the Niner coaches and players want to win, but it sure seemed like the FO did not. Ballke, by not trying, sure seemed content to lose. I accused him of intentionally tanking, and said that he should be poaching players off playoff team’s practice squads. He finally started to do that, but only cut players.

      Maybe your beef is with Jed. He said that it not a bad thing to lose, because the league rewards teams that lose by giving them a high draft position.

      Your perspective sounds Pollyannish. In the NFL, there are bottom dwellers, and they seem to lose annually. Of course, the Patriots have the right mindset, and would never consider intentionally losing for a better draft position, but they are perennially in the playoffs. Many teams are perennial losers, and are contemplating the draft mid season. I cannot recount how many times I had heard announcers say that the losing team was just mailing it in, not trying hard, especially during the final games when playoff positions are locked up, and the only question is the draft order.

      In the Cowboys final game, I think they did not care if they won or lost, because they were in the playoffs and sat their starters so they would not possibly become injured. So no, they did not try their hardest to win that game. Some would claim they were intentionally tanking to maintain a strategic advantage for the playoffs.

      I also submit to you that basketball teams have intentionally tanked, and the proof is that the league installed a lottery system. If there was no intentional tanking, that system would not be needed.

      I was derided for saying that the Niners will probably tank next season, but I just meant that a 2-14 team who just lost its QB and was bereft in talent would have a very difficult time winning games. I did not mean that they would intentionally tank, but even a 4 win season may be overly optimistic.

      Meanwhile, other posters were commenting on the Myles Garrett sweepstakes, and wanted the Niners to intentionally tank for the QB sweepstakes next season.

      Finally, Kaep would go to those teams because he may be superior to the other QBs, and would have a good chance to start. Siemian did not shine, Palmer is old and immobile, and Bortles is pedestrian. If Kaep wanted to be a backup, he should probably go to the Patriots. Bellichick would know how to properly use Kaep, and would give a rats’ arse about his social activism. Bellichick would want to win so badly, he would accept Kaep warts and all, because he will remember that 2012 regular season game when Kaep carved them up. Kaep would know that Brady will not continue indefinitely, and would patiently wait for him to retire.

      1. Kaep might catch on in the CFC with their wider fields and acres of running room. But barring some kind of serious injury to a bona fide starter his days of starting in the NFL are over. Kaep is old ho-hum news and yesterday’s toast.

        1. Yes, Kaep is being blackballed, but he maybe should just be patient and wait until a team loses their QB like the Vikings did. then he will be picked up, because they will be so desperate and Kaep will be their best option.

          The going to the CFL is just another way to insult Kaep. I cannot think of another SB QB who has ever gone on to play in the CFL.

        2. Too much field for him to scan and read in the CFL. I think he might be done as a football player. Has he had any visits to any teams?

          Sebnnoying, are you nervous?

          1. Prime, I have moved on, but you may be getting nervous, because Kaep may not get any other offers from other teams, and will just return to the Niners, at a lower salary.

            Remember, a storm may be coming…back.

  28. There are a lot of choices there at #2. We know trade back is an option, but that’s really hard to predict. We speculated that the Jets might see a trade as affordable if they were hot for a QB, but the mocks I’m looking at from the media have QBs dropping to the Jets at 6 anyway.
    I think SF will be on the clock at #2, but a trade could still happen then.

    1. A tale of three trade back markets

      Oakland traded 3
      Miami’s 12+42

      Cleveland traded 4
      Buffalo’s 9+19(2015)+115(2015)

      Cleveland traded 2+139(2017)
      Philadelphia’s 8+77+100+12(2017)+2018 second

      This is why the chart goes out the window near the top of the first. Trade scenarios should have trade bait names to move up for, like Goff, Wentz or Watkins.

      April 27 will be national yo-yo day.

      There are no red “Trade Back” buttons under a GM’s desk. Lets brace ourselves for yo-yo’s that will scream “reach” if the 49ers stand pat… or “stupid trade” if Lynch makes a deal like 2013 (as if a GM would say “no” to better offers).

        1. The scenario was about the top of the draft because the subject at hand was the 49ers pick 2.

          Trade markets tend to be closer to chart after the top 6-10 picks are gone.

      1. Brodie, that 2013 Raiders trade is much closer to what I think the trade back market will look like this year. Anyone hoping for a bonanza from a trade back is in my opinion very hopeful indeed. And I would take that trade. The extra 2nd round pick is very valuable for the 49ers right now.

            1. I guess they’d have to be scared of the Bears at 3 and Jets at 6 and Bills at 10. I might tell them to ‘stand by’ and let them wait 9-10:00 before I called them back to see if they’d add a little sugar.

            2. Before I heard about the exorbitant price the Pats were asking for Garoppolo, I thought the 49ers could trade for him, forcing the Browns to pick Trubisky at 1, dropping Garrett down to 2.

              But no way do I see the 49ers trading for Garoppolo now. Best case scenario is the Browns trading 12+33 for for pick 2. May be able to shake them down for a 2018 conditional 3rd.

              Failing the Browns 12+52+65 for 2 could work.

              The Browns would have to feel pretty good. They replicated the Raiders Edge+QB in the same draft scenario and still have pick 33 and all those extra 2018 picks to play with.

              1. Still think that the Browns will trade 12, 33, 52 and a 2018 second round pick for the Niners number 2.

                2 =2600



                580 +380= 960


                14th pick in the first round= 440.

                That’s the math.

                Then the Browns can get Garrett and Trubisky numbers 1 and 2.

              2. Seb, if the Browns traded chart I’m take that even faster than a heartbeat.

                I’d be ecstatic to trade 2 for 12+34+52+2018 2nd.

                But the Browns know its a weak trade back market. I think they would offer 12+52 and dare the 49ers not to take it.

              3. Jack, Scooter… yup. Anything the Browns offer will have to be significantly less that what the Pats would take for Garoppolo.

                The are likely inflating their demands in the press, and would love to trade Garoppolo for 12+34+52+2018 2nd.

                But if (a big if) the Browns value Trubisky and Garoppolo fairly evenly, Garoppolo’s new contract salary would affect the price.

                Its hard to tell because of all the guaranteed vs regular salary… but my estimate is Garoppolo would cost at least $70m more than Trubisky over five years.

                12+34+52+2018 2nd for Trubisky
                12+34+52+2018 2nd+$70m for Garoppolo.

                But I don’t think the 49ers will demand chart. It would be more like… 12+33+2018 2nd for Trubisky
                12+34+52+2018 2nd+$70m for Garoppolo.

                We all got a lesson in what cap space relative to draft pick value from the Browns-Texans trade. Garoppolo’s new contract relative to Trubisky will be a major consideration.

              4. That’s roughly $70m over a five year period. Basically the difference between Wentz salary and the estimated pay Garropolo would get.

                I say “roughly” because its not apples to apples until we don’t know the guaranteed salary or if Garoppolo hits his contract incentives.

              5. Nope, they would get the QB they want, but Hue should be shrewd and pick Fournette, then select a QB with their 65th pick. Kayaa, Mahomes, Peterman and Webb should be available.

              6. Trading for Garoppolo may be like handing Bellichick another ring.

                Obviously, he is trading Garoppolo because he has a better QB lined up, and getting more picks will help them restock for another SB run.

                Cleveland already lost a third round pick for trading for Jamie Collins, so maybe the Browns should not be pawned again since NE won the SB. Pats are already favorites because they acquired Cooks.

              7. If the Browns offer 12, 33 and 65, they would have 1, 2, and 52.

                Niners would be short 555, so that equates to the second pick in the second round. Maybe the Browns should make it a conditional second rounder. if the Browns make the playoffs, it converts into a first round pick.

                If the Browns make the playoffs, the draft value chart would be 245 or less in the Niners favor. Cleveland would consider that a acceptable deal for the rich reward of making it back to the playoffs.

    2. BrothaTuna – Agree. I think there could be a trade. Not the trade back hauls of 2016, but still worth moving back.

      But who would be trade back bait?

      If the Browns liked Trubisky more than they let on, would they trade up from 12?
      If the Jets liked really Trubisky but was nervous about the Bears taking him (despite Glennon)?
      Will Jones pro day injury make teams want to move up for Lattimore (despite the deep corner draft)?
      Could a team fall in love with Adams. (I get the feeling he impressed bigtime at combine interviews)?

  29. While some are praising Grant for this latest post, I will decline. I do see some nice word manipulation, and his style does kinda remind me of his father, but the meat of the matter is not up to par, in my humble opinion.

    First of all, he should not be equating the press conference to a Greek play. Any person who has studied literature would know that many Greek plays are tragedies. I hope the Niners do not have a similar fate, and we will end up moralizing about human failings. Frankly, I am sick of the past 3 years, and consider those to be the true Greek tragedies, and hope the Niners have learned from their past mistakes so they do not keep repeating them.

    Then Grant, in his infinite wisdom, decides to double down. His creative word play dubs KS as ‘Shanahan Rex’.

    Oedipus Rex was a Greek tragedy, where the kings’ son kills his father so he can marry his mother. Not too uplifting.

    I will class that phrase about as terrible as some posters dubbing the GM as ‘Lynch mob’. Another scurrilous connotation.

    Posters, if they want to quip about naming the new GM, maybe should call him the Lynchpin.

    Hope Grant does not take umbrage with my less than stellar assessment of his latest post, but I am just calling it as I see it. Grant does not need false praise, or unearned praise, his head is big enough as it is.

    Maybe I have higher standards, but I hope Grant can improve. This post was good word diction, but the substance was lacking.

  30. So I drop by on a sunday afternoon and other than Brodie making his usual salient points I find the three bff’s of the Cohn blog doing the usual. As my dear sainted mother used to say its a beautiful day out there, go outside and play.

    1. To tell you the truth, I had 8 trees fall on my property, so all yesterday, I was cutting things up and hauling branches, so my shoulder is a little sore today. Just chillin and restin’.

        1. Eucalyptus is in high demand, but I cannot give away the Monterrey pine.

          Believe me, I now have a lifetime supply of firewood, but my wife does not like me to burn it, because it does not heat our bedroom. The wood fireplace insert heats other parts of our house, and the heater does not come on at night.

              1. Here’s the deal, my friend. Prime, I like you and your posts. I also like Seb and his posts. Some of his posts are long and contain “un-mainstream” (?) ideas, but sometimes I learn from them. Yes, he can fixate on, say, Kaep being a great loss to the franchise, but I ignore that for the sake of harmony. I’m an older guy and have learned that negativity is harmful to the soul. Believe me when I say that wisdom comes with age.

              2. George, I want to truly thank you for your kind words.

                Hope your ticker is doing well, and look forward to more of your posts.

    2. Maybe Seb should find a new team. Millions of fans want Barkley to wear No. 7.

      As you recall in the leadup to finding a 49ers QB, most on this site were astute with their Shanahan analysis, ie, requiring accuracy in his QB’.

      So Niner fans are having a bit of fun with Kap.

      It’s going to be hard for Seb to post his negative responses to this lates Kap outrage, or to tell Niner Nation that all, except the ‘mighty Seb,’ lack his football acumen.

      Own up Seb, with an apology to Niner Nation:


      Fans want Matt Barkley to wear No. 7 with the 49ers
      March 11, 2017 at 8:42

      Matthew Barkley‏Verified account

      Any thoughts on which number I should try and snag with the @49ers?

      Newly-signed San Francisco 49ers quarterback Matt Barkley was having trouble deciding on a jersey number. What better way to connect with the Niner Faithful than to have them help you decide via Twitter? Barkley posted a poll asking fans which number he should wear with his new team. The choices were between numbers 5, 7, 9, and the always necessary “other” option.

      47% of 49er fans stated No. 7

      1. Cool of Barkley to ask the fans. Barkley impresses me anyway. Here’s a guy who could have been a top 5 pick if he left USC early, stayed for his senior year and was drafted in the 4th round by Philadelphia (Chip Kelly). Traded to Arizona, released, and signed as QB3 for Chicago, where, due to injuries to 1 and 2, he began to flash late last year. With the right tutelage here, who’s to say he won’t eventually excel at this level.

        Rob Rang in 2013: The USC quarterback might lack eye-popping measureables but he possesses the best combination of the three traits I’ve found to be the greatest indicator future success in the NFL — accuracy, awareness and anticipation.

  31. It seems like Grant’s style can’t exist without a whipping boy. It’s ugly. And since the former whipping boys have all left, he has now given that role to Shanahan. Which is uglier.

    1. ‘These signings were strategic. Shanahan was shrewd to make them. He may be a head coach after all.’

      That sure sounds like praise to me. The only ugly thing was your post.

      1. Seb,

        Are you calling out all of Niner Nation now that they’re having fun at Kap’s expense.

        Are they ‘dising’ Kap, asking Barkley to wear Kap’s # so soon.

        Dirt hasn’t even been shoveled on his 49er grave yet, Oh my.

        1. It’s not really that surprising. It’s human nature to want to expunge bad memories and major disappointments from their minds. This may be especially true of sports fans, what with their passionate investment of hope and trust in their teams. Colin Kaepernick, following his brief early flash of seeming greatness, was probably the worst disappointment in 49er QB history. It’s no surprise that knowledgeable fans want to replace him and forget him as soon as possible. Let the horrible dream be done. Show the impostor the door with “no return” stamped vividly on his SF passport.

          1. 49er in the Andes,

            Could this be why Seb wants to move on so quickly after deluging this site with novelesque proportioned ‘Kap greatness’ posts throughout the years ?

            And what does this say about Seb’s loyalty to 49er ‘team fans’ who understood, like Niner Nation above, that there’s no ‘I’ in team ?

            Will Seb,backhand the Nation after this latest (in Seb’s mind) ‘Kap outrage ?

  32. At times I have been confused by the 4-3 over and under terminology. In the under, the WILL plays off the line. It changes in the 4-3 over. This has led to my confusion, as well as others, it would seem. So, instead of saying SAM or WILL, we should say OTTO.

    “The position was designed to allow for the player to play on both sides of the defense (both weak and strong) along the line of scrimmage in a way that didn’t confine him to any specific spot on the defense play-to-play.”

    Is there a better term for the off the line linebacker?

    1. 80, the problem with the terminology is that if they put the TE in motion, it will shift the strong side to weak side. Then all of the assignments may change.

      Guess the best way to deal with it is to call him the Sam, Leo, Elephant or Otto, but be able to morph into either system depending on what the offense does.

      I think what the Niners should do is make sure they have the right kind of players who are not rigidly defined. They need to have players who are flexible, and just call it a hybrid system.

      1. Seb you are the last guy in the world to explain technical and schematic points related to football.
        You once thought it was a good idea for offensive players to fall down to avoid injury!

        1. Prime, they let the QB to slide feet first to avoid injury. Why dont you call that a terrible cowardly tactic?

          My point was that very rarely will a RB run free for a TD untouched. Usually, he will get tackled down field. Hyde would keep struggling for every inch, get gang tackled and sometimes lose the ball. Hyde also has been injured way too many times and for long periods of time. Once he is past the first down marker, upon initial contact, he should run out of bounds or he should fall to the ground. It will help prevent fumbles and help prevent injuries.

          Contrast the posters who are full of bravado, and think that running out of bounds is cowardly. They think he should stay in bounds and stay upright so the safety can build up a head of steam and bludgeon him. That strategy will cause more fumbles, and has resulted in him becoming injured.

          My strategy is sound, and logical. You will blindly bloviate bellicose and belligerent bombast, but end up with more turnovers and injuries.

            1. Prime, you should stop reading my posts altogether. All they do is rile you up and you become unstable.

              I have stopped responding to TrollD’s posts and it just makes him look like a fool to have him yapping like a toy poodle, obsessing so much he looks pathetic.

              Notice that I never call you names and spew insults? You are just comedic relief to me, and a convenient punching bag.

              1. You get called names and ridiculed by many on here because of your posts.
                That’s the honest truth!
                Probably another reason why you got banned from NN!

              2. I know that many posters followed me from NN to continue being Gadflies.

                Most blogs would have banned you again for your obstreperous behavior, since other long time posters have brought up the fact that you were banned here.

                Banned from NN? I consider that a badge of honor, like being jailed for protesting.

          1. Put that in context. I also mentioned that WRs should use that tactic before they get hit, and if they are past the first down marker, they will get a new set of downs even if he falls down. The NY WRs did that in their playoff game against the Niners so Goldson and Whitner could not get a big hit on them. Last SB, Taylor Gabriel caught the ball and fell down.

            I mentioned the TEs, and Vance in particular catching the ball, securing it and falling down past the sticks, but I wanted him to stop trying to run before he caught the ball, and dropping it. Even worse, a few times, he tried to run, did not focus on securing the ball, and the ball bounced off his hands for an interception.

            I did not mean for a RB running free and untouched to stop running. I wanted Hyde to run out of bounds and get to the ground after initial contact. maybe you did not see the initial contact in that sentence, but it should have been plain to everyone that I wanted to avoid injuries and secure the ball.

            Obviously, you do not care if a player gets injured, but I have a more than a speck of humanity, and will consider players as people, not pieces of meat.

    2. I’m not well versed in the under and over stuff myself. Either way there are changes I find interesting.

      – The NT will be a 1-tech, not a 0-tech. Dial did surprisingly well as an offset 1-tech when he was emergency fill in for Williams and Dorsey in 2014. NT can play more aggressively off the snap, two gap or not.

      – Some defenders will be one gap players, some two gap on the same play. A nice combination of aggression and run fit integrity.

      – Reminds me of Fangio’s defenses. Except the NT is even more off the center’s shoulder. Anything that reminds me of Fangio is a good thing, even though the overall defense is a different one.

      – The first down roles of Armstead and/or Buckner will be different. Armstead could see a changed (or reduced?) role whether we draft Thomas or not.

      Buckner seems to have much better ball carrier location, where Armstead often seemed lost. Seems like Armstead would be better suited to a 1-gap role at 3-tech. It will be fun to see how it shakes out.

      1. Thanks for the responses.


        Soloman Thomas is very intriguing. I came across this quote from Pete Carroll earlier today.

        “The defensive end to the tight end side needs to be a defensive player that can play the run. He does not have to be a big time pass rusher, but he has to play the C gap and stop the run.”

        That is in the under front. Here is a quote about the RE in the over front.

        “He needs to be in that phone booth, using his power and strength at the point of attack to push the line back, penetrate if possible, and disrupt running lanes at the line of scrimmage.”

        Thomas seems to fit both formations nicely. He is great against the run and can be disruptive. His pass rushing would be a bonus. We have a tough decision with the #2 pick between Thomas, Adams, and Hooker.

        1. I should have said here is a quote about the defensive end to the TE side. Apparently I still haven’t got the terminology down yet.

  33. I would be surprised if Kaep get’s pick up by another team, football owners are very conservative and bringing Kaep in, is not going to help the bottom line. Some fans may cancel their season tickets or at the very least give the team negative publicity. Why do it for a second string QB, that can’t read defenses and is not a student of the game

    1. Neal,


      Although we joke about the Seb/Kap poster party, it is somewhat strange that Kap hasn’t been hired as a second string, slash-like option.

      1. There was an article earlier this year stating Kap overvalued his position.

        Could it be that Kap’s advisors view him as a starter, so want starter compensation ?

      2. To me its not surprising. At all! What owner wants that type of distraction in his organization?
        Then the film says it all. Shanahan dissected it and didn’t even offer Kap a tryout. That says it all.

          1. But, But, Prime,

            Couldn’t the posters say that about Seb on this site, when advised there’s “no I in team,” and that accuracy in that position is paramount to making a living there. Yet Seb continued his yammer-sniveling Kap posts.

            Now (noted above) Niner Nation wants Kap’s memory etched off the Niner Pyramid for eternity (as Egytian Pharoah’s did when the old one was disliked) by having new Pharoah–Barkley wear Kap’s #.

  34. with the 2017 quarterback-prospect list a little less than inspiring, and rumors continuing to swirl about San Francisco trying to acquire Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins, is there a way general manager John Lynch lands Cousins, somehow, via the draft itself.

    francisco 49ers

    San Francisco 49ers:’s Charley Casserly Has Blockbuster Niners Trade in NFL Draft Mock’s Charley Casserly thinks so.

    The Niners are probably in the market for a quarterback in this year’s NFL Draft.

    But with the 2017 quarterback-prospect list a little less than inspiring, and rumors continuing to swirl about San Francisco trying to acquire Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins,

    In his most recent mock, Casserly has the 49ers sending off the No. 2 overall pick to the Redskins in exchange for Cousins.

    TomD’s Take: In the last 5 49er drafts, Casserly is 5 for 5 in predicting 49er 1st Rd picks.

      1. There’s got to be talented QB, somewhere in the United States who just needs to sit and be mentored for a year by Niner vetrans.

        Bill Walsh had one ready to go every time he needed one by finding one at Notre Dame (3rd Rd), BYU via Tampa Bay (traded 4th rounder for Steve Young) and Canada (Jeff Garcia)

        Here’s an example of why Shanahan’s paid 7 mil/yr to find QB’s the public (us) doesn’t know about:

        This guy could make our roster if drafted and benched for one year to learn (7th Rd)…If he’s out there, who else is ?….Shanahan knows .

        Jeff Ziemba Highlights, 2015-2016

      1. As usual (Oregon-advocate-for-chip-Niner) you were wrong then and, like Seb, your 5th grade reading level is absent analytical skills.

        Put down the reefer before reading or typing.

        Who cares what those picks gave us. Casserly didn’t care, he simply predicted who the 49ers would draft for the NFL Network.

        1. tumd

          I thought that those ‘predictors’ were picking draftees who would help teams….howz 5-11, and 2-14 look ? Casserly is old and in the way….

          Yes, I will gladly advocate for ‘Chip’ Kelly…your heroes are still in Philly…why don’t you rejoin them ?

  35. Roy Miller III

    Good things you are doing in killeen…
    56 mins ago · Twitter

    29, played the last four seasons in Jacksonville after playing his first four seasons with Tampa Bay. He was a starter when healthy for the Jaguars but was limited to six games last season after tearing his Achilles tendon in October.

    He was due to make around $3.6 million in 2017 if the Jaguars had kept him.

    A third-round pick of the Bucs in 2009, Miller has started 83 of 112 career games.

    Jaguars, going younger and cheaper, release Roy Miller

  36. NFL Drafts 2017 Big Board:

    I. Great Blue North Draft Report:

    1.*Myles Garrett DE 6-4, 272 Texas A&M
    2.*Solomon Thomas DE 6-3, 273 Stanford
    3.Jonathan Allen DE 6-3, 286 Alabama (X)
    4.*Marshon Lattimore CB 6-0, 193 Ohio State
    5.*Len Fournette RB 6-0, 240 LSU (X)
    6.*Jamal Adams FS 6-0, 214 LSU
    7.OJ Howard TE 6-6, 250 Alabama
    8.*Malik Hooker FS 6-1, 205 Ohio State
    9.*Dalvin Cook RB 5-11, 210 Florida State (O)
    10.*Mitch Trubisky QB 6-2, 222 North Carolina

    II. Draft Insider’s Digest:

    Defensive Line
    Adams, Montravius – Auburn
    Started off the defensive workouts with a blazing 4.87 forty time.
    Garrett, Myles – Texas A&M
    Freak athlete ran a 4.64 time at 272 lbs. and 35 ¼” arms and added a 41”VL along with 33 reps.
    Thomas, Solomon – Stanford
    Strong athlete ran a 4.69 time at 273 lbs. and 35” arms and added a 35”VL along with 30 reps.
    Willis, Jordan – Kansas St.
    Rising athlete ran a 4.53 time at 255 lbs. and 33.5” arms and added a 39”VL and 10’5” BJ along with 24 reps and an awesome 6.85 three cone time.
    Jones, D.J. – Mississippi
    Strong squat tackle ran a 5.04 time at 319 lbs. and added a 28.5”VL and 9’2” BJ along with 25 reps.
    Kpassagnon, Tanoh – Villanova
    Freakish athlete ran a 4.83 time at 6’7” and 289 lbs. and 35 5/8” arms and added a 10’8”BJ along with 23 reps.

    1. Thx, George.

      History is a tool for not repeating the past.

      We have a solid FO and Head Coach with a history of building strength at the skill positions.

  37. I’ve been struck by the number of 1&2 year contracts this offseason. It wasn’t long ago that these contracts were consider “high risk” and reserved for players with everything to prove thanks to injuries or poor behavior.

  38. Your Honor, I submit a transcript of today’s blog comment section for The Court’s consideration as overwhelming evidence of the urgent need for the Webmaster to be required to install blocking filter software in order to protect the public good and preserve the peace.

    1. East – Villanova
      West – Arizona
      Midwest – Kansas
      South – UCLA

      Championship Game – Villanova and UCLA

      Champion – Villanova

  39. Mine +

    East- Duke
    West- Arizona
    Midwest- Kansas
    South- Kentucky

    Duke vs Arizona………Duke
    Kansas vs Kentucky……….Kansas

    Duke vs Kansas…………Kansas

  40. “According to King’s article, Linta has said that the 49ers’ offer wasn’t even the top one that Juszczyk received. As much as the 49ers ended up paying Juszczyk, he received a higher offer from another team and turned them down to play for San Francisco. Why? There were two reasons. The first was 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan. His body of work and reputation has proven to be good for recruiting. Players want to play for Shanahan. They love his offense and they want to be a part of what he is about to build.”

    The culture has been changed. Shanahan has made the Niners a desirable team for offensive FAs. I guessing the other team was Buffalo.

  41. Happy OCD Sunday. To celebrate I’m going to post another convoluted trade scenario for pick 2. Its title is “How to sell a trade up to 2 to Browns management.”

    This scenario is based on two assumptions (never a smart Idea, but what the hay)
    1) The Browns love Trubisky as much as Matt Miller says they do
    2) The Browns are deciding between drafting Garrett, or trading #1 because they’re getting monster trade up offers.

    The setting: Lynch phones Sashi Brown to float the idea of a trade back to pick 12.

    JL: Sashi boy, its John Lynch, the naive rookie GM that’s all about transparency and friendliness.
    SB: What can I do for you?
    JL: We want to trade down to 12, and I hear you guys really like one of the quarterbacks.
    SB: What are you asking for 2?
    JL: I’ll acknowledge its a weak trade back market once Myles Garrett’s off the board.
    SB: Continue…
    JL: So I’m asking under chart. Chart’s 12+33+52+2018 2nd. I’m willing to trade 2 for 12+33+65.
    SB: Why should we take that?
    JL: If you make that trade, you will have a “good problem.” Far better options than you have currently at 1 and 12.
    SB: How so?
    JL: You can Nail down two cornerstone positions. The best Edge man in years, plus quarterback. Or…
    SB: Or?
    JL: You’ve been getting massive offers for the 1 pick, Myles Garret. Take Trubisky 1, shop Garret 2. You’ll get far more than what you paid for pick 2 originally.
    SB: Interesting. I’d have to run it by our our analytics people.
    JL: We paid way below chart to trade pick 2. You can ask way, way above chart for that same pick.
    JL: You will have picks 1+2. Announce you are taking quarterback at 1, and you are entertaining trade offers for pick 2. Teams will have six whole weeks to work out a trade. And you WILL get far more for pick 2 than what you paid for it.
    SB: Hmmmm
    JL: When you are on the clock at 1, pick Trubisky. When you are on the clock for pick 2, execute the prearranged trade back.
    SB: OK, its starting to make sense.
    JL: Or you can keep it simple and take Trubsiky and Garrett. You will have options… all good.

    1. The short version

      1) Browns trade up for pick 2
      2) Browns Take Trubisky at 1
      3) While on the clock, Browns trade pick 2 for much more than they paid for it


      1) Browns trade up for pick 2
      2) Browns take Garrett pick 1
      3) Browns take Trubisky pick 1

        1. Browns should just realize that they have lots of picks, so they can be flexible.

          Picking Garrett at 1 should be a foregone conclusion. He is truly an impressive athlete. Sachi would be brain dead if he passes Garrett up.

          Since the 49ers want to trade back, and the Browns have a lot of picks, it is logical that both teams can profit from working together.

          Trubisky sounds great, but there are doubts. They will remember about the Manziel fiasco, and be hesitant about a QB who is not a slam dunk certainty. I am certainly not saying that Trubisky has problems like Manziel, but they were really high on Manziel, and it backfired spectacularly. Since many pundits deem this QB draft class to be weak, Cleveland may want to pick a more sure prospect.

          Cleveland should remember about Jim Brown. Fournette has the speed to be a transformational player. With a running back like Fournette, it will make the Quarterback’s job a lot easier. The defense will key on Fournette, and leave the WRs one on one.

          Maybe Osweiler could be the bridge QB until next year’s draft, which will have at least 10 good prospects. Dak was drafted in the 4th round, so there may be a later diamond in the rough in this year’s draft. Kayaa, Peterman and Mahomes may be acceptable instead of Trubisky. Hue may even like Jerod Evans, a dual threat QB.

          1. Niners could sweeten the pot by offering their number 2 pick and their 5th, 6th and 7th round picks (146, 186, 219) for Clevelands’ number 12,33, 52 and a 2018 second round pick.

            Each team would be offering 4 picks.

            1. Post initial Free Agency period mock, considering all the FAs the Niners signed.

              Niners trade number 2 to Cleveland so they can draft Trubisky, or maybe Fournette. They receive the number 12, 33 and 52 and a 2018 second round draft pick.

              Niner pick numbers- 12, 33, 34, 52, 66, 109, 143, 146, 161, 186, 202, 219. Used the Draftek draft board and tried to stay within 5 players of each number ranking.

              12- Jonathan Allen DL
              33- Obi Melifonwu S
              34- Carl Lawson DE
              52- Raekwon McMillen ILB
              66- Carlos Watkins DL
              109- Shaquill Griffin CB
              143- Jeremy McNichols RB
              146- Derek Rivers DE
              161- Joshua Dobbs QB
              186- Kyle Fuller C
              202- Chad Williams WR
              219- Ben Boulware ILB

              Did not draft a TE because of Logan Paulsen.
              Drafted a center because they lost Martin.
              Waited until the 6th round for WR because of Garcon and Goodwin.
              Assumed Kaep would be back so waited until 5th round for a QB.
              Went heavy on defense fill holes and give depth.

              1. I’m hoping Pocic slips through the cracks, and is there in the 3rd round. He has the intelligence I’m looking for at center….

              2. Pocic C was gone before 66, so I chose Moton, but Pocic would be a great addition.

                Then, instead of Kyle Fuller C, the Niners could select Ben Braden G.

          2. The scenario is based on if the Browns love Trubisky. If not, the whole thing is moot. No way the Browns move up to pick 2.

  42. 49ers trade the 2nd pick to the Titans for the 5th and 18th picks
    49ers trade the 5th and 109th picks to the Eagles for the 14th, 43rd, and 74th picks


    PICK 14: DE Solomon Thomas
    PICK 18: OT Ryan Ramczyk


    PICK 34: ILB Haason Reddick
    PICK 43: WR Zay Jones


    PICK 66: OLB Jarrad Davis
    PICK 74: RB Kareem Hunt


    PICK 143: CB Sidney Jones


    PICK 146: DT Carlos Watkins
    PICK 161: QB Nathan Peterman


    PICK 186: TE Anthony Auclair
    PICK 202: WR Robert Davis

    PICK 219: SS Nate Gerry

      1. John Ross, who I believe will go in the top three. The Titans were one of the teams that tried to trade for Cooks, so they go with Plan B, which may wind up being the better option.

  43. Wow…YoooooZ…..better be a 10TD a yr player……

    On Thursday, the 49ers made Juszczyk (pronounced: YOOZ-check) the NFL’s highest-paid fullback by signing him to a four-year, $21 million deal, with $10.5 million guaranteed. For perspective, Buffalo’s newly signed Patrick DiMarco, the NFL’s second-highest paid fullback, inked a four-year, $8.4 million deal with $3.3 million guaranteed.

  44. Of some interest — Chase Daniel is being released by Philadelphia. He becomes a FA. If the 49ers pick him up they would have 3 intriguing QBs under contract with the intention of drafting a rookie in the mid rounds. Then one of them would be cut in TC or the rook would end up on the PS. These are interesting transitional options in lieu of Kirk Cousins.

  45. I believe the 9ers will sign one or two more FA’s not counting ST signings. I think they will come from the following list.
    Morris Claiborne C
    Connor Barwin DE
    Bennie Logan DT
    TJ Lang G

  46. Matt Barrows says Kyle Shanahan appears to be leaning toward more of a power run game in 2017.
    Of course this matches his hiring press conference statement: “we want to win now.”

    The Nineners OL, constructed by Baalke, is ready-made for the power scheme.

    And, of course, if true, pin points their # 2 pick: LSU (once in a generation RB) Leonard Fornette.

      1. George,

        Many have said you don’t draft a RB top 5.

        History has shown the Shanahan’s are experts at finding those mid round gems.

        Possibly the 49ers will kick the tires on Blount.

        1. *If the 49ers want to spend big money on a RB, wouldn’t it be wiser to spend it on a younger, once in a generation RB–Leonard Fournette ?

          This serves a dual purpose of creating fan buzz over a skill position player, something not experienced since Jerry Rice !

          Charlie Casserly’s latest mock draft has the Niner’s making a splash by trading their # 2 for Cousins.

          Other NFL analysts have stated the 49ers will create a buzz with their 1st pick to win over the fans…Stay Tuned !!!

        2. Tom, if they’re going offense on pick 2, they might have to use it on Ross. If he’s as good as advertised, I believe he’d be a number 1 receiver in this offense, which would help the running game too. I’d like to see Fournette in red and gold too, but it might be more practical to draft Ross first and try to trade down for Cook or some other first rounder.

          1. If you’re looking for a first round running back talent in the 2nd round without a character weight attached to their leg, Kamara might be your best bet….

          2. George,

            I’m with you…He’s rising up the draft board.

            Rest assured, we have people in place with a solid skilled position background, for once.

  47. Pro Football Focus gave Hoyer a respectable 81.1 overall grade.

    In comparison, former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick posted a 61.6 overall PFF grade

    Day 5 Free Agency

    Kap Status–Unsigned

  48. The ‘Negativity Vibe’ has reigned supreme for years in Ninerland.

    Complaints of the 49ers overspending has been making the rounds lately.

    The 49ers had to overspend to change the Culture created by 13 years of Negative press build a ‘player friendly’ foundation for future free agents.

    The following K’s show it was the other teams (more cash-strapped than the 49ers) outspending them:

    Aaron Wilson‏Verified account

    Phil Dawson Cardinals deal: $6M, $1M bonus, $1.5M gtd; $2M ($500K full gtd); $2.5M, $500K 2018 roster bonus, $100K Pro Bowl incentive

    Eric Branch‏ @Eric_Branch · 30m30 minutes ago

    Eric Branch Retweeted Aaron Wilson

    Robbie Gould: 2 years, $4 million, $1 million guaranteed; Dawson made $3.1 million in 2016 with #49ers.

    Kyle Juszczyk turned down more money to play for Shanahan
    March 12, 2017 at 10:58 PM • 38 comments
    By David Bonilla

    King points out that other teams may have been a bit shocked by the market for Juszczyk and what a few teams, mainly the 49ers and the other mystery team that offered more, were willing to pay for him…

  49. Kap has his faults as a QB and we’ve all pointed these out before. Let’s move on. We know he is going to have a hard time finding employment, but I still wish him the best.

  50. Do any of you have concerns about the new young regime?

    I have a few – the large contracts to some players are somewhat of a concern as they may hamper being able to secure players down the line. Additionally, I see a cult of personality rising around coach Shanahan. This is a minor eyebrow raiser but it bears some watching, as he hasn’t done anything yet. Additionally, I don’t see too much done on the defensive side of the ball which does concern me as this is where games are won and lost.

    Glad to see Jed taking a back seat…wonder how long this will last.

    1. EastCoaster,

      Large K’s go with the territory in changing a losing culture.

      For example, would you leave a solid employer for one with a history of chaos ?

      Probably not. So Overspending now to create positive buzz for future free agents is a necessary ingredient.
      As I stated above, more teams were willing to outspend the 49ers on many of their current K’s

    2. “he hasn’t done anything yet”… No disrespect, but all new head coaches have their own cult like following. It’s the reason for them going ​out getting their own guys. No matter who they brought in here as a 1st time coach, the response would have been the same. Now if he didn’t have that following, it would be a real problem. Because if he can’t have a following as a great coordinator, how in the world is he going to get one as a head coach. I think you have it backwards my friend, even though he hasn’t “done anything” as a head coach, he’s definitely done great things in the NFL. It’s the reason people are following him, it’s the reason some vets are coming to a rebuild instead of championship teams, oh and the money. So I’m not concerned about it at all. Again, not saying this is a championship team, but by God, we are on the right path to rebuilding a franchise. Because we have adequacy in the front office again. And I strongly believe it will all trickle down.

      1. Steele, I was hoping for more action on the free agent market to fix the defense, but overall, the Niners are gong in the right direction.

        Lynch is light years better than Baalke, and KS has proved to be able to field a top 10 offense no matter who the QB is.

        I still will not predict a winning season, but if they win 6 games, I will be content that they are building for the future.

        1. Seb I agree on the defensive point. But I think they wanted to plug holes 1st. In my opinion their are 2 big guys that would help us out for years, it’s Poe and hightower. But for some reason we aren’t interested. But you also have to realise we still have 27 people before we get to 90, and 10 of those will be draft picks. So maybe Lynch is trying to carefully spread the money around. That way we still have cap room for the coming years.

          1. I agree on Hightower. He could play OTTO, off the line LB, or Mike if Bowman isn’t ready. At 27 we could get 3 to 5 really good seasons out him and then negotiate a new deal.

  51. # 80,

    Charlie Casserly’s latest mock draft has the Niner’s making a splash by trading their # 2 for Cousins.

    Other NFL analysts have stated the 49ers will create a buzz with their 1st pick to win over the fans.

    Kyle Shanahan stated the WCO doesn’t work unless it has a dominant (Z) receiver.

    There is a reason that WCO QB’s are called game managers and it’s not only about talent. For instance, there may be 8 different variations of “Red Right” and 5 different route versions of “Trips Right” with little terms like “Motion Y” or “Short” or “Counter Motion” mixed in at the beginning or end.

    So Kirk Cousins would make sense here, since a WCO won’t work w/o a dominat (Z) receiver, it also won’t function w/o a capable QB…”We want to win now,” was Shanahan’s words to Niner Nation !

    1. I’m all for it, assuming we don’t give two 1sts for him. I hope all the bad press will get Snyder to finally move Cousins. But it’s Snyder, so he could double down on his idiocy.

      1. # 80,

        Lost in all of this is Shanahan’s 6 yr. contract.

        He still has the ability to draft a young, inexpensive QB like Montana ( 3rd Rd) or Steve Young (acquired via 2nd and 4th Rd picks) and time to develop him under a solid vetran.

    1. Prime,

      Seb’s buddies want to move on.

      Although silent during years of Seb’s daily ‘Kap Journal,’ I guess the sudden need to forgive and forget is paramount to them.

      Prime, I, for one, appreciate your Kap, Free agency, updates.

      1. Prime,

        There’s an old saying Seb’s buddies never learned:

        Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
        ― Edmund Burke

        “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it”
        ― Sara Shepard, Wanted

        1. *So it’s important for you to bring up the past, now and then, Prime.
          You serve an invaluable and heroic role on this blog…

          Thank you in advance

        1. I have moved on to assuming they will bring back Kaep as a bridge QB until Cousins is available next season.

          Niners have 60 mil in cap space, so Kaep is well worth his contract, especially considering Glennon got 15 mil.

          Accept defeat? Against you? Never in a million years.

          Prime, you think because they have not signed him right away, he will be blackballed by the league. That is why I think you have no football sense at all. Kaep does have value, and teams are not in a hurry to sign, and players are jockeying for the best deals. Kaep may even wait until there is a QB injured preseason, and step into a starting job right away.

          Still think the Cards, Jax and Denver may be the most logical choices for him to land, but since the Niners have Hoyer and Barkley, and are paying them backup money, Kaep could very easily out compete both of them for the starting job.

          You will continue your Trubisky dream, but draft pundits have him rated 14. He is not worth a number 2 pick, unless you are Cleveland or the Jets who need to upgrade the QB position.

          Wonder when you will post a mock, so I can laugh at it.

          1. Your both right and wrong. Kaeps value is very limited, mostly due to the conservative nature of most owners… and most teams don’t want a high profile backup who they would have to change their system to suit.
            If I were Carolina I might take a long look at him.
            Prime however bet on us selecting Mitchell Trubisky which is not a bad idea when thinking of all the options… however he bet on Mitchell vs the field…. those are terrible odds.

          2. Braha ha ha ha ha! Dream on Sebernick bong-head, you have a right to that endless spoonful of self-delusion. But don’t you ever get tired of drooling on yourself, of chewing on your rancid, twitching foot? You’ve got to be a certified masochist.

  52. Razor,

    Although this is certainly Seb, I’m jousting with, recognizing his trail of ill logic.

    So, Razor/Seb, rash words to you are, and I quote: “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”…..Edmund Burke

    You just disagreed with one of the ‘Giants’ in philosophy….

    1. From
      6-5, 339 lbs, 5.36 40-yard dash, 1.76 10-yard split

      His split fits in with numbers Grant posted earlier (below). He’s on the heavy side. Maybe if he lost 15 pounds, he’d improve his numbers.

      Anyone know what scheme the Titans use?

      From Grant:

      LT Jake Matthews: 6-5, 305 lbs., 5.07 40-yard dash, 1.75 10-yard split
      LG Andy Levitre: 6-2, 303 lbs., 5.40 40-yard dash, 1.92 10-yard split
      C Alex Mack: 6-4, 311 lbs., 5.17 40-yard dash, 1.75 10-yard split
      RG Chris Chester: 6-3, 303 lbs., 4.88 40-yard dash, 1.67 10-yard split
      RT Ryan Schraeder: 6-7, 300 lbs., 5.13 40-yard dash, 1.75 10-yard split
      T Kevin Graf: 6-6, 309 lbs., 5.03 40-yard dash, 1.76 10-yard split
      T Carter Bykowski: 6-7, 313 lbs., 5.30 40-yard dash, 1.87 10-yard split
      G Ben Garland: 6-5, 308 lbs., 5.07 40-yard dash, 1.76 10-yard split
      G Wes Schweitzer: 6-5, 314 lbs., 5.15 40-yard dash, 1.75 10-yard split
      T Tom Compton: 6-5, 308 lbs., 5.11 40-yard dash, 1.79 10-yard split

    1. I think after his injury he’ll likely be a depth player going forward in his career. I think it’s telling that after being a starter that the Titans have been reluctant to re-sign him after this injury. My guess is that if he was willing to sign a “prove you can still play” contract he’d likely already be back with the Titans. He’s not someone I would bring in at this point and assume he’s going to win the starting job.

      1. I think it’s telling that after being a starter that the Titans have been reluctant to re-sign him after this injury.

        Not really. It is possible Bell still wants to be a starter in the league, but the Titans are only interested in bringing him in as a backup due to the strength of their OL despite dealing with injuries.

        1. Ok, it’s pretty telling that a guard who started his first 5 seasons and comes really cheap has only had one team visit so far in free agency. Tells me that teams really don’t see him as a viable starter anymore, regardless of what he might think.

          1. Actually he started out as a tackle in Carolina and wasn’t considered all that great. They let him walk and the Titans picked him up for $2M and a bag of chips and moved him to guard.

          2. I doubt he is thought of as a starting candidate. More than likely a depth signing if it happens. Pretty bad ankle injury last year as well.

  53. You asked about Tight Ends. The Mocks actually play out well if a trade down can happen and the team takes O.J. Howard, but who was the sleeper and is steadily rising is Gerald Everett, who looks a lot like Delanie Walker.

    The Niners need two more picks in the top 64, Thomas should be the #2 pick, and the second round should be one of the 4 ILB’s, but how nice it would be to also snag Curtis Samuel and Obi Melifonwu. This is a great Draft Class…

    1. It all depends on how the money was allocated. Is it front-loaded or back-loaded, guaranteed vs incentive laden?

      With as much space as they had this year in cap, and still sitting around 50 millionish (I believe), and that can carry over, front-loading these contracts would be smart…re: NBA expiring contracts. Garcon gets 5 years, but after year 3 (where its 50/50 dead vs cap hit) that cap hit flips with the dead money and they save a lot by letting him go in year 4 or 5 (and the cap itself will be a lot larger).

  54. If the 49ers can move back, preferably to the teens, I think Forrest Lamp should come under consideration. He could play either OG position, or potentially even move to centre (though that may come later in his career). He looks like he should be a great fit for ZBS.

  55. Byron Bell NFL Anaysis, CBS

    Plays with a nasty streak, sends oncoming blitzers flying, uses length to downblock and handle twists or inside blitzes. Moves down the line well when sealing the edge on zone runs, takes his man from one hash to the other. Eclipses linebackers and safeties at the 2nd level.
    Intelligent lineman, regularly pointing out blitzers to the rest of the line.

    TomD’s Take: Sign him because he sends blitzers flying instead of our own QB flying for once !!!

    1. Yea, a pre-draft profile means so much about a player that’s been in the league for 6 years. He struggled at both right and left tackle so the Panthers let him walk after his rookie contract. He was picked up for cheap on the free market and moved to guard where he played one year before being injured for the next full season. That’s what you need to know about Byron Bell.

  56. Draft Blaster:

    A versatile defensive end with the length and strength to defend the run and also move inside. Possesses the diverse skill set that NFL defenses look for. Very strong in protecting running lanes around him, but surprisingly agile and with a set of pass rush skills to penetrate gaps, getting sacks and forcing fumbles.
    CBS Sportsline NFL:

    NFL Combine Risers and Fallers:

    Solomon Thomas jumps to # 2.

    Sandwiched between Armstead and Buckner and new DT, Earl Mitchell, Thomas could give the 49ers a dominant DL to compete in the NFC West.

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