‘Mustache Monday’ a big hit in 49ers’ locker room

I’m going to make this quick, as I haven’t been home since landing back in the Bay Area:


–Shaun Hill and many others are sporting impressive mustaches today, as the team gets ready to go retro for the season finale. (OK, Hill’s isn’t so impressive.) The offensive linemen spearheaded an movement to go with “throwback” moustaches along with the throwback uniforms. They’re calling it “Mustache Monday.”


I caught a glimpse of Eric Heitmann’s ‘stache. And, yes, it is very nice. Looks like a squirrel took residence under his nose. Hill said Joe Nedney’s mustache looks like “garage floor broom bristles.”


Adam Snyder shaved his goatee, exposing his chin for the first time in eight or nine years.


–Hill talked today about the support he received on the sideline during his struggles yesterday. He said he received kind words and pats of encouragement from a good portion of the team, including “J.T. (O’Sullivan), Jamie (Martin), all the offensive linemen, some receivers – shoot, defensive guys, kickers . . .”


–No new injury updates. Running back Frank Gore tried to work out before the game and could not go. He expects to do some work in practice this week and should be able to play enough to get 22 yards to do over 1,000 for the third straight season.


–The 49ers will not practice on Christmas Day. For that, Mike Singletary gets my vote for Coach of the Year.

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