Meet Braylon Edwards

Braylon Edwards spoke in the media tent after his first practice with the team this evening.

Here’s the complete transcript of the interview, courtesy of the 49ers.

On whether he thought he would play for the 49ers when he visited the team facility prior to the 2005 NFL Draft:

“Back then, I was thinking it was possible. I thought there was a chance that I could go first to this team and Mike Nolan’s team, but it didn’t happen. But I’m here now, so everything happens for a reason.”

On whether he remembered his previous visit in 2005 when he arrived at the 49ers facility on Wednesday:

“I did, actually. Nothing really has changed here with the exception of some players and some coaches, except the cafeteria and the players’ lounge, everything else was the same. I kind of went through the same process, even ate at the same restaurant, so it was kind of like back down memory lane.”

On which restaurant he went to dinner Wednesday night and back in 2005:


On why he signed with the 49ers:

“I had some great talks with them on Monday and it just seemed like a good change of scenery. I’ve known Coach Harbaugh pretty much my whole life. He and my father played together so I thought that was another plus. And then I thought it’d be a great change, a rebuilding team that has a lot of talent, has a lot of ability but just hasn’t crossed over yet and I think I can be a part of that and I would love to be a part of helping this team out.”

On what he sees on this team that makes him believe they can be successful:

“Well teams that are successful, they have multiple weapons. They don’t just have one guy that they throw the ball to or get the ball to, so now you’re looking at a situation where it can be Vernon Davis, you have Walker, you have… Alex Smith has more options now. He has Crabtree, he has Morgan, he has Ted Ginn, so, and Frank Gore in the backfield, so now he has more weapons and you have a system that they brought in that’s proven. It’s proven with the Saints. It’s proven with the Seattle Seahawks. It’s been proven with the Raiders when they went to Super Bowl. So now you have a proven system and you have some consistency for Alex. I think the big thing that people don’t pay attention to, I mean you guys do, you’ve been out here with him, is the different coordinators that he had. I want to say it’s been eight or nine or something like that. The teams that are proficient are consistent and if you put him in a situation that can be consistent with players, I think he can thrive.”

On head coach Jim Harbaugh saying he wants him to get back to how he was trained and groomed at Michigan:

“I think he’s hitting the nail on the head. I think I’ve put myself in some situations that I’m to blame for and coming out here is a good, fresh start to get a clean, fresh slate with people that I trust, with the team that supported me through what they know I’m going through and that’s enough for me. And I look at yesterday is yesterday and today is today as moving forward in the future and that’s what I want to do, and like you said, back to what we were both taught when he played there. When I played there we were taught how to be accountable, responsible, know right from wrong and that’s what I want to get back to, being the guy that can be accountable, that can be respected and be put in position to thrive here and to be a responsible guy for this organization.”

On whether he knew anyone else in the organization other than head coach Jim Harbaugh:

“I knew Ted Ginn. I know Vernon Davis. I head there’s another guy we signed that I know well. I know Carlos [Rogers]. I know Jonathan Goodwin, who we signed, so I am familiar with some faces on this team. There are a lot of faces that I don’t know but everybody was very welcoming and receiving today, so I think it’s going to be a good situation. I look forward to learning everybody.”

On how he knows those guys:

“I hosted Ted Ginn when he was looking at Michigan, played against him. Vernon Davis and I have met through family and friends in the off season. Jonathan Goodwin, played at Michigan with him. Carlos Rogers and I met throughout the whole draft process. Alex Smith and I were everywhere together throughout the draft process, as to who would be number one, obviously it was him so he’s here. So I know people through off season, draft process, family and school.”

On whether he’s spoken to commissioner Roger Goodell:

“I have not spoken to commissioner Goodell yet and I don’t know what his ruling will be on the situation. Obviously, myself and the team hopes that there will be none, but if there is one, then I respect it and I will gladly take it and once it’s over with, move forward and look to help this team be good this year.”

On whether it was important for him to get out on the field and practice on the first day:

“It was. I’m trying to start now. Why wait? Why sit around or be in the locker room or sit and watch? It felt good today and it’s good to learn. It’s one thing to read a playbook and go through some plays and film, but it’s another thing to actually get a chance to watch it live or actually go through some reps, which I had a chance today. It felt good to be out there. I saw a lot of talent. I really never looked at the 49ers, being honest, so I didn’t know the talent level that they had. Seeing what I saw today, there’s a lot of talent on this team. There’s a chance for something special to happen this year.”

On when the 49ers jumped on his radar:

“I would say Monday. Monday we had good talks. Tuesday we talked about a visit. Wednesday the visit happened and Thursday, here I am at the podium. But probably Monday.”

On currently wearing number 81 and whether that is a number he wants to stick with:

“Listen here, that number is temporary. Seventeen is being used right now and I’m trying to figure out how that’s going to work for the season, but81 is temporary and I’m trying to look for a new number. I’m not trying to be known as the next him or anything related to him, and maybe not even 17. Maybe a fresh start means a fresh number, so 81 is temporary and when the time is right, I’ll find the number that I’ll be wearing.”

On what he was told his role on the team would be:

“Looking at it in the receivers’ room, I’m the oldest guy in the room. Which, I realize I’m getting older now, I guess I have to accept that. Just helping the guys out. Obviously, those guys have a lot of talent and they’ve made a lot of plays. I’ve looked at film and I’ve seen Josh Morgan, and I’ve seen what Crabtree can do. I’ve seen Ted Ginn, I’ve played against Ted Ginn. I see the ability they have. My role is to maybe just compete with those guys and make those guys that much better. But make no bones about it, I’m here to be the guy. I’m here to make plays. I’m here to compliment whoever’s on the other side or whoever’s inside, which would be Vernon. I didn’t come to accept the choir robe. I’m here to make some noise. I’ll definitely look to do all I can to help those guys along the way.”

On the situation he was in Monday night and whether he would like to clear anything up:

“That situation’s taken care of itself. It’s not really for me to address right now. At the end of the day that situation will take care of itself. I’m sure of that 100 percent. I’m just here to be a 49er and just try to make plays and help this franchise out.”


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