New way to measure quarterbacks, and Alex Smith

ESPN’s Mike Sando just came out with an interesting article comparing the NFC West Quarterbacks by their Total Quarterback Rating – a new, highly subjective, supposedly more accurate metric for measuring quarterback performance.

Sando explains it in detail in his article, but all you need to know is that a TBR of 50 is average, and a TBR of 65 is pro-bowl caliber.

Last season, Alex Smith’s 82.1 quarterback rating was tops in the NFC West. However, his TBR was only third best.


Alex Smith: QB Rating: 82.1, TBR: 40.0

Sam Bradford: QB Rating: 76.5, TBR: 41.0

Matt Hasselbeck: QB Rating: 73.2, TBR: 42.4

All three quarterbacks performed below average according to TBR, but Hasselbeck was the No. 1 qb in the division, Bradford No. 2, and Smith No. 3.

What do you make of this? Does it make you re-evaluate Smith? I have no bias in this. The stat is new to me. I’m merely presenting it and asking your opinion.


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