Misi meets with 49ers, Raiders

This is get-away day at the NFL Scouting Combine. After today’s round of interviews I’ll be heading to the airport, along with wide receivers, running backs and quarterbacks – and those NFL assistants who coach them.


Those groups are scheduled to work out today in Lucas Oil Stadium, and then they depart Indianapolis after their four-day whirlwind.


Today is the day there will be media access of the defensive backs, along with some of the defensive linemen and linebackers who were not available for interviews yesterday.


I still have not seen Utah DE/OLB Koa Misi, who has been kind enough to call me every evening to submit his journal, which appears every day in The Press Democrat. Here are Installments One and Two.


Misi met last night with 10 NFL teams, including the 49ers and the Raiders. He appears well-suited to play outside linebacker/defensive end in the 49ers’ 3-4 scheme. If he runs well on Monday, he could solidify a second-round grade after a strong showing at the Senior Bowl.


Other notes . . .


–Missouri LB Sean Witherspoon checked in at 6-foot-1 ¼ and 239 pounds. “I think I can come in a 4-3 system and play either in the middle or on the weak side and in a 3-4 system I can play the Mike position, the next position beside it (the Ted). I think I can play that as well and I think I can bring that I am pretty versatile in that aspect and I can help teams out in either way.”


–Penn State DL Jared Odrick is 6-foot-5, 304 pounds, and someone to keep tabs on. He can play a variety of positions. The 49ers view him more as a right end in their 3-4 scheme, which is not much of a need with Justin Smith around. When asked if he would feel comfortable playing nose tackle in a 3-4 scheme, Odrick cited all the positions he believes he can play. “I would feel comfortable (at nose tackle), yeah,” Odrick said. “I’m not sure that most teams are looking at me in that role. But if they are, I’d play it. . . . I’ve heard 5 technique in a 3-4. I’ve heard 1 technique in a 3-4. I’ve heard 3 technique in a 4-3. I’ve heard 5 technique and 7 technique in a 4-3. I’m hearing a lot right now. . . . I’ve been playing 3 technique the most in a 4-3 defense the past 3-4 years. So I feel most comfortable at that. But I think I can find success at multiple positions. I’m just excited to see what’s coming.” (Here’s a straight-forward rundown of all those terms.)


–South Florida DE George Selvie is the second-highest rated South Florida defensive end, behind teammate Jason Pierre-Paul, who’s a likely first-round pick. Selvie is 6-4, 252. “At the beginning of the season, I got a lot of double-teams,” Selvie said. “Then he (JPP) came in and started showing up on the other side, and he did pretty well over there, so we complemented each other pretty well. He had a really good season. Teams still – every team put a tight end to our side or a running back. We got a lot of double teams.” Selvie will need to show teams tomorrow that he has the agility to perform the linebacker drills for teams that run a 3-4 scheme. When asked if he played much coverage in college, Selvie said, “No. I dropped a little bit in zone coverage, but that’s it.”


–Raiders coach Tom Cable is scheduled to speak to the media at 3 p.m. (ET). This appears to be the first official confirmation that he is still the coach. My bags are packed, as my flight leaves at 4:40 p.m.


–For today’s paper, I wrote about Stanford RB Toby Gerhart and his quest to break a stereotype.


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