Mariucci’s comment on Nolan firing

The 49ers have not enjoyed a winning season since Steve Mariucci was dumped after the 2002 season. The 49ers were 10-6, champions of the NFC West, and won a first-round playoff game.

But citing philosophical differences, owner John York fired Mariucci a couple days after a season-ending playoff loss to the Buccaneers. Several weeks later, the 49ers hired Dennis Erickson.

Since that time, the 49ers have finished with records of 7-9 and 2-14 under Erickson; and 4-12, 7-9 and 5-11 under Mike Nolan. This year, they’re 2-5.

Here’s what Mariucci said about the situation last night on the NFL Network:

“It disheartens me to know that Nolan was released.
He’s a friend of mine, as is Mike Singletary.

“It’s unfortunate that this is the third football coach in the
National Football League that has already been fired, which is really not

“In coaching, you’re always optimistic, you’re a fighter and
you’re always competitive enough to think that even if things are down and out
right now that there’s enough time in the season that you can get it fixed and
improve your young team. Unfortunately, Mike Nolan is not going to get that

* * *

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