Michael Crabtree can practice

The 49ers just announced they’ve cleared Michael Crabtree to start practicing with the team. The 49ers now have until November 26 to activate Crabtree to the 53-man roster.

How soon do you think the 49ers will activate Crabtree?

  1. You were on top of this one grant. This is great news. I expect the niners to take the full 3 weeks to activated him, assuming he is healthy. I say first game he plays in is nov 25th vs the redskins on Monday night. Giving him a couple weeks to prep for the big one on dec 8th. This is great news.

    1. I agree with what 707 thinks. I also say vs Washington.
      And back in full stride vs the seahaks dec 8th.
      Great news indeed. CK’s number and our offense are about to blow up soon.

      1. People forget how dominate the 7-15 connection was last year. In Kaps 10 starts, 61 catches 880 yards 8 TD. And Kap had a 130 rating when throwing to him. That’s dominance. Of course crab won’t be 100% but sadly even at 65-70% he’s still better than anyone besides boldin.

      2. 3 threats are better than 4. And I didn’t forget how good the duo was last season. So good in fact that my boy VD was ignored. Maybe the injury was a blessing in disguise. Now he has good chemistry with VD and Bolden. What’s Seattle gonna do? Pull their secondary away from the line and watch gore or ck kill them. There will be to many threats to cover once they’re healthy. All of the “the team who loses the superbowl doesn’t make it back to the playoffs or superbowl” talk isn’t going to apply this year. In the words of the biggest fraud on this site, hofferfan…
        All arrows up”

      3. With crab and manningham back the Seahawks won’t be able to stack 8-9 in the box like they did last game. If Seattle corners can’t get up in your face and hold you they turn into a marginal bunch. Vernon will need to exploit chancellor, he is not very good coverage wise but has gotten the better of Vernon in recent matchups.

      4. Crabtree had the Saints game circle! I’m sticking with that! This has been the best bye week I can remember. Seems everyday has been one good news after another!

      5. I don’t think there’s a snowballs chance in hell he plays on the Saints field where Hunter and Williams went down…..

    1. Seems likely, I’m gonna say the Monday night game against the Skins just for the extra fanfare it will receive.

    2. I agree with Dec.1. They most likely will take the entire 3 weeks getting him back into game shape and giving him maximum rehab time. Great news without a doubt.

      1. I don’t think he’ll play until Dec 15th and only for 3 plays. Then again on Dec 23rd for a handful. Then it will be rest until the playoffs.

  2. whether he comes back for the ‘Skins or the Lambs game,
    the big question will be .. ‘can he pick up where he left off’ ?
    If he can .. the message to opposing defenses .. will be
    “Pick your poison”! ..

    Niners offense will be scary !

  3. Awesome!

    Imagine if he comes back even sooner than the skins game.

    I think I may pick him up in my fantasy right now actually.

    Thanks Grant.

    Man I’m so excited for the rest of this season.

      1. Picked him up 2 weeks ago when Julio went down. I have Megatron and Desean Jackson been running Moreno has my flex may change when Crabtree comes back.

  4. They’ve gotten by without him so far, which leads me to believe they will not rush him. Besides, Manningham will be contributing during this period. For these reasons, I believe Mr. Crabs will make his debut Dec. 1 for a tune up game against the Rams, and then primed and ready for the Seattle matchup…..

    1. The need for crab for that dec 8 rematch is insanely high. I think a tune up game vs Washington, who’s defense is horrid, would be the best route. Get him a couple quick plays, get his feet wet. Then let him play an extended role vs STL and have him fully geared up to play vs Seattle dec 8th. All assuming he is healthy enough for this route.

    2. Agreed razor – I don’t think they will rush him. Dec. 1. And I don’t think he’ll be full go for the Seahawks – wouldn’t surprise me to see his snap count steadily increased over 3-4 games as he builds his confidence and fitness back up. 49ers need a fit and ready Crabtree for the playoffs more than they do for the Dec. 8 clash with the Seahawks.

      1. No, we need to beat the Squawks…pull out all the stops. I know with 8 games remaining a lot can happen, but if we win that game with Crabtree & Manningham on the field contributing, I’m betting the road to the SB comes through SF.

  5. Blog Pick’em Ranking:

    1 Crab 89-44
    2 nofear 86-47
    3 rocket 86-47
    4 Nick 84-49
    5 Matt 84-49
    6 JPN 83-50
    7 MWN 83-50
    8 DRogue 83-50
    9 Jack H. 82-51
    10 CFC 81-52
    11 Pirate 81-52
    12 NinerMD 80-53
    13 Lt.D 80-53
    14 23J 76-57
    15 Lee9 73-60

  6. Any additional news as to whether it was a full or partial tendon tear? I know it was speculated that it was full, but the team never seemed to completely confirm that.

  7. Great news.
    I say he sees limited action in early December and gradually make his way to the starting position by mid-December.

    Manningham may hold down the fort until MC takes over.

    1. That question will be answered with each performance in practice and on game day. I’m holding out hope that he’s at 80-90% by the playoffs.

  8. This is the lift that we needed. 50% of Crab is enough to drive this team to the playoffs. Look JH is a master coach. How he has kept us going with the issues we have had recently is mind blowing. Look at Seattle they are barely winning the teams we smashed. I have a feeling that Crabtree scores a TD in his 1st game back or AB will have two.

    1. No way any player at 50% is going to help. The NFL is built with supreme athletes and games are won & lost by a matter of inches, especially the battle between WRs and DBs. Crabtree will have to be on his game to have opponents respect him. The fact that he’s cleared to play means the injury is healed and now it is a matter of being mentally ready and in football shape. I think he will be up to speed in the next 3 weeks and then a couple of live games to get the rust off.

      1. Good post. I would also believe that Harbaugh is planning for the playoffs, get all the guys activated recently valuable game time to get them “football ready”. I would not expect instant production from any of them for a couple of games at the very least.

    2. I wish there was a “like” feature on this blog. Cannot agree any more with this post. Harbaugh’s coaching job this year has been even better than the previous two years, and that is saying something – seeing his prior record.

  9. Crabtree will use the next three weeks to get fully conditioned. Once he gets back on the field the one that is most to benefit is Anquan. He’ll finally be the number two and should get very favorable matchups.

  10. Niners getting stronger, Panthers getting weaker.

    Panthers starting right guard Chris Scott is probably out, so I foresee their run game suffering. Backup Jeff Byers is also out for the season, and thus they are forced to play Nate Chandler, a former defensive lineman at guard, a position he has never played before. They are so desperate they are bringing Geoff Hangartner back from retirement today to try to fill in. Hopefully, Fangio will get out of his head, take advantage and finally start blitzing, pulling stunts etc… Cam Newton is an average QB when blitzed.

  11. Somebody sez,
    oh, boy – Crab helps us beat Seattle.
    Listen, fellas.
    If Crab is not part of a Super Bowl win,
    he sucks eggs along with the rest of the Niners.
    (That includes you, Mister Harbaw).

    1. You remind me of an old fart I met at the game who liked Alex Smith because he was white and didn’t have any tatoos, unlike the current Niner QB.

    2. Ain’t America great? Where this one can exercise their Constitutional Right to daily reaffirm his standing as the Village Idiot.

    3. This guy is right, if they cant win then the team sucks eggs. Its time to get rid of Vernon, Gore, Boldin, the whole O-line, Justin and Aldon Smith, Willis and Bowma. Those dudes all suck eggs. Trade them all for ever 7th round pick.

    4. Alex Smith (I’m not really an Alex Smith fan, I just use that name because it’s low-hanging fruit for a troll to use on a 49er blog to get responses) sure seems to be talking up the Seahawks lately. How funny that some think he’s a 49er fan disgruntled over the the Alex Smith trade. Nope, he’s been doing this for years and ignoring him doesn’t work so you may as well have some fun with him, lol.

  12. The Cowboys are a lot like the 2011 New York Giants. That team lost a lot of close games in the regular season but they only lost one game by more than 14 points – a 25-point loss to the Saints in the Super Dome. The Cowboys haven’t lost a game by more than 9 points this season.

    1. Simmer down till they actually do something. They’ve had a couple of very embarrassing loses. Right now they look like an undisciplined that can’t beat a team with a winning record. Until that changes why bring them up.
      Their division is like the NFC west in 2010…..

      1. Nice try Grant. One team is actually considered elite. NFC Championship game in 2011 and superbowl in 2012.
        The other has not tasted a playoff victory in a decade. Their QB is labeled a choker. Their number one WR beat his mom in the offseason and is throwing T.O. type tantrums on the sidelines. They scored 48 points versus the number one team in football only to give up 51 points. EMBARRASSING. They gave up over 300 yards receiving to one receiver alone on the Lions and lost a late double digit lead to lose 31-30. EMBARRASSING. But what is more embarrassing is that you continuously bringing them up on your blog like they are a winning team.

      1. Eagles are improving and Dallas is not. Eagles have a chance to beat GB this week with Aaron Rodgers injured. After that, they have an easy schedule filled with home games. They will be tied with Dallas when they face them in Dallas, in final regular-season game. Romo will choke that game and Philly wins East.

      2. I wouldn’t say they handled the Eagles Grant. I’d say they were in a really close tight ball game, with the Eagles having to finish the game with Matt Barkley who threw 3 picks. I don’t think the Eagles are nearly as good as they looked against the Raiders, but they are on the same level as Dallas competitively.

        1. Dallas cancelled Philly’s offense. Foles was 11-for-29 for 80 yards and 0 TDs. McCoy had 55 yards and no TDs on 18 carries. Philly scored 3 points against a banged up defense.

      3. Grant – Philly D is very good now, the young guys have figured it out now.
        I will put my money on Chip Kelly over Jason Garrett any day of the week.
        Philly is getting the slingshot effect now from whooping the Raiders.
        allas (no D) should be afraid, be very afraid.

    2. “The Cowboys haven’t lost a game by more than 9 points this season.”

      Cool. Only problem is they are still losses.

    3. No, no, no. In NASCAR the Points Total determines championships. In football (d’America) it’s wins & losses that get you to the PlayOffs! LOL!
      Sorry, Grant; you hung the curve on that one. ; >)

    4. Grant ..
      The Cowboys have two main problems which
      constantly impedes their chances of success ..

      Jerry Jones .. and Tony Romo

    5. As much as I hate to say it, I think the Giants win that division! Their D has been playing pretty good lately, they get Andre Brown back sprinkled with a dose of Jacobs and Hillis. A respectable run game should open up the pass meaning less INT’s. Don’t sleep on the Giants!

  13. First time he started that N-word stuff he’d been added to the concrete footer for the visiting team’s toilets in the new stadium…

    Don’t know what he was thinking. He’ll have to carry a gun and look over his shoulder the rest of his life.

  14. First of all….YES!!!!!!

    I think if Crabs is practicing they think he’s ready to play now, but they just want to ease him into things so that he’ll be ready by time we play Seattle at home. That game is too important for him to NOT be 100% in, so they want him to take some hits for a couple weeks.

    The bigger question is – how many catches, how many yards, how many TDs on the season for crabs?

    1. That’s exactly what I thought it was…especially when they said it was NOT a heart attack. That dude is under a ton of stress! He’s team was supposed to be a contender this year, and the fact that their not is gotta be tough. Ironically, his stroke may have saved his job…at least for 1 more year. Bob McNair and Rick Smith would look like “cold hearted businessmen” if they fired him now.

  15. Grant,

    Do you think the Niners should move Crabtree back into his old Flanker position where they were forced to move Boldin?

    The Flanker is usually the feature receiver, the 1st read for Kaepernick so do you want the bigger playmaker there?

    Boldin was slated for the Split End position. Boldin is physical enough to beat the jam at the line of scrimmage but can he be depended on to handle tight coverage on the weakside without the benefit of Vernon Davis drawing coverage away from him? So Crabtree might have a better chance at getting open by himself.

    One solution would be to move Crabs to Flanker and Boldin to Split End but then make sure there is a slot receiver, 2nd TE or back on the weakside to help draw coverage away from Boldin. The Niners have been reluctant to pull backs out of pass blocking duties because it would force Kaepernick to read a defense and make very quick decisions with the ball without the extra time given to him with a blocking back back.

    Oh yeah and they will probably be rotating Manningham in there too. Manningham has done his best work as a slot receiver for the Giants. We all hope he can be a good 2nd WR but how will he be rotated into the mix? The Niners don’t use alot of 3WR personnel packages. Will the 2nd WR (probably Split End) be match up specific? Like knowing that a quicker Manningham or a powerful Boldin is a better match up against certain Corners and defenses?

    I don’t have a definite answer yet myself. What are everybody’s thoughts?

    1. I can’t answer that question because I can’t watch him practice. I don’t know if Crabtree will have the speed to play split end and I don’t know if he’ll have the agility to play flanker, either.

      1. assuming he has most of the skills he had last year what do you think?

        I never liked Crabtree at Split End back when Josh Morgan was the Flanker. He’s not a pure speedster and I don’t think he runs routes well enough to get open without help. He’s slippery enough to get open on short and intermediate routes and make some yards after the catch. But typically Split End routes are deeper. Boldin isn’t a deep route runner either. Which is why I think they need to send another receiver on that side to help out…but there are draw backs to that too.

        1. I think the flanker routes would put a lot of stress on Crabtree’s Achilles’ tendon and the split end routes would put less stress on the surgically repaired tendon.

      2. I think Crabtree is deceptively fast. He’s not a burner, but his fluidity helps him get open (which late last year he proved he could do). He cuts fast and attacks the ball quickly, then he explode very well after the catch (which is his biggest asset). I think we’ll see Crabs back at flanker, because we want him to be explosive after mid-range catches, because he always has the potential to it for long yards.

    2. keeping Boldin at Flanker provides some offensive continuity (for this year) for Kaepernick. But you give up some of Crabtree’s big play ability because usually the Flanker is the 1st read.

      Hopefully with another trusted target on the other side, maybe Kaepnernick will start too look for other receivers beyond is 1st or 2nd read more often?

  16. I think the fact that there are better receivers on the team now and the passing game has the potential to be much better than the past 4 years, we may actually see Crabtree facing single coverage or zone coverage more often. Either one is a good match up for us. Boldin can beat any CB apparently other than Richard Sherman. Sherman is the only CB that has really given Crabs a tough time, but he’s has always had safety help over top against Crabs. No one can cover Davis without double coverage (or without Sherman’s blind side hit that concussed him). Manningham (if back to form) is a #2 WR playing as a #3. He has a chance to have a quietly productive second half of the year.

    That means teams CAN’T stack the box against the run (or they’d be stupid to), so our running game may turn out bigger runs in the second half of the year. Not to mention, the read-option may return, because 1) better blocking WRs, and 2) LBs off the field because we can have 4 legitimate receiving options on the field at the same time as Frank Gore and LB’s cannot cover them.

    My predictions (barring any devastating injuries):
    1) by time playoffs hit, we’ll be the top offense in the league, the most efficient and the most dynamic.
    2) We surprisingly have TWO 1k yard receivers for the 1st time in AGES.
    3) Kaep makes a late push for MVP…doesn’t get it.
    4) Harbaugh gets “Coach of the Year” for overcoming adversity and putting a dominant team on the field despite having major injury losses early on.
    5) Seahawks get a Wildcard

  17. 9ers could sure use Crabtree against New Orleans. They won’t be so easy to beat this year as last. Just his stepping on the field as a decoy or for a couple minor catches would be huge—–and put a scare into Saints DB’s. It would give a great boost to fan expectations! …. and believe it or not We fans play a huge role in game outcome. What we (all of us) believe is going to happen is what we get—-mostly. ALL the fans figure in this equation of course, not just 9er fans. Crab’s presence would tip the scales in our favor.

  18. Grant, ya gotta let go of this Cowboy thing, it’s not healthy. Now if they trade for Fleener, all bets are off…

  19. Good one Ghost. Romo was really trying to choke that game away with a late 4th Q pick but the Boys prevailed in spite of him.

  20. Lol! He is truly the most puzzling player in the NFL. He can easily be one of the best AND worst QB in the league all in the same season, same game, same drive, same play….absolutely baffling!

  21. Grant ..
    Romo plays against Breese, this week..
    what are the chances he chokes, and his
    current status changes ?

    or …

    with Mario comin’ back ..
    what are the chances CK7′s name
    appears there, next week ?

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