NFL snubs Colin Kaepernick, names Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck offensive players of the month

The NFL just named Andrew Luck and Aaron Rogers — not Colin Kaepernick — the offensive players of the month.

When Jim Harbaugh was talking about Kaepernick’s greatness, I missed hearing about Kaepernick’s stats for the month of November.

How do they stack up?

November stats:

Kaepernick: 87 completions/152 attempts (57.2 completion percentage); 1,017 passing yards; 6.69 yards per attempt; 4 TDs; 3 INTs; 78.2 passer rating.

Luck: 88 completions/144 attempts (61.1 completion percentage); 1,280 passing yards; 8.89 yards per attempt; 12 TDs; 2 INT;, 112.0 passer rating.

Rodgers: 83 completions/130 attempts (63.8 completion percentage); 1,233 passing yards; 9.49 yards per attempt; 13 TDs; 0 INTs; 128.1 passer rating.

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  1. I think Coach Harbaugh would respond to Mr. Cohn in this fashion:

    The greatness comes not when things go always good for you. But the greatness comes when you’re really tested, when you take some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes. Because only if you’ve been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain….

    1. ‘You’ve got to walk that lonesome valley
      You’ve got to walk it by yourself
      Nobody can walk it for you…’

      from a long time ago

    2. No, he would not respond in that fashion. You need to reword your text using phrases, not complete sentences. Something like this:

      “Greatness not always when things good. When you’re really tested. Take some knocks. Some disappointment. Sadness. Been in deepest valley. Then magnificent on highest mountain.”

  2. very childish, immature and unprofessional of you. it perpetuates the belief by many (including your journalistic peers) that you’re petulant kid trying to strike back at the big bad local sports figures (were you picked last in PE or something?). you’re kicking a man while they’re down. what do you get out of posting something that we all know (that Kaepernick isn’t as good as Rogers or Luck)? I don’t expect you to root for the Niners. If you want to specialize in articles that criticize them, that’s fine (just do them well and with lots of research). But this post just looks like a personal attack…maybe because you don’t like Harbaugh or Kaepernick personally? do you need to stoop that low for click bait?

    1. Grant, kick! Kick away! Have at it! Kick, Grant, kick away! Our sullen, pouting QB Kaepernick is a jerk who has it coming, and then some.

  3. Now that he has a regular column, Grant is just using this blog to throw mud up against the wall hoping some of it will stick. He is just mailing it in. Kinda sad.

    1. One word answers? I’m surprised Keap (and others) have refrained from playing a little chin music on certain 3rd grade level whiny “journalists”.

      1. The fact you think they’d resort to violence shows us everything we need to know about you. Immature pot calling kettle black much?

  4. Could swear there were additional posts in this thread. Pretty sure Claude had one.

    Can we delete our own posts? If so, I’d like to know how. Thanks.

    1. Cubus,

      No we can’t delete or edit our own posts, and having read Claude’s post that was just deleted I can honestly say there is no rhyme or reason to the rules around here.

      1. Rocket: Thanks for the response. On the previous 300 post link I posted very near the end of the thread a link to a niner’s nation article where David Neumann did an All-22 review of the Seahawks game. I’ve read your opinion on the All-22 especially as used by novices, but if you get a chance, I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on the article I linked to. He seems to make a lot of sense.

        1. Cubus,

          I read the article and it was well presented. The problem is the author is looking at the all 22 and viewing it from that vantage point while not looking at it from the perspective of the QB.

          His very first example, he points out how Kap had the two on one advantage of having two TE’s running seam routes with one high Safety. He says Kap should have gone to one of them after looking off Thomas one way or the other. Well that’s all well and good, but what you also need to take into account is a rusher comes free right at the point Kap takes his last step so having the time to look off the Safety isn’t there, unless you want a sack, so it comes down to what the best chance of a completion will be. With arguably the best FS in the game sitting in the middle of the field waiting to jump one of the TE routes, Kap decided a one on one outside was the better option. Not saying that was right, but I do know Thomas has made a lot of picks on routes such as those. The one shot he had was if he was able to throw a rope to Celek and even then it’s questionable with Thomas laying in wait back there. Could he have made that play? Yep. Did he have confidence he could make that play with a rusher bearing down on him? Nope.

          There is no question Kap played a poor game. He was off target and seemed to be rattled at times he shouldn’t be. At the same time, plays people assume were misreads or mistakes often aren’t and that’s been the case a number of times this season.

          1. Or he could have thrown to the 3rd read to the receiver running in the left flat. Not is saying he has to see everything throw and read. The argument is that he can only see the one most of the time, and has no awareness of the situation. How about the play at the end of the 1st half. Why run the ball for 5 yards when you can throw it tot he WR who could potentially break a tackle and get into the FG range?

            THere’s a reason he’s the 22nd ranked QBR. He’s regressing and can’t throw from the pocket. Next question.

          1. Thanks for link to the article cubus, good read (well, good as in well done analysis, but not pleasant reading!).

            And thanks for the clarification Jack. It looked like sound analysis to me but always good to get the opinion of someone that knows more than me on these things!

        1. That’s ok. I’ve been banned as well. But I guarantee you this, me and my 500 global IP addresses will outlast Cohn…..

  5. Uncalled for but true. I said when they traded Smith that they better win the Super Bowl under Kaepernick or it’s over. They didn’t win it. He didn’t have it in him and probably never will, Harbaugh or Kaepernick. Smith had it in him… karma, momentum, years of frustration or whatever were on his side. I think we are seeing that in KC. I expect it to wear off there and that KC will diminish because they don’t have near the talent the 49ers do. Smith had the real hot hand, long term, and I say we beat the Seahawks more often than not under Smith if we kept him. Kaepernick was fool’s gold and Harbaugh was too blind to see it. Blindness is what Cohn is trying, albeit like an adolescent, to say regarding Harbaugh’s comments on Kaepernick being great and how they don’t align with reality. Therefore, Harbaugh is actually trying to use words to justify his wrong decision to keep Kaepernick, which is a sign of a bad leader and huge ego. These are flaws which keep the 49ers from realizing the greatness. I credit the defense, Oline, VD and Gore for staying competitive and credit belongs to Fangio, Tomsula and Solari on the coaching side, and all the starting players in those elements. They all deserved at least one Super Bowl the last recent seasons. It will be nice to start fresh on offense, but for Gore, VD, Oline. New QB, new HC, new OC, etc.

      1. The last chances at winning the Super Bowl for a long time are over. In the first year with Harbaugh, there was Camp Alex because of the lockout and they went to the NFCCG. Kyle Williams choked in the NFCCG, bad, and now he’s gone. Kaepernick didn’t get it done in the Super Bowl with four chances first and goal on five, and in the NFCCG by throwing an interception to lose the game in the Red Zone with 31 seconds, 1st and 10. The Seattle game on Thanksgiving stank because of the offense. All of those crucial games are over. I’m saying the momentum is done, the window is pretty much shut, and regardless of what emotional fans like you want to believe, it was over the moment the team kept the wrong QB and didn’t get another ring before the NFL figured him out. They had Smith figured out, but the reality is he still improved. The team couldn’t keep both Smith and Kaepernick if they got a ring, and they likely couldn’t trade Smith after winning a Super Bowl. The cheaper route that seemed like apples to apples was to go with the dual threat QB and sever ties with Smith. They picked Kaepernick prematurely, and I said if they didn’t win it with him, it was over. Turns out they put in fool’s gold and got rid of real gold. It has been down hill ever since. They picked the wrong guy, plain and simple. Smith isn’t Manning, but he’s proven himself on a team that was much worse than the 49ers. How would Kaepernick do on KC? He’s had one the best teams around him in football and is still extremely meager. You heard from me first.

  6. Jeez…One step forward, then ten steps backward for Grant…These type of entries soaked in sarcasm and bitterness do nothing at all to benefit your readers, your audience…

    Grow Up.

  7. I’ve always read but never commented on the thousands of Niner articles I’ve read over the years. After seeing how much crap Grant is taking though I felt compelled to say that this article was hilarious and it’s not meant to be taken seriously. I’m as crushed by the Niner’s demise as all of you, but I still have enough of a sense of humor to get a kick out of this post.

    Thanks for your hard work over the years Grant. Keep doing what you’re doing.

    1. In order for this to be funny, it would have to be out of the norm from the author. A surprise if you will taken in a lighthearted way. That is not the case here. Grant has continually criticized and taken shots at different areas of the team, and this just comes off as more of the same smarmy attitude.

    2. 49waystowi

      I’m with you on that; Grant is giving his best to keep it interesting….If he wasn’t successful, none of us would be on here….It’s a free country…go to another blog.

  8. A distinction exists between satire and sarcasm. It can be a fine and difficult to navigate line. Ever since the issues with Anthony Davis in the 2012 training camp, Grant has, at least in my opinion, stayed consistently on the side of satire. This piece, however, strikes me as having crossed over to sarcasm.

    1. JPN:

      This piece went past sarcasm and deposited itself squarely in churlishness.

      But what do I know? I’ve been banned for linking to a webpage that contained a bad word. I can’t say I blame Grant for banning me, however, because he did it to protect all the children who visit his blog. Thank God they have him to look out for them.

  9. Interesting to note, a newly popular statistic is syllables per press conference. Kaepernick averages just 2.7 words for every question asked. Which ranks him dead-last in the history of the league. He is so done now, I am just waiting for the 49ers coach to show the testicular fortitude to waive him. Let him be someone else’s scared deer in the headlights.

  10. Great article, Grant. I think this is a good way to handle a touchy topic. Let Kaepernick’s blind legion of ignorant armies to try to cry out injustice.

    1. It becomes more evident that CK has a long way to go. He’s surrounded by a pretty good team and he can’t hack it. He is not average at this point in his career.

  11. Grant is sour because C.Kap didn’t give him TMZ material. This must be a boring week for the local “journalists”. There is no controversy. Sunday’s opponent is a joke. Nobody is giving these “journalist” information that fits their narrative of how things should be. What boring week indeed.

    1. you are one smart cookie when it comes to drawing comments.

      I agree completely, Jack. I may not like his approach in this particular piece, but I must admit it is effective with respect to getting his point across and engendering hits and comments.

      1. He knows exactly what he’s doing and you responded to it.

        If you’re really displeased the better option to show it would be to not comment or give it clicks.

        1. JPN, jack, ricardo and CB
          When Grant copied and pasted a transcript of CK’s presser it garnered 233 comments. Its not his writing style or wit or charm that drives hits, its the passion of us fans, especially after a loss or when the team is in turmoil.

          As for “if you dont like it dont comment” this is the 9ers site with the best (albeit flawed) format for posting coments. If you want to communicate with the other faithful this is the best place crappy moderator notwithstanding

      2. I’m sure Grant enjoys the clicks and he loves to antagonize sometimes, but what he posts here is what he believes. He has strong opinions and goes all in with them, which is why it’s easy to shake your head at much of what he writes. If he was strictly trying to get clicks he could do it any other number of ways without making himself look silly which he often does.

  12. Let me ask a very serious question. When is the last time Grant was able to get a one on one with a top player on this team. An insightful one on one? He can’t. He’s labeled and he knows it. So he jabs, just like his father jabs.

    You guys know how celebrities view the paparazzi. They come out of a nice restaurant, they look over and see the paparazzi and they shut down. Can’t wait to get in their cars. The paparazzi snap a few unflattering photos then sell them to a gossip rag like the Enquirer where a very unflattering story is done on that particular celebrity.

    This is how I imaging that the 49er players view Grant and his pop and Kawakami and Anne Killian. They view them as paparazzi that they want to escape but unfortunately are required to speak with them based on NFL rules.

    And surprise surprise surprise ( Jim Neighbors ) the columnists get all bent out of shape when they get dry interviews. Imaging that lol.

  13. “I make my living off the evening news, Just give me something, something I can use. People love it when you lose, they love dirty laundry.”

  14. I usually don’t comment on here. I often just follow the conversations from some good posters here (Rocket, Jack, Claude, Razor, just to name a few). But I have to say that I don’t really understand what is accomplished with this. If the goal was to remind people that Luck and Rodgers are better than Kaep, than no need. I think we all already knew that. If the goal was to, once a again, reinforce how stupid Grant thinks it was for Harbaugh to refer to his QB as “great”, then I suppose it this article succeeded.

    I don’t know, I just found it unnecessary to go as far as using offensive player of the month to reinforce something that was already made abundantly clear by Grant in a previous article. This just seems like taking a shot at someone just to take it.

  15. Colin is sullen with a capital ‘S’
    Colin says the word ‘execute’
    and Colin pouts or tries to seem
    bland (just like Coach Harbaw).

    When they lose (or win ugly)
    they invite us to heckle, okay?

    Just imagine: a beautiful new stadium
    and the season will end early. My, my, my.

  16. Mr Cohn, you ARE better than this. When you’re on – when you take the time and commit the energy to do some thinking and a bit of number crunching – you say things and illuminate the game and can inspire even a jaded old know-it-all like me to harumph to himself, “hmmm..hadn’t thot of that…good point”. I will humor myself by assuming you or anyone else is open to advice by saying that, when I was at the top of my game in my chosen field, I often asked myself “am i being a) upbeat, b), energetic, and c) aggressive?” Err on the side of upbeat over downbeat, energetic over lazy, and aggressive over passive, and you engage the world in a way which not only can obtain good results, but inspires others to do the same. This isnt easy – it’s easier to sit back and rely on “attitude”, which allows one to respond without really doing the work (ie, thinking). There was a longer piece here that would have been illuminating – how far as Kaep fallen behind the leaders at the QB position…do these numbers tell the story, or is Kaep closer to Rodgers or Brady than these stats imply? I used to bore my “kids” (youngsters in the business) with my hoary old adages, but interestingly every time i see them now they thank me in increasingly fervent tones. This is either the romantic delusions of an old f-rt, or possibly a reminder that even the best of us need to work our hardest to get our best results.

    1. Grant ..

      If you covet the possibility of having success in this
      business .. then …
      Tim Kawakami isn’t a guy you’d want to emulate

  17. Greg Cosell;
    (on 49ers play calling)

    They run a lot of the same stuff that everybody else runs. If they run a post-cross combination and it’s cover three, and the cross is wide open, I know the ball needs to be thrown there. And if it’s not thrown, that’s not on the five guys who designed the play. The ball needs to be thrown.

  18. In November, Colin Kaepernick had a lower passer rating than Blake Bortles, Drew Stanton, Mark Sanchez, Alex Smith, Jay Cutler, Eli Manning, Kyle Orton, Josh McCown, Teddy Bridgewater, Zach Mettenberger and Robert Griffin, to name a few.

    1. Grant,
      So he had a lower rating then rookies (Blake Bortles, Bridgewater, Mettenberger), career backups (Orton, McCown, Stanton), a butt fumbler (Sanchez), and a #1 pick who was benched (RG3). Oh yeah, the guy he replaced, Alex Smith, but he almost doesn’t count.
      We should note in November that Kap played against 4 bad teams (NO, STL, NYG, WASH), and one good one (SEA).

      How do you spell regression? K-A-E-P-E-R-N-I-CK.”

    2. After a rough start Teddy is playing pretty OK. Since week 8 he’s thrown 7 TD’s to 2 INT. His avg is pretty awful but he’s also averaging 36.4 attempts per game while completing 61% of those attempts.

      I wasn’t one of his fans in the draft.

      1. Teddy was the QB I really liked, followed by Garoppolo.

        Before the draft I said I wouldn’t mind taking Teddy B if he was available at #30, and got laughed at. Not looking like such a bad idea now…

        For mine the thing that separates Bridgewater from the other rookie QBs playing this year is how well he goes through his progressions, ability to move around the pocket while keeping his eyes downfield, and his demeanor/ calmness in the face of pass rush.

        1. Someone compared Kap’s game against the Rams with Bridgewater, and how even as a rookie Bridgewater was standing in the pocket, while Kap was breaking the pocket instead of stepping up and going to a check down.

          Kinda crazy to think we hated Captain Checkdown, who was starting to put together a string of good games before he got concussed.

    3. Grant I just came across this post. Could you tell me what the point of it was. I have’nt read many posters who disagreed with your original post. Why are you reiterating the same content?

  19. Four quarterbacks who attempted more than 100 passes in November had a lower passer rating than Kaepernick: Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Brian Hoyer and Derek Carr.

    1. Grant – #7 had a high score on his wonderlic……Is there any possible way for someone to cheat on that? I’m dead serious……..Do you know how the test is administered? People find ways to cheat on everything.

      1. And why your at it. Is it possible he cheated his way through Turlock high school and UNR. You know because people find ways to cheat all the time.

        1. All I know is #7’s football IQ is pretty damn low…..Put Tom Brady’s brain in #7’s body and you have the greatest NFL QB ever…..Hands down.

      2. Your suggestion is that some folks are known for athletic power and weak minds and/or morals. How much intelligence are you using now?

        There’s no need to label you.

      3. Crab,

        The Classic Wonderlic (what the NFL uses) is a timed test designed to test the subjects ability to think through problems quickly. It emphasizes ability to identify the type of problem and quickly analyze said problem. It does this by giving the subject 50 questions (verbal & mathematic) to answer in 12 minutes. The score is simply the number of questions answered in the allowed time frame.

        Other than having the test and the answers ahead of time, there is no way to cheat on the Wonderlic. However, unlike traditional IQ tests, the Wonderlic can be gamed. To game the Wonderlic, the exam taker simply concentrates on those types of questions that he/she can easily and quickly answer – that is, the test taker plays to his/her strength. This does take the mental acuity to analyze the questions quickly and skip past those that will take the exam taker too much time to answer, so people who lack analytical skills cannot game the test. However, by concentrating on the problems one is good at, the test taker can improve his/her score over what it would have been if he/she had tried to complete the exam linearly. This method works because a 60% (a 30) is considered a good score and 74% (37) is considered a very good score.

        One thing to remember is that the Wonderlic has no intrinsic relationship to football, nor is there any conclusive study that shows a link between Wonderlic score and NFL success. Teams began using it because its alleged value in showing processing speed. The logic behind this is the assumption that if people can quickly process verbal and mathematical problems, they will be quickly able to process the information they receive on the football field. To show the limitations to this logic, we need look no further than Frank Gore, who reportedly scored very low on the Wonderlic. His strength as a runner is his ability to process what he sees and determine the correct angle and speed to avoid tacklers. He is clearly processing the information very quickly and then adjusting based on what he processes. Dan Marino, who reportedly had a low Wondelric for a QB, is another example of someone who clearly processed the information he needed to process quickly and effectively, despite his relatively low Wonderlic.

        With respect to Kap, I personally know people who had him in class and coached him in Nevada. To a person, they all agree that he was a bright, capable student. And having had student athletes in my classes, I can tell you it is obvious who is able to succeed at college on his/her own who needs extra help. No one I know, or who has ever talked to the press here, has ever indicated Kap was one of those student athletes who needed extra help. I have also never heard anyone comment that his Wonderlic was in any way surprising.

        1. I forgot to include a link to an online sample Wonderlic. The questions do not all seem to be as well written as other Wonderlic questions I have seen, but even if they are not actual Wonderlic questions, this will give you an idea what taking the test is like.

        2. JPN – Thanks for schooling me on that! Good stuff bro.

          Non-related but what I’ve learned in my 49 years on the planet:

          Being educated is a major plus but IMO, having good people skills is just as important. I have multiple relatives that have a PHD and yet they are not doing that great overall. Why?…..Crappy people skills and grotesque street smarts….Some people say well it’s “who you know.” (I agree)…..Why is that? Well, “who you know” can teach you what to know……It has worked for the Crab (Professor Do Right). :-)

          1. I agree, Crab. And as I wrote the other day, people have different strengths, and one of the things I try to do is remember that my strengths, and those I may value in myself, are not everyone’s strengths, and that I do not have some strengths others value.

            As for football, I mentioned a week or two ago that I had a problem playing middle linebacker in high school because I overthought everything and ended up second guessing what I saw, which caused me to be out of position and/or react too slowly. My skillset that helped me excel academically did not help me at football. I learned to think differently enough to be a pretty good run-stopper (I was good at analyzing the RB’s vector), but I was always horrible in coverage – too much opportunity to overthink the situation.

        3. Very true JPN, I have heard this said by a lot of fans. But so many of us forget that football intelligence and test scores don’t always coincide. The ability to process information gleaned from the film room while bodies are flying around you is a unique skill set unto itself.
          With that said, this still scares me a bit with Kaep as I don’t know how well he processes information in that setting. Perhaps its because his legs have gotten him out bad situations that he hasn’t had to hone this part of his craft or because he hasn’t played that much in a conventional offense.

          In any case, as a general rule I don’t feel this is a trait that is learned at this stage in ones career.

  20. Grant is a whinny sniveling dead bet reporter just like his old man…I stumbled on his blog…I usually don’t give him the time of day…this stupid post is why

  21. I really don’t know what about half of you are smoking, but Grant brings clarity to some issues we may not like as fans.. We keep hearing that from Harbaugh & Cap that they are going to keep working harder at getting it right. Well, if you have an non existent west coast offense and generally terrible ofensive scheming, what is there exactly to work harder about?

  22. Sooo much for Kap’s greatness. Harbawl must be having nightmares about opening his mouth and making that statement. Does Harbawl hear laughter ???

  23. A national source with close ties to Bears front office has reported that the 49ers have offered the Bears Jim Harbaugh for Marc Trestman straight up. So far the Bears have made no comment.

    1. I’ve got no clue as to how it will all shake out, but the rumors going forward should prove entertaining. Everybody buckle up for a bumpy ride, LOL.

  24. Wow. What a bunch of whiners. You guys gettin’ paid that TO money to defend Harbs and CK like that?? If I had a dime for every time someone said “I never post on this blog and this kind of article by Grant is why!” I’d be Warren Buffett by now. You guys are some overlysensitive, predictable cats. Basic. Step up your game. Grant is calling a spade a spade. It ain’t pretty. Harbaugh did bet his tenure at the 9ers that CK7 is the second coming. He’s been trumpeting it for years. Chickens are home and roosting all up in that mug. You guys should at least be getting some of that TO money to cry like you do.

  25. Wow. I miss what this blog USED to be. There USED to be weekly position match ups that went into deep detail about each player and which team had the advantage. There USED to be keys to the game to look for. There USED to be actual football related talk. Now it’s just drama. Insulting Kap, insulting Harbaugh, anything for responses. It’s truly sad. I used to thoroughly enjoy coming here and reading actual insight. But it’s all high school drama now. This blogs changed, and not for the better.

  26. Grant – serious question:

    What would happen if you said the following in a Greg Roman PC?

    “Greg, your running plays are great. Also, it seems you’re not so good at passing plays. Do you design both? Also, why do several receivers often appear within a few yards of one another some pass plays? Finally, why does the offense appear to lack rhythm? Is that because you design good run plays but don’t understand the passing game?”

    Please pursue some such interrogation when next you face the man. Thanks.

      1. From Chris Simms via Eric Branch:

        “I would say (the 49ers have) one of the least creative passing schemes that I watch on film in a week-in, week-out basis,” Simms said. “The concepts are very simple. I don’t see a lot of new stuff from week to week.”

        That said, Simms is also baffled by the fact the 49ers’ passing attack doesn’t include some old staples, most notably short passes he thinks would help Kaepernick establish a rhythm.

        “I don’t see wide receiver screens,” Simms said. “I don’t see running back screens. Very rarely are there easy slam-dunk completions, which are a part of any really good offense. It’s always ‘Hey, it’s 3rd-and-9, Colin, can you throw a 100-mile-per-hour strike for us 30 yards downfield?’ That’s what I feel they often ask of him.”

        Trent Dilfer had a similar take on it last year when he compared the Niner passing game to a 70’s era system.

        Maybe it’s time to fire John Morton.

          1. Sometimes that’s the case and sometimes not. More often than not Niner receivers aren’t getting a lot of separation and there are few passing plays that feature a shallow option as the primary receiver.

              1. As does the fact Kap has the most air yards per completion, this team doesn’t run screens, and catches among RB’s are near the bottom of the league.

              2. Watch the 4th quarter of the Rams game for two examples that prove you both wrong.

                We could go back through the tape of every game for even more.

                They run a lot of underneath stuff with WR’s as the primary target on screens, but they don’t look like ordinary WR screens.

              3. On the second to last drive they had a 3rd down. The call was a short rub/screen route to Crabtree. Wide open. Kaepernick missed the throw.

                Sounds pretty similar.

              4. Jack,

                He’s talking about the WR screens out to the sideline that every team in this league runs with the exception of the Niners, who on the few times they do try it, are blown up or almost picked off.

                They don’t run screens to the backs or quick swing passes very often. He’s talking about those easy completions that this team rarely has in the gameplan that other teams use frequently to get the offense and QB in rhythm.

                Hell they couldn’t even design a slant properly early this season with one WR running it instead of two to take the Safety out of the play. That’s why they were picked off or almost picked off whenever they tried it until finally realizing the flaw.

                This is not a well conceived passing system and never has been. Their success came from running the ball and using play action. Now they can’t even run the ball consistently which further lowers the effectiveness of the play action.

                Kap has not played well at times this season, no doubt about it, but he isn’t getting a lot of help to improve either.

              5. Just for comparison’s sake let’s look at the pass distances between Kap and Wilson.

                Kap has thrown 33 passes behind the LOS

                Wilson has thrown 71

                1-10 yards:

                Kap 193

                Wilson 145

                11-20 yards:

                Kap 71

                Wilson 68

                Wilson leads only 1 of these areas in pass completion: Behind the LOS. Kap has a better completion percentage and more attempts in the 1-20 yard area.

                This is what Simms is talking about when he says there aren’t enough easy completions for Kap. What this also should show is that the dump on Kap week we are experiencing right now is ignoring what has transpired over the course of the season and focusing on a really bad Seattle game.

              6. Jack, what would you do with Kaep? I know you’ve written about how the 49ers may be better off moving on from Harbaugh, do you feel the same about Kaep?

              7. “focusing on a really bad Seattle game”

                Not quite. These are weaknesses that show up from time to time in every game. The difference is Seattle has a good defense and makes him pay for his mistakes.

              8. Scooter,

                What option is better than Kaepernick?

                I would look to add a potential replacement while also working to improve Kaepernick.

                The first thing would be to work on his feet. That’s where his inaccuracy is coming from.

                From there it’s pocket presence and reading the defense.

                The problem is the CBA limits his interactions with the coaches.

                I think he needs to spend the offseason in San Diego working out with Jeff Garcia.

              9. Not quite. These are weaknesses that show up from time to time in every game. The difference is Seattle has a good defense and makes him pay for his mistakes.

                I’m not arguing that Kap doesn’t make mistakes or has flaws in his game. I’m referring to the fact the theme this week pretty much every where you turn is that Kap and QB’s like him are on the way out. It’s pretty much the same thing that took place in the opposite direction two years ago when people got all excited about the new wave of running QB that were revolutionizing the game.

                It’s all hyperbole and at the core of it is small examples in each direction.

                As to Kap, I don’t think there are enough designed easy completions. Not saying that would make him into an elite QB, but it would help imo. The accuracy is a whole other story and that is fundamentals and repetition. That is on him, but the offense does him no favors at times either.

              10. “the offense does him no favors at times either.”

                It sounds like you want more throws called that any dummy can make.

                It doesn’t get much more basic than a wheel route with a flat underneath it. If Kaepernick could make a read the flat route was about as easy as it gets.

                As Simms said, the concepts are simple, and you want it dummed down even more.

              11. Then I guess every other QB in this league is stupid too because they all have these plays in the gameplan. Did you see how many times Romo dumped the ball to Murray on a delayed leak out of the backfield last night? Simple play and they ran it at least a half a dozen or more times. It’s not dumbing anything down; it’s getting a QB into a rhythm, helping against the pass rush and moving the ball to open up other things.

              12. Colin Kaepernick just has to set his mind straight to the point where he does not have to win the game every throw. In fact, not every possession.
                Take what the defense gives you because you know your defense is going to give you a chance to win. I thought Romo did a great job of managing the game last night. That’s how we need our QB to play.

              13. “Did you see how many times Romo dumped the ball to Murray on a delayed leak out of the backfield last night?”

                Yeah, he threw the ball to Murray 9 times. Only two of those were with Murray as the primary target. The other 7 were Romo doing exactly what I am saying Kaepernick is struggling with, reading the defense and checking it down instead of making the bad throw downfield.

                On another note: The Cowboys have had their backs in a route 320 times, the 49ers have had their backs in a route 371 times.

                The QB is holding back the 49ers passing offense. Dilfer was right last year and buckled to pressure.

              14. “The QB is holding back the 49ers passing offense. Dilfer was right last year and buckled to pressure.”

                C’mon Mr Hammer — Give my crazy a$$ some credit. I never buckled! Happy Holidays!!!

              15. I disagree, it’s not just about Kap. This passing offense has been near or at the bottom of the league since day one with two different QB’s. It didn’t matter as much when they were able to run the ball, but now that they are struggling, it’s becoming a much bigger issue. If you want to say it’s all because the QB can’t throw a 5 yard pass that’s your prerogative. I’m not sure how a team comes to the conclusion they want to sign a long term contract with somebody who can’t throw a checkdown, but I do if they want him throwing it downfield in lieu of settling for a checkdown. We’ll agree to disagree.

              16. When Harbaugh took over, the Niners were primarily a running team. Alex in 2012 before he got hurt was coming into his own with the Roman offense. He was 18/19 against AZ.

                Kaep was not a passing threat. He was a weapon. He was dangerous because he could make a few throws and run. But now the run is gone and the team wants him to play from the pocket. They knew that in order to be a complete team, he had to be an effective pocket passer. Didn’t happen last year, same results this year.

              17. “This passing offense has been near or at the bottom of the league since day one with two different QB’s.”

                No they haven’t. They had the 2nd highest yards per attempt in 2012 and were tied for 7th highest in 2013.

                The difference is that they have put more on Kaepernick’s plate this season, they’re on pace for an average of over 30 passes per game for the first time under Harbaugh, and he hasn’t responded well.

              18. Jack,

                I was referring to total yardage and attempts. They’ve never been a high volume passing team. The failure of the running game is a big reason they are passing more and while Kap has struggled at times, he’s also played well in some of the spread formations where teams know they are going to pass. The biggest problem I see is the inconsistent running game which then puts more stress on the passing game.

                I don’t see them making Kap do more mentally than he has in the past other than maybe a concerted effort to get him to sit in the pocket instead of running more than he has previously.

                This team has a formula they’ve used from day one and it’s running the football and playaction. If you can’t run the football consistently you run into problems and I think that is a big part of why they are struggling.

              19. “The biggest problem I see is the inconsistent running game which then puts more stress on the passing game.”

                Which I agree with, and is why I said they have put more on Kaepernick than in season’s past. It had nothing to do with putting more mentally on him. It’s also part of why I didn’t think they should have done his extension this season. He’s showing an inability to carry the additional burden.

                He is directly responsible for this team being 7-5 instead of 9-3. He blew the game against the Bears, and while the offense as a whole struggled against the Rams he had two opportunities to win the game and couldn’t get it done.

              20. Jack:

                No doubt Kap played poorly in the 2nd half of the Chicago game. But he was moving the team at the end, including converting on 4th and 6, and threw a very good 20+ yard pass to Crabtree at the goal line that Crabtree couldn’t bring in (because as Collinsworth noted, for some inexplicable reason, Crabtree faded the route at the very end when the ball was already in the air). Also, if Lynch recovers that fumble deep in Chicago’s territory, we most likely win.

              1. Guys Harbaugh will not be leaving the 49ers. Especially to the Raiders where it would be a public affairs nightmare for the Jed York.

              2. John Morton may design the pass plays for the most part, but surely Roman (and others) have some input. As a collective they aren’t getting this offense moving. And obviously it goes beyond the coaching – its the players at fault too. As to who is most responsible, I don’t know. No unit on offense is covering themselves in glory this season.

              3. Grant if Harbaugh ends up with the raiders you will also see Fangio and most of his defensive staff follow. On that i will bet.

  27. Everybody has times where they have to deal with jerks. That’s life. Those with grace and poise get past the rough spots and move on.

    Colin could have been a hero to all of the fans if he had been humble. Even when he played a stinker, and hey, Joe had some less than stellar games and so did Steve. Difference is they faced the media squarely and humbly, something Colin doesn’t do.

    He won’t be around after next year. Probably either end up as a backup on another team or in an entirely different line of employment. Either way, he had his chance, we all backed him in the beginning and he chose to be a jerk…

    1. How is he not humble?
      Tell us more about how he does not face the media “squarely and humbly”?

      Last I check he ALWAYS admits when he doesn’t play well. Does him not elaborating on “we need to get better” mean he’s not humble?


      1. How about the time he acted like he was going to do his interview in one spot in the locker room and then started moving around to different spots to make them follow him?

          1. So acting like a d–k because he knows he can is ok? Didn’t realize that was facing the media “squarley and humbly”.

            As Ghost says, the guy acts like a jerk in situations like these.

            What’s odd is that he is much more open with the national media folks than the local guys, yet the national media are the ones that have gone past the football stuff and gone after his personal life.

            1. Jack
              Maybe thats because the national media doesnt hound him every week with asinine questions. If you elaborate you give “journalists” with a TMZ agenda more material to twist to fit their narative

        1. When did this ego maniacal event take place? Were you there? How is it that the first report that I’ve read about it seems to have been a reporter’s memory of bad behavior sometime in the past. Said reporter failed to put the event in context. Can you help us with the context?

      2. KY
        There was a line in the movie ‘North Dallas 40’ that stayed with me: the owner says to the player: “Seeing through the game isn’t the same as winning the game.”
        There’ve been times in my life I tried to remember that as I found myself bailing against the tide or tilting at windmills.
        Colin sees through the gamesmanship of the “Gotchya!” Media, and I think he’s never forgiven the media excesses in regards to his family and his tats, so I think I get why he does what he does, but objectively looking at his career and his leadership role as a franchise QB he’s not ‘winning’ with this tactic. Just opinion.

        1. I’m not big on interviews. Franchise QB or Practice Player, the only thing that matters to me is how he plays on the field. Throw in conducting themselves in a respectable manner off the field. I think he attempts to do both.

        2. I agree it is a “losing” strategy since the media get to frame the tone and scope of interactions. He needs his agent to assist him here as he is “tarnishing” his brand. But maybe he doesn’t care. Maybe he wants to live according to his vision and everyone else can take a long walk off a short pier.
          The challenge is this impatience may affect his poise. And his poise affects his game. I do hope he has a monster game this weekend and quiets a few people.

          1. It’s a Catch-22 situation. Colin could win a Superbowl and if he didn’t do his own blocking and catch his own passes, he would still be the target.

    2. Ghost he is not going to be gone because he is a jerk. He may be gone because of his play.. As B. Belichick has shown a relationship with the media means absolutley nothing as long as you win.

  28. For Success creativity thrives when adversity strucks. Greg Roamn and John Mortan lacks creativity and subsequently 49ers failure in offense !!! Need new craetive offensive minds.

  29. KY, anyone else for that matter, here’s something about my checkered past. For almost 10 years I announced Grand Sumo in English on NHK Television in Tokyo. I broadcast to millions around the world, got a ton of fan letters, went out with yakuza gangsters for dinner after my shows, knew a bunch of Jarheads from Zuma who would go drinking with me on the last day of the tourneys in Tokyo.

    NHK/Radio Japan is the largest media outlet in the world. Sumo is nothing like you might think it is unless you were in the military in Japan and attended one of the tourneys. I’ve done this gig and know it well.

    Sumo is about the oldest bushido. It has a lot of cultural and Shinto overtones besides being one hell of a sporting event. These guys are huge, immensely strong and beneath he fat they almost always lose when they retire are some big, big guys. Basically it is not much different than putting two NFL tackle together and see who can control the space. You have a 14-foot circle and who is gonna own it? Real matches are brutal sometimes and it was not uncommon for some young guy to die during training from exhaustion after being bullied and beaten.

    I bring this up because I know all about the media and sports people. In Sumo, as in most martial arts, it is just as important to carry yourself correctly as to win. A recent Yokozuna [top of the 1000 pro rikishi (wrestlers)] got booted because despite the fact he was on his way to a legendary career, he couldn’t hold his liquor and got into violent bar room fights. So back to Mongolia he went, a disgraced man.

    The great Ty Cobb was supposed to be a major SOB but we remember Babe Ruth with his charm and gentle giant persona. Mickey Mantle may have been a boozer but we will always remember his smiling face more than Roger Maris. Joe Montana had some stinker games but he kept the pissy stuff out of his dealings with the media.

    Sometimes it is in fact as important to carry yourself as a man in a losing situation than as a petulant little boy as a winner. Colin has yet to find that out and all of his fancy clothes and sports cars just make him look weak, especially when he mumbles and acts like he is so much better than anyone else in the room.

    1. I don’t disagree with that Ghost. But the problem is, if Kaep lossed, stepped on stage with a happy face, the same people calling him a d–k would say he does not care.

      In reality Kaep is never going to satisfy many of you. Win or lose, many people will have an issue with Kaep. More of them for personal reason(mixed kid, tattoos, hats, clothes, etc). Regardless of what he does this he’s going to be criticized. That’s what he realizes.

      Kaep as of now gets in to no trouble off the field. As someone said, in the offseason he always has a smile. Obviously he’s playing terrible. He knows it. I’m sure he also knows he could answer every question thoroughly and people would still criticize. As a fan, cause that’s all I am, I don’t care about his interviews. Just win games.

  30. By the way, nine rookie running backs are averaging more yards per carry than Carlos Hyde (3.7):

    Terrance West (3.8)
    Bishop Sankey (3.9)
    Devonta Freeman (3.9)
    Lorenzo Taliaferro (4.3)
    Isaiah Crowell (4.4)
    Ka’Deem Carey (4.4)
    Jeremy Hill (4.7)
    Tre Mason (4.7)
    Jerrick McKinnon (4.8)

    1. Grant are you suggesting that we play Gabbert?
      Of course HarHar says that Kap is great, he doesn’t have another option.
      he’s playing the guy with the hot hand, too hot to handle…….

    2. Grant what do your posts reporting CK’s stats and Hydes stats have in common? they both are partially a result of pathetic O line play.

  31. Dee Phiant, your comment above got me thinking. Might the Niners start Gabbert on Sunday? Actually I wouldn’t mind seeing this.

      1. BT, as you know, Kaep struggles with where to go with the ball and is not consistently accurate, disrupting drives and also making it harder to run. I doubt this will change any time soon and therefore think they need to change the equation. It’s now or never, IMO. The Raiders game provides a good opportunity to introduce a new QB and build his confidence.

  32. Coward Cohn
    When are you going to grow a sack and write that “I Was Wrong about Ray McDonald” column we have all been waiting for. I know that copy and pasting transcripts has got you all tuckered out but pretend to be a man and own ur many many mistakes.

  33. Why should Harbaugh be released. His first 3 years.

    1. He took a team that was the laughing stock of the league in one year in a strike shorten season within a few plays of going to the Super Bowl.

    2. He took his team to the Super Bowl. (with his worst W/L record)

    3. He took his team again to the NFC championship.

    4. He wins on the road even back to back east coast trips.

    5. Most players love the guy.

    6. He has won in Seattle, he has won in Green Bay, he has won in New Orleans.

    7. He was won the second most NFL regular season games 36, Pats have won 37.

    8. He has won five playoff games only one was a wildcard win.

    9. He went on the road twice to Green Bay for playoffs and won.

    10 His numbers are right up there with the best of the coaches. What coach are you going to bring to the table that can duplicate that resume.

    Yup good reasons to let the guy go.

    1. Undercenter, I do not understand either and can you imagine the amount of pressure on the next coach will be? Have fun with that!

    2. It’s simple why there is all this talk about Harbaugh’s front office hating him and about his players hating him.

      Jed York was raised to feel that he is entitled to Superbowl trophies. He didn’t get what belongs to him so he’s been building a case to get a better head coach. One that will deliver trophies.

      The discontent started after the Superbowl loss and was put into action with the Cleveland trade talk after we didn’t beat the Seahawks in Seattle. The sub plot was the speculation that the Cleveland trade talk was started by Harbaugh’s people to boost his negotiation position. Wrong.

      The leaks continued from there, through the locker room and on to the latest move — the tweet.

      Jed hasn’t receive his due, but how do you get rid of a coach with a major winning record that started with a team with over ten years of going nowhere? You have to diminish him in the eyes of your customers.

      What amazes me is that the fans who also feel entitled to more and more trophies, just like Jed, seem to hate Jed. The entitled frequently can’t stand each other.

      My personal 49er story has gone on a long time. Somehow I’ve been a happy follower just having one more game to watch. When the idea that any season that didn’t end with a Superbowl win was a complete failure started developing during the three-peat attempt I was just as put off as Seifert. The problem for Seifert was that he was supposed to deliver. I was able to still enjoy that there would be another game to watch shortly.

      1. I think the 49er standard has been multiple Super Bowls per decade since the 80s, and all else is failure. It’s a fantastic standard to have. If that’s not the standard, and if you don’t feel entitled, being a contender who wants to compete fairly, and beat the rest, then you won’t win it. If you feel you aren’t worthy of it, you’re nothing. This team needs to feel entitled to win the Super Bowl every day, and feel robbed if they don’t get a ring. If they don’t get it, it’s because they robbed themselves. It’s a simple standard, but very high.

  34. Jeff Tedford has parted ways with the Bucs. From Wilkening at PFT (yeah, I know, but read on):

    “Tedford indicated he intends to “pursue other opportunities.” He was head coach at Cal from 2002 through 2012, garnering accolades for his work with quarterbacks, most notably Aaron Rodgers.”

    Should we try to get him as a coach (not saying HC, just an offensive coach of one form or another)?

      1. Jack:

        I checked a couple of other sites and there’s no additional info at this time.

        Assuming he’s healthy, would you want him as a coach for the 49ers?

      1. Old Coach:

        Maybe you’ve stated your opinions and I’ve forgotten (likely these days) or missed it. Have you finalized an opinion on any changes you’d like to see in the niners coaching staff?

        1. Cubus I strongly believe that you give Harbaugh one more season and if you keep Harbaugh you pretty much are forced to keep his staff. I believe we should draft a pocket QB to compete with CK and also draft a couple of O line studs. If Harbaugh and CK ca’nt get us to the NFCCG next year we should cut bait with coach and QB.

      1. MW: I don’t care, you know that. But . . . that Eagles/Seahawk game should be good. We’ll see if my guys still have their mojo.

        1. cubus ..

          While I figured that to be the case ..
          I was only speaking for myself ..

          Mary …

          I really can’t believe I’m sayin’ this ..
          (and if you mention to anyone
          that I said it … I’ll deny it !) … but ..

          This weekend … I’m gonna be rootin’ HARD …

          for … Sanchez

          1. MWN: It’s going to be close. The D will put pressure on Sanchez and I think he’ll throw a a couple of picks right to Sherm or Maxie.

    1. Brock has a great voice.

      When Jaws thought Colin was on his way to the Hall of Fame, Colin was no better knowing where he was going with the ball than he is now. Changes in the way defenses play Colin explain more about why the game right now is too fast for him. Jaws sees that but I don’t think he has a clue about what to do about is, so there is no long term analysis in his comments.

      Will Colin catch up and slow the game down again? Who knows, but Drew Brees was able to. Although, the game has gotten a little fast for Drew Brees this year. Maybe part of the game being too fast for some quarterbacks has to do with multiple free running pass rushers. Right now Rogers seems to have the speed completely in control with a little step here, or a little step their.

      What Jaws said, doesn’t make me think he would have ever been a great quarterback coach. How can a quarterback drop back and go through all his options before he reaches the top of the drop.

      Steve Young voiced the lament of many QBs that don’t quite make it to the top level in the NFL. “Just when the game slowed down, and I knew what to do with the ball, they got rid of me.” In his case it was his concussion that shut the door, and he had been in that sweet spot for at least two years before they won the 1995 Superbowl.

      1. htwaits: Yes, Brock does have a nice voice. I am getting so I really love Talk ESPN. I agree with you — u just don’t know how long it’s going to take a QB to develop. Thanks for your comments.

        1. You’re welcome but I still don’t know why you’re attracted to this blog. If the dominance were to switch South would you still love us?

  35. A pox on both your houses (Philly and Seattle that is)!

    Jaws also said that Kap could be one of the greatest! Wonder if Cohn will troll ESPN and show us their declining numbers.

  36. As always I will call u out when deserved. This is a embarrassment and shows a lack of professional integrity. The same lack of integrity you dad showed in attacking York a week ago. You reduce yourself to the level of an average fan (of another team).

  37. as far as the offensive olYers of the month go…. I’d have to agree with the choices of Rodgers and Luck…but, you have to admit, #7’s play has been pretty offensive overall, hasn’t it?

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