McCoy: “I’m gaining a lot of confidence and that’s always a good thing.”

SAN FRANCISCO – Here’s what Colt McCoy said at his locker after Sunday night’s preseason game, courtesy of the 49ers.


Head coach Jim Harbaugh just told us you qualified as the backup quarterback. Did you know that?

“I felt like I played a good ballgame tonight. I feel like I’ve done some good things this preseason, but I’ve also made some mistakes. I think that’s part of the growth within the system. There’s a lot of volume, but tonight, if we want to focus on that, I felt good. We were going against a good defense. Those guys are pretty good and we moved the ball well. We have some things to clean up, but I felt like tonight was a good effort.”


Did Harbaugh tell you that you were the backup because he told us.

“Yeah we’ve talked all week long. I would say that this week was probably my best week of practice. I’m gaining a lot of confidence and that’s always a good thing. I’m glad I came out and performed, but give credit to the other guys too. I was fortunate enough to play with the first O-line in the first half – those guys are phenomenal. The receivers ran and caught the ball well, so I’m thankful.”


Where were you confidence-wise after the Chiefs game?

“Stat-wise it didn’t look very pretty, but I had confidence in that game. I did some good things, moved well, but just overall understanding of the offense in and out of the huddle and confidence with what we’re doing. I’ve seen much improvement week-to-week. Maybe not everybody can see that, but I know my coaches and I really fight hard for that and it’s been a good week.”


Was this a statement game for you?

“I’m just thankful I was able to go out there and compete and play. I felt better, felt more confidence. I hadn’t picked up on it as much as I’d like, I’ll admit that. It comes slower to me, whether that’s all the offenses I’ve been through kind of cluttered together or just maybe taking a little bit more time. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I can say that over this past week and this game, I felt much better, which is a positive.”

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