NEWS BULLETIN!! 49ers will destroy Vikings

Here’s how you know the Vikings are going to lose to the 49ers on Sunday: Head coach Leslie Frazier said, “We want to get the run established,” on a conference call Wednesday morning.

Leslie, look at me. Listen to what I have to say. That’s not the move you want to make. You can’t establish the run against the 49ers. Understand? It’s a losing strategy.

As long as All-Pro linebackers Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman are on the field together, the run game is out. Not an option.

What you need to do is get one of those All-Pros off the field. How do you do this? Four-wide-receiver formations.

You want the 49ers’ defense in their Dime package – six defensive backs – because they substitute their No.4 cornerback, Perrish Cox, for Bowman or Willis. That’s a substitution you want the 49ers to make.

The only problem is your offense hasn’t run one play from a four-wide-receiver formation all season. Not one.

So I’m picking the 49ers to beat you 23-9.

It could even be worse than that.

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