NFL Draft Live Blog: Round 1

SANTA CLARA — This is the live blog for the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. I’ll update this frequently from the 49ers media trailer.

4:05 This just in from Jay Glazer: “I’m hearing we have our first trade; Cleveland moving up from #4 to #3 w Minnesota. Giving up 3 picks to move into the 3rd spot.”

4:13 Jason LaCanfora on the trade: “Browns trade a 4th, 5th and 7th round pick to move up one spot to 3rd. Trent Richardson would seem to be the pick.”

4:27 More Glazer on the Vikings: “Minn didn’t want to go past 5th but are now thinking about trading down again.”

4:38 Adam Schefter says the Jaguars want to trade up for Blackmon: “One trade has enabled Jacksonville to now try to trade up for OSU WR Justin Blackmon. Jags pushing for deal.”

4:55 If the Jaguars draft Justin Blackmon, we’ll never hear from him again. He might become the quickest bust ever.

4:58 Evan Silva on Kendall Wright: “ESPN’s Bob Holtzman on Browns: ‘Expect them to turn their attention to WR at 22. Heckert has one guy in mind.’ (Guess: Kendall Wright.)”

5:01 Houston Chronicle reporter John McClain: “I heard a rumor Texans want TE Coby Fleener. Lots of mocks say so. I’ll be shocked if they take a TE in first round.”

5:05 Surprise: The Colts pick Andrew Luck No. 1

5:11 The Redskins pick Robert Griffin III with the No. 2 pick.

5:16 The Browns pick Trent Richardson with the No. 3 pick. Now comes the interesting part.

5:19 The Vikings pick Matt Kalil with the No. 4 pick. Boring pick. They’ll end up regretting it because they should have picked a cornerback.

5:22 The Jaguars traded up with the Bucs to No. 5. They will draft Justin Blackmon, presumably. If so, that’s two bad draft picks in a row by two bad organizations.

5:25 And Jacksonville officially makes The Blackmon Mistake. An unconfirmed rumor says they already regret it.

5:30 Bad break for the Niners. It would have been nice for them had the Rams made The Blackmon Mistake. Now the Niners will have to contend with Cortland Finnegan and Morris Claiborne, most likely.

5:32 Scratch that – Dallas traded up to No. 6 and picked Morris Claiborne.

5:34 No matter how many times the analysts on NFL Network call Justin Blackmon a beast – he will not be one with NFL.

5:41 The Bucs draft Mark Barron with the No. 7 pick. The Dolphins can have Ryan Tannehill if they want him.

5:43 The Rams now own picks No. 33, 39 and 45.

5:46 The Dolphins draft Ryan Tannehill at pick No. 8.

5:47 The Cowboys will have a much better defense next years. Added CBs Carr and Claiborne.

5:49 The Panthers pick Luke Kuechly, and I owe a few people a nickel. I don’t think he’s worth a top-15 pick because he’s an inside linebacker. The Panthers disagree, but they’ll see things my way pretty soon. You’ll see. You’ll all see!

5:51 It blows my mind that Kuechly was a higher pick than Patrick Willis. He does not deserve the honor.

5:55 The Bills pick Stephon Gilmore with the No. 10 pick.

6:02 The Chiefs pick Dontari Poe with the No. 11 pick. All the busts are going early in this draft. Good news for the Niners.

6:05 The Eagles just traded up with the Seahawks for the 12th pick.

6:08 The Eagles draft DT Fletcher Cox No. 13. Good pick.

6:16 The Cardinals drafted Michael Floyd with the No. 13 pick. Two very large starting wide receivers for the Cardinals.

6:22 The Rams choose DT Michael Brockers with the No. 14 pick. They’re clearly going to draft receivers with some of their three second round picks.

6:33 The Seahawks draft DE Bruce Irvin with the No. 15 pick. Another reach. This draft has been Reach City so far.

6:40 My internet doesn’t work and the Seahawks drafted Bruce Irvin and the Jets drafted Quinton Coples. This draft has been Reach City. 6:44 I guess the Niners won’t be trading up to No. 17, because the Bengals just drafted Dre Kirkpatrick with that pick.

6:55 The Chargers draft Melvin Ingram and the Bears draft Shea McClellin and I’m frantically calling the webmaster. This is a draft disaster.

6:56 I think the site’s working again.

6:58 It’s working. Hallelujah! Has Coby Fleener been picked yet?

7:01 The Titans make The Kendall Wright Mistake at pick No. 20 and the Patriots trade up with the Bengals for pick No. 21 to pick DE Chandler Jones. David DeCastro is still on the board.

7:06 The Cleveland Browns draft QB Brandon Weeden with the No. 22 pick. I was expecting them to draft Fleener there, but I was assuming they were a savvy organization. Weeden is horrible draft pick. Wow.

7:10 The Lions draft offensive tackle Riley Reiff with the No. 23 pick. Will the Niners trade up here, or will the Steelers just take David DeCastro?

7:12 And the Steelers take DeCastro. Will the Broncos draft Fleener? They’re on the clock right now.

7:17 The Patriots traded up with the Broncos to draft Dont’a Hightower with pick No. 25. The Broncos will pick at No. 31. If the Texans pass on Fleener, he will probably drop to the Niners if they want him.

7:26 The Texans draft DE Whitney Mercilus with pick No. 26. The Niners should be able to choose between Coby Fleener, Rueben Randle and Stephen Hill at pick No. 30. Good for them.

7:31 The Bengals draft Kevin Zeitler with the No. 27 pick with Cordy Glenn still on the board. This round is shaping up perfectly for the Niners.

7:38 The Packers draft Nick Perry. If the Ravens pass on Fleener, the Niners have to draft him.

7:40 Forget the Ravens – the Vikings just traded up for the No. 29 pick. They’re going to pick Rueben Randle or Stephen Hill is my guess. I say they pick Hill.

7:42 The vikings draft Harrison Smith. Fleener’s there if the Niners want him. Let’s see if they do the right thing.

7:45 The 49ers draft wide receiver A.J. Jenkins from Illinois. 6-0 190. The 49ers just massively over-thought themselves. Terrible pick.

7:48 With this pick the Niners tell everyone they blame Kyle Williams for the NFC Championship loss. They actually chose to upgrade Williams’ roster spot with their first round pick. Unbelievable.

7:50 Jenkins averaged 13.3 yards per catch as a junior, 14.2 yards per catch as a senior. So despite his speed, he was not a big play receiver in college. The Niners got themselves another slot possession receiver. Perhaps Baalke is better at drafting defense.

7:55 The Bucs draft Doug Martin with pick No. 31.

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