Marlon Moore: “If he throws that ball up, it’s mine. I’ve got to go get it for him no matter what.”

SANTA CLARA – Marlon Moore spoke in the 49ers’ media tent Tuesday afternoon. Here’s what he said.

Q: How do you feel about how you’ve stepped into the competition and played the first three weeks of training camp?

MOORE: So far, so good. It’s still a long training camp. Actually, it’s a long season. I want to still come out and perform the same way that I do and try to stay as consistent as possible on the field, making my plays, making my blocks and whatever else that is needed to be done.

Q: How tough is it that every day the slate is wiped clean and you’ve got to go out and do it again?

MOORE: I try not to even think about the previous day. I just go out there and focus on today, focus on the task at hand no matter what time of day the practice is, no matter what we have to do whether it’s film study, weight lifting or anything. Wipe the sleight clean, start as if nothing ever happened and continue to press forward.

Q: Is it a bit of a mixed blessing when you start a preseason game? You’re in there with the starters, but you’re out quickly and you don’t get to show off on special teams.

MOORE: You could say that. I like to play special teams. I love playing football, period. Not being able to be in and contribute, it kind of hurt me. But at the same time, maybe they recognize something about me. I just have to stay consistent and keep pressing forward.

Q: Where have you been playing on special teams in practice?

MOORE: Gunner. Some punt returner. A little bit of kickoff returner. Just bouncing around. Just showing my skill set wherever it needs to be showed.

Q: Do you have a little bit of a chip on your shoulder? The Dolphins could have kept you around, could have tendered you but they didn’t. Was that a blow to the ego?

MOORE: It wasn’t a blow to the ego because I definitely understand the business. I understood it after my first year, seeing players come and go. It’s usually a numbers game or a money game. I didn’t take it personal at all. I just knew wherever I ended up playing football, I was going to give that team my all, and that’s what I’m doing right now.

Q: How many teams did you hear from after that happened?

MOORE: I heard from a few teams, but when the Niners called my agent and said, “We want to get him down here,” I jumped at it like a fish biting on bait.

Q: Why did you jump?

MOORE: The tradition that the Niners have. Growing up in Sacramento, I definitely have seen the tradition they have. Just being able to come back home and be around my mom a little bit more, that also was a deciding factor. But I also wanted to be a part of a winning team. Coming out of Fresno, we had some rough years there, and even in Miami. I just wanted to be a part of a winning team and something that had a strong tradition.

Q: Did you grow up a 49ers fan?


Q: Raiders?

MOORE: Nope. Cowboys.

Q: Why?

MOORE: I just went against my dad. My dad was a Raiders fan. I liked the Niners, but not enough to call them my team. My and my brother decided to be Cowboys fans from a young age. That has nothing to do with right now.

Q: When Michael Crabtree went down, Harbaugh talked a lot about he was going to give three guys the opportunity to step up, and you weren’t one of them. But when training camp started, your name was in the mix. How do you think you were able to elevate your game to be part of that discussion?

MOORE: The way I thought was just to go out there and make plays and you’ll get noticed. I used to tell some of my teammates, “It doesn’t matter where you are, they’ll find you.” What you put on film is your résumé. I just wanted to go out there and play as hard as possible and make all the plays that I possibly could and just do the best that I could and eventually someone would take notice.

Q: How are things with between you and Colin Kaepernick as far as chemistry, particularly on the deep ball?

MOORE: Me and Kap, we’ve been cool since college. I always tell him, “If you throw it up, I’m going to do my best to make a play for you.” It’s coming to me, or nobody’s going to get it. That’s the mindset that we have. If he throws that ball up, it’s mine. I’ve got to go get it for him no matter what.

ME: When did you get that mindset?

MOORE: It was instilled from my dad. At a young age, he had me doing everything. No matter how hard the job was, he had me either helping him or making sure everything went well. I don’t mind how hard the work is and what the task is, I just go out there and put my head down and run through that wall because I’m not running around obstacles.

Q: How much of an incentive was Kaepernick for you to come here?

MOORE: He was a big incentive, but I wouldn’t say he was one of the main ones. But it’s definitely fun playing with Kap, the athleticism that he has, the knowledge of the game, and even his powerful arm. He can get the ball pretty much anywhere on the field from any position, so it’s fun playing with Kap. I saw that in college, the players that he had around him and the fun that he was having. It’s definitely an incentive, but it’s not that big of an incentive.

Q: What have you learned about him in terms of his personality?

MOORE: He’s a regular guy. The way he talks to his teammates, the way he composes himself, he’s just a regular dude. He’s not uptight at all. He’s laid back and he’s real cool, he’s real personable. I really like that about him and I noticed that about him back in college. He likes to laugh and have a good time.

  1. Marlon seems like he has his head on his shoulders. But hey, its still awhile before he breaks camp. My list of wr…. Boldin,williams,moore,collie,lockette,patton,jenkins..By default on jenkins. Moore is gone wwhen manningham comes back. N lockette when crab getsback

    1. We’re definately not only going to have 4.

      I think we keep 6 and lockette is on the outs. Yea he may have the raw talent and ideal frame and speed, but he’s shown is inconsistency.

      I don’t think we cut Moore if he’s 2nd in yds for our WRs.

  2. Jenkins could take a few lessons from Moore. I will be absolutely shocked if Moore doesn’t make the final 53 man roster.

  3. While Moore started the first pre-season game I still doubt he will be the starter against the Packers. From what I understand he has struggled to get much separation. I think still think Williams will be the starting split end and Collie the slot WR. But Moore should make the team as the gunner on ST, and he’s been doing enough to warrant some snaps at WR to give guys a breather.

      1. Not something I’ve heard or read specifically Leo. The reports from TC have identified he’s made a number of tough catches, but doesn’t tend to make a lot of catches. I figure that is an indicator he is very willing and capable of making the catch in traffic, but probably doesn’t get much separation.

        Have you heard/ read something different? I don’t recall seeing any reports suggesting he has been getting open a lot.

        Grant, can you clarify? What have you seen with Marlon – is he getting open or has he been relying mostly on making contested catches?

        1. He made an uncontested catch yesterday on a short slant and that was impressive, but most of his catches have been contested.

      2. Thanks Grant, appreciate the response.

        I like Moore’s attitude a lot, and I love that he will throw himself around to make the tough catch in traffic. I really hope he makes the team. But to me it sounds like he still has a fair bit to learn regarding the nuances of route running and setting up a DB to get open.

      3. Leo if you want to see how Moore gets separation, check out the video of his 37 yard catch Dolphins vs the Jets in 2012 when he dusted Kyle Wilson down the sideline. Look at his extension on an overthrown pass. This guy is overlooked. He has weapons that come out like the Wolverine. I agree with you. He doesn’t struggle.

  4. If only A.J. Jenkins had that attitude, either last year or this year, Baalke would still have a clean record on his draft picks. No surprise, after A.J.’s selection last year, Trent stopped his secret envelope nonsense.

    I like Moore a lot. The kid’s got heart and a willful drive to be his very best. I’m pulling that huckleberry.

  5. Marlon Moore commented that Kaep always seemed to be having fun in college, and I certainly remember a game Moore played against the Wolfpack in Reno during which Kaep and the Wolfpack running backs had a great deal of fun.

    Moore was on the Fresno Bulldogs in 2009 when they came to Reno and held Kaep to under 50 yards passing (6 for 12, 45 yards) but still lost the game 52-14. Kaep had 95 yards rushing that game, but he was only the third leading rusher for the Wolfpack. The Wolfpack rushed for over 461 yards and scored six rushing touchdowns (two by Kaep).

    It was a strange game to watch. Fresno passed for over 360 yards (Moore accounted for 100 yards of that) but they were unable to score after the first quarter. From the second quarter on, the Wolfpack literally ran the Bulldogs defense to exhaustion.

      1. I should mention that the 2009 game was the only game I saw Moore play in college, and I cannot say that I remember anything about him from that game. I was a little surprised when I looked up the game box score and saw that he was the Bulldogs’ leading receiver on the day. My memory is that the Bulldogs had a spread passing attack and that the QB distributed the ball to various receivers, all of whom pretty much looked interchangeable to me.

  6. He has a good attitude. I hope he makes the team. Boldin, Williams, and Patton are locks I would say. Patton because they just drafted him and it is way too soon to give up on him. Jenkins probably will be on the team. His time is running thin, but they will probably give him another year before parting ways. I would like them to keep Moore and Lockette after that. Who you keep also depends on how easy it is to change your mind and what else the player can offer. Lockette will be a nice addition to ST. Austin Collie will in all likelihood be available at any time.

  7. Love Moore’ attitude. He’s here to make the team, failure is not an option for him.

    The issue here is that Moore is not a 49er #1 draft pick.
    AJ will continue to be cuddled and given a longer leash because of his draft status. All AJ has to do is make one long reception in the next few preseason games to justify the Org’ decision to keep him.
    Yes, there is such a thing as football politics.

    Moore is making a strong bid to stick and he likely will, but the Org wants AJ to succeed for the obvious reasons that come with a #1 pick.

    1. I agree with what AES has to say about the investment in AJ that has to payoff or he and the Org will look bad. Moore doesn’t have to worry about the politics. He’s a real footballer, he has heart and ambition. He reminds me of Rice in his early days.

      1. You can’t pass up guys that are out performing other guys. Harbaugh is running a risky game by first demotioning guys due to injury and possibly keeping guys because of draft status.
        Once you lose a lockerroom, it’s really difficult to get it back. What kind of example does it show your lockerroom when guys like Moore or Lockette show their versatility, toughness, and equal ability and get bypassed by a guy who has not shown anything resembling a 1st round pick, let alone a positive contribution to the team?
        JH has another tough decision but making all these decisions could lead to a divided house.

  8. I too really liked this guy’s attitude and honesty…… or at least up to the point where he mentioned being a Cowboy’s fan.

    I think the reason they are not letting him play special teams right now is because, his skills in spec teams are a known quantity and they see some potential in him as a WR and so are having him concentrate on WR. If that is true then he has a much better chance of making the final cut as a decent WR, a gunner and a back up punt returner.
    In addition from what I am hearing from Grant’s reports, it sounds as though he could be a potential target and threat in the red zone. We all know that the 49ers need to improve there and will be looking for all possible weapons. So that might end up to be one more feather in his Kap.

  9. I’ve also read some good things about #13, Kassim Osgood playing wide receiver, but haven’t seen his play or prospects discussed here. Grant? anyone? What are your impressions of him and can he help at wide receiver?
    IYO—-In film clips he looks tall, fast and strong, though I’ve seen him bobble a few catches.

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