LaBoy on Willis: ‘allows the defense to expand’

A few commenters gave rookie linebacker Navorro Bowman some grief for not knowing much about Patrick Willis, the 49ers’ new $50 million man.

Well, rest assured that most players who have spent some time in the NFL know all about No. 52. Just ask Travis LaBoy, the Larkspur native who joined the 49ers as a free agent this offseason.


I asked LaBoy if he’s excited to get a chance to line up near Willis, and this is what he said:

“I haven’t been on the field with him yet, but just on the outside looking in, he’s already, in his third year, in talks of the best linebackers in the game right now. So to have a dynamic player like that allows the whole defense to really expand and to kind of do things you might not be able to do ordinarily, just because you got a player of that ability on your squad.”

And that’s why $29 million in guaranteed money may actually turn out to be a bargain in this case.

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