Max replies

As you know, our reader Max wrote an homage to 49erGirl for our blog community a few days ago.

49erGirl graciously responded, and so did all of you.

Here’s Max’s final word:

In talking about kinds of response to their work, I suppose that most writers would say that the worst response is to have no response at all. When I wrote “In Your Dreams,” which Grant so much more aptly re-entitled “Ode to 49erGirl,” my intent from first to last was to provide you, my blog colleagues, with a couple of chuckles to usher in the New Year – nothing more, nothing less. I certainly did not anticipate so many replies, let alone Grant’s and Lowell’s and Mrs. Cohn’s so very kind gestures and remarks. I am humbled by the experience – and by the incredibly good sportsmanship (which I must admit I did hope for and depend upon) of 49erGirl, who obviously knows a compliment when she reads one – just another attractive attribute that we can add to her character – and regard everyone’s comments as more a tribute to her than to me. Thanks to all of you for getting my 2012 off to an amazing start!

Best wishes,


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