Manusky goes hoarse yelling at 49ers’ defense

Friday will not be remembered as the greatest day ever for the 49ers’ defense. Yesterday, the team ran 60 plays in red zone during team period and scored 3 touchdowns. Today, the offense scored 4 touchdowns in its first 20 plays.

But it wasn’t just the yardage or scoring. The defensive unit looked discombobulated. It was forced to call time out at one point because it had just 10 men on the field – rookie CB Phillip Adams was the missing part. Another time, coordinator Greg Manusky threw CB Keith Smith out of a play because he lined up over a tight end rather than the slot receiver. Then Manusky ordered the entire second-team defense off the field. He also had choice words for LB Martail Burnett at one point.

Maybe Manusky’s barking got the message across. During a 7-on-7 drill late in practice, the offense ran nine plays from inside the 10-yard line, and probably didn’t score once. (TE Nate Byham caught a pass at the back of the end zone, but not sure he got his feet inbounds.) There were four incompletions, three short passes that were covered quickly and an interception by S Reggie Smith.

In the subsequent team period, which ended practice, Alex Smith fired TD passes to Ted Ginn and Delanie Walker.

The defense had one additional consolation, though. Hall of Famer Rod Woodson wasn’t there to see their shenanigans. His visit was yesterday.

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