Niners confirm Martz is not a candidate at SDSU

The 49ers have confirmed a Press Democrat report that offensive coordinator Mike Martz is no longer a candidate for the San Diego State head-coaching position.

The San Diego Union-Tribune, citing a team spokesman, reported this morning that Martz is not in the running to replace Chuck Long, who was fired Nov. 22.


I’ve contacted the 49ers, and they confirm that they confirmed the report for the Union-Tribune. Got it? In other words, Martz is not going to SDSU.


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Quarterback Shaun Hill is a candidate for the FedEx Air NFL Player of the Week. He’s the first 49ers candidate for one of these awards this season. Fans can vote for Hill – or anyone they choose – by going to until 9 a.m. PST on Friday. If Hill wins, the local Safe Kids coalition in San Francisco will receive $1,000.


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From the pages of today’s Press Democrat . . . “Singletary’s job status hovering over 49ers.” We might have a litlte more to add on this subject later. Also, columnist Lowellcohn writes about Shaunhill: Click on the link, “49ers still not sold on Hill; why not?” and it’ll all make sense.


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