NFL suspends 49ers OLB Aaron Lynch for violating substance abuse policy

The NFL just announced 49ers outside linebacker Aaron Lynch violated the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse and will be suspended the first four games of the 2016 season.

Here’s a statement from Niners general manager Trent Baalke: “While disappointed to hear the news regarding Aaron today, we support and respect the league’s decision. We are confident that he will learn from this matter and that he understands what is expected of him moving forward.”

Doesn’t sound to me like Baalke saw this coming. Losing Aaron Lynch, the team’s best pass rusher, is a tremendous blow to a roster already lacking talent. How many games, if any, do you think the Niners will win without him? Does this suspension sabotage the season before it begins?

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    1. The Niners start off the season playing the Rams, Panthers, Seahawks, Cowboys and the Cardinals. Even with Lynch those could be very difficult games to win.

      Rams, with Gurley and that defensive line, will be formidable, even with a Rams rookie QB.

      Panthers, Seahawks and Cards all have elite playoff defenses, so the Niner WRs are not scaring them.They probably will stack the box, and dare the Niners to throw.

      I am hoping for a 2-3 start, but 1-4 may be more realistic. Maybe the Rams game is their best chance for a win. However, Romo is also coming off surgery on a shoulder that has been hurt before, and they have 2 line men who will be suspended.

  1. Baalke’s character and ACL gambles are coming back to bite him big time!!!
    Unfortunately, this isn’t the time, since Baalke doesn’t have much time.

    With the last years 21st ranked running game, no fantasy football WR’s listed at or below a #55 ranking and no TE’s listed at all in major publications, the NFL’s toughest schedule, say goodbye Baalke.

        1. Just curious, if we have the first pick in next year NFL draft, who do we take? Keep in mind, the best DE prospect since maybe Peppers/Clowney/Williams will be coming out.

          1. Da Niner,

            Like your thinking so I’ll side with you and the great Bill Walsh. Build the defense with Peppers/Clowney/Williams.

            Draft a QB later as Walsh did and develop him. That’s why great offensive minds should run a football team–they see talent in QB’s and WR’s others don’t. in the 3-7th rounds saving the higher picks for defense (Unless you can find another Jerry Rice of course).

            Generally, good offensive minds aren’t threatened by the presence of great defensive minds (Walsh-Seifert, Harbaugh-Fangio). Conversely, Defensive minds who boast about running and good defense 24-7–Baalke–failing to mention a passing game, throughout the history of the NFL rarely hire bright offensive people for fear they’ll take their jobs.

    1. You mean like Bowman? You mean like Ward? Or that Lynch has already exceed the production (quality and quantity) over most, if not all, the other 5th roudners of that year?

      Seriously, 5th round is a trash-round and all the straight-arrow players suck. You’ve got to take risks if you’re going to succeed in that round.

      Mostly though it’s funny how you, and the rest of the Pavlovian whiner-trolls and complainers never, ever, ever look at the whole picture. It’s always the failures of players drafted in 90% failure spot you focus on. Never the fact that Baalke has equaled or beaten the odds in every ****ing round since he became GM.

  2. Scheduling a 10am Carolina game after a 7:30pm Monday nighter already insured the season would be off to a rough start. Add that we will be missing our two top NTs vs 4 run oriented teams means 1-3 or 0-4 is a real possibility.

  3. Was it “performance enhancing” substance abuse, or the other kind that’s leagal in Colorado?

    1. Good question Brodie!

      If it’s PED’s, shame on Lynch. If it’s Mary Jane, shame on the NFL! The league’s marijuana policy is archaic, and at least 2 years past it’s time, and the fact that the NFL can’t seem to get it together, and use common sense on this policy, is almost as bad as their inability to clarify what constitutes pass interference, and what constitutes a catch.

      I sure wish that the league would give some sort of clarification on these failed tests because, as a fan, there’s a big difference in my mind, as to what type of substance was detected!

      1. Must be weird being a Denver Bronco. Everyone in the entire state of Colorado can smoke weed… except a Bronco player.

        The team coaches, training staff, scouts, admin staff, managers, clerical staff, sales, administration can all puff away. Not the players.

  4. “1. Arik Armstead is the focal point of the pass rush.”

    If what you reported after OTA’s holds true it might not be as bad as we think.

  5. Silver lining? As bad as this news is it just might end up being a boon for the 9ers D. This could give Marcus Rush his chance to shine. Lynch could return game 5 to create a 3 headed pass rush monster with Rush, Harold and himself.

    1. They could move Blair outside in pass downs. Maybe one of Armstead or Buckner too. They did line up wide nine spot in college.

    2. I know you’ve been consistent in your praise of Rush OC, but honestly I just don’t get it. He was an UDFA for a reason. Talking about how this will open the door for him to step up is like saying Lenny Jones now has a chance to shine. It’s possible these UDFAs turn out to be good, but so few do that I can’t understand the hype given to some of these guys (the UDFA WRs are a classic example).

      More likely this gives a chance for Harold and Tank to show what they can do.

      1. Scooter,
        You are right Carradine or Harrold are more obvious choices for players who could step up but haven’t you ever had a long shot that you loved whether it was football or horse racing? I loved Rush at Mich St., I was impressed with him in last years exhibition games. I believe the only reason he was not drafted was size. I believe that he was about 2 inches and 20lbs away from being a mid round pick. He reminds me of Dan Skuta who turned himself into a pretty good pass rusher. So I am going to crow loud and clear if he develops or I will admit I was wrong if he doesn’t.

        1. It’s funny you mention Skuta because that’s exactly what I think his upside is. Though I think you have a higher opinion of Skuta as a pass rusher than I do. Solid backup, good STs player. That’s where I think his upside sits.

        2. Rush was a full­-time, four-year starter at Michigan State and improved his play with each passing year. Showed at his pro day that he has the change-of-direction and short-area quickness to play 3-4 outside linebacker in the NFL.

          IMO, Rush’s above-average instincts, football intelligence and functional athleticism make him an intriguing prospect. At 6’3″ he’s the same height as Ahmad Brooks, and 9 lbs lighter than Brook’s is currently listed.

          I know for a fact that their were more than a few scouts who were surprised Marcus went undrafted. I’ve seen enough UDFA’s excel in the NFL over the years to consider his undrafted status a huge liability. For me, just like with Harold, Rush needed to build up his core strength before he became a viable pass rusher. If he’s added strength, to his above average quickness, he could surprise this season. It appears he just might get an opportunity now that Lynch is out to start the season.

      2. Scooter

        As seldom as I disagree with you, I do somewhat disagree with you in your reply to Old Coach….I have also been ‘thumped’ for my belief in the UDFA’s…especially this years and the holdovers from last season. I believe that we have quite a few blue ribbon candidates to replace some of our non-productive draftees….We picked up Muir, Cherry, Fanaika, Lenny Jones, Banducci, and more. These guys are BIG, and they all come from successful college programs…which, if you remermber, was one of Bill Walsh’s benchmarks. Some of these guys were maybe a half-step behind some first rounders…These guys deserve a good look…of course , I could be wrong….

        1. Sorry Oregon, but it will be going against the odds for many of these guys to amount to much. Most likely won’t even make the roster, and any that do will most likely prove to be nothing more than depth players.

          There are the exceptions that go on to be good NFL players, some even great. But they are the exception.

          Talking up the team’s prospects because of the ‘exciting’ crop of UDFAs is pure wishful thinking. Any team that has so many ‘exciting’ UDFAs is a team with very little talent. If the team had talent, the UDFAs would be seen for what they are – battlers fighting to make the bottom of a roster.

          1. Scooter

            I am well aware of the chances of UDFA’s making it…and even longer odds on becoming a starters. But this IS football, and players get nicked up and like Kilgore last year…injured. Even Lou Gerhig couldn’t break the Yankee lineup until someone got injured…Wishful thinking..? shoot…that could be my middle name…and I’ll tell you now, Our UDFA’s wouldn’t be close to some of the wishful thinking I’ve done.

            1. The only thing injuries and suspensions do is give other guys a chance to play. It doesn’t increase their chances of being any good, but if they are good it gives them a chance to show it.

              The more likely scenario is the roster openings give a chance for the drafted players to step up. Not the UDFAs. The UDFAs will obviously have their chance, but personally I am far more interested in seeing what the drafted guys can do than the guys all 32 teams didn’t want to draft.

          2. “Any team that has so many ‘exciting’ udfa’s is a team with very little talent.”
            Well yes Scooter, I think we’ve come ’round to that by now. We’ve been plowing familiar ground for a year.
            ; >)

    3. Who? Seriously, about 1-in-10 UFDAs/low-round players manage to make a team. Rarely do they manage to become starters.

      Yet every training camp some low-round/UFDA scrub becomes the ‘new hot guy’ that’s ‘going to make it this year’ and, mostly, they’re gone or mediocre (Skov being the last one) and yet it never stops fans from thinking the same thing over and over and over.

      Inability to compute the odds — this is why Vegas is so profitable…

  6. And there’s the downside of taking character risk players. What a douche.

    49ers will now really need the likes of Armstead, Buckner, Harold and Tank to step up as pass rushers.

    1. Yep. These are the types of things that can happen when you take a player with character issues. It’s really unfortunate because there is little in the way of established depth behind him.

  7. Von Miller signs $114.5m deal. Now we know how expensive Aldon’s substance abuse costed him.

    Not saying he’s just as good as Miller right now. But before his labrum+shoulder injury in 2012 and off field stuff I put Aldon on par with any pass rusher.

  8. Some questions…
    – substance or recreational?
    – do suspended players count against the 53 roster limit?
    – with both NTs probably out too vs 4 run heavy teams, will O’Neil show a few 4-3 looks in base?
    – can suspended players practice with the team, work out or attend meetings?
    -African or European swallow?

            1. Rocket,

              It depends on what Lynch was popped for. If it’s a PED suspension, then he can’t be anywhere around the team, if it was drug / alcohol abuse, then he can do anything but be at games and practice. I haven’t seen a report on what Lynch was caught using, but I could’ve easily missed it.

              Also, he’s allowed to participate in training camp and preseason games, in either case.

              1. I’m going to guess it’s a PED and was introduced during recovery time after back surgery. Pure speculation on my part….

  9. USF defensive coach on Lynch’s character:
    Straub went on Twitter to vent.

    The post on his personal account has since been deleted, but it read: “Thought an organization with 5 Super Bowl titles would have a stricter draft criteria. Clearly, integrity & character are not a priority.”

    49ers coach Jim Harbaugh’s father, Jack, at Western Kentucky, the 49ers drafted Lynch in the fifth round. Jim Harbaugh has concluded that Lynch “needs direction.”

  10. Nice #$@$!
    Not saying Lynch or the 49ers FO has used this excuse, but I’m growing tired of the “still young” card.

    Somehow, I just don’t feel sorry for these guys anymore.
    Another black eye for 49ers Org and hopefully no more misdeeds going forward from players.

    1. Is it fair to say that there is a pattern and that pattern points back to Baalke. He likes to take risks on injuries and character. While very unfortunate, are these events really surprising?

      1. Cubus

        Not that I would completely deny you, but I think that taking risks on injuries and character is scapegoating on Baalke…

        1. Baalke should have been pro active, signed Sean Smith because he had 49 mil to play with and easily could have out bid the Raiders, then passed on both Redmond and Robinson.

          Then he could have drafted Prosise and a LB, or even Kevin Hogan.

          Players chosen just after Redmond- Yannick Ngakoue DE, Bronson Kafusi DE, Darian Thompson S, Jonathan Bullard DT, Kenyan Drake RB, KeiVarae Russel CB, Shilique Calhoun DE and Shon Coleman OT. Any one of those 8 players could have helped the Niners.

          Players chosen just after Robinson- Kenneth Dixon RB, Dak Prescott QB, Devontae Booker RB, Dean Lowry DE, Seth Devalve TE and Cardale Jones QB.

  11. According to Grant the 49ers pass rush in OTA’s revolved around Armstead. This is a blow, but how big a blow is TBD.

  12. At the end of this season Lynch will be eligible for a new contract. Prior to this suspension it seemed the pre-draft concerns were overblown and a no brainer the 49ers would look to extend him. Now we know he hasn’t matured into a guy you can rely on. Will be interesting to see if this has any impact on how the team views him long term.

  13. We need Armstead and Buckner to turn into Calis Campbell in a hurry. It’s time for Tank and Eli to flash..

    1. RAW

      And Corey Lemonior, and Michael Wilhoite, etc., …we’ve got lots of options maybe Lynch’s faux Pas is a blessing to see the players we wanted and wondered about…let’s see who stands up and takes control….

  14. Baalke is out after this year and just a matter of time before Jed screws up (again) in hiring Kelly’s eventual replacement…. The best thing Jed can do is hire a competent GM and stay the f out of the way.

      1. “…..You think Jed knows a competent gm when he sees one?…”

        Jedster wouldn’t know a competent
        CEO … even …if he
        tripped over one !.

        1. I don’t think that there are more than half a dozen of them in the whole league….and Baalke isn’t the worst of them by a long shot….Boy…we DID get spoiled during the ’80’s….

          1. Baalke has given us the worst return on investment with respect to the draft these last 5 years. Didn’t a well researched report come out saying this fairly recently?

      2. he does not——and he wont hire football people to make that evaluation because they cost money.

        Once upon a time I thought he was going to put in Prag as the new GM…..he still might.

  15. Well, one poster was claiming that this off season was good, compared to last year when there was a cascade of bad news, because there was no bad news lately. I thought- Oh great, he just jinxed it.

      1. Wilson since you think I misquote him all the time, when in reality, I rarely quote him, or corrected myself when I realized John Madden made that quote, here is something Bill Walsh wrote. Verbatim.

        Bill Walsh’s Standard of Performance

        Exhibit a ferocious and intelligently applied work ethic directed at continual improvement.

        Demonstrate respect for each person in the organization.

        Be deeply committed to learning and teaching.

        Be fair.

        Demonstrate character.

        Honor the direct connection between details and improvement, and relentlessly seek the latter.

        Show self-control, especially under pressure.

        Demonstrate and prize loyalty.

        Use positive language and have a positive attitude.

        Take pride in my effort as an entity separate from the result of that effort.

        Be willing to go the extra distance for the organization.

        Deal appropriately with Victory and defeat, adulation and humiliation.

        Promote internal communication that is both open and substantive (especially under stress).

        Seek poise in myself and those I lead.

        Put the team’s welfare and priorities ahead of my own.

        Maintain an ongoing level of concentration and focus that is abnormally high.

        Make sacrifice and commitment the organization’s trademark

        1. Nice it and paste. See this is why I don’t engage with you. You take things too seriously.

          What I was referring to is when you say things like Walsh would never design a play that threw short of the sticks. In those moments you’re misquoting and mischaraterizing Walsh.

          It was a joke that you took personality. You made a joke and I thought it was funny when you said I jinxed our off season. You’re always telling us what Walsh would do. It’s funny.

          1. Wilson, Walsh never had the problem with QBs throwing short of the sticks, and there are videos of him instructing players to run past the sticks. Of course, he had Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, too.

            If you want to say that I have no sense of humor, please read my response again. I did not take it personally, but if you want to dredge up a comment from months ago and extrapolate it into saying that every time I say Walsh never preferred throwing short of the sticks, that is your prerogative.

            Telling me I have no right to mention Bill Walsh, because I always misquote him is unctuous and smarmy. I try really hard to be accurate, and when found to be incorrect, I will acknowledge the correction.

            Maybe we need more people talking about Bill Walsh, because he was the last coach to achieve greatness. You are so unalterably opposed to me, you will deny me any right to be right. In the case of throwing past the sticks, you make it sound like Walsh instructed his players to throw it short of the sticks just so they could run after the catch. I never said that was verboten, but practically, throwing short of the sticks and failing to get first downs is not a strong strategy.

            1. Seb man your crazy is showing. You made a snarky comment and I replied in kind, now you’re doing that Seb thing. You should said “nice one” and moved on instead of “defending yourself against vicious attacks.”

              Nice one on your part, I jinxed the offseason. It was funny.

        2. Freekin seb……cant you tell when someone is messing with you? Im not being sarcastic, you better learn to laugh at some of this stuff-not good for your heart flipping out all the time. Try to take this in the same spirit it was given.

  16. Didn’t Grant report that O’Neil seemed to favor Harold because he was better in coverage than Lynch and O’Neil likes to put his OLB’s into coverage? Not a good day to lose one of our best players.

  17. What does losing Lynch mean? He will not help during that tough initial schedule. the Niners play the Rams, then travel to play Carolina and Seattle. They finish with the Cowboys.

    Whoever the QB is, he will be facing a daunting task, made all the more difficult by losing Lynch.

    Considering the 53, this might mean that Lemonier gets a chance for more playing time. I hope he takes advantage of his opportunity.

  18. I’m somewhat surprised nobody has commented on Grant’s perceptive editorializing when he writes, “Doesn’t sound to me like Baalke saw this coming.”

    The fact is, as with everything else 49ers in 2014 and 2015, there’s no way to accurately gauge who the impact players on this team in 2016 will be. Yes, Lynch appeared to be the team’s best passrusher, but there’s no way to really know that, since (1) he was by no means dominant, and (2) the coaching staff was worthless in all regards. How do we know that Harold or Carradine or Rush or Blair (etc …) can’t be better than a just above-average Lynch was, if they’re teamed with the Twin Towers and put in a position, by good coaches, to succeed? We don’t. Nobody knows a thing about this roster, for the most part, and that’s what makes the 49ers so intriguing.

    Getting back to the opening point, Grant hit the real issue in the bullseye, which is that Baalke is an abject failure as a manager of other men. He can’t relate, or chooses not to, to the vast majority of his roster, so there is no real sense of humanity within, or loyalty to, the Baalke Administration (or the team), beyond the bond the players share with each other. Baalke may be a sound scout of defensive talent (and the word “may” is operative here), but he is so out of touch with what it takes to connect with his players as people that whatever positIves he brings are far outweighed by the negative aura he creates. He has got to go.


  19. Lynch’s suspension underlines the problem with the Baalke draft strategy. Baalke likes the ACL/red flag players because they have high value/potential because other teams passed on them before the Niners.

    Too bad that the picks like Redmond take longer to recover, and Robinson seems like a hothead who is easily rattled.

    Now we have Lynch imploding like Aldon, so when it backfires in his face, Baalke has no leg to stand on. These high risk players do not give back enough reward to compensate for their shortcomings.

    Maybe the Niners should start choosing only blue chip, high character players, build slowly, but surely, instead of boom or bust, with bust being the operative word.

    To put a smiley face on the situation, thank goodness Chip took Buckner and Garnett, and Baalke passed on Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith.

  20. Release him like yesterday. The Niners have enough problems without a player being selfish, undisciplined and bringing unwanted attention to a struggling franchise. A little boy in a man’s body or is it a little girl in a man’s body, hard to tell these days. I have no use for him.

  21. We can still beat the Rams without him and we were going to lose the next 3 after that regardless so, nothings really changed.

    Brooks has always played best from the left side. He’ll be ‘adequate’ for 4 games in his old spot. Nothing’s changed on the other side so I’m not really seeing how this is such an extreme handicap for us. No Brooks isn’t as good as Lynch but we are only talking about a guy(Lynch) who had a combined 38 tackles and 6.5 sacks for the entire season last year so it’s not like it’s a drop off a cliff to go to Brooks for 4 games.

    1. Look Fans,

      Just showing my credentials when mentioning my running back career in the industry so Know this. At the end of the day you line up and play football.

      Vic Fangio knew this, Baalke and the York’s don’t. They’re scrambling every year with team philosophy (seemingly rearranging deck chairs on board the Titanic).

      One year its power blocking, the next it’s zone blocking, even though masterful articles have been written that Baalke’s current linemen don’t fit that job description.

      None of his WR’s are in the top 55 ranking and his TE”s are unlisted in major NFL fantasy publications, and then there’s the problem of teaching a group of rookie Wideouts a new playbook hoping they’re competent enough to read NFL defenses to be in the same place the as the football…This takes time. Fangio knew this so simplified his defense.
      Current GM, Oneil speakes the same language Mangini spoke about mixing defenses until Big Ben’s 1st pass of the game exploited a blown coverage resulting in a 72 yard bomb. After Ben threw for approx. 500 yds. Mangenius woke up.

      Teaching football is fun to talk about –like Jed and Trent tossing the word “teacher” around like they grow on trees…they do not….They need to a real GM who understands this.

      Know this: Game 1 will result in 5 blown coverages resulting in big yardage. No passing game will exist because Fischer comes from the 49er dynasty tree and with 4 pro bowlers on the DL,, he has the luxury to mix his coverages with a vetran (not rookie squad like the 49ers up front and some in the 2ndary). This will result in disrupting a 49er new OL arrangement, screwing up their line calls and creating distrust in pass rushing lanes. Consequently, the 49ers will dink and dunk allowing the Rams to concentrate on the run. Hopefully Hyde will not be injured when the Ram’s make this game one sided. The dynasty 49ers always took your strength away and forced you to do something else. Fisher knows this.
      Next, Jared Goff and Todd Gurley will focus on the short passing /run game to run clock. Game over .

      1. TomD

        Apparently I missed some posts (not surprisingly) “just showing my credentials when mentioning my running back career in the industry…” What the hell are you talking about…Credentials ?…Just who are you…OJ ?

        I still think that you are an overwrought teenager living in ‘football fantasyland’…At the thought of Grant sacrificing his hits, I think that you and ‘SEB’ should be tossed from the blog and forced to argue with each other about the minuetia that you both bring to the site….I’m not alone in this….

        1. Oregoniner,

          Not only have you come to realize Kelly’s AS_ will be kicked by virtually all NFL teams next year (and I’m willing to turn the roster over until he get “Kelly players”)
          which will take a few years–and lets count the waiting years Erickson + Nolan + Sing + Tomfoola + unkown?) but now you’re a book burner also. Stay in Oregon with your backward thinking

        1. Jack,

          That’s hilarious, but do you really think TomD ever sniffed the field while in the “football industry”?

  22. “Doesn’t sound to me like Baalke saw this coming. ”
    Do teams usually know that a player is about to be suspended?

  23. *Please factor the following in my above 49er prerdiction for their rookie head Coach (his maiden year with 49ers= rookie) and that Aaron Lynch best pass rusher out for 1 month

    Realistic expectations

    He earns a steady role in the nickel and dime defensive packages as the first defensive tackle off the bench. I think we see him get a bit more work than Arik Armstead did in his rookie year.

    Worst case scenario

    He ends up primarily as a sub package guy, but is unable to fully supplant Tony Jerod-Eddie.

  24. Not to worry, Niner Fans, Brentson Buckner will be molded by Tony Azzinaro………………………Can you say: “Jed, please bring back coach Tomsula for DL help.
    PLLLEASE !!!

    Azzinaro’s Resume:

    American International College (1987−1991)
    (Defensive coordinator)
    Massachusetts (1992−1993)
    (Linebackers coach/recruiting coordinator)
    Massachusetts (1994)
    (Defensive coordinator)
    Boston College (1995−1996)
    (Defensive line coach)
    Massachusetts (1997)
    (Defensive coordinator)
    Maine (1998)
    (Defensive line coach)
    Syracuse (1999−2003)
    (Defensive line coach/recruiting coordinator)
    Duke (2004−2006)
    (Defensive coordinator)
    New Hampshire (2007)
    (Defensive line coach)
    Marshall (2008)
    (Defensive line coach)
    Oregon (2009−2012)
    (Defensive line coach)
    Philadelphia Eagles (2013−2015)
    (Assistant head coach/Defensive line coach)
    San Francisco 49ers (2016−present)
    (Defensive line coach)

    1. Kind of makes you long for the days of Jim Harbaugh’s expensive assistants, doen’t it?
      Thanks, York Family.

      Please don’t forget your speech to PSL holdeers about “in it to win it” (SuperBowls) so there’s no more embarrassingly empty seats on national TV. But, I expect after the 1st 7 games there will be.

    1. Kelly’s seen his team,

      Oregon is where I dream,

      I had players there, thank’s to Nikeee,

      I always had, Nikeee,

      Now I need a new psyche! (CEO Phil Knight please help as you did in Oregon).

  25. Why Rodgers believes 49ers picked Smith instead in 2005 draft .

    Bill Simmons on HBO’s Any Given Wednesday asked, “The 49ers thought you were too cocky? … Is that true?”

    “Oh, I don’t know. I heard that—,” Rodgers said. “I assume. That’s what Mike Nolan said, right?”

    Simmons followed up, “How many times have you answered questions about that draft?”

    Rodgers replied, “A lot. You know, and it happened. The story that I heard—and I don’t know if it’s true or not—that Mike Nolan said that when he saw Alex (Smith) open the car door for his mom that he knew that was the quarterback he wanted.

    “And I said, ‘Well, I was at lunch with him. My mom wasn’t there and my dad wasn’t there

  26. “I’m familiar with how coaching staffs and scouting departments in this league work,” said Jaworski. “And maybe the fan just doesn’t understand the time and energy that coaching staffs put in to shut down other people. And I don’t mean in like a weekly game plan, but the entire offseason where they study every single thing that you do and they work to put a plan in place on how to stop a team. And now there’s two years of tape on this offense and I think to a certain degree, teams have figured the plan out. Now the

  27. Before everyone goes off and starts calling for Baalke’s head and cutting Lynch (I know I’m late on this), let’s all pause a bit and see if the player who is suspended is worth keeping (I’ll deal with Baalke in a bit).

    I don’t think any one of us would pass up on the Honey Badger or Richard Sherman and I remember quite a few wanted Jeremy Tunsil as a pick as well. Additionally, a few years ago how many wanted to pick up that WR from Cleveland who can’t seem to stop being suspended. All of these picks/players carry risks. The opportunity to pick up talent and find a gem in the draft should always be a big goal for a GM. That many a GM whiffs is indisputable.

    We all talk about the 86 and 81 draft for Walsh but we don’t mention some of the others. There’s a reason. I challenge some of you to look at some of the player pick ups in those drafts.

    How many of you would want to drop Brady because his character is less than perfect (and I might argue far more questionable than Lynch’s and Smith’s).

    Now Baake has made some really bad moves but he has also made some good moves. The team always has a plethora of picks and can use a few for those ACL long shots. I am by no means an apologist for him and if he were to leave tomorrow I wouldn’t shed a tear, as I think some of his moves (especially the one involving pushing Jim Harbaugh out the door) were arrogant and boneheaded to the extreme. I also recognize that he does have some talent so I take the good with the bad.

    1. The niners have had the 2nd most draft picks past 5years in league but cupboard is bare, its pretty simple team was 6 and 10 with some talent, a once in a lifetime coach comes along and team is now ranked in top 3 of league for few years making it to 3 nfc title games losing 1 SB but made others uncomforted so pushed him out and now is in bottom 2 teams in league, there is only 1 real constant entire time, Baalke who rode Harbaughs coattails and an inherited great talented roster and he has had very poor drafts year since he has taking over including missing on an entire draft class (I’m not sure any GM isn’t fired 2 or 3 years after missing on every pick) so until Baalke is fired and a GM that is qualified and giving 100% power this team will not win more then 6 games including what 2 wins this tear ???

      Baalke 1st tells Kaps agents its ok to speak a trade which they do but can’t come to terms so team now keeps him and last report i read Kap said he hasn’t spoken to Baalke since permission to speak a trade was granted, hmmmm ya thats who i want leading my team, what an egotistict hard headed leader, but he what other GM coaches on the field ha ha PATHETIC

      1. I’m not sure if the cupboard is in fact bare. We will see for sure this year. I think the team has some young talent and would like to see it improve. I hope Kelly and crew are up to the job.

        Please also remember that Baalke brought in key personnel that made the SB run. The biggest being Harbaugh himself. Granted he squandered that relationship and that is squarely owned by TB but one has to recognize what he did to help the team win, something another former GMs did not do.

    2. Did not a well researched article come out recently stating that the 9ers have the worst return on investment with respect to the draft these last 5 years?

      EastCoast——–if you were as productive in your job as Bulky is in his, you would have been fired 2-3 years ago. Unless you are working for the government. Then you get a promotion.

      1. It’s actually far less forgiving in the sports world, which should tell us something about either Baalke’s capacity or York’s ineptitude. I hope it’s the former because if it’s the latter we are in for some miserable seasons….

  28. Not to worry,

    NFL teams just play Kelly’s offense with One Technique all game, every game and we lose.
    It’s that simple.

  29. Even though JC will oppose me all the time, I sometimes agree with him.

    Baalke was a scout. How does a scout become a GM? Maybe he picked a few players in the draft, but assessing players and managing players require very different skillsets.

    Chip needs to work on his people skills, and so far, he has done a good job. Baalke has no people skills, and it shows by how he drove JH away, the handling of Boone, and the ongoing brouhaha with AD.

    The Niners need another Carmen Policy. He could be smooth and loquacious. Baalke is another story, and cannot accept criticism, or learn from his errors.

    Maybe the Niners should gamble on Gamble. Maybe then they could sign FAs.

    1. Gamble is probably next in line .. u-hh ..
      ya know … when Baalke finally gets
      his dream .. bait shop …

      (just ask Cassie)

    2. Carmen Policy was a lawyer and an exception in the NFL world. What if we got someone like our current commissioner? Perhaps someone who knows personnel is a far better choice, don’t you think? Besides, who is available that could honestly take over the position for Baalke right now?

      I know you think he mishandled the Boone and AD situation, I don’t see it that way. I do think he misshandled JH an JT. Is that enough to get him canned, sure. But I’d like to hear who would replace him. Carmen Policy is too busy with his wine and had no intention nor capacity to lead a team today.

        1. Perfect fit. Precisely why they wont hire Holmgren in any capacity. My subjective opinion is this ownership looks at anyone affiliated with Walsh like the plague. Old man York used to try and lecture Bill on football matters and you can imagine how that went down.

          They wont hire football people to make the football decisions because that costs money.

      1. East Coaster,

        It’s obvious the 49er’s need football people– Carmen Policy and John McVeigh types as ego buffer zones to ownership.

        This bears repeting: Hire Mike Holmgren, John Gruden and Mike Shannahan with a Ron Wolfe like GM in the mix as GM/Consultant to train the aforementioned.

        They hire Shaw away from Stanford…WCO coaches just get it. They know how to teach WR/s to read Man, Cover 3, Cover 2 and adjust routes accordingly.
        QB’s recruited by Shaw follow their reads….Watch Stanford’s, Cajuste Below beating Covers 3,2 and Man:

        1. *Addendum to Above:

          Do not let Jed hire the GM. After bringing in the above coaches into the front office, with their football connections–they hire the brightest GM out there.

          The York’s are already paying for 3 head coaches, so bottom line, they would save money by winning as fans would buy tons more 49er merchandise.

          1. I like Mike Holmgren though he didn’t do that well at Seattle. Not against the hire, just realize he isn’t a sure thing.

              1. Brodie,

                Absolutely, but your dealing with people who cite Kap’s march to the Superbowl when Smith led the through half that season. Those who hate the Walsh coaching tree have two go to lines: 1. They’re too old or 2. faulty history.

              2. I believe that he took Mike Winters champions back to the SB….sort of like Harbaugh did….

      2. Most on here are blaming Baalke for the Harbaugh firing but I’m not sure it was really his fault. Jed has been very hands on and from the stories that came out after the firing, it seems he was the more likely driving force behind the firing.

    3. Seb, I don’t oppose you all the time, only when you’re pushing schemes that have zero chance of occurring. Other than that, you’re decent, even if you are a little stuck on your hoity-toity verbiage (“astute” yuk).

  30. This video demonstrates the same thing as Cajuste, only it’s WR–Solomon, Clark and TE–Young reading the coverages and sitting down (open spot).

    Only it takes place in a Superbowl.

    If you have to, turn off the soundtrack and watch their heads move, searching for sit down areas.

    This happens now in the NFL. Just listen to Randy Cross talk about how the Patriots run 49er patters all lthe time —Bill Walsh was 15-3 against Bill Bellicheck coached teams.

    1. MWN,
      I count myself as fortunate having been young enough to see Thurman play. After the Warriors won their 1975 championship I was ecstatic – but there was a small sense of loss because one of my all-time favorites (Thurman) had been traded the previous year to the Bulls.

      But Nate was always a Warrior even though he played out his career in Cleveland. Irony has a way of making life interesting now that after 40 years later Cleveland (first champ. in any sport over last 50 yrs) beats the Warriors in the Finals.

      The legendary Chamberlain and Jabbar said that Thurman was the best defender that they played against.
      I only saw two players (sure there may have more) block a Jabbar sky-hook.
      While still at UCLA, Jabbar had a shot blocked by a Cal Bears center named Bob Presley. And of course, Nate “The Great” Thurman.
      RIP – Nate Thurman

  31. I’m not usually one to get into the political as it tends to be as decisive as a unitive force. However, I am moved by our free safety’s column and while some of the players on the team act like a bunch of knuckleheads and need to mature, it is a proud moment to be associated with such a measured and thoughtful young man.

    You’ll have to scroll down for ERs segment.

    1. Stick to football!!!. Just kidding. ;p

      Did you mean decisive, or divisive?

      Two thoughts;
      United we stand, divided we fall.
      Love conquers all.

  32. Sitting down with a cup of Joe, I wish to revise my 53, now that Lynch is out for 4 games.

    I think Lemonier will make the team, and may even start if Brooks still has legal troubles.

    Miller will make the team because Baalke has not traded him away, so Taylor may be cut.

    I think Darren Lake will make the team because the Niners have lost Williams and Dorsey due to injuries, and they may take a while to rehab. Lake is from Alabama, so he was over shadowed by other Alabama D linemen, but he has the size and skills to be potentially a solid player.

    I still think Skov will out compete Willhoite, Simpson will make the 53, and Robinson will win a spot because Baalke favors him.

    1. Balducci is a longshot, but since I think Martin may be cut, the Niners need a backup center.

      Harris, with his return experience, may beat out Draughn.

      Smelter still has a Baalke knee, and Driskel is caught in a numbers game.

      1. Baalke won’ cut Driskel.

        It takes 3 years after a draft to grade it. That’s why Baalke’s go to line is always, “there’s still some development needed,” whenever questioned about his suspect drafts.

        Baalke slyly keeps himself in a perpetual holding pattern with the press, so Baalke will never admit Driskel is a draft bust this early in his game.

        1. Other teams draft players ready to plug and play. Bill Walsh always had the teachers Baalke and York never get, so there players rarely hit the field full time as a rook….”there’s still some development needed.”

          1. 49ERS GET AN F + for OFFSEASON MOVES:

            TThere have been missteps (and that has continued this season, with the mismanagement of the Colin Kaepernick situation) and unavoidable bad luck. A lot went into a horrible 2015, when the 49ers had the worst offseason in NFL history. The 2016 offseason hasn’t been very good either.he folks at Shutdown Corner are currently counting down all 32 NFL teams, offering up a ranking and grade for their offseason. Frank Schwab, editor of that corner of Yahoo!, ranked the San Francisco 49ers No. 31, and gave their offseason an F+.

              1. Boy did I read that headline wrong! I thought it said microchimps!!

                That would really stop Tom Brady!

              2. As long as they’re only inserted into game balls.

                Side note… Posts are appearing out of order. Time for a new thread? How about “Top five 49ers that are neither underrated or overrated”, or ” Which five 49ers could you beat in a hotdog eating contest?”

            1. @ TomD. Just for completeness sake let’s take a look at the shutdown corner rankings for the 2015 season and how things turned out at the end of the season.

              1. Seahawks. Scraped into the playoffs as a wildcard. Advanced past the Vikings on a missed chip shot FG. Then got slaughtered by the Panthers.

              2. Packers. Failed to win the division. One and done in the playoffs.

              3. Patriots. Lost in AFC final.

              4. Colts. Failed to make the playoffs from a crummy division.

              7. Ravens. Failed to make the playoffs.

              8. Cowboys. Ditto

              9. Dolphins. Ditto.

              19. Panthers. Dominated regular season. Lost in Super Bowl.

              30. Redskins. Won NFC East.

              The shutdown corner preseason rankings have not always been right on the money. As the saying goes “Consider the Source!”.

              Go Niners.

              1. Thanks for that, Rick.

                For some reason I have an image of TomD starting every day by tying his shoes together and then falling face first to the floor when he tries to take his first step.

              2. EX


                By the way, is this some clever game to let us know that Grant has abdicated his blog to TomD and (or) Seb….not one posting on this thread….

              3. Oregon,

                I’m hoping that the blog is quiet mostly because there isn’t that much going on right now, but I’m sure Tom D and to a certain extent, Seb are keeping people away.

              4. Ex,
                I used to come here often to read my favorites like Hammer, Scooter, rocket, Brotha Tuna, JPN, Big P, and others.

                Now that this blog is dominated by a couple of posters who have become squatters, I no longer look forward to this site like I once did. You may not be to far from the truth when you say that these two are keeping people away.

              5. Since those people wont go away on their own try getting on the ones that can’t resist talking or replying to them. These are the same people that tell others not to respond but then tell you they just can’t help themselves when they do it. Direct your ire towards them because at this point they are the only reason those people still post here.

              6. I would like to believe that, but they easily take about 1/4 of space here without anyone ever responding.

              7. That’s not really the case. Go see just how many posts seb has that aren’t responded too and then who are the usual suspects. You’ll find a few names on your favorite list are the ones not helping around here.

              8. I realize I’m the only one on here that isn’t bothered by Seb, and I’m not inclined to be pressured into joining the anti Seb movement….

              9. Razor,
                I won’t think less of anyone for taking your stance. But I’ll continue to pass on these guys. Having said that, this ends my discussion on this non-topic.

              10. The bickering gets tiresome to have to sift through. I came here because as mentioned by AES there were people who posted on football and concentrated on it and would challenge one another without devolving into silly ego competitions. I would like to see the posters be more respectful of one another and also not let every critique set them off.

              11. We’re a family and sometimes they bicker, but I understand where you’re coming from. They do pollute the environment, and I’d hate to see any of the regulars in here disappear. Seb is a fan, not so sure about TomD. Fans of other teams posting in here makes my blood boil….

              12. East, I am sorry if you are disappointed, I am too. They seem to let a troll savage and needle me incessantly, and when I finally respond, they use it to disparage me.

                Usually, I am polite and conversational. Even though Old Coach joined the clique, I have never disparaged him, and rarely post on his post unless addressed.

                I have been posting less, and usually am just posting my opinions and Ideas, with no expectations of a reply.

                All I want to do is talk about 49er football without the blowback. I know I do say controversial things, but at least I say something.The Niners need a lot of help, and this is my small way to help them, and before everyone rolls their eyes, I do know how to post to 4949 Centennial Blvd.

                I fully admit that I like to debate, and sometimes engage just for the exercise. The problem is, some take it personally.

                I also fully admit that I am not extremely fond of TrollD. He and I go way back, and I recognize him as an antagonist that followed me to this site. Maybe I make others squirm with my pointed denunciations, but at least I am directing my remarks at him, and leave the other posters alone.

                Since this is the down time before TC, maybe you could get the ball rolling and post your 53. I would like to see your 53, and your justifications for the bubble players.

                I do not think you have pledged to ignore me yet, but if so, please ignore and sorry to have wasted your time.

              13. Seb,

                You know I appreciate your football posts. Just wish that everyone would tone the rhetoric down, stay focused and talk 49er football. If someone states something that rankles you, try to see their point of view and ignore any perceived or actual insults. Not every post demands a defense.

                And I have noticed you are trying so I want to continue to encourage.

                Not all of us see eye-to-eye and that is ok. None of us have particular insight into what goes on in the clubhouse, their opinions. Sometimes we hold these very dear, but at the end of the day, we all should believe the best about one another.

              14. TomD’s 53 Man Roster Starting with QB’s

                QB Blaine Gabbert
                QB Jeff Driskel

                QB Kap’s does not make the team due to preseason injury after being speared in the back while lying on the turf ( late hit) while executing Chipster’s zone read running the ball. (49ers acquire a QB after roster cutbacks)

              15. BTW, what did you think about the Euro Cup? Portugal won without Ronaldo. Maybe the important lesson is not to have only stars, but a solid, competent team that plays well together is more important.

                With the proper team chemistry, the lowly Niners could surprise the league, especially if they buy into the system, and each does their job well.

              16. Portugal played the game they had to play and the win underscores that soccer like football is a team sport, bigger than any one individual player. I believe Denver made an example of this as well.

                To be sure, Portugal would never had made it as far as they did without Ronaldo and the fact that France thought they had the trophy in the bag and Portugal frustrated their every effort, driving them to distraction should also be a lesson. France was, is , the superior side, but not on that day.

              17. Yep, France, who beat Germany, and had a ball bounce off a post during the injury overtime period, seemed destined to win, but that is why they play the game. Anything can happen.

                Portugal sagged back, played defense. France tried to work the ball in, but was stymied. That is why I like those quick runs down the side line, and the cross to the penalty mark before the defense can set up.

              18. They stymied Pogba and limited Payet’s effectiveness. Girourd was very frustrated and Griezmann was hampered in his ability to work in the box.
                Fontes and especially Pepe had a very good defensive game. Sanches is an and commer for sure. Pepe especially showed his quality. He’s crafty and can be dirty, but he was very effective and surprisingly clean against France. Tremendous effort.

                The Copa America was a better tournament though, and my home country took home the prize…again, very pleased about that!

                Now, enough about the beautiful game…time for some slobber knockers!

              19. Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports pinpointed this 49ers team as his most likely potential landing spot.

                “Garoppolo makes a lot of sense here. The 49ers added some 2017 draft ammunition by acquiring extra picks in the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. They also have the salary-cap room to build around a quarterback quickly. All they seem to lack is a candidate who fits into Kelly’s system. Garoppolo might be that player.


              20. We don’t want Patriots rejects. How well did Cassel and Mallet turn out for those other teams? Garoppolo hasn’t played a down yet. Its like predicting Driskel’s success when he hasn’t even played with the 1’s or 2’s in practice.

              21. That’s true,

                Just thinking about culture changes each coach brings with it. The fact that the Niners did not bring one in to send a team-wide message that no job is safe either speaks for Driskel’s talent or the fact that baalke is still in charge

              22. “We don’t want Patriots rejects.”

                Come on Wilson! Tully Banta-Cain was a great addition to the 49ers D back in the day.

              23. “When Kelly was coaching the Philadelphia Eagles, Garoppolo was a subject of internal conversations prior to the 2014 draft. At that time, he was considered a good fit for Kelly’s scheme. ”

                by Charles Robinsson, Yahoo Sports

              24. “If they were to release Blount….”

                Based on recent events I’m sure Aaron Lynch would be in favor of that

              25. New 49ers defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil did not leave a glowing impression in Cleveland

                By Oscar Aparicio  @BetterRivals on Jan 27, 2016, 5:30a 211

                Rather than being assigned specific gaps, Cleveland’s defensive linemen play different techniques based on how their offensive counterparts are blocking them. The linebackers, then, are expected to guess what technique their teammates are using, scrape through the resulting mess and make the play. Opposing offenses have identified this flaw on film and are repeatedly, week-after-week, gashing the edge of Cleveland’s defense.

                Two Very Easy Concepts to Grasp, (Maybe even Oregoniner knows math)

                1. Oneil speaks the same language as Mangini about mixing coverages and DL concepts meshing with linebackers…..But the 49ers will have new groups of LB’s, DB’s and DL’s. (Mangenius talked big with the mixed assignments until Big Ben exploited a blown coverage for a 72 yard bomb, almost passing for 500 yds vs 49ers)

                2. Chip Kelly’s new offense has to be taught to a new group of WR”s . Does anyone on this website really expect them to be where the ball is thrown, unless it’s the most simple pass pattern. At that point the defense know “simple” also, so shuts down the pass game making the 49ers one-sided, then shuts the run down too

                Math concept…..1 Negative + 1 negative , even in math folks has a negative result.

              26. San Francisco 49er Team Records Under Eddie DeBartolo and York ownerships:

                Eddie DeBartolo…….247-119

                I listed all the years Steve Marriucci coached under Eddie DeBartolo’s record, since he built that team and the York’s fired him, and were basically obstructionist egotists with a splash of arrogant power during this term.

              27. Seb. I joined the “clique”? I posted that you have always been polite and respectful to me and I intended to continue responding to your posts if they interested me, not the same can be said for TomD. So no I’m not a member of any cliques other than the 49er faithful.

              28. Hmm, this post and the one before it was meant to respond to Old Coach, but was inserted here at the end of the posts.

                Cant wait for Grant to start a new post……

              29. That’s what happens when Coffee loses it and Grant has to start deleting comments. Screws the whole dang thing up.

              30. You must have me confused with someone else, I’m a pillar of self control. I’ve never had my email blocked(ok that’s happened twice but the second time he swears was an accident) and I can’t think of the last time I had a post deleted.(mostly because they just get flagged for moderation before getting posted these days)

                So it must be JPN you’re thinking of. He’s the hooligan around here.

              31. I am not anti-Seb, per se, but his lengthy posts and illogical trade scenarios illustrate that he isn’t that realistic and make it easy to disregard his posts……….. and TomD just barfs others opinions, demonstrating he can’t formulate his own assessment.

                I have said for many months that the 49ers are very intriguing this year because it is very hard to guess if they will win 2 or 8-10 games………. I remain optimistic and assign much of the blame to Chryst and Tomsula for the debacle of last season and Jed meddling w the Gase hire- I also think Kilgore was the biggest loss.
                I am happy w Kelly and O’Neil, and Baalke. And I am a season ticket holder w/out complaint.

              32. Agree. Not sure on Seb but Tom D spamming the site with idiotic comments is a bit annoying.

              33. Houston,
                Not sure you noticed; but the above mentioned has now created a SallyD to converse with. Sheesh!

      2. 3 more points. I wanted them to trade away Patton, but that is not going to happen just 2 weeks before TC. If they had traded him, that would have opened a slot for a Smelter, Burbridge,Campbell, Anderson, Cajuste or Treggs. I thought Patton was undisciplined with too many unforced errors, but some All22 film study purportedly showed that he could get open. Of course, he was in single coverage. In the end, I think Patton stays because he is a seasoned veteran who can make plays like blocking a punt for a TD.

        It was difficult to choose between Wilhoite, Armstrong and Skov. Wilhoite is the veteran and has played with Bowman, but I thought he got moved too easily. Armstrong has talent and speed, but sometimes barks up the wrong tree. I chose Skov because he has made plays, and seems to have a nose for the ball. I think he was in some of those goal line stands last preseason. Maybe one of the other ones may supplant Hodges, but I hope Hodges can contribute this season.

        Niners (Baalke) did not draft an inside LB, they were content with who they had. I wonder if it is astute assessment, or wishful thinking.

        1. I wonder if it is astute assessment, or wishful thinking.

          Neither, bittersweet. You forgot about Tartt….

    2. Seb, how can you possibly think lemonaid is going to contribute to this team? Has he not had ample time to show what hes got?

      1. The past coaches moved Boone to LG, played DEVEY way too long, used cut couch potato RBs and coached the QBs to throw at 85%. Mangenius allowed 8 different players to jump offside. They were not ill prepared, they were unprepared.

        Maybe they did not have a clue how to best utilize him. Lemonier just needs the proper scheme, that plays to his strengths. In the depth charts, Lemonier is backing up Brooks. With Lynch gone, they may slide Brooks over and start Harold or Lemonier

        If Rush outplays him, Rush it is, but to me, he does not have the size to play the position.

  33. Breaking down new-look 49ers: Carlos Hyde to Chip Kelly’s rescue

    Charged with a rebuilding team instead of a reloading team to begin his second NFL coaching stint, Kelly faces challenges everywhere. Before the Niners go to training camp July 30, we break down their roster, starting with where that starting QB competition stands.

    Behind them, Jeff Driskel, the athletic, sixth-round rookie hand-picked for Kelly’s style of offense, has been impressive, validating his status as a worthy developmental project. That’s key, because the status of both Kaepernick and Gabbert (a free agent in 2017) aren’t certain beyond the short term. For now, Thaddeus Lewis is tabbed as the No 3., but it would be smarter to keep Driskel on the active roster, instead.

  34. Is Jeff Driskel making a run at 49ers starting gig?

    By Conor Orr
    Around The NFL Writer
    Published: June 12, 2016 at 05:30 p.m.

    If people are surprised by Trevor Siemian getting potential starter’s snaps in Denver, just wait until Jeff Driskel takes control in San Francisco.

    “I think he’s already been exposed to multiple systems at the college level, so we’ve been impressed with him. He’s very athletic. I think he was the fastest quarterback at the combine. He’s big. He’s got a good arm.”

    While we may be a year away from entertaining this possibility seriously, the 49ers have already worked Driskel — the fastest quarterback at this year’s combine and former consensus top high school quarterback — in as a personal protector on punts (“Never forget,” Tim Tebow says).

    1. Thank you, Connor for the Tim Tebow reference, and it’s why you’re an NFL writer, while the person taking the coffee break is NOT!!!!!!!!!!

  35. A Look at The 49ers Monday Night Opponent vs. RAMS:

    The Rams reentered Tinsel Town known for its stars, with their own galaxy of stars, # 1 pick Jared Goff, Star back, Todd Gurley a 4 ProBowlers on their NFL line.

    Coach Dykes on what makes Jared Goff so special:

    When asked what makes Goff so special from an X’s and O’s perspective, the coach raved about his abilities.

    “He can make the throws,” Dykes said. “He’s got a very unique skill set. He maneuvers in the pocket and creates throwing lanes better than any quarterback I’ve ever seen, really at any level. He’s very unique in that regard. I think that’s why he was the first pick in the draft is because of that skill set.”

    His roommate had this to say:

    I’m confident that he’s going to step in and do great,” Moore said. “He’s a hard worker.

    “I lived with him for two years, and it’d be like middle of the night watching film. He’d be like, ‘Hey, look at this play?’ and I’m like ‘Dude, come on, relax.'”

  36. Training with the NFL’s Jared Goff set Corona del Mar quarterback Chase Garbers on a road to Cal

    At the beginning of the year, when Garbers had zero college offers, Byrd brought along Garbers to three private workouts at JSerra that Byrd was a part of with Jared Goff, Cal’s quarterback who decided to skip his senior season to enter the NFL draft. Byrd said it was his job to work with the receivers Goff was throwing to, all to get Goff ready for the NFL combine in February.

    Little did Garbers know back then that the Golden Bears would one day want him to succeed Goff at Berkeley. Cal offered Garbers on April 20, eight days before the Los Angeles Rams selected Goff as the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft.

  37. Training with the NFL’s Jared Goff set Corona del Mar quarterback Chase Garbers on a road to Cal

    Rep1 Sports, the sports agency from Irvine, represents Goff and Wentz, so Garbers had the chance to see both quarterbacks throw and hear their stories. When the two of them saw Garbers throw the ball, Byrd said Goff and Wentz were impressed by the 6-foot-3, 215-pound Garbers. “They were like, ‘Who is this kid?'”

    “Bryce Treggs was there, and so was his father, Brian,” Byrd said of the former Cal standout receivers, Bryce is with the San Francisco 49ers as an undrafted free agent, while Brian went on to play one year with the Seattle Seahawks. “Brian called the Cal coaches, [head coach Sonny Dykes and offensive coordinator Jake Spavital] after seeing Garbers and finding out that he didn’t have any offers.”

    Those offers began pouring in for Garbers before he was named the MVP of the Opening Los Angeles Regional combine at Redondo Union High on Feb. 28. …

  38. Garbers chose Cal over 15 other college programs, which were from the Pacific-12 Conference, the Southeastern Conference, the Big Ten Conference, the Atlantic Coast Conference, the Mountain West Conference and the Ivy League.

    “My end goal is to be in the NFL and I feel that Cal puts me in the best position to do that,” said Garbers, who also heard from Goff after he committed to Cal. “He texted me after the commitment and congratulated me, and said, ‘Welcome to the family’ and to ‘keep the tradition alive.'”

    Sonny Dykes sends QB’s to the Pros. Where Has Baalke sent QB’s–to the hospital..TomD

  39. If the Patriots let Jamie Collins hit the open market next year, I’d like to see Baalke in hot pursuit….

  40. Let me start at the beginning. Over 2500 years ago, during times of strife and contention for land and resources, a strategist wrote on strips of bamboo his ideas about how to win wars. Amazingly, his ideas still ring true today when applied to nations, sports, and life in general. Bill Walsh called it required reading, and had the book on his desk.

    Sun Tzu wrote a treatise, and called it- The Art of War. The opening verse of his classic is the basic clue to his philosophy- War is of grave concern of the state; it must be thoroughly studied. Here is recognition that armed strife and even sporting contests- are not transitory aberrations, but conscience acts and therefore susceptible to rational analysis.

    Sun Tzu believed that the moral strength and intellectual faculty of man were decisive in war, and that if these were properly applied, war could be waged with certain success. Never to be undertaken thoughtlessly or recklessly, war was to be preceded by measures designed to make it easy to win. The master conqueror frustrated his enemies plans and broke up his alliances, He created cleavages between sovereign (Jed) and his commanders (JH), and subordinates (Kaep). His spies and agents were active everywhere. Nowadays, trolls spewing hate on the internet would be doing his bidding. They would gather information, sow dissension with lies leaks and smears, and nurtured distrust and subversion. The unrelenting negativity would poison the mindset and sap morale.The enemy would become isolated like on an island, demoralized and his will to resist broken. Thus without battle, his army was conquered, his cities taken, and the state was overthrown. If in the contest of wills, they finally resorted to armed conflict, he battle itself was an after thought, because the outcome was decided beforehand due to careful planning and out thinking the opponent.

    National unity was deemed to be an essential requirement of victorious war. This could only be attained under a government which was devoted to a people’s welfare and did not oppress them. One could say that it was based upon- benevolence and righteousness.

    It starts at the top, so Jed should heed those words, and build his foundation upon those terms. So far I find them lacking, but maybe Chip can help get him started.

    1. Nowadays,

      Those recognizing Sun-Tzu was not saddled with Trent Baalie and Jedster coaching up his troops and telling him what game plans and/or players will suit up, or that “coach Tomsula meant somewhere in there, we’re running the football” would act like Sun-Tzu and get off their collective As_ and take it to the streets like TomD.

      Quoting Brodie’s great post:


      July 17, 2016 at 4:12 pm

      Perfect fit. Precisely why they wont hire Holmgren in any capacity. My subjective opinion is this ownership looks at anyone affiliated with Walsh like the plague. Old man York used to try and lecture Bill on football matters and you can imagine how that went down.

      They wont hire football people to make the football decisions because that costs money.

      1. *Above comment should also include having Paraag Marathe’s analytics and a position for him as the play challenger with the red flag in the coache’s booth.

        1. Paraage could then tell Mr. Sun Tzu the analytics of the current skirmish are skewed toward negative values. Mr. Tzu we’re trending downward so you’ll have to wrap up your little war…

          5 Hours later Sun Tzu’s empire falls with a resounding crash as Trent and Jed fire off messenger pigeons throughout the empire blaming Kaeprnick or Harbaugh for the collapse.

    2. Sun Tzu was a great proponent to ‘shaping’ the opponent. Other teams, especially the Seahawks and Cards, will probably stack the box and dare the Niners to pass. It sure worked for them last year.

      Chip can counter this move by lining up 4 wide, and threaten to attack the edges. The other teams cannot stay bunched in the middle, or they will get burned, so it will force them to spread out to cover all the options. By shaping them, it leaves the middle vulnerable,so the quick gash up the middle becomes just one more option the defense will be vulnerable to.

      The important thing is for Kaep to read what the defense will give him, and put the ball in the proper playmaker’s hands. That way, they can attack weaknesses and avoid strengths.

      1. Seb……………He has got to learn to throw the ball accurately on a consistent basis. This is not a strength of his……….Roll-outs work sometimes but cut the field in half.
        The NFL studied him and took away what made him special. But then, so did Tomfoolya and crips .

        Your guy needs a lot of work.

        1. Funny, he knew how to throw well enough to get to the SB after only 10 games, and has made jaw dropping throws that few other QBs would dream of attempting.

          Cut the field in half? Why? He has enough arm strength to cover the entire field. I remember one time, Kaep rolled to the left, drew the defense towards him, then threw back across the field to Frank Gore, who eluded one player and scored a TD.

          Another way of thinking about roll outs is that he is over loading a side with a numerical superiority. Also, the defensive pass rushers cannot rush to a spot, because Kaep will be mobile and more elusive.

          I agree he needs work, but he will also work very hard to get better. With a decent O line, Kaep will redeem himself.

            1. And many factors played into his getting to the SB that year-a brutal defense, a great line-up and Coach, and the league not familiar with him.
              I dont care if Kap gets way better, but he has to GET way better…………….I just don’t see it.

              1. With Kelly as his coach, The rehabilitation of Kaep will not be difficult. Kaep is the perfect QB to be able to run the Chip Kelly offense.

                Chip will accentuate his strengths and hide his weaknesses.

  41. Just got an e-mail from Amazon regarding this book:

    Speed Kills: Breaking Down the Chip Kelly Offense
    by Alex Kirby

  42. Sun Tzu propounded that the commander had the right to ignore the sovereign if he chose to.

    In this case, Chip ignored what Jed and Baalke wanted, and did everything in his power to keep Kaep. I do not doubt for a second that Chip threatened to walk if they got rid of Kaep. I think it is a miracle that Kaep is still a Niner, and look forward to seeing him resurrect his career.

    Kaep, despite what some believe, is the prototypical QB for Chip Kelly’s offense. Chip will look like a genius if he can rehabilitate Kaep, and Kaep will be happy to have a coach that does not force him to be only a pocket passer. I expect to see some pistol formations, along with the zone read.

  43. Chip Kelly has an elaborate system to call in plays. He should realize that other teams are trying to steal his signals. Chip should signal one way, but run a totally different play.

    Chip should take a page out of the Bill Walsh playbook and script the first 15 plays. That way, signals are not needed and could be employed just to deceive and confuse the opponent.

    With thorough and intense planning, signals could be avoided altogether. Chip should establish a system ahead of time where the play is called based upon down and distance. These plays should then be modified so the defense cannot expect when the same play will be run. With proper planning, the Niner offense can be truly unpredictable, and it will force the defense to expect anything.

    1. Chip incorporates a Signalfan as part of communicating plays, along with his voice and hand signals. For 24.99, you too can purchase a Signalfan….

      1. “Chip Kelly has an elaborate system to call in plays. He should realize that other teams are trying to steal his signals. Chip should signal one way, but run a totally different play.”

        So now Chip is looking off safeties too? Come on Seb again this is the NFL, all these coaches know people are trying to steal their calls.

        1. I would advise Chip to have a designated staff member to appraise him on what signals have been compromised by the opponent at halftime, and then make the necessary adjustments….

          1. Good call Razor, he can have the staff member look out of the corner of their eyes so nobody will notice. Boy re-writing the calls and playbook at halftime is going to be a bear to do. Hopefully the whole team are quick learners.

            Mabye Chip shouldn’t call plays at all. He should just script the whole game and just pretend to make calls while the QB runs the whole game no huddle.

            1. Wilson, one of the unspoken principals of coaching acumen comes down to figuring out which Signals have been pilfered at halftime….

              1. Razor everything I said was firmly tongue and cheek for Seb’s unawareness of NFL coaches. Signals are stolen yes, its part of the game but to think as he does that an NFL coach is not aware of it is silly.

                The players are not watching the signals, they anticipate the calls based on the film and formations they watched in preparation. Kelly’s issue in the past was that other teams identified the plays from the formation and personnel not the signals.

        2. Sorry, but when Bow was yelling that it would be a run and then stuffs the RB in the last Eagles game, he knew what was coming. In the Cowboys-Eagles game they yelled what play was going to be run just before the snap of the ball. Some how, they were tipped off and thwarted the play because they knew what was going to be called.

          Of course the other team will try to steal signals, yet signals are called into the huddle all the time. Maybe they should have 2 different players signalling 2 different plays, and who has the real call is determined randomly beforehand.

  44. Call Jed and recommend your playbook. Jed’s done worse having Baalke coach up players and Paraag Marathe in the coaching booth challenging plays.

    However, I would put you in the front office. You have the pulse on fans current frustrations and would hire football people.

    1. What a joke we (49ers) must appear nationally hiring non-pro football people in serious football positions (Baalke and Paraag).

      Even I never imagined the 49ers could freefall into football oblivion as a joke, but the York’s accomplished it. Kudos for your 10 year run Yorks–the antithesis to dynasty–the anti-dynasty.

      1. Well,

        Off season is a time for self-scouting. Let’s quickly break down the 49ers.

        All NFL teams have seen Kelly’s offense now. Defenses have learned to defend that system. Philadelphia under Kelly scored 51, 43 and 38 touchdowns respectively. That’s not an upgrade in team value.

        SF’s QB’s are no better than the one’s Chip had in Philly and his pass catchers are worse, with McDonald the joke.

        2-14 in 2016

      2. Query:

        Trent Baalke (of whom I am no fan, although I do not think he is as horrible as some others are wont to believe) has worked exclusively since 1998 in the NFL as a scout, director of player personnel, VP of player personnel, and GM. Under what definition of the concept would he be a “non-pro football” person?

        1. –Baalke interrupted Tomsula’s press conference to tell the nation he will run the ball

          –Baalke was seen coaching up Tomsula’s players, suggesting play calls , and advising which players to suit up.

          Where does it say on his resume that he is a football coach, ie, football person…He’s a front office type.

          Adding Paraage Marathe in the coaches challenge booth throwing red flags, the suits going though the locker room after a tough loss and it’s clear whose running the show.

          No wonder everywhere in the press Baalke’s know as a Megalamaniac control freak.

          1. Your comment focused on “hiring non-pro football people in serious football positions.” With Paraag, a valid argument can at least be made in that respect. For Balkee, however, the characterization is a stretch save if you only define “pro football people” as former players and/or coaches, which is over-narrow as many NFL GMs and player personnel folks come from scouting and front office background.

            The things you cited sure seem to indicate that Baalke’s performance is problematic as a GM. And it does seem quite possible he is a control freak. However, those examples of his shortcomings in no way address how he is a “non-pro football” person as he has worked in the NFL in a scouting or player personnel role for nearly 20 years. To say that he may be bad at his job is separate from characterizing him as a “non-pro football” person merely because he has worked on player personnel side rather than the coaching side (and he was a coach for a Division 2 college team, if I recall correctly, although I do not remember where).

            So while Baalke clearly seems to have flaws as a GM, characterizing a person who has made a living in player personnel in the NFL for nearly 20 years as a “non-pro football” person akin to Paraag Marathe smacks of redefining a category to try to bolster a preconceived notion, lazy reasoning, or both.

          2. “Where does it say on his resume that he is a football coach”

            That’s how he got his start. He coached in the college ranks before moving into the NFL.

      3. Its actually depressing to think of who’s calling the shots in the front office. No good CEO would abstain from hiring people who are better than they are at a given discipline. How long before he does some other incredibly bone-headed thing……..?

  45. JP,

    All of the coaches turning down 49er overtures should tell you something.
    Here’s a writer who makes a living at sports writing on Baalke:

    Will Trent Baalke Be the Owner, Too?

    “Trent Baalke’s apparently doing more than delivering players such as defensive backs Jimmie Ward and Jaquiski Tartt for the 49ers.

    “He’s apparently coaching them up, too.

    Baalke’s Resume:
    “1998–2000 New York Jets
    Personnel Scout
    2001–2004 Washington Redskins
    2001–2003 National Scout
    2004 College Scouting Coordinator
    2005–present San Francisco 49ers
    2005–2007 Western Region Scout
    2008–2009 Director of Player Personnel
    2010 VP of Player Personnel

    Do you see defensive backs coach in there anywhere? Do you see coach of any type in there anywhere?

    The problem with teh 49ers isn’t retirements and it isn’t bad luck. It’s Baalke. He’s a megalomaniac, control freak who took one of the best teams in football and tore it apart …

    1. “He’s a megalomaniac, control freak who took one of the best teams in football and tore it apart …”

      Yes, this seems to be a valid criticism, although perhaps not fully accurate. However, it in no way supports your claim that he is a “non-pro football” person in the same vein as Paraag Marathe. He is a pro football person who seems be less than great at his job.

      As for coaches not wanting to come to the 49ers, Baalke’s management style and perceived meddling may have had an impact, but again that he may be bad at his job does not mean that he is a “non-pro football” person.

      1. Jp,

        We’re splitting hairs. I look at one’s resume as a determining factor. He’s lucky to have been hired in the 1st place.

        Of course, the 49ers under the York’s are famous for recent 1st time events occurring in the NFL, ie, worst statistical records–and 1st time coaching hires:

        Nolan, Singletary, Hostler, Tomsula, with those following suit in hiring first timers (those w/o) experience.

        What I’m getting at is my definition of a “football person” and your’s differ via experience. An experienced person does not destroy a roster, does not venture onto the playing field to coach up a head coach’s team, nor does he tell the head coach what plays he’ll call on gameday, therefore the article to you above: Will Baalke be the owner too. You see it as a bad football person, I see the guy from Bemidji giving Harbaugh orders as inferior, and trying to survive another thing non football people do (fire an outstanding coach) by coaching on the field, as if to say to the NFL world, “look NFL, don’t worry that I fired Harbaugh, I can coach (even though Harbaugh’s had years in the coaching business and I don’t)

        1. *Above note: Baalke was never a GM before the York’s hired him, therefore the label: non football person I gave him.

        2. “does not venture onto the playing field to coach up a head coach’s team”

          Guess Al Davis wasn’t an “experienced person” either.

            1. Exactly, EastCoast9er. By any rational definition, someone who has made a career out of player personnel in the NFL and has come up through those ranks, as many GMs have, is a “pro football” person.

              1. If all I coached was Pop Warner Football, would you consider me a football person if I submitted my resume to your pro football office?

              2. TomD,

                You constantly use your time in “the football industry” as a way to prove your opinions carry more weight than the opinions of others. You seem to consider yourself a “football man”.

                What NFL team did you play for?

          1. But you knew in far less than 5 years Davis was a bright guy…..learned a lot from Sid Gillman, and used what he learned effectively. Im not a Raider fan-I bleed red and gold-but they were a very special team for a considerable period.
            I now view the 9ers as the Titanic, hitting the same iceberg every year.
            Walsh would have thrown his arse off the field, and York would have fired Walsh.

  46. Tom,

    A lot of what you say has merit. But, TB was at the helm for a lot of success including a super bowl appearance. First down from the eight, pretty sure TB didn’t call the same play three times. He is a former executive of the year.

    Paraage has been around long before TB. I met him once in the SF player parking lot, that must have been ’98 or ’99 … lost to the Browns. Point is, he’s a York guy.

    If you want to point the finger, Jed is the captain.

    1. Paul,

      Sound reasoning and some of it I agree with.

      However, as Grant, myself and others have pointed out. Trent inherited McClouhan’s offensive line and a soon to be Hall of Fame running back in Gore.
      Since then, Baalke’s had difficulty drafting offensive linemen or running backs who are not constantly injured.

      1. *And don’t forget Kap had Mike Crabtree and Anquon Boldin. Since then, everyone would agree that he has not had a passing game {last in the NFL).

  47. So if Lynch is in Stage 2, that means this is his second positive test for smoking weed? If so, I doubt he’s offered an extension….

    1. Getting caught for smoking weed is stupid, given that the NFL dishes out stiff penalties for the “offense”.

      Having said that, in an absolute sense, smoking weed isn’t indicative of weak or bad character.

      I don’t understand talking about Lynch as if this proves he’s a bad guy.

      Again, it was stupid that he put himself in this situation, but I don’t think it makes him a bad guy. He might be a bad guy, but it’s not because he got caught smoking weed, IMO.

    2. As for him getting an extension, I think that depends on how he plays in the last 12 games.

      BTW, didn’t Von Miller get popped for smoking pot? Is he a bad guy for smoking weed?

      1. No, but when he puts it before the team, that’s selfish. When he gets caught, not once, but twice, when it’s so easy pass, that’s stupid. Selfish and stupid is a bad combination….

        1. I concur with stupid, however, Reefer Madness just exemplifies the inherent unfairness and disproportionality of the system.

          Weed is an herb that is not a performance enhancer, and a good case can be made that it slows one down. Additionally, a solid case for its therapeutic effects can be documented.

          1. Depends on if you are arguing players are being suspended because of its ‘performance enhancing’ qualities or not. End of the day its not a legalised drug except in some areas and circumstances (e.g. medicinal). Just like drink driving is illegal, but certainly not performance enhancing. Get caught, get suspended. Just like Aldon did for drink driving.

            1. Scooter, you can get drunk as a lord, and have a good time, just like puffing on a joint. However, drunk driving is extremely dangerous to the imbiber and to innocent victims. I may be slightly prejudiced, but i cannot equate pot use to drunk driving.

              1. Drinking is legal. This isn’t a debate of morals, or what we think is right. If it were I would agree with you and say there is little harm in some recreational weed use. But it’s about legality. Rightly or wrongly weed use isn’t legal. End of story.

              2. “Rightly or wrongly weed use isn’t legal.”

                Actually, weed is legal in at least two states that have NFL teams.

              3. Reefer madness has classified a relatively innocuous herb into something worse than heroin.

                The tobacco, drug and alcohol lobbies are powerful, and see pot as a threat to their profits.The NFL is also stricken with Reefer Madness, and make a farce of its rules when it applies rules disproportionately.

                I blessed its use for one of my best friends because it gave him the munchies while undergoing chemo. He lived at least a year longer because he did not wither up and die, because he could eat. He had a hard time smoking in the end, but at least he was happy.

      2. It has nothing to do with whether he’s a good guy or not. It’s whether you think you can trust a guy you are about to pay millions of dollars to do what he can to help the team.

        Every GM understands players won’t always be available, but if the player is going to make decisions that considerably increase that risk they probably aren’t worth paying. Getting suspended helps nobody.

        This is his first suspension, so it’s jumping the gun to say Lynch isn’t worth keeping around. But given the character question marks before the draft it is a bold GM that sees Lynch as a good investment right now. I would imagine this suspension has just guaranteed Lynch will have a lot of provisos in any potential contract extension offered at the end of the year.

        1. It’s not just the 4 games either, because it’ll take at least 2 or 3 games before he’s in football shape….

        2. Scooter and Razor,

          I didn’t intend give the impression that I’m excusing Lynch’s decision to put himself and the team in jeopardy by smoking pot. It was a bad decision, no question, and necessarily will result in any extension / contract he might receive having much less guaranteed money, and worse terms for him in regard to security.

          It just seemed that some on here were reacting as if he had committed an act of violence.

          1. The disproportionate amount of vitriol that is heaped on players/coaches/FO folks is sometimes amazing to me. Lynch broke a league rule and will be punished. He didn’t do anything more than that and people shouldn’t make so much hay out of it.

            Yes it hurts the team. And ultimately it will impact him (negatively in the pocket book). Though I hope he learns and grows from the experience.

            He could easily break something first pre-season game and be out for as many games. These things happen. Is it a blow, you bet, but only because the team stinks right now and a decent player seems like an all pro by comparison. That’s what it really underscores.

            1. “Yes it hurts the team. And ultimately it will impact him (negatively in the pocket book). Though I hope he learns and grows from the experience.”

              I agree in part with your take. But as a team player it is incumbent for Lynch to learn to think as a team player – which means making choices that will not negatively hurt his teammates.

              Had this been a Boxer or Tennis player, then it only hurts the individual. But even in this case, promoters, managers etc. will feel the effects. Lynch made a poor decision and whether or not puffing on weed makes him a bad person is up for debate.
              What we do have is a player that was counted on to help our team suspended for 4 games and possibly taking another 2-3 games after that to get back to playing form. If Lynch has to take another 2-3 games to get back to playing speed, then we conceivably need to look at this as Lynch being out almost half a season.

              Two positives can come out of this.
              1. Lynch learns from this and becomes a trustworthy teammate going forward.
              2. Someone else on the team is given an opportunity to shine and could possibly overtake Lynch as the starter when Lynch returns.

              1. AES,

                Totally agree with you. It was a selfish act, no doubt, and if I gave the impression that it was less than so, then I apologize. I was merely pointing out that these sounding boards tend to have a polarizing effect on positions where one poster tries to outdo the other in condemning a player/coach/FO person.

                My point was that I believe Lynch will hurt himself economically far worse than merely the 4 game suspension (kind of like he hurt himself in the draft). He needs to mature. Hopefully the opportunity is there for him to grow.

                Few of us can imagine the pressure and opportunities that sports people go through. We would like the good stuff but forget the bad side that comes along with it. He’s young and I try to imagine a knucklehead of 26 with the same amount of pressure/opportunity he has and wonder how I would fare?

        3. Holy Cow, Seb…………..u mean Reefer Madness the old movie?

          Nobody uses that thing as a yardstick! But if your playing on my team, and Im trying my very best to win, and your smoking pot– your not helping–and your gone. No one smoking pot can play as well as when their not smoking it. They have a duty of care to their teammates, do they not?

          1. Reefer Madness is so completely incorrect, it is hilarious. It implies that pot smokers become amoral and insane.

            Reefer Madness is very descriptive term of our present drug laws, but they are less amusing.

            NFL can prescribe opioid pain pills like they are candy, but heaven forbid a player using Cannabis to relieve pain.

  48. I doubt the Seahawks ever get the Graham cracker they traded their All Pro Center for. That patellar tendon rupture he suffered is one of the most painful injuries in the world, and it’s one of the toughest to recover from. I said he wouldn’t survive in this division when they traded for him, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not even on the team by 2017….

  49. Who’s going to be your Kory Sheets for 49ers training camp, preseason in 2016?

    The San Francisco 49ers head to training camp next week.

    Fans have already started attaching themselves to particular rookies and other under-the-radar players .

    And so, it is time to once again consider the potential KSWOFs.

    For those who have not been around the past few years, KSWOF stands for KORY SHEETS WAS OUR FUTURE. Back in 2009, the 49ers signed Purdue running back Kory Sheets as an undrafted free agent. He did some solid work in the preseason and earned a spot on the practice squad. He was later released.

    Since then, it has become a running joke that UDFAs and other low level players are said be our future.

    WR Devon Cajuste
    S Jered Bell
    DL Demetrius Cherry
    LB Jason Fanaika
    CB Prince Charles Iworah
    OLB Lenny Jones
    DT Darren Lake
    LB Wynton McManis
    K John Lunsford
    OL Blake Muir
    OL Norman Price
    WR Bryce Treggs
    WR DiAndre Campbell
    OLB Marcus Rush
    NT Garrison Smith
    TE Busta Anderson
    WR Dres Anderson

  50. How the 49ers Can Win Super Bowl LI
    By Mike Tanier , NFL National Lead Writer Jul 19, 2016
    2015 Record: 5-11
    2016 Super Bowl Odds: 100-1

    Stage 1: Colin Kaepernick wins the quarterback job.

    Stage 2: The Chip Kelly Effect yields short-term results. Kelly’s uptempo tactics can catch early opponents off guard and unprepared. The 49ers could easily beat the Bills in Week 6, for example, simply by racking up 12-men-on-the-field penalties while the Ryan brothers argue about how to make defensive substitutions. The long-term Kelly effect involves predictable game plans and a demoralized locker room, so the 49ers need to milk the short-term effect for all it’s worth.

      1. Didn’t 49ers players say “the Giants” after 2011, “the Ravens” after 2012, “the Seahawks” after 2013, and then just left the room after 2014?

    1. AES

      O.K…. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it, but I am a song-writer….I just MAY pen a ‘rap’ for Harbaugh entitled “Who’s got it better than us…all those guys in first place…always the bridesmaid…GO HARBAUGH..”

      1. OREGON,
        I would buy that CD! Nice to hear you write songs. I’ve done my share of composing and writing music as well.
        Looks like we have more in common then we give each credit for – except when it comes to Harbaugh (lol).

        Hope GC is on vacation and enjoying some down time. We are about a week away from training camp and things will be popping around here.
        I’ll stick to my early prediction that Gabbert will start the season but will be replaced at some time during the season by CK.

  51. Does anyone else wonder how many players would get popped for PED usage if USADA was in charge of the drug testing? I find it amazing that in most of the cases where a player is popped, its for Weed or some other rec drug when somehow the average NFL linemans size has grown by over 30lbs and they are not getting fatter but rather bigger, leaner, stronger and faster. The Fridge was considered huge in his day and age but now he would just be an average NT.


    Tomsula’s name was not involved in the discussions with Gase about the defensive coordinator slot, I was told.

    Then, the next morning, after Baalke flew back to the Bay Area, things changed: Gase, the source says, was informed that he could only have the job if he made Tomsula his defensive coordinator.
    49er Front Office Hits Keep Coming:

    # 1 Chart Buster Song: Fire Harbaugh, # 2 Chart Topper Hire Tomsula, # 3. Heart Stopper: Hire Nolan # 5. Fan Favorite: Hire Nolan # 6. Hire Sing. # 7 The Paraag Analytical Song. # 8 A Girl Scout Overture Imbroglio in B Major, Sung Before A World Wide SuperBowl Audience by the Yorks Band (Who needs a halftime comedy show)
    # 8. A Harbaugh Team Rhapsody in Blue: Pulling Team From Levi Turf. # 9. A Dinner Song by the York’s: Who Pays the Bill, Featuring Tim Kawakami. # 9. Top Ten: Tim Kawakami Reports 49er Profits, By the Band, The York Lawsuits. Our Top # 10. Sung by
    Adam Gase, featuring Jed York and Trent Baalke, ” How Do You Like Me Now (Tomsula as DC).

    No Tomsula, no offer.

    Gase turned that suggestion down flat, and that’s when the 49ers immediately tabbed Tomsula as the head coach to follow Harbaugh.

    They asked Gase to be offensive coordinator under Tomsula. He declined, naturally. (Gase instead followed John Fox to Chicago.)

    1. Could, As of now, The Levi Stadium IT Dept. be on Lockdown ???

      Could some of the posters on this site be involved with the IT Dept. ???

  53. Predicting the 49ers win total in 2016

    Tampa Bay ranked 5th in total offense in 2015, and their offense figures to improve with Jameis Winston entering his second year under the tutelage of Dirk Koetter, a coach that Jameis liked so much it may have been a factor in Lovie’s relatively early dismissal.

    the Bucs defense was no slouch in ranking 10th in total yards allowed in 2015.

    And let’s not forget that the 2015 Bucs went into Philadelphia to face Chip Kelly’s Eagles and manhandled them to the tune of a 45-17 drubbing, suggesting that they were not fazed by Chip Kelly’s offense.

    Though this will be a different season the Bucs seem to have substantially more talent on their roster and that should make the difference. Prediction: 49ers lose.

  54. The NFC South just became infinitely more interesting —

    Dirk Koetter, the former Falcons and recent Bucs offensive coordinator, was hired as Tampa Bay’s new head coach on Thursday.

    Mike Smith, the Falcons’ former head coach and Koetter’s former boss, is the Bucs’ new defensive coordinator.

    It’s a brilliant move by Koetter for two reasons: 1) No matter how things may have unraveled in his last two seasons with Falcons, Smith has a strong resume as a defensive coach; 2) It gives the Bucs’ two coaches with tremendous insight into a division foe and quarterback Matt Ryan…

    1. Under,

      I want to believe it’s possible for the 49ers to win the division and I suppose it is, if about six things that aren’t necessarly that likely to happen, happen (i.e., they get decent QB/WR/TE play – 30%, Hyde stays healthy – 80%, the OL gels – 60 %, they get a pass rush – 40%, they can stop the run – 60%, the defensive secondary holds up – 80%). Based on these very loose assumptions, and assuming the 49ers need to succeed in all six of the categories, the chances of the 49ers winning the division would be: .3 x .8 x .6 x .4 x .6 x .8 = .028, or 2.8%.

      So you’re saying there’s a chance?

    2. UC,
      I’m with you in the optimistic dept., but not only would I be happy with 6 wins but I’d consider it big accomplishment.

      Washington reminds me of the 2010-11 49ers – in that they already had a decent roster, they just needed a QB to get them to the next level. The new and improved Alex Smith and CK (under Harbaugh’ tutelage) were the QB’s that got us to the next level.

      If Kelly can mold Blaine Gabbert into Kirk Cousins or resurrect CK’ career, perhaps this team can become the biggest surprise in 2016.
      But this is a tall order.

      1. AES – It would be a tall order. Is there any other way to think. I bet 20 dollars every year in a ‘losers pool’, its the only money I bet on football so with nothing riding but fandom, optimism reigns.

        1. UC,
          Anything under 5 wins should come to roost on Baalke’ lap and punch his ticket for a one-way trip out of town.

          Baalke should be under a fine microscope this year much more than Kelly. His draft picks will need to come through for him, period.
          6 wins might save Baalke’ job. Less than that should not.
          I only hope Jed feels the same way.

          1. AES,

            I think you’re exactly right! Baalke’s picks have to deliver or he will feel intense criticism and pressure. I think if the team collapses, 3 wins or less and both he and Chip go on the hot seat. I think of Chip gets 6 wins he looks pretty. If he gets 8 Baalke gets heat off him. If the team gets 10 prizes are handed out.

          2. When Chip was hired, Jed said he’s going to be around for a long time. Jed also said that the niners needed to hit it out of the park when it comes to the draft – that means Baalke. Short of Kelly not showing up for work, I think Baalke will be out the door first, if it comes to that.

  55. Be careful what you wish for: Tampa Bay Bucs: Future 2016 Opponent

    Mike Smith:

    During his tenure as the head coach of the Falcons, Smith became the franchise’s winningest coach by number of wins in addition to being the recipient of the 2008 NFL Coach of the Year Award by the Associated Press and was also voted NFL Coach of the Year Award by the Sporting News three different times 2008, 2010 and 2012

  56. ——————————————————————————–


    “Just to think that I’m going to have a bust and a jacket where you have George Halas or Mr. Rooney or the people who made this game what it is, is kind of unnerving to me,” he said. “It’s so humbling. I think humbling is putting it mildly.”

    DeBartolo has been part of the ceremonies before and Tuesday he recounted presenting the likes of Walsh, Joe Montana, Fred Dean and Charles Haley on their induction days.
    Still, DeBartolo said he has yet to shake the surreal feeling that comes with being included with the early legends of the NFL.

    “Just to think that I’m going to have a bust and a jacket where you have George Halas or Mr. Rooney or the people who made this game what it is, is kind of unnerving to me,” he said. “It’s so humbling. I think humbling is putting it mildly.”

    DeBartolo has been part of the ceremonies before and Tuesday he recounted presenting the likes of Walsh, Joe Montana, Fred Dean and Charles Haley on their induction days.

  57. I have, and for the most part I’d have to agree with Razor. They can rattle off countless posts without a response. This is a free post as much as you want blog, but sheesh!

    Can’t wait for the season to start so I can read from my favorites list, which btw, includes you.

    1. You and me both. Freaking aol had filter options back in the early 90’s… press democrat in 2016… not so much. Typical of papers to stay a good 40 years behind the times.

  58. You know, if the Rams hired Brian Kelly from my Golden Domers, I think they could make some noise. Carroll/Arians/Kelly/Kelly would make for an interesting division….

  59. I don’t care if Seb leaves or not, I don’t engage him because of his relentless babble. I no longer read his post. As far as Tom concerned I stoped reading his post almost immediately on arrival. By the way I do believe Bro Tuna said he wasn’t going to be around till football resumed. Havn’t seen Mid for awhile.

          1. Very nice to hear, Brotha! I’m just happy you’re ok and hope to see you in here commenting soon. We all miss you!

  60. “Direct your ire towards them because at this point they are the only reason those people still post here.”

    I understand why you think this CfC, but as I said on a similar topic a few weeks back, I think you are kidding yourself if you believe ignoring Seb will make him go away. For your typical troll it probably would, and so for TomD it may have the desired effect. But Seb isn’t a troll. He just really enjoys posting his thoughts.

    I do agree though that not responding to Seb would no doubt reduce the number of his posts. It would certainly get rid of most of his posts defending himself and his opinion. And yes, I am certainly guilty of responding to Seb on occasion (no need to not name shame me, I know I’m a culprit!). I’d like to say I will refrain from responding in the future, and who knows, maybe I will. But in all likelihood I will find the occasional topic raised I feel the desire to respond to. Feel free to give me a kick up the behind when I do!

    1. At this point a reduction would be better then nothing. Maybe they wont 100% disappear but if they only post a few times a week it would be a huge improvement over the current situation.

      1. I think Tom D would post irrespective of responses, as well. He cuts and pastes three, four, maybe five lengthy posts in a row, with everyone ignoring all of them, then follows that up with another round of cut and paste posts, with maybe an incoherent opinion or two.

        1. Yeah, true. He’s been much worse than usual lately too. Not sure why. Previously it was infrequent enough it didn’t really bother me, but now its dominating threads.

          1. He’s been much worse than usual lately too. Not sure why.
            Because people are responding to him. This is why i keep banging this drum. When he was totally ignored he only posted every now and then but then some(Seb) started responding to him and now he’s just as insufferable.

  61. Since this is the down time, and now I can post in peace, I wish to propose a play. I will call it the third down bomb. Starting from their 20 and facing third down, and short, the Niners should put a man in motion. This TE will line out wide, start moving toward the middle and pinch in the DE so Kaep can roll out. This will buy time and allow the receivers to get downfield. Then Kaep should throw the ball high and far downfield, but not into the end zone, because if the defense intercepts, it would come out to the 20. Ideally, the ball should land on the 5 yard line, because if it intercepted, they would have to start pinned back by their goal line.

    It could be intercepted. That is a negative outcome. However, there are 2 good outcomes.The ball could be completed, and the defense cannot interfere. If interfered with, it would draw a flag. and the ball would go to the spot of the foul, which ideally would be the 5 yard line. Another outcome could be that the ball falls to the ground for an incompletion and the subsequent punt.

    This play should be done infrequently, and hopefully it would be third and short so the defense is expecting a run. The Niners may have more turnovers, but I also hope they score more TDs employing that strategy.

  62. I think since we have a couple of weeks, maybe we suggest topics of interest to Grant to investigate (I also have contacts at CSN/95.7 if Grant doesn’t address them whom I could forward them along to …. ).

    I have always been curious per the dynamics of Gavin Newsom and John York relationship and if that was a prominent factor in moving to Santa Clara. The other curiosity is what Jed’s role was per the Gase hiring debacle.

  63. My 53:

    1-Blaine Gabbert – frankly 1 and 2 is a toss up for me
    2-Colin Kaepernick
    3-Jeff Driskel-I know many think he’s practice squad-I think he makes the team and not as a TE

    4-1-Torrey Smith
    5-2-Bruce Ellington
    6-3-Eric Rogers – I think he will surprise people
    7-4-Aaron Burbridge – Another surprise for me
    8-5-DeAndre Smelter
    9-6-Quinton Patton

    I think one to two of these guys gets injured and Cajuste and Anderson come in. I could also see Bryce Treggs making the team if Ellington stops returning the ball.

    10-1-Carlos Hyde
    11-2-Shaun Draughn
    12-3-Kelvin Taylor
    13-4-Mike Davis

    I could see DuJuan Harris also as an option on STs. Not too sure about Taylor or Davis even making the team. So this is a very arguable group.

    14-1-Vance McDonald – Grant convinced me that he not only wouldn’t be cut but would be a focal point of the offense – that scares me if his hands continue to be something from the thing on fantastic 4
    15-2-Garrett Celek
    16-3-Bruce Miller – he’s a baller – he will contribute and will see playing time.
    17-4-Blake Bell

    18-1-Joe Staley – the only sure shot with Hyde and Smith to start in the offense
    19-2-Daniel Kilgore
    20-3-Joshua Garnett
    21-4-Zane Beadles
    22-5-Fahn Cooper
    23-6-John Theus
    24-7-Trenton Brown
    25-8-Marcus Martin
    26-9-Brandon Thomas

    I think (wish) Eric Pears gets the axe. The others have at least upside. If one gets hurt I could see Balducci sliding into the team. I could also (unfortunately) envision Pears back in Scarlet and Gold. (And I pray those hideous single color uniforms go the way of bell bottoms!)

    27-1-Navorro Bowman
    28-2-Gerald Hodges
    29-3-Michael Wilhoite
    30-4-Ray Ray Armstrong

    I could see Bellore taking the last spot and with injuries Skov.

    31-1-Would have been Lynch – Ahmad Brooks
    32-2-Eli Harold
    33-3-Tank Carradine
    34-4-Corey Lemonier
    35-5-Jason Fanaika

    36-1-Quinton Dail
    37-2-Arik Armstead
    38-3-DeForest Buckner
    39-4-Tony Jerod-Eddie
    40-5-Mike Purcell
    41-6-Ronald Blair

    Granted there are some injuries that could change the makeup of this group.

    42-1-Tremaine Brock
    43-2-Jimmy Ward – he will be a breakout player, I think
    44-3-Rashard Robinson – he’s a player
    45-4-Dontea Johnson
    46-5-Kenneth Acker
    47-6-Keith Reaser

    48-1-Antoine Bethea
    49-2-Eric Reid
    50-3-Jaquiski Tart

    I think they slide Ward to Safety when needed.

    51-K-Phil Dawson
    52-P-Bradley Pinion
    53-LS-Kyle Nelson

    Ian Williams
    Glenn Dorsey
    Will Redmond

    Aaron Lynch

    Bubble not mentioned:
    McCray, Cromartie, Lake, Busta Anderson,

    1. Hmm, Fanaika? Why him?

      Also, the Niners may think McCray is more important than Driskel because of ST. McCray has thump.

      Other than those 2, nice 53. I had Lake making the team because of Williams and Dorsey being hurt, and Skov making the team. Hope Pears gets cut.

      1. Fanaika because they will need pass rushing help. I could see a scenario where they keep McCray and Fanaika gets to play on the developmental squad.

        1. Watched some plays that Fanaika was in, he is strong, but did not finish well by wrapping up the ball carrier.

          I think Rush may get the nod, but I am pulling for Lenny Jones, who overcame lots of adversity.

        1. He’s definitely a bit of a head case, but if he’s willing to work and is decent, I’d happily give up Pears spot on the roster for him. Not sure if I’d give up anyone else at this point though.

          1. You don’t know that. If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. He’s been on the couch a year and counting….

            1. “You don’t know that.”

              Of course I do. I watched what they put out on the field last season. Even J Martin would have been an upgrade of that.

              1. “Even J Martin would have been an upgrade of that”.

                He’s retired too. Just call me skeptical. I’ll believe it when I see it, and until he stops writing checks with his mouth that his ass can’t cash, it’s a mute point….

              2. Just goes to show how poorly we think the team talent level is when we think a player who has sat on his keister is likely to be better than anyone else on the roster…

              3. Jack, looks as though Davis is further fueling his comeback through workout videos now. Hard to tell under the clothing, but he looks like he’s down from his normal 330 pounds to the 310-315 range. He could be one of those guys who, when they stop playing, weight and muscle are lost quickly….

    1. Wilsonm,
      Davis would not get my vote for a return to the team. A couple of issues gives me pause.
      1. His negative rhetoric with the FO over the past few months has made it clear that he does not want to play here. Although Davis is a talent, I don’t need players who don’t want to be here.
      2. Another potential issue is that one more hard hit to the head could put him back on the injured list and subsequently give him reason for retirement part 2.

      I would be perfectly fine with bringing him in and then working a trade for a future draft pick at this point.

      1. AES when AD was on the team was he an issue, or has it just been since he’s retired that people have an issue with him. It seemed like he wasn’t a bad teammate or an issue. He’s mouthy for sure. He is better than anyone we have currently. I don’t like all the stuff on twitter but he’s been a decent teammate as far as we know.

        1. W73,
          I don’t recall AD as having or creating issues in the locker room.
          And I’m not particularly concerned about some of the tweets that border on the juvenile except for one that stood out for me. When Davis tweeted that the Org should pick an OL before the draft it was a strong suggestion (to me at least) that he no longer wanted to be a 49er.

          His reluctance to file for re-entry also speaks volume of a lack of interest in playing.
          Having said that, would he be our best OLman if he came back to play for us? Yes. My only pause is – does he really want to be here? So far his actions have shown that he does not.

          1. AES, have you ever been in a work environment where things are just going south. With all the things that happened last season it seemed like the organization was pretty toxic. I don’t know that I blame any of the guys who retired last season or even CK for wanting to be traded. He may not want to be here. I say let him go then. He would be a problem then.

            1. W73,
              Last was one of the darkest years in 49er history that I know of.
              The winning culture that was built was suddenly in ruins and the employee’s were uneasy. I understand all that.

              But that was last year. This is a new beginning with a new coaching regime and a chance for a fresh start.
              Davis could profit in this new offense and as many have noted, he would be our best OLman.
              Also, he is still under contract. His contention seems to be with the FO as surmised from his tweets and for that reason I would ship him out.

              1. My only thought is that the FO remains the same. If there’s a trust breach there in some people’s mind it doesn’t matter who’s coaching.

              2. He would not be better than Staley. Im not trying to split hairs, he certainly would be an upgrade over there.

                But I just dont see how he’s better than Staley………………….

            2. Wilson73

              I think that it’s time for both CK and AD to earn the money that they’re spending ( thanks, Jed )

        2. Who could forget the Twitter battle between AD and Grant? That was some classic funny stuff.

          Ahhhhh, the good ole days

    2. If Jed wants to win, he will over ride Baalke’s obstructionist actions and either pay AD, or trade him to another team. Baalke needs to get his head out of his arse and stop the emo temper tantrums.

      AD has talent, and it looks like he is seriously working out.

      1. Forgive me if I’m wrong but I believe the holdup here is due to Davis, not Baalke. Davis still hasn’t filed for reinstatement with the league before anything else can happen.

        1. True, but Baalke is giving AD headaches, so he is reticent to put himself under control of someone who holds the rights to him, and may not have his best interests at heart.

          It may be so toxic, a trade is the only fair result, if the Niners get adequate compensation. Maybe make it a conditional, and if the team he is traded to makes the playoffs, it becomes a first or second.

          Jed could show real leadership if he can get AD back. At least Jed would show me that he is doing everything possible to make the Niners better..It would show me he wants to win, instead of sitting on his hands and being content to lose.

          1. Baalke may be giving AD “headaches” because he is holding him to his contract, something, by the way, Davis and his agent signed.

            If AD thought retirement would make it magically go away, he found out the hard way.

            I don’t think Baalke is in the wrong here. I think AD is probably in the wrong.

            You haven’t heard anyone support AD on the team, silence. Not even from Boone that I know of and he would be the one with the biggest axe to grind. That should tell you something.

            1. It takes two to tango, and both are not covered in glory….Hmmm, maybe I should keep that thought in mind….;p

              Boon has moved on, and will not dish dirt until after his playing days are over. I will concede that AD will not win any Mr Congeniality awards, but he did play in 3 straight NFCC Games.

              1. Yes he did. Which is why many fans would welcome his return. I will under certain conditions. He needs to be focused and solid. If he’s going to be a distraction he can remain on Twitter.

  64. The good news: PFF ranks the 49ers o-line as 2nd best in NFC West.

    The bad news: They also rank them 26th in the NFL.

    Doesn’t really shock me though. It’s part of why I’ve predicted they will finish 2nd in the division this year.

        1. Don’t hate, but he hasn’t demonstrated that he can stay healthy for an entire season as a starter. May I remind you he’s backed up by one of the worst in the league. Therein lies the concern….

        2. Razor

          You put a bunch of 300+ pounders across from each other and shout “GO!” and what do you get ?…Some hurt players…not one or two, but all of them. Kilgore had the bad karma to get an injury that split two seasons….he isn’t fragile, he caught a bad break. Martin’s a 22 year old who needs some coaching, that’s why we have coach Flaherty. I believe that with Banducci backing them up, we are solid at C. ..Cooper, Theus, and Trent Brown give us something to build from, and I’m confident that they will….Banducci might also become a swing tackle….I’m confident….foolish, but confident.

          1. That might be part of the problem. Kilgore only ways 300 pounds or so. I think your center should be closer to 320. Take Goodwin, he was 318. He owned the middle….

            1. Razor

              Memory fails me for ther present, but I can’t remember the name of our center… Big guy from Cal who ended up with the Raiders …he only weighed 304…Goodwin was a toad not that quick or flexible

              1. If you’re talking about Jeremy Newberry, he weighed more than Kilgore. He was around 318 pounds. He had a nasty attitude as well. I really liked him….

              2. Razor,

                Kilgore was playing at, or near, a pro bowl level until he broke a bone. Sure,he has to stay healthy, but so does every other player.

                I don’t see how he can be seen as anything but a valuable player on the OL, and certainly isn’t a “major concern”.

  65. Is another 49er official paid off (a shill) ?…Lots of shady stuff…1. 49er Girl Scout Imbroglio; 2. Tim Kawakami having to pay for Jed and his wife’s dinner. 3 A possible lawsuit against TK for divulging 49er profits, and now this:

    The past two seasons, I wrote critical stuff about the Niners. About the weird, sad departure of Jim Harbaugh. About the disastrous hiring of Jim Tomsula …

    I had attended the postgame interviews and was walking down the hallway toward the press-box elevator with my son Grant who writes Inside the 49ers for the PD. Robinson came walking toward us.

    “Hi, Ted,” I said.

    He began to say hello — remember, we had been friendly. Then he stopped himself in mid-hello and screwed up his mouth to stop “hello” from escaping his lips. He hurried away. I felt sorry for the guy.

    “What was that?” Grant said.

    “You got me.”

      1. The 49ers are starting to remind me of another shady historical character who operated in the dark with his lists and Watergate:… Nixon.

  66. I’m probably in the minority here but I think Lynch is way overrated. He only had 6.5 sacks and 38 total tackles last year. He has definitely been a good find in the late rounds but I think he only shined because he had zero expectations and he’s played on a bad defense. Although, it is a loss to the defense I don’t think the impact of his suspension will be all that great.

    1. He also had 14 hurries and that is not too bad. He can put pressure which is important. Is he great no. But he is very good and at this point the only person capable of really disrupting the opposing offense.

      1. That’s the key, EC9er. Lynch creates a lot of pressures. He was in the top 10 in the NFL for pressures/ hurries last season, from memory. Plus he is good against the run.

        On a team that struggled to create pressure overall, losing a guy that was in the top 10 in that statistic in the NFL last year is a big blow.

    2. With hindsight, Cowboy must have been the keystone. Aldon wasn’t the same when Cowboy was absent or dinged. Brooks has declined and isn’t as effective from the the defensive right side. Lynch showed promise, was a great value, so we loved him. Not much from him last year, but I think Mango’s D needed a second year to set. I worry that O’Neil’s may also. It’s just that a sketchy roster doesn’t need reduction….

      1. Justin Smith was the single most important defensive player lost on the team. Greatly missed. Good to have you back Brother Tuna.

        1. “Justin Smith was the single most important defensive player lost on the team”

          I believe this statement needs a qualifier. In terms of our pass rush JS was the single most important player lost. I would say that the loss of Willis did and will have a more expansive impact on the overall strength of the defense.

          1. Willis was a key member of the SB squad though I think Bowman was already starting to supplant Willis. Smith was the fulcrum, without his contributions along the line, the defense has not been the same.

    3. I’m not sure I would call him overrated but only because outside of some home team fans I’m not so sure he’s really seen as anything special. He’s better then the other options behind him but statistically it probably wont be that hard to replace 4 games of Lynch’s production with Brooks.

    4. Houston,

      How does playing on a bad defense let a player shine? Playing on a bad defense generally makes good players look worse than they really are, because the offense can focus more resources toward taking them out of plays. Or am I missing something?

  67. 2016 49ers: There’s Always Next Year
    By KNBR (The Sportsleader)

    The NFL season is 54 days away from kicking off and the San Francisco 49ers have already alienated their fan base.

    In desperate need of talent upgrades all across the board this past offseason, the 49ers refused to address the quarterback position, were scared to make a splash in free agency and are essentially bringing back the exact same team that went 5-11 last season. Chip Kelly is a head coach, not a miracle worker. These are fatal errors that will impact their win total in 2016.

    The problem with the 49ers is that this isn’t even a rebuilding project. GM Trent Baalke is in denial about the state of his roster, a patchwork of his draft picks that have failed to meet expectations. Drafting a young quarterback would’ve made a losing season understandable, even acceptable. Instead, the franchise is trying to tread water at the deep end of the pool with a cinderblock tied around its ankles. The 2016 49ers are going nowhere but under.

  68. Why Oregoniner will Never go to a CHIPSTER game:
    KNBR”S summary of Why Chip will Fail…TomD’s in agreement with KNBR in 2016
    (All here including Seb made outrageous, overly optimistic 2015 49er predictions) I did NOT!

    Where do we go next? How about quarterback, the most essential position in all of sports.

    Nobody in the NFL is scared to face Blaine Gabbert and the 49ers’ offense. Defenders will be salivating at the chance to send Gabbert back to the bench and re-apply the ‘bust’

    No disrespect to Zane Beadles, but signing a guard from the Jaguars as your headline free agent does not change the culture.

    San Francisco averaged an NFL-worst 14.9 points per game a season ago and didn’t score a touchdown in nine straight quarters, yet there’s a realistic chance the offense might be worse in 2016.

    Baalke got into a months-long pissing match with Broncos GM John Elway over Colin Kaepernick and Denver happily left the stalemate with rookie Paxton Lynch instead. Now it’s likely the healing Kaepernick will play relief pitcher once the inevitable Gabbert struggles become too much to deal with on Sundays. Regardless, two backup quarterbacks doesn’t equal one starter.

  69. The quarterback is supposed to be the unifying leader of your football team. Instead, the 49ers have already split the locker room before the season begins.

    The 49ers are going to sell the fans on the idea that competition breeds progress

  70. Hey Grant, is there any chance you could put up a new post soon? The comments in this one have gone off the rails and are all mixed up.

    1. Jack,

      While I appreciate and admire your optimism, do you really think a new post will make a whole lot of difference?

  71. While the 49ers foolishly build from the trenches out, the rest of the NFL is continually adding impact weapons to their roster. The Rams have Todd Gurley, the Seahawks have Tyler Lockett, the Cardinals have David Johnson.

  72. Not long ago, NFL analyst Mike Silver (h/t Dan Hanzus of stated Gabbert was the “heavy favorite” to earn the starting role under head coach Chip Kelly this season.

    It’s an argument backed up by Bleacher Report’s Mike Tanier, who wrote:

    Gabbert wins, folks. Don’t bother tracking completion percentages during training camp.

    None of this will likely mean anything in the end this season, because the 49ers don’t have the talent to reach .500, and neither Gabbert nor Kaepernick looks like a long-term solution for the organization.

  73. Anyone want to weigh in on who gets axed in the first cuts, seeing as we seem to be beating some rather moldering horses here?

      1. Then the 49ers revisit:

        Jimmy Raye II OC
        Nolan DC
        Jim Hostler QB Coach
        Geep Chryst QB Advisor
        Jim Tomsula Quality Control
        Mangenius DB Coach
        Dennis Erickson Special Teams

  74. Then the 49ers Revisit:

    Jimmy Raye II OC
    Mike Nolan DC
    Jim Hostler QB Coach
    Geep Chryst QB Advisor
    Jim Tomsula Quality Control
    Mangenius Asst. to the Asst. of Quality Control
    Dennis Erickson Special Teams

  75. I do not know if I am a regular here , I have been reading and contributing since MM ran the the place. Everything changes and there has been a change in the tenor of the discourse of this blog. Along with the right to write anything that comes to mind, is the right and choice not to read or participate.
    What I found pleasing about this blog was the give and take amoung it’s members. That has changed. The site is dominated by a few folks who’s soul purpose is to intellectually masterbate infront of us and I choose not to watch.
    I know that the site will change as everythings always does, hopefully the change will be sooner than later.

    1. Hacksaw46

      I remember you from the early days of MM, and I certainly consider you a regular and I look forward to your posts…some serious…some light-hearted.. I hope that the “few folks” you refer to don’t piss us all off and into leaving, but it does seem to be their intent. I would like to see the reemergence of some of the other ‘regulars’ also….

    1. raw,
      Not if we only produce 4 wins this season. Unless Driskel hugely impresses in TC and pre-season, look for the team to go with DeShaun Watson or more likely Brad Kaaya.

      Driskel is a good QB (coming out of college), but he may need to be lights out in the next 4 weeks to even warrant a roster spot.

  76. Everyone: A couple of weeks ago, a group of us took the “pledge” to not respond. It actually cut down on the quantity of posts for a little while, but now they’ve gone back up again. It’s also true that a few who took that pledge have faltered and responded, but as far as I can tell they’ve retaken the pledge. As long as Grant does not take any action to limit posting (in some form or fashion), it doesn’t seem like much can be done outside of not responding.

    1. Cubus,
      Seb has always been polite and respectful with me so I will continue to respond to him if one of his posts interests me but I will continue ignoring TomD and hopefully by the opening of camp comes around Grant will have intervened.

      1. Thank you coach, I think Rush could make the team now that Lynch is out. He is undersized, but maybe he is that new hybrid type of defensive player that uses smaller LBs.

        1. However, to be truthful, I hope Skov makes the the 53, but upon reviewing the Cowboys preseason game last year, Rush seemed to have a relentless motor and was disruptive.

  77. Niners needed to have a drama free off season, and they did for the most part. The Lynch suspension did not help, but if that is the worst thing, I will take it.

    I hope Kaep has informally gotten together with some WRs, and has worked on timing and rhythm. This would be a good time to work on mechanics and anticipation.

    It does not matter who wins the competition, the winner may consider it a Pyrrhic victory because he will have to start against a tough opponent for each of the first 5 games. If the starting QB survives the first 5 games, that might be a victory in itself.

  78. Saw this article on Rotoworld and don’t know if it’s already been posted. Apologies if it has. Pre-season last year taught me never to get excited about an untested football team, so I won’t again. Let’s see them in action against good teams. It’s also hard for me to get excited because of the ownership. My mind always reverts to how York treated Kawakami at The French Laundary. That’s “winning with class” for you. Anyway, this evaluation by Evan Silva is food for thought. I usually distrust him but this time the common thinking about SF might be on the nose. Again, apologies if already posted/discussed.

  79. For the love of God Grant write anything! This forum is talking about soccer!

    Second request: Weight Down with Trent Brown … Grant vs. Trent, one week challenge.

    1. My bad! I introduced the subject. I do think that weight wise T. Brown outclasses GC. I don’t think it’s a contest. Just sayin…

      1. Sorry East, it was my bad…..

        Players I see on the bubble who might make the team are Simpson, Skov, Garrison Smith(we need MOAR SMITHS), Lake, Balducci and Miller.

        Players who might surprise everyone include- Ramsey, Rush, Smelter, Campbell, Davis, Jones and Silberman.

  80. 49ers fans ask Jed York for shade at Levi’s Stadium:

    Fire Department and team officials said the heat accounted for most of the 60 emergency calls at the stadium, an unusually high number for a 49ers game, and two people were taken to the emergency room.

    Jed, take a clue from Miami or LA Rams who actually care enough about fans to spend a couple extra bucks on canopy…TomD

  81. Ram’s stadium Canopy

    The stadium’s roof, made of ETFE, a clear plastic material, is similar to the roof at U.S. Bank Stadium, the Vikings’ facility opening in July. In Inglewood, the roof will include a shade component to protect patrons against the sun’s rays while still bringing in some of the cool winds that are part of the regional climate. “It’s a win-win in the greatest climate in the world,” Williams said.

    LA Rams stadium architect details facility design in Inglewood
    By Sporting News

    Images of Canopy:

  82. The 49ers have 4 years to get it together before the league goes through a major #7hitstorm with the next CBA. I can only imagine that’ll be a lost year, hopefully we aren’t about to peak just as the league shuts down for a season.

  83. Shade being added to an NFL stadium in Miami:

    — Chris Biderman (@ChrisBiderman) July 20, 2016

    That Tweet caused a number of fans to react, asking 49ers CEO Jed York to do something similar at Levi’s to provide some relief from the sun. Whether or not York’s organization is willing to foot the bill for a similar canopy remains to be seen.

    The initial design of Levi’s Stadium was commissioned for Candlestick Point nearly a decade before it was built, where the weather is typically cooler than 39 miles south in Santa Clara.

    But the 49ers elected to keep the same stadium design for the South Bay when they decided to build their new stadium adjacent to their Santa Clara practice facility.

    And perhaps they overlooked the fact it would be much warmer, with fans sitting in the eastern grandstand facing directly into the setting sun

  84. ESPN lists sneaky defensive strengths, looks at 49ers blitzing

    By David Fucillo  @davidfucillo on Jul 21, 2016, 6:02a 7

    The 49ers did not have a lot of successes in 2016, but blitzing brought some measure of success.

    Defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil met with the media during OTAs, and it is no surprise he did not get into details about his scheme plans…O’Neil hit on the usual cliches in his response.

    Sounds eerily familiar. Can anyone say: Mangenius, when Big Been dropped a 72 yard bomb on his famed “Mixed Coverages” opening play vs. Pitt, who went on to a nearly 500 yard game….TomD

    “Yeah, again, in this system we have done it a lot of different ways. We’ve been able to at times rush three over the years and get pressure on the quarterback. We’ve been able to rush four at times and get great pressure on the quarterback. And then, when we haven’t had a great pass rush, that’s when you pressure and you blitz more. So, we’re going to find ways to get after the quarterback, whether it’s three, four, five, six, seven guys if we have to

  85. PFF Fantasy Football ‏@PFF_Fantasy · 26m26 minutes ago

    When given at least 2.6 seconds in the pocket, #49ers QB Blaine Gabbert had the second-best QB rating in the NFL.

  86. When Kelly was coaching the Philadelphia Eagles, Garoppolo was a subject of internal conversations prior to the 2014 draft. At that time, he was considered a good fit for Kelly’s scheme.

    Charles Robinson, Yahoo Sports

        1. 49ers Fun Fact of the Day:

          49ers avoided their worst record since going 4-12 duing Mike Nollan’s 1st season and Alex Smith’s rookie season….It should have been worse with that lucky win vs. the Bears and Rams.

          Yet another York weird record.

      1. Indubitably. The Broncos let BO go to the Texans, Kaep was not a sure deal, and Sanchez was worth a conditional 7th, so if they cut him, they get to keep their 7th round pick.

        Sanchez had thumb surgery, so he is not even throwing right now.

        Lynch is greener than meadow grass in the spring, and called the playbook a dictionary.

        By default, Siemian has control of the QB competition. He does not have a nickname like the Butt Fumbler, and has decent knowledge of the playbook.

        Also, with Vonn Miller, it does not matter too much who the QB will be. He just does not need to be a turnover machine. Guess that eliminates the Butt Fumbler.

    1. Jack, I reported what the beat writers are saying after OTA’s and mini camp. Which was the best QB on the field was Simeon. Sanchez could still win but the Broncos are in trouble on offense.

        1. That’s funny, the fans and media are already talking how he’ll get booed off the field at some point. I guess its a little like our situation, they’re hoping Simeon or Lynch is better because they’ve never played an NFL down yet. I don’t have the faith you do in Sanchez.

            1. “I am also not convinced CJ Anderson and Hillman are great backs for Kubiak”

              I’d take 4.7 yards per carry all day.

              1. Anderson has spent a lot of time hurt, so when he’s healthy. Hillman has trouble running between the tackles when Anderson is out. He’s a great change of pace back for sure.

              2. Hillman and Anderson both averaged over 4 yards per carry. I’ll take that.

                The Broncos remind me of the 2011-2012 49ers. A tremendous D with just enough offense.

              3. Remember how Grant would average Gore’s numbers after taking out long runs. Some of that is true for these 2 backs. Kubiak’s system really works for sure. My point is there are better backs in the league that these two guys. Watching them they’ll have a lot of short runs and then break something big. It works. I would prefer there be more consistency with the big runs. For a team without a good QB I’d prefer to have better RB’s to lean on.

                Yes they are very much like the 49ers of those years. They have much better receivers but their QB isn’t as good, OL not as good, RB’s not as good and TE’s aren’t as good either. Its their second season in Kubiak’s system so many hope for an improved season from the OL and RB’s. Owen Daniels played really well but they cut him.

            2. Depends on their O line. Siemian will win by default, but the wild card is Fitzpatrick. He may take less to play for a SB contender.

        2. Jack Hammer

          Well, someone has to stir something up..sooooI still think that Elway comes back to see Baalke….4CK

  87. 2016 NFL Playoff Teams:

    NFC West: Cardinals
    NFC East: Cowboys
    NFC South: Panthers
    NFC North: Packers
    Wildcard: Redskins
    Wildcard: Bears

    AFC West: Broncos
    AFC East: Patriots
    AFC South: Colts
    AFC North: Bengals
    Wildcard: Ravens
    Wildcard: Steelers

    1. With the caveat that we’re talking “on paper”:
      Chiefs and RayDuhs will close the gap on Broncos.
      Jags could make AFC South interesting. Where’s Indy D?
      Vikes vs DaBears?

    2. Well, being the eternal optimist, I would hope that the Niners will grab the last wild card, and I expect the Vikings will take the other wild card spot.

      For the AFC, no Chiefs?

    1. New 49ers defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil did not leave a glowing impression in Cleveland

      By Oscar Aparicio  @BetterRivals on Jan 27, 2016, 5:30a 211

      Rather than being assigned specific gaps, Cleveland’s defensive linemen play different techniques based on how their offensive counterparts are blocking them. The linebackers, then, are expected to guess what technique their teammates are using, scrape through the resulting mess and make the play. Opposing offenses have identified this flaw on film and are repeatedly, week-after-week, gashing the edge of Cleveland’s defense.

      Two Very Easy Concepts to Grasp, (Maybe even Oregoniner knows math)

      1. Oneil speaks the same language as Mangini about mixing coverages and DL concepts meshing with linebackers…..But the 49ers will have new groups of LB’s, DB’s and DL’s. (Mangenius talked big with the mixed assignments until Big Ben exploited a blown coverage for a 72 yard bomb, almost passing for 500 yds vs 49ers)

      2. Chip Kelly’s new offense has to be taught to a new group of WR”s . Does anyone on this website really expect them to be where the ball is thrown, unless it’s the most simple pass pattern. At that point the defense know “simple” also, so shuts down the pass game making the 49ers one-sided, then shuts the run down too

      Math concept…..1 Negative + 1 negative , even in math folks has a negative result.

    1. Like I stated, I was in the industry, and now will introduce someone with identical outlooks as me…..Ever heard of Jerry Rice ?

      NFL legend Jerry Rice had a front row seat to some of the best training camp quarterback battles in league history between Joe Montana and Steve Young, so he doesn’t need to feign excitement about San Francisco’s current crop fighting it out for the starting gig.

      Gabbert, he really has excelled a lot,” Rice said. “I had an opportunity to meet him, and you can just tell the confidence. He feels he has a legitimate chance of being the starter.

      Then you got Colin Kaepernick, and I don’t know if they’re gonna be able to, you know, that offense of Chip Kelly because he likes to get over the ball, he likes constant movement and all of that.

      Rice..has a keener personnel eye than some of us think. He said the 49ers’ wide receiver situation could also be difficult pitfall to navigate for new head coach Kelly.

      You need to have that number one,” he said. “I don’t think Anquan Boldin, I think he’s gone

      when you don’t have that guy that can make big plays. Not saying the guys that they have right now, but these are some very young guys. You got to able to have that experience on the football field. That was something that I had.”

    2. Its summer. This time of year we get click-bait top [number] lists. I don’t mind a little quiet.

      If I ran an up and coming 49er blog, I might save some of my more interesting stuff for this time of year to steal eyeballs. Not sure if it would work, but fortunes have been started by bottom feeding (going after low end consumer bases or time slots).

      I wonder if the PD’s charging for access will change frequency or nature of articles. Will Grant post his pieces the free blog or the pay PD articles? Or some combination?

  88. Sorry to hear Denny Green died.

    In addition to his NFL head coaching career, he previously had these local coaching stints:

    Stanford, 1977-1978, Running backs coach
    49ers, 1979, Special teams coach
    Stanford, 1980, Offensive coordinator
    49ers, 1986-1988, Wide receivers coach
    Stanford, 1989-1991, Head coach

    1. Rice Learned of Denny Green’s passing at the American Century Championship golf tournament up in Lake Tahoe.

      Rice: It’s very unfortunate. He was my wide receiver coach for so many years, and we stayed friends over the years also. So, I’m real saddened by it. He really did a lot for my career because you know, I can remember him just, he was one of those coaches, he never let me get complacent. He never let me, felt like I arrived. And he could always come to me, and say, “hey look, Jerry, this is the way you need to run that route … You got to be able to defeat that bump-and-run off the line of scrimmage … You gotta make that catch.” So he was, that, the type of coach that really influenced me throughout my career…

  89. *Forgot to add this by Jerry Rice:

    Nah, this one ( Green) was really special to me because he was more than a coach. He was almost like my best friend. Someone I could always depend on. Someone that would always, even if I was having some difficult times, he had something positive to say to get me going.

      1. San Francisco 49er Team Records Under Eddie DeBartolo and York ownerships:

        Eddie DeBartolo…….247-119

        I listed all the years Steve Marriucci coached under Eddie DeBartolo’s record, since he built that team and the York’s fired him, and were basically obstructionist egotists with a splash of arrogant power during this term.

  90. 49er 2016 Analysis:

    2015 saw the league adapt to Kelly’s offense and Kelly’s refusal to change got him fired. As he comes to San Francisco, has he learned from his Philadelphia mistakes?. Will Chip lead the 49ers to offensive competency or will Mr. Kelly’s Wild Ride claim another victim?

    As training camp and preseason approaches, the 49ers have plenty of question marks. The low-talent roster, the pariah coach and a GM on his last leg make for a motley crew. There’s a reason why the team isn’t favored in any of their games this season.

    1. Tommy,

      It’s time to get off the computer now dear. The doctor will be her any minute for your weekly checkup. Please don’t forget to put on clean underwear before coming down. Remember how embarrassed you were last week? We don’t want a repeat of that.

      1. Thx. Sally,

        I will. I don’t wish to throw a temper tantrum, and was just now thanking Mr. Denny Green for drafting Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald.

        If you promise to call the York’s and ask what they are going to do to honor Denny I would be so happy…Maybe at a 49er game they could fly his family her for a halftime honorary event…Thx in advance…And could you get them to draft impact WR, get rid of Baalke’s and his never ending stupid ancient coaching tree of Run silent, run deep, run always coaches, I’d appreciate it.

          1. We make a dynamic duo, don’t we sally.

            Making those runs to the pharmacy for your Alzheimer’s, Tourette’s syndrome and mood swing meds. has lately impacted my computer time. Of course those drives back to your elder hospice we’re pleasant, so please factor this in my computer time…No need to thank me now, thank me later.

  91. NFL: 2016 NFL Season: Final Record Predictions For All 32 Teams
    by Erik Lambert

    Biggest Weakness: Wide Receivers

    Year after year this has been a problem for San Francisco. They’ve been making due with free agents like Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith to cover up a constant inability (or unwillingness) to draft them. As murky as the quarterback situation is, it will be hard for Kaepernick or Gabbert to succeed when their array of targets are so un-intimidating.

    despite the ongoing efforts of the front office, many holes remains from receiver to offensive line to the secondary. Now throw in their third head coach in three seasons and it’s hard to imagine this team does much winning. Especially in that division.

  92. If Jack would stop getting his posts removed and himself banned this thread might not be so screwed up. ;)

  93. On Facebook:
    “Meanwhile in Philly, some people hate Donald. Some people hate Hilliary. But everybody hates the Cowboys.”

    1. Moi? Dude, whadid I do, LOL? Or not do?
      If otherwise directed………ahhhh..don’t let it bother you. Fugetaboutit!
      : -)

        1. I have troubles with 5 syllable words. Seb’s overuse words like vituperously are enough to drive me away…Hope your not on board with this plan???

      1. Bro Tuna

        Mea culpas (x3)
        My post was following one by TumD who is trying desperately to get someone (anyone) to respond to his encyclopedic insulting posts so he can argue his comic-book Philly sports rags bible….I just forgot to title it….so sorry….

        1. Oregon- It’s all cool, I was teasing as I know the comments are out of sequence, but there was the off chance I pushed somebody’s button or someone owed me one from some previous transgression of my own.
          ; >)

  94. So Jerry Rice leaned toward Gabbert as the starting QB, and Now this from Alex Boone:
    think, to be honest, that Blaine [Gabbert] did a great job last year. And from what I know of Blaine, I think he’s going to take the reins,” Boone said. “I mean I think he’s a good guy, he knows what he’s doing out there and he just has the support of the group. So I think that’s something to look forward to.”
    – See more at:

    1. Matt Maiocco talks Anthony Davis, 2016 expectations on 95.7 The Game:

      “I think there’s some talent on the team. The problem is the talent is all young and by no means are those players kind of reaching the apexes …

      This is the year where you look at it and you would expect some young defensive backs to play some really good football. You would expect a second wide receiver – maybe a third – to maybe surprise you, whoever they are…

      “And then you have the who other aspect of ‘What the heck is going to happen at the quarterback position?’

      maybe a team that was going to be right there around the 500 mark…I think everybody kind of feels like this is going to be a ‘set the table’ kind of year.

  95. Jerry Rice: Easy to notice Blaine Gabbert’s confidence

    By Conor Orr
    Around The NFL Writer
    Published: July 22, 2016 at 08:54 a.m.
    Updated: July 22, 2016 at 03:08 p.m.

  96. 2016 NFL MVP odds heading into training camp with Colin Kaepernick at 250/1

    Aaron Rodgers leads the way at 4/1, Ben Roethlisberger is an interesting pick at 7/1, Ezekiel Elliot: 100/1, Marcus Mariota: 100/1 , Jameis Winston: 100/1, Sam Bradford: 150/1 , Kirk Cousins: 150/1, Mark Sanchez: 150/1, LeVeon Bell: 150/1
    Ryan Tannehill: 150/1
    Tyrod Taylor: 150/1

    1. Thanks for another weird record Yorks…Kap your QB has a 250/1 chance at the MVP; your running back’s listed at # 18 (thought this was Trent and Chip’s strong suit if they’re putting all their marbles in the run basket like trent for years you’d think we’d have a Todd Gurley or Ezekiel Elliot); our WR’s lowest rank in Fantasy Football mags. is 56 or above; and 49er Tight Ends are unlisted….Thanks for the offense, Jed…Are you going to pass on honoring Denny Green because you’re afraid comparisons would be made to your inferior coaches, thereby making you look small??

  97. Oregoniner,

    Maybe Oregoniner wants to compare who he views as a ” great coach” in Chip Kelly to the 49ers/Vikes Denny Green.

  98. Keenan Allen leads all receivers in catches: Allen was on pace for 134 receptions last season before a lacerated kidney landed him on the sidelines. Now that he’s back at 100 percent, the Cal product should again be a huge targets machine

    Some of Baalkes Grades–2013 Draft–Get someone who knows coaches, WR”s Jed. TomD

    Patton: C, Lemoneir: F, V. Mcdonald: D, Tank Carradine: D, Marcus Lattimore: F, Nick Moody: C

  99. With TC only a week away I’ll put in my vote for rookies who I’m picking to make a splash.

    1. Ronald Blair – was a dominant force in small college. Sure, the talent level he played against was mediocre but when looking at Blair’ performance it’s easy to see what made him very good.
    a. consistent motor
    b. relentless competitor
    c. strong and quick at the point of attack
    d. instinctive feel for the game
    e. nose for the ball.

    Aaron Burbridge – only a one year starter in college but is rated as the 10th best overall WR in this years draft class.
    a. AB is not an athletic specimen with size and speed but runs very good routes and creates a good catch radius by adjusting his body(Manningham/Lloyd) to make the contested catches.
    b. plays with a fearless approach
    c. will sacrifice his body to make the catch
    d. played his best against the top defenders in college.

    John Theus – 3 yr starter in the tough SEC.
    Theus will need to build muscle mass to ensure his longevity but he has the size, length, and experience as a 3 yr starter to become a future NFL starter.
    a. can play right or left tackle
    b. will compete for the right tackle position against Pears and T.Brown and could raise some eyebrows much sooner than later
    c. unless Anthony Davis has an epiphany, Theus could potentially hold down the RT job for a long time if he can overtake the above mentioned.

    Not saying that any of these players are a guarantee to make a splash, but I will be paying close attention to their progress come TC.

    1. Call me boring, but my picks are Buckner and Garnett.

      If you meant surprise rookies to make a splash, my pick is Robinson. He could be a good fit for O’Neil.

      1. Scooter,
        I should have been more specific by using the word “surprise” regarding my choices.

        DeForest and Garnett are on my non-surprise category because of their high draft status. They will likely be given the red carpet treatment afforded to 1st round picks. That’s not to say their roster spots are guaranteed, but they are expected to make the team.

        The guys I mentioned will be considered more of a surprise (imo). And Theus is the starter come September, that will be a huge surprise.

    2. Treggs may flash in TC. I might guess Taylor too, but I think the DL will be ahead of the OL, making it tough.

    3. AES,
      I agree with you on Blair I believe he will be the breakout rookie for the 9ers. He along with Buckner are going to help make the 9ers D line the most improved unit along with the O line. My other 2 choices to be rookie surprise’s aren’t exactly rookies but neither have played in a reg NFL game. Those 2 are Eric Rogers and Marcus Rush. I’m predicting Rogers will have 30 to 40 catches and Rush will have over 5 sacks. They wont be the only 9er rookies who will play well, I believe this rookie class will be a big part of the teams rebuilding process. They will end up with 5 to 7 wins this year. imho

  100. During the days before TC, I can only hope that the Niners improve, even with a daunting schedule. Losing Lynch for the first 4 brutal games just made that task more difficult.

    However, I am feeling more optimistic. The Niners do have talent. Their players are big and fast. Recently, they did go to 3 NFCC Games. Kaep is still their QB, which is a miracle, and a testament to the power of forgiveness.

    The Achilles heel of the Niners last year was the coaching. They did not have the players focused, prepared and utilized correctly. Mangenius let 8 different players jump offsides in one game. The mental errors cost them games. Way too many unforced errors. The Cleveland game showed how lifeless and unenergized the team had become. Putting Boone at LG while the right side were turnstiles was obtuse. Also, calling for fair catches while behind and while their most dangerous threat was sitting, was a player assessment failure that doomed the season.

    I am hopeful because of Chip. He has the bona fides and gravitas to command respect, so he assembled a competent coaching staff. Last year, the Niners hired a DJ. While Modkins and O’Neil do not have me jumping for joy, Azzinaro and Flaherty do.

    If the offense can be better than pathetic, it might lead to less 3 and outs, which really stress the defense. With a decent O line, Kaep may not get thrice injured and they may actually have a decent running game. With a plenitude of speedy WRs, hopefully 3 will shine. I envision Torrey, Ellington and Simpson may stand out.

    If Gabbert starts, I expect less than 5 wins. If a rejuvenated Kaep starts, I am going out on a limb and predict 10 wins and a shot at the playoffs.

    Chip is the key. He needs to get the players well prepared, energized and focused. He needs to make the team dynamic and unpredictable.
    Niners will win games if they can manage to reduce their self inflicted wounds. Chip needs to go bold, and now he has at least 2 mobile QBs to finally optimally implement his system. I expect good things.

  101. Niner O line will be a critical factor in determining the success or failure of next season.

    Flaherty has a tough job ahead of him, but the Niners have lots of options. I project the starting line up to be Staley LT, Garnett LG, Kilgore C, Garnett RG and Cooper RT.

    I think (hope) Pears is cut or traded, and they will put Beadles at RG because they do not want 2 rookies on the right side. Thomas is still recovering from injuries, Brown needs to get in better shape, and Theus needs to get stronger. Both Martin and Silberman may have a hard time making the 53, but could become PS players.

    Cooper may be the biggest surprise, but if he does not do as well against the pass rush, maybe he could become the first and second down player, and let Brown handle the third down duties because Brown did well against the pass rush last year.

  102. Lynch failed his test because he drank too much water and it was unreadable. This is how we passed back in the ’80’s. Drink lots of water and the THC ratio was too minute to detect, except for overweight guys. He should have just spent 79.95 on a Sub Solution kit….

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