Munchak on Kaepernick: “I hope he continues not to run against us.”

Titans’ head coach Mike Munchak spoke on a conference call with Bay Area reporters Wednesday morning. Here is a transcript.

Q: What have you seen from the 49ers on film?

MUNCHAK: I think the past three weeks they’re back to playing their type of football. They won all three games. The way they’re playing up front is always fun to watch. They’ve got a good offensive line, do some good things up front, run the ball well. They took over the game in the fourth quarter last week the way they did a lot of times last year with the different formations, the different things they do physically. Great running back. Quarterback is, again, you know, I think they’re just, they’re playing to their strengths. I think so you saw that in the past three games. I think they’re back to doing what they do well. That’s why they’ll be a great challenge to us once again, coming off a tough loss to Seattle and Kansas City. Another tough game for us.

Q: You said the odds aren’t great Jake Locker will play this week. Has that changed at all?

MUNCHAK: We’ll go out to practice here shortly. The good thing is he’s progressing very well and a lot of the soreness is gone in the last two weeks since the injury. Now it’s just a matter of getting back into football drills and seeing how fast he progresses. He’s cleared medically. He’s fine. He’s healed up. Now it’s a matter of how long it takes to get back to playing the position and being able to take a hit and do those types of things a quarterback has to do. He’ll start that stuff this week and we’ll see how far away he his.

Q: How do you treat Colin Kaepernick now? He hasn’t been running like last season. How are you going to approach him?

MUNCHAK: Well I hope he continues not to run against us. He’s a big-time weapon. We got to know him a little bit because we spent time with him when we were making our decision on a quarterback back in the draft. We knew he could be a special player just because he has a passion for the game and he’s so big and so athletic. He’s been fun to watch. I’ve enjoyed watching him play.

And I don’t think he should run. You don’t want a quarterback running too much – you’re not going to hold up, I don’t care who you are. I think it’s smart, the less he runs probably the better. He’ll run enough just being in the pocket and buying time and doing those type of things and you mix in the zone-read that he can do, obviously. I think when you have Frank Gore, you want him running the ball as much as possible. I think what they do with Colin is the exact way it should be done. He’s a guy you have to prepare for, you have to worry about all of the things he can do, you have to adjust your rush lanes, and you know there is going to be a play or two where he takes off. He’s a great weapon.

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  1. Ckone will breakout of the slump nxt game. He needs to run. Run #7…Run

    I will take aa run over Ckone trying to get to the 2nd read…

  2. I always say the 49er offense needs to attack! attack! attack!. BUT, if that KAP and throw offense is stifled,and Gore is doing fine on the ground…then stick to Gore. See,my beef is the 49ers stuck with no change when one of those wasn’t working. No second half figuring that out like they should have.

    1. Stan, how can the 49ers offense attack the other teams defense? The 49ers qb Kap is sooo scared getting his tattoos mess up and get his bell rung. Other teams has a film on kap, they now know how to play defense against qbs like kap. Without gore and Davis the 49ers offense are below average at best. The 49er defense is the only highlight of these 49er team. Atleast, Alex Smith does a better job at qb for the chiefs, even though they say his a game manager.

  3. The Crab’s optimistic look ahead:
    If Niners can keep pace with Sea until week 13…Sea plays Saints at home that Monday night and then have short week before going to S.F. for week 14 matchup.
    The Saints are very capable of winning that Monday night game. Then Niners and Sea are tied and it’s a big time game. Sea would have a short week to prepare, which should increase our chances of winning.
    All arrows up!!

    1. You bet Crabs,
      This division could easily still go to the 49ers. Lots of football left, Seahawks aren’t unbeatable by any means. We’ll likely have to win against them at home though!

    2. Crabs15, why are you guys so worried about the Hawks schedule? You already got it penciled out who the Hawks are going to lose too. Those games ahead needs to be played first?You guys should be more worried with the 49ers schedules ahead. Anything can happen from now until the last game of the 2013 season.

    3. Hey, Thanks for pointing those things out! … sounds encouraging. I think we can beat Seattle at Candlestick anyway.
      Manningham and possibly Crabtree may be aiding SF’s receiving corp by then as well.

  4. It will be nice to see D Walker other than that I hope the tit ans lose BiG! V Davis and Boldin will have a big game with Gore proving sourgrapes Grant was way wrong on calling him done. This should be the game that starts the momentum to the playoffs.

  5. lol at these seemingly incongruent statements by Coach:

    “Well I hope he continues not to run against us. He’s a big-time weapon.”
    -followed shortly by:
    “And I don’t think he should run. You don’t want a quarterback running too much – you’re not going to hold up, I don’t care who you are. I think it’s smart, the less he runs probably the better.”

    I’m sure both of these are true statements, but the first seems to be the unvarnished truth and the second seems to be wishful thinking and perhaps a bit of salesmanship toward our game planners.

    Imho, they need to let (or maybe, I’d love to see) Kap get on his horse a couple more times per game. He’s so much more threatening when the defense has to worry about him taking off and it seems this year, the coaches have put a collar on him. I wonder if it’s because they don’t want him getting hurt (period) or because they don’t trust Colt to come in and win games if the worst were to come to pass. Surely a combination of both.

    Take the reins off, Coach! Let Kap be Kap!

  6. Doesnt he know that Frank Gores legs are gone. Munchak sure refers to him a lot considering how washed up he apparently is.

    1. Greg Cosell on Frank Gore:

      “I think Frank Gore is running as well as he ever has.” He then goes on to explain about one of the things that makes Gore so special in this league.

      Care to respond to Cosell’s comments Grant in relation to your own comments on Gore?

      1. At the end of the comments he says “I don’t think there has been any drop off in his speed laterally or through the hole.”

  7. Munchak gets it. No need to be using Kaep as a psuedo-RB, he’s plenty dangerous enough with the threat of running when pass plays break down. No need to risk him any more than that. That’s what your RBs are for.

    1. Especially since Muchak saw his own QB go down this year. Even though that play happened within the pocket, there is no sense in subjecting your QB to more physical punishment [just to satisfy the justifiable bloodlust of a barbaric fan base].

  8. I dunno if he “gets it” or not, Scooter …
    I just think … he thinks ..
    Kaep running wild on his D .. would probably be a nightmare !

  9. Mike Purcell, come on down. You’re the next player at the 49ers NT position. Mr. Munchak will be getting Mr. Schwenke back from his preseason hamstring injury, and he will attack that NT. IF the 49ers can stop the run, the olives should continue to fall against those 5-10 yard passes that Fitzpatrick likes to throw….

    1. I’m thinking its Purcell too. Dial is just far too raw with zero training camp to just step in, and Dobbs/TJE look too tall for NT.

      The only other (very unlikely) option is to play a true 4-3 with McDonald, Dobbs, TJE and Justin on the field at the same time.

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