McCloughan: Lost sight of family while with 49ers

On the heels of the dialogue on an earlier post about keeping “personal” matters “personal,” Scot McCloughan had some interesting comments to SIRIUS NFL Radio’s Adam Schein.


“Family needs to come first and I lost sight of that with my position at the 49ers,” McCloughan was quoted as saying. “I will be back in league at some point and be very successful.”

This is the first word from McCloughan in which he has alluded to his family.


ESPN’s Mike Sando writes, “Records showed a divorce pending. Sad, I thought, but lots of people go through divorces without resigning or otherwise leaving their jobs. It wasn’t necessarily pertinent, and knowing that the McCloughans have three young kids served as a reminder that such information should be handled with care. The pending divorce deserves public mention now that McCloughan is acknowledging losing sight of family.”


Sando adds, “There are many other questions left unanswered. It’s unclear to what degree, if any, family matters might be a cause or merely a symptom of McCloughan’s current professional predicament. We’ll probably learn more as time passes. The 49ers are still not commenting.”


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