Locker Room Luau, Starring Isaac Sopoaga

SANTA CLARA – To be accurate, the luau started in the showers and then moved to the locker room.

Isaac Sopoaga brought the speakers for his iPhone with him to the showers and put on a reggae song called Jah Live by a South African artist named Lucky Dube.

The song starts with a lady singing, “Jah lives!” Will Tukuafu and Sealver Siliga sang along to this part in a high falsetto. They walked from the showers to their lockers singing this part over and over.

Eventually Sopoaga walked to his locker holding his speakers, blasting the song throughout the whole locker room.

The song ended right when he sat down, so he started it over. Mike Iupati signaled his approval of the repetition by swaying his long hair from side to side.

Vernon Davis was trying to give an interview at the time but the Reggae was drowning out his voice, so he yelled at Sopoaga in a voice that sounded like Dave Chappelle when he does his “Ernie” character, “Hey! Would you cut it out! There’s media in here!”

“You should talk louder,” Sopoaga said, and then he started singing again.


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