NFL’s hypocrisy on display with handling of combine invitations

The NFL runs its league office on a strict set of double standards, and that’s very bad.

During the Scouting Combine, currently under way in Indianapolis, the NFL arbitrarily and unilaterally decides which college players to invite or disinvite. The league’s executive vice president of football operations, Troy Vincent, sent a memo in January to NFL teams notifying them that all amateur athletes who have been convicted of a violent crime would be banned from the combine.

 Here’s the memo, which you can find on “Draft-eligible prospects will not be permitted to participate in any aspect of the Combine if a background check reveals a conviction of a felony or misdemeanor involving violence or use of a weapon, domestic violence, sexual offense and/or sexual assault. The NFL also reserves the right to deny participation of any prospect dismissed by their university or the NCAA. Individual clubs are free to independently determine the Draft-eligible prospects they wish to evaluate, including those who have demonstrated conduct that restricted their invitation to the Combine.”

The NFL took a stand. Zero tolerance for violence, at least for the month of March.

Then in April, the NFL makes an about-face and decides to tolerate violence. For the Draft, the league changes its standards, allows athletes banned from the combine to join the league. This is the double standard, and it’s a whopper.

The NFL doesn’t actually take a stand against violence. It merely seems to take a stand. It sanitizes itself. The league is an employer that says, “You can join our company — you just can’t come to our interview first.”

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  1. They won’t get back to you, because they have no answer. The fact that these players are banned from the combine, yet allowed to represent the shield is not only hypocritical, it’s another disingenuous act by a profession of controlled violence….

    1. Hypocrisy at its finest is that after being ticketed for speeding, individuals still drive a car and possess a valid license. That would be taking your argument and applying it to the every day citizen. Speeding kills people.
      The truth of the matter is this. What makes mankind great is its ability to forgive. I am not here to defend any player or action. I believe in freedom and in liberty. What makes this nation great is that the citizens are given an opportunity to succeed even after making a mistake.
      We do not cut the hand off of the thief. We do not stone the adulterer. We do not cut the tongue out of the liar.
      These young men are learning. The punishment of not being at the combine is a punishment. Their stock falls, they lose millions, and have to work to earn back what they’ve lost. I’d say that is a great redemption plan -not the best, but the best we have.

      1. That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve read that wasn’t written by Seb. Your analogy is deeply flawed. It’s as if a cop gives out four tickets to four people who are equally guilty, but the judge decides only three of the equally guilty will be punished while the 4th, equally guilty, walks free.

    1. Well, I saw the tape. The woman initiated contact and should’ve been charged with Battery. That said, he over-reacted and I for one would not hire him. His instincts under pressure are wrong. Too short a fuse, he’ll get set off again.
      I understand he is sorry now, but methinks he’s sorry his earning power has been constrained more than anything. So, not for me.

        1. I change my “+1” to a “+0.5”
          He actually motioned like he was going to hit her well before she slapped him. She stood no chance.

          Most men have been aggressively approached by a women. I know I have. But never have I hit or even threatened a woman

          1. This happened over 2 and a half years ago he served his time he had no contact with the football team volunteered at several women’s shelters an went through counseling the tape comes out 2 years later and what beget convicted again he is a young man an he deserves a second chance plus if he does make a team and I hope it’s the miners the young lady involved will be a millionaire .

              1. And they forgot to mention before she hit him she spit in his face thats and called him a very bad word. That’s no excuse for hitting a woman but he had paid for his crime

          2. Chris Mac

            The old joke goes:…”I can speak 5 languages well enough to get my face slapped…”. A slap is worse than a punch…a slap is an instant insult besides being a painful jarr…in a parochial school many years ago, we had a teacher who seemed to love slapping boys (young men) in the face until a couple of them reacted by throwing punchs back at him. I have been slapped a couple times by girls and was confused as to ‘why?’ On one occasion, My fist was doubled, and the punch had begun before I regained control…it was close, but I maintained my perfect record of never having hit a woman. My point is that I have seen many examples of girls slapping guys, knowing they would not be retaliated back…I have also seen a few times when that logic didn’t work, and the young ladies got smacked…hard. I once heard a woman say in response to a related incident…”Well, we fought hard for equal rights, now we have them, and this is one of them” Now Joe Mixon is going to lose millions of dollars for reacting to an unexpected blow….I don’t know the answer…I just know that it’s not right….

            1. OREGONINERi,

              I agree with you that a slap can sometimes be more insulting than a punch. I’ve been in a situation before where a woman had a few too many libations and wrongfully threw a slap in my direction, so I can directly relate to Mixon’s scenario. Getting slapped stings and it boils my blood more than a closed fist, and when a woman slaps a man it puts that man in an awkward situation; does he defend himself, walk away with a stinging face, try to contain her risking getting slapped again, etc., etc., but given the size and strength of Mixon, he could have easily restrained her or even gone a step further–even though I wouldn’t suggest it–and give her a two handed push to create seperation.

              After being raised around an abusive step father, I’m of the opinion that a man is never in the right to strike a woman in the way Mixon hit that woman.
              There’s a big difference between equal rights and hitting a woman like she was a man. I think that you would agree and would handle Mixon’s situation much better than he did if you were in his shoes.

              1. Chris Mac

                Yes, and I can imagine that most of us on the blog have experienced a slap in the face deserved or not, and it lasts with you all day and sometimes longer because of the insult factor. In a case like Ray Rice or Joe Mixon, they are trained over and over to react in athletically oriented activities, and as much I don’t like it, I’m not in their shoes nor in their mindset when these things occurred…Thank Goodness !!

                I only hope that justice is served by all of the parties involved….

      1. I agree with you Tuna, that the women is guilty of assault as well, but It really doesn’t matter if she started it, IMO. This small women didn’t really represent much of a threat to an athlete like Mixon. At the most, he might have attempted to restrain her.

        If a child punched you, would you retaliate by knocking the child out with a right cross? Of course not.

        Part of the problem I have with Mixon is the fact that he showed no self control. Knocking a women out in that situation shows me a lack of good judgement, and for that alone Mixon raises enough red flags take of my draft board. The last thing this new front office needs to do is draft this type of player as one of the first orders of business rebuilding the roster, and repairing their image. If Mixon was viewed as the final piece of the puzzle in order to put this team over the top, then maybe you can argue he’s worth considering. But with the abundance of RB talent in this class, combined with the fact that the team already has talent at the position, NO WAY, NO HOW, should Mixon be considered an option in year 1 of the rebuild!.

        1. Oh, and he didn’t issue an apology for 2 years after the incident.

          It’s been my experience that, if a guy with the strength and size of Mixon, is that fast to knock a women out in that situation, there is a significant chance he’ll do something like this again. How stupid is this guy?

      2. Man come on Tuna.

        Let’s assume that her story is an accurate portrayal of events on that night. She is outside where several men are making sexual advances towards her, asking her to go home with Mixon. Then at some point, she goes inside the restaurant and he obviously follows by walking right up to her. All 6’1″, 227 is standing over her in an intimidating fashion. She has every right, based on his actions and size to push him away.

        I mean there are no words to describe the way I feel about this guy. There is psychopathic behavior going here to straight COLD COCK a woman. Maybe a shove or even a slap I can understand in the heat of the moment, but a closed fist is meant to damage stuff.

        I respect your opinion, but I disagree with it. This guy is a psychopath.

        On another note, great article by Grant and couldn’t agree with the hypocrisy of football and sports in general.

        1. Dude, a woman should never initiate a brawl with a guy. But he could’ve just shoved her away, should’ve just shoved her away.
          A guy shouldn’t have thrown those punches at Mixon either cuz then his response is just self defense.
          Huge mistake on her part.
          Bigger mistake on his part, and indicative of a lack of judgement.
          She’s not looking for a job, and prolly wouldn’t get one from me either because of her lack of appropriate self restraint.

  2. Grant, great article. Its all about publicity. Keeps a growing segment of the NFL’s revenue stream (women) from bolting to other sports.

  3. Some NFL executive came out and said if Texas passes a bathroom bill similar to North Carolina’s the state may not be awarded another Super Bowl. The NFL is obviously concerned about its public image but they also seem to be wading into the land of political correctness. Why in the world would the NFL pass judgment on the laws passed in certain states? How does that have anything to do with their business? It seems this issue with banning players from the Combine is another example of the NFL trying to create a public perception that they are politically correct. In fact, I think it sends the exact wrong message. The Combine is the place where the NFL has it’s most public display of player vetting. Instead of saying we are doing everything possible to fully vet players who may have a checkered past, they are saying we don’t want the public to see that we are interested in these players so we’re going to make it more difficult for teams to vet these players. We are going to hide them until draft day and just hope the public doesn’t notice. IMHO, the NFL’s policies on how they handle hot button social issues is about as idiotic as possible. It’s almost like Homer Simpson is running the NFL.

  4. The league is taking what I think of as a “Federalist” position with the teams when convenient for them to do so. With Fedralist I may be misusing a term from US history and possibly the Law; unintentionally if so. My intended context is that The Combine is a League event and so they impose their standards-du-Jour. It is about PC and PR, and arbitrarily so. Arbitrary exclusion is usually considered unfair.
    Apparently they conclude that the Draft (a League Event) is where the teams must take responsibility for their selections. They’ve introduced some sanctions against teams for having too many troublesome players. Thus by punishing their members and having the threat of punishment loom, they think they absolve themselves of blame.
    Doesn’t really work. If folks read about 6 NFL players getting arrested, they mostly hear NFL and not just the teams they’re from. Reputations are cumulative.
    Grant is correct that the vetting process would be aided by shining more light, not less.

    1. Don’t like someones position on an issue involving federalism (autonomy to states)? Wait five minutes.

  5. Didn’t Halliburton and BP get a mulligan for poisoning the Gulf of Mexico by using substandard cement on their shutoff valuve ?

    Think of the savings multiplied by square the footage of every oil rig if the standard was met.

    Thank goodness those midnight corexit spraying flights sunk the oil sheen.

    Oh, well, out of sight, out of mind, unless you’re an unfortunate crustacean not used to this violence.

  6. I believe the hardest part in a person’s life, or at least the time when we are most apt to make massive mistakes, is 18-25. Freedome, responsibility, a growing brain, resolving how to be an ethical person in a world that rewards unethical behavior. It’s a lot to deal with.

    Give the kids a break, they deserve at least a chance to be heard and seen.

    1. I agree whole heartedly here. But…not when it comes to knocking a women out with a punch.

      I even understand Baker Mayfield’s blunder until her ran from the cops.

      Most kids with good heads on their shoulders don’t punch women of run from the police.

  7. Report: 49ers expected to make a ‘serious run’ at Alshon Jeffery

    March 1, 2017 at 8:41 AM • 102 comments
    Site Staff at 49er Webzone

    Benjamin Allbright

    I was told the #Niners would be “making a serious run” at Alshon Jeffrey, fwiw

    9:30 AM – 1 Mar 2017

  8. Onto other good news…Seb’s moving on !!! In his own words:


    March 1, 2017 at 11:23 am

    I am moving on.

    I knew the Kap drama would be too much , so Seb’s leaving…..he found that Santa Clara was too much for the man.

    Seb’s leaving, on the midnight train to Kap’s land.

    Seb would rather live in Kap’s world, than live in his own, without Kap…

    Please write, Seb, let us know where you and Kap land.

    Midnight Train to Georgia, by Gladys knight and the Pips

  9. Grant ..

    Good post .. You bring up a very valid point !

    I betcha .. this column will go “viral” …
    …and if it doesn’t … then this will only prove ..

    there are way too many people in this country ..
    with the intelligence quotient of ..
    the likes of Roger Goodell

  10. It’s a great article Grant. I agree that the league is simply solely concerned with public relations, and not principle.

    Question: In your opinion, should the NFL’s rules regarding violent offenders be stricter for the draft, or looser for the combine?

    1. That said, I have no problem with the league taking a stand on LGTB rights. Some policies transcend politics, IMO. If states were passing laws rolling back the rights of people of color, or women to vote, I would hope the league would take a stand as well.

      1. Some rights come at the expense of infringing on the rights of others. It is a matter of common sense and is the trade off worth it. Granted life and adjustment is difficult for people dealing with sexual identity issues. But should we pass laws to force people to change their values and perceptions just to make life easier for a small minority. Is making it easier for these people to accept themselves worth the social confusion and can of worm problems that are sure to reveal themselves and impact the rest of society? We also have a responsibility to protect society in general. Believe me that the bathroom situation will be taken advantage of by predators. If someone gets rid of the equipment then they can be considered the opposite sex, not before in respect to using the bathroom of choice. I would always err on the side of caution when it comes to protecting potential victims.

        Personally I have no problem with transvestites. I had a friend who I ran into some years ago and they were wearing a dress. I at first didn’t even recognize him/her. It didn’t really surprise me in that I recognized early on that he was not a happy married man as everyone else thought, rather he was in denial of his own sexual confusion. He had a lot of even more destructive issues that he/she will yet have to deal with as well. Then I have always been able to recognize peoples hidden dysfunctional issues. I seriously doubt that his other issues will disappear just because he is now a she.

        My point is that we are not going to help someone accept them selves by creating laws that protect them from public perception. What they really need is a kick in the ass along with being told to deal with it. People are owed the right to be treated with respect and not oppressed. They are not owed an adjustment by the majority to make them feel better about themselves if the trade off to society is too steep.

  11. On a separate note:

    Anyone here willing to take a shot at guessing Colin Kaepernick’s 2017 salary, and the amount of guaranteed money he’ll receive with his next contract?

    1. I’ll take a flyer on that speculation. I think he’ll be offered somewhere between 4 and 8 mil max if, and I emphasize if, he is able to sign on with a team and perform will enough to get through training camp. He is going to have to show he is willing to study and work hard while keeping his polarizing politics in his pocket.

      1. Funny thing 49er in the Andes …… that was exactly my estimation. $8 million, which includes a roster bonus, and perhaps some sort of escalator, contingent on him earning the opportunity to start.

        I don’t see Colin inking any kind of long term contract, nor do I see him getting any more than $6 million guaranteed.

        We’ll see.

        1. I say this not as a Colin Kaepernick hater.

          In fact, I wish Colin the best. I hope he’s able to revive his career, although I have my doubts. I also hope he continues his work bringing awareness to racial inequality, and police brutality, just maybe not during the national anthem. I have some seriously problems with Colin’s confused message, and some of his statements have been entirely misguided, but by and large, I think it comes from a good place.

          In the best interest of all parties involved, it’s time for Colin and the 49ers to move on from the past, and I am breathing a little easier knowing this is probably the end of this chapter in 49ers football.

          1. Considering Osweiler and Cutler are making 18 mil and Sam Bradford is guaranteed 22 mil. with a 17.5 mil salary, Kaep’s contract was not wildly overpriced.

            Chicago, Buffalo, Cleveland, Houston, Denver, Jets and the Cards may need QBs.

            Wonder where he will land. He probably had a destination in mind before opting out. I would root for him, but he decided to leave, so the first prerequisite is to have some one who wants to be here.

            I wish him well, but now am thinking about who will replace him.

            1. If you read between the lines the book on Kaep is not closed yet in respect to the 49’ers. I am not saying he will end up here, just that his opting out was the best option for him and the team even in respect to him resigning. He had to opt out because his window to do so was narrowing. It really changes nothing in respect to what would have happened anyway. It was either him opting out or the team releasing him or signing a new contract. This way he can test the market to see what his options are. The Niners will then have a number to factor in should they decide that he is a good option for them. This brings clarity to the monetary numbers involved in that respect. Makes both their positions clearer sooner.

  12. Report: 49ers considering RB Leonard Fournette with the No. 2 pick

    March 1, 2017 at 10:22 AM • 164 comments

    By Site Staff

  13. *Kevin Jones of KNBR is hearing that the San Francisco 49ers may shake things up early in the 2017 NFL Draft with their number two overall selection. Jones left the Bay Area on Tuesday for the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis but jumped on a call with KNBR Wednesday morning to discuss the team.

    Jones is hearing that LSU running back Leonard Fournette is highly regarded among the 49ers front office and staff. He is so highly regarded that the team might consider making him the second overall selection in April.

    1. Not a chance. Fournette is good, but not worth it for us to take with the number 2 pick. Last RB picked #2 overall was Reggie Bush and he was a much better college player than Fournette.

  14. Now that we’ve come to realize the Kirk Cousins and Jimmy Garoppolo sweepstakes will likely extend into the 2018 offseason, a source familiar with the 49ers’ new regime tells the team is still concentrating on adding a veteran quarterback.

    pair of backups, with untapped potential, are emerging as realistic secondary options for Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch.

    Wednesday at the NFL Combine, the Bengals did not rule out trading backup quarterback A.J. McCarron. Meanwhile, Tampa Bay’s Mike Glennon, who is scheduled to hit free agency next week, is a juicy name in the talkative hallways of the Indianapolis convention center.

      1. Not specifically as far as I know, although a whole lot less than options ! and 2. The Bengals have come out and said that they value him quite a bit, that he is an important part of their team plans, for what that’s worth. This is the season of high stakes bluffing and lying through their earnest facial expressions.

        1. “This is the season of high stakes bluffing”

          Indeed it is, but I don’t see the Bengals taking anything less than a third round pick for McCarron, which is what I see his value as.

  15. Isaac Rochell, DL, Notre Dame said Will Holden, OT/OG, Vanderbilt was one of the best players he went up against in Mobile….

    1. Banner, OT, USC reinforces Holdens opinion by stating Rochelle was the hardest player he went up against. Interesting….

  16. Fournette better be highly regarded among the 49ers FO. He’s a rare talent. Whether he’s worth the 2nd pick in the draft, and whether he makes sense for the 49ers in round one, given the 49ers already have a talented #1 RB, is the question.

    1. Makes sense for the 49ers to praise players to bolster trade interests. It could also be genuine interest too because no ones going to jump the 2 pick to get him. Or both.

      1. RB’s in the NFL take a beatdown.

        NFL life-expectancy is 4 years. Makes sense to have a relief (pitcher) back.

        1. I thought Fournette looked considerably bigger than 230 on tape. Wow! A man among boys! I’m gushing, I know!

          Fournette is absolutely a generational talent if he was truly playing at 240 lbs last season. The burst, acceleration, and top end speed is truly mind boggling for a back of that size. And he’s got rare vision, and elusiveness to go along with it, not to mention an uncanny ability to simply run right through and truck defenders, and leap over the pile at the goal line like some sort of missile. . Combine that with some soft hands and natural pass catching ability and ……oh my!

          I need to stop, because I might lose sleep thinking about the possibilities Kyle can explore utilizing this kid’s talent!

        2. Fournette is a buh-dass. Many players I like at pick 2. Like I said before, I pray to the Trade-Up Gods for a move back, staying within the top six picks.

    1. They should move that dog and pony show to Vegas. Decent Feb weather, winter rates, and a shorter flight for yours truly.

    2. Sounds great. My sister just returned from Indiana (baby sitting grand daughter). If you get a chance an intelligence briefing would be outstanding.

      Have a great time.

            1. Thanks Brodie, always glad to have your imput, you seem to know your football. But if you look above, this particular response was in regards to TomD saying he likes Jamal Adams as well.

              Also, I join your prayer that a trade back materializes. A trade back to #5 or #6 is definitely a best case scenario IMO. We need to come away with a Blue Chip talent. In fact, if they can pull off a trade back to #6, Trubisky is definitely in play for me, assuming Kyle thinks he can be the guy!

      1. Coin flip between Adams and Hooker. I pray to the trade back Gods we have a modest move back, staying within the top six. Likely one of the two will be there.

  17. Seb,

    You should follow Kap out the door. You owe Prime, myself and the many posters, whose time you wasted on your endless, Kap love letters a sincere apology.

    Years have gone by with this Kap post-frenzy, and we were not amused.

    Well, according to Ryan Sakamoto, Kap was not a team player, and for not listening to any of us throughout this ordeal, you were not either.


    It looks like the marriage between Kap and the Forever Faithful has come to an end.

    At the end of the day, Kaepernick requested a trade, and that left a sour taste inside the locker room. I’m not speaking for all players, but there are players who I’ve spoken with first-hand, who questioned whether Kap wanted to play in San Francisco after requesting out.

    Let me ask you a question. If you’re a team leader and your team is down in the dumps, you don’t neglect your teammates by requesting a trade. Instead, you sign a contract extension, like ILB NaVorro Bowman did. Actions speak louder than words. There’s a reason why Bowman is a team leader. Respect is earned not given.

  18. TomD’s take:
    Cousins does not want to be in Washington
    Washington’s trying to trade Cousins to the highest bidder and franchising him serves their purpose

    State of the 49ers: Rebuilding a Dynasty
    February 28, 2017 at 10:39 AM • 41 comments

    By Stewart M. Cockrell
    Trade For Kirk Cousins:

    Most experts have been floating the idea of San Francisco and Washington swapping first-round picks and then throwing in a conditional pick in 2018. Assuming that conditional pick starts at a fourth-round pick, with the chance of moving to a second-round pick, I think that compensation works out fairly well.

    Here is why I think the 49ers will do this deal: they are QB …

  19. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 10h10 hours ago

    Johnny Manziel, serious enough to get Burkhardt to take him back, is drawing real interest from teams at the Combine, per @MikeGarafolo & me

  20. I’ve been saying it, and saying it, and saying it. Division, division, division. Three words sum up Colon Kraeperstink. Divisiveness, selfishness, mediocrity. Though I think his agents made the correct move to direct him to opt out, I’ll stick with my hopeful prediction that nobody will sign this cancer and he will be out of football. What owner wants to deal with his whole package? I don’t think there is one. Name one. I know the Jets owner came out publicly and said, quoting, that Kraep would never, ever, ever be on his team. I can’t imagine any other owner feeling differently. We’ll see I guess. As for Waldorf’s pathetic response, does it surprise anyone. Not me. I knew he had no guts. After all he had to say about his love child on what seemed like endless worded posts, all he has to say is “I was wrong’ and “I think he would have won 6 games but whoever else it is will only win 4!” Unbelievable really.

    1. Kaep is not part of this team but you and your ilk are still on this site spewing you hatred. What are you going to do follow him to what ever team he goes to? You and people like you are the ones that create division. Kaep probably experienced little bigotry in the environment he was raised in. I think his first taste of that was from the hate by NIner fans from the time he became a starter. Those people who called him a thug just because of the way he wore his hat and the music he listened too. It is people like you who drove him into the arms of the very people who are using him now to promote the division you speak off.

  21. Chris Wesseling‏Verified account @ChrisWesseling

    Chris Wesseling Retweeted Marc Sessler

    Per @MikeSilver, word around the Combine campfire is that Garrett is even more of a slam dunk atop the draft than Clowney was in 2014

  22. Too bad -I’d like to see Kelly’s skills at the combine

    Maybe Gruden will have him on his special
    If he could keep his nose clean it might be a good chance to get him in 6-7th round or as an UFA.

  23. Your right Tommy, and so is Sakamoto. But it goes farther than that. Besides letting it be known that he wanted out, he created a divided locker room, a divided fan base, and a divided national following with his kneeling down during the NA. His activism will be his demise, not his play, though mediocre, is par with some of the other mediocre QB’s in the league. Kraep receiving the Eshmont Award was a protest vote from the players in the locker room that sided with his activism. From what I was told, the vote was not much more than 51/49 %. Divided locker room. Period. One of JL and KS’s biggest jobs this year is healing the division in the locker room. Easier said than done. It would have been near impossible to heal the wounds of division with Kraep still on the team. They would have continued. JL and KS knew this. This is why JL said those nice things about Kraep after they met. What was he going to say, he had a lousy attitude and was a jerk? He played the new agents. Genius.

    1. He was a flash in the pan that faded like a popcorn fart in the wind!
      No words can express how lucky the 49ers are to be done with him!
      Hey Seb,where are you?

      1. Its OK, Prime, I have already moved on, but if you want to whine some more, go ahead.

        Obviously, he was stabbed in the back too many times, and Jed and Paraag were still around, so it is best for all for him to move on. Maybe Lynch told him that Paraag was staying so they chose a suit over a player.

        I wish him well.

        Now, I am thinking of who should replace him. They will probably sign a bridge QB, and wait for the 2018 draft for their next franchise QB.

        Glennon, Hoyer and Shaub would probably be the most logical choices.

        1. What was that?

          February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
          KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

          1. Kaep obviously did not feel wanted, and was stabbed in the back too many times.

            He probably has a destination all set up before making this move.

            Mike Shanahan did not want Kaep, so he probably influenced KS. Still think KS could have made Kaep a feared dual threat QB that would have taken the league by storm, again, but Kaep is leaving. It was his decision to leave, so I am moving on.

            1. More theories and a load of crap from none other.
              Look Sebnnoying, your boy is not wanted because he sucks on the field. This isn’t about anything else so stop pretending. Put the blow up doll down for the night and eat your crow!
              I told you from day one and now Armageddon is here. It’s ova. You lost! Kap lost and all the real 49ers fans win! What a great day!

              1. You made this far too personal and lost your objectivity. I only defended Kaep against the irrational hatred that was directed at him on this site and others by people that let their emotions get the better of their reason. I was hoping that he would be gone after the 2014 season just to not be exposed to the personal hatred directed at him. I wonder how long it will take before the attacks on him cease once he is finally gone.

        2. Ok, can we PLEASE inject some truthiness into Seb’s take that Jed & The Great Evil Paraag have victimized Kaep?
          This is a quote out of Colin’s mouth at his last Bay Area Press Conference after he re-negotiated his contract to have the opt-out ability:
          “Once again I have great appreciation for this organization. Jed and Paraag, I have a good relationship with them, so a lot of things to think about moving forward and we’ll see where this goes.”
          SebAnneConway has had this on-going harangue about the back stabbing Paraag and Jed. Even Colin doesn’t agree with Seb.
          Get a grip! Keep your fantasies to yo’self Don Quixote!

          1. BT, that is just canned speech, that everyone says during times like that. He is still leaving a window open for his return. He is not burning bridges like some do. That was also said in October of last year. Since then, he was the target of leaks that he was not happy about.

            Just the very fact that he wants to leave tells me that something happened to him. Probably not too recently, but he was stabbed in the back by Baalke for way too long, and Jed let Baalke do it. I notice that he did not praise Baalke in that presser last season. He was just thanking them for renegotiating that contract so he could play, and now he has decided to use that clause to opt out..

            1. Seb,

              You try to play yourself and The Kaeptain as victims of the “haters”.

              Between that and your constant cries for validation you’ve got some issues to work out my brother.

              God speed to you and your hero.

              1. Naw, I am not a victim like Kaep. He has gotten death threats, which shows extreme animus.

                I have had abuse and negativity throw at me, but I will not let it affect me, so it does no good except to expose the character of the posters involved.

                Still will stay here and still will comment on the Niners, Players,strategies, tactics and scenarios, so I need no Godspeed to go anywhere.

                The posters who have issues to work out are the shrill shills who hurl abuse as if they are the judge, jury and executioner. I will let their invective bounce off me, and will just move on.

              2. Ya you will stay here and be known as the guy who said Kap would stay and that KS would turn Kap back into a dual threat and take the league by storm.
                Instead,today you stand here holding your weiner in your hand getting served a mouthful of crow!
                Welcome aboard big mouth! Next time maybe not so many predictions and hard cold statements!
                You lost!

              3. More insults and hate, how predictable.

                You seem stuck on hating Kaep,and will talk about a player no longer on the team.

                I am moving on. There is so many more things to idly speculate about, but hey, knock yourself out. You will just waste your time, so plow ahead ad infinitum to infinity and beyond.

              4. Seb for all the times you used Kap will take the league by storm, and try to use my words against me, I am gonna remind you how wrong you were in saying this new regime will keep Kap.

                February 20, 2017 at 11:54 am
                KS is competent enough to take Kaep, and turn him loose so he can take the league by storm, again.

                February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
                Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

                I figure I have another 1,000,000 posts to remind you!
                Your gonna wish I did leave!

            2. Seb, do yourself and everyone else a favor and abandon the false narrative. Kap is out of a job with the 49ers because they were not about to pay hi 15 + mil based on his deplorable and utterly mediocre performance over the past two and a half year. Neither will any other smart NFL team. He had his moment on the big stage and thoroughly convinced everyone that he could not perform well under pressure and could not grow in his on-field abilities.He was no more a victim of back-stabbing then you are a victim of harassment on this blog, except in your imagination. You are considered foolish because you refuse to give up these false speculations and the “fairy-tale” you have told yourself about CK7 and tried to sell to the sports world. Own up to the BS, give it up, grow up, and for the common good of this forum let’s all move on into intelligent conversations based upon facts, not adolescent nonsense..

              1. GnomoD, if you think they told Kaep that they were going to cut him because they did not want to pay him, when they had 90 mil in cap space, the Niners just cut off their nose to spite their face.

                I expect him to land well, and with proper support and talent around him, he will get back to the 2012 Kaep.

                Sure, I will move on, unlike the haters who want to bluster and bloviate, spewing snark and derision. They will continually diss some one who is not even on the team.

                Yes, I shall start talking about the combine, free agency and the draft, and Kaep will not be involved in those discussions, except for free agency because he is part of that.

                Kaep made a business decision, and I wish him well.

              2. Seb of course you will move on cause your hero is done!
                After all that support and sureness that he would return, you are left looking confused and continue to make more excuses.
                Kap will not take the league by storm and KS will not make him a dual threat!
                Sorry Seb, you lost!
                You owe the blog an apology for all your pompous Pom Poming DA!

            3. Hahaha. So I should take your word for what he thinks and disregard the words he speaks for himself about what he thinks?
              Fake news SebbieAnne. Your fantasy world is collapsing around you and in a panic you resort to fabricating already debunked conspiracies. Debunked by the supposed victim. Maybe Paraag has Colin under Double Secret Mind Control! Oh me oh my!

              Maybe you should start your own blog. Unlimited, unedited typing until the cows come home. You could banish anyone who questions you or disagrees with you. You’d be The King

              1. BT, naw, I kinda like it here, and you cannot drive me away, so your snark is pointless and a waste of your time.

                Guess what? Players have been fleeing the Niners like they have the plague, so Kaep leaving is nothing new. Jed inspires so little loyalty, one player retired even while fully healthy. I notice AD still has not come back, even though his nemesis, Baalke, was fired. Kaep will leave, and I wish him well, but if you will not believe the reasons he is leaving, I cannot change your mind.

                Once he goes to another team, we will hear all about it, so I will be patient, and move on to the combine, free agency and the draft.

                Oh, boasting about cooking shrimp is a non starter for me. I would hope you would be able to cook shrimp, it only takes a few minutes. Hmm wonder if you took a picture of it like some people do, nowadays to show off.

                Bragging about spending 60 dollars for a bottle of wine just makes me laugh, because I could decant your selection and a bottle of my choice, and you would not be able to tell which is better, even though my selection would be under 10 bucks. If you had ever done a wine tasting, the braggarts always get shown up.

                No, I have never told Grant that I would leave the site until some one was banned. Disagree all you want. Just expect a measured reciprocal response.

                Sure wish some could disagree without being disagreeable, but I guess I am expecting too much from the likes of you.

                The very fact that Kaep is opting out should tell you something, but I guess you are incapable of thinking of any reasons why.

              2. You kinda like being mocked and scorned for your ridiculous takes?
                Okay, be a piñata.
                A lawn guy’s now an expert on wine? Sure, you are. Cooking shrimp? That’s your take down? Oh, SNAP!
                ; -)
                you’re melting down now fantasy boy, just like we predicted.

              3. BroT knows how to cook shrimp? Right on Brotha. That’s some good stuff, make sure to kick some down.

              4. BT,

                It’s a complete waste of time dealing with somebody this pompous and delusional. Better to just let him have his own corner of the blog and forget it.

        3. Moved on??? NOBODY moves on from a broken heart that quickly Seb…..

          Evidence?? Your still making him out to be some kind of a victim.

          1. Yeah like he could not be successful because the scorn he endured by Lord York and Darth Praage. What a joke.

            This is all about a player not getting better on the field and Seb won’t admit that.
            What a loser!

          2. Saw, Kaep made a business decision. Maybe the Niners told him that they wanted him back, but not at the present salary. They are letting him explore new options, still leaving the door open for his return with a smaller salary, but I also think some team wants to win so much, they will take Kaep, kneeling and all.

  24. Scot McCloughan is not here in Indy for the Combine. He is “taking care of some family matters,” says team spokesman.

    Hope he’s OK. I’m pulling for him to succeed.

    1. Brodie I was just about to post the same tweet; it doesn’t look good for him at this point.

      1. Heard it was a death in the family. Sorry to hear that for Scot’s sake. I’m glad Scot himself is OK.

        What startled me was the “family” narrative sounded so similar to what the 49ers said in 2010 when he wound up leaving.

        1. Read the link the #80 has below. “Chris Russell of 106.7 The Fan reported that McCloughan was sent home from Redskins back on February 20 and was told not to return. However, McCloughan has disputed this report.

          “I’m taking care of my family, plain and simple,” McCloughan tells McNally.

          Even so, McNally and 106.7 The Fan stand by their report, saying: “Our source is adamant he was sent home on Feb. 20.”

          Online records show that McCloughan’s grandmother passed away February 6 and her funeral was held on February 13.”

          1. Could be discord in Skins management too. I heard there were pro and anti Cousins camps.

            They made a bad situation worse by throwing $24m away on a franchise tag. Now they have $24m less to extend. They have the illusion of control over Cousins, but Cousins has total control over where he plays in 2018 because no team will trade for a $24m one year rental, and he can kill any trade by refusing to extend.

          1. Just like that hey Seb?

            February 26, 2017 at 6:25 pm
            Niners will not draft a QB. They will roll with Kaep and trade back to accumulate picks to fix the defense.

            1. Well, now they will draft a QB, but I still think they should use their first picks to bolster the defense. Mahomes, Davis Webb, Peterman, Jerod Evans and even Cooper Rush should be viable candidates.

              Sign a bridge QB, fix the defense and pick a QB in the later rounds, That would be one strategy to consider.

              1. But,but,but Kap was going be the dual threat and KS was going to make him great again?
                Let’s just hear I was wrong? One time!

              2. Seb,
                If everyone on here apologized when they were wrong including mock drafts, potential trades and coaching hire there would be no room for any posts other than apologies. Lets all move on.

              3. Seb,
                I like Kizer this year but not at #2. I would like to see Ponder as a place holder then draft in 2018 Rudolph,Falk, Mayfield, Browne or Flowers whoever grades out highest.

      1. Like Watt and Reddick. If the 49ers don’t take Foster, Reddick would make sense. If the 49ers grabbed Thomas at 2, Reddick would even make more sense.

        In some ways pick 34 has the most drama associated with it.
        – Could the 49ers trade up to steal a quarterback that was skipped at the top of the first like Denver did last year?
        – Will they move 34 in a trade for Garoppolo?
        – Move up a little to snag Howard or Njoku? Of an insurance trade up (like Garnett last year) to secure Reddick?
        – Will the Niners make a bold move in case Corey Davis or Mike Williams falls to the low 20s?

        Trade Chart
        34+66 gets 21
        34+109 gets 28
        34+143 gets 31

        1. Yup, pick 34 is very interesting. In your trade up scenario we could also take John Ross, Taco Charlton, or Forrest Lamp.

          If we stay at 34, We could also go with one of the second tier WRs,Tim Williams, or possibly Jabril Peppers.

          Question for all. Where would Peppers fit in best with us? WILL, slot CB, SS, or FS?

          1. If Reddick makes it to pick 34 I’d be completely stoked to see him dawn a red and gold jersey in 2017!

            #2. Jamal Adams/Solomon Thomas
            #34 Hasaan Reddick/Charles Harris

          2. I think he’s a SS in this system, but he has the athletic ability to play FS if he improves his instincts and reading of the game. Can also have him drop down and play LB in a big nickel look. He has elite athletic ability, but not sure he reads the game very well at this point. I still like him as a prospect though.

            1. Talk about a tweener. He’s going to have a hard time finding a spot on in any scheme. Almost seems a little thick to play S but has the athleticism to make up for it. I could see him as a Leo or Possibly Sam LB or maybe as a SS but I think teams will try him at LB first.

  25. LOL! You said it Prime! I might have to break out the 12 gauge and knock me down a couple of crows, pluck ’em, fry ’em and make a nice entree for Wally aka MBH. I’ll bring it with me when I stand on the steps of the one room courthouse out there in Sebpotstoseed and sing a lovely version of “Ding dong the witch is dead”. Sunday, four o’clock. I hear they love a good protest out there.

          1. Prime, he was smeared with leaks, and stabbed in the back so many times, he looked like a pincushion.

            I admired his capacity to forgive, but at some point, enough is enough.

            The stench of Baalke is hard to get rid of.

            1. That “smear rhetoric” has nothing to do with the new regime.
              They did their evaluation and said, go ahead, opt out.
              They don’t see value in working out a new deal because he sucks. Bottom line.

              Now can I get a I was wrong and end this or you gonna blow more sunshine out your arse?

              1. Prime, you were wrong so many times before, and I never heard you admit you were ever wrong.

                In the end, you may still be wrong, but I have moved on, and really want to talk about the Combine that is coming up.

                I am thinking that Dalvin Cook may move up with his 40 time to a top 10.

      1. Interesting to see Grant write about the hypocrisy and arbitrariness of the NFL, when some one protests peacefully and gets tons of back lash, yet now the NFL will ban players from the combine, then will allow them to be drafted.

        The NFL turns a blind eye towards PEDs, because players do not get that big naturally, yet goes Reefer Madness over a little spliff. After players retire, they tend to deflate, yet being in the same room as a pot smoker will cause players to be banned.

        The NFL touts how they are upholding the integrity of the game when in the SB, if one has replay, one can see blatant fouls not called that helped the Pats win the game.

        If the NFL deems the cause good PR, they will drape players in pink, but heaven forbid some players who want to peacefully and silently protest for social justice. Yet this same organization actively outs gays and drives them out of the league.

        No, protesting is not a paid activity. Women in black are usually elderly, and the vets all have grey hair. They both do have passion, but they also respect others, something some posters on this site could learn about.

          1. As a Niner, but some other team may want to win so much, they will accept Kaep, and finally turn him loose to take the league by storm. It will be a team with a good defense, with talented RBs and WRs, who is only missing a QB.

            Do not know which team, but I could also see him being blackballed, too.

              1. Wrong again. The NFL is and exclusive entity with arcane traditions and rules, and arbitrary enforcement.

                I am part of the free world and I applaud Kaep’s silent, non violent, free speech protests to fight injustices.

  26. Yea, you know I think Sebpotstoseed is right, I can see another team needing a player of Kraep’s caliber. I here “The little sisters of the poor” are looking for the likes. ))

  27. Another McCloughan update. I spelled his name right this time.

    “Russell stated president Bruce Allen, coach Jay Gruden, scouts Alex Santos and Scott Campbell, and personnel executive Doug Williams have taken over. Williams has reportedly taken on an “increased role,” likely at McCloughan’s expense. McCloughan “has nothing to do with anything and has not for a very long time,” according to Russell.”

      1. CFC:

        From Lynch’s presser today:

        Question: You mentioned quick thoughts on Kizer and Mahomes and Watson. Can you do the same on Trubisky?

        “Yeah, I got a note today from somebody over there he measured over six-two, so he made himself some money today, I promise you. But, you can see just like the other guys I talked about why people like him. He grows on you. The more you watch him, the more you like him.”

    1. Not clear to me. PFT article said he’d had some dissatisfaction with how he was being used. Nawlins had no defense and no run game so Brees was a passing machine running a Sean Payton offense. He got catches and yards.
      What’s not to like?
      Also, a guy mutters something… trade him? They must be desperate to plug holes in their defense and want to buy some extra picks with a trade.

      1. That team needs help. Major ownership issues which has lead to nobody in charge that’s competent enough to realize that Loomis has driven that team into the ground.

        1. It’s a shame that they’re wasting the end of one of the more prolific passers in recent time.

        2. I agree. Having lived in New Orleans for several years and paying up-close attention, Loomis should have been fired a few years back for his mismanagement of the team, not only for his mismanagement of salary cap issues but for his almost exclusive attention to the offense to the ruin of their defense. Of course SP probably had something to do with that fiasco.

      2. If I’m Jon Robinson of the Titans I’m already on the phone finalizing a deal sending #18 for Cooks.

      3. With Brees only working under a one year deal my guess is they might be getting ready to blow that thing up and are trying to collect draft picks for the rebuild.

  28. Lost in the conversation about Ray Rice… the elevator footage of his wife beating the tar out of him in the elevator. Why does the media fail to mention that? There is a tremendous double standard by the media when it comes domestic violence. Nobody supports what Ray did, but if everyone is equal , the wife should have been in Jail.

    1. Nope. Any football player should be treated like a martial artist. His hands should be considered lethal weapons. Considering he is being paid to be violent, he should be held to a higher standard.

      I thought football players were considered tough and no woman could inflict as much damage as a defensive tackle.There are very many non violent ways to protect oneself. Rice cold cocked her, then lied by saying she had too much to drink.

      Mixon knocked her out, but she probably could have swung on him until she was exhausted and still not seriously hurt him.

      If anything, he could have slapped her foul mouth, but he hit her so hard, she went flying.

      Yet, even with the video, and him being banned from the combine, Mixon will probably be shunned in the draft, but will get picked up as an UDFA and play in the NFL because the league allows players like that to play, since they like violent players.

      1. I would expand that to ‘we need a QB and love all the top QBs in this class, so if you want to make sure you get your guy better trade with us’.

    1. No, he is just doing what I thought he would do. Kaep said he would kneel until he saw what he was doing was making a difference. He kneeled, and the incidences of police shooting of unarmed civilians has gone down. He kneeled, and created a firestorm of controversy that shed light on an ugly truth. Kaep got the conversation going, instead of letting people ignore the problem.

      He has made a difference, and now he can funnel his energies into other ways to fight for social justice. Hopefully, he can make even more of a difference by advocating in more productive ways.

      Brilliant move, and now other teams will look on him more favorably.
      I am thinking the Broncos or the Cards my be a realistic destination, or maybe the Texans will ditch Osweiler and sign Kaep.

        1. Kaep is being smart, but you deride him as a fraud. He has already made a difference, and is moving on.

          His FA value just went up, and since this is a QB driven league, he will get solid offers, because teams want to win too badly, and Kaep will not be a distraction in their eyes.

              1. Well, then you should have no problem with him stopping from doing it, yet you call him a fraud.

              2. Fraud is an understatement!
                I think it was a classless move to disrespect the country in which allowed him to earn millions of dollars!
                He’s a joke Seb and you are a bigger one.
                No storm DA!

          1. Kaep has FA value? That’s total conjecture at this point, which the real-life NFL market will determine, his fantasy value to you not withstanding. He may get some offers, probably. However, I’d be inclined to wager he’s going to be low-balled based solely on his on-field performance over the past two and a half seasons. As Bill Purcell once pointed out, and I paraphrase, yeah, dude, you’re won-loss record tells the truth. Kaeperdud is not going to get any fatted calf offers

      1. “…. the incidence of police shooting of unarmed civilians has gone down.”

        Got any facts to back up that assertion? Please share your data source with the room, because I think you’re blowing smoke out your patoot in a lame attempt to back up your adoration.
        No fake news.
        FACTS! Got any?

      2. I think Kaepernick has made a difference in at least getting the conversation started.

        I certainly don’t agree with the entirety of Colin’s message, but it’s hard to argue that his protest hasn’t brought awareness to the issue of police brutality, and racial inequality. And this is why I wish he had announced an end to his protest months ago. As is usually the case with Colin, he doesn’t seem to think everything through before he acts. If he had made his decision to end his protest at the conclusion of the season, as opposed to the day after his agents announced he would opt out of his option and become a free agent, he wouldn’t leave himself open to looking like he sold out.

        1. Yes. It was talked about for a few months. He was successful with that.

          And of course the timing of this. If his agents hadn’t likely received negative feedback this announcement doesn’t happen.

  29. DISASTER AVERTED: Mitch Trubisky measures in over 6’2″ (6’2 -1/8″) at the combine. The shocker? ….. Pat Mahomes came in shorter than Trubisky, at 6’2″ even. If Mahomes’ throwing mechanics haven’t improved for the combine, I expect to see Mahomes’ recent rise in stock, back down to where I think he should be …. late 3rd, mid 4th round.

  30. I’ll just post this for discussion, but don’t really know how to assess it. On Rotoworld:

    “Alabama DL Jonathan Allen had both of his shoulders surgically repaired during his college career.

    Allen’s shoulder issues prevented him from bench pressing at Alabama, but he will do the bench at the Combine in an effort to show NFL evaluators his shoulders aren’t a concern. Both shoulders were “partially dislocated and subluxed in different years,” and “there was some articular cartilage damage and arthritis,” per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. More so than most colleges, Alabama prospects have a tendency to enter the NFL unusually banged up. “

    1. Since both players are widely considered at the #2 spot I don’t see how anyone is being dropped?

      1. Armstead was out the entire season, IIRC, with a shoulder injury. It plagued Justin Smith (although he was significantly older). Doesn’t it concern you that Allen has had this happen to both of his shoulders?

            1. My gut tells me that it’s going to be hard for young Shanahan to come into this situation and not use his first pick on the offensive side of the ball. I don’t like to start making too many concrete guesses about draft picks until we’ve gone through the first week or so of free agency but that’s where I’m at right now. When I start making mocks unless something changes that’s where I’ll be looking first.

              1. Yeah, I agree with your assessment about Shanahan, at least at this point in time. We should know more after FA.

              2. Since it is the off season, I have already done several mocks.

                My mocks usually contain a trade back to accumulate picks, and am heartened to see other posters advocating the trade back strategy.

              3. Yarp. I think we get a team that wants the first QB and wants to leapfrog the others to get him. NYJ I’m looking at you guys.

              4. I take Lynch’s comments from this morning as bait.

                Certainly could be, however the other teams will be interviewing him as well. So they will get their opportunity to see if the bait is live or dead….

              5. The only team that is ever going to come out and be truly honest with who they like or even want is the one sitting at #1. Everybody else is lying.

              6. CfC, so in this draft who would you venture is Kyle’s #1 player on offense? Let’s assume that in FA they sign Jeffrey and trade for Cousins.

              7. If we traded for Cousins we’d likely be out of the first round discussion in this draft. I’m not sure that even if they signed Jeffrey that they wouldn’t still use their first pick on a WR. If they’ve traded for Cousins then that pick will be happening in the 2nd round.

              8. Assuming Cousins has made clear he wants to be traded, I don’t think we’d have to lose our first round pick to the ‘Skins unless —
                1. they think they are a SB contender this season with Cousins or
                2. they still think they can sign Cousins to a long-term deal.
                The first would be hard to argue. The second would be impossible to argue if he has told them he wants to be traded.
                So we might be able to do it by giving them much less, say, this year’s third round pick and next year’s second, maybe next year’s first if certain conditions are met.
                I realize this is all speculation.

              9. I just don’t see any scenario that a trade for Cousins at the very least doesn’t involve at least one first round pick. No QB that is deemed already to be a successful NFL starter is going to be traded for anything less. Alex Smith went for two second round picks and his ability to be a viable starter was heavily debated. Guess what, it still is. So I think the price tag for Cousins is two first round picks or a first and two seconds.

      2. I agree CfC, but I have heard buzz about Foster’s rotator cuff effecting his draft position. However, I am not one of those questioning his health.

  31. Anyone watching Legion yet? I wasn’t sure if I was truly liking it or not but then Jemaine Clement shows up and I’m back on board.

  32. Niners should trade back several times if possible. They should trade back with the Jets, who will want to draft a QB and leapfrog over the Bears. They could trade their number 2 pick for the Jets number 6, the Jets second round pick (39), and the Jets 2018 second round pick..

    The Niners should then trade back with the Bengals from 6 to 9. Moving back 3 spots will garner an additional 3rd round pick (73) from the Bengals.

    The Bengals really want a RB, and since the Panthers have mocked Fournette several times, they could leapfrog over them to poach the best RB in the draft.

    The Niners should then trade back with the Bucs who would want to move up to get their coveted DB. The Niners would move back from the 9 to 19, and get TBs’ second round pick (50).

    Therefor, the Niners would have picks number 19, 33, 39, 50, 66 and 73.

    Six picks in the first 75 picks. Imagine what they could do with that.

      1. After the last three years, as a fan I’m looking for some excitement in FA. From a business point of view, a measured response is probably more warranted.

    1. Dante Hightower, Brandon Williams, Zach Brown, Kendall Wright, Kenny Britt, Prince Amakamura, Brian Hoyer and Kevin Zeitler would eat up that cap space and fill many holes.

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