Lorenzo Neal to Harbaugh and Roman: “You have to believe you can get Vernon Davis involved.”

Lorenzo Neal spoke on 95.7 The Game Tuesday morning. Here’s what he said about Vernon Davis’ lack of involvement in the 49ers offense.

Q: What do you think of Vernon Davis’ disappearance the last two games?

NEAL: “You have to get him involved. You have to believe you can get Vernon Davis involved. He’s such a weapon. He’s such a playmaker. You’ve just got to throw the ball to this guy.

“There are opportunities. If they’re doubling him, then you move him. You move the guy. You don’t have him just line up straight. You have him move in motion. Now you can determine man or zone if you move him. Now it’s harder to double him because you have to compromise the integrity of the defense.

“They’ve got to get this guy involved. Vernon Davis is a playmaker, he’s shown he’s one of the best tight ends in the National Football League, and he can run. Coach has his hands full to get all of his weapons involved. Vernon Davis should be a on a short list of players he definitely needs to get involved in this offense.”

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