Manningham: “I just got cleared yesterday, man! I can’t do a whole practice. I’ll ease my way into it.”

SANTA CLARA – Mario Manningham spoke at his locker Tuesday afternoon. Here is what he said.

Q: What are your thoughts after finally being out there?

MANNINGHAM: Just trying to get my confidence back. Running routes. Trying to keep my quickness and get separation from the defender. That’s all. Keep doing what I’m here for.

Q: Are you under any restrictions or are you a full go or are you day by day?

MANNINGHAM: Just taking it day by day, seeing how it feels, doing a couple periods. Just doing what I have to do to get back 100, ease my way into it.

Q: What have you been able to do up until today?

MANNINGHAM: Everything. Cutting. Ladders. Running. Catching. Everything really, just haven’t put it together yet.

Q: And in your mind how are you feeling with everything?

MANNINGHAM: I’m getting confident. By the time I step out there on Sunday I’ll be 100.

Q: When you say Sunday, though, you don’t know which Sunday.

MANNINGHAM: Nope. I just know it will be a Sunday. Don’t know when. I’m just trying to get my confidence back, stay right upstairs. You can get caught up in not playing. I’m just trying to keep my attitude positive. Just trying to stay in tune with what the team is doing. It’s hard to be in the meetings when you’re not involved, but I’m just trying to get back and in sync and everything.

Q: When you say upstairs, do you mean your trust in your knee or a positive attitude overall?

MANNINGHAM: A positive attitude overall. Meetings, being a good team player, supporting my team like I’ve been doing.

Q: Looking back, was it tough being on crutches…

MANNINGHAM: I ain’t thinking about them crutches, man! We ain’t got to talk about them crutches. We’re past that.

Q: Were you sick of them?

MANNINGHAM: I was sick of them, yeah, but that’s behind me. I’m here to talk about the present.

Q: Is there anything you can gain from your time away?

MANNINGHAM: Yeah, learn how to break the huddle with a sense of urgency. Hurry up and get to the line before the DBs. Get the edge on the defenders. Just try to stay ahead of what the defense is doing. That’s the biggest thing. I know when I get out there I’m not going to be thinking about my knee. It’s stronger than my other one, so I’m just trying to do what I’ve got to do.

ME: Do you expect to be a full go in practice tomorrow?

MANNINGHAM: No. I just got cleared yesterday, man! I can’t do a whole practice. I’ll ease my way into it.

Q: You guys have a Bye in three weeks. Are you looking at that as your last warm up before you return to the field?

MANNINGHAM: I’m not sure because I’m don’t know how I’ m going to feel next week. If I feel good, I might play. If I don’t, I’m not going to play. I’m not putting a time limit on there. I’m just taking it day by day.

Q: Is this the first major injury you’ve had in your career?


Q: What did you learn from it?

MANNINGHAM: Be patient. Come back stronger. Every day that you wake up you’ve got to think in your head you’re going to come back stronger than when you left. I’m just trying to do what I’ve got to do to be in shape, be as strong as I can and as smart as I can to know more than I did when I get back out there.

      1. Adam707,

        That would be the maximum. They only have 21 days to make a decision about him. I would hope he’s ready in 2 weeks. The Jacksonville game. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t play against the Titans. Another threat on the field, if nothing else but to stretch the field.

      2. Well 21 days to add him to 53. Which even if he’s not game ready by then but will be I’d see them doing that. Im shooting for sparingly vs panthers and full time vs saints.

      3. 23jordan, Its to early for Manningham to come back from his injury. The 49ers should be very careful, with M. Manningham coming back too soon from his injury. Especially, the 49ers need an experience wr, too help them, get into the playoffs.

  1. I’d guess either he plays sparingly vs the panthers and is full go vs saints. There is no need to rush him back for this week or next, both games being ones we should win. Although titans are pretty good, but that offense is horrid and we should win big. And the jags well they’re the jags. Important part is to get he and crab back to full strength/ or as close as we can by the seasons end/playoff time

    1. His comeback is important for the exact reason you stated. He only looks at Vernon and anquan. With manningham in he won’t.

  2. Man, am I glad to FINALLY hear someone say, “… learn how to break the huddle with a sense of urgency.” Hope he can get the rest of the O on that page…

  3. Rusty since the bill Walsh era I still have not noticed a sense of urgency out of the huddle. It would have been nice if the offense would hurry to and out of the huddle. I would also like for ck to use hurry up offense once in a while to put pressure on the defense.

  4. I’m beginning to wonder who makes the final call on when MM gets to play: MM or the coaching staff?

    From the interview, it sure sounds like MM is calling the shots. If he’s medically cleared and can do everything – as he says, cutting, running, etc – then his arse should be on the field and giving full effort.

    1. MM injuries were severe Nick. They say that injury is about trusting your knee. I suspect that MM may have an issue or two with trusting his knee. He’s not exactly the biggest without in the league. I’ve got a feeling that his contribution will be minimal. I hope he proves me wrong.

      1. Md

        I dodon’t think Nomadic is getting cut either. He beat Brick out for the #3 job. He got hurt and Brick balled for 2 games. Brock contributed to giving up 2 TDs last week. 1 passing, 1 rushing. Brock has to show the good consistently. That’s why he didn’t win the job in training camp. Nnamdi has taken his lumps but he’s only given up 1 td and he’s played decent.

      2. Asomugha is an over the hill vet who doesn’t play special teams. That’s why they have Morris active over him. His days are numbered barring injury.

      3. What I would like to see is the Niners use Nnamdi vs the saints like the pats used Talib. Man press him with a tall physical corner. And he won’t have to fear being toasted. Could work in my opinion.

      4. I don’t think they’ll cut Asomugah either. He’s a nice insurance policy that is making barely more than the vet minimum. I think Morris gets put back on the PS.

        I agree on Moore, and it’ll get really interesting when it comes time to activate Dial and Carradine. Who goes when they are ready?

      5. I agree Moore could well be a goner. Can’t say I’ll be overly upset. Harper is the other option.

        Not sure on Asomugha though. He’s the most obvious choice to be cut if Wright is activated, but I’m not convinced they’ll activate Wright over Asomugha. Wright will need to prove that he deserves the roster spot over Asomugha, and I’m not convinced there is enough time and reps for him to do so. Practice reps are like gold during the season, so Wright won’t be seeing many. To me Wright was always an insurance policy if one of their guys was really struggling (they aren’t) or got injured (they haven’t, yet).

        Still not convinced on whether Carradine or Dial will be activated either. As Fangio has said, its tough for rookies that have missed all the pre-season to up to NFL speed and show they deserve a roster spot over a guy that has been getting all those reps. Again, I think those guys will be reliant on further injuries. If one of them is activated, I think Jermaine Cunningham is the most logical choice to be cut.

      6. Jack:

        As I understand the PUP rules, yes. At the end of the three week period, the 49ers will have three options: put them on the active roster, put them on the IR list or cut them.

      1. Space,

        Probably Manningham. Wright doesn’t play special teams so I think they will keep Cox and Morris active over him.

  5. Kaepernicking:

    “Kaepernick has completed 259 of 433 pass attempts as a starter for 3,627 yards. He has thrown 22 touchdowns with 10 interceptions. He has run for 750 yards on 98 carries with six touchdowns.

    His numbers compare favorably to two Hall of Famers — John Elway and Steve Young — in their first 16 games. Elway threw for 2,448 yards, 10 touchdown passes and was intercepted 21 times in his first 16 games. Young threw for 2,722 yards, nine touchdown passes and had 16 interceptions in that span.”
    - ESPN,

    1. Not to take anything away from Kaepernick but comparing him to those QBs is absolutely ridiculous. They played in completely different eras.

  6. Question: will Coach Harbaw inspire this athlete
    (or any of the Niner wide receivers)
    to prepare themselves as did Baltimore Colts great,
    Raymond Berry? If so, then their practice regimen
    will result in bigger passing yardage numbers
    for the remainder of the season. Time will tell.
    The current average (even with 30+ points per game lately)
    is not likely to produce a Super Bowl win.
    It is time to up the ante.

  7. MM return is welcome and can only help but to a degree. The reality is MM is a #3 wr and #2 at best. I consider Crab a 1.5. We need a legitimate #1. Someone who can break a double coverage and a reliable redzone target – Megatron, straight to Julio, Dez, AJ, Fitz etc.

      1. Vernon is #1 and the MVP. He’s the big play threat waiting to happen, definitely this season. He’s had a lot of big plays. The need to use him more as TE that shifts wide. Force a CB to cover him. He’s too big for most, and too fast for LBS. The one guy that can slow him down is Richard Sherman, which we saw in the SeaHawks game. He just has to work on some WR route running skills, or how to fight for the ball.
        He was Alex’s go to guy and should be for CK, even if Crabtree does come back. Crabtree is a Reggie Wayne type WR, he’s not a home-run threat, at least it hasn’t shown up yet.

    1. Crab’s numbers with Kap throwing last year beg to differ. He played like a #1 in the second half of last season.

      This season:
      We’ve had Boldin (a #2) playing #1.
      We’ve had Williams (a #4) playing #2.
      We’ve had any number of others (uncharted) playing #3.

      I’m just fine having Manningham come in as a prior #3 to play as our #2 until Crab comes back. It’s an improvement, regardless how you parse it.

      1. See Crabtree performance the final 4 plays of the super bowl. A true 1 receiver finds a way to get open and catches the game winning td.

      2. Right now the 49ers #1 WR is Boldin, #2 WR is Davis, and when Manningham comes back he will be the #3.

        On Sunday the 49ers ran more 12, personnel than they have in any single game this season.

  8. Boldin, Williams, Baldwin stay. Any other player with the WR designation is gone. Crab and Mann. Makes it 5 wr’s that will be wit us till end of season

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