NFL draft 2016 live blog: Day 1


This is the live blog for Day 1 of the 2016 NFL draft. I will update this frequently with information and analysis as the picks roll in.

4:30 I’m sticking with my prediction that the Los Angeles Rams will take Carson Wentz, not Jared Goff. Do you have any bold predictions?

4:38 Here are my Raiders draft predictions:

Round 1: Myles Jack, LB, UCLA
Round 2: Jonathan Bullard, DT, Florida
Round 3: Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma

4:52 If the 49ers stay at Pick 7 and Ronnie Stanley isn’t available, I think they’ll draft Joey Bosa.

5:14 Rams take Goff, just as I predicted. When you’re good, you’re good.

5:17 This is a bad pick. The Rams don’t have the receivers or the offensive tackles to suit a quarterback with Goff’s skill-set.

5:22 And the Eagles take Wentz. Another bad fit. Yikes.

5:30 With Pick 3, the San Diego Chargers take Joey Bosa. Now the Niners should trade up to Pick 4 and take Jalen Ramsey.

5:38 Cowboys take Ezekiel Elliott. That’s a reach. Ramsey’s still on the board. Will the Niners go get him?

5:43 Jaguars take Ramsey. 49ers will regret not trading up for him. Still good players on the board, though. Ronnie Stanley would be a good pick.

5:51 The Ravens take Ronnie Stanley, which means the 49ers should trade down. Although they probably will stand pat and take DeForest Buckner, who wouldn’t be a bad pick.

5:54 Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil seems to be falling down draft boards. He may have failed a drug test at the combine. Click here to read more.

5:56 The pick is in, so the Niners aren’t trading down.

5:58 49ers take DeForest Buckner. Instant reaction: He improves the pass rush, which was a huge weakness last season. He probably won’t play in the base defense as a rookie. Grade: B.

6:07 The Browns trade down for a second time, this time with the Titans, who take Michigan State offensive tackle Jack Conklin, the player the 49ers probably should have drafted instead of Buckner.

6:17 Bears trade up to Pick 9 and take Leonard Floyd. Another player I like better than Buckner.

6:23 The Giants take Ohio State cornerback Eli Apple because his last name is Apple. Now he’ll be “The Big Apple.”

6:28 The Bucs take Vernon Hargreaves III with Pick 11. Good job of trading down a couple of spots before taking their guy.

6:38 The Saints take DT Sheldon Rankins with Pick 12.

6:41 And the Dolphins take OT Laremy Tunsil. Myles Jack is available for the Raiders if they want him.

6:49 Raiders take West Virginia’s Karl Joseph to play free safety. He will be Oakland’s Earl Thomas. The pick fills a need.

6:55 Raiders must feel they can get an ILB in Round 2 or 3.

6:57 Browns take Baylor wide receiver Corey Coleman to team up with former Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III.

7:01 Lions take Ohio State offensive tackle Taylor Decker with Pick 16. Myles Jack really might fall to Round 2.

7:09 The Falcons take S Keanu Neal, who may play linebacker in the NFL. Interesting that teams are looking at safeties to play linebacker and not linebackers to play linebacker.

7:20 The Colts take Alabama center Ryan Kelly, who reminds me of Cowboys center Travis Frederick. Good pick.

7:21 The Bills take Clemson edge-rusher Shaq Lawson. Great pick. I like him better than Leonard Floyd, who never will be able to set the edge in the NFL.

7:25 Jets take Darron Lee with Pick 20. Another player I ranked in the top-10 on my big board.

7:39 With Pick 21, the Texans take Notre Dame wide receiver Will Fuller. I hate this pick. He’s Ted Ginn Jr.

7:39 With Pick 22, the Redskins take TCU wide receiver Josh Doctson, the receiver the Texans should have taken. Washington GM Scot McCloughan is good.

7:46 The Vikings take Laquon Treadwell, who is no Randy Moss.

7:53 The Bengals take Houston CB William Jackson III. Great pick. Second-best corner in the draft. The Bengals may be the most talented team in the NFL.

7:56 Steelers take Artie Burns, which means they probably would have taken Jackson III had he still been available. Great pick, Cincinnati.

7:56 The Seahawks trade down with the Broncos, who probably will pick Paxton Lynch.

8:00 Seattle laying in the cut waiting for Myles Jack huh.

8:01 The Broncos take Paxton Lynch, meaning Colin Kaepernick will be a 49er in 2016 (unless they deal him to the Jets).

8:02 I like this pick for Denver. Lynch is similar to Kaepernick, but younger and more talented.

8:15 49ers trade up with the Chiefs for Pick 28.

8:16 The 49ers take Stanford guard Joshua Garnett. Good pick. He will start at guard for the next 10 seasons.

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  1. Happy draft day everyone. Baloney season is almost over, and I have to watch my nitrates.

    Anyone know of some groovy national twitter feeds that let us know who was picked right away (without the NFL’s delay?)

    Jed tweeted a hint last year noting “Sacramento” several minutes before the Armstead pick, so I (temporarily) added JD.

  2. Baalke will trade up for Jalen Ramsey.
    Someone will reach for Lynch or Cook during the first round.
    Tunsil will not be the first OT taken.
    No ILB will be taken in the first round.

    1. A little earlier ESPN had a little segment on Ramsey and Gruden and that other guy (don’t know who he is) hammered Ramsey. They showed film where he made bad decisions, dropped easy interceptions and was lazy. I was surprised.

  3. I play golf where Goff’s dad does and heard he say to others that Jared is 1…… who knows though.

    I want a trade back to teens for OL (Conklin maybe) or Buckner at 7 due to concerns w Dorsey n Williams.

  4. Per SBL’s at Levis, just an fyi, there was nothing available on the suites side but a decent amount of lowers on the visitor side, but those were taken by others moving down from up above……… so right now, it looks like there were a bunch available in the uppers on the sun side, but it isn’t bad, as some have suggested (guessing 40% of 4th tier)- I am partial shade due to visiting the stadium and knowing of the issues.
    Raiders will sell out every game and actually be at capacity I think- $25 for uppers is one of the best deals in sports.

    1. Of course. Did anyone really think Wentz? I’m not looking forward to having to face Goff twice a year.

  5. I am hearing (from my brother, so take with a large grain of salt) the 49ers are inquiring about the possibility of trading back into late first to grab either Vernon Butler or Connor Cook.

    1. Same can be said of the Rams. I wonder if they were told to hold off in an attempt to increase the fan excitement.

  6. OK, now the real draft begins. I’m hoping to see guys like Elliot and Stanley so the draft order shakes up, but I’m not expecting it.

  7. Mayock is just the worst. “I was talking to an NFL general manager and we both agreed that Goff and Wentz were the best two QB’s in the draft.”

    The worst.

      1. Doubt it. Ravens were reported to be seriously considering him and the Browns were fielding calling about their eighth pick in case Elliott fell.

      2. Adam Schefter ‏- Dallas debated dealing out of 4, considered moving back in draft today. Ultimately decided to stand pat and take RB Ezekiel Elliott.

  8. Ramsey gone. There goes that fantasy. I’m liking who remains. If Baalke isn’t thrilled with Stanley he has his pick of one of Buckner, Tunsil or Jack.

    I think its going to be Buckner if he doesn’t go OT.

      1. NT to start the year, then a valuable rotational player. Funny, I seem to recall having an argument with Grant about how Dial’s contract didn’t guarantee him a starting role, and that it was more in line with a rotational player…

      2. They’ll play a rotation. Dial’s a solid player but he doesn’t have the upside of Buckner. I wished we’d have gone for Tunsil.

  9. Too bad I can’t grab you guys and start dancing around! It’s bedlam here in South Bend! Whoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. my two cents worth: that tape is horrific – when Buckner takes hands to the chest, his center of gravity is moved. compare this to your memories of hands to the chest of Justin Smith or even Aldon Smith. by comparison, he’s getting thrown around like a rag doll – by college OLs. to my eye, trained only by watching these choices since the 60s, my initial reaction is “bad move”. I will happily eat crow when this guy is winning pro bowls.

      1. ESPN started with his highlights, and that’s where i took notice. Heck, we’re all just fans and for better or worse Baalke and co are the professionals. Hopefully he figures out how to play low and becomes a Justin Smith-type force.

  11. Baalke said last year it is hard to find true 4T players. One of the reasons he loved Armstead, so this comes as no surprise. Now selected two in first round in back to back years, which should give the team a heck of a DL in a few years time. Dial can move to NT in base while Williams and Dorsey recover, then becomes a valuable member of the rotation. DL should be a strength of this team once again.

    1. Dial can move to NT in base while Williams and Dorsey recover, then becomes a valuable member of the rotation.

      Unless Baalke drafts Butler with the next 49ers pick.

    2. Great breakdown. I’d we miss an NT this year, Dial can play while Williams recovers.

      The “All Bat Down” defense.

    1. I agree with the B+ Brooks gave. Let’s see what happens with the rest of our draft. I would have preferred Tunsil. I think it’s good but I don’t love it.

    2. I’m happy. Would have been happier with a healthy Jack, sane Tunsil or Ramsey. But Buckner is a great result.

  12. If Buckner can do what Aldon Smith was suppose to do, it’s a great pick. If he’s a runstuffing tackle then it’s a bad pick.

  13. My impression is that when you have holes everywhere it’s quicker to build a dominating defense and generally takes longer for the offense. So in that respect I think Buckner is a good pick.

  14. We are definitely in the next tier of players now, where there is going to be a lot of picks that people think are “reaches”.

  15. PFF ranks the Niners pick as te only A+ pick in the Top Ten.

    Buckner was their #2 ranked player.

    I hope they’re right.
    And for everything I saw about him, I think they are.

  16. Ian Rapoport ‏- Jets are trying to trade up. If enough QBs are taken early will if force Denver’s hand? And does Colin still want to be traded. (I’m hoping he wants to stay. Totally curious how he would operate in Kelly’s offense.

  17. There was a lot of chatter from analyst about sneaking into the late first rounds to get a qb, with first rounders having 5 year contacts. Wonder how much the FO like cook. I think Denver takes him with their current state….

    1. “The Cleveland Browns are a glorified expansion team.” — Mel Kiper, after the Browns select Corey Coleman at #15

  18. I’m expecting an interior D-line run to start in the 20s. Certain positions are like that. Quiet, then a run.

    1. Was never that big a fan of his. But he’s a good pick for the Vikings. The perfect type of WR for a smart QB with a limited arm like Bridgewater. He’ll make a nice security blanket option for him.

      1. I simply can’t get on board with the Lynch hype. I hope I’m wrong for the kid’s sake, but I just don’t think he’s going to pan out.

          1. Mayock was saying that Lynch has never taken a 5 step drop let alone a 7 step drop. He’s going to need a lot of work.

        1. Lynch is a really good player. He’s a great athlete and a very natural thrower. He’s going to be a very good pro.

    1. Clearly every team except Maybe 3 teams dropped him of their first round board. The knee is an issue. Sad but it’s true.

  19. “He will start at guard for the next 10 seasons.”

    Maybe, but probably not for the 49ers. Who was the last OG they had for 10 years?

  20. That move was made just with the thought Seattle might take him. Hopefully he is solid. Bigger needs to fill with ZB and tiller at OG

  21. Buckner is an armstead clone. Whatever. Garnett is a huge reach. Available in the 2nd, maybe the 3rd. He’s slow footed. According to some scouts he’s “soft.” Great. A better version of Jonathan Martin? Too much to get him. I would much rather have taken Floyd at 7 – think Smith without the arrests, and then take Jack in the early 2nd.

    This team keeps taking OL and DL at the top, not worrying about speed anywhere on the field and wonders why it gets burned. Need to get some speed on the field these next rounds.

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