NFL Network: Sanders clears the air

Deion Sanders said today on the NFL Network that agent Eugene Parker was his source when he said on Sept. 4 that there were two teams “desiring” a trade for Michael Crabtree. And, furthermore, he said the 49ers were Parker’s source.


On Sept. 4 when asked about what Sanders said, 49ers team spokesman Bob Lange said, “Those conversations never took place.”

This morning, Sanders said he then used “common sense” to determine that if there were two teams willing to trade for Crabtree that those teams were also willing to pay him the kind of money he wanted. Sanders said he’s “very confused” about the 49ers’ decision to file tampering charges against the New York Jets.

Sanders said the NFL has not contacted him as part of the tampering investigation. And if the league asked him to cooperate, he said he would just tell the truth.

Watch the entire interview here. The Crabtree segment begins around the 4:30 mark.

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