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The 49ers p.r. staff brought out Kyle Williams and Ted Ginn Jr. to talk to the media at the same time this afternoon. Both speedy slot receivers were wearing Chicago White Sox hats, Ginn wearing a red one, and Williams wearing the classic black.

I had to make a decision of who to talk to, and I chose the Williams. Forgive me if you wanted Ginn quotes.

I see Williams as a player on the rise, potentially the third-best receiver on the team behind Braylon Edwards and Michael Crabtree.

Williams is tougher and has stronger hands than Ginn. As far as Morgan goes, I think Williams would be the superior slot receiver because he’s so quick.

Here’s the complete transcript of his group interview.

Q: You missed a lot of time last year with various injuries. Do you feel like staying durable is something you have to prove you can do?

KYLE WILLIAMS: Yeah, I think I’ve got to prove it to everybody, to myself. Just to get out there in the last game and get away unscathed, it feels good. Last year at this time I was in a boot, sitting in the training room all day. I’ve got to prove to my teammates especially that I can stick around and I can be a part of this team all year.

Q: Last year Ted Ginn Jr. was the third wide receiver, and he barely got the ball thrown his way. Do you think this offense will spread the ball around more?

KYLE WILLIAMS: Yeah, it’s only been a couple weeks so you can’t really tell what our identity’s going to be, but as practice has gone on I can see them trying to spread it around and get the ball to the various playmakers that we do have. It would be nice to see that happen this year too and hopefully I’m involved

Q: Big-picture-wise, what went wrong for the offense against the Saints?

KYLE WILLIAMS: I honestly think it was just a couple simple mistakes that will be pretty easy for us to clean up. I don’t want to use it as an excuse because we’ve only been together for a couple weeks. There’s a certain familiarity you want to get with your guys and get out there and be on the same page as everybody. Everybody was real excited, there were a couple jitters.

Q: There was one play where you were on the left side and Colin took a three-step drop and looked for you but you weren’t looking back. What happened on that play?

KYLE WILLIAMS: I took that a little bit deep and he was looking for me to be shorter on that. Again, that’s just being on the same page type of stuff. I made my share of mistakes and so did everybody. It’s one of those where it’s simple mistakes, mistakes where we can take a look at the film and say, OK, we can clean this up. It’s not something where we’re totally on different books. We’re in the same ballpark, we’ve just got to get on the same page.

Q: Is that an adjustment when you see blitz that you change your route?

KYLE WILLIAMS: On that particular play I just took it maybe a yard deep and he was looking for me quick because of the blitz, so it kind of showed up a little more than it may have any other time, but it’s on me, and as a veteran guy I’ve got to help him out a little bit more than that.

Q: As a receiver do you like to see all those blitzes?

KYLE WILLIAMS: I do. As a slot guy I do because if they bring it, I’ve always had the mentality where if they bring it they’ve got to pay for it. If we get it out quick then there’s only a couple tackles you’ve got to break or a tackle you’ve got to break and you’re off, you’re to the house. I’m sure that once we get it going along a little bit more we’ll welcome that if somebody brings it then we’ll have an answer for it. We just have to clean up a couple things. We weren’t totally prepared for them to bring the house on every single play like they did, but I think it was good for Kaep to see, I think it was good for our line to see, and our whole offense, really, to see that.


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