McCarthy says the Packers are “locking down” what the 49ers will do on Sunday

On a conference call Wednesday morning, Packers’ head coach Mike McCarthy was asked how the 49ers have changed from Week 1 to now.

Here’s what McCarthy said: “We wanted to make sure we had extra time at the beginning of the week to make sure we did our due diligence, looking at their whole season, locking down on the things we feel are going to be evident in our game come Sunday.”

I had to chuckle when he said “locking down.” Do you think McCarthy and defensive coordinator Dom Capers have “locked down” the things the 49ers will do offensively against the Packers on Sunday? Capers never has locked down on Greg Roman’s game plan. Capers always is a game behind Roman. Capers makes Roman look like a genius every time they face each other.

How many points do you think the 49ers will score against the Packers this Sunday? Keep in mind, Clay Matthews is out.

  1. Hey, they locked down pretty good on the read option last game they played. I expect them to lock down on Boldin this game. Then the 49ers will beat them by… take your pick:

    Inside game with Hunter and LMJ.
    Outside game with Gore.
    Tight end screens.
    Double reverses with Staley final ball carrier.
    More shot plays out of jumbo formations.
    Fake field goal/punt.

    And if none of that works, grind out the clock with ball control. Packers front seven is going to stop it?

  2. The last 3 games we have scored against them in the roman era are 30,45,34 so I’ll take 31 don’t care about the weather because the packers D is even worse without matthews.

  3. I think they’ll go heavy on the read option again, especially without Matthews to ‘spy’ Kaep – he’ll run wild on them again. It’s not going to be a blow out though the way our pass defense has been playing. AR will pass for 3 TDs, Lacy will run for 1… Niners 37-31

  4. Niner Nation….all im gonna Say is if we dont put up 35 Or more points, then we dont deserve to move on, also im thinking a minimum of 4 sacks, if we dont get to Aaron, we will be in big trouble ……cant wait …anybody taking the Saint over philly ? I am …..happy New Year everyone

    1. The Saints will beat the Eagles by two scores.

      The Niners will win 34-23

      This will setup a showdown with Carolina. Bring it on.

      1. That’s right. 49ers have a better record than Saints so the Saints would have to go to Seattle first. ….’n try to reverse their earlier beat-down.

  5. How many points do you think the 49ers will score against the Packers this Sunday?

  6. Anyone else think the read-option gets dusted off this week, at least for a handful of plays? Haven’t used it much since I think week 2 or 3, Packers are without Mathews who was the one blowing it up in week 1 (and I doubt the Packers will have been practising as hard to stop the read-option since week 1 as they were in the off-season), and cold weather football is conducive to keeping it on the ground more.

  7. Hard to believe this current miner offense can outscore Rodgers. But I’ll trust both offense and defense will buckle up and take care of business..

    Miners 42…..packers 21. (Hey why are they called “packers” anyway?

  8. I think the 49ers score 28 pts. Funny thing is, the 49ers are better now than what the Packers had faced in the season opening. We have Crabtree back and CK playing better, and they’re missing Finley and Matthews.

  9. “We wanted to make sure we had extra time at the beginning of the week to make sure we did our due diligence, looking at their whole season, locking down on the things we feel are going to be evident in our game come Sunday….”

    That’s not what he said, is it? He meant locking down (understanding) what the Niners did. Big difference and you are doing your best Shrub, to put up some bulletin board material in GB. Way to go…

    1. No, he said, “locking down on the things we feel are going to be evident in our game Sunday,” i.e. determining what the 49ers will throw at them. The Packers always are a step behind the Niners in that chess match.

    1. Get ready for a lot of years of mediocrity Tampa, all things considered though it’s probably still going to be considerably better then what you’ve been used to.

      Lovie Smith and Jeff Fisher are both overrated as HC’s and should both be coordinators rather then head coaches.

      1. Coffee,
        You might be right. Lovie is rumored to be interested in Tedford as his offensive coordinator. I’m not sure how that’s going to work.

    1. Nick, i hope you are right!!! The weather is so cold around here that is not even fun to go to the mail box! This is going to be a very tough game and Green Bay is going to bring it at home. I just hope we are ready to face a very good QB in a hostile enviroment. I am worried for our players to be caught off gaurd due to the weather and the noise. GO NINERS

      1. CHI, the Niners will get two days to climatize. GB although use to the cold will not be patient and abandon the run game. The 49ers however will be patient and continue to run the ball against a very suspect Packers run defense.
        Although SF is not technically a cold weather team, they are built for it on both sides of the ball.

  10. Packers 30…… 49ers 10

    Gonna be a blowout. Even when Montana was QB they usually stunk in zero degree weather and one read Kap is not 4 read Montana. I’ve seen this matchup before.

    1. Really Mike? You must not have seen the 1988 NFC Championship in Chicago when Montana led the Niners to a 28-3 win when the temp got down to 0. And he passed for nearly 300 yards and 3 scores.

      “One read” Kap has been playing very well over the last 6 games and finally has his receivers.

      Who is going to put pressure on Kap? Who is going to cover Vernon Davis, Crabtree and Boldin? Who is going to stop Gore and the ground game? The Packers have ZERO defense.

      And the Niners defense is built for this. Lacy will have little room to run and there will be pressure on Rodgers……49ers 31, Packers 17….I’ve seen this matchup before… 3 times in a row

      1. I was at the that NFC Champ game at Chicago when the Niners were supposed to be soft. Slapped hands with most of the team comin out the tunnel.. These 49ers can play in the cold too, no doubt. Let’s not forget, the reason it’s supposed to be so cold is that it will be clear with almost no wind, so if they heat the field well enough footing will be good and the pass rush can get to Rodgers and make his collar bone hurt plenty.

        Real good gloves on receivers hands will be important. Pretty sure there will be more points than in that 88 NFC Champ game and lot of them will belong to the San Francisco 49ers!! Peckers goin Down!!

    2. kaep need no read. With the slippery turf and weather, the read option will be a big time play sunday. Your defense will not stop the run like they did in the first game of the year. Your best defensive player is out. Sorry buddy boy.

    3. I’ve seen this matchup before also, twice in the last year. If I’m not mistaken, “one read Kap” flat-out embarrassed the Packers on both occasions. In fact, he had both his best game rushing AND his best game passing in each of those 2 games.

      That’s funny that you think the Packers win 30-10, with your only argument being the weather. Just goes to show how bad your team is out-matched.

  11. I think that is good bulletin board material, but also think the weather conditions will dictate the playbook and leave Roman with fewer chances to outwit Capers. Hopefully the Niners’ offensive and defensive lines can overpower the Packers. I have my doubts that Kaepernick will be effective throwing rockets in sub-zero conditions. Lots of Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter and Boobie Dixon.

  12. Alex Boone was funny just now on ESPN. Asked about the cold, he said heck yeah, -5 is cold, it’s hard for both teams. He said the Time Outs are the worst, just standing there saying “C’mon, Ref! Let’s play!”

    1. Alex Boone is the man, he had me rolling with his comments. Boone is such a natural in front of the camera I would not be surprised to see him doing work as a analyst on TV when his 49er football career is over.

  13. The Packers defense is the only thing that gives me extreme optimism that the 49ers are going to win this game. I just keep having flash backs of Boldin just physically dominating their DBs in blocking, as well as catching. He’s a mis-match for whoever has to cover him. And now that we’ve added Crabtree back, they’re going to have to pick their poison.

    In week 1, they played the run heavy with 8 men in the box, with a spy on the QB and zone coverage on the back end. They were able to stop the run, but Boldin was chewing up their zone coverages. They’re not going to be able to play the run that hard again with our new-found ability to pass the ball. So if they play us more honest, then I don’t understand how they’ll be able to stop Gore. They could go back to man coverage like they did last year in the playoffs, but then Kap is able to run wild with the DB’s backs to the QB.

    I’m really just interested to see how the packers try to defend us. It seems that no matter what choice they make, we have an answer, because they simply can’t match up with us. If they’re going to gear up to stop the read-option, they’re going to have to stack the line with 8 guys, which would make them very vulnerable on the back-end.

  14. arctic blast coming in sunday at 4.00. Thats big time bad timing. We went from 6 degrees to maybe zero to maybe -6 by the evening to -30 by gametime. Good luck to either team. The elements will determine the outcome, not the better team. No way it doesnt effect the ball and its hardness and it will definitely spin differently. Add to the fact receivers have to catch the ball with their hands frozen. GOODLUCK

    1. Good thing our running game is better than theirs. And so is our defense. Our team is better built to win these types of games than them.

  15. Thing is this Niners have a very good defense against the rush they should stop Lacy the Packers defense on the other hand is Nowhere near good. What usually happens in real cold weather you run the ball…we used to as kids play football in Tahoe when it’d be 10 degrees or so (I Know we weren’t pros but) its a lot different playing in the cold the KEY to the game will be turnovers…but I also see the Niners having an even easier time because the packers D is not only sub par BUT they have probably their best player OUT.

    I say Niners will win it with a strong run game 34 – 10…caue Rogers has trouble throwing although late in the game he may bring the team back somehow cause the niners soften up.

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