LaMichael James heaps praise on the 49ers offensive line and Chip Kelly

SANTA CLARA – LaMichael James spoke at his locker Friday afternoon about the 49ers offensive line and his college coach, Chip Kelly. Here’s what James said.

Q: What’s it like running behind the 49ers’ offensive line.

JAMES: A lot of holes. I really feed off of them. I think they believe in me. During the game they keep me motivated.

Q: What’s it like running behind Joe Staley in particular?

JAMES: He’s super fast. I don’t think people realize how fast he is. He can run with the best of them. He’s super athletic to be that big.

Q: Is Anthony Davis as fast as Staley?

JAMES: No. He’s super strong. He doesn’t miss any blocks. He’s always downfield giving 100 percent effort, and he’s really aggressive.

Q: What was it like to watch the Ducks last night?

JAMES: Speed. That’s the only thing I can say. Super fast. Very well-coached team.

Q: It sounds like Chip Kelly might be taking an NFL head coaching job. What do you think of that?

JAMES: I think he can be one of the best coaches in the NFL. I respect him. Super great coach.

Q: Do you think Oregon’s offensive style will translate to the NFL?

JAMES: 100 percent yes. I don’t think anyone can stop that offense – NFL, college, high school – no matter what it is. I think Washington (Redskins) runs a similar offense. I like the way they do things, too. I think it would be similar to that. A little faster, though.

Q: There are reports that he’s going to the Browns. He would get to work with running back Trent Richardson.

JAMES: Who would be the quarterback?

Q: Brandon Weeden, and they have a high draft pick.

JAMES: I don’t know…They have the run (game). I haven’t heard it yet.

Q: Do you Chip Kelly could become a top coach in the NFL?

JAMES: Yeah, he’d be a great coach. I think he’d probably be one of the best coaches in the NFL. He’s a great offensive mastermind. He’s confident. I feel like he can do anything he wants to do.

Q: The Patriots run the no huddle. Kelly runs the no huddle all the time. Do you think that could be an effective tool at the NFL level?

JAMES: His offense is a whole other ballgame from the Patriots. It’s so much faster.

Q: Do you notice defenses wear down when you ran the no huddle?

JAMES: Oh yeah, you knew instantly. The tackles start huffing and puffing, people not getting lined up properly. It’s different out there when people get tired. Fatigue makes cowards of us all.

Q: Do you think Kelly would go for the two-point conversion after most touchdown in the NFL like he does in college?

JAMES: No. He’ll kick an extra point. You can’t do that in the NFL.

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