Manningham feels the 49ers are using him better than the Giants did

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what Mario Manningham said about playing for the 49ers at his Thursday press conference.

Q: Is it still in your mind that you could have been with the Giants?

MANNINGHAM: Yeah, but no, because it’s not like I left a good team and went to a bad team. It’s a little bit easier because we’re just as capable of going back as they are. I don’t get wrapped up in that stuff. I know we have a great team over hear, great coaching staff and everything.

Q: It seems like the 49ers are already using your all-around skills better than the Giants did in four years. Do you feel that way?

MANNINGHAM: Yeah, I feel that way. They put me in position to move the chains. That’s what I’m here for – move the chains and make plays.

Q: Do you take pride in rushing the football too?

MANNINGHAM: Oh yeah, I like the reverses. I like the little short passes. I try to get what I can. I know before the year’s over, one’s going to break.

Q: How often did you do that with the Giants?

MANNINGHAM: In four years I had two reverses. Four months I’ve had two reverses here.

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