New Colin Kaepernick says it’s time to restart with 49ers

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    1. Kaep does sound like he has purged his brain of the effects of the negative situation from the past season or two. Could it be that Tomsula’s departure “cleared the air” (so to speak :)?

      1. Could be he realize no other NFL team thinks he his worth what the 49ers were paying him…..

        that realization can humble a person

      2. Kap has it to be good. Give home one more year. If not 49ers. Should go for a sleeper AJ Mcarren Bengals backup QB

  1. Grant,
    Do I sense a little lump in your throat in writing this? (lol)
    Btw, nice write up.

    I get a strong sense that Kaep and the front office are at peace and finally in a good place. With the new peace treaty in now place, CK can concentrate on football and competing against Gabby come TC.
    Perhaps Kaep’ new found excitement can find it’s way to translate to the field this year.
    Time will tell – but again, nice write up Grant.

  2. Now that we know his mental state of mind is where it needs to be, I’m even more convinced he’s going to defeat Gabbert….

    1. Most of Kaep’s problems are above his shoulders, sounds encouraging but we shall see in a couple of months.

      1. I disagree Under. In watching Barrows video footage, I still see the long wind up throwing motion. I don’t think anyone can question his heart and competitiveness, for me its how will he be in fitting balls in tight windows and making the quality decisions under pressure.

        1. Prime – Like I said ‘most’ which is not an inclusive word. As for making decisions under pressure that’s an above the shoulder thing I would think. He and Gabbert have a lot to prove before I am on board with our QB’s. I need to see with these old eyes. (not as old as HT’s though).

          1. There’s more than Speculation in the other reports. Gabbert continues to hit the screens three times Chip uses and he threw at least 2 int’s as well yesterday. We’re still weak at QB no matter what QB’s sound like to the press. To make matters worse we’re weaker at WR. I think preseason is more telling than TC.

            1. Wilson

              The screen thing is a training device…it won’t be there during games…the reason Kaep hasn’t hit them is that he was aiming at them….
              Damn sky’s falling again….

    2. Razor, I beg to disagree. I hope Chip makes it a strong competition, and both do well.

      I hope Chip utilizes both, and makes it competitive during the season. Kaep or Gabbert should start, and play until they have to punt. Then the other QB will get to play until they have to punt again. The QB with the most success will play the most, so it is a win-win situation.

      It will keep both QBs fresher, and they can study the formations from the side lines until it is their turn to go in.

      I know that traditionally, using 2 QBs is rarely used, but if both QBs have similar skillsets, and could benefit from a collaborative approach, Chip may think outside the box.

      1. Go smoke some more glue Sebnnoying! Maybe you can change the color of the sky with your outside the box thinking!

            1. I beg pardon, but I cannot endorse this plan. #7tormscoming and Gabbert will have his hands full. May the best man win….

              1. Its OK, just throwing out a wild scenario, and it may be better for all concerned for Kaep to win the starting job outright.

              2. Sorry Sebnnoying but this time unlike the Alex Smith scenario, he will have to earn the job!

            2. I was referring to both of you Seb. Even if you were addressing Razor, it doesn’t change that you have Prime need to avoid each other becuase you bring nothing to the blog when you have your back-and-forth that usually has nothing to do with football.

              1. Wouldn’t it be better to for to ignore Prime’s attacks so the blog isn’t overrun by their back-and-forth which usually devolves from Niner football?

              2. Sebs that annoying know it all in school who will tell you, as you are pounding him, that the way you throw your punches is incorrect since thats not how Hulk Hogan would do it.

          1. Sorry need to call out the stupidness from the guy who thinks he is the smartest guy in the room.
            I apologized already to everyone and to ignore my posts. You must not have read that part. Continue on Midwest!

            1. Just ignore the post unless you can respond with football Prime. I said this to you a long time ago: be the bigger person.

        1. Did you also hear the suggestion that Hyde should just go down after picking up 1st downs? And that VMac should fall to the ground after a catch to avoid a possible TO?

          1. God, how I hated when the greatest show on turf receivers would fall to the ground after they caught the ball. It was infuriating that no one could get a solid hit on them, and they consistently moved the chains….

              1. Actually, they had Marshall Faulk. He was the difference. KW just had to hand off, or dump off a pass to Faulk, and he won the game.

              2. That last sentence is in no way accurate Seb. Warner threw for 414 yards and two TDs while attempting 45 passes without an interception, which resulted in him being named the Super Bowl MVP.

              3. MW, the Titans concentrated on Faulk, and limited him to only 17 yards, but when they stacked the box against Faulk, they were weak against the pass. Faulk also had 5 receptions for 90 yards.

                KW may have been good, but Faulk was great. He carried that team with 2400 total yards and a 5.5 yard average.

                Marshall Faulk was named the Offensive Player of the Year, not KW.

              4. MW, the Titans concentrated on Faulk, and limited him to only 17 yards, but when they stacked the box against Faulk, they were weak against the pass. Faulk also had 5 receptions for 90 yards.

                Congratulations, you have destroyed your own argument.

              5. I concede that Faulk was limited in the SB, but he took one on the chin for the team. His selflessness allowed the other players to shine. He accepted all the attention, so the team could win. So while he did not have good stats in the SB, his overall performance for that year was enough to be recognized as MVP.

              6. Correction. KW was the MVP of the league, and Faulk was the Offensive Player of the Year.

                Still, in the SB, Faulk accounted for almost a quarter of the total offense, so he did contribute.

              7. But the discussion wasn’t about the regular season; it was about the Super Bowl. You claimed that all Warner had to do was hand it off or dump a pass to Faulk, and that simply was not true. I provided evidence to the contrary, and you proceeded to add to that evidence. It all adds up to your claim as not being true.

            1. That idea is laughable and embarrassing Razor!

              If you accused Torroey Holt, Issac Bruce, Faulk and Hakim of going to the ground without contact, in order to avoid turning the ball over, they would laugh at you before telling you to find a new sport to watch.

              Yes, they were good at avoiding contact, but that’s a far cry from simply going down in order to avoid turnovers. If they had done that, they never would have been called “the greatest show on turf” and would never have put up the prolific numbers that they did.

              “TGSOT” offense was attuned to getting all five receivers out into patterns that stretched the field, setting up defensive backs with route technique, and the quarterback delivering to a spot on time where the receiver could make the catch and TURN UPFIELD (not go to the turf to avoid a turnover). Frequent pre-snap motion and shifting were staples of the system, often including shifts to or from empty backfield formations or bunch formations.

              Unbelievable anyone would defend such a stupid idea!

              1. 49, you should review the 2011 NFCCG. Those receivers fell to the ground, and after the game they said that was their strategy, because they knew that Goldson and Whitner were chomping at the bit to hit some one.

              2. I watched the games and saw them do it many times. Please step away from the hyperbole bong….

        2. I said that there would be a starter, and he would start until the team had to punt. Theoretically, he could start all game if they continue to score.

          We had a trade that involved 9 picks and 7 picks, Those picks translate into players. Philly also traded away 2 players, so multi player deals do exist.

          Did you hear that someone suggested Hyde to not keep struggling because that gave the defense the opportunity to gang tackle him and cause injuries? He also advocated running out of bounds to avoid injuries, but some macho dudes think that is wimpy?

          Additionally, someone advocated that Vance avoid dropping the ball by not running before he fails to catch it? If it means he concentrates on the ball until it is secured, and he falls down past the sticks, that would be much preferable to dropping the ball.

            1. Sorry, Wilson, but I feel perfectly comfortable advocating that the the Niners get smarter, more efficient, more effective and more disciplined.

              I feel like the other people yelling that Candy and Martin are going the wrong way.

      2. Using 2 qbs is NEVER used in the NFL. Its rarely used in college and usually its 70%+ one guy and the other is a specialist.

        Theres an old saying, “if you have 2 qbs, you have no qbs”.

        Do you even watch football?

    3. 49ers are setting the stage. Training camp will be very special to watch. Colin is humbling himself because he see’s thru the looking Glass that this is the best offensive system he’s yet to play in. And CK is by far the best QUALITY chip has coached in the NFL.

        1. Until he shows otherwise, at this moment, Kap does not go thru his progressions, is relatively inaccurate and has a poor feel within the pocket.

    4. I don’t think so. Gabbert is just a better QB than Colin. There’s no way to quicken that delivery or make Colin a better pocket QB at this point.

      1. If Gabbert keeps hitting those screens, you may be in for a surprise. Also, Chip is too smart to force Kaep to be only a pocket passer. I expect a lot more roll outs, with the DE on the side he is rolling away from not even blocked, so the Niners will overload a side with an extra blocker.

        1. Scheme can account for some of Colin’s shortcomings in the pocket but at some point every NFL QB needs to be able to drop, read, and deliver accurately and on time. Colin has never shown a propensity to be able to do that. When you roll out, you necessarily cut the field in half. Great scheme occasionally but a full time QB movement scheme eventually helps the defense.

  3. ….if Kap can get his head on straight, we are going to be in for an exciting year. One possible way this plays out. Gabbert makes all the right throws in practice, completes a nice percentage and has some good runs. All good. Kap gets in there and unleashes a 40 yard in the air frozen rope (with a little bit of touch) or makes a 25 yard run compared to a 7 yarder by Gabbert. What choice will Chip have?

  4. Now it’s my turn to ask a question. “Have your agents dropped the trade request?”

    Kaepernick pauses and stares at me, then repeats my question. “Have they dropped the trade request?” I’m thinking I’ve offended him, but he laughs and says, “I haven’t even thought about a trade request in a long time.”
    That’s the classic, answer the question with your own question and then answer that one instead. You should have followed that up with, “well that really isn’t a yes or no, has the agent dropped the request?”

    1. Although not really i guess since he didn’t change the question but just repeated it. Either way it still doesn’t change the fact that he didn’t answer it.

  5. Colin to Agent: “What can I do from a personality standpoint to improve my image and make being an NFL quarterback easier?”

    Agent to Colin: “Get one.”

    Seriously, from what I heard when he was in college he was a great guy. He’s always working for kids charities. It didn’t match his 49er interviews. Its good to see him engaged and happy. I hope he stays relaxed and focuses on football with an aggressive (but not gallows serious) approach. Who knows… the “Turlock Tornado” experience could return.

    1. Brodie Colin came into the league under Harbaugh and we all know how he was at the microphone. I can only imagine the type of coaching that JH gave to Colin about what to say and how to say it. It always felt like Colin was answering questions with the specter of Harbaugh standing behind him. Whenever he would pause before answering It always seemed as if he was asking himself; “How would Jim answer this” and his answer usually came off as an attempt at a Harbaugh response. The only problem was that Colin wasn’t as smart as Harbaugh and that type of personality didn’t match his own so it came off as clunky and awkward.

      I think the personality you are seeing more of today is the Colin that is no longer worried about giving Harbaugh type answers. He can be more relaxed and just talk.

      1. I always assumed that Kap was emulating harbaughs interview style, if not following explicit instructions. Makes sense that once that was all done and gone*, his real personality would re-emerge.

        *as far as I recall, there was no football in 2015

  6. I am trying to find something to criticize so your head does not get too big, but must concede defeat and state that your post was superb, and a big reason why I come to your site.

    You made it personal, yet elicited the most emotion from Kaep in the entire interview. You cut to the heart of the matter, and made it a compelling narrative with astute lessons and keen insights.

    Great work, keep it up.

      1. Sebnoying………..

        Wherever you go, there you are.

        You think long and hard about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. As much as I dislike Sherman’s over the top bashing of fellow players like Crabtree, I agree with his stances on issues like Thursday games (its bad for players health and bad for football) and forcing introverted players to give interviews (I’m with John Taylor on this one).

      A good reporter (or politician) bites the hand that feeds it from time to time.

      1. B2W,

        NFL owners should definitely build their own stadiums.

        What if Thursday night games were always followed by a bye for each team?

        Ever since the NFL started with Thursday night games, I’ve thought they should add another bye to each team’s schedule, adding a week to the season. This will allow for every team playing on Thursday night to have extra rest leading into and out of the game. It will also add one week of regular season football, so there should be more money from TV.

        1. I’m all for an extra week or weeks of the season ex, but I don’t understand the angst over Thursday night games. There is no data that suggests players are at an increased risk of injury by playing on Thursday. They also get an extended break between the Thursday game and their next one which players love.

          I always go back to the fact Thursday games were never an issue when they only occurred on Thanksgiving. I don’t recall anybody complaining – players or fans – that games were played on that day and two teams got the short straw every year in Dallas and Detroit. Like a lot of subjects, I think this is really just something for people to complain about with little substance behind it.

          1. Rocket,

            Even if there isn’t any additional risk to the players (the parameters of the studies showing no extra risk, need to looked at, as studies can be crafted to show almost anything), the road team is at a pretty big disadvantage and neither team has the requisite prep time, so Thursday games can suffer.

          1. It would make more sense if they played them coming off the bye if the problem was playing on a short week. That way nobody would play on short rest. It is hard to schedule that way though.

            1. Actually, Rocket, that’s what I actually intended to suggest. Of course the bye is needed before each Thursday night game. Total brain cramp on my part.

              1. Rocket,

                It might be slightly more difficult to schedule, but I don’t think it would be too much of a problem.

          2. Only thing I dislike about the Thursday Night games is when we’re the away team. Having to travel shortens the week even further for the away team. They should try to schedule it so the Thursday Night away team is a team coming off their bye and that the team with the short week gets to host the game.

  7. Great write-up Grant. You seemed to have upped your game here of late which makes your articles more enjoyable to read. Keep up the good work.
    I love that Kaepernick appears to have finally matured or at least gone back to the guy he was at Nevada. That said, his play on the field is what’s going to the talking for me in regards to if he is ready to lead the 49ers offense once more.

  8. hmmm… everyone who in the past concluded #7 acts like a douche-bag during interviews was right……Good to know!!!!

    1. I did not say he acted like a DB, and I saw improvement every week. In fact, by the end, he was wearing a suit. I will concede he channeled JH, and tried to act like he was under an inquisition, but losing humbled him.

      I am glad to see the new Kaep.

        1. The new Kaep was humble, candid, engaging and answered using 80 word responses. He has forgiven the past slights and is moving forward. He sounded contrite and mature.

          He answered all questions fully and did not consider the questions to be objectionable. He even extended the PC so more questions could be asked.

          And he did not wear head phones.

          1. Not meaning to harp on this, but I again see people using words to describe how Kaep came across in the PC that I disagree with. Obviously as discussed already, very much disagree he sounded contrite. But also strongly disagree he sounded humble.

            In what way was he humble? At no point did he say anything to suggest he has a modest opinion of himself, or that he has even been humbled by his experiences. He seemed confident in himself, in fact. And again, this is as it should be. He needs to be confident, to believe in himself, and show the world he has that confidence.

            He didn’t talk himself up, but the absence of hubris does not constitute modesty or being humble. And acknowledging what has happened has helped him grow and change is also not displaying humility. It is displaying wisdom and maturity.

            He was indeed engaging, and seemed mature about what’s happened and candid in his responses. He did a great job of it.

            1. Scooter,
              We all have become two-bit psychoanalyst at one time or another quickly giving our synopsis of what a player says or the supposed hidden meaning behind their comments.

              But you are correct, CK conducted himself with confidence during his PC. Sometimes rather than try to conjure up our personal opinions of what a player is saying, it could best just to take what is being said at face value.

              1. What is worse, the blog ridiculing Sebnnoying or trying to figure if Kaepernick has changed in one press conference?
                We need the regular season to be here soon!

              2. Kaepernick along with the entire Org was in complete disarray last season.

                No doubt the events of 2014 lingered as a dark cloud over the 2015 season effecting many players in a negative way.
                No need to go into the details of 2015 because we know all to well that our Org hit rock bottom last year.

                It seems to me that Kaep is ready to move on from last year and hopefully the entire locker room and Org feels the same way.

                CK’ demeanor has never been an issue with me to begin with. All I required from him, as I do with all players is to give 100% and to continue to grow at their craft.

                While many here give their personal views and interpretations of CK’ recent PC describing what they dissect from his comments, I would like to add that I’ve seen Kaep around children, students and charitable event in the Central Valley and can say without hesitation that he is in fact a very humble person off the field.
                It think sometimes as fans we label players only by what we see on the playing field.
                I’m guilty of this myself. I remember not having a very good view of Alex Smith. But I changed my thinking of him when he gathered a group of his teammates to assist in a search for a little girl who was missing in the east bay area.

                It might be tough for some of us, but if we learn to separate the player and the off field person things just might run a little smoother around here.

            2. Scooter, I know you like to parse semantics, so I will concede your definition could be correct.

              However, there are more different interpretations that could also be made. I will start with the humble aspect. Kaep was humble, in my opinion. He was not bold or brash. I did not perceive any arrogance, and when he states that he did not play his best football, you could interpret that as admitting he made mistakes and played poorly.. He also said he wanted to redeem himself, so that fits as an aspect of contrition.

              He did not declare he was humble, but his words and actions demonstrated his lack of ego, and control of emotions. He sure sounded calm, friendly, open and humble, to me.

              1. Who cares if he was humble, friendly and calm?
                His issues are accuracy, leadership and decision making and you CK lovers have yet to identify how that has been improved. Instead you all think Chip is going to be the messiah and bestow a blessing on him that will make him once again play like he did 4 years ago!
                Give me a break!

              2. Well, I think only people that really want to see those things from him in this PC will interpret it that way. Its a big stretch to call someone owning up to not playing well as being contrite. And also a big stretch to say someone that wasn’t arrogant was being humble.

                As I said, the absence of hubris (or brashness, or arrogance) does not make one humble.

                “…that’s something that I’m excited about for this season is being able to redeem myself, go out there and play well and prove to everybody what I’m capable of.”

                Humble? No. Not at all. Hungry to prove himself more like, and confident in his ability to do so.

              3. Scooter, it is also the degree of humbleness. Comparatively speaking, Kaep was way more humble in his latest PC compared to his past PCs.

                Like you say, you did not see a humble person. However, I did. I guess we will just have to disagree.

                A confident person would not have to prove to others that he has redeemed himself. A confident person would say that he will win the starting job back, and an arrogant person would say that he deserves to get his job back. Kaep did neither, which sounds pretty humble to me.

              4. Urgh, this is like pulling teeth. I think this is a clear case of people will see what they want to see. Lets leave it at that.

              5. Yes, I am perfectly fine with you not seeing him humble, just do not deny me the right to say that in my humble opinion, he was humble.

              6. It’s ok Scooter, no big deal. I have been saying Kaepernick needs a dose of humility. Whether it be hunger, poon-tang, humility or all of the above, I’m just glad he’s mentally locked in and poised to redeem his NFL soul….

              7. Completely agree its good to hear him say he is focused on winning the QB job and ignoring the distractions of the past, razor. And I can’t stress enough how refreshing it was to see him act the way he did during the PC. He handled it really well, I thought.

                I just think there are some words being used to describe his demeanour in the PC that are more projections of what people want him to be, rather than what he was. I appreciate both you and Seb like Kaep and want him to succeed, but in this instance I also think it is driving both of you to see things that weren’t really apparent in the PC.

                Don’t get me wrong – he may be contrite, and may be humble. It just wasn’t really evident in the PC… unless you really look for it.

              8. Scooter, I think it is a good first step. Lets see how he does in his future PCs, and what unfolds in TC. Sounds like he has forgiven the past slights, and is moving forward, so to me, he did really well by not airing dirty laundry.

                I agree with you that he also sounded somewhat confident in his abilities, he was also eager to prove his worth and excited to play for Chip and the other coaches. Maybe those are not humble qualities, but I will take them as a good sign that he has changed and matured.

  9. Grant, you have to read between the lines.
    “I’ve really had an opportunity to sit back, be with my family, be with my woman and really view what’s important”
    Kap is acting like a teenager in love and I think that is the big change in his life! I think he got himself a steady GF that make him smile and say that things are coming from his heart (soul).

  10. Grant, good article. Do you agree with Mike Silver and Maiocco that Gabbert is the favorite and that in a close competition Gabbert gets the nod? Maiocco also implies the locker room wants Gabbert.

    From the whole spectrum of information out there, it seems like Colin is looking more and more like a serious threat to take his job back.

  11. Several good articles in a row Grant. I think that the changes in the organization are even beneficial to the reporting and reporters as there is more focus on technique, team chemistry and overall progress of the players. Breath of fresh air.

    Just a bit of caution on CK, he is coming across as personable, engaging and honest, but he is merely being professional. This is good but not the entire enchilada.

    His demeanor will need to be sustained even if he loses the starting job in order to be a real change.

    Going back to the question he didn’t answer, Colin chose to answer the question he preferred to answer and not the one asked. Diplomatic but still evasive. Is this because his agents may still be working behind the scenes on “business” while he concentrates on “football”?

    Hard to tell at this point. We’ll have to stay tuned?

    Has QB by committee ever worked successfully? I don’t think it has, though I may be wrong and if a coach can’t tell which QB will be most successful out on the field, maybe the coach should find a new job. Experimenting is what TC and pre-season is for, not when the games count.

    1. Isn’t evasiveness what we get from even the best NFL players and coaches these days? Very few of them answer questions like that with any substance. They redirect you or tell you to talk with other people. Some use humor to distract you. Some are so good you don’t even notice it.

      What answer there would have satisfied people to the trade question? I think knowing any answer other than what he said would be run with in directions he couldn’t control. So his answer is the best one, he’s moved on and we should too. We can believe it or not.

      1. Wilson,

        Don’t get me wrong I’m fine with the answer. I did say he was being professional (like those you mentioned). I’m just not as effusive in praising the new Colin and was cautioning that his non-answer is just that.

        He’s welcome to state whatever he wants(I never had problems with his press answers before – heck my favorite niner is J. Taylor) but it’s still dodging, just a more pleasant dodge served up with a smile.

      2. Exactly on point Wilsonm73, and universally true in all sports, political, corporate, or bureaucratic situations except under blow up conditions.

    2. I have also seen QB controversies tear apart a team, so that may be worse than trying to accommodate both QBs.

    3. EastCoast9er

      I had to skip over a bunch of ‘prattle’ but in searching, I believe that your post is the first to address the idea of some sort of epiphany from Kaep in being called “mature…humble…etc”. I believe that for the last 6 months, Kaep’s agents have been ‘schooling him…choreographing…cramming, if you will, in preparation for this opportunity. Like yourself, I don’t believe that he’s changed anything. To be fair, I will admit that I am not one of his ardent fans, but “putting lipstick on the pig ” will not fool Coach Kelley…If he could have fixed his flaws to this point…he would have…he didn’t…

      1. Oregon , since you are mentioning mature and humble, I think you are directing your comment at me, so let me interject . Kaep did get help. He obviously was ‘Schooled’, or well prepared for this PC, and I am perfectly fine with that. In fact, it proves that he has changed and is more amenable to accepting good advice. It also proves that he is smart, because you and I knew that he would get grilled by the media. Being well coached may make you mad at him, but you would be dissing him if he came out unprepared, so in your eyes, he cannot win either way. You are right, Chip will not be fooled, but Chip is lavishing praise on Kaep, so he sees the potential in Kaep. Chip sees Kaep as his best chance to win, and I agree with him. To me, he hit a grand slam, while to you, it was just lipstick on a pig.

        Kaep was 1,000,000 times better than his PC when he was surly and snarky, refusing to answer any questions. The fact that he evaded fully answering the recent FO questions just showed me that he is more mature, and took the classy road to avoid more controversy. It would do no good to have him rehash what we all know. Like East Coast said, he was being professional, and I am fine with that.

        I am glad you admitted that you intensely dislike Kaep. Nothing he can do will satisfy you, and even if he led the Niners to the playoffs, you would not give him credit for leading the team.

        I, on the other hand, am an ardent fan of Kaep. In fact, I will claim to be his biggest booster on this site. I truly hope he takes the league by storm , AGAIN.

        1. Seb
          No, I was not directing my comment at you specifically ….in that I struck no vow to never reply to your posts, I do feel obliged to correct your latest missive toward me….I have never said that I intensely dislike Kaep, nor that nothing he can do will satisfy me….I also never said that he was ‘stupid’ enough not to accept advice that would cost him millions of dollars not to….that ‘Chip’ lavishes praise on Kaep means nothing…have you heard ‘Chip’ not lavish praise on anyone ? Even though ‘Chip’ does it more believeably…JH also lavished praise….’Chip’ s cards are close to his vest.

          Come July, we shall see which of us is right….IMHO, Kaep has too many flaws to cure by then….

          1. Oregon, at least I said that you did not hate Kaep, like other posters do.

            Yet, your animus towards him is palpable, so it is perfectly clear that you wanted him cut or traded. Too bad for you, he is still on the team, and looks poised to seriously compete for the starting job.

            I agree, lets wait until TC to make any cogent assessments.

  12. I for one am looking forward to the upcoming season. I am ready for the new look offense and I am ready for the new look defense. I am ready for the Niners to do what no else is expecting – win!

    1. Taking bets …

      With all the good news surrounding CK7 ..
      as of late ..

      What are the chances Kaep ends up being
      the $12 Million clipboard holder come Game #1 ?

      I say there’s two chances of that happening ..

      Slim and Fat ..

      What say the rest of you ?

      1. I’d say on the field it doesn’t take much to beat out Blaine Gabbert. If Colin is focused and 100% committed to studying the film and working on his technique then he really shouldn’t have a hard time beating him out on the field. The question after that is, does the front office have any real interest in him playing for them or being their starter. Have they mentally moved on from him? If so it doesn’t matter what he does at this point because they want Gabbert to be their man. I’m not suggesting that’s the case I’m simply suggesting it’s a possible factor in the decision. It’s not always about who plays best on the practice field despite what is said to the reporters.

        1. CFC,
          This theory smacks of a FO conspiracy stacked against CK. Over the past couple of years I admit that it seems like the FO has done more damage than good for the franchise, but to suggest that the Org has already made up it’s mind to move on from Kaep even if he beats Gabbert in TC would be an all time low that would have the FO looking like a bush league organization and hurt it’s chances of attracting future FA.

          If this theory proves to have merit, even the players in the locker room that don’t gravitate to Colin would snub it’s nose at the FO and band together with him because of the unstable culture being set by the Org toward their own players.
          The ramifications of the FO doing something like this would cause far reaching damage – I for one would not adhere to this theory.

          1. Pump the brakes my friend, I think you’ve taken this a bit too far.

            First, i’d hardly call it a theory. I was offering a contingency to the decision of who’s the starter. Second given everything that has unfolded it really isn’t out of the realm of possibilities. Finally it wouldn’t be the first time in this league that personal preference along with bad blood/grudge has it’s fingerprints on the depth chart.

            I’ll add a caveat to my original post that it’ll also come down to how much better Colin looks then Blaine. If there is a personal bias towards Gabbert it could be that Colin has to blow Blaine out of the water to win the job. Only looking marginally better wont make him the starter necessarily.

            1. CFC,
              If the FO has already made up it’s mind to move on from Kaep and it doesn’t matter what he does because they want Gabbert as their QB, that doesn’t sound like a contingency plan, it sounds like the FO grinding the proverbial ax to undermine CK’ stay as a 49er.
              Again, if this type of mindset from the FO carries any merit it would not bode well for an organization needing to add and keep talent for the immediate future.

              1. I think you’ve already made up your mind that my post meant one thing and you really aren’t reading what I’m saying.

              2. CFC,
                I did not come to any conclusions here.
                I know that you weren’t speaking in absolutes, just working off the possible scenario CFC.

      2. I think Kap starts and gets a 4 game leash to prove himself……… I do expect the 49ers to play improved football and hope that the corners and Reid, and OL and whoever plays next to Bowman, play well enough to give us a chance at the division…

      3. Slim and Fat???
        As the starter will be determined by Chip Kelly, and he needs to do well to improve his image as a coach… I would say the qb who plays best will win the job no matter who the locker room likes, management likes, or who makes the most money.
        In this case… whoever starts will win it on merit.

  13. Perfectly put Coffee! I will add that if Kaep outplays Gabbert and Chip wants to start Kaep and Balke steps in then we have a massive power struggle. Which I believe this time the coach wins out.

      1. That’s exactly why Balke just might step in. I think he regrets trading Alex. I also believe he doesn’t care for Kaep cause he is a JH guy. I hope I’m wrong but this praise for Gabbert is coming from someone.

        1. Wrong on both fronts Oregon. Baalke traded Smith; not Harbaugh.

          The only way Smith gets to the SB is with a ticket.

          1. The only way Smith gets to the SB is with a ticket.

            Like Kaepernick who can get there only if he starts for half a season.

              1. Kaepernick did it because his style of play took defenses by surprise. However, those defenses eventually figured out how to counter his style of play, and Kaepernick failed to adjust. Here’s hoping he finally does and can finally become one of the best to put on a 49ers uniform.

            1. Mid,

              Kap made it to a SB as a player while Smith has yet to do it. That is the point and it doesn’t matter if it was half a season. Kap got them there and while the defense was playing poorly to boot.

              Oregon continues to spew misinformation like Harbaugh trading players away when that wasn’t his job, and trading away a good veteran QB would be the last thing he’d want to do as a HC anyway. The Comment about Smith is nothing but fan boy admiration for a nice clean cut young man with no tattoos or surly demeanor. No football knowledge behind it which is par for the course with Oregon.

              1. I understand, but my point is both QBs will have to have help getting to and winning the Super Bowl. Right now the odds are more in favor of Smith and the Chiefs to do so, but each season can always bring about a surprise.

    1. Having watched Chip Kelly in Philly for the last 3 years, there is no chance in heck that Baalke steps in and determines who the starter is. Kelly would NEVER put up with that, and it would be a very public mess. Kelly will start who he feels is best, period. what is Baalke going to do? fire him? and pay his 4 year salary right now? never going to happen.

      1. Couldn’t agree more. Also, Baalke has said repeatedly that the coaching staff determines who plays in the games. And, let’s not forget, that when Chip was hired, Jed said he was going to be the HC for a long time. Sure some of that is probably exaggeration, but he hasn’t made a similar comment about Baalke.

    1. Nice article on csn Bay Area about Jeff drixel, I hope he can learn and not thrown in the fire for a year or two. Sounds like he just wants to play even if that is on the special teams. Very refreshing unlike some one like tbow that would only play qb

    2. Good post under center. I have my fingers crossed also! Still need some studs at we to build around. I thought Eric Rodgers could be a building block but he seems to have disappeared .

    3. Undercenter,
      We’ll know by the end of TC if Driskel makes it to the PS or is gone after a couple of seasons like Nate Davis, BJ Daniels, and our last underdog UDFA hopeful Dylan Thompson.

      One thing going for Driskel is that he is a 6 rd draft pick and was probably Kelly’ gift choice in the draft.
      If he is in fact a Chip selection, I would like to see Driskel stick around for a few years to see him develop under Chip’ tutelage.

      1. AES – I am not sold on Kaep or Gabbert. I am hoping for one of them to step up and shine but I won’t hold my breath. Time on the practice squad for a year or two would do him some good. I am in no way saying Driskel is going to make it or is going to be great, its more out of desperation of the QB situation is why I look to him.

        1. Undercenter,
          I would like to see Driskel get 3 yrs of tutelage under Kelly. He seems to fit Chip’ physical QB profile but it could take a few years for him to fully grasp this system.

          I actually think (my 49er emotional side speaking) that Gabbert or Kaep can find success in this offense because it fits their ability when having to run.
          If they can (whoever starts) get to about 65-68% completion ratio there is a chance we could be a competitive team.

          Of course, being a team game, either CK’ or Blaine’ success would need to come on the heels of the OL playing much better and defense becoming stout again.

          No one person or QB is going to carry this team – there just aren’t that many Montana,’ Elway,’ or Lawrence Taylor’ and Von Miller’ to go around anymore.
          As Bill Belichick says; “just do your job” and every player on this team will need to do that to succeed.

      2. Nate Charles Davis has been for two years the quarterback for the Amarillo Venom of Champions Indoor Football.

    1. I just spit out my froot loops! Thanks under center, boy do I miss harbaughs quotes! I know it’s early but I thought er was going to be a diamond in the rough!

  14. Another nice column Grant.

    This is the Colin Kaepernick a lot of us were hoping to see. It appears Steve Young’s advice may have turned on a light bulb. We’ll see how he reacts to the quarterback competition as things heat up in training camp. But for now, it appears that he is focused on the opportunity in front of him, and not dwelling on the past. It appears that he has embraced Chip Kelly, but…….

    Has he put away his headphones and is he learning how to build relationships and support among his teammates? We don’t yet know.

    Is he focusing more of his energy on learning the playbook, breaking down game film, and working on his mechanics and fundamentals, and less energy on building up his biceps? Early reports are promising, but we don’t really know yet.

    Has he learned that decisions will be made in the best interest of the team, and not himself personally? We don’t yet know.

    But, he’s taken an important first step and appears, for now, to be back on track. Let’s hope he continues to show humility and contrition moving forward.

        1. Oh you mean the all world Defense that allowed 34 points in the SB against the Ravens? You can’t be talking about that D.

          1. Yes that one that limited Aaron Rodgers and beat ATL on the road. You know, that one that carried the 2012 & 2013 seasons!

            1. You can’t call a D all world when in the biggest game in there lives they cost the entire team the SB… Kaep did his part accounting for 300 yards and 4 total Tds.. If it wasn’t for idiotic play calling Niners would of won the SB cause of there QB NOT the D… You want to mention that they carried the team in 2011-2012 with Alex at QB fine. That was an all world D…Not when Kaep was the QB… That D got worse.

              1. Sorry but the Niners were a great team from 2011-2013 because of their defense. Your basing your opinion on one game? The SB? Are you forgetting the dagger INT before half by CK that put the game out of reach if not for the blackout?
                That lights out fiasco killed the Ravens momentum and allowed the Niners to catch their breath and hang on. No blackout and that game is a blow out!
                The foundation of the Niners strength was and still is the defense. That was my point

              2. Your exactly right if there wasn’t a blackout the D would of allowed 50 that night. That’s not an all time great D.. Point of the matter is that you went out of your way like you typically do to discredit what Kaep did for this team. The D was great at times but like I said in the most critical game they killed the team. That is a fact!

              3. With a great defense he survived. With a bad defense he was awful. Yes the the 2 are synonymous but let’s be real, Colon Kaepernick needs the pieces around him to be superb. He has shown he is not a franchise QB or a guy who makes others around him better.
                What has he done for this team?

              4. The whole team went to sh*t! No O line, receivers, coaching etc.. What QB can be successful without that? When he had JH not wanting to leave he was very good.. He lost his confidence in himself and with the organization. I can tell you he is 4-2 in the playoffs and he was a HUGE part of that.. It’s been a rough 2 years no doubt.. If Chip can get soils play from those scrubs in Philly I venture to guess Kaep or Gabbert can play well.. We shall see..

              5. Again with the past performances. Congrats to him for having that 4-2 playoff record but does it really matter when you didn’t win anything?
                The true measure of a great player or a guy you can build around is how he makes others around him better. Michael Jordan, Montana, Steph Curry.
                Colin Kapernick has not elevated anyone’s game since being in SF. You guys keep referring back to his play many moons ago. That’s over and done with. Before last year with Tomsula before what you describe as the team going to crap, he started to regress. Even under Harbaugh.
                What has changed now that he will become great again?
                If you want me to admit he played well 4 years ago I will but I will also add he was terrible the past2 years and the 49ers should have moved in from him at the draft.

              6. This past draft was not the draft to invest in a QB.. 2017 is a different ball game. Build the team up again then draft one early.. Give Kaep 1 year with Chip then trade him.. Or if he turns it around keep him.

              7. Sure I agree with that but he has to earn and win the job from Gabbert flat out. After that which ever guy wins has to show the ability to make others around them better. Meaning get guys the ball who can make plays. Show leadership, make quality decisions.
                It’s a rebuild but we have to know what we have in which to build around and what to get rid of!

              8. Well said Prime. It’s likely that the QB in the future is not on the roster.. It takes a little bit of luck to find one.. We are not lucky right now.

              9. You guys are both correct on this.
                The defense was all world… the problem was that two key components of the defense were injured in that superbowl. Both Justin and Aldon where injured in that superbowl… Justin was playing with a torn tricep, and Aldon had a torn labrum that basically made one arm useless for both of them.

          2. Oh you mean the all world Defense that allowed 34 points in the SB against the Ravens?

            That’s a ridiculous line. Everyone knows the defense wasn’t the same after Cowboy was injured. Using their performance in the Super Bowl isn’t sound in the least bit.

            1. RAW pointed out the defense was not all world in the SB in response to Prime’s assertion that the defense carried the team. That was not the case during the end of that season and playoff run due to injuries. The offense carried the Niners to the SB.

              1. Of course Rocket you are 2 days late and sounding like a point of reference. Man, you are a small!

              2. I read through the back and forth between you and RAW Prime. Mid seemed to misunderstand the point RAW made so I stated what he seemed to be saying. Not sure what your issue is, but if I misrepresented RAW’s opinion, my apologies to him.

              3. I don’t believe I did Rocket because RAW has constantly used that comment in one form or another as a defense for Kaepernick. However, if I did indeed misinterpret what RAW said, then I apologize for doing so.

    1. Thanks for the link cfc, acl is so nasty, my 22 year old just had his 3rd acl, surgery but the first on his right knee. Strangely enough all basketball related.yoou have to rehab and arthritis is always a problem, it’s not just hey new knee and away we ago, a lot can go wrong. These kids are to young to go through this pains and suffering!

      1. Our youngest has had four on the same knee — soccer, coaching soccer, playing Frisbee, and snorkeling off of rocks on the coast of Japan. He’s been riding bikes for twenty years now, and no injuries, but trouble is ahead for him.

  15. This being the off season and nothing to urgently discuss, I would like to talk about instant replay. I really do not care about what now can be challenged, I hope they just make the goal to get the call right Everything is fair game, and reviewable.

    I hope they change the replay system. Instead of throwing a red flag, they should just have the team call a timeout. Within 20 seconds of the time out, the team that called the time out would have the opportunity to challenge the call. If the team wins the challenge, they regain their time out. If it fails, they lose that time out.

    This way, the challenge will be stopped by a time out, and the network can run their commercials.

  16. Seems like Kap was unduly influenced by his coach, Harbaugh, as far as how to deal with the media. The whole “they are the enemy” “circle the wagons” mentality which estranged Kap from everyone hopefully is gone now. I’m glad the muscles are gone. I want him loose and hopefully getting his accuracy back or he won’t be long for this league. I think he realizes that.

    1. He gave a very good press conference and there’s probably some truth to what you say about Harbaugh influencing Kap’s PC demeanor. But Kap said in his PC that he intends to put a significant amount of weight back on as well as muscle. However, he also said that he may have been too tight in the past and seems to now realize the value of being limber and loose. I don’t see any reason why he can’t put weight (muscle) back on and stay limber and reasonably loose. He just needs to devote the time to doing that and make sure he’s training his opposing muscles equally.

  17. Nice response from Kap after a poor season on the field and off.

    I truly hope Kap can regain his confidence and find his game. He’s never been able to find consistency playing from the pocket, but if he can figure out the nuances of this offense and throw the short passes accurately, he gives us a much better chance to win some games than Gabbert.


        1. #7tormscoming; > )

          I was 12, but I’d like to get highlights of Kaepernick exploding in Chip’s offense with this song in the background….

  18. Razoreater and rocket, I was 42 in 1974, had season tickets for the 49ers (6&8 with Dick Noland), and was two years back from four years of Defense Department contract work in Bangkok, and Bonn. The Warriors were 74-75 champions so the world was pretty sweet. We even had a 13″ Sony Trinitron color TV!

      1. Nope. I was doing software support for a Defense Department program to stop the Thai domino from falling.

        Did you read about the Domino Theory for South East Asia in school? That was me and a bunch of white socks guys who claimed to be from the State Department but were actually CIA case officers.

        I was one of the dupes doing something called Village Information System Thailand which had uses for World Bank evaluation of development spending for water, schools and roads. It’s other use was to map the country in order to track attacks and do command and control functions in case the domino fell.

        I knew nothing when I arrived with my family, and no one ever told me anything. Over time a lot of little things and big things added up. For instance, when we did first demo of our software, the room was full of military officers, not development bankers. There is a similarly named entity in Thailand today for the North East part of the country that seems to be on the level. ;-}

        May the Sharks rise again.

        1. I lived in Phnom Penh a few years back (girlfriend’s an OD consultant with contracts in greater Asia) and we would pop into Bangkok for some RnR once in a while. I couldn’t get over how modern it seemed. The sky train was cool.

          The national and ethnic divisions in that region are so deep I have a hard time visualizing how the area could be a solid political block for an extended period of time. Not saying it can’t happen, but I just don’t see it.

        2. I will also buy your book! You are a real human yoda! Thanks for your info on acts! My son is going to school in Chico and can’ t wait until he can bike again! Thanks for your service to our country ! You are appreciated!

  19. OT, but I just want to say that my heart goes out to the people of Orlando. I really hope that we get decent laws that restrict selling military style guns to terrorists.

    1. This isn’t the place for that.

      First off, its unnecessary to say those things, really, it comes off as saying something that you think people expect you to say (and this applies to all the people who tweet those statements, seems kind of shallow if you ask me.

      And 2nd, and more importantly, can we all just have a place that separates sports from the rest of life?

      1. This is a blog site, and it is just my opinion. It is not forbidden to talk about the real world, and this tragedy really hits home. Posters talk about music and the Vietnam war, so other topics are not verboten.

        I want to try to prevent more massacres before some one unloads at another sporting event.

        1. Are you a member of the LBGT community?

          This is a sports blog, how about we try our best to keep it that way? You come off as disingenuous bringing that up, no one else, to my knowledge was talking about it.

          Do a search on here for either “orlando” or “guns” and its only your post. How about we leave politics and religion out of a 49ers themed threat? I know of people who get upset when Grant posts a Raider based article on here.

          1. MJ,
            I had no problem with Sebs post. Showing concern for a tragic event that touches all American’s seems justified to me.

            As long as no one uses this event as a platform to espouse their personal opinions and beliefs I don’t have an issue with it.
            But having said that, I respect your feelings as well.

          2. MJ, no, I am just a human being. This tragedy is consuming the networks, and has affected the Psyche of the country.

            Go ahead, deny reality. Stick your head in the sand, and go on a blog that forbids OTs.

            Frankly, I am sick of the lax ways guns are sold, and the ensuing carnage. If you count gun suicides, we have a Vietnam casualty total every 2 years.

            I think people should have guns to protect themselves, but assault weapons are poor self defense weapons. They are so powerful, there is lots of collateral damage. Let everyone who wants, to have a double barreled shotgun, so the shooter can only get of 2 shots before having to reload. Shotguns are excellent short range self defense weapons, because one does not have to be terribly accurate, and most self defense is at close range. Now, with expanded clips, a shooter can squeeze off a hundred rounds when they have an assault weapon, which is designed to kill many people quickly. Classify them as military weapons and get them into armories.

            Since you engaged me, I wish to postulate that all gun dealers should lose their licence permanently if a gun they sold is used to kill and maim. And if the weapon is used by a terrorist, the gun dealer should be held responsible and victims should be allowed to sue the gun dealer for their role in spreading massacres.

            I also think they should restrict the amount of ammunition that could be bought at one time, and that the ammunition should have a short shelf life before it is rendered ineffective. In other words, one cannot hoard ammunition, because the shells will deteriorate and become useless.

            Maybe you should have let me post my 2 sentence post in peace, instead of engaging me and allowing me to keep on talking about a topic that affects society, and the human race.

            1. Seb,
              I’m ok with your original entry in which you expressed concern for the people affected by the events in Orlando.

              Using this site as a platform to express your personal opinions and policies are crossing the line.

              1. AES, what do you do on a blog site except to state your opinion. Are you denying my right to have an opinion?

              2. Are you denying my right to have an opinion?

                This is a classic example of ignoring what someone is saying.

              3. MW- ‘Using this site as a platform to express your personal opinions and policies are crossing the line’.

                Hmmm, guess you are not comprehending what he is saying.

                This is just like CFC talking about his son, then when I say something, getting all bent out of shape, then having posters attack my mother.

              4. Seb,
                As a retired minister I could espouse my beliefs as well, but I respect the audience here enough to use the proper sites to voice my personal thoughts.

                I must be obedient to setting perimeters for myself in knowing that this is not a platform for me to state my religious beliefs.

                Again, showing concern for those affected by the tragedy in Orlando is one thing, promoting your personal opinions is quite another.

              5. I’m not going to base my head repeatedly against the wall on this because you will think what you and refuse to change. The bottom line is this: if it is something that causes divisiveness, anger, and hate when you talk about it to your friends or family, then it definitely isn’t something you should bring online unless the site or blog are geared towards it. It is a rule of netiquette.

              6. Wow, we learn something new everyday. AES, a retired minister? That’s pretty cool.

        2. Seriously…you think that your message will somehow prevent an incident at “another sporting event”, when was the first sporting event??

          Nothing you do will stop someone. No gun laws will stop someone if they want to. This is life, get used to it. You think its sad, go talk to the people of Israel.

          End of discussion.

          1. Boston Marathon? Russia? Iraq? France? Berlin Olympics?

            Guess you really do have your head in the sand and do not see the carnage wrought upon innocent sports fans.

            I predict but hope it can be prevented, that some deranged religious nutjob will target a football sporting event, because it has a large population packed into a small space. I hope and pray that we stop the madness, and get some sane gun laws.

            1. Pizza? McDonalds? Staplers? NASA? See, I can do it too, just start naming off random things.

              Ok, so besides the Boston Marathon (2012) and the Berlin Olympics (1972), two events completely UNRELATED and 40 damn years apart, what sporting events have been at the mercy of a gunman?? And don’t just start randomly naming places…Toronto? Albuquerque? Wrestlemania? The ping pong tournament in Forrest Gump??

              1. A criminal or terrorist would never be affected by such laws Seb. History has constantly shown that they will any means necessary in order to carry out a crime. Now let’s move away from this topic and get to something not so divisive.

              2. Great idea, MidWestDynasty.

                Um, what topic is there that won’t be decisive?

                Wait, I’ve got a couple: IMO, water is wet and the sky is blue. Thoughts?

              3. An online class I recently took said it best: if it’s something you wouldn’t say to your friends or family, then don’t it online. Also, steer clear of topics or discussions that are knowingly divisive unless the site, blog, or forum you are on is related to them.

        3. You have no self awareness Sebnoying.The blog continues to ask you to limit your opinion because all it is, is infuriating in some form or fashion. You wont listen, therefore that makes you an a hole in every sense of the word. Congrats on being on that guy whether that’s your intention or not. Either way its only fitting to label you as the biggest clown on here. Well done!

      2. I disagree MJ. I think it’s okay to say you’re thinking about the people of a place that has been affected by a natural disaster or terrorist attack. Others on here have done it, and so have I.
        Second, you can make all the restrictive laws you want on guns Seb, but all that will do is further restrict the law-abiding citizens while the criminals or terrorists will continue to use the black market or other illegal means that may not even include using a gun.

        1. It just came off as so disingenuous and forced, partly because of who it came from, yeah, but also because it was just a new post, it didn’t originate organically and it really doesn’t relate to anything going on in this thread.

          How bad would it look if on an article/threat regarding the shooting someone was to just post a comment about the warriors game tonight, the sharks loss last night, or something completely unrelated.

          I think it would do us all best to stay mostly on target. Politics, religion, those are discussions best had with friends and family, outside of it they are too divisive and in a sports discussion board, a place where people go to get away from it all, its best left unsaid. No one needs to publicize their sadness and condolences, no one is going to think less of you for not saying anything.

          1. No one needs to publicize their sadness and condolences, no one is going to think less of you for not saying anything.

            Again, I disagree. For some of us, we are not in a position where we can offer aid to those affected, and posting our condolences is the only way in which we can offer our support. There also have been some posters on here that have mentioned the loss of a loved one because they wish to express their feelings about that loss or to know they have the support of others. I find nothing wrong with any of this. It is up to those who post their condolences or loss to avoid diving into divisive and political aspects when doing so, and the one who respond to the post need to do the same. In other words, everyone needs to utilize the principles of netiquette.

          2. MJ – I hear what you are saying but these are just people that spend some time here where sometime we go off on other things. Besides the condolence, there is a music post, a warrior post, HT’s time in Thailand. Most of the regulars don’t have a problem with it unless it turns political.

            Mid – that was three years today.

          3. MJ, it was not disingenuous or forced. It came from the heart.

            I am glad you admitted that you did not like it just because I was the one saying it, because it just confirms your bias.

        2. MW, your excuse is right out of the NRA manual.

          Let me counter by saying that Japan, which has strict gun control laws, had 22 gun deaths in an entire year.

          In America, some terrorist doubled that total in 15 minutes.

          1. Let me counter by saying that Japan, which has strict gun control laws, had 22 gun deaths in an entire year.

            Sorry Seb, but I’m done with the divisive topic you forced onto this blog. You clearly have shown that you will at one thing to justify your stance without looking at all the facts and everything surrounding them. We get that already from the biased media and political parties; we don’t need it here.

            1. Sorry MW, but saying that something is hard to do, so we should not even try, is defeatist.

              Sane, reasonable and strict gun control laws do not have to usurp the right to bear arms, but the carnage continues, and will continue until some one has the guts to stand up for what is right.

              Look at the facts? How many more people need to be slaughtered until you have had enough? almost 25,000 people die from guns each year. Massacres, which used to be very rare, seem to be weekly occurrences now.

              1. Thank you for proving my point once again. Now move away from this topic already.

          2. I would be happy to see the people of the United States honor their elderly the way the Japanese people do….

          3. Japan is a police state and America’s 2nd amendment is to maintain the security of a free state, and prevent the government from having a monopoly on force. Another police state, Tunisia, which had the lowest firearm-ownership rate in the world (one gun per thousand citizens, compared to America’s 890) toppled an evil, 24-year dictatorship and ignited the Arab Spring, but I don’t believe Americans armed with automatic weapons have a chance in hell against the US military, National Guard or Swat units….

  20. When 20% of the comments on every subject devolve into an argument with or about the same person then it’s time for something to be done about it.

    How many people have stopped posting regularly because of it? Where have CB, Jack, 49erGirl, and many many others gone? It’s unfortunate that you continue to allow one person to ruin something that many enjoy.

  21. CFC,
    Absolutely agree. You can add Brotha Tuna to this list as well. If the commentators can’t control their bickering or simply use this platform to take jabs at others perhaps it’s time for Grant to step in.

    No longer here or very little activity:
    Brotha Tuna
    Claude Balls
    Just to name some of our comrades.

    1. There are some names on there that no one is missing though.

      And I remember there being a Darren…

      Not trying to get into a pissing match but I was on here, probably under a different name, back in the days of Maiocco, pre Barber / pre Grant, and its definitely taken a turn for the worse…top to bottom.

    2. AES,

      This is not in contradiction of what you wrote, but a legit question: didn’t Claude Balls get banned by Grant?

              1. I’ve had temp bans, and for no other reason than calling out Grants opinion and offering my own, never resulting to insults or swears.

                The reason “he who shant be named” is still here is because either he has pictures of Grant bedding a sheep dog named Rosco or he constitutes to a major portion of the clicks which generate revenue.

      1. The last communique from Deputy Balls came in the form of repetitive IP address changes in an attempt to breech Grant’s security nexus….

    3. AES, let me give you a reality check. Before I got on this site, it usually had maybe 50- 80 posts. This last one had over 250.Before I got on this site, Grant would have the obligatory screed, condemning his writing and saying that nepotism runs deep. I was the one who assiduously defended his writing. I made sure that any snark was countered, and those insipid screeds tapered off. For that alone, Grant should be thankful enough to me to let me continue. I think Grant likes me because I am honest, and will tell him when he stumbles. His writing has improved, so I am anxious to read his posts, because they entertain and delivers exactly what I am interested about.

      Yes, those posters left, but the Niners are 5-11, so to blame me for the lack of interest in a losing franchise sounds like a plausible narrative, but it could also be that after 3 NFCCGs, the interest is not quite as high when we endured the 2015 dysfunctional dumpster fire. Maybe they have better things to do, so I consider any posters in this off season to be only the die hard fan. The band wagon fans are long gone, with the future looking bleak with 4 win predictions.

      You are right, a bunch left, but I hope that new posters can present opinions and critique ideas. This down time with nothing happening until TC, will have less posts, no matter what. I will still be posting, and presenting new ideas, because I am a Niner fan. Bullying tactics do not work, and is counter productive.

      1. Seb says, “Before I got on this site, it usually had maybe 50- 80 posts.”

        Not true.

        Fact is, I used to find commenters such as DS, Bay, and Jordo to be a tad annoying but then you came along and sucked the life out of it.

        It’s almost impossible to check in without having to read your babble so I stay away.

        1. Jack, it is amazing how much power you give me, but I am just one poster on a blog. I guess you really fear me.

          If I were a true troll, I would be giddy with delight to be able to control posters, make them lose it, Dominate and direct their actions, but just being a die hard Niner fan, I find it sad.

          No wonder the Niners are so easily beaten, even their fans are afraid of their shadows. I suggest you follow Razor’s advice and do not let me upset you, because when you and the others devolve into hurling insults, you do not cover yourself in glory.

          1. Don’t mistake fear with disgust. Jack isn’t staying away because he fears you. He just no longer finds coming here enjoyable. Sad, because he was one of the most knowledgeable and interesting posters we had.

          2. “If I were a true troll, I would be giddy with delight to be able to control posters, make them lose it, Dominate and direct their actions, but just being a die hard Niner fan, I find it sad.”

            Aren’t you the one who “delights” in posting “I win” or “I win again”. By your own definition you are a true troll. Comments like that do not cast you as a victim or as someone who is being bullied on this blog.

            1. Cubus, no, that does not make me a troll because a true troll would not say that.

              I post ‘I win again’ because it is a way to counter the hate directed at me. I do not devolve into spewing expletives, so this is my way to reply without doing so.

              I play the victim card? I am being attacked constantly in a tag team manner by bullies, so now I cannot defend myself? Maybe I should unload on you and see if you like it.

              However, I will just continue to post in a polite and civil manner, and talk football with fellow Niner fans who are interested in the team.

          3. Seb says, “Before I got on this site, it usually had maybe 50- 80 posts.”


            That goes to show how little you know. Many times we have had posting well into the hundreds. The regulars here know I do not engage in the name calling thing and will not engage in ‘absolute’ conversations. I am going to make an exception here – Shut the f— up. You are a little boy in a adult body. I rarely engage in your nonsense post but you have gone over the top.

            My apologies to the blog.

            1. UC, of course, there were blogs that had more than 50 posts, but while I was on NN, I would come here to see what was being said, but sadly see a lot less posts than NN. Maybe you should check the archives.

              et tu, UC? Devolving into hurling expletives will not make this site better, and may be the cause why more people do not come on this site, especially if they are afraid of getting the Seb treatment.

              You all so so closed minded and intolerant of others, no wonder Grant lets me stay on, because he knows I can stand up for myself. Little boy in an adult body? Look in a mirror.

  22. Grant’s blog lives and dies by the number of clicks it receives, and when the one poster is responsible for 80% of the posts, that one poster becomes, sadly, someone Grant won’t do anything about banning. No matter how much we all want this clown to go away, Grant will let him stay. Until we are all gone, and it’s only Seb-annoying posting to himself….

    1. CFC,
      Ha! Good stuff.
      Wonder if Draymond will be somewhere outside the Oracle tonight. Also, just a question – will he be allowed in the building if they win?

        1. It is what ever what we want it to be! Even grant posts articles at times that has nothing to do with the team or football. Your not trying to be whiny and controlling like Lebron are you?

          1. I see you do not understand satire.

            This game was lost before the start, because Draymond Green was not playing.
            Some do not realize how important this player is to the whole team.

            I think he should have been more disciplined, and expected to be goaded into another Technical. Just like Hyde worrying that defenders are going to taunt him for running out of bounds. He lets others affect his play, and becomes injured. I this case, Draymond fell victim to retaliating, which resulted in his suspension.

            I expect champagne in Cleveland next game.

            1. I hope you are right but I have a very bad feeling with bogout out and if dray,ond gets another flagrant foul he is out for game 7!

              1. Kerr better sit down with Draymond and explain how they will try to get his goat, and the best reaction is to smile, and walk away. Even if they dangle in front of his face, he should expect such tactics, and not retaliate.

                I hope Draymond gets a triple double.

      1. Yes he is allowed to enter the building if they win. Marc spears of the ESPN undefeated program has reported that he will be at the a’s game in a sweet so he should be right next door, Warriors ahead after the first quarter. Go warriors , Giants and niners! I love the red and gold but out of the the three teams, they have the worst owners and front office, joe Lacob Please buy the niners!

        1. Rebel,
          Good game.
          LeBron and K.Erving making it interesting. Klay is going bananas and Curry hasn’t starting lighting it up yet. Miss Dray’ physical presence but Iggy doing a good job. Need Harrison to come alive tonight.

          1. Great post Aes! I am with you a 100 percent on Barnes! He is a good player but he will get over 20 mill next year! makes me insane when I think about it! Game is close going into the second half! Boy dray is missed!

              1. I am still squinting in pain! Gruesome ! Cavs are playing to well! Getting a bad feeling about this!

      1. Rebel,
        Worse case scenario; we go back to Cleveland for game 6. But odds on our side since we get Draymond back and we have not lost back to back games all season and playoffs. Good game and the type of play I was expecting in this series.

    1. Thanks for the link.

      50 catches and 550 yards would seem a pretty low estimate given how the slot WR has performed in Chip’s offense in the past.

  23. When a topic that is basically comments from an average QB generates >250 comments…well, we need to get lives. Anyone got a spare one I can have?

  24. What do you all make of Driskel joining Special Teams? I’m thinking that trick plays may be in order and if he excels here he may push our 1 and 2 QB. Will that be a story line in the early part of the season?

    1. No way Driskel is anything but the practice squad qb this year. He’s not athletic enough to go on ST, and I don’t think a team would put a qb there (do we remember the hysteria and crap the Jets got for Tebow on st).

  25. BTW miss Hammer, Balls, Niner Girl and many of the other posters. Want the site to be an instructive and informative forum. The test of egos is tiring to sift through.

  26. if Driskel wins the starting job, it will mean that both Kaep and Gabbert have failed, so it will result in less than 4 wins. If Driskel can help on ST, it may mean Thad is the odd man out.

    I hope to see less punting because the Niners can sustain drives.

    I hope they go for it, instead of settling for FGs.

  27. If people really want this knucklehead to stop posting so much, you have to stop responding to him. He is going to post to himself for awhile but eventually a lack of interaction will get rid of him. Many have tried to reason with him and it doesn’t work because he has no self awareness. The only way to deal with somebody like this is with indifference.

    1. Been said plenty of times already the fact that it’s being said again shows that people just can’t help themselves.

      1. Yep and I have been an offender a couple of times as well. At some point we have to realize you can’t get through to some people and have to simply ignore them. It’s the only way to deal with this type of individual.

        1. I think you are misreading Seb. Ignoring his posts will help cut down on the multitudes of petty arguments though. So that would be a good thing. But I honestly think he would be more than content if he was the only poster on here, ‘sharing’ his thoughts just for the sake of ‘sharing’.

          1. Same here sadly. It’s a shame because everyone now and then Seb brings something good to the discussion.

            1. Now you’re seeing the good in a person that the whole town wants to lynch. I think there’s hope for you, yet…;>)

              1. There’s good and evil in everybody. The problem is a good number of people practice the evil while touching on the good every other blue moon.

              2. At one point there probably was good in them, but they chose follow the path of evil and never look back.

              1. True, but it is also better than the person being ridiculous all of the time.

            2. Indeed. Not everything he says is bat$#!t crazy. One of the problems he now has is he has now built up such a reputation, both in terms of inanity and volume of posting, that he can barely say anything without someone sniping him. Even if what he says is actually a decent point.

              1. Consensus is it’s his hair, however his hairline suggests he had a flap procedure done….

          2. As I said, he would continue to post to himself for awhile but a lack of attention tends to curb the enthusiasm. When someone responds to him positively or negatively, it encourages him to continue. He likes to read his own thoughts and think of himself as fighting a battle. I think he has a mental defect and offers nothing worth responding too so why bother?

            1. I disagree that lack of attention would curb his enthusiasm. That would work on the vast majority of people. But I don’t think Seb falls into that category.

              We’re talking about someone that genuinely believes the 49ers players, coaches and front office read what he posts. We’re talking about someone that every time something happens that vaguely sounds like something he wrote, he will claim it is because he suggested it. In my opinion, he isn’t looking to this forum for attention from us (though it is part of the attraction). He is primarily using it simply as a forum to ‘share’ his thoughts on the team. To anyone that will listen… and in his mind the 49ers are listening.

              I asked him the other day why he posts on here and doesn’t email the team directly, and he said something to the effect that he believes this is a better forum to do so. I believe you are 100% correct when you say he likes to read his own thoughts. But more importantly, he likes to be able to read them where they are in the public eye. Emailing the team his thoughts isn’t enough – this way he ‘knows’ his thoughts are out there for the team (and anybody else) to read rather than lost in someone’s emails.

              1. You are wise Scooter, and you’re likely 100% right that it will do no good, but it’s worth a shot and at the very least it will cut down on the tedious arguments as you pointed out earlier. It won’t be hard, at least for me, as I rarely read anything he writes anyway.

              2. Shrewd analysis, man. Re your comment, “I asked him the other day why he posts on here and doesn’t email the team directly, and he said something to the effect that he believes this is a better forum to do so.” It’s possible he actually did that and they blocked him. The only one who can block him here is Grant. If Grant is listening: Please, Grant, block the guy.

              3. Scooter, maybe you do not know this, but all one has to do is copy, cut, paste and click to send an email.

                I said what I did for dramatic effect, but if you do not think I can send an email, guess again.

              4. George, why would they block me? I always start off by saying that I have been a fan of the Niners since the Sixties, and want them to win more rings. I never hurl insults or expletives. Why would they block me?

    2. Please, just ignore me if you want. That is all I ask. That is what I have said from the beginning, but like a moth to a flame, some posters think they can shout me down.

      I will just continue to post, and will be happy as a clam if I stop getting such hate in return.

      But please, also realize that I can be just as cruel nasty and bullying as the rest of you all, but do not choose to do that. It is a 2 way street, and posters should realize that if they want to attack, I feel perfectly justified in responding. Stop attacking, and I will be calm, friendly and civil.

    3. I have engaged him twice, once when he was being disrespectful to ex golfer and today when he went to far with his political agenda. I do not plan on having any future interaction with him.

        1. Sign me up as well. I want this blog to get back to discussing Niner football while including other aspects of sports and every day life without delving into topics that are meant to be divisive and controversial.

    4. Aside from a post today, I rarely respond to Seb’s postings. However, as a regular poster I too will take the pledge to not respond to his posts. Who else is with us?

      1. Add me, cubus. This blog was better before he arrived. I think he has some interesting ideas, but he clearly can’t control himself.

          1. cubus, I have been feeling fine, thanks. I’ve been involved in projects at work and took a road trip with my daughter from California to Michigan, so she can have a car there. I try to read the blog every day, though. Honestly though, even without the distractions, I don’t know what to think about the team, with all the changes. I remember that this time last year I was optimistic about the new staff and had some opinions, but that turned out to be wasted thinking. I’m reluctant to say anything until it’s clear how Kelly’s plan is working out.

              1. Good thanks.

                It’s had to know what to think. Even with Chip Kelly, I just don’t see how we will suddenly have an explosive or even just good offense with little in the way of additions to the skill positions of the offense. If it is, however, I’ll certainly have a new appreciation for offensive coaching.

              2. Glad you’re good. Well, the oline should be better, and if it is, we’ll score more, even without Kelly. But I’m not betting the oline will be better. I’m not betting that anything will be better. Last year was so demoralizing that I want to see it first.

            1. Dude, why didn’t you let me know? I’m not far from the Michigan border and travel to Niles frequently….

              1. Razor, where are you, in Indiana (South Bend area)? I had no idea. We took 94 straight to Ann Arbor, I stayed two days until she was set up, then flew back home. I live in San Jose, CA.

              2. Yes sir, I’m about 15 miles due east of Notre Dame. A little town know as the RV Capital of the world, and where President Obama visited not once, but twice. Elkhart, Indiana. Sorry I missed ya. If you visit again, give me a heads up! Ann Arbor is a ways, but I remember that’s where I had to go to test for my black belt in Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan. I was 14 years old, and Ed Sells was the highest ranking non Korean master at the time. I remember I didn’t want to go, but my Mom made me. Glad I did after it was over. I had a wicked spin hook. Used to time it perfectly as I invited the opponent in….

              3. Yea, I grew up a ND fan during Parseghian, Devine years. Montana was my hero before he defeated Texas in the Cotton Bowl, which turned him into a deity in my eyes. When Walsh drafted him, I requested permission to join the San Francisco 49ers and serve as a life long fan. My other hero growing up was Bruce Lee, and I was fortunate enough to see Enter The Dragon at a theater in China Town when it came out. Had his poster in my room….

              4. Nice…I came out of the wound a ND fan so I had no choice, but glad it was made for me.

                My first true vivid memory of ND football was watching Rick Mirer leading ND past Penn State for that 2 pt conversion as time expired in their last meeting, aka the Snow Bowl. I know I had seen and watched games before that, but that stands out to me as to when ND football became my Saturday ritual.

                Will be traveling to NY this Sept/Oct for the game vs Syracuse at the Meadowlands…err…MetLife.

      1. Nope, denied. Thou shalt not embed more then one link in your post or awaiting moderation your message’s fate shall be. I’ll post them individually.

        1. TomD

          June 15, 2016 at 11:17 am

          Before the preseason begins, a schematic or Sebmatic, playbook for Chip’s consideration so Seb doesn’t have to repeat his outdated Sebopythicus playbook adnauseum:

          1. Pass the football left or right
          2. Make sure the pass hits a runningback
          3. Sometimes include the WR’s in a bunch formation–left or right–(According to Seb direction does not matter.
          4. Call a play before the timeclock expires (but if it expires that just gives coach more time to think of the next play–no worries)
          5. Install Kap for the next play since the ref’s just added 5 yds. for the delay you’re going to need a strong arm.
          6. When the pass launced at 95 mph and clangs of the back of the running backs helmet into the LB’s hands for a touchdown blame Chip, the OL, the front office, (fans name whose next in line to blame).
          7. Have a strong punter, because Seb agreed with the Tomsula hire, therefore he agrees with his philosophy: You can’t be afraid to pund witn two minutes left, down by 2 pts.
          8. Call a double reverse, flea-flicker at least 5 times per game.
          9. When the 49ers are down this year in any ball game Kap’s in, in the last 5 min. quickly replace him with Gabbert so Kap won’t get the blame.
          10. Install Seb as OC at the end of the season


          *7. You can’t be afraid to punt the football


          1. Forgot to include Sebopythicus playbook if Kap wins starting QB position:

            1. Cut field in half by rolling out Kap left.
            2. ” ” ” ” ” ” ” ” right.
            3. Bunch receivers on every play so Kap can find them, thus avoiding his slow read deficiencies.
            4. Now and then use Kap’s mobility by running him on a double reverse–Carlos Hyde is the QB here for confusion purposes–handing off to Kap as he reverses from his WR left pos.
            5. Trent Baalke has to make a few calls–as in the Tomsula hiring conference when he said “we’re going to run the football.”
            Since Baalke loves his power football, install Kap in a few I-Slam formations, and actually run them.
            6. Baalke loves his TE’s that can’t run pass patterns and can’t block, so install some from the practice squad to help Kap’s inaccuracy problems.
            7. Find out what rugby field Hayne’s working on and resign him ASAP to pair with Baalke’s TE’s (the one’s in #6) to further help Kap’s inaccuracy. (Remember, the forward pass is illegal in rugby), so make sure that those dropsy TE’s–like McDonald are paired with Hayne on the same play—Dial this Golden Oldie up only if Trent is in the pressbox–not on the playing field coaching up one of Kelly’s WR’s.
            8. Paraag and Jed get to dial up a play with the Silicon Valley company that won the Wi-Fi contract for Levis stadium. At least once per game, all employees get to call a play, and the employee of the month gets two play calls.
            9. Seb feels that Tomsula was unfairly treated, and shamefully fired. Any time the 49ers need to punt (esp. with two minutes left in the game and coach Kelly wants to fake a punt or foolishly continue offensive play calls, let Tomsula call a punt play).
            10. Seb annoits himself OC at least 10 X / game, but only in crucial situations, so we can determine if he really is an offensive genius. (Only one caveat here: Kap is Seb’s QB every time, and Devey gets to block–since Seb agreed with Tomsula’s hiring he rightly inherits a Tomsula lineman.

  28. Now that I can post in peace, I wish to talk about the team strategy, Chip should take elements from his college days, and learn from his Eagle experience, but he needs to be even more fluid and adaptable. He should make the in game adjustments, and even come out with a totally different game plan after half time, because the other team has also made adjustments.

    It was very telling how the Niners figured out what was going to be run before the snap of the ball in their last meeting, so he needs to be less predictable. Eagles players complained how he ran the same plays way too many times, so there should be diversity along with unpredictability.

    Hopefully, Chip can solve the Niner offensive malaise, and since he has 3 mobile QBs, I hope he can use them wisely. I would not be unhappy at all if he does use 2 QBs, and since Driskel is so big and fast, maybe he could gt some snaps as a TE, with flea flicker options.

    1. I’d anticipate using Driskel as the up back in punt formation. He’d be a threat to get the ball and throw downfield, forcing accountability by the opposing special teams unit….

      1. Thanks for posting. Good stuff.

        Front 7 – Play run, react to the pass
        Back 4 – Play pass, react to the run

      1. Play a QB like Manning, Cowher coaches an exception:

        Front 7 – Play pass, react to the run
        Back 4 – Play pass, react to the run

        It wasn’t clear to me what he meant by that, but I go the impression he was basically telling his front 7 to forget Manning as a running threat, not the RBs.

      2. So for those that have watched the videos here is the follow up quiz:

        Which scheme would you use against our QB’s? For both Kaep and Gabb choose either 1, 2 or 3 for which coverage you think would best contain said “passer.”

        1. I think I would run Cover 1/Cover 3. I mention both because they can “disguise” each other. The 49ers will attempt to be primarily a running team and Cover 2 is relatively better at defending against the pass than the run. Also, at this point, the 49er QBs and WRs do not inspire fear in defenses with their passing ability so select a defense that favors run stopping. What’s my prize? :)

          1. What’s my prize? :)
            I guess quiz wasn’t the best choice of words but since you did answer you win a hotel bible. It’ll be in room 49 at your local Best Western.

          1. No, I was just moving 5 ton of rock on a site, and am back.

            The obvious answer is all 3, with disguised coverages to deceive the QB.

              1. Maybe copy what the Cards did to them last year.

                I would say the Seahawks, too, but the Niners need to get players like Earl Thomas and Sherman before they could imitate them.

              2. Yes with Kuechly, they could do that. He is elite. Think GB did that with Mathews in last season’s game.

              3. It won’t matter what coverage they’re in if Mr. Hyde stays healthy. Combined with Kaepernick, they should put a lot of miles on the Chip Wagon….

        2. Good question. I suspect the Niners are going to run mostly 11 personnel with a sprinkling of 10 and 12 and maybe on rare occasions 00. Kelly is going to spread them out to force the defense to cover all the field. The video shows 21 personnel, so with that I think they are going to play man coverage when they are in 11 or 10 personnel.

        3. If I’m facing Gabbert on a passing down I’m going to play cover 2 against him. Take away the short and intermediate throws. He’ll either have to force it into better coverage to make his dump off or risk throwing a deeper pass. If I’m facing Kaepernick I might do the same thing although I’d probably go with Cover 3 rather then open myself up to him scrambling against Cover 2. With Cover 3 you’re forcing Kaepernick to throw into windows in the Zone coverage and he just doesn’t have the anticipation to make those throws. He also wont have any lanes to run down.

          This is just for passing downs.

            1. Sure. Was just a joke. :-)

              Actual answer is dependent on the team playing the 49ers. Some will be better than others at playing each of the different schemes. And every team should play some type of mix of coverages. There are also a bunch of other coverages that can be played that weren’t discussed, including cover 2 man, as well as coverages when blitzing and coverages that keep 8 guys in coverage.

              One thing to consider is the 49ers will likely be running a different offense to the traditional 2-back offense that Kirwan and Cowher were showing. They did briefly discuss how the responsibilities of players can change when the offense shifts, but if playing a team that commonly uses 3 WRs then the D will typically switch out one of the LBs which can impact on how you set your coverages as well.

              But, in terms of how I would approach playing the 49ers in general:
              – With Gabbert at QB, I agree, use coverages that aim to take away the short passes. If the 49ers are playing 3 WR sets the D will need to be mindful of Ellington – playing zone coverages in the middle should be something Gabbert and Ellington can take advantage of. May want to play some zone/man combo concepts.
              – With Kaep, cover 3 is dangerous as one of his best passes is the seam pass. Playing zone more than man is a good idea, and try and get him to make passes to the sideline by taking away the inside release for the WRs, he doesn’t mind giving the D a few opportunities at INTs on these throws.

              1. Clearly there’s no one coverage for every situation. Lost in the question was the inside jab at our two current QB’s. The thought that our two QB’s could likely be culled by simply choosing to run base coverage 1 2 or 3 was a meant to be an insult.

    1. Well at least we know there’s no mystery to it. Everything he said is everything that we basically already knew.

  29. A Barrows article from last week on Jerry Azzinaro’s the use of sleds.

    From the smattering of OTA twitter snippets, Buckner has a boxer quick left and right hook. Barrows said in his chat Buckner and Blair have looked especially good on the sleds. That’s really good news about the smaller Blair.

    Blair’s ability to keep his pads low and shoot gaps (even ones a few spots over) combined with a heavy hand punch makes me feel pretty good about the interior pass rush.

  30. Eugene Monroe. Oft-injured likely candidate for substance abuse program. Has played left tackle I believe his entire NFL career.

    Worth giving up a conditional pick and seeing if he can stay healthy and play right tackle? A 6th that turns into a 4th if he starts for us?

    I’ve tweeted a question to Neil at PFF to see if he ever played right tackle. I don’t know if I’ll get an answer or not.

  31. Re Dorial Green-Beckham, here’s a good example of how the talking head draftniks can get it wrong:

    According to ESPN Titans reporter Paul Kuharsky, fifth-round WR Tajae Sharpe has passed Dorial Green-Beckham on the depth chart “for now.”
    Sharpe has been getting a ton of work with the first team and continues to do so at minicamp, working alongside Rishard Matthews and Kendall Wright. WRs coach Bob Bratkowski said DGB’s year away from football in college is playing a big part in his slowed development. “That kind of a gap, it has an effect on them,” he said. “It takes time.” DGB is far-and-away the Titans’ most talented pass catcher, but he’s going to need to step up his game this summer.

    1. I dunno George that’s not that far off from what a lot of people thought would happen with him.

      1. My memory is fuzzy about what was said on this blog. You might have called it yourself. According to, here are their top 10 WRs in the 2015 draft by rank:

        1 Cooper, Amari
        2 White, Kevin
        3 Parker, DeVante
        4 Perriman, Breshad
        5 Strong, Jaelen
        6 Dorsett, Phillip
        7 Green-Beckham, Dorial
        8 Smith, Devin
        9 Agholor, Nelson
        10 Lockett, Tyler

        So they ranked him #7. Using them as the consensus, I admit I thought he was ranked higher.

        1. There was a lot of discussion about him being a questionable pick in the higher rounds. Many considered him a high risk pick.

          However, look at how the ranking changes when I order them by their rookie production:


          1.Cooper: 72/1070/ 6
          2.Lockett: 51/664/6
          3.DGB: 32/549/4
          4.Parker: 26/494/3
          5.Strong: 14/161/3
          6.Agholor: 23/283/1
          7.Dorsett: 18/225/1
          8.Smith: 9/115/1
          9.Perriman: IR
          10.White: IR

          Obviously we don’t know where Perriman and White would fall if they were healthy but all in all DGB had a pretty OK season compared to his peers.

          1. Here is a (the negative side) report by NFL Draft 2015 on DGB.
            “Weaknesses Play strength is a major concern. Struggles to free himself from press coverage and can be taken completely out of his routes. Runs sloppy, rounded routes. Fails to set up his breaks and frequently leads cornerbacks to his destination. Slow to adjust routes and find open space against zone. Fails to create the separation that is potentially available for him at top of routes. Rarely looks to body up cornerbacks and keep them out of the throw. Suspect work ethic. Awareness of footwork near sideline an issue. Considered a problem child at Missouri. Suspended twice by Missouri and arrested twice for marijuana-related incidents. Kicked off team at Missouri in April 2014 after details of his alleged role in an alleged burglary were released by Columbia, Mo., police. He allegedly shoved a female student down some stairs during the alleged incident, but no charges were filed. Missed entire 2014 season.”

            There are quite a few issues here, but one that stands out for me is one that most NFL teams don’t want to hear, “suspect work ethic.”
            When a 5th rd rookie receiver (Sharpe) supplants a 2nd year player in mini-camp that causes me to put up the red flag. One report I read was that DGB has trouble freeing himself from big DB’s that come up to crowd him at the LOS.
            If memory serves me many draftniks viewed him as a boom or bust candidate, but I think it’s still to early to label him one way or another.

            1. For a first year receiver he could have done far worse. For example to go with a current conversation in his rookie year he(DGB) caught 3 more TD’s and had 77 more yards on 4 less receptions then Quinton Patton has in 3 seasons.

    2. We have an in house example ourselves in Marcus Martin, who was heralded by Mayock as the best Center in the draft. Maybe he should have quantified that with, the best in a weak class….

  32. I wonder if the team will try to trade Patton. 30 catches and 1 TD in 26 games played over 3 seasons. Ellington as predicted is already outshining him in Kelly’s system plus there is Smelter, Anderson, White, Campbell, Rogers, Cajuste and Burbridge just to name a few that the team is likely interested in seeing play.

    My money is that Patton is either traded or cut this Summer.

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me. For every positive play he’s made at the position, there’s been the wtf moment. His saving grace might be the fact he’s a gunner on special teams….

        1. They’ve got their other gunner, McCray coming back from injury. How he returns may play into the equation….

          1. I think Patton gets another year unless some of the other younger players stand out in a major way in camp and preseason.

            1. Agreed.

              The other thing with Patton is he is capable of playing any of the WR spots. He’s versatile, and contributes on STs. Valuable backup player.

    2. Hmmm, as I have said in the past though, he’s exactly what you look for in a backup WR. A guy that can step in and play if needed, and is good on STs.

      For all his flaws, he was still the 49ers 3rd leading receiver last season. He’s going to be challenged by a bunch of UDFAs for a spot this season… I think he makes the roster unless the UDFAs show they are clearly better options.

      1. For all his flaws, he was still the 49ers 3rd leading receiver last season
        That’s more likely an indictment of the offense last year then it is an endorsement of Patton’s worth.

        1. Sure, the offense sucked and 30 catches being equal 3rd leading receiver is pretty pathetic. But I think we are at that point where we are inflating the prospects of the guys below him on the depth chart, simply because they aren’t Patton. They are mostly UDFAs. Maybe they are better than Patton, but realistically, most of those guys probably wouldn’t have done any better than 30 catches last season, nor contributed as much on STs.

          1. He’s put himself in a position where it wont take much for one of the second year players or even a stand out rookie to earn his spot on the team. The coach has no ties with him and he’s never developed a rapport with Kaepernick so if that’s who ends up taking over as #1 then that’ll bode even worse for him.

            I’m probably more wrong about the timing then the actual likelihood of him being cut. When he still isn’t doing anything by week 6 he’s gone.

            1. Maybe. Guess it depends on what you expect from a backup WR. Seems to me a lot of people have decided that because he isn’t a good starting WR or even a good #3 WR, he is therefore not worth having. I disagree. I think he is a good backup WR (#4/ #5 WR), that can do an ok job if pressed into action on offense.

              Its the same thing that happened to Heyward-Bay. Since the expectation of him was he should be a starting WR, and he isn’t a good starting WR, a lot of people wrote him off as being a terrible player. But he has been a good backup WR for the Colts and now the Steelers, that can do a decent job if pressed into action. Valuable guy to have around.

              1. I think he is a good backup WR (#4/ #5 WR)
                For a team that doesn’t appear to be using more then 3 WR’s that’s not saying much. If he’s the best #4 or #5 WR on the team then so be it but who cares?

              2. At this point if his best value is as an injury replacement then I’d rather give his spot to a rookie that might have more potential. If no such rookie exists then I guess Patton will probably continue on the team however Baalke has loaded the team with young receivers and given what we’ve seen from Patton so far if it’s close I don’t see any reason to stick with Patton.

              3. “If he’s the best #4 or #5 WR on the team then so be it but who cares?”

                This is basically what I have been saying. The concept being floated around is that because Patton isn’t a good #1 through #3 WR he isn’t worth having. I disagree. Good backups are worth having around.

                Same principle with those suggesting Acker should be gone. A guy in what is effectively his 2nd year with pretty much a full year of starting experience behind him, yet there are quite a few people that can’t get past the fact he struggled as a starter so therefore think he isn’t worth keeping. Its illogical to me.

                What I find interesting regarding the angst against Patton, is many of those same people will say a guy like McCray needs to stay. I guess expectations matter to fans. Patton came with some expectation he would solve the 49ers WR woes, and since he hasn’t, he is useless. Yet a guy like McCray who is purely a STs player and offers absolutely nothing at a skill position is important to keep, because nobody expects him to be anything other than a STs player. How is it that Patton isn’t worth keeping if he is a good STs player with the added bonus of actually being able to step in and be ok as a WR? Beats me.

              4. “At this point if his best value is as an injury replacement then I’d rather give his spot to a rookie that might have more potential.”

                The team only has 3 WRs with any real experience – Smith, Simpson and Patton. And I’d keep Patton over Simpson.

                It not as if keeping Smith and Patton is going to prevent the 49ers from keeping a young, talented WR. As it is, if Patton is kept and doesn’t win the #2 or #3 WR role, then two young guys are most likely taking those roles. Having Patton as a backup is hardly a problem, and at least we already know he can come in and do the role if needed. Perfect back up for a young position group.

              5. I really don’t see this as a discussion about the value of having good back ups, no one is going to say that your back up receivers don’t need to be any good. What it’s about is a player that has done very little in the 3 years he’s been on the team and a roster slush with receivers along with a new coach. If any of that talent appears to be close to Patton then at this point there’s little reason to keep him. Again if it’s close, and Patton hasn’t shown anything that says that any of the other receivers might not have a chance of surpassing him, then there’s no reason his replacement couldn’t be as of much value as a back up as Quinton will be. The main benefit is at least going with the other player we still have something to look forward to.

              6. “I really don’t see this as a discussion about the value of having good back ups”.

                No, you are right, it is not. I think it is more a discussion on whether the young guys are really a better option than Patton. My guess based on your stance here (you think Patton has a good chance of being gone) is you believe there is talent enough to knock Patton off the team. I hope you are right, but won’t hold my breath. I don’t see this as a team ‘flush’ with young talent at the position like you suggest. After Smith and Simpson (who I don’t see making the team) it is a whole bunch of UDFAs sprinkled with three 4th rounders (including Patton) and a 6th rounder.

                The fact so many people are getting excited to hear about the UDFA receivers speaks more loudly about the dearth of talent at the position than the volume of it. The receivers really worry me heading into this season. I’m hopeful that one or two guys not named Torrey Smith step up and become solid players this year (Ellington looks like he may be one), but finding four or five guys other than Smith that are better than Patton out of this group? Could happen, but I’m filing that under ‘unlikely to happen’ for now.

              7. Despite my slanted arguments against him I’m certainly not rooting for him to fail. If he has a great camp and a productive season then bonzer for him and the team.

              8. “The fact so many people are getting excited to hear about the UDFA receivers speaks more loudly about the dearth of talent at the position than the volume of it”
                No doubt and I too have concerns about our CB’s. Iron sharpens iron, a weak secondary doesn’t push the receiving squad and a weak receiving squad doesn’t truly test your defense. It’s a compound problem that for a few years wasn’t one but has crept it’s way back into our world.

                Hard to get excited about practice reports even beyond the fact that it’s just practice because you know they aren’t going up against great talent. Defensive line had a great day, OK is that because they’re good or because of how jumbled the o-line is? Ward looks like a starter now? Ok, did he truly progress or is it because our receivers stink?

              9. Aye, that’s a concern of mine as well. The CBs are going against possibly the worst receiver group in the NFL… and sadly, the same can be said in reverse. Hopefully there truly are some good players that emerge, but both position groups are of considerable concern.

                And yes, the DL quite frankly should be dominating, based on how the OL played last year. Hard to imagine they’ll find many easier ‘tests’ throughout the year than they will in practice.

  33. Is anyone else growing tired of the anti-Chip Kelly narrative that the media keeps throwing out?

    His 3 seasons in Philly were an improvement over the last 3 seasons that Andy Reid put together yet they keep glomming onto negative spin from previous players, etc. Today it was talk from a former Eagle about how much more physical and aggressive the Cowboys practices are in comparison. Guess what, the teams split 6 meetings and both made the same number of playoff appearances.

    Kelly doesn’t have a conventional approach so it’s bad? Give me a break.

    1. Jack Hammer


      ‘Chip’ went through this when he first came to Oregon….it didn’t take long for the cream to rise…..usually some malcontent who lost his starting position….

    2. That’s what the media does. There is a legitimate concern however, that he’ll need to adapt some facets of his unconventional approach. One example of an adaptation that has already been implemented, was the replacement of daily urinalysis of players. Instead, Mr. Uyeyama will be in charge of utilizing other methods to track nutritional levels of players….

      1. I believe a lot of the horsepower comes from the race of spades card that is a popular play among media types….

      2. EC

        in psychological warfare we called it ‘Black propaganda’ ….accusing others of your own misgivings…’sound familiar ? It’s probably the most effective tool in the politicians toolbag…Usually, the louder one howls…the guiltier THEY are

    3. Players are almost always going to praise their new team and the way it does business.

      The main concern I have with Chip is that his offense has been declining each year he’s been in the league There could be any number of reasons for this and he really messed up his personnel last year which contributed to the drop off from year two to three, but the question becomes whether there is enough in this system to keep teams off balance besides the speed with which it is executed. I am encouraged by the fact Chip seems to be interested in tweaking his offense on a regular basis and has brought in an OC with a different system from his own. In other words, he’s not dead set on doing things one way, which is a very good quality to have.

      The offense we see this year will be a lot better than last year, I’m pretty confident of that.

      1. For every player I’ve heard complain I’ve heard one praise him. Bottom line is you just can’t please everyone. Being in management for over 25 years I can tell you that no matter what style you choose to use you’ll always have someone that just doesn’t like the way you do things. When you have 50+ men with huge ego’s that have been catered to most of their adult lives you’re going to get a lot of backlash when you push them or ask them to do things differently then how they have been and that is exactly what Chip did when he went to Philly. So it’s not really a surprise to hear some of these players saying what they are. The bigger question is why didn’t they say more when the coach was around rather then wait for him to be gone?

      2. I don’t mind the comments by the players it’s the glomming on by the media.

        Should probably take it with a grain of salt though. The tweet that caught my ire came from a host on the local minor league radio station. Used to be a scout in Philly until not long after Kelly took over.

  34. TrollD, thank you for giving me this opportunity to post a correction.

    This is something I posted on 1-17-14 as Nynah on sfgate for ant archivists.

    10 things kaep should do on Sunday

    1. Run the no huddle with quick snaps to negate the crowd noise.( prevent them from substituting, and possibly catch them offside for a free play.)

    2. Always (or often) put a man in motion, and read the defense’s reaction.

    3. Fake a handoff or pitch, and roll out the other way to befuddle the defense.

    4. Invite the blitz, and roll away from the blitz, or complete quick pass (slant, screen, with outlet swing pass in the flat to the RB, also.)

    5. Take advantage of defensive speed by doing counters,misdirections and reverses.

    6. Look off the safeties by facing one way while looking in the other direction. (If Kaep had done that, he would have seen 2 wide open players.)

    7. Consider time outs to be precious, and saved for the last 2 minutes (of each half).

    8. Shake hands, win or lose. Read IF by Rudyard Kipling.

    9. After the game, go to the Niner fans in the stands and give autographed hats

    10. get the ball in Frank Gore’s (playmakers ) hands as much as possible.

    All of the rantings from TrollD are not my ideas, and since he thought of them, I think they are all his ideas. Remember, this is the guy who wanted to trade Kaep for Tebow. My 10 points are now presented to counter the screeds, and for all to see.

    1. Seb, thanks for setting the record straight, but I’m still curious as to how you came to choose the name, Nynah….

      1. Just a variation of Niner that was not taken on the SFgate blog.

        Sorry, I have never been east of Chicago before, so I am not a New York Niner fan.

        1. I was wondering. Btw, I’m working on a new strain, crossing Gorilla Glue #4 with a Kali Mist. I’m calling it, Gorilla In The Mist….

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