Owen Marecic: “I’m looking forward to finding a way to contribute.”

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what Owen Marecic said at his locker Tuesday afternoon.

Q: What have you been doing the past few weeks?

MARECIC: I’ve been training up in Portland.

Q: How does it feel to be here?

MARECIC: It feels good, an opportunity. I’m looking forward to finding a way to contribute.

Q: What did Jim Harbaugh say to you?

MARECIC: Nothing too specific. I’ll work every day to do whatever the team asks me to do, fill whatever role.

Q: Offense? Defense? Special team?

MARECIC: I’ll be on offense backing up the fullback and I’m looking to contribute on special teams, too.

Q: What are your thoughts on joining this backfield?

MARECIC: It’s a great backfield, awesome opportunity. I’ll do everything I can do try to improve it.

Q: Do you and Bruce Miller play the same position on special teams?

MARECIC: I don’t know. I don’t think so, but I don’t know.

Q: Is this a team you’ve been watching since you left Stanford?

MARECIC: I’ve been pretty busy with being on Cleveland the last couple of years. I’ve had my hands full trying to get everything covered out there.

Q: There are few Cleveland guys in this locker room now. Is it nice?

MARECIC: It’s nice. Lots of familiar faces.

Q: Harbaugh said on draft day that he really wanted you. Were you crushed that they passed on you?

MARECIC: Cleveland gave me a great opportunity. I think the guys here have done a heck of a job. There’s a lot of talent. It’s very humbling to see the success that the team and the coaches have had around here. I’m going to try to learn from those guys to improve my game, get my game where it needs to be. Those guys, the running back group specifically, are very talented football players.

Q: Have you already sat in on a meeting? Did you go over the Seattle film?

MARECIC: We watched it as a team.

Q: So right away you got thrown into a not-happy environment?

MARECIC: It was a tough game but I think the team, we can learn a lot from it and move on to Indy.

Q: How much of the playbook do you recognize from Stanford?

MARECIC: There are familiarities but I have some work to do to really perfect everything from a mental standpoint and then I have to take it out to the field, so a ways to go.

Q: You worked out here a few weeks ago?

MARECIC: I believe so.

Q: Did you work out for any other teams?


Q: What are your thoughts on being in a backfield with Frank Gore?

MARECIC: He’s a great running back. Bruce is a great fullback, too. I’m excited to have the opportunity to learn from those guys.

Q: Any of the defensive guys pick your brain about Andrew Luck yet?

MARECIC: No, not yet.

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  1. I am still trying to figure out what is his role in this team. The Niners lost their starting NT on the second game of a long and grueling season and they go out and get a ST player, and a bit player at FB. He is not better than Miller, so I don’t know what his role will be in this team. Bizarre….

    1. the fact that marecic was signed and Williams ired doesn’t mean niners cant make another move this week to bulk up the dline (cut stupar, sign a dlineman)

    2. Its not bizzare really. Ian Williams played 8 snaps against Green Bay. Most teams are going to spread us out and try to run against our nickel. So the NTs isn’t a pressing need at the moment. Seattle and probably Carolina are the only teams you will see a significant amount of 2 TEs sets or 2 RBs sets. They’re probably banking on Dial to come back and be the back-up to Dorsey at the nose. Until then, TJE can play some nose or they can activate Purcell from the PS. He can play nose also. We still have plenty options on the team already. I didn’t think they would go outside and bring in someone anyway. They worked out Love but I think that was just due diligence in case of another injury along the D-Line.

  2. All coaches have their favorites. He’s Harbaugh’s. But that means nothing if he isn’t out-blocking, out-running, and out-catching Bruce Miller. Harbaugh would cut his father if he wasn’t giving the team the best option to win. This lights a fire under Bruce’s butt and he either performs or he is gone. Question is how long he has to prove himself? One or two games? I guess it also depends on how Glenn Dorsey does or how healthy he stays. Marecic is just a piece – JH has no vested emotions in anyone. So Owen “is a Niner”, until he’s not.

    1. Miller had his worst game ever last week…missed blocks, dropped passes, holding in the end zone. JH is putting him on notice.

  3. I think Dorsey will be fine and the 49ers are relatively deep at this position. Plus, Dial and Carradine should be coming off the IR soon. I think this will give the 49ers some time to evaluate Marecic. As stated above, may want to push Miller a little as well.

  4. Give Marecic a chance…nobody knows what he can do better than Harbaugh. If Coach didn’t think Owen could help the team he wouldn’t have signed him. Immediate move to b/u NT would seem to be Mike Purcell from the PS. He knows the defense and is a solid DL…MWC Defensive POY in 2012. He should be able to give Dorsey a blow when he needs one…am so happy we have Glenn. Dial would seem to be the guy once he’s practiced to the point Fangio has faith he can play. That’s at least a month way, most likely, so Purcell should be the guy in the interim.

  5. Who’s Marecic? Another retread trying to make a name for himself with the niners? The niners are worried now that their qb Kap and the niners team weakness has been expose. When the other NFL teams play the 49er’s they will implement the strategy by the Seahawks and Rams how to play against Kap and the 49ers. This year is different from last year, other teams got better in the off season and are prepared to defend againts kap and the niners. Without the 49ers running game this offense is doom.

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