Nate Davis in, Damon Huard out

Nate Davis in, Damon Huard out


The 49ers have announced the release of veteran quarterback Damon Huard, which signals that rookie Nate Davis has won a roster spot.


The 49ers have 73 players under contract with this move. Don’t be surprised if they add veteran backups at tackle and/or fullback before the start of the regular season.


“I am thankful that we were lucky enough to have Damon here with us this offseason,” 49ers coach Mike Singletary said in a statement.


“He was a professional in every sense. What he did with our quarterbacks was outstanding. He helped them to have a better idea about what it takes to be a pro. Not only did he provide them great tips throughout, but he helped build their confidence. It’s one thing to hear what you need to do to get better from someone who never played the game, but when you hear it from a guy like Damon you take his words to heart. I really appreciate his professionalism and his personality.”


It would not be a surprise to see some team sign Huard, a 13-year veteran, before the start of the regular season. I’m sure the 49ers tried to trade Huard once it became obvious he would not win a spot on the 49ers’ 53-man roster.


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