Main man on offense is RB

Main man on offense is RB


For the fifth time since the opening of training camp, 49ers offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye met with the media. Raye has been a delight during these sessions with his well-reasoned and straight-forward answers to the media’s questions.


Here are among the topics he addressed today . . .


–Regardless of which quarterback won the competition, the mission of the offense remains the same, Raye said. Frank Gore is the focus of the offense.


“It was never going to be that the lead dog in this race was going to be the quarterback. The bell cow in this operation will be No. 21,” Raye said.


–On Monday, Hill said he might be more apt to give his thoughts on tweaks to certain plays that he might make him more comfortable. But Raye made it clear how he views that process.


“It’s democratic, but it’s not 50-50,” Raye said. “I’m the last word.”


–He said the announcement to start Shaun Hill as quarterback brings “some semblance of closure to the offensive group,” now that they’ve identified the quarterback who will get the snaps in practice and lead them in games.


–Hill did not run away with the competition. But after the way he finished last season, he had to be beaten out for the job. Shaun came out of the end of last year as the front runner in the deal. It is like the champion, you have to knock him out to get the crown. You can’t go fight a draw and expect to unseat the guy.”


–There’s no decision on the No. 3 QB. “I like what Nate Davis did in the game the other night,” Raye said. “Now, he had a very limited package because he hadn’t had, obviously, that many reps in the game. I like what Damon Huard brings to us in terms of his veteran ability and leadership. He’s been there, doesn’t need as many snaps to get prepared to play. So, that process, we will make a decision on going forward, but it hasn’t been decided as of yet.”


–Raye, obviously, was pleased with the running game. He called center Eric Heitmann “exceptional.” 


–And, finally, Jim Brown is scheduled to speak to the team tonight. Raye said the players should be able to glean a lot from one of the great running backs in league history.


Said Raye: “I think it will be tremendous from an exposure standpoint for our guys to see that it’s OK to dream and that these things are possible because they see it in the flesh in the form of the coach, the head coach Mike Singletary, and a great Hall of Famer like Jim Brown.”


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