Michael Crabtree enjoys Slime Flu 2

SANTA CLARA – Michael Crabtree made his locker room walk-by with a little extra bounce in his step today.

You see, he usually walks in with his head phones on, but you can’t tell if he’s listening to music he really likes because his facial expression is all business. He goes straight to his locker, changes from one pair of Jordan sneakers to another and then he leaves.

But today he walked in listening to Slime Flu 2 by Vado, and he enjoyed it very much.

He strutted in to the beat only he could hear, and after every step he paused and pointed at someone on the team, like, “There’s the man!” He did this in silence and none of them noticed.

When he got to his locker he was still dancing. A couple Japanese reporters from NFL Japan approached him and earnestly asked for a moment of his time.

Crabtree pointed to his ear phones as if to say: “Not right now. This is my favorite part of the song.” And then he kept dancing.

I later asked Crabtree what he likes about Vado.

“He’s got bars,” he replied.

That means he thinks Vado is a very good rapper.

If you want to be more like Michael Crabtree, you can download Slime Flu 2 here.

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