NFL power pendulum swings back to the NFC

It’s the morning after Super Bowl XLVI, I just woke up and I have two points to make.

Here’s the first: The NFL is an NFC-dominated league once again.

They’ve won three Super Bowls in a row. Three years ago it was the Saints beating the Colts. Last year it was the Packers beating the Steelers. Now, the Giants beat the Patriots for the second time in four years (Before that, the AFC had won four Super Bowls in a row).

When I was growing up, the best teams in football were the Niners, the Cowboys and the Packers. Now, the best teams are the Niners, the Packers, the Saints and the Giants – all in the NFC.

The AFC, which was supreme after John Elway beat Brett Favre in the Super Bowl in 1997, only has two elite teams right now – the Patriots and the Ravens – and those teams are both flawed. The Patriots are excellent on offense and the Ravens are excellent on defense.

With Tom Brady entering his mid-thirties and Eli Manning heading into his prime, it feels like the NFC is going to become even more dominant over the next few years.

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