McCloughan says no meeting has been scheduled

The whole 49ers-Michael Crabtree saga just took another bizarre twist.


The 49ers do not have a meeting set up with agent Eugene Parker, who is coming into town tonight. Furthermore, the sides did not speak today, 49ers GM Scot McCloughan said as he left the 49ers’ offices this evening.


“It’s all speculation,” McCloughan of the ESPN report that the sides are scheduled to talk about a contract for Michael Crabtree, the No. 10 overall pick.


McCloughan said the club has learned that Parker is coming to the Bay Area through other parties, but nobody with the 49ers has spoken with Parker or Crabtree.


When asked if the 49ers are scheduled to meet with Parker, McCloughan said no. He said a meeting might take place, but the sides have not set up any kind of negotiating session. McCloughan said he has not talked to Crabtree since the impasse began 70 days ago.


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The 49ers today released receiver Dobson Collins from the practice squad. When Collins was kept on the practice squad, the 49ers were down two wideouts. Brandon Jones was coming back from a broken shoulder blade and practice-squader Dominique Zeigler had an ankle sprain that kept him from practicing.


Now that both Jones and Zeigler are practicing, the 49ers were able to release Collins and bring in a player at a different position. The 49ers will hold workouts for some practice-squad eligible players tomorrow. They’ll likely add one of those players to the eight-man practice squad for Wednesday’s work.


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